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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  April 23, 2012 11:00am-1:00pm EDT

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now. jon onit is a controversy not going away, the secret service prostitution scandal. now lawmakers are clamoring for a wider investigation into that agency as the defense secretary heads to colombia. jenna: one of the president's top advisers going on the attack, saying some republicans want to work with the president. but the gop is acting under a reign of terror. a fair and balanced debate on that word choice coming up. jon: also, if you have the need for speed, how about a craft that can go coast to coast in 12 minutes? the defense department releases the info on the hyper sonic test vehicle. how do you control a craft gliding at 20 times the speed of sound? it's all "happening now". jenna: i bet you wanted that type of aircraft for your cross country trip over the last week! jon: it would have been a lot better than the mini van at 65 miles. jenna: they own have their
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own redeeming qualities. jon: it was fun and good to be back. jenna: we have brand new developments in the sex scandal rocking the secret service. we're glad you're with us this monday morning, i'm jenna lee. jon: i'm jon scott. there are growing calls to widen the investigation as a dozen vet service -- secret service agents, six out of a job, amid word that more agents could be fired. lawmakers call the allegations disturbing, while the white house vows to get to the bottom of it all. it was all the talk of the sunday shows: >> standards should be that nothing like this should ever happen, because, of course, these prostitutes could have blackmailed the agent intos cooperating with terrorists or with the russian foreign intelligence service. >> i recognize that the vast majority of secret service personnel are professional, disciplined, dedicated, courageous, but to me, it defies belief that this is just an aberration.
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there were too many people involved. if it had been one or two then i would say it was an aberration, but it included two supervisors. that is particularly shocking and appall. brad: this is the secret service. they're charged with the protection of the life of the president and vice president of the united states and their families. from what we know of what was happening in cartagena, they were not acting like secret service agents, they were looking like college students away on spring weekend. on the whole, the secret service does heroic work, my experience is they're quite professional, i always felt this way but this is really disturbing and we have to get to the bottom of it. jon: meantime, defense secretary leon panetta getting ready for his own trip to colombia this week, his visit planned months ago, now almost certainly will be overshadowed by this scandal. joinings, republican john
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mica of florida. who is responsible for getting to the bottom of what happened here? >> well, i serve on the government reform and oversight committee, and they have very broad just distinction -- jurisdiction. i'm probably the most senior member right now but we have our committee fully investigating all aspects of this, and i was briefed by them this morning and there are some interesting new twists and turns, unfortunately. jon: is this the kind of investigation where the congress and the administration will be working hand in hand? >> well, they do theirs, we'll do ours. we have separate branches of government. we have to conduct oversight but it looks like it's broadened a bit. first it was secret service, now it looks like there may be some activity by white house staff and then unfortunately, it looks like there may be some military involved, too.
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but the committee on government reform and oversight has very, very broad jurisdiction. it was set up for this purpose. -- in 1808 and that's how we keep our government, you know, honest and investigated independent -- and investigate independently these kind of horrible incident that is degrade what's otherwise a great profession. both secret service, the white house personnel, and our military. jon: governor, former governor, former vice presidential candidate sarah palin, of course, famously said that this was an example of the obama administration's poor management skills. jay carney at the white house fired back, said it is preposterous to politicize the secret service. where does the blame fall? >> well, again, you heard i think it was senator collins say that supervisors were involved here. something is breaking down.
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you know, last week, we were focused on gsa, and we know the white house knew of that scandal almost a year ago, had a briefing at one of their councils, we got the time, dates, people involved, and let it ride. if, again, this prostitute didn't come for payment at the embassy, probably this all would have been swept under the table, too. so government requires a constant cleansing and oversight, especially ours, and that's what's great about it. jon: all right, congressman john mica, republican from florida, who will be looking into this. congressman, we thank you for your information this morning. >> good to be with you, thank you. jenna: one of our top stories, scream weather on the east coast and right here in new york as a rare spring noreaster dumps snow in some parts of the state, areas near buffalo are under a winter warning today. it's nearly may. but there's enough snow that power outages are possible
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as trees can buckle under the weight of all that snow and ice, knocking out power lines and several inches of snow are expected in low lying areas. again, you're taking a look at boston, new york, on your screen there. it looks a lot more like, oh, early oninstead of late april, the national weather service says higher elevations could see more than a fooft snow. snow there up and heavy rain in new york city, as well as lots of other places from the eastern carolinas to southern new england, widespread flood watches and coastal warnings along the east coast and when weather is affected here it can affect travel nationwide a friendly reminder if you're headed to the airport today to check out because the delays can ripple. while we're trying to dry out from sunday's soaker in the east, folks on the west coast are seeing dangerous heat, with temperatures in the triple digits, and some extremes to talk about today. maria molina is live in the fox weather center. that's not what it looks like on the east coast
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today. >> not the east coast but west, it's a hot day today and it was over the weekend as well. we saw some of the first triple digit high temperatures across portions of arizona and take a look at the city of phoenix, we're expecting a high temperature at 101 degrees, again, today. so just another scorcher out here, temperatures are basically up to 25 degrees above where they should be at for this time of the year, along the entire western part of the country, so well above average, even rapid city, south dakota, 85, it's warmer in rapid city than areas in the southeast, even tampa, expecting a high of 73 degrees. so incredible stuff here. we have a sharp divide along the center of the country where in the eastern half we're looking at temperatures below average, 48 your high in cleveland, 55 in new york city, much different than the last several weeks when we've been enjoying that spring-like weather across the east, when it was winter. today we have this noreaster producing areas of heavy rain along portions of maine and snow along the interior portions of the northeast.
