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tv   America Live  FOX News  April 24, 2012 1:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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colombia but three days later carney revealed a review had in fact been conducted and completed over the weekend. now he says there is no indication from that review that anyone from the white house did anything wrong. that however is apparently not enough for at least one top senator who wants more answers in particular in light of what mr. carney's initial response on this was on friday. now our doug mckelway has been doing some reporting on this, looking into what sort of ties there are between this scandal and the white house and --. >> reporter: megyn, i can't hear you. i lost audio and i assume you finished talking and i will start talking. iowa senator, chuck grassley the ranking member of the senate judiciary committee. he fired off this letter to the white house counsel after the press briefing which the white house said it conducted an internal review over the weekend and found no evidence any
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white house staff were involved. jay carney reported that the white house communications agency which has been linked to the scandal is not part of the white house. >> as you know, waca, as we know it here is staffed entirely by military personnel, not by white house staff and it is a defense logistics agency. >> reporter: grassley's letter poses 14 simple questions to the white house. among them, how many hours were spent on the weekend review? were civilian employees of the whca also examined? how many white house advance staff had overnight guests? how many other white house staff had overnight guests? asked today by fox news's martha maccallum whether he knew white house staffers may have been involved, grassley said this. >> i don't have have that information yet and that's what needs to be made public and we need to know whether or not there is other people involved maybe we haven't even thought of and how far,
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outside of this small group of people this investigation entailed because i think it's very important that we have this information out because the security of the president is of utmost importance. >> reporter: grassley believes that the white house needs to maintain its own promised standard of being the most transparent administration in history. megyn? megyn: doug mckelway, thank you. we've been very transparent already on our technical difficulties that is just another day here at "america live". thanks for bearing with us on that. we're also learning brand new details about the person who is reportedly responsible for blowing the lid off this whole secret service scandal. according to "the washington post" a top female member of the secret service named paula reed took swift action ensuring agents involved would no longer be responsible for the president's security. you see her here walking along president george w. bush's limo shortly after his inauguration back in 2001.
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reed is a 21 year veteran of the secret service. she was recently promoted to head the agencies's miami bureau. she is having a reputation for being exacting and steely. one agent quoted saying if evers boss was paula read the secret service would never have a problem. troubling new numbers on the housing markets today. new home sales falling in march by the largest amount in more than a year. analysts say a warmer than normal winter could have caused spring housing sales to start earlier. a separate report find home prices slid in february for a sixth straight month the biggest drops seen in atlanta, chicago and cleveland. now these troubling signs are taking a to on american optimism. a new report shows consumer confidence edged slightly lower in april and job concerns may be to blame. people are shopping less for cars, for homes, and going on fewer vacations. also developing today the federal government hiring a financial expert to
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keep an eye on luxury automaker fisker as that company runs into trouble after blowing through $200 million of your money. that is just a fraction of the money that the obama administration initially agreed to loan fisker and now this is becoming a bigger issue. trace gallagher with more live in our west coast newsroom. >> reporter: hey, megyn. fisker a automotive is based here in california. their main plant is in delaware. backs in 2005 the company got at $529 million from the department of energy to build a luxury hybrid called the karma. the car retails for $107,000 and has very high-profile owners, ashton kutcher, leonardo dicaprio and justin bieber. despite high-profile owners, sales are very poor. production milestones are even worse. "consumer reports" bought a karma to test and a few days into the testing the car died. "consumer reports" says it buys 80 cars a year and
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never had one die during the testing phase. because of the company's poor performance the doe has frozen the loan. fisker already spent $193 million. now two republican senators, chuck grassley from iowa, john thune of south dakota want to know why the dough gave fisker the loan in the first place -- doe. a letter they wrote to the doe, it would seem questionable financing a $100,000 luxury class automobiles would be the best use of taxpayer money the department of energy appears to have decided otherwise. they also want to know how the doe evaluated the loan and monitored it. the doe is now working with fisker to revise the company's business plan and determine the best path forward. the doe also hired a consultant to help manage the department's loan program. maybe to help it steer clear of names like solyndra and fisker in the future.
