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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  April 23, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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>> bill: is that a smart career move? >> we'll finalize this. >> bill: we'll have a special report. >> is there going to be a reluctance on the part of the voters and political community to talks politics about dumping the first african-american president? >> bill: race being injected into the presidential campaign. bernie goldberg will have thoughts on that. >> democrats and republicans are interesting because republicans really back with themselves nor. >> bill: is that true? does the gop generally have a better sense of humor than the democrats? brit hume will weigh in. caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone. "the factor" begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. is the entitlement society strangling the u.s. economy? that is the subject of this
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evening's talking points memo. we are about to give you amazing stats about america becoming a welfare state. we'll start with the overall picture. during the last two years, 09 and 10, the feds spent more than a trillion dollars on programs to help poor americans. most of that money goes to what is called means tested entitlements. that's direct assistance, medicaid, food stamp, child care, nutrition, checks to needy family, things like that. the recession, of course, driving some of that assistance. but since 1970, means tested entitlements in america have increased. ready? an unbelievable 5500%. right now an astounding, 150 million americans live in households that receive some kind of government assistance. it's almost half the population! social justice, the primary reason the usa is changing into an entitlement country, like the western european nations. politicians in both parties
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understand that giving money away means votes. also there is no question that both the feds and the states have loosened standards under which americans receive entitlements. since president obama has been in office, federal welfare spending is up about 41%. food stamps up about 135% since 2007. from 30 billion to 72 billion a year. disability payments up 116% from a decade ago. more than 3 million american workers have signed up for disability since president obama took office. so you can see the president's liberal spending policies and overall belief the feds should provide is costing the nation an enormous amount of money with no end in sight. you telling me that all of a sudden americans need more disabilities? no. it's because claiming a disability is worth a shot in the current political climate.
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here is the most important part of the memo. those who advocate cutting entitlements or making it more difficult to receive them will be immediately branded as bad people, just for telling you this: i'll be labeled a horrible guy. but consider this: what's worse? a bad economy for all americans, which we have, a $16 trillion debt that is damaging the dollar world wide, which we have, or a responsible entitlement agenda that gets spending under control? which is worse? all same people know safety nets are needed. poor families must be helped. there are children involved. but when the standards for getting entitlement money are so lax that the system becomes easy to game, you know you have a problem. and we do. and that's a memo. now the top story, reaction, joining us from washington, mary katherineham and juan williams. when are you going to file for disability?
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come on! it's easy! get in there, file, juan! >> actually i don't think it's all that easy. i think like 60% plus of people who apply never get it. >> bill: 40% do! that's good odds, juan! >> that's not good odds. that means six out of ten don't get it. >> bill: what's the down side of applying if four out of ten do? let's go in and game? >> that would mean you were just a lazy bum or i was a lazy bum who just was trying to game the system, play on the system. you asked her and said, are you being horrible? bill, look, first of all, you're a very generous person in person. personally, i know that because i know you've given to some things i care about. i'm going to have here a nonideological discussion and say this to you. first, the eligibility standards for much of this haven't changed under president obama. you're talking about -- >> bill: but the scrutiny has. are you telling me -- >> are you talking about numbers back to 07 -- >> bill: juan, are you telling me there are more americans now that are disabled on the job
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than there were ten years ago? what is it, suddenly -- why? why? >> because there are more women in the work force and therefore, they're able to apply for disability, so it increased the pool of women. >> bill: women are not as healthy as they used to be? >> there are more -- women are now the majority of american work force. there are more women who work -- >> bill: you're saying disabilities are up -- is this war on women? >> there are more people applying. and the second thing to say to you -- >> bill: why are more people apply? 'cause it's easier to get! >> 'cause there are more people in the pool. it's like this, right now the economy is having a tough time and therefore, you have people in the country, the folks struggling with food costs, rent costs -- >> bill: so let's go out and get the big check in. mary katherine, you go. >> yeah. the bottom line is here, people are struggling. there is a reason to have a safety net. standards have changed over the years, as we have --
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>> bill: juan says they haven't. >> not since '84. >> over the years they have changed. since the beginning of the programs. but here is the thing, i think culturally you want to encourage as many possible able-bodies people to be working and succeeding and finding -- >> bill: there aren't any jobs, mary katherine. there are jobs, but driving a taxicab and waiting tables. >> right. the economy that the obama administration is presiding over right now doesn't offer a lot of that. so you get people like innocence innocence saying -- nancy pelosi saying, oh, food stamps are great way. jesse jackson says it's an honor to be the food stamp president. when you raise those things -- >> bill: let me get back to yelling at juan. >> go for it. >> bill: juan, entitlement spending up 5500%.