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you can see that white stuff from buffalo, down into western parts of pennsylvania, and also, west virginia, already getting reports of more than 10 inches of snow on the ground across parse of -- parts of upstate new york across buffalo, where we expect the high accumulations. we do need the moisture and that was good news from the system, producing 2-3 inches of rain around the new york city area, because we are currently in a drought. again, we'll take the moisture when we can get it and how much snow is possible? is another foot possible south in the city of buffalo and the concern is heavy, wet snow coming down on top of trees that have already leaves come out so you're talking about trees diewnd power outages. jen jeand not enough snow for jon to ski, so snow, but not enough to ski! maria, thank you very much. >> okay, bye. jon right now, brand new developments in a decades-old case of a missing child, six-year-old
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etan patz disappeared during 1979 in a walk to his school bus stop in new york city. investors are now searching the basement of a lower manhattan building after finding what may be a blood stain there over the weekend. rick leventhal, live in our new york city newsroom has the latest for us. >> reporter: this is the fifth and apparently last day of this search, the nypd says the digging is pretty much done. investigators are doing a final walk-through. both dumpsters have now been carted off from the streement in front of that basement amount apartment with rubble and dirt inside but no sure sign of the boy missing for nearly 33 years and no more evidence is expected to be carried out. on sunday, investigators told the family of etap tatz they've -- patz they've in order found remains or personal effects but the fbi did find that suspicious stain on the cinder block wall after spraying luminol to detect blood, but it's night fool-proof so the carpet will be analyze at the fbi lab in virginia and
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other things found during the dig, including hair and piece of paper. if a body was buried there, there would have been plenty of evidence, according to forensic pathologist drrks michael baden. >> the skeletal remains should still be identifiable, teeth will be identifiable, and that's important, because the teeth and the skeleton are loaded with dna. there should be no problem, if a body is found, to make an identification as to whether or not it's etap patz. >> reporter: but a body has not been found and authorities are confirming they've spoken to this man, othniel miller, a handyman who was there when the body disappeared. miller denies involvement in the case, miller's stepson says the rape charge is a lie, calling his wife angry and crazy but in the
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meantime any hopes of resolution in this case appears dim. etap's parents live a block away. to this day, they can only wait for word. jon: so sad. we were hoping for some kind of resolution in this mystery. rick leventhal, thank you. speculation is heating up about who mitt romney might choose as his running mate. names are being tossed around, including marco rubio, who happens to be traveling with mitt romney. coming up, we'll break down the candidates. jenna: he changed his name to metta world peace but that not so peaceful move got him thrown out of the game. what some are call ago huge cheap shot. jon: also, imagine flying from new york to los angeles in 12 minutes! that's what hyper sonic speed is all about. we'll show you what the pentagon is learning about making that kind of flight,
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jon: fox news is america's lerk headquarters and with the race for the republican nomination all but over talk turns to who mitt romney might select as his running mate, today he's criss-crossing pennsylvania with gop star florida senator marco rubio. rubio, considered by many to be on the short list as a possible vp. last night, romney took the president to task, blaming him for trying to cover up for his named economic polices: >> instead of taking responsibility and acknowledging what he's done wrong, he casts about, looking for someone else to blame. he tries to divide the american people. that's what we're in for.
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you're going to see one person after the other, castigated. this is a president who is dividing america. jon: tom benin is executive editor of real clear politics. tom, one of the jobs of the vice presidential choice is usually to attack the administration, but you heard there, mitt romney seems to be doing a pretty aggressive job of it himself >> that's a good point. he's kind of on his own right now. i'm sure after he does make a selection, that role will shift somewhat to the vice presidential candidate to make the case against the administration and romney will try and make a positive case for himself and his vision of the country. jon: let's talk about those vp choices. interesting that marco rubio is the first on the list, not necessarily first -- the first choice but the first on the list whose campaigning -- who's campaign wg governor romney. >> reporter: rubio has been a favorite. he's been rumored to be on
11:17 am
the short list, on everybody's short list for a long time now. he obviously brings a lot. i mean, he's from florida, he's a favorite of the tea party, he would excite the base, he's an election electrifg speaker, so there's a lot of positives going for him. the downside to rubio is he considered a little bit green on the national stage, and so you know, the one thing that romney doesn't want to do, you hear this talk now all the time, they want to go with a safe pick, they want to go with someone that doesn't raise any questions about their ability to serve or anything like that that would distract from their focus, which is to keep a focus on barack obama and the economy jon: quinnipiac university asked people who they thought might be a good vice presidential pick for mitt romney. here are the numbers. chris christie comes in at 31 percent, the governor of new jersey, of course, marco rubio, florida senator we just mentioned at 24 percent, paul ryan, the congressman from wisconsin, at 23 percent, louisiana governor bobby jindal of 18 percent, susana march martinz
11:18 am
from new mexico, 14 percent, bob mock donald of virginia at 10 percent and rob portman at 8 percent, formerly with the office of management and budget. you actually like portman as a pick. >> portman, his stock has risen in the last couple of weeks and there was just a meeting of rnc members and zeek miller reported he did an informal poll and everybody really thought portman was a good pick. he obviously brings a lot to the table in terms of he's from ohio, he's got an established record, he's held positions in the executive branch, but also, in congress, and he's a very solid pick who -- the thing about it him, though, romney and he get along well, they have a similar mentality and good rapport and that's important and the other thing is portman would reinforce the message of the romney campaign, the framing for this election, which is focus on the economy, competence, you know, to get the economy working again.
11:19 am
that's something that rob portman would bring to romney's ticket. jon: it's going to be interesting to watch. thank you for watching the beginning stages of this process with us, tev bevin, real clear politics. thanks. jenna: new developments of a case of a missing soldier in north carolina. why the man who gave the woman on your screen there a ride home the night she disappeared is behind bars. more to that. jon: also a new twist in the deathing shoot of trayvon martin, his accused shooter, zimmerman, out on bail but how free is he? a live report. gen jen and new fall out after this dunk and celebration. you can feel that, right? jon: that doesn't feel good. jenna: by an l.a. laker, the star is now talking about his high flying elbow there. right there. landed that player on the floor. what was that all about? we'll tell you about it, coming up. s how my day began. a little bird told me about a band...
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jen quite a scene on the basketball court during an lshes a. lakers game. if you missed it, lakers' metta world peace, that's his name, ejected from the game after elbowing the head of ant, post-dunk. he now says it was just an accident. david lee miller is live with the latest on this. david lee. >> reporter: jenna, not everyone is convinced that incident was an accident, especially considering world peace's past, before he legally changed his name from ron artest. on sunday, world peace was jeact dollars from a game for a flagrant foul, he says he got a little too emotional, celebrating a successful dunk and was pounding his chest, and oklahoma's james harden simply got in the way, officials looked at video before ejecting world peace from the game, he later apologized and said it was unintentional, he took to tweeter, hope james harden is okay, i remember when i
11:24 am
was hit by marcus sol the same way, i suspect up blood during the game and in an ad he watched the replay again, oh, my celebration of the dunk was too much. didn't even see james. oh my god, oh my g, looks bad. and it was. harden suffered a concussion and will have to undergo evaluation before he plays again. as for world peace, his fate is now in the hands of the nba, which can issue a suspension, some say it's very likely. the nba, though, has not returned our calls. world peace has the dubious distinction of having the longest detention on record, 86 names after a 2000 brawl between the pistons and pacers during which he confronted a fan in the stands. he has since though tried to rehabilitate his reputation, giving money to charity and calling himself metta world peace, metta the bud hiss term meaning friendly towards others. shall say he should consider going back to his old name,
11:25 am
jenna. jenna: somebody to consider, i guess. david lee, thank you. jon: george zimmerman walks out of jail overnight after posting $150,000 bail. he will remain free while awaiting trial on second degree murder charges in the fatal shooting of trayvon martin. phil keating is live in sanford, florida with an update for us now. phil. >> reporter: good morning. george zimmerman is back into the life he was living before being arrested, that's when he started facing murder charges and that is back into a world of hiding. shortly after midnight, he along with his bail bondsman left the side door of the seminole county jail, he was clearly wearing what appeared to be a bullet-proof vest, again, underneath his brown steelers jacket, carrying one brown bag full of personal belongings and then within about a minute from first walking out the door to it all being over with, zimmerman was gone, and no media followed, as two
11:26 am
deputies made sure they had a couple of cars to block it in case anybody did. as for zimmerman, certain conditions of his release now on bond, he has to have a constant real-time gps monitoring device, that can work nationwide and we do expect he is either out of the state of florida already or soon to be. that is what the defense attorney requested for him and the judge had no problem with that on friday. again, a major security and safety precaution for george zimmerman and his family. he also cannot contact the trayvon martin family, must check in every three days. no alcohol allowed whatsoever, either. now, you remember all of the marchs for justice throughout the country over the past seven weeks. that was all the buildup, support and action by police and law enforcement to arrest george imzimmerman for the shooting death of the unarmed 17-year-old, trayvon martin, that finally did happen. but now that the evidence and the alibi and the
11:27 am
interesting revelations from his bond hearing from investigators have come out, friends and neighbors, supporters of george zimmerman, are now planning a rally for him in sanford, florida, this upcoming sunday. they're going to be calling it a justice for george rally, a stand your ground rally. they say it is long overdue. >> you know, the problem is, in this country, you know, nobody wants to get off the couch. well now it's time to get the hell off the couch, you know, stand up and stand your ground. let's do it, man. that's what this rally is about, stand up and stand your ground. get the hell off the couch. >> reporter: frank taft, neighbor of george zimmerman, one of his most vocal supporters ever since his arrest, he walked up to the scene of the shooting yesterday and lied down in the grass, basicallyexem plifying the alibi george
11:28 am
zimmerman was giving, that he was following an unknown individual, was punched first by trayvon martin, fell down on the grass and was having the back of his head smashed into the sidewalk, and that is something that could not be ruled out by the state investigator who in very revealing testimony friday during the bond hearing described that the injuries on the back of zimmerman's head could have, in fact, come from concrete in that type of scenario. and they also revealed that at this point, the state does not know decisively who threw that first punch. clearly that's going to be crucial when it comes to reasonable doubt, when it goes to trial, whether this was self-defense or whether this was an unprovoked second degree murder. back to you. jon: lots of investigating to be done. phil keating in sanford, thank you. jenna: next up the controversial words about mitt romney's religion. who said them and the role religion could play in the
11:29 am
race for the white house. shannon bream has that story for us. and fighting words from team obama, why his senior campaign strategist says some republicans are under a, quote, reign of terror from the far right. we're going to have a fair and balanced debate on that, coming up.
