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tv   2012 Election  FOX News  April 22, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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swimming in the wrong direction. >> at president checked out. >> foreign policy. >> and obama care. gasperino, willis, and bolten break down the key issues in the presidential campaign, a huckabee special, obama, election 2012. ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. [applause] >> welcome to huckabee, on the fox studios in new york city, well, tonight we'll take a look at the presidential election in a very different way. we're not going to focus so much on polls, those change every week. we'll be focusing on the big issues and factors that will decide the race in november. barack obama made history four years ago and elected the first african-american president having campaigned on the platform of hope and change. and now, many people are
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hoping there is a change, but, what are the factors that would cause an incumbent president to lose a bid for reelection. in the past 40 years, gerald ford, jimmy carter, george h.w. bush whose their reelection bids, but bill clinton, ronald reagan and george w. bush were reelected we found out that in order for barack obama to get a second term, he has to win in certain districts and win over voters of special interest in specific demographic roots, and convince americans he's likeable and competent. it's ultimately a referendum on the incumbent and the republican doesn't have to win, he just has to make sure that the democrat loses. how could president obama kaep from being a one-term president? well, he's got to keep a solid lead with women, which democrats typically do, but
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his lead is not as solid as troises four years ago. he currently trails mitt romney in polls as to who would be best to handle the economy, which is the main issue concerning voters. and in key states that he won four years ago, now appear to be likely states that he could lose this time. such as indiana, florida, ohio, iowa, nevada, virginia, and north carolina. by the way, that's where he's going to travel for his coronation-- i mean, nomination (laughter) . that's where the democrats will have the national convention. while president obama is likely to win the younger vote, that vote appears to be far more tepid especially in light of job numbers and optimism among younger voters. obama needs in the likability factors, but worries over check issues are beginning to outway the love issue among recently polled voters.
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the bottom line, a colassel battle that goes right to the we are. and tonight we'll explore the key issues that steer the candidate, the campaign and the country. [applause] >> when barack obama first ran for president, he promised economic recovery and according to the white house, the president has delivered on that promise. . >> the economy is vastly improved from what it was when barack obama was sworn into office as president. >> mike: but the numbers don't agree with the press secretary's statement. here for a closer look, bobb network's charlie gasperino. welcome back. [applaus [applause] >> you know, governor, when you go from one to two, that's 100% increase, that's what we're talking about here. >> mike: we really are. i want to begin with gasoline prices and we've got a screen that we're going to take a look at because this shows what gasoline costs when he was sworn in as president and
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what gasoline costs today. it's staggering. it's up 111%. >> what's bad about this, higher gas prices is a regressive tax, as you know. it hits poor people and working class people, more than rich people. rich people have more disposable income. he talks and has a war against the rich and a class warfare, but some of the policies actually led to the fact that rich people are getting richer and poor-- and the working class don't have as much disposable income. the fact is we have inflation and commodities, food prices are going up. gas prices are going up. in large part because some of the policies, including lack of drilling and everything, all of the above. >> and charlie, it's important to note that when gasoline prices go up, it's not just the fuel, but everything that requires fuel to get to the shelf, whether it's bread or milk, clothing, everything goes up. >> right. >> because it requires more money just to transport goods
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and services. president obama said there wasn't a lot he could do about gasoline prices and made that repeatedly sort of his mantra, but he blocked the keystone pipeline and that could have been a step in the right direction and his solution now, go after the speculators, is this going to work for him? >> i mean, this comes up every four years and people talk about speculators and usually people in the democratic party. what is a speck later? it's someone in the markets, a professional trader who sees the potential of future supply and bets on that. all of these guys are doing, in the chicago pits, you know, the commodities, and saying we're not going to have that much supply in the future and we're going to bid up the price of oil. that's all they're doing. nothing to do with them being evil. i'm sure there's some evil guys around the edges, but for the most part don't want to give a complete blank slate there, but someone who covers wall street all the time and the bottom line is this. they're doing something pursuely rational and supply is going to be x.