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megyn. megyn: trace gallagher, thank you. we are also tracking unprecedented legal developments today from the state of indiana. a union of engineers is suing that state under the 13th amendment claiming at that the state's right to work law is unconstitutional. why? because the union says forcing its members to work alongside nonunion personnel who are enjoying the same benefits that the union members are is like slavery. joining me now is a member of that union, who is the legislative affairs director of international union of operating engineers local 150. todd this is an unusual claim. i have to give it to you. because we did a legal research to see if it had been tried before. not exactly in this context. just explain for our viewers how it is that having a right to work law which gives people the choice whether they want to be in the union or not at a shop like yours is the equivalent in your mind to slavery or
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indentured servitude? >> what happens services shall be taken without just compensation. we see the 13th amendment which abolished indentured servitude is a federal compatible part of the complaint to this. megyn: the logic behind the 13th amendment and case law that followed was that you were forced, you were forced to do the work. you were forced to be a slave. there was no choice. you are not forced to go in there and bargain on behalf
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of the union. you're no not forced to work against the folks who don't join the union. you can quit. so that's the legal challenge you're going to face in this claim. >> well, that's one part of it but remember that we are now caught between state law and federal law. the state law says we can not charge for our particular services that we do but under federal labor law we are obligated to represent every person in the bargaining unit, members or nonmembers alike. if we don't represent people who choose not to be members and not to pay any dues, then we get what is called duty for fair representation complaint against us. so under federal law we are obligated once we become the certified bargaining agent for a particular unit that we have to represent them under federal law. now the state is saying that we can't charge for those services or recoup any of our fees and therefore we get a whole bunch of freeloaders in the system. so we are having our services commandeered and it is a forced representation without compensation.
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megyn: why can't you just say, you know, i have a problem with that, indiana and i'm not going to participate at all in this anymore? we're going to fold up shop. we'll not participate in union representatives in this particular company, we're out of here? >> well he have thousands of members in the state of indiana we worked long and hard to represent in the construction industry. we're doing bp refinery in whiting, indiana. there is a lot of families that rely on the representation we give them for their wages, for their health care, for their pensions and things like that. so just walking away from our members is not an option. we do a good job of representing them. we think that the things in the products that we provide to the work environment are things that are good for the industry. we have a, training facility that is second to none in the country that we paid for out of our members own pockets. megyn: i gotcha. sounds like what you're saying we can't walk away that would hurt some people but that is decision not what the slaves had for
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example. listen i think it is an interesting legal theory that is unprecedented. so we'll see how your case plays out. todd, thanks for coming on to talk about it. >> thank you very much, megyn. be happy to come back. megyn: see you, sir. president obama said that government investment is what helped make america great but new polls just out today reveal most americans think the real credit belongs somewhere else. in three minutes, we'll show you how this argument could affect the 2012 election. late-breaking developments in the case of a missing 6-year-old girl in arizona. what police are letting her family do today and the new clue they uncovered from the family home. plus another big twist in the george zimmerman and trayvon martin case. the police chief shown here on left, tries to resign the we told you that was breaking this time yesterday but his resignation has been rejected. and we'll show you what the city had to say to the chief and the country just ahead. >> i'm physically sick that
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people that i've been living in this community with for 52 years and had the utmost respect for, genuinely liked and thought that were friend would turn on me so viciously. i am absolutely disgusted. [ kate ] most women may not be properly absorbing
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megyn: fox news alert. you are looking at live pictures now as president obama speaks to students about student loans at the university of north carolina chapel hill. the president expected to continue calling on congress to stop interest rates on those loans from doubling in july. this is seen as a pitch to win young voters. we'll take up the president's struggle with that particular voting bloc in our next hour and the president's remarks meantime are streaming live on we've got some new rasmussen polls today going to what many political analysts are calling a key