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i'm a home in a high-risk flood area. it doesn't look risky. i mean, phil, does this look risky to you? nancy? fred? no. well it is. in a high-risk area, there's a 1-in-4 chance homes like us will flood. i'm glad i got flood insurance. fred, you should look into it. i'm a risk-taker. [ female announcer ] only flood insurance covers floods. visit to learn your risk. jon: let's get back to politics now, mitt romney's mormon faith thrust into the
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spotlight after one democratic governor said it could keep him from winning in november, brian schweitzer went after romney saying he'll have trouble with women voters because his father was born on a polygamist comum in mexico. shannon bream joins us. governor schweitzer has been asked to clarify. what's the latest? >> reporter: the governor said he meant precisely what he meant and added it has nothing do with romney's faith or church but to reach out to hispanic voters romney would probably like to be able to discuss the fact that his father was born in mexico with you this is awkward because it requires discussing as well the fact that his father was born into a polygamy colony. here's his response. >> my dad's dad was not a polygamist, he grew up in a family with a mom and dad and a few brothers and one sister, they lived in mexico and lived a very nice life there from what i understand >> reporter: the romney
11:34 am
campaign says those who would suggest otherwise simply have it wrong. >> onjon so does the campaign expect that this kind of thing is going to keep coming up, are they going to have to go back to the more on questions time and time again? >> well, they know they had to talk about it a lot during the primary and it is coming up more and more and they're also getting a heads up from senator orrin hatch, a republican and mormon as well. several times last week in the midst of his own reelection battle he talked about the fact that he does expect democrats to make hay of romney's mormon faith and continue talking about it. political pundits think that's a mistake and generally backfires and basically creates more sympathy for anyone whose religious affiliation is being attacked. hairs larry sabato: >> i noted that even the obama campaign recognized immediately the dangers of what governor shhh whiter had -- schweitzer had said
11:35 am
and reprimanded him and suggested strongly that was inappropriate. >> reporter: by the way there are currently 15 members of congress who are more ons, including harry reid. we've reached out to see if he's taken heat or controversy over his faith. we hope to bring that to you shortly. jon. jon: get backtous on that one, shannon, thank you. jenna: president obama's top campaign strategist blasting congress and leveling charges against the gop. take a listen: >> i think a lot of republicans in congress want to cooperate, know weather,o better, but they're in the thralls of this reign of terror from the far right that has dragged the party to the right in our own polling and other polling, you see the republican party has moved out of the mainstream. jenna: joining me now in one corner, christopher han, former aide to senator charles schumer and in the other, chip salzman, former campaign manager for huck bee for president. chris, i'm going to start off with you. when you search reign of terror, and google, you get
11:36 am
two things the french revolution, and you get david axelrod's recent comments. was this really the right expression to use? >> well, you know, i guess the republicans want america to eat cake! i think it's kind of fitting. i mean, these guys have been holding our economy hostage at one time or another. they surely have been holding the president's jobs agenda hostage and they haven't been doing anything to move this country in the right direction, and it's not because they don't believe it's what they should be doing, it's because they are worried about being primary within their own party. you see people like orrin hatch which is a -- who is a consistent can be tiff facing a primary challenge in his home state, people like richard lugar, facing challenges. republicans say i don't want that to be me, i'm going to toe that extreme right wing line. anything president obama wants to do, even if it was my idea two years ago, they're not going to support. >> chip, is there another in what chris has to say? >> i know it's going to
11:37 am
shock you when i say none at all. the reign of terror axelrod should be tbawg is the obama administration's reign of terror on the american taxpayer. the bottom line is the house of representatives, republicans have passed bulges that the senate hasn't taken up, they haven't passed a senate -- a budget in 20 days, the highway bill, which a lot of people agree on, they passed one in the house that was actually paid for, the senate won't even pick it up. so i think the problem is you look at obama's first two years with the democratically controlled about him and we got omabacare and dodd frank and now that the house republicans are trying to stand the insanity and get control of the spending. gen jen even if you're both right it doesn't leave the voters with much, does it? even if the republicans or democrats are holding somebody hostage, that means we're not getting anywhere in congress, and what david axelrod was responding to was a question about why the voters should trust the president for another term if he can't really compromise, even with the extremes of either party. so how would you answer that
11:38 am
for voters, why should they trust the president? >> well, you know, listen, mitch mcconnell said his number one goal, two weeks before the president even took office, his number one goal was to make sure that president obama was a one-term president. this in the face of one of the largest economic crises since the great depression. i think that after the president is reelected and that goal is not achieved, mcconnell will have no choice but to work with him because he will, again, seem petty as he has for the last 3 1/2 years, in the way he's managed the senate minority and blocked everything, using the filibuster more than any time in the history of this country almost 400 times, they have filibuster ed in 3 1/2 years. that's a ridiculous amount of filibuster in the senate. as for the house budget that you talk about, they are more of the same. let's give tax cuts to the rich, and let's not worry about anything that's going to make this country move forward and help the middle class. when you said the president has raised taxes, that's ri duck lous. he's lowered taxes on the middle class, he's extended the bush tax cuts, you have
11:39 am
no evidence for that, and it is a ridiculous talking point of the right that should not be taken seriously by anyone. jenna: chip, how does a republican, as fe come into the white house, corral the gop party and get them behind certain items, whether it's the budget, and bring in democrats to help things move through congress? >> well, i think you have to do that in a bipartisan level, look, the president's agenda, you know how many votes he got in the house? zero. not one democrat, one republican. how many did they get in the senate? zero. the fact is he's spending more than we can print. we've got huge decifits, it's completely out of control. the house republicans are doing the right thing by trying to keep control of spending because we've got an administration that has a total disregard for budget and fiscal responsibility. >> chip, i used to work in washington, i used to work for senator schumer, as you know and you know what i know about budgets, the president proposes a budget, the house takes it up, they mark it up, they change it
11:40 am
around, and then they vote on it. what the republicans want to do now is say hey, let's do an up or down vote on this budget which no one wants to do. i think that's a -- >> jenna: chip -- >> he got zero democrats and zero republicans. that's not a good starting point. jenna: and the -- >> why would democratic -- why would we play the ridiculous republican tactical game? jen rein of terror, we'll see if that's a term that continues to be used from either side. chris and chip, thank you both,. >> thank you. jon: left over from the french revolution. jenna: it keeps coming back, hundreds of years later. who would have known! jon: opening arguments are underway in the trial of john edwards, the former presidential candidate accused of using almost a million dollars in campaign funds to hide and support his pregnant mistress. a look at the key issues in this case, coming up. the u.s., planning to have a large presence in afghanistan, long after the 2014 troop withdrawal deadline. the latest on the country's
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jon brand new stories coming up next hour. investigators, looking into, quote, suspicious circumstances in the disappearance of six-year-old isabel celis, the latest on the search. iran disconnecting its main oil export terminal in the internet after suspected cyber attacks. we'll tell you who they think is behind them. >> and a cash for gas scheme? new reports suggest wasteful spending at the gsa goes way beyond extravagant employee events. jen also "happening now", former presidential candidate john edwards' criminal trial is underway and edwards is charged with illegally using $1 million in campaign funds during the 2008 election.
