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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  April 20, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am patti ann browne. it is friday april 20th. thank you for watching "fox & friends first". >> we start with a wing and a stair. delta airlines flight forced to make an emergency landing after hitting a flock of birds. one passenger caught the whole thing on camera. take a look. >> the los angeles bound flight was carrying 172 passengers and 7 crew members. it had just taken off from jfk airport when the birds hit the engine. it caught on fire. smoke kill -- filled the cabin and the pilot decide to do return to the landing. >> luckily the plane landed safely. many of the passengers shaken up a reminder of the miracle on the
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hudson when captain sulley sullen burger was forced to land after hitting a flock of geese. >> the more i thought about it i realized we were one more flock away from the left engine being hit. then i thought about the hudson river. that set me back a little bit. >> i feel very happy and fortunate that they are all here right now. this is really scary for a minute. i can image. those passengers are back in l.a. they are giving each of them a $100 meal voucher for the ordeal. >> time for your 5 at 5. the u.s. military saying four members on board a blackhawk helicopter might have died when it came crashing down in afghanistan. u.s. officials believe bad weather caused the accident. they say they cannot rule out enemy fire. neighborhood watch captain who admits he shot and killed trayvon martin could be a free
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man today. if granted bail he would remain out of jail as he awaits trial. he faces second degree murder charges for the shooting death of tray van -- trayvon martin. martin was unarmed when he was killed. they have declined a request from zimmerman for a private meeting. we will have a live report in florida in a few minutes. >> investigators looking for clues to help them find the missing fort bragg soldier kelly bordeaux. they spent most of thursday searching a pond. bordeaux was last seen at a bar called frogy bottoms. a bar employee nicholas holbert who you see her gave her a ride home. he is a registered sex offender. police confirming he is no longer a person of interest in this case. >> marco rubio insists even if
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mitt romney offered him a spot as the gop's number two this november he is declined. a new interview seems the possibility of running for vice president is still on his mind. >> 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 years from now if i do a good job as vice president -- i am sorry. >> you guys all got that, right. >> if i do a good job as senator stind of vice president i will have a chance to do all sorts of things including commissioner of the nfl which is where the real power is. >> was that a freudian slip or an honest mistake. >> a major attendant scam uncovered at one high school in florida. the trouble all began when a few students packed into the school system getting their hands on the administrative pass word. then they sold it to other students on the campus and were able to go into the school
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computer system to change attendance records. >> we started looking into it more and more. the string started leading toward other sprintrings and it starts to look big. >> die know how they did it. how did you hack into the school. >> the changes were made between october and january. the scam wasn't discovered until earlier this month. those were your 5@5:00 headlines. >> the race is on. president obama and mitt romney looking like they are in a dead heat in some of the country's most important swing states. peter doocy is live with more on this. good morning, peter. >> good morning, patti ann. the polls are fresh as can be from monday and tuesday. they show the president and the plump tive gop nominee going slightly to obama. if the election held today 45 percent of florida registered voters would take obama for
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another term while 43 percent would vote for governor romney. the president is trending in the right direction leading governor romney by 6 points 35-39. which means the two candidates basically flip flopped their numbers since february when it was romney leading 44 to 38. john kasich a republican just endorsed governor romney yesterday. his support shouldn't move these numbers too much. union household backed the president by a wide margin 51 percent to romney's 35 percent. romney leads with a more specific block light working class voters by the narrowest margins 41 percent to 40 percent. we asked voters in ohio how they would like romney and their senator rob portman. that ticket trailed the obama biden ticket 40-46.