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debate of the 2012 election. is it, that is the question, is it government that made america great as president obama has suggested in recent remarks or is it free enterprise? rasmussen finding way more enthusiasm for free enterprise. look at the numbers. nearly 70% of voters say yes to the question, did free enterprise make america great? only 13% say no. he delved deeper. we'll he will get into that in a moment. joining me now, scott rasmussen, president of and author of, the people's money and chris stirewalt our fox news digital politics editor and host of "power play" on live. guys, you asked them, that question standing alone did the free enterprise system make america great, that doesn't necessarily suggest how they feel about government investments but you asked them that too. you asked did government invests make america great? and 42% said no. just 27% said yes. 32% not
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sure. what did you glean from that? >> well this is part of an overall view of government. americans don't view government as the central force guiding the american economy. they think it play as support role and they're very concerned that that support role end up being distracted or disrupted by political considerations. for example, two out of three americans believe when the government awards contracts for invests or otherwise that those who are politically well-connected benefit instead of those who can provide the best service at the best price very consistent with all kinds of polling people don't like the government picking winners and losers. megyn: chris, it was just late march president obama referred to the quote, government invests that have made this country great. then scott asked folks, did government invests make america great? 42% said no. 42% said not on the same page as the president. that has to cross idealogical lines, scott, before i go to chris? >> it does. it does. megyn: what does that tell
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us politically, megyn, voters don't see these things in a vacuum. this is not an abstract question. when they think the question what the government should be involved and what the government ought to be doing, it is on the basis of too much or too little when you talk about persuadable moderates, a lot of the independent voters in the middle. is the government doing too much or is the government doing too little. what you see in this poll, things are out of balance in favor of the government right now and that bodes very ill for president obama who is i have ing increased governmental involvement. megyn: but his pitch on that has repeatedly been we need more fairness in the system. we need to give people a fair shot. and you asked folks about that too, scott, asking them do you believe, if the government gets more involved in regulating the economy would society many more fair, less fair or remain about the same. 50% said things would be less fair if we had more government involvement. just 22% said more fair. what does that tell you?
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>> there is a big partisan difference. republicans and unaffiliated voters most of them believe increased government involvement means less fairness. democrats are likely to say either it creates more fairness or maybe won't have any impact. so this becomes a clear partisan divide. it gets back to that basic perception. many view the political process as a form of legalized corruption and they're looking at anything the government gets involved with as favoring big donors, people who are connected. and that strikes them as less fair. it doesn't mean every action of the government decreases fairness but in general there's a concern that the government starts picking those winners and losers, normal people, the everyday working american will be left out in the cold. megyn: chris as we watch these election nights and we watch the political rhetoric leading up to them, the republicans talk a lot about mitt romney in particular, i want less government. i don't believe the answer to these problems is more government. i believe in pulling back the tentacles of the government.
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that is not how barack obama talks about issues. he talks about giving people fair shot. how the system is rigged. they're not on the same pain. so you can phrase it the way scott has the polls phrased taps into some republican issues, right? but is this how the american people are viewing the election? >> well, look if you would have done the same poll probably towards the end of the bush era there might have been considerably more interest in the electorate, especially among these persuadable voters in the middle maybe the government ought to be doing more. maybe the government needed to be doing more things. again this pendulum that swings back and forth and where the electorate's head is at right now seems to be more in keeping with what mitt romney is talking about reempowering the private sector as opposed to what the president is talking about imposing new fairness on the system, increasing leg laboratory levels to -- regulatory levels, even out playing field. megyn: are they sit at home i want things to be more
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fair the way president obama is promising? you follow up with that means more government, they sit and say, oh, i didn't sign up for that? >> scott hit it right on the head. he absolutely nailed it. it is a trust factor. if they don't believe the government can do the job, if they want fairness in the abstract, that's great. if they don't he have mr. the government is up to the job making economy more fair, that government regulations can do the job it will not work. megyn: on that score, scott, what is the latest in terms of people's trust in the american congress? >> people who think the congress is doing a good job is in single digits by a three to one margin. people believe no matter how bad something is congress can always make it worse. megyn, the focus here can't just be on congress or the government it is ultimately what you suggested a moment ago. if people care about how it impacts their lives. if they think congress will make something worse, then they don't trust it. megyn: makes sense. scott, chris, thank you both. >> you bet. >> thank you. megyn: you may have heard of this story by now.