11:45 am
for the wrong reasons. prosecutors say he used that money to conceal an extramarital affair with his pregnant mistress rielle hunter. edwards denying knowing about the money which allegedly paid for private jets and luxury hotels and hunter's medical care. joining us is peter johnson, jr., fox news legal analyst. nice to see you peter. now it's been several years, it seems like an entire lifetime since that 2008 campaign, so why now, why are we seeing this come to court now? >> it's interesting. there's more sleaze and sex in this trial than the whole season of the "good wife" and it's -- and it's coming to trial because the federal government is saying is that a million dollars in campaign donations were actually stolen to the use of rielle hunter in perpetrating this coverup so mr. edwards' presidential campaign and ambitions could, in fact, go forward. the legal issue is were they actually contributions, or were they gifts made by friends, the trial lawyer,
11:46 am
mr. baron, who is now dead, was head of the finance for mr. edwards' campaign, and a 110-year-old social heiress. neither of them obviously are going to testify in this case. jenna: so how can this align, peter, between someone giving you money, because, hey listen, you need help, and that's what the defense team alleges, that there were whispers that john edwards needed help for a personal matter and that's where they got the money, and the line between saying this money is actually for the campaign and for paying aides and printing out pamphletting and all the rest. >> the federal government's theory is that this is a straight payoff, that this is hush money, paid allegedly as a gift, but really, in the context of the presidential campaign. that they were campaign contributions, even if they weren't called campaign contributions. mr. edwards has amassed a fleppeddous legal team of people, republicans and democrats, and they're going to be dissecting in this case. but what we're going to be hearing is a veil of lies on
11:47 am
both sides. obviously mr. edwards didn't tell the truth about his relationship with miss hunter and the child they had together and mr. young's, mr. edwards' top assistant didn't tell the truth when he said i'm the father of the child, so a million dollars went out the window for lavish hotels, as you say a. home that was built, and so we also know that mr. edwards' popularity, according to at least one poll, he's got a 3 percent popularity rating. a daunting task for any trial lawyer. jenna: you point out there's sleaze on both sides. edwards faces 30 years potentially behind bars. how difficult is that for the prosecution to get a sentence like that in this type of a case? >> you know t. depends. if there's a full prosecution, and it goes forward on all the charges, and there's a national outrage, and the federal judge has been appointed by president obama and there will be at least five or six obama aides and former obama
11:48 am
aides who will be testifying in this case, yeah, there's a potential for a big jail sentence. jen jand if there was -- pete e. i don't mean to interrupt you but the ripple effects of that, because this sm are saying this is a case that should change a lot when it comes to campaign funds, this case. why would that snb. >> there's a moral outrage in the country, number one. number two, we know that governor richardson of new mexico is being investigated with regard to his campaign finances, and a relationship with a woman. that could hope open the door for other prosecutions in this country. we also know that the public integrity section of the department of justice has not fared well in certain prosecutions and have been on the losing side. in the end this is a legal issue that will go on appeal, is this $920,000 so-called contributions, really contributions regulated by the federal elections commission or merely gifts because they really like john edwards and
11:49 am
wanted his then-girlfriend to have a good life and that it not get out into the public and ruin his ambitions. federal government says it's one and the same and he should go to jail. jenna: it starts today. six weeks, peter. peter johnson, jr., nice to see you today. >> thank you jenna. jon: could there be fraud the a the fish market? why the catch of the day might not be the premium seafood you thought you were buying. we're live with that story. >> the u.s. military has planes that go really fast. but imagine mock 20 -- mac mach-20, new york to l.a. in 12 minutes, the falcon could make it a reality. we'll show you hyper sonic speed demonstrations, next. [ horn honks ] hey, it's sandra -- from accounting. peter. i can see that you're busy... but you were gonna help us crunch the numbers for accounts receivable today. i mean i know that this is important. well, both are important. let's be clear. they are but this is important too.
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jon: well, good supersonic, we are now looking -- forget
11:53 am
supersonic, leer looking at hypersonic speed, the fal son, an aircraft that can travel 13,000 miles an hour, fast enough to carry out military strikes anywhere in the world, in less than an hour. still in the testing stages, though, and not all of the testing has gone so well. joinings now, brian weeden, secure world foundation technical adviser and former air force space command officer. the tests were carried out some months ago brian but we're getting our first look at the results, not entirely a success but not entirely a failure, either, right? >> no. and i have to emphasize, this is a very difficult problem they're trying to solve. they're trying to develop a vehicle that can travel at immense speeds through the upper atmosphere with high forces and very high heat, and to be able to control that vehicle so that it can hit an intended target thousands of miles away. the purpose -- >> jon: we're looking at the launch of the missile that then releases this thing,
11:54 am
and it basically glides back to earth with a rocket assist at, what, one # thousand miles an hour? >> yes. that's right. the rocket gives it the initial boost, and then it comes back down and glides through the upper atmosphere, usually that velocity given by the rocket and then steers and man offers its way to the final target. jon onand the idea is that you use it to hit a target at roughly 13,000 miles an hour, the impact, the g force, the impact obliterates whatever the target is if you can hit it, right? >> absolutely. the whole goal is to be able to attack what are called high value or fleeting targets, things that are buried deep in enemy territory or buried deep underground or that are only present for a she short window of time. so you wouldn't necessarily have time to do a conventional attack with a b2 flying out of oklahoma. you could instead launch one of these on very short notice and it could fly and
11:55 am
attack that target. jon: we have a simulation of what mach-20 looks like, which is a kind of speed that this thing is achieving. there's a fighter jet in the foreground and that thing streaking by, that's the falcon that potentially could cross the country at 12 times, or 20 times, i guess, the speed of sound. that -- across the country in 12 minutes was the number i was thinking about. and here is actual video of it, that contrail way up in the sky, that's actual video of this thing being tested. it basically started to melt the skin on the -- the skin on the thing started to melt and peel away, which caused the test to be aborted but up until that point it had flown for about nine minutes in pretty good shape, huh? >> absolutely, and the success was that they had a few minutes of control hypersonic flight, which is something that really hadn't been done before. it's one this just glide. it's another thing to actually be able to control that in a stable manner, and that was really the
11:56 am
successful part of this demonstration. jon: we'll see if they try it again. brian weider, formerly with the air force, thank you. >> you're welcome. jenna: college grads are getting a tough welcome to the working world, shocking new data showing how many either cannot find a job or are simply underemployed. what does this mean for the future of our economy in this country? we take a closer look, ahead.