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in florida rubio only up by 1 percentage point. it is only hypothetical but gives us an idea what they are thinking a little more than half a year before the general election. peter doocy live in dc, thanks. >> time for a look who is talking. >> this morning it's sarah palin she is sounding off on the gsa scandal secret service and careless spending of tax payer dollars. >> she went on record saying the bus must stop with president obama. >> it's a symptom of government runli running amuck. who is running the store around here. the secret service is playing with the tax payer's dime and playing with prostitutes and checking out who they are guarding. the president for one better beware reof when secrete service
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is froekting the family they may be checking out the first lady while froekting her. i don't say that tongue and cheek. this ceo the operation of the federal government has to start cracking down on these agencies. he is the head of the administrative branch and all these different departments in the administration that now people are seeing things that are so amiss within these departments. the buck stops with the president. he has to start cracking down and seeing some heads roll. he has to get rid of these people at the head of these agencies where so many things obviously are a miss. >> sarah palin isn't the only one talking this morning. >> dick morris weighing in on president obama's silver spoon comment. as you might recall the president said he wasn't raised with a silver spoon a comment romney took personally. romney responded yesterday on fox and friends saying he is not going to apologize for his father's success. >> last night dick morris came to the defense of the
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presidential hopeful. >> what they are trying to do is stimulate klassen s -- class envy. he wants to stimulate a feeling of victimization by minorities a feeling of aggravation and sympathy between middle income people and wealthy people. a feeling of an tag mitchetagon old people and young people. it's unfortunate that is how he is trying to run. i would point out that mitt romney didn't -- he did not inherit a dime. i often look at people who inherited a lot of money unlike me and unlike mitt romney and say they didn't make it entirely on their own. mitt romney made a big inheritance gave every penny of it away to brigham young university. did he not get a single penny of inheritance. >> well white house spokesman jay carney says the president has been using that phrase for
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three years any one who thinks it's a reference to them might be over sensitive. tu nit is now nine minutes r the hour. it is friday. we can do anything today, can't we? >> let's take a look at the weather headlines. the storms moved to the central west and will make it to the east coast. 1-4 inches of snow in parts of wisconsin, north of green bay. a rainy weekend for the eastern u.s. the good side of this is we need the rain all across the east coast we are into a drought situation. central u.s. starting to see the storms fire from texas up to the great lakes. look at that snow. the snow we were talking about north of the green bay area. it is cool in that region across the west some showers and some higher elevation snow for
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seattle and spokan. your current temperatures again across the northern plains and the great lakes and parts of wisconsin. as you head across the tennessee river valley. a look at the travel forecast looking good for many of the cities. 70s through boston and los angeles. >> it is now 10 minutes after the hour. dna collected from your children at school without parental consent. what is going on here? >> how much money would make you happy? 50 grand or 100 grand or more? we have the answer coming up.
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>> a maunt is underway for two inmates who escaped from jail in kansas. one of them a convicted murder. turns out both were housed at a county jail the state prison . >> a pilot circles above the ocean for more than two hours. coast guard crews saw no signs the pilot the loan person on board that plane survived. the circumstances point toward a possible loss in cabin pressure. >> patti ann?
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>> this story creating a lot of outrage. they are investigating the murder of an 8th grader. they went into a middle school and took dna samples from students without parental consent. >> my child is in a room with two detectives being questioned and grilled. i am sure he was quite frightened. it is very, very upsetting. >> is this legal? joining us for analysis is criminal defense attorney and fox news contributor arthur eye dal l idala. >> kids. first day in the district attorney's office where i was trained they told us, they made it very clear any one under 16 to speak to them as a witness or potential defendant you have to have their parents permission. let alone pulling them out of a classroom then they are using this -- this is their excuse.
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we weren't like interrogating them whether they were a defendant just a witness. give me a break. >> these kids were not able to d ask for a lawyer. apparently they don't have to invoke that right if they are being interviewed not interrogated. >> which is like something they would sneak into the patriot act on page 208. children can be interviewed under the threat of tearrism. number one you are pulling him out of class, implementing him on murder and taking a dna test? this is absolutely wrong. it is unamerican. >> the school says look we don't interfere with an investigation we just said come on in. >> when i was reading this i didn't know who i was more angry at. the cops understand there's a tragedy here there's a young
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girl who is murdered. they are still supposed to conduct the investigation in a good manner. the head master of the school swab them. take their blood, take their fingerprints. she is supposed to be froekting theelz children. supposed to be getting on the phone saying mom, dad, there's an investigation, this is what's going on. you have to sign a permission slip to go on a bus to the zoo. >> we sign permission slips all of the time. >> i saw it in the report card. we are going to swab your dna so the government knows who you are. we are not going to ask you about that. give me a break. >> i am sure we haven't seen the end of this. one of the parents said i am completely fine with it we have to find out who killed this girl. >> that's fine. let's give the opportunity to say i am fine with it or i am not fine with it or i want a lawyer or i want to speak to my child first. >> 18 mints past tutes past the.