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not only policies, but-- >> do their actions manipulate the price? does their bidding actually raise the price of the average consumer? >> all they're doing is rationalize, you manipulate the price of you know, a hamburger every time you boo i-it. if you want to buy less, there will be more. the proo is -- price will go up. you want the government to set the price of oil? >> no, not very high. >> of course, we have an energy secretary that originally thought it ought to be $6 a gallon and delighted with that and we're going to get there without his help, but-- >> right, right, i mean, i think the president is weak on this issue because he keeps saying that it doesn't matter how much supply we have, the price is going up because of increased demand from china, but think of it this way, if we have more supply, that price is going up less. i mean, that's the bottom line and that's all that spoiled speculators are telling you. >> we have another split screen. the number of people eligible for foot stamps in this country and it's a dramatic turn. as you can see, we have gone from the food stamp
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eligibility from 32 million on his inauguration day to over 46 million, that's an increase of over 45%. newt gingrich called him the food stamp president, is that too harsh? >> it's not-- well, we should point out the, it started with the bush administration and he inherited that clearly and a bad economic hand, but i think a rational case could be made that he made it worse. when you talk about higher commodity prices, and hurts working class people and the fact is his stimulus plan did not create the shovel ready jobs. guess who gets the shovel ready jobs? . ing an americans, working class, who are now forced to go on food stamps. >> mike: he think it's fair to stay i'm a conservative, but i don't begrudge people getting food stamps because it absolutely saves families from either having zero nutrition or something precious little.
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the sad they think is not that people get food stamps, the sad thing that they need them because the economy is so bad. >> my dad was a construction worker, and out of work in the '70s, and thank god we weren't on food stamps, he found other jobs, but what i find scary about this president, when my dad couldn't do construction work, he was a bartender, and who came into the bar. people with disposable income. he understood that, people with money spend money and guess who is the recipient. working class people. >> mike: only minute left. and don't want to get away because housing prices changed dramatically and you'd like to see them go up, but unfortunately down from 169,000 basic overall housing price to 146. that's down 14%. >> right. let's be clear. the president inherited a bad hand as well here and inherited a bubble, a housing bubble that popped. the question is, has his
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policies made a bad situation worse? i think, yes. a lot of stop gap measures to try to prevent the housing prices from going down. one thing about the market, they're brutal, but work, if you let them fall to a rational, low level and the people might start bidding them up again and that's one of the problems, he's not allowed that. >> always a pleasure to have you here. you have the most probabling cal and just, you know, simple yet pragmatic-- and that's why we invite you back. >> keep enviting me back. >> charlie gasperino. >> and john mccain didn't use this strategy in 2008? can mitt romney get the upper hand by attacking him on questionable associations? i'll ask the radio talk show host larry i elder when we come back. >> i'd love to hear from you, go to and check on the fox news feedback section or sign up for my facebook
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>> earlier this week, house speaker john boehner criticized the president for ignoring congress. >> the president checked out last labor day and he spent the last six months campaigning from one end of the country to the other. and instead of working with members of both political parties here in washington, to address the serious challenges that our country faces. the republicans aren't the only ones critical of the president's way of conducting business. and dennis cardoza are one of several to plastic the president. he wrote, he would admonish staff, members of congress and the public in speeches, as well as in private. and president obama projected an arrogant, i'm right, you're wrong demeanor, that alienated many potential allies. so, how is this going to come into play in november? i'm joined by radio talk show host larry elder. thanks for joining me today. >> thank you for having me. >> you know, i was surprised
8:14 pm
at the scathing tone and the harshness of the tone of congressman cardoza's comments because he said that president obama is out of touch not just with the republicans, but with his own party and with the american people. was that a surprise to you, to hear a democrat say that? >> not really, when you consider the fact that cardoza is not going to run for reewilkes. and criticized president obama in the fuhrs part of the administration, pursuing obama care instead of the economy. and he's not running for president. he still has clout and power within his own party and people won't say it inside the beltway, but outside the beltway. >> this is the quote from congressman cardoza, one former administration director told me that the people in the white house never talk to real people. and another former obama staffer confided in me it was clear to him that the president didn't mind giving speeches or lectures, but