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this is really deeply disturbing. would you give a kidney to help save your boss's life? not even a family member, your boss? the woman on the left did it and says she got a pink slip in return. how is that for loyalty? we'll take a local look at this case. as the u.s. and israel deal with new tensions over iran's nuclear programs a pair of jewish film-makers put together a message why iran can not be allowed to continue any further. this thing has gone viral. >> iranians carried out a test to launch a scud missile from a barge in the caspian sea. many people believe this is what the iranians would like, united states put a missile in a barge ship off our coast. okay, team! after age 40, we can start losing muscle --
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megyn: fox news alert. moments ago the doj filed the first criminal charges in the bp oil spill disaster. a former bp engineer now under arrest for destruction of evidence. a man by the name of curt mix is charged with deleting more than 200 text messages learning his electronic files were to be collected just months after the spill. among them, one that the well was leaking around 15,000 barrels a day when bp's public estimate on the spill was just 5,000. tucson police clearing the family of missing 6-year-old isabel selet is to return home where she was last seen this weekend. isabel's parents say they woke up saturday to find her missing and screen in her bedroom broken. it trigger ad massive search for clues. folks say this is the remind them of the baby lisa case which the child was
1:26 pm
allegedly snatched right from her bedroom in the middle of the night with the screen pushed in the next morning. >> reporter: so many similarities here, megyn. this is expanding and focusing at the same time. expanding to nearby landfill. focusing on the family house. they brought in a search warrant. they asked the family to move out. now the family is being allowed back in. the key is they brought in the two cadaver dogs last 24 hours. fbi dogs. one was a scent dog and one was a cadaver dog. they did get a hint but will not say which of the dogs they got the hint from. that is key, right? that is interesting because the family also has dogs here and neighbors say anytime you get near their house the dogs start barking, they go crazy. the police in news conference short time ago were asked about that. the police spokesman said the family situation when they went to bed the dogs were there. it was like any other night. they were asked did the dogs bark during the night?
1:27 pm
and the police spokesman refused to comment saying that is part of the investigation. remember the family says they put isabel to bed at 11:00. at 8:00 next morning the dad went in to wake her up because the mom went to work as a nurse. the dad said she was gone. window pushed and police confirmed the screen was off the window. but police are still not calling this an abduct shun the family has also issued a statement saying and i'm quoting here, we are cooperating fully with authorities and are focused only on her safe return. we love isabel and will never give up finding her. police are in the process, megyn, kind of what they did in the baby lisa case. they're going around to surveillance tapes of local businesses to see if there is any lead there, any link to fill the timeline. this one is even wider. 11:00 at night until 8:00 in the morning. no sign of anybody going into the room and seeing her
1:28 pm
during those hours. megyn: oh, trace, thank you. >> reporter: okay. megyn: growing controversy now as the commander-in-chief goes out and brings a message on a late night comedy. a message back to the place that helped get him elected by the way. is this good for candidate obama is this the right stage for a leader of the free world? we'll debate. you side decide. coming up. an aide who turned in john edwards talks about how a wealthy benefactor cut big fat checks for john edwards put in a special bank account all meant to cover up the his affair with rielle hunter. how does that after effected case? we'll talk about it. the supreme court dweer gearing up for the tomorrow's showdown on arizona's immigration law. what does this mean for the 2012 campaign? this is big issue for this state and other states to rein in immigration.
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>> now suddenly if you don't have your papers and took your kid out to get ice cream you're going to be harassed. that is something that could potentially happen. that is not the right way to go. the best part of angreat meal?
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can help make you a better investor. our new e-trade 360 investing dashboard shows you where your money is, live. e-trade pro is so usable you'll actually use it. and our apps are the ultimate in mobile investing. become a better investor at e-trade. megyn: welcome back, folks. 1:33 here in the east. we're tracking a couple of developing stories right now including president obama starting a three-state visit to college campuses today. mr. obama pushing his plan to keep the cost of college loans from soaring for
1:33 pm
millions of students. presumptive republican nominee mitt romney expected to sweep primaries today in five northeastern states. his aides saying romney will deliver a speech tonight from new hampshire looking toward the general election. an army private accused of engineering the biggest leak of government secrets in u.s. history asking a military judge today to throw out the charges. bradley manning charged with causing of hundreds of thousands of classified documents to be published on wikileaks. now to the high-stakes case pitting the federal government against the state of arizona in this crucial election year. less than 24 hours from right now the united states supreme court will take up the challenge to arizona's controversial immigration law. sb 1070 gives law enforcement the authority to question a person's immigration status when they are stopped for another offense under certain circumstances. the obama justice department
1:34 pm
claims arizona is overstepping its authority. critic it is argue the law amounts to racial profiling. supporters disagree and earlier today the bill's architect said this to congress. >> according to the law enforcement association which represents the rank-and-file police officers and i quote, since sb 1070 phoenix experienced a 30-year crime rate. 600 police say cans sis and budget cuts and old policing strategies did not bring about these falling crime rates. sb 1070 did. the deterrents factor this legislation brought about was clearly instrumental in our unprecedented drop in crime. all of this without a single civil rights racial profiling or biased police complaint. simply put, sb 1070 has clearly worked. megyn: joining me now, christopher hahn, former aide to new york democratic senator chuck schumer. also a fox news contributor. chris plante, host of the chris plante show.