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george zimmerman is about to get released from prison. we are live on the scene. also the story everyone is talking about today. a single guy who kept a private spread sheet detailing all of the women he dates. it ended up going public. embarrassing. also the price at the pump this morning 3.88 a gallon. we will be right back. corn mu ♪
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>> now for a story we brought you at the top of the hour. george zimmerman who shot and killed trayvon martin could be released from prison as he awaits trial. we are in sanford florida with more on this. good morning patty. the bond hear something set for 9:00 this morning. good chance george zimmerman could be granted a bond here. he is charged with second degree murder in the shooting death of trayvon martin. it depends on the amount and some of the special circumstances he is going to ask for this morning that has to do concerning george zimmerman's safety. there are a lot of emotions. he will be asked that he move out of this county during the process. there could be restrictions on
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his curfew, where he is allowed to live even gps monitoring. we do not expect to hear from george sglirm man but we will hear from his family members who will testify over the phone. they won't be here in person because of safety reasons. we will hear from trayvon martin's parents. they will be in the courtroom. it is not clear if she will call them to testify or make the case herself for the state and prosecutors. his attorney says he is doing well but is very worried. he has only been in here about a week and a half. they are making special preparations in the florida area if et cetera released. they didn't give details. they have set up barricades to have an emergency operation center in the county ready to operate if they need it.
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they are pecexpecting a few demonstrators but the bond hearing set for 9:00 a.m. >> thansteve, thank you very mu. we begin with a win for small businesses. as the divided house passes tax cuts. for more on this we go to robert gray who is joining us from the fox business network. this is great news if you own a small business. >> good morning. don't get too excited because this measure expected to die in the democratic controlled senate. it was passed along party lines in the house and they threatened to veto. it would give firms whether or not they hired. hedge funds, lobbyist lawyers and pornography business was brought into this. it is drawing more battle lines in an election year. >> what about the prepaid debit cards targeting college students. >> you may remember if you had a
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pulse you could get a credit card on campus. the credit cards pulled back. they are trying to get back on as prepaid debit cards. in some cases they will double like north carolina state university it doubled as your student id. not only swipe through to let you into the buildings that are locked you can buy meals on there even buy beer in some cases with the prepaid cards. parents controlling how much cash is on there. >> that's smart. when i was a kid it was gold you got a free t-shirt. there was a survey taken people wanted to know how much americans want in order to consider themselves happy. what were the results? >> the result there 50,000 dollars. that is one of the lowest i have seen in these surveys. the ma they asked about the quality of life how they feel how much money would it take to make them happy. the difference between the quality of family life not so
5:26 am
much between those who made more or less than 50 k. held neighborhood security was the biggest one. >> good to see you. happy friday. >> happy friday. 26 after the hour. coming up tax payer money literally gone with the wind. residents ended up paying 70 million for natural wind energy they didn't even use. it has been 30 years after he dispiered. brand new details, breaking details in the case of eaton pates. danica patrick became the first woman to win an indy car race. [ tom ] we invented the turbine business right here in schenectady.