8:15 pm
avoided personal contact with members of congress and folks outside the beltway. larry, when i talk to people i know, friends of mine in congress, some democrats, this is a president that does not schmooze with them and that's something that's very important in getting legislation passed and building the kind of relationships that create really a strength politically. he's not doing that. >> i'm not sure i share that analysis, governor of the american people don't care inside baseball, they don't care about the fact that obama may have ticked off a democrat or two because he had an arrogant and high attitude. and john mccain, nobody cared about his attitude the way that republicans perceive them. they care about money, their job, spending, inflation, deficit, they care about the damn that obama care is going to do. he keeps saying he inherited this awful economy and the media is in bed with him by calling it the great recession. this is not the great
8:16 pm
recession, it was in the early '80s, inflation was higher, unemployment was higher, interest rates higher and they don't call that the great recession, why? because they would give reagan credit and suggest that obama should do the same thing. and this is an economy so much more and reagan, we have to tax, and invest in green jobs, that's the narrative. as long as the media continues that narrative the republicans are going to lose in the fall, governor. >> larry, one of the things i think shocked a lot of us, when the president criticized the supreme court when considering the overturning of obama care, i want to get his quote, his comment. here is what he had to say. >> i'm confident that the supreme court will not take what would be an unprecedented extraordinary step of overturning a law that was passed by a strong majority of a democratically elected congress. >> mike: i'm not a law
8:17 pm
professor. i'm not a law professor. he is. but i did take 9th grade civics, and when he used the two words unprecedented and extraordinary, i thought, what's he talking about? that's what the court does. >> right. well, first of all, he was not a law professor, he was a law instructor. a professor is a different deal than an instructor at chicago, but that's a minor point and he also said that it was passed by a large majority in congress. as you know, obama care was passed without a single republican vote in the senate so that's not true either. look again, a political statement. governor, he's saying, look, if these guys overturn obama care, let me come back with four more years i'll put another kagan in there and sotomayor and it will go in our favor. he knows full well the supreme court everturned lots of laws and for crying out lou, they wanted them to turnover the fugitive slave law, not for lawyers, it's for people.
8:18 pm
and make sure to elect me and i'll put the nice liberals there and that's why he said. >> mike: four years ago john mccain refused to talk about associations the president had with people like reverend wright at a church he was a member of for 20 years. >> right. >> mike: tony resco, some of his land deals, let's say, were less than stellarment i'm being very charitable there. and then people like bill ayers who is a terrorist, i mean, a dog-gone terrorist, he and his wife both i think probably ought to be in prison not out teaching college students, but the press let him alone and john mccain left him alone on this. will he skate again in this year. >> it was a tactical blunder not to use at least jeremiah wright. the media wanted to do it. i wrote a book where i talked about a damaging thing for bm's candidacy. the media didn't care and when john mccain started tepidly
8:19 pm
talking about jeremiah wright, obama started losing primarieses. if this had could many up with the normal course of a race, he wouldn't have one. and first of all, kkk-gd america happened at sunday after 9/11 where he blamed america for what happened at 9/11 and there was a church member at wright's church he was going to move out of the suburb because the suburb she moved to had a marching band and reverend jeremiah wright was trying to talk her out of it, it was a white neighborhood and he was black and might be-- obama was a man whose mother moved to indonesia and it's amazing that obama didn't get pounded and pounded and pounded, that he wasn't on this-- it's mind-boggling to me, governor, it wasn't used as an issue. >> mike: thank you for joining me today, i appreciate you
8:20 pm
being there. >> you've got it. >> mike: coming up next, fox business network's gerri willis on what the latest unemployment numbers for president obama.
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♪ >> the issue of jobs is going to be front and center in this year's presidential election. the unemployment rate is worse now than when he first arrived at the white house and yet, he continues to blame the bush administration. and joining me now is host of the willis report on the fox business network, gerri willis. [applause] >> gerri, thanks for coming today. job numbers will be one of the center pieces of this presidential election and they haven't gotten that much better even though he promised if they did stimulus.