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5500. half the american population is getting stuff. you're telling me that this whole thing epitomized by the president, who is a social justice man, you're telling me this isn't out of control? >> no, but here is the thing. first of all, why is it epitomized by the president? he's been overseeing a recovery trying -- >> bill: no, he hasn't! every social welfare program, social justice program is up! there are places that are on the radio saying, you know, you can get food stamps here, so what you do -- >> bill, we don't want -- you going to throw kids out? >> bill: no, i'm not throwing any kids out. but -- >> we got more seniors with medicare, social security, how about the veterans? a lot of the veterans come back and guess what? they get disability, bill. >> bill: juan, you can make that argument 30 years ago in the vietnam war. >> i'm just saying. >> bill: 40 years ago.
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>> this is who is benefiting bed you're sitting here and you can't call this some society entitlement president. >> bill: of course he is. >> you would say he was a compassionate conservative. you would say this government should be compassionate. we don't want to be -- >> bill: i'm not questioning president obama's compassion. i'm questioning his efficiency, juan. look, mary katherine, here is the deal, it is compassion to want the poor to have a decent life. that's compassionate. i'm not objecting to that. but you're bankrupting the entire nation with your programs to try to achieve that. go. >> and compassion also requires that you check up on what that money is doing, that it's not used for fraud, that it's not encouraging unemployment, which sometimes these programs can if you're not careful with the way they're done. so the problem is, for liberals, the government, the people who ran this gsa scandal, those are
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the guys you want to go to at the first sign of trouble. i don't think that's the case. i think the people in your community and the charities in your community are far better at it. >> bill: there is a different mindset now, when half of the nation is receiving stuff from the government. never would a taken a dime. >> are you saying there is fraud in this? >> bill: yeah, there is some fraud in this. >> then you should support obamacare 'cause they put more money into fighting fraud. >> bill: that's right. i want to run up the debt to $30 trillion. >> oh, stop it. >> bill: all right. next on the rundown, jay leno says republican laugh at themselves more than democrats do, even as president obama goes on another liberal comedy show this week. later, bernie goldberg on more racial stuff being
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>> bill: yesterday on "meet the press," jay leno said this. >> democrats and republicans are interesting because republicans really laugh at themselves more, like when bush came on, it was we want to do a skit. we're kind of making fun. yeah, go ahead. and we just walked up and can we do the skit? yeah. we went up to al gore. we want to do this skit. there was a focus group. where will aling sitting? will al have the punch line? it's just we don't have to do
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it. >> bill: tomorrow president obama will appear with jimmy fallon and there is no question the president is using the entertainment media to his advantage this year. joining us from washington, brit hume. how big a factor will the entertainment media and the internet, which picks up all this stuff and disseminates, how big a factor will this be in the upcoming election? >> i think that the entertainment media will be a factor certainly for president obama because you had all that enthusiasm from young people who tend to watch this sort of thing, especially late night television and so on. older people go to bed. younger people are up. these young comedians who host these shows attract a younger audience. the president, all that enthusiasm for young people was in 2008, and it's probably not there for him this year because the job picture for young people, particularly those just coming out of college, is extremely bleak. there was an a.p. survey done last week that ended up concluding that one in two college graduates now adays is either unemployed or