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that's right. well, we like you. [ laughter ] ♪
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends first". i am patti ann browne. >> i am ainsley earhardt. now for your 5@5:30. top stories making headlines at this hour. it is a video you have to see. a delta airlines flight forced to make an emergency landing after hitting a flock of birds. this passenger catching the whole thing on camera. the los angeles flight had taken off from jfk airport when the birds caused one of the plane's engines to fail. luckily the plane was able to land safely. we will have more on this in 15 minutes. >> one of the columbian call girls who claimed she partied with secret service agents is now pictured for the first time. they reported her name is danya. she claims she was short changed for her services. we are learning the possible identity of two of the agents allegedly involved. two of them have been with the
5:31 am
secret service for more than nine years. nine others are under investigation. tax payer money gone with the wind. minnesota residents ended up paying 70 million for natural wind energy they didn't use. the stay's wind farm subsidized by green energy mandates. the problem, there wasn't much of a demand mostly because other forms of energy were cheaper. emergency emergency governor chris christie insists he did not dose off at bruce springsteen's recent concert at new york city. >> what happens is during rocky ground which is a spiritual song people sat. i sat up on the seat and i put my head back and closed my eyes and listened to the song. i was fist pumping during bad lands. i am glad no one took pictures of that. >> governor crist tee joked he is more likely to die at a springstein concert than to fall asleep at one. he is a huge fan of the boss.
5:32 am
he has gone to 127 of his concerts. just when you thought you have seen it all when it comes to the dating scene think again. take a look at how one new york banker kept track of all of the women he met on-line. this is his detailed spread sheet ranking the women in several categories. it is even color coded. his secret scoring process now an internet sensation. he was sold out by the woman that he ranked as number one. she asked him on the date, prove it. so he e-mailed her the spread sheet. she decided to send it out to all of her friends. the man has since deleted his on-line profile. poor guy. that's what we want you to brew on today. we want to hear your story e-mail them to us at >> looks like bailed out green energy at sol ly-- solydra is n
5:33 am
on the last leg. >> solyndra is rearing its head on capitol hill. it is adding office space to the real estate market. the gleaming headquarters of this disfunth solar panel company even has a web site. they lost 500 million tax payer dollars when it went out of business last year. the building 400 thousand square feet of space sitting on 30 acres. the price is listed but it may be a deal. it is relatively new. it was built about a year and a half ago, and now solyndra may be tied into the investigation into lavish spending of the gsa. the head of the gsa who lost her job wanted to visit solyndra last year. the white house did not want her
5:34 am
to go. gsa press secretary wrote at the time this to johnson's deputy. i made every argument i could think of. the white house made it very clear they didn't want us touching them, solyndra with a ten- foot poll. the investigator into solyndra: of course they would file for bankruptcy just about 6 months lart. patti ann. >> doug luzader live from washington, thanks. well before you leave the house this morning let's get your first degree weather update with jana who has a look at the
5:35 am
radar. >> you live along the east coast you want to watch the skies this weekend as we have a storm system sweeping across the central u.s. that could bring in he c excess of two inches of rain across the northeast. the good news is we need the rain. across the west the only game in town is the system moving across portions of port lan and -- portland and northern oregon. this low pressure system with move across the mid atlantic and northeast bringing unsettled weather across the northeast for monday even into tuesday. much needed rain thankfully for parts of florida and georgia where we are dealing with exceptional extreme droughts. this is a good thing even though it will be iny weend. seve thrts sequestered to texas cpus risti en houston. we are not expecting a svere ather outbreak. a quick look at the highs saying notoo bad. chillycrosshe upper midst and the great lakes. look at new york 72.