8:24 pm
8 million americans lost their jobs during the down turn in the economy and let's put it into perspective here, there are 300 million americans so the numbers are not good. the president has not done a good job of creating jobs and that should be the most important thing on his agenda because it's certainly most important to america's. let me tell you one thing about this, his numbers that he puts forward on jobs when he says i created 3 million jobs, it's really more like two. he's trying to use the most advantageous numbers out of the government role a-dex. that's not enough to keep up about population growth. this is his state of the union address and what he said about his job creation record. >> in the six months before i took office, we lost nearly 4 million jobs. and we lost another 4 million before our policies were in full effect. those are the facts.
8:25 pm
but so are these and in the last 22 months, businesses have created more than 3 million jobs. [applause] >> last year, they created the most jobs since 2005. >> you know, gerri, one of the things that the president has been consistently doing since he took office is sort of reaching back i inherited it all and it's bush's fault. it's almost leak tlike the staples commercial and the easy button. every time something comes up there's a bush button. you talked about the numbers aren't quite there. he's counting anything, a part-time job or seasonal job as a creation? >> well, that's part of it, but i think the real problem is, he doesn't want to count, he doesn't want to be measured against the depth of the real problem and the depth of the real problem is 8 million people have been unemployed. there's a huge number of people who are not looking for work because they're just so discouraged about job prospects.
8:26 pm
we talk a lot about how many people are unemployed. what about the number of people who are employed? the size of the work force has shrunk and shrunk dramatically. and it's now where it was 30 years ago, think about that. that's when women were just getting into the work force, so we have a very small work force now and it's a tragedy. so many people on entitlement programs right now. that's one of the big issues. >> the unemployment rate is often talked about, recently about 8 pony -- 8.2. and what do they mean when they say a the real unemployment rate is up in the teens. >> the jobs numbers are tricky and they only count people who are reporting as unemployed. a lot of people go et discouraged and walk away. they drop out of the work force and we lose track of them. you look at the real number, closer to 14.5%. >> mike: the president recently came out with what he calls the bridge to work program and what it does, allows people to continue collecting unemployment
8:27 pm
benefits, 99 weeks, two years and if they get a job, they can sort of road test the job and still get unemployment. now, i'm confused. the whole point of unemployment insurance is that you're unemployed. he's saying you can go to work, have the job, and still getten employment. and how dids that help improve the job market? >> well, it con found me, too. it was originally tested in georgia, a georgia program that became popular. you get the unemployment check while you're working for a short period of time. it's temporary, eight weeks and the employer does not pay you. so, you're getting some pay for what you're doing, but why test a job? why not fiend a real job that you're going to take and stay with you, right? it makes no sense to me for the federal government for you to be for you to mess around and-- >> it seems like a bridge too far rather than a bridge to work. the president has seemingly
8:28 pm
gone after mitt romney because he's had a lot of success in his life. i'm not sure that's going to work for the president to attack the success of mitt romney. is it a good strategy for him to say look, this guy is rich, he's been successful? >> i think he said this week, i wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth and that definitely seemed like he was talking about mitt romney there. look, americans, they love success. wealth in this country is a sign of success. i think that's not going to work for him. that strategy will back fire. >> mike: you know, i think it's true. he maybe wasn't born with a silver spoon, but historically people have not resented that their presidents have done well. john f. kennedy was an extremely wealthy man, he wasn't brought up in the poor house. fdr, the democratic icon, hardly a man of poverty, i don't know how the democrats will use that, if they do, i think mitt romney turns around and puts it right back on him and says, well, that's, those are your guys. >> i liked what he said this week, i don't know if you heard his response.
8:29 pm
he said i'm not going to play this game. i'm proud of the success i've had. i'm proud of the success my father m and i'm going to leave it at that. i thought that's a smart response. >> mike: very smart response as are the responses i always get from you, and that's why i love to have you. gerri, thanks for being here, gerri willis from the fox business network. [applause] >> and the most significant legislation of barack obama's presidency has been the new health care law, coming up, dr. mark siegel explanes how the trademark law might just back fire on him in november's election. we'll be right back. (applause).