11:57 am
11:58 am
11:59 am
jon: brand-new breaking stories we are watching on "happening now." iran on the receiving end of another crippling cyber attack. it seems to be most critical financial assets, foiled. who could be behind this attack? the trial of john edwards now underway in north carolina. the former senator charged with using almost a million dollars in campaign funds to hide his pregnant mistress. after billions of dollars and ten years of war a new agreement reported before the u.s. and afghanistan. how long our troops will be there and how the agreement
12:00 pm
changes what our military will do. jenna: the secret service prostitution scandal grows bigger by the day. we are happy you are with us. i'm jenna lee, welcome to the second hour of "happening now." jon: i'm jon scott. so far it involves 12 members of the secret service and apparently 11 members ever the military. six secret agents are out of a job. jenna: the senate homeland security committee wants to know a lot more about the incident. take a listen. >> i want to give the secret service, director sullivan, it's office of professional responsibility some space to conduct its investigation of what happened in cartagena, but we're going to send them to questions this week as the beginning of our broader investigation asking whether there was any -- whether this was an exception or there's anything in the records that show this is a pattern of misconduct that has gone on
12:01 pm
elsewhere by secret service agents on assignment, but off-duty. why wasn't it noticed if that was the case? and what's the secret service going to do to make sure it never happens again. jenna: doug mcelway is live in washington with more. >> reporter: we've learned that a 12 this secret service officer has been implicated. we don't know the extent of hits involvement but it raises the scandal to a new level of concern. here is more of leas of lieberman. >> what is striking to me is that the 12th agent put on leave friday was not staying at the same hotel where the other agents were, but at the hilton. the hilton is significant because that's where press wa president obama was going too stay. we don't know what the 12th agent has been charged with and why he's been out on administrative leave. >> reporter: six secret service officers have left, five resigned, one retired.
12:02 pm
members of congress who have been briefed at the highest level suggest this is not over. >> i would expect within a very near future to have several other secret service agents leaving the agency of those 11, and that one other person has been aide on. >> reporter: in addition senator chuck grassley has written a letter to the secret service director mark sullivan and acting inspector general edwards in which he asked quotes, did the sorr secret service reserve rooms? they are asking if more woman had been in the secret service, could have this been prevented? history suggests that a the women are as prone to a honey trap as the one. in one case a spy agency sent dozens of handsome men to get
12:03 pm
secrets. they did that. they pen thraeuted the highest levels of west german government and nato, even finding out where they had specifically aimed their missiles at the east. there is no gender preference there. jenna: equal opportunity when it comes to scandal. more on this now stphaot intersection of power, money and scandal is a recurring problem in washington. it has be bedeviled many administrations in the past and bret baier is with us now. thsecret service is responsible above all for protection of the president, for tracking down counterfeiters, all kinds of -- an up right reputation i guess at the secret
12:04 pm
service. and it's hard to believe they are the in the middle of this one. >> i think it's shocking as this continues to unfold. the fact that two supervisors are involved so far and it potentially could involve others is something that is raising a lot of eyebrows here in washing tonight. listen, you're right, the secret service has been described as the best of the best. they are willing to take a bullet for the president. they are usually in the interaction with top officials, very professional, that's why this has shaken washington so much. it also kind of overlaps. in this week, the last couple of weeks about this gsa investigation. not so much that the president is -- is president for it, and you saw a lot of push back on the sunday shows for that, but something charles krauthammer said on my panel, george will echoed this weekend is that concern about big government and the ability to police, or have a
12:05 pm
leash on all of this. doesn't bode well for this government as it stand now. jon: symptomatic of problems, if you're finding problems at an agency like the secret service, which as you say is supposed to be the best of the best, it makes you wonder what else is going on in other lesser-known corners of government. >> i think there is broadly a distrust of government that has increased in recent years. there is broadly a disrespect for institutions, as more of these scandals come up. it's different, the secret service situation and the gsa, and the conferences, and the lavish -- the pictures and the descriptions we've heard, they are different scandals, but there is kind of a broad overview of concern about what is happening with your tax dollars. and i think both of these investigations have a long way to go before they are finished,
12:06 pm
and you're seeing both sides of the aisle weigh in pretty aggressively on both of them. jon: talking about the gsa, the general services administration there is out right fraud in that agency that costs taxpayers millions of dollars a year according to the agency's own inspector general. one example were a couple of government contractors who were taking government credit cards and selling gas to people at discount prices and pocket being the difference. apparently they earned themselves about $300,000 according to this inspector general's report and that is just one of many prosecutions of gsa contractors. >> i think this is the tip of the iceberg, jon, i really do. when you shine a light on something it often leads you to something else. and i think that these committees are now engaged up on capitol hill to continue looking. i think this is just so brazen it has really struck a chord with people around the country,
12:07 pm
and that picture of the supervisor sitting in the tub is now infamous. but it will probably raise the curtain on a number of different organizations inside government that have a lot of waste. jon: and when, you know, the government creates some of these agencies, and the stimulus programs and so forth to try to spend money to, you know, stimulate the economy, that money starts sloshing around in certain corners of the country and gets misspent. >> which goes back to the main point that charles made on our panel and george will made this weekend. big government, this is trouble for them. big government is often. unwieldy and it often results in situations like this where you have different organizations that have trouble containing a lot of aspects of how they run
12:08 pm