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enjoy the dry day across the east coast because rain is coming on turday and nday good day to ren movies. do ppleent moviesnymore? i guess we get them on-line or on the tv. backo you ainsley. >> thank you smuch. >> time now 36 after the hour. it is te to entertain this today's top entertainment story. here to giv us al of the inside scoop is dorothy from in toh weekly which we all get a chance to read. stting first with american idol. if you watched it last night. i am so sorry. were youurprisedthis? >> colto was kicked off. >> i think everybody was surprised this. >> it was a heartbreing show. he said he kne would be in the bottom tee t dn't think he would get kicked off. >> he did adt he didn't thi his performance was stellar. he did a rendition of lady gaga, earth wind and fire september,
5:37 am
he didn't feel so confident about it. the nice thing about this guy. he is so cute and he has a lot of faith in god. he says afterwards he knows god is going to use him for other things and he knows great things are going to happen. he plans to pursue his love of christian music and write a lot of christian songs and produce a lot of christian music. i don't think we will be seeing the last of him. >> he talked to other american idol folks who said strike when the iron is hot. if you are going to produce music do it now. >> sounds like he is going to take that advice. >> justin bieber. how old is this kid? there's talks about him ring shopping. he is 19 right? >> they were caught on the cam at the la lakers game. >> that doesn't mean engagement, right? >> a source has been telling chicago times engagement is in the near future and they were in fact shopping for rings. it's funny because beeber's
5:38 am
twitter verse is in an outrage about this. some people say you are too young don't do it. some others say go for it. >> they are in support of it. >> i just think he is so young. think about who you were dating at 19. i don't even want to think about it, to be honest. if folks want to go to the movies what's playing? >> great movies opening today we have the lucky one based on the nicholas sparks novel stars zach efron as marine sergeant returning from a tour of duty. also starring tailor schilling. she is working at her family's kennel and that will be a tear jerker. think like a man based on the steve harvey book. it will be a battle of the sexes. >> lots of women in the makeup room read that book and said it was great. >> a little bit different we have champanzee a nature documentary featuring the adventures of oscar a chimp in the african forest and he was adopted by his mom.
5:39 am
>> any one who owns a dog or cat you can relate to these movies. you see a little bit of your pet personality. >> thank you so much. great to have you here. happy friday. >> after 33 years a possible major break through in a haunting major cold case. one of the first faces to appear on the milk carton vanished when he was 6 years old on the way to the bus. a fresh investigation led police to a new york city basement. wnyw reporter robert moses joins us with the details. >> good morning to you. good morning everyone. investigators are focused on a basement behind me here in the soho section of manhattan. they are looking for any sorts of human remains or clothing or any clues that could help them solve the case of the 6-year-old who left his home line for the first time on may 25th, 1979. he was on his way to the bus stop. he was never seen after that.
5:40 am
he was one of the first children to appear on a milk carton. many people suspected a man named jose ramos was involved in his did is appearance. however ramos was never criminally charged in this case. now sources tell us that a handyman named othneal miller had access to the basement investigators are now searching could be the target of the investigation. they have refused to discuss any suspect however they have spoken about their search. there will be a systematic removal of things like drywall and eventually digging up of the basement, breaking the concrete and getting into the dirt underneath. there is a constant 24/7 police presence here in soho. this search could take a total of 5 days, up to 5 days.
5:41 am
so far no comment from his family. that is the latest live from manhattan this morning. robert moses fox news. back to you. robert, thanks. >> now for your starting lineup. the sports stories making headlines at this hour. orlando magic center dwight howard under going back surgery for a herniated disc in los angeles this morning. unfortunately it means he will be out for the rest of the season and miss out on the 2012 summer olympic games in london. he feels hurt that he is quote letting down his team. it's a big day at fenway. the home of the boston red sox turning 100 years old. the socx will be celebrating by playing new york yankees. the men in stripes. a fitting match up since they played the new york highlanders on opening day back in 1912. talk about coming out of left field. the white sox orioles game interrupted by a young boy who wandered out of the stands and right into the middle of the
5:42 am
game. white sox left fielder macedo picked him up and turned him over to the security guard. the boy and his family were ejected from the game. it does not appear they will be fined. it is now 42 minutes after the hour. a delta airlines flight forced to make an emergency landing and the ordeal is caught on camera. we will bring you inside the plane next. which gender values higher pay more? the answer may surprise you. ♪
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>> back to our top story. a delta airlines flight forced to make an emergency landing at new york's jfk airport after hitting a flock of birds.
5:46 am
>> good morning. have you seen the video? it is enough to make you a more nervous flier if you weren't already one. take a look at the right side of the screen. you can see on the right side the flock of birds flying into the engine like 66 or 7 of them go in and take the engine out. the plane left at 3:00 yesterday. this happened shortly after takeoff. the pilot recognized something right away. realized there was a problem going on. they called down to the tower they discussed some things and he was able to return back to jfk about 20 minutes after taking off. th the pilot stays calm. it was a boeing 757. it was headed to la. supposed to leave around 3:00.