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this is why people choose 5-hour energy over 9-million times a week. it gives them the alert, energetic feeling they need to get stuff done. 5-hour energy...when you gotta get stuff done. >> live from america's news headquarters, i'm harris falkner, more heads expected to roll in the sex scandal involving the secret service, six agents now after a job after an incident allegedly involving prostitutes in colombia. along with 11 military officers and the agents were in colombia preparing for
8:33 pm
president obama's trip there. last week. and congressman peter king, chairman of the house homeland security committee saying he thinks most will either resign, retire or be forced to leave. and police in new york city uncovering possible new evidence in the disappearance of etan patz. a suspicious stain discovered in the basement on a wall of a building near the child's home and the evidence now at the fbi crime lab in virginia for testing. six-year-old etan disappeared in 17979, walking to the school bus alone for the first time. it's a cold case now red-hot. >> if you'd like to comment on tonight's show, e-mail us. critics of obama care are multiplying, and even include some lawmakers from his own party who initially voted for the law. and democratic virginia senator jim webb who is not seeking reelection has called the law a failure in leadership by the president.
8:34 pm
my next guest says there are two ways that obama care can eventually play out and both are bad for the president. joining me now is dr. mark siegel of the fox news medical a-team. thank you very much for being here. [applause] >> you have mentioned two different ways that it can play out poorly for the president and one the involves the law being declared unconstitutional. and how is it going to have an impact on not just this election, but the medical care. >> the individual mandate if it's struck down will lead to the whole law being struck down or the premiums will rise. and it's something called the insurance death spiral. if we load up with people with preexisting conditions, the only way the insurance company it pay for that, paying premiums. everyone on the street will pay more and moi for health care. and they'll get in to see the doctors aen doctors the full. and the second way, i call it obama care's horseless chariot e i love that. >> because i'm the horse and
8:35 pm
tell you what's the matter with the horse. the horse is facing fees being dropped and more and more regulations under obama care and independent medical advisory board and committees deciding what service i can do and what i can't. i consider medicine an art. if a patient is in front of me and i can't order a test, what can i do. and my waiting room is full and there's 16 million more medicaid patients and the states have a huge problem and so do the hospitals and doctors and 16 million not already taking medicaid and no tort reform, wonder why there's no tort reform? that's going to back fire because the doctors are practicing medicine in a defensive climate and end up overordering test because we're afraid of malpractice and now with we're not going to be able to order the tests and less and less of the best and brightest are going to go into medicine. it's going to back fire. and a physician's website says that 75% of physicians surveyed are against the
8:36 pm
health care reform law, did you know that deloit, a major health care consulting firm, physicians, 70% were pessimistic about the future of medicine with this terrible law. >> mike: dr. siegel, i have conducted an informal poll, every time i meet a physician, i ask him, are you for obama care? i'm up to 162 that i've personally talked to, face-to-face, closer than you and i are right now and 162 have told me they do not leak it and do not support it. i've had four tell me they like it, all four of whom were university-based academic physicians, not one in private practice. 162 physicians who were in private practice unanimously said they were against obama care, and most of the time it's because well, what you just said. it really restricts their ability to do what they spent years and years and years to train for, as opposed to having some bureaucrat who has
8:37 pm
never been to medical school tell them what they can do and what they can't. >> i like to say, governor, the president has not spending time in doctor's offices and the conversations going on across the country aen patients are not just asking the president and other leaders, they're asking their doctors and surveys show when you ask the doctor and what's going to happen to me? the answer is less access to care. the biggest myth about obama care, give everybody insurance, sure, if you have insurance are you able to get in to see the doctor? not necessarily, longer and longer waiting lines and there is universal health insurance, no disincentive for overuse, offices clogged and we physicians and i have the same informal poll. i can't find any of my contemporaries, no one is seeing patients. >> and one thing, too, that i want to ask you about, i've read surveys that fewer people are not only going into medicine, but a lot of the doctors in medicine now plan to retire early so we'll have a shrinking pool of doctors
8:38 pm