1:35 pm
guys, the u.s. supreme court, you have to give them credit. they haven't been reluctant to put themselves smack dab in the middle of the hottest campaign issues health care and immigration. they take this case up once and for all tomorrow. elena kagan recused herself. she was the solicitor general when the case was litigated at lower levels. that could mean a 4-4 decision which would be a win for those challenging the law, right? so, the federal government won at the lower court level. so if it is a 4-4 tie, that means lower decision stands. chris hahn, you tell me, how does this affect the game politically if sb 1070 is thrown out? >> well, you know i think the republican party in this country has replaced the southern strategy with what is now, i'm calling the southwest strategy where they're trying to kind of scare working class white people who are like their last base of support into
1:36 pm
voting for them by saying there is something evil coming across the border and we better do something to stop it. this bill should be shot down by the supreme court 8-0 under the strict construction of the united states constitution which leaves immigration policy to the federal government. what this law does is it gives law enforcement more power to collect information for no reason whatsoever other than reasonable suspicion. now law enforcement officer, anytime in history can ask you any question they want. what this bill does is compel you to give up your liberty and give back information that you otherwise wouldn't have to give to the law enforcement officer. it requires you to carry your papers at all times. papers, please. that is what the republican party wants and they want you to fear this latino movement in this country. if the republicans continue down this road it is not a question of when they are out of power complete i. it is if, it is when and it will be very soon. megyn: go ahead, chris. >> there you go, there is the polarized debate
1:37 pm
democrats bring to every issue. what republicans are suggest something crazy. i love, when they have probable cause, only if they have probable cause, kind of key to the whole thing. >> reasonable suspicion and probable cause are two different things. >> reasonable suspicion. okay, reasonable suspicion. isn't that a terrible thing. what pub bes are talking about is enforcing existing immigration laws which this ad administration although has record numbers of deportation, which is not a war on hispanics. that is love embrace on hispanics. we're talking about enforcing existing laws and immigration laws. the results speak for themselves as we just heard. crime rates at historic lows. it incentivizes people to leave arizona if they're illegally. done more to deal with the issues in state of arizona. megyn: chris hahn, chris you reject what russell peers said before congress today. >> yee. megyn: let me posit this to you, what if it is true and the law gets struck down and
1:38 pm
numbers start going up in arizona and similar states that have similar legislation that may be affected by the supreme court ruling? does that backfire against the democratic party come november? >> megyn if people of arizona believe that is true they wouldn't have voted this guy out of office by record numbers in a recall election couple months ago. they got rid of him because he extremists. extremists in republican party are getting push the out by republicans not democrats, by republicans. >> that is rhetoric. megyn: chris plante on the flipside of that the latino vote is very important to the presidential --. is there going to be a backlash against the republican party if this law is upheld and some of the latino community feel, a targeted? >> well, certainly the democrats are hoping so because all of their coalitions are based on race and ethnicity and they polarize every debate along these lines. i think most legal immigrants to the united states, including,
1:39 pm
immigrants mexico and from latin america are interested in moving to the united states which is a country of laws which protects its borders, which protects its citizens from criminals and murderers and phoenix was the number two kidnapping in city in the world second only to mexico city. and now that in arizona they're showing results, the democrats want to shoot it down. you can take responsibility for the increases in crime and murders and kidnapping and rapes and everything else as you, coddle those who are in the country illegally. that is very simple. >> this is not about immigration. this bill affects people here legally. it says suspect your neighbor if you're latino. people don't want sensible immigration law. republicans want racial profiling. >> chris, i got to go. chris plante, giving you the quick response. quick response. >> this is about enforcing the law. democrats don't want to do it because better political
1:40 pm
issue if they can polarize it. they're not interested in rapes and murders. they're interested in polarizing. >> borders that never been more secure. >> all of their coalitions are race-based coalitions. [all talking at once] megyn: this is, letting each other have the last word. thank you, guys. >> thank you, megyn. megyn: coming up a big development in the controversy rocking the city of sanford, florida. the police chief tried to resign yesterday. after coming under intense pressure for his department's handling of the trayvon martin-george zimmerman case but the city has now told him, no on that resignation. >> this is a man who crawled through live gunfire to try and get a deputy sheriff who had been shot to safety. now, this is also the chief that would take a bullet for anyone in this room and i don't think we have people sitting up here with that kind of character. and i am, i am just devastated by this. i wouldn't want to see this happen to anybody in this