5:47 am
flying through los angeles. but of course this happened and as you all may remember we know about the birds flocking the miracle on the hudson as we have come to know. this is the u.s. airwaves flight. it was forced to land the only place it could. that of course being the hudson river. he was praised for his heroism his acts with that. not an extreme of a case. some of the factors include using falcons to try to scare the birds away pore even firewor fireworks. we are glad and relieved to report that no one was injured. the plane landed safely. all of the passengers would
5:48 am
de-plane they are being checked on by the airport. that is the latest from jfk. >> thank goodness for happy endings. a reversal of gender roles. a research pew shows young women are placing more value in a high paying career than young men. 66 percent to 59 percent. that number is up 10 percent for women from 1997. it rose one percentage point for men. even though they value highwaying jobs there is still a salary gap. >> in 2010 women between the ages of 16 and 34 made more than 90 percent of what the men were making in that same age prbrack. women between 35 and 64 got only 80 percent or less of what the men made. >> the study found women still want a happy marriage and a family to go along with a successful career.
5:49 am
we want it all. >> women who get married and have kids today generally get kids to work. only half of the couples consisted of two bread winners and 71 percent in 2010 full-time or salaried female workers had a median weekly pay of $669. >> compared with the 824 for their male counterparts. also coming up 49 after the hour. we have an unlikely pair playing nice. we have a video for you coming up. it is time to answer the question of your day. we asked you to send us your worst dating story. >> we are going to check in with steve doocy who see what's coming up on fox and friends. >> need a house? you can get one for 100 bucks. you will meet the people behind the deal of a lifetime. author aj jacobs tried
5:50 am
practically every diet known to man. which one worked which one didn't? he will tell us. judge jeanine pirro and geraldo river v rivera. it kicks off 9 minutes from now.
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>> it is 53 after the hour as we scan the globe and see what stories are making headlines overseas. a volume no is spewing hot ash. this outside of mexico city. check out the heavy sand storm.
5:54 am
the storm slowed down traffic in baghdad forcing pedestrians to wear face masks. at least a dozen people were sent to the hospital with respiratory problems. finally to columbia, where heavy rains have caused deadly land slides and flooding. 19 people were killed and 60,000 are homeless after water washed away their houses. >> earlier in the show we asked you about a guy who had a data ranking system. we asked you to bring in your dating stories and this is what your responses are. >> shortly after our food arrived at dinner i excused myself and came back and my plate was empty. he ate everything. >> he was hungry. >> john said he was si was set blind date she fell asleep in
5:55 am
the car took her home and never saw each other again. >> keep the responses coming at or you can tweet us at fox friends first. >> it was not about you. she just had a long day. it is now 55 after the hour. coming up, you would think it would be obvious. but one pilot caught texting while flying. guess what he forgot to do? details coming up. the word of the day scrambled up. can you figure out what it is? it's something we talked about during the show.
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>> 58 after the hour. time for the good, the bad and the ugly. first the good. this gorilla picking up a kitten to cuddle with. he was asked to pick one from the litter. he brought it to his face for a little cuddle. you've heard of texting and driving, how about texting and flying? a pilot was so distracted by texting, he forgot to lower its land gear. it was forced to abandon the landing 500 feet from the runway. today marking the two year anniversary of the b.p. oil spill. it killed 11 men and triggered the largest oil spill in u.s. history. everyone loves it, people in the
5:59 am
community are talking about this. it's scrambled up. brian kilmeade is joining us today. guess who is here to help you. come on over here, arthur. did you hear arthur's -- she went viral. >> could you help me with this? >> i think i just told you what it was. >> spread sheet! >> checklist. >> what kind of attorney are you? you're supposed to notice everything. she gave you the word! you're fired. get out of there! >> we're not paying attention either, mister. >> tell him to leave. he's fired. go. >> time to leave. >> ok, sorry. >> good to see you this morning, brian. we'll be watching. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> have a fantastic weekend! >> talking about a dating spreadsheet? why didn't you say between the sheets? >> well, that would be too many boxes for between the sheets. >> that's two words. three words! >> it's at least worth a guess. tgif, ev


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