with dramatically lowered patient load and that's indeed looks like a recipe for disaster. less and less medical school applications, down 3,000 from about ten years ago and the second point is that literally, people are not choosing to be specialists any more, they're not choosing primary care anymore, choosing more to be specialists and not going to be there. the team of doctors that obama this thinks are going to be there are not. and the american medical association of all groups, by the way, part of the reason we had this disaster, they conduct their survey and they find that 17% of doctors are going to restrict their medicare practices as obama care rolls in. what do we have? doctors not working with insurance so you have the insurance card, president obama says you get to keep the doc you have, but that doctor is retiring and moving to a hospital and he's moving to a big group or he's not taking your insurance. >> do you think that we're going to move toward, as i have believed, a level in which there are two classes of m he had cal care, concierge
8:39 pm
level medical care if you have means you'll pay for doctors who will practice exclusively on a cash basis and treat people who don't fool with insurance and then you've got the folks who just have to take whatever the government has for them and you're going to end up with a bigger divide and less access for the people who are at the bottom rung of the economy? >> governor, that's the tragic future we're seeing if it stays whole. if you want brain surgery wouldn't you want your doctor would be well well paid for. >> i certainly do. >> i groo he -- i'll agree with that. you'll pay when you can, otherwise watered down care like a confederate dollar. or go to an emergency room which is overclogged. it's not a happy future as the law stays in. not good for the president, if it stays in, people are going to realize more and more they already know, it's know the good for their health. if it doesn't stay in, we'll be faced with a problem where the premiums go way up and that's going to hurt his reelection bid. >> always a pleasure to talk to you, you know, i don't have
8:40 pm
to come see you as a doctor, but if i did, i would know you would take as good a care as you do when you talk to health care. thank you very much. >> you're a great help. thank you for having me. >> thank you. >> (applause) >> so the president's open mic conversation with the russian counterpart show that he is maybe he's vulnerable when dealing with foreign leaders? let me just ask ambassador john bolten. i'll be doing that when we come back. [applause].
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>> last month while in south korea, president obama made headlines when he thought nobody was listening. >> an after my election, i have more flexibility. >> the president's recent open mic gaffe with russian president medvedev, shows he's playing by his own rules. if he's doing what he wants now, what happens if he's elected and has no one to answer to. and ambassador bolten endorsed mitt romney, for full disclosure. ambassad ambassador, let's talk about the gaffe, first of all, the substance in essence kind of making a side deal with a head of state, but the protocol
8:45 pm
violation of having that conversation without any staff or anyone to monitor it, that's pretty unusual, wouldn't you think? >> well, it was extraordinary. i'd never heard of a president of the united states saying to a foreign leader, particularly from one we've got adversarial relationships with in many cases, give me some space, give me personally, the president, some space and after i'm reelected, we'll be more flexible. i've just never heard of anything like that and it really does, i think, frighten our friends and make our adversaries happy because they're all looking at exactly the same thing, believing if the president's reelected, he will be able to do a lot of things he's been constrained from doing in his first term because of that political consequence. >> mike: there's liable to be some changes in personnel should president barack obama being reelected. hillary clinton says she wouldn't stay on as secretary
8:46 pm
of state. so this might mean some changes. again, assuming that he would be reelected. who would be likely to step into the role of foreign policy advisors, be a secretary of state, ambassador to the u.n. are we talking susan rice and people who are actually to the far left of hillary clinton? >> well, i think there's a long line of people succeeding hillary clinton, i'd say kerry, first in line and speculation he's going to try to move the law of the sea treaty, through the senate. the treaty that somehowed not go anywhere to bolster his credentials and my guess is that the second term more ideological in personnel selection than the first term. >> mike: you think there will
8:47 pm
be significant differences than we've seen. some have been trouble, not he is necessarily positive and in john kerry would be secretary of state. i don't think we'll see a more conservative or more traditional approach to foreign policy? >> no, not at all. you know, senator kerry just is one example, clung to the idea that the united states could negotiate with syrian dictator, al-assad. even as the assad government was gunning down innocent civilians opposed to his authorityion rule and i think that that kind of misguided policy on north korea, on iran, on their nuclear weapons programs has been fairly typical of senator kerry over the years. beyond that, i worry about threats to american sovereignty. i worry about the president's penchant for multi-lateral im, for his despair to put what we typically consider domestic issues into the international arena. we've seen it in the area of the environment and recall it