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underemployed. that is a difficult situation for him to run in as far as young people are concerned. i'm sure he will do what he can through outreach to young people and going on those shows to reach them. i'm not sure he can. >> bill: no, he'll try use them and that's why he's going on fallon. jimmy fallon, talented guy, he's on at 3:00 o'clock in the morning, he's on very, very late. president of the united states ordinarily wouldn't coo that. harry truman wouldn't do that. why am i going to go on at 1:00 o'clock in the morning? here is why. everything he says on fallon immediately going out into the web site. it's the twitter world, whatever that is. i don't even know what it is, but i know there is twittering going on. >> hey, hey, bill, you're on twitter. i see your stuff on twitter all the time. >> bill: it's my evil twin and he's out of control. >> twitter is a giant message board where your messages and posts cannot exceed 140 characters. that's 140 characters, not 140
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words. >> bill: that's letters. >> and it has become a major marketplace of news and information and ideas and humor and i find it -- >> bill: explain this to me. i'm carrying around my blueberry or blackwe arey, whatever berry it is and i get twitter stuff coming in on that. it goes boom boop. >> you can scroll through hunks of these in very little time. if something is happening in the world, it will be on twitter. >> bill: it comes from individual people? >> it comes from the people you follow. there is -- >> bill: i have to sign up to follow you on twitter, right? >> yeah. bill i follow "the o'reilly factor" on twitter. you're on there. >> bill: so if i want to know -- >> i knows that's separate from you and i haven't seen talking points on there yet and check is on -- >> bill: it's a lot of characters in those two. if i want to know where to get a nifty pocket hankie, you twitter brit hume and i can find out immediately? >> you don't twitter me, you
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tweet you. and i promise to tell you where the best values are available. let me mention something about what happened over the weekend on twitter. you know that the left could not get enough of this story about mitt romney having all those years ago, nearly 30 years ago, taking his dog on vacation in a special dog crate on the roof his car and the dog got sick to his stomach. some people on the left couldn't get enough of this. they wouldn't let it alone. then it came out that in obama's book, which a lot of people had either forgotten or didn't notice, he said as a boy, he ate dog. >> bill: in indonesia. >> correct. the jokes about that from the right just gleefully doing pay back for what was said about romney were all over twitter this weekend. some of them were -- nobody was serious about this. but it was pretty funny and it was one of those things where you could see that the whole question of this, whether this is going to come up again is being framed by what's happening on twitter. it was the place to be. >> bill: so whatever happens in this campaign from this day
11:17 pm
forward, somebody is going to tweet about it and any faux pass made, it sticks around. >> all the big polling houses are on twitter. gallup is on twitter. >> bill: this is going to have a big impact in how people see both candidates then? >> it is a major kind of big town square where you can get caught up in no time and where you can spend the evening following the links on twitter. it's really quite remarkable. >> bill: there is a lot of garbage, there is a lot of slander and you don't know what's true and what incident. >> but if you're somebody aiming that stuff at you, you can block them. so you can be very selective about who you're tweeting with. i follow a few of the 200 some people on twitter. >> bill: fewer than 200. you have 200 human beings sending stuff into your brain, is that what you're telling me? >> depends how often they sun stuff. believe me, you can scroll
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through this stuff in no time, pick out the stuff you want to look at, pick out the links you want to follow, and forgot the rest of it. if somebody annoys you and sending stupid stuff, you zap them. you don't ever have to hear from them again. it's useful. >> bill: i hire to do that people for me, but i do agree -- >> if you ever start doing it yourself, you'll have a ball. i await the memo on twitter. >> bill: i know. brit hume, everybody. directly ahead, george zimmerman now, tensions continue to rise in the trayvon martin case. and ashley judd will be twittering all over the place, i bet, attacking rick santorum over abortion. was that a wise career move ashley? those reports after these those reports after these i remember the day my doctor told me i have an irregular heartbeat, and that it put me at 5-times greater risk of a stroke. i was worried. i worried about my wife, and my family. bill has the mos common type of atrial fiillation, or afib.