1:41 pm
room. megyn: if you thought that woman was fired up about defending the chief, wait until you see her defend her city. top of the hour. new videos on the seriousness of the iran nuclear threat and these new videos go viral. in three minutes we will speak to the filmmakers behind these things. you need to see this before you decide whether israel would be justified in attacking iran. >> everybody knows that they must be stopped. but why isn't anyone doing what we all know needs to be done? the answer is one word. fear. ♪ if loving you is wrong
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♪ i don't wanna be right [ record scratch ] what?! it's not bad for you. it just tastes that way. [ female announcer ] honey nut cheerios cereal -- heart-healthy, whole grain oats. you can't go wrong loving it. megyn: now to a story grabbing worldwide attention. a series of web videos getting more than 2.5 million hits in just the last couple of weeks. one got 1.7 million views in
1:45 pm
four days. explaining these videos do, why israel would be justified in taking out iran's nuclear program with military action whether the united states likes it or not. the bold message is put together by a group of israeli film-makers. here is just a brief clip. >> iranians carried out a test to launch a scud missile from a barge in the caspian sea. many people believe that this is what the iranians would like to do in the united states, put a missile in a cargo ship off our coast, from 100 miles off our coast. >> when ahmadinejad talks about a world without america not only being desirable but achievable he could mean strategic electromagnetic pulse attack. >> an emp weapon, small nuclear bomb detonated above the center of the united states would literally take down the entire power grid of this country. megyn: those film-makers join me now.
1:46 pm
both represent the land of gentlemen, thank you very much for being here. you actually work on this tv show in israel. it is the largest english-speaking tv show broadcast from israel internationally. but you put together these videos that are all about how israel would be justified in preemptively bombing iran's nuclear facilities. why? you tell me why. let me start with you, ari, on this. >> well, this video is really a protest against fear. we're facing the greatest challenge of our generation, of our lives and we simply don't have that luxury of fear it clouds your judgment but most of you will it is a lack of faith. the very fact that israel exists as a jewish state is miracle of god. we need to understand that it is not in the united nations or european union or even in the united states that we need to take an accounting. if we act with the high left level of moralety and
1:47 pm
courage and integrity, that understands that we need to preemptively strike irans that's what we need to do and we can't be looking to ask permission. when we attacked the nuclear reactor in iraq, the world including united states condemned us. 20 years later they thanked us. the hostages in entebbe nobody liked it you about it was a miracle. if we need to act, then let the cards fall where they may. >> what does this do to the united states our leaders and their citizens? a second pores of video went super viral, that got 1.7 million hits in four days talking about the consequences to america if iran is left unhinged? >> well, i think that israel and america have been strategic partnership since israel's founding. i want to make it very clear. we're not advocating war. on the contrary we're advocating peace. we're saying that if iran has a nuclear bomb, there
1:48 pm
will never be peace in the middle east. it is a game-changer not only for israel but for america as well. the whole world, all of the dynamics will shift. the bad guys will have the guns and we need to realize that when evil arises in the world, it attacks the jew first, the nazis, then came pearl harbor. in the 1990s buses were blowing up in jerusalem. it got to 9/11 in america but it started in jerusalem. and right now iran's rhetoric is focused on israel but don't kid yourself. israel is the little satan. america is the big satan. this isn't just israel's issue. this is an issue for all of those that believe in freedom, that believe in biblical values. that live by those values. it's a war against good and evil. and now it is time for the forces of good to unite and to take care of business. megyn: ari, you make that point in your videos and you talk about how in your view
1:49 pm
americans realize that that is true, what jeremy just said. and yet we rely on, as you pointed out in your first answer, fear and more than that, a cognitive dissew dense you posit to that we don't have to worry about iran. that is somebody else's problem. we can kick that can down the road. i to show the viewers a clip of you talking about that psychological dynamic. >> it is a subconscious denial of something so terrifying the gravity of the breadth is totally denied despite the catastrophic consequences of an action. in israel we don't have the luxury of diluting ourselves with rose-colored glasses. for us allowing ourselves the indulgence of cognitive dissonance would cost us our lives. megyn: ari, do you feel like most israelis feel like you do on that score? >> i feel a large portion of us do. i speak to our reserve units. many israelis feel that way.