8:48 pm
in his participation in the copenhagen summit and in the area of gun control. many people are worried about efforts to negotiate an international treaty if we ratify it, would have significant impact for the private ownership for fear arms here, there are a lot of examples, once the president is freed of that constraint of seeking reelection, given the president's enormous role in foreign policy he could have a lot of room it play around in. >> you talk about the fact that we could lose some sovereignty and the law of the sea treaty is one of the years in which america would essentially subjugate itself to other international bodies ap courts. he think for most of us that would be absolutely an abomination because we've believed we're a nation who is sovereign, answerable only to our own constitution and ultimately to our on people. not to any foreign government, any foreign court, but this would put us in a position where we would be answering in
8:49 pm
a very significant way to an international body. >> that's exactly right. a lot of the freedom we enjoy on the high seas today. we enjoy because we're the dominant naval power and that's not going to change soon even under the obama administration, but if we joined up over the hundred parties of the law of the treaty, anything wanted to change would require their approval and you mentioned the court set up. under the law of the treaty they've already begun to expand their jurisdiction and this is one of the international left's favorite maneuvers to reduce national sovereignty and he think it needs to be more of an issue, not just in the traditional areas of foreign and defense policy that we have to worry about, but as i say, people trying to move domestic issues into the international arena, the u.n., for example, overwhelmingly voting against the death penalty time and time again. that's an issue we resolve
8:50 pm
domestically, some people favor it, some people oppose it, under our constitutional system we make at that decision not international organizations. >> john boulton, always a pleasure, your insights are always helpful. >> thank you. >> mike: i hope people realize even though their jobs and economy are certainly front and center for all of us in this election, one of the most important powers that a president has is the manner in which he deals with other countries. and particularly, other countries who are not necessarily friendly with us, whether it's iran or north korea or even russia where we make our side deals. well, i'll be back, i've got closing thoughts i want you to hear. [applause]. [ degeneres ] what's more beautiful than a covergirl? two covergirls.
8:51 pm
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>> as we close our show tonight. i want to pay tribute to one of the great treasures, dick clark who passed away this week at age 82. >> could have gone to any station in the country and opened any letter and we would have had a request for this song. the nation's number one song, "at the hop." . >> if it has a good beat. >> in other words, if you can dance to it, that's why you buy records? >> yes. >> ♪ let's go to the hop ♪ >> oh, this is it, the brand new season of 1987 on american bandstand. >> mike: well, america lost a music cal icon and this show lost a viewerment i had the honor of speaking with dick clark last week by phone after being connected by a mutual friend who told me that dick clark watched this show. well, growing up, i sure watched his.
8:55 pm
i spent my saturdays faithfully watching american band stand and introduced to the music of my generation. but i salute him not just for his incredible contributions to the music of our lives, but to something for which he deserves much more credit. while the al sharptons and jesse jackson of the world supposedly fight for reconciliation only dr. martin luther king, jr. and elvis were equal to dick clark to help to bridge the gap between the races, the common bridge between blacks and whites. >> the twist, ladies and gentlemen, chubby checker. >> were you about 13 at the time? >> i was actually 12 when i recorded the song and released when i was 13 and-- >> this is the squeaky voice of an early stevie wonder, and ladies and gentlemen, fingertips, again. stevie wonder. >> and ladies and gentlemen,
8:56 pm
please greet for their first visit, the jackson five. [applause] ♪ >> but once was considered race music was the essence of the deeply felt and rhythm and blues and soul music at that brought races together. and dick clark was more effective than the politicians and even the preachers, to cause people to think of others for their contributions to art rather than the color of their skin. while politics tends to highlight our divisions an and differences, music eliminates our bigotries and prejudices and it causes us to move to the same beat. to dick clark, america says goodbye. and thanks. captioned by closed captioning services, inc.
8:57 pm
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