their operation. jon: the intersection of money, politics and scandal as we said at the start. bret baier, thanks. >> sure. jenna: we'll take you overseas to major developments in iran. they are reporting a suspected cyber attack on the country's main oil export terminal. the virus apparently hitting the internet and communications systems of the oil ministry as well as the national oil company. catherine herridge is on the story live from washington. what do we know about this reported attack? >> reporter: well, thank you, jenna and good mourn. outside experts who have been tracking cyberwar fair tell fox that the attack bears all the hallmarks of a same form of cyber attacks that crippled iran's anyone phaoubg collar facilities. it affected the control panel of iran's largest crude oil expert facility. you see it there. the control panels are like the
12:09 pm
facility's central service system. >> if you could take over the control systems at the minimum you could shut everything down. you can shut down the plants, you can shut down whatever facility you've got eve gotten into. that is the minimal damage that you can tkofrpblgtsz publicly the iranians are insisting today there is no permanent damage and that the system is still operating, jenna. jenna: hard to know the truth of course coming from inside that country. any hints? do we have any hints, perhaps that maybe another cyber attack was being waged on iran? >> a good question. these cyber attacks are really like cyber one two punches. one attack acts like a reconnaissance tee and the second attack capitalize ez on the first one for a second attack. the computer violence that is believed to have gathered information for the attack in 2009 was active again. that virus on iran's nuclear in a silt permanently crippled
12:10 pm
hundreds of centrifuges used for iran's nuclear facility. the code shows that the d u.k. u vie rurbgs and the stux virus were authored by the same person, jenna. jenna: i'd like to get reporting on this other story as well. we heard that iran of course has that u.s.-type drone that went down in their -- was in their testimony. we are hearing reports that they are trying to build a drone just like that. what can you tell bus that? >> well a former intelligent official told me late yesterday that it's highly unlikely that iran's claims to be believed that they really were able to reverse engineer that cia drone. what they said is more concerning to the u.s. intelligence community is that iran will try and break down the drone and offer access to various places like china they are very interested in the stealth coating which makes it
12:11 pm
hard if not impossible for the drone to be detected by radar. after the osama bin laden raid in pakistan where we lost that helicopter tail that had the stealth coding, once again the chinese were there right eye way. that is really the concern. not the reengineering of the cia drone but iran will use it to offer access to people in return for technology or maybe even a deal with the u.n. security council in the future. jenna: a lot to pay attention tow today. thank you very much. jon: americans in kenya on high alert after warnings of a terror attack. the u.s. embassy says there is a credible threat, and government buildings and hotels in nairobi might be the intended target. american embassies in tanzania were bombed in 1998. it killed over 200 people and wounded thousands of others. the embassy has reason to believe the potential attack is in the last stages of planning. jenna: more on that as we get it. in the meantime how safr we really? a new report says the
12:12 pm
missile defense shield protecting us from countries like north korea and iran are full of holes. k. kr-frplt mcfarland is on that and coming up. they send search dogs to help look for a missing girl in t*uz. as search-and-rescue teams fan out over the city. we have that search ahead. john edward on trial for violating calm feign finance laws alleged lie. a drive report on opening statements and today's testimony ahead. okay, team! after age 40, we can start losing muscle --
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12:16 pm
her former seat in georgia. she filed the necessary paperwork april 2nd with the federal elections commission. a local reporter came to her residence to seek some comments. she reportedly ordered him off her property. and republican congressman dana roar backer denied an entry evangelist a to afghanistan. he's been a sharp critic of president karzai and obama policies in the region. he's scheduled to head back to the united states today. jenna: new details in the search for a missing six-year-old girl in arizona. investigators in tucson following a potential lead in the disappearance of isabelle salas. her parents say they last saw her in bed saturday night and discovered she was missing sunday morning. casey stegall joins us with more. >> reporter: special f.b.i. dogs were brought in in the overnight
12:17 pm
hours from the agency's virginia headquarters. these are k-9's specifically trained in searches like this. we have brand-new information coming in that those dogs have alerted on something that has opened up new leads that are currently being sold u followed up on. however, police will not elaborate on what was discovered specifically. cops confirming today that the first-grader's bedroom window was open and the screen was knocked out, but they are still only classifying this as a possible abduction at this point. in fact no amber alert has been issued. 6-year-old isabelle celis lived at her home with her mother and father and two brothers, which leads them to believe it's not a custody dispute. her mom and dad interes interviewed extensively over the
12:18 pm
weekend, and polygraph testing had even been discussed with that. >> we won't talk about the information we have other than the fact they were cooperative with us and responded to our station with us and spent several hours with our investigators conducting the interviews. >> reporter: meantime a candlelight vigil held last night in tucson as her family and members of the community holdout hope that she will be returned safe and sound. >> you don't think anything like that would actually really happen to you. all of a sudden you wake up one morning and you're in that scenario. everything goes through your mind, you're angry, upset, frustrated, and confused. >> reporter: adding to the concerns another day of near triple digit temperatures forecasted in tucson, elements that are difficult for really anyone to survive in for an extended heard of time. we have our eye on it, jenna. jenna: thank you very much. more as we get it. jon: and this is information as well. the united states reaches a deal
12:19 pm
with afghanistan pledging u.s. support after the withdrawal of our forces in 2014. will it hold up and keep the taliban at bay? we'll take a closer look at the fine print. did the media influence the g.o.p. primary? a new report suggests the coverage was not exactly fair and square. we'll take a look at evidence. >> i need you guys to go out and vote tomorrow. i'd like you to go out and vote in your primary and give me your support and show me that we are ready and willing to take on president obama. [ kate ] most women may not be properly absorbing the calcium they take because they don't take it with food. switch to citracal maximum plus d. it's the only calcium supplement that can be taken with or without food. that's why my doctor recommends citracal maximum. it's all about absorption.