1:50 pm
we're getting gas masks and precautions we need to take to be ready. we're not paralyzed by fear. i'm in washington, on a speaking tour sharing these ideas and i see "american idol" and kim kardashian. when i see the precipice that civilization is on the magnitude of this challenge, it is shocking to me. america is facing a dilemma just like we are in israel. america is fighting for its soul. it was founded on biblical values, values of liberty and freedom and kindness and truth and if america doesn't live up to those values and the gauge to whether america is living up to those values, is there unwaivering support of israel. when a country loses mission upon which it was founded it's done. just a matter of time. megyn: ari, jeremy, thank you both so much for being here. we appreciate it. well be right back. >> thank you. [ male announcer ] at scottrade, we believe the more you know, the better you trade. so we have ongoing webinars and interactive learning, plus, in-branch seminars at over 500 locations,
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1:54 pm
megyn: big testimony in the john edwards trial today. the former edwards aide who eventually turned in his boss is back on the stand testifying about how a big-money donor cut checks that went into a special account. money he says was used to cover up edwards' affair with his mistress, rielle hunter. jonathan serrie live at the courthouse in greensboro, north carolina. >> reporter: andrew young is the prosecution's key witness in its efforts to convince jurors john edwards knew about the money to keep his mistress in hiding and he considered it essential to maintaining his presidential bid. young testified that edwards became just straighted when young expressed discomfort with the arrangement and insisted it was fine but he says edwards insisted on talking in code discussing donor checks because the candidate said he could never talk about in this case he was sworn in as attorney general. this is damaging testimony.
1:55 pm
young changed stories in the past and is accused of contacting other witnesses in recent days to ask how they plan to testify in the trial. this makes him a potential liability for the prosecution. >> they're taking a bit of a risk by putting their key witness on the stand first and, by that i mean, if, in cross-examination, they're able to destroy his credibility, it would be very difficult for the government to recover. >> reporter: young also told the court how john edwards' wife elizabeth discovered the affair. she apparently answered his phone while he was sleeping. rielle hunter on the other line. because elizabeth hadn't said anything on the phone started talking assuming she was speaking with her lover. elizabeth edwards demanded that john edwards exchange phones with her knowing he was being tracked. he and andrew young, according to young set up an additional cell phone account where they referred to as the bat phone. young kept it on his
1:56 pm
personal louing rielle hunter to continue to call john edwards. megyn, back to you. >> inbelievable. the president will take his message to the late night comedy circuit. this was a very good venue for candidate obama. does that necessarily mean it is the right stage for the leader of the free world? we'll debate and you decide. the police chief charged in investigating trayvon martin's killing offers his permanent resignation amidmounting public pressure. wait until you hear why furious town officials refused to accept it. >> i'm physically sick that people i've been living in this community with for 52 years and had the utmost respect for, genuinely liked and thought that were friend would turn on me so viciously. i am absolutely disgusted. ♪
1:57 pm
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2:00 pm
of this controversy has his resignation rejected by the city with what turned into a dramatic statement about how this case has affected that town. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america live." i'm megyn kelly. police chief jolie has faced criticism for not arresting zimmerman after the shooting. yesterday he offered his resignation. but city leaders voted to reject it, blaming the uproar on outsiders and they sent a strong message to america. stay out of our business. watch. >> 7 years with the sheriff's department, he has absolutely no complaints in his personnel file. he has 85 letters of appreciation and commendation, [applause] -- mr. mayor with all due
2:01 pm
respect to you and mr. bonaparte, this is a man who is a medal of valor winner. this is a man who crawled through life fire to try to get a deputy sheriff who had been shot to safety. this is also chief who would take a built for anyone in this room. i don't think we have people sitting up here with that kind of character and i'm devastated by this. i wouldn't want to see this happen to anybody in this room. i'm just physically sick. i'm physically sick about what happened to chief lee. i'm physically sick about the attack on this community from outsiders. i'm physically sick that people i have been living with in this community for 53 years and had the utmost respect for and genuinely liked and thought were friends would turn on me so viciously. i'm absolutely disgusted. megyn: wow, mad as hell and not