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>> bill: follow up segment, things are tense in the trayvon martin case. the teen-ager's accused killer, george zimmerman, out on $150,000 bond. the next court hearing is may 8. meantime, the debate over how the case is being handled in the press rages. a new england newspaper, child advocate says the press is a double standard when it comes to reporting child abuse cases as opposed to race cases. she joins us from boston. what's your main point in the article? >> very simple point, that there is blatant hypocrisy. you remember when you and i worked on jessica's campaign and so forth and i fight all the time on behalf of kids and scream and yell about prosecutors not bringing charges when they should. and people say, oh, murphy, you're sus a fascist. oh, you're a witch hunter. how dare you? how dare you? well, when al sharpton goes to florida and brings crowd there is to
11:23 pm
pressure the prosecutor to bring murder charges, all of a sudden, this is democracy in action and we cheer for al sharpton. the very same people on the left who call me a fascist celebrate al sharpton for forcing a prosecutor to bring charges that i think most people agree are at a minimum overcharged, if not completely unjest. >> bill: i wouldn't say most. but some do. geraldo rivera on friday. but why do you think the left then, you would think at that the left, being philosophically attuned to protecting the underdog, liberal people, that's what their philosophy is, would want to protect the children, would want the prosecutors to be vigilant in going after the child molesters. you would think that. but you're saying that's not the case. >> you would. it's an ugly, ugly secret in this country that a lot of people who call themselves advocates for children are far more left than they are advocates. they'll choose a liberal ideology any day. >> bill: why doesn't the liberal
11:24 pm
ideology tie in to asking prosecutors to be aggressive and forgetting children? why do they not want that? >> right. because this is described, when i call for it as an act of farrism. why do you want to give the government power to lock up a man's freedom? the government shouldn't be taking away people's liberty. we should be educating and preventing violence. not lock up the perpetrators. wendy, where is your heart? >> bill: that's a restorative justice approach that a lot of them have. >> absolutely. but where is the restorative justice -- >> bill: they want to hear the criminal will heal everybody in the process, but they don't have the restorative justice, i haven't seen it, toward george zimmerman. >> that's exactly my point. >> bill: i'm not buying into the fact that you said he was overcharged because i want to see the prosecution's evidence before i make that statement. i haven't seen it yet. >> ah, yes, but at the bail hearing, the lead investigator conceded, there is no evidence
11:25 pm
to contradict his claim that say von martin -- trayvon martin physically punched first. >> bill: that may be true, but we still haven't seen the full body of evidence that the prosecution has to present and i want to see that before i make any pronouncements about zimmerman's guilt or innocence. but you're absolutely right when they convicted zimmerman, they being the liberal press on television, you heard no outcry at all from the left. so i say, wait a minute, you want the child molester to be healed, but you tonight want george zimmerman to be healed? why not? >> that's exactly the point that, it isn't farrism, it's democracy in action, so long as it's a certain kind of case, not if it's a brutal act of violence against a child. this is an important moment because there are certain advocacy groups that don't reveal to their constituents, to their donors that they are left ideal logs first and advocates for victims second and they are
11:26 pm
predominantly in vermont and these are where theme think that advocates care about victims and they don't! they care about electing liberals, period, end of discussion! and this case is a perfect example of the hypocrisy and it's an important learning moment. we need to talk about why it's okay to pound a prosecutor to bring criminal charges only in this trayvon martin case and never on behalf of children who are victimized by predators. >> bill: there are very good prosecutors and we have made, wendy helped us, tremendous strides in jessica's law. 45 out of the 50 have some kind. we're zeros in on colorado. everybody knows we're going to go to colorado and try to get jessica's law passed there. then go back to new jersey. >> bill, my point is that when you do the same thing to al sharpton has done, you get attacked by the same people! >> bill: i absolutely, i know. >> attacked by the same people and nobody is paying attention!
11:27 pm
>> bill: we're paying attention and when those people attack me, we'll put that's faces up on the screen. wendy, thanks very much. >> the main stream media. >> bill: plenty more ahead as "the factor" moves along. this evening, ashley judd goes after rick santorum over abortion. we'll show you what she said and analyze the fallout. bernie goldberg on race being injected into the presidential campaign. we hope you stay tuned for those reports ♪ [ man ] when i went to get my first new car, my dad said to get a subaru because they last. ♪ he drives a legacy, but i'm nothing like him. i got the new impreza. maybe i should have picked a different color...