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jon: we are learning new details about a major development in the war in afghanistan. u.s. and afghan officials reaching a strategic partnership deal. the packet promises american support for that nation after the withdrawal of u.s. troops at
12:23 pm
the end of 2014. now the document awaits the signatures of president obama and karzai. dominique d-natali is streaming live from kabul, afghanistan for us. >> reporter: it's taken seven months of hard bargaining for the afghans for america to reach this deal. it very much is a landmark agreement. it outlines the relationship and the shape of how america and afghanistan will deal with each other after 2014 for an extra ten years, that's right the u.s. will be here in afghanistan until at least 2024 in some shape or form. the agreement itself is actually a very sort of broad sweeping document. there isn't much specific detail in. what it does address are these key irissues. security, politics and democracy and the economic os spebgts, how much money effectively the united states will give to afghanistan to support the security mission here. how many troops will actually
12:24 pm
stay on. those specificee tails actually haven't been hammered out in terms much the money amount and the amount of troops, that will come in under separate memorandums of understands. the agreement as it currently stands allows to create a template very much for it. we'll see if president obama reurb stamps it before the summit coming up in may in chicago. it leads the way for the international community which is also in a similar situation to seaside how much it's going to contribute and give afghanistan, and really that is going to be big money and big commitments going ahead, even as we drawdown the troops. a very much a turning point, very much also a flavor of the future to come, jon. jon: america's longest war. dominique d-natali thank you. jenna: let's bring in kt mcfarland fox news national security analyst. nice to have you with us today. dominic put it this way, light and details, high on symbolism. what do you think about this
12:25 pm
apparent deal. >> it's similar pwot i can. the fact osymbolic. it's about how much money we are going to give afghanistan economically and assistance and for how long. the president doesn't get to decide that. i was told by one of karzai's saeudz they were thinking about $10 billion for another ten or so years. i think that is pretty unrealistic. this is an age of austerity, this is an age where we are looking at the corruption and the incompetent of the karzai government and how willing will we be to turn that kind of money over to afghanistan for another decade. i talked to one former diplomat in the area, he says the money goes out of afghanistan into swiss bank accounts as fast as it goes in. i'm a vietnam era person and this is the same debate we had at the end of the viet number war. it was an unpopular war, we looked like we were winning it, but at end ever the day we
12:26 pm
didn't support the south corn government, it was corrupt, inch tkpe. i have a real question about our willingness to give those kind of dollar amounts for a long period of time. jenna: important questions raised and more as we see how this develops over the next several weeks and months. i want to ask you about this new report that really grabbed our attention from the associated press that detailed some significant issues with our missile defense program, this missile shield that we think that is out there that can protect us from an incoming missile. this report sights things like production glitches, radar failure and the inability of sensors to distinguish between a war head and other objects, other objects like balloons, kt. are we safe? >> no. and the missile defense program is a mess. and it's a mess for a couple of reasons. one, president obama canceled the land-based missile defense program in the czech republic in
12:27 pm
poland two years ago, and he said we're going to put our stuff on ships, and that's how we will defend ourselves. it will be a goodwill gesture to the russians, because they will help us stop iran. they didn't give us any help in iran, exactly the opposite. the missile system has a lot of problems operationally and at the same time we see growing nuclear threats. north korea, iran, pakistan. these are countries that either have or are getting nuclear weapons. many are having, will have long-range missiles capable of reaching the united states. americans don't realize we have no protection that is effective against nuclear weapons. jenna: i think a lot of us think that something is out there and something will protect us. that's why this report was so shocking to us. again i should mention that the white house is coming back and saying that the president does have his attention on this. and that essentially we are safe. >> we're not. jenna: you mentioned as territory when we talked about afghanistan and you mentioned a build up of nuclear weapons
12:28 pm
abroad. at the same time you know we're drawing down our nuclear weapons, our nuclear arsenal. how do those things come together when we need more investment for a missile shield, how do we do that? >> we are not. they cut down on the funding for a missile shield funding the last couple of kwraoes. when i drafted president reagan's star wars speech i wrote the report everybody ae remembers. he was talking about nuclear weapons threats from china, and the then soviet union. we are talking about potential nuclear threats from a whole host of country. if iran gets nuclear weapons within the next year or two we've seen that other countries in the middle east will want nuclear weapons of their own. we will have a number of countries, untable, that will are going to have nuclear weapons and we don't have an adequate defense against that.
12:29 pm
the president is still talking about a world that is not going to have nuclear weapons, and the united states is going to start disarming and drawing down its nuclear weapons program. at the same time getting no reciprocal deal with any of the other countries, they are going in the other direction being, and at the same time that he's not adequately defending us with a missile shield. i think it's the height of irresponsibility. jenna: sounds like a big story. we'll have to look into that. thank you very much. nice to see you. jon: a jury now look into this. nearly a million dollars in secret payments to take care of his pregnant mistress. at the heart of campaign finance charges against john edwards the former presidential candidate. a live report as his trial gets underway in north carolina. plus, dozens of threats and jealous rage, what prosecutors claim was behind the murders of jennifer hudson's mother, brother and nephew. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements.
12:30 pm
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12:33 pm
jenna: fox news alert, an update now on the growing secret service sex scandal. the u.s. pentagon is suspending security clearance for military personnel that were also implicated in this prostitution scandal in columbia. the secret service members that were part of this scandal, their security clearances were already suspended. leon panetta is telling reporters on the plane there that they have suspended the security clearance of
12:34 pm
individuals who were a part or around this pending the results of an investigation. more on this as we get it. again, the headline, the pentagon is suspending security clearance for military personnel involved in this colombia secret service scandal. jon: testimony in the trial of former presidential candidate john edwards getting underway today. he's accused of illegally using campaign funds to pay the expenses of his pregnant hi pregnant mistress and hide her while he was running for president. jonathan serrie live from u.s. district court in greensboro, north carolina. what i the see issue here, jonathan? >> reporter: jon, the key issue is really determining the intent behind that near here $1 million from two wealthy donors that was used to hide reille hunter during her pregnancy.
12:35 pm
was it merely to prevent john edwards wife and kids from finding out about the a fair or preserve his family-man image among voters during his 2008 bid for president? listen. >> the pros crucia pros crucial is arguing for a broader view of what a campaign contribution reus. the defense would like a stricter determination of campaign contributions. >> reporter: it has the potential to broaden the legal definition of what cans taouts a campaign contribution. no doubt lawyers for political campaigns nationwide will be keeping a close eye on the outcome of this potentially precedent setting trial, jon. jon: with testimony getting underway who are the top witnesses? >> reporter: we have video to show you of andrew young, former edwards campaign staffer, arriving at the federal court today. he will be the key witness for the prosecution. the defense, obviously will try to point out some
12:36 pm
inconsistencies of statements that he made throughout the year. at one point claiming paternity of reille illegitimate child, that edwards eventually admitted was his own. the defense is likely to call on reille hunter to testify, although the prosecution is likely to want to hear from her as well, after all she was the beneficiary of that nearly $1 million in funding, at least in terms of the logistics of putting her up in luxury hotels, buying chartered flights and paying for her medical bills during her pregnancy, jon. jon: she would be called, reille hunter on behalf of john edwards? >> reporter: she would be called on behalf of john edwards, believed to be friendly to the defense. but again, the prosecution is likely to want to hear from her as well. jon: it will be an interesting one to watch. jonathan serrie, thank jew from one big trial to another, the trial of a man accused of murdering jennifer hudson's
12:37 pm
mother, brother and nephew is just getting underway. william balfour is hudson's former brother-in-law. he's accused of gunning down her family members back in 2008. the oscar winning actress and singer is on the witness list and just arrived into court. mike tobin has more on this live in chicago. >> reporter: so far no sign of jennifer hudson. shys expected here at the courthouse. as you mentioned the case is very personal to her, with her mother, brother and young nephew who were auld killed in this case. according to the allegations it was all about a jealous rage. a bouquet of balloons who was sent to hudson's sister julia. that set off her estranged husband william balfour, according to the facts. the mother, the brother were killed in one location, the seven-year-old nephew was taken to another location where he was shot in the back of a car. the police were not immediately called, because the neighborhood where it all happened is called