2:02 pm
going to take it anymore. wow! >> reporter: we'll have more from her. it's important to remember. go back. when the trayvon martin shooting happened. the chief bill lee said he decided not to arrest him because of florida's stand your ground law. he said any charges would be up to the county prosecutor. he temporarily resigned pending the outcome of outside investigation. the chief then resigned full time. he said officially he would turn his badge in, but when he tried to resign the community called in the commission not to make him a scapegoat. three of the five commissioners agree. here is more from patty maheny. >> i feel the city was invaded by people who have their own personal agenda but i do not feel the city is broken. somebody has to stands up for our city. somebody has to say we are not a
2:03 pm
racist city. we are a great city. and we have a great police department. where is the character. r? where is the character of commissioners who won't stand up for one of the finest police officers in florida? >> reporter: the commission will wait for that outside investigation before reinstating the police chief full time. the city manager also initially agreed to wait for the investigation. then changed his mind deciding not to wait, but to negotiates the chief's severance. here is the city manager. >> i felt that based upon the fact i would not have the information i think i need for at least several months, and very candidly, the lack of confidence of the city commission in chief lee to move forward we need to keep going. >> reporter: boos followed that. the trayvon martin family issued
2:04 pm
a statement. saying if chief bill lee recognized his resignation will start the healing process city leadership should have accepted it to move the city forward. george zimmerman is in hiding. he is not getting police protection but he's accepting donations of private security. the trial could be several months down the road. megyn: trace, thank you. megyn: it is tuesday and it is primary day in the northeast. republican voters head together polls in rhode island, new york, pennsylvania, connecticut and delaware. mitt romney hoping for a clean sweep and hoping to move closer to locking up the nomination officially. voters in pennsylvania are looking at today's vote as a dry run focusing on the issues
2:05 pm
motivating voters in the general election. we thought it would be a big contest between rick santorum and mitt romney. >> reporter: rick santorum pulled out of this race. and now the front runner mitt romney is facing off against the former speaker newt gingrich and ron paul. both of whom are from pennsylvania. but for as far as mitt romney's camp is concerned, it's not just about winning in pennsylvania. elections are always about expectations, momentum, where things go next this race. if mitt romney doesn't win by a sizable amount, it could say a lot about his chances in the general election. pennsylvania hasn't been particularly kind to republican white house hopefuls in recent years.
2:06 pm
whether we'll see different numbers from 2008 this november we'll see. >> they don't want the lead story to be romney wins narrowly in a state after santorum us suspended his campaign. or still having difficulty with evangelicals and tea party activists and those voters who call themselves true conservatives or those voters who live in rural parts of pennsylvania. >> reporter: in keeping with the norms of previous contests, the romney campaign would like to see a gop turnout of 20%. a lot of them are voting for some of the other candidates. they said they are doing that because they think romney is going to win. that could have an effect on how big the numbers are for mitt romney as the night goes on. megyn? megyn: meantime the president is
2:07 pm
visiting college campuses this week and he has a bunch of late-night tv appearance on his schedule. tonight it will be late night with jimmy fallon. >> i want to issue a quick spoiler alert. later today i am getting together with jimmy fallon and the dave matthews band right here on campus and we are going to take jimmy's -- we are going to tape jimmy's show for tonight. i want everybody to tune in and make sure it has high ratings. megyn: while the president is joking about ratings, former press second terribly dana perino says the bigger concern might be creating the situation where the president of the united states might become part of a political punch line.
2:08 pm
a hearing on capitol hill involving former new jersey governor jon corzine who helped raise half a million