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>> bill: as we discuss with brit hume, the entertainment industry will be a major factor in the presidential election. ashley judd here with a skit. >> oh, mr. santorum, take a seat. i understand you'd like to terminate your candidacy? i am sure that is a hard decision for you. you're a grown man running for president and i am just a woman who has never worked in politics
11:31 pm
and couldn't possibly understand what you're going through. i mean, what am i doing even talking to you about this? but here we are. the law requires me to tell you it's early and six weeks a candidacy can have living, breathing supporters, and before doing anything, i'll need your parental consent form. we'll finalize this after the mandatory 72 hour waiting period. be careful on your way out. there is angry people out there. please, take one of these. prayerfully consider what it has to say. >> bill: all right. so terminate ago candidacy as opposed to terminate ago pregnancy. we get it. so is that a smart move by miss judd and the other actress as soon as joinings from los angeles, kim sarafi, and and mr. bond. there is a very emotional issue, abortion. and people note and remember who says what. and ashley judd, i'm not sure whether that was a great career move. i understand she's has a right
11:32 pm
to -- she has right to say it, absolutely. but she's trying to be a successful actress in a mass market and you say? >> well, i say it is risky. we took a poll at the hollywood reporter that indicates a lot of republicans and a good number of democrats, too, actually look at the pom ticks of -- politics of actors before they shell out movies to steam. it is a risky move. so far, ashley judd, most of what people know about her politics is that she works in humanitarian causes in women's issues like this funny or die issue. she is taking a slight risk, but is nowhere near the people like sean penn and jane fonda, where people will just -- >> bill: no, she's not there. but this is a step toward that. i'm telling you. people who are pro-life and that's a lot of americans, more than 50%, according to the
11:33 pm
polls, are going to note that ashley judd not only advocated a pro-choice position, but mocked rick santorum. i don't think they're going to forget that. >> you know, the thing with ashley judd, she's been a long-time political support of president obama, of local candidates. she's going to the convention as a delegate for tennessee. she is someone that has really been involved in a lot of these issues and she's inserted herself into other controversy, like where she got even more publicity around the issue where people criticized her looks, that she had plastic surgery. >> bill: we stuck up for her on that. >> that got more publicity and i think a lot more pay attention to that and a lot more women sided with her. >> bill: but she's wiped that all out with this. here is the deal, she's if a program called missing, which is a marginal program. it's on the edge. she lost viewers. i guarantee you, she lost
11:34 pm
viewers by doing what she did with santorum, mr. bond. and that's a program that can't afford to lose any viewers. you see what i'm talking about? >> of course i do. i mean, i'm the guy that did the poll that suggests people look at this stuff. but only about 250,000 people saw this video on-line. >> bill: now? >> now on your show. >> bill: 5 million on live tv with the runs that we do. and then it will be on every internet site in the world. so now ashley judd has become center stage as an advocate. not someone who has a personal belief system. that's -- i don't know whether entertainment, mass market entertainment wants to be advocates. doesn't help their business. >> can i just say -- >> bill: go ahead. >> i just want to say, in her book last year, she faced push back from the hip-hop culture.
11:35 pm
that was something that didn't sit well with a lot of people and it's really true and i think a lot of people agree with her on that. there are people that will agree with her on that, maybe not on this. certainly people watch your show, agree with some things, they still watch you. i don't think you're going to find a -- >> bill: there is always a preponderance of evidence and she's always interested in women's rights and that's a good thing. we like people who step up in their belief system. but this one, i'm telling you, i'm going to give you, mr. bond, the last word. i think this hurts her career. i do think it does. go ahead. >> it might geraldo rivera mildly. "missing" is a show that wants to appeal to both sides of the aisle. she's not like ted nugent who cares about appeal to go conservatives. as it gets more traction, right now it's not a funny clip. so as it gets more traction because of what you're doing tonight and raising awareness that this even exist, it will hurt her career more. >> bill: yeah, i'm not in business to do that.
11:36 pm
but it's an interesting story and we have to tell the story. by the way, george clooney learned this lesson big time after the 9-11 charity stuff. he changed his whole approach because he got hurt on that. thank you. when we come back, racial politics once again at the presidential level. bernie goldberg has thoughts. did chris christie fall asleep during a bruce springstein concert? is that even possible? "the factor" continues in [ barking ] appears buster's beebusy. yeah, scott. i was just about to use... that's a bunch ofround-up paper, lad! scotts ez seed absorbs and holds water better. it's guaranteed to grow grass anywhere, even if you miss a day of watering. [ scott ] seed your lawn. seed it! the calcium they take because they don't take it with food. switch to citracal maximum plus d. it's the only calcium supplement that can be taken with or without food. that's why my doctor recommends citracal maximum. it's all about absorption.
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>> bill: quick note, we did invite ashley judd on the program, but she declined. all right. thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. tonight it seems every few weeks we got another dose of racial politics at the presidential level. >> barak obama is the first african-american president. is there going to be a
11:40 pm
reluctance on the part of the voters and the political community that talks politics about dumping the first african-american president? is that going to be something that just ratchets -- wait a minute here, this guy is going to knock out the first guy who ever got aboard? >> bill: joining us now, bernard, mr. goldberg. all right. so i don't know. i just thought barak obama ran a very worthy campaign in 2008. he didn't get into the racial stuff at all, wanted to stay away from it. mccain respected that. it's like michael corleone, just when i thought i was out, they drag me back in. why are they doing it? >> you want to know why and the answer is really pretty simple. it's because he's a liberal and like many liberals, he's obsessed with race. ann colter was right when she said the two groups in america that are obsessed with race, they see everything through a racial filter is skin heads and liberals. it's true.