12:38 pm
inglewood here in chicago, where gang activity and gunfire is so common that no one was really alarmed when they heard the gunshots. jenna: they are saying that jennifer hudson is at the courthouse. the big question is, the case against william balfour. is this a solid case? is this open and shufrpblgts this case lacks an eyewitness. there is testimony that will come from julia hudson that puts balforur in the neighborhood before the murders. there is cellphone triangulation that will put him in the area before the murders took place. there is a single weapon, a .45 caliber sig saur linked to all three murders found a few blocks away from where the seven-year-old was killed. there is not a solid link to that gunfire to william balfour
12:39 pm
and no eyewitness that will put him in the room at the time of the murders. jenna: more on this later. jon: the jobless pictures are bad enough when you look at the national newspapers. for recent college graduates it is farce worse. a study by the associated press finding half are either out of work or under employed. adam shapiro reporting for the fox business network now. >> reporter: we are talking about 1.5 million people, roughly 53% of last year's college graduating class. the regions where this is occurring worth are the mountain west, roughly 3 in 5 are unemployed or jobless or under employed. the jobs that these graduates have that are not helping them get ahead in the job for. zoology, anthropology, art history majors, human a tees, those are the degrees that are least likely to find work according to the ap analysis of u.s. government data. or under employed, they have jobs as waiters, waitress, in
12:40 pm
the food sector. nursing, teaching, accounting and computer science is where they are doing better than their peers. the one state where people coming out of college have a good go of it, texas which has a high proportion according to the study of college skills and people being put to work. there was a study that says the graduating class of 2012 will actually have it better than the class of 2011 with hiring expected to pick up 10%. but keep in mind in the spring of last year hiring was expected to pick up for college grads as well. jon. jon: we keep waiting, and waiting, and waiting. adam shapiro. thank you. jenna: does the news media take sides in the republican race for the nomination? what a new study finds about the coverage of mitt romney as compared to his g.o.p. rivals. ♪
12:41 pm
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jon: the news media of course play a key role in our nation's political discourse and presidential campaigns no exception. a new study by the pew research center finds that since january republican mitt romney has been getting more favorable coverage than his republican rivals and even better coverage than president obama. is that true. let's talk about it with jim pinkerton, and alan colmes. we heard that complaint from rick santorum as he was getting out of the race, jim. he said the news media were in love with mitt romney essentially and give him all the good press. is that true? >> i think the media liked romney a lot better than they liked santorum, and for that matter newt gingrich. there was a headline in the washington times, gingrich runs worst campaign in history, something like that. i think we are seeing a shift
12:45 pm
now. now that santorum and gingrich have sort of gone away the media can now focus on whether they want president obama to get reelected or whether they want romney to win. so, for example today's new york times has an editorial that describes romney as quote, the best of a very bad bunch, talking about the republican field. and then over here we have paul krugman slamming romney big time. there basketball a pro romney column vaguely somewhere in the next months. and here is "the washington post" today, the editorial about romney and all his money. i think a pattern is emerging as to how the media will play the romney-obama race. jon: the study even says, alan that mitt romney got more favorable coverage than the president? >> twice as much. it was something like 39% favorable for romney to 18% favorable for president obama. so much for the liberal media. you know, we talk about the media as though it's one mono
12:46 pm
lit thicke monolithic entity. you have brisbane talking about how obama wasn't vetted as much during the first. the lake ral new york times during the first cycle, he wasn't vetted? we have wack owe talking about his birth certificate and whether he was born in kenya. jon: this is the times own public editor criticizing the paper's own coverage saying they didn't take a thorough enough look at president obama when he was candidate obama. >> you've got to give the liberal new york times credit for putting in that point of view with it's own public editor. i'm sure conservatives will run with this and say the editor of "the new york times" says he wasn't vetted. we are still talking about where he's born. jon: maybe you should be the editor. >> no, thank you.
12:47 pm
>> "the new york times" isn't challenging where obama was born. brisbane did say back in 2008 that "the new york times" quote basking a bit in the warm glow of president obama's election. that would appear to be by as. in the same piece as yesterday's new york times he talked about how "the new york times" overplayed an article on investments of ann romney. somebody is honest enough there to admit that the paper is biased. he'll be shunned in the company cafeteria from now on. it doesn't change the obvious direction of the paper itself. >> when you talk about well the media likes romney now, but then santorum, they liked gingrich less than romney. it's not the media, it's the people, the voters, the people who vetted these people at the polls who decided they like romney better than they like santorum or they like gingrich. it's the republicans that made that decision. it's the media covering the fact
12:48 pm
that republicans had made a choice that romney will be their likely nominee. >> the american people are not the same as "the new york times" editorial board. one group is a lot large earn the other and more liberal. >> what you're citing at liberal by as is what is reflective as what is out there in the actual real world. people did have this warm glow about obama and elected them. they decided on the right at least that romney is a better candidate. jon: he also says that president obama got better coverage than either of the bush presidents who preceded him. we'll have to leave it at that. thank you both. alan colmes. jim pinkerton we'll talk to you again. jenna: a convicted sex offender under investigation in the disappearance of a soldier from fort bragg. breaking details straight ahead.
12:49 pm
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12:52 pm
jenna: the man questioned in the disappearance of a young fort bragg soldier is now in custody. the convicted sex offender turpbz himself into polic turned himself into police on unrelated charges. >> reporter: he has been questioned twice following the disappearance of missing soldier kelly bordeau. she was stationed at fort bragg and last seen leaving froggie bottom's bar in north carolina. she was reported missing on monday when she failed to report to duty. holbert is said to be the guy who gave her a ride home that night. according to police he dropped her off and he actually told police that he was told to drop her off at the entrance of her neighborhood at her request. he tells investigators that the conversation as he drove her home said like this.
12:53 pm
quote, as soon as you drive into the entrance to meadow brooke stop right there. so i stopped and she said i'll walk home. i said are you sure? she said yeah. the missing soldier's brother says he has been spending 8 to 12 hours a day looking for his sister while police conducted their own search of woods and waterways. she is described as 5 feet tall. 100-pound with blond hair. her brother says there is no doubt in my mind we will find her alive. he did turn himself in on unrelated charges as you mentioned. he was a nonregistered sex offender and wanted by police, he turned himself in and said he had nothing to do with her disappearance, jenna. jon: new dna testing finds widespread fraud with regard to fish. it is bait and switch.
12:54 pm
and consumers are on the hook. what is going on? >> reporter: this is one way to know what you're getting. but it's no way to fight seafood fraud. 55% of consumers in los angeles, 48% in boston paid for one fish and got another. for instance, can you tell the difference between a snapper, red snapper and a cheaper talapia? a sole and a sea bass, a wild salmon and a steelhead trout, $20 a pound. probably not. many retailers are banking on it. >> we found that more than half of the seafood we sampled were mislabeled substituting one species of fish for another. >> reporter: a new report says we are getting scammed. >> it's dishonest. people are looking to profit at the expense of the uneducated or unknowledgeable consumer. >> reporter: a report by oceania
12:55 pm
tested seafood around los angeles and found consumers buying one fish and getting another. >> does a volkswagen drive like a cadillac? no there are distinct differences. >> reporter: most commonly miss aeubld. mako shark for sword fish. catfish for dover sole, and tphroupbd der for sea bass for hal bet and others. >> it doesn't start with the fishery, or the fisherman, those trying to make their living from the oceans. it's usually somewhere towards the end of that chain that is seeing an opportunity to take a product similar to another product and repackage it. >> reporter: santa monica seafood created a fish to port tracking system. oceania recommends a similar federal paper trail for all seafood sold in the u.s. from trawler to table. >> we have a patchwork of
12:56 pm
enforcement and regulations. none of it is up to the level we think is needed. >> reporter: in the study there were 74 restaurants and groceries tested. the word were sushi restaurants, 87% fraud rate, jon. 100% of the snapper that was tested was wrong. experts say number one go to a reputable fish market. number two if the price looks too good it probably is. jon: or do it the william way and catch it yourself. jenna: a very close match up between the president and his likely republican challenger. the critical factor of likability and who now leads in that category straight ahead.
12:57 pm
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