11:41 pm
let me give you a little background on chris matthews and why i say that he's obsessed with race. in 2010 after barak obama delivered the state of the union message, chris mattes said, i forgot he was black tonight for an hour. he forgot barak obama was black. about the tea party he said, and again, a verbatim quote, they're all white. all of them. every single one of them is white. never end moo that's factually incorrect. what if it were white? then when barak obama ran for president in 2008, chris matthews said, quote, this gets very ethnic, but the fact that barak obama is good at basketball doesn't surprise anybody. thank god, bill, you didn't say that. now, here is the point: actually the question he raised, will there be reluctance to toss barak obama out because he's black, it's not a bad question. and you and i could have that discussion. but when someone who is obsessed
11:42 pm
with race, like chris matthews apparently is, when he brings that question up, i'm wondering if he's really saying that barak obama should not be tossed out precisely because he's the first black president. >> bill: i wouldn't have the discussion with you about the question of whether barak obama should lose his job because of race, because it's a speculative question and nobody can know. we know that there are certain people who vote for barak obama 'cause he's black and there are certain americans who vote against him 'cause he's black. i think those numbers are small, but we know they're there. and otherwise, it really doesn't matter. and you made an interesting point, if i had said about the basketball, when i asked barak obama in the super bowl interview, i said, are you a football guy? do you follow football? i was immediately branded a racist by media matters because i was saying -- i was asking him whether he followed football or not. how am i supposed to know? that was a racist question. but it's so -- i don't know why,
11:43 pm
why this conversation happens to center around a man's color at all ever. i don't think it should. he should be elected or defeated based on his record. that's! >> every reasonable person agrees with that, but you asked the question, why is he bringing it up? liberals, many of them, not all of them, but many of them are obsessed with race. they see everything through a filter of race. so in 2008 there were articles that said, if barak obama loses, there is only one reason, racism in america. now there is a suggestion if he's not reelected, it could be because of race. right? >> bill: i just think it's insane. last week bernie and i talked about media bias in organizations that are in business not to inform anymore. they're pushing an i didn't agenda. you want to say something about that? >> well, yeah. eric wrote -- you made the point
11:44 pm
that since nobody trusts the media anymore, they won't have much of an effect on the election. i said i think you're absolutely right. so this fellow ended his piece by saying, if the impact of media bias is so trivial, why do these guys, you and me, why do these guys harp on it each week? first of all, we don't harp on it. we talk about it. secondly, there are many smart, thoughtful, serious people who write about the media, but eric wimple, sadly, is not one of them. so let me try to explain to eric and everybody else why media bias does matter. not because it affects an election, but because we all know that you can't live in a free country without a free press. we all know that. but you know what else? you can't live in a free country for long without a fair press. we need a strong main stream media. that's why you and i criticize it, because we know we need in a flee country a strong main stream media and that means when the media sounds the alarm about
11:45 pm
something, when they tell us there is a problem out there, we need to trust them. we need to believe them. we need to -- if we don't believe them, we're not going to pay attention when they sound the alarm. the founding fathers gave the media a lot of power. they put it in the first amendment. not the eighth amendment or the 13th amendment. the first amendment. they put no restraints on that power. when you have that much power, you have a lot of responsibility. so eric wimple of the "washington post," you ought to know this, but since you don't, let's just make clear, it's not about whether the media affects the next election or not. that's not what we're talking about. we're talking about in a free country, you need a fair and honest media and that's why we talk about it each week. >> bill: we don't have that right now. >> not right now. >> bill: way, way out of control. all right. bernie, thanks very much. reality check on deck, chris christie the secret service prostitution scandal, lead the
11:46 pm
way. check is next [ tires squeal, engine revs ] ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] not everything powerful has to guzzle fuel. the 2012 e-class bluetec from mercedes-benz. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. to provida better benefits package... oahhh!
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>> bill: back of the book segment, reality check, we begin with the secret service prostitution scandal. check one, so far 12 agents have been investigated, six out of a job. five remain on forced leave. one has been partially cleared. also leon panetta says a bunch of military people lost security clearances, but not say how many. some columnists are making the scandal political. >> i think it's really bad for progressives, liberals when any of these scandals come up because progressives and liberals are people who say, based on history, government can accomplish great things. i think these scandals thwart
11:50 pm
the progressive side more because they feed this doubt that the public has. >> bill: for the record, check does not believe there is political component to this story. check two, white house spokesman jay carney agrees with me. >> it is preposterous to politicize the secret service. what they're doing is trying to turn these incidents, one that's still under investigation into political advantage and obviously you recognize that, everyone here recognizes that. >> bill: okay. check three, the simpsons took a cheap shot at fox news on the occasion of fox broadcastings, 25th anniversary special. >> quick, everybody say their favorite memory of fox. >> i like having that antidote to the right wing news channel that it gave birth to. >> bill: just to make sure you got it. the producers of the program put this dopey card up on the screen. how predictable. check four, barbara boxer remains deeply damaged in the
11:51 pm
war on women. >> i got to say that the women out there, whether you're republican, democrat or independent, if you're a self-respecting human being, please, vote for president obama and to the men who care about women, do the same thing. >> bill: how predictable again. check five, on the subject of women, here is something you should know: fox news correspond sent jennifer griffin waged a fight against breast cancer and won at least for now. she is back on the job and better than ever. so now jennifer is working with the triple negative breast cancer foundation, which raises money for the cause. there is a web site address. i'll leave it up there for a couple of seconds. their annual fund-raiser is may 31. but many of you have already helped jennifer's foundation by ordering stuff on last week we wrote a nice check to the triple negative because of sales of patriot mom mugs and pens have been so strong,
11:52 pm
mother's day coming up. so thank you very much and we continue to hope that you buy our gear. everybody wins on and finally, check six, somebody snapped the picture of chris christie apparently sleeping at a bruce springstein concert. but the governor says no, he was not. >> i sat up on the seat and i put my head back and closed my eyes to listen to the song. i have never fell asleep during a bruce springstein show. i will never fall asleep during a bruce springstein show. my wife is probably i'm more afraid to die during a bruce string stein show than tomorrow fall asleep. >> bill: you believe him? that is reality check. on deck, a really vicious mail segment. we're not kidding. it's really vicious. just two minutes away
11:53 pm
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hunt serve in the army on many
11:56 pm
dangerous. and senior comrades die. please keep your opinions to yourself. dumb letter, tom. amazingly dumb. i have been shot at in anger and department have a gun to shoot back. i had a pen. wise up. i do my job honestly. check out my book, "those who trespass," and learn something. >> just for you, that case went to trial. facts were presented. i analyzed those facts. are you getting this? diane: >> bill: i'm glad you're having a good chuckle. >> i'm glad you are having a good chuckle. because you are misguided to say
11:57 pm
the least. ms-nbc news runs the same news. the new standards are supposed to be the same. if nbc doesn't subscribe to what ms-nbc does, turn it over to the entertainment industry -- division, i should say. they have an entertainment division at nbc. great letters. greg roberts... of privacy statute by editing the 911 call, nbc intentionally put zimmerman in a false light. that's interesting. i didn't know that. i'm going to give the false light deal to meghan kelly to analyze. and another one, i find the yo-yo ad cute and clever. there is nothing wrong with the image of a baby being breast-fed. >> bill: every sentence, bob, i read it all. kathy, california:
11:58 pm
>> bill: looking at bay area venue, kathy. i'm looking at them. we're trying to get to as close as nancy pelosi's house as possible. in the meantime, may 12, town hall heating here in new york city. june 22, indianapolis. june 23, chicago. tickets, information on they make great mothers and father's day gifts. finally, actress julia louis-dreyfus playing vice president on hbo and said this in the publicity campaign. >> i think that being a woman in a position of power is tricky but important. and crucial actually and i think the more women we have in power, the better off our country will be. that's for sure. >> for sarah palin? >> no, not for sarah palin. i would like a female democrat. >> bill: all right. as with ashley judd earlier, we're not sure whether blatant partisanship helps those trying to attract a mass entertainment
11:59 pm
audience. so she can be a pinhead. but she's entitled to her opinion. that is it for us tonight. please check out the web site which is different from also, spout off about the factor from anywhere in the world, name and town if you wish to opine. the word of the day, do not be contentious. i think that mail segment was the most contentious we've had in a long time. let us know how you feel. we're not trying to discourage that. we like those feisty letters. again, thanks for watching us tonight. i'm bill o'reilly. please remember the spin stops right here. we're definitely looking out for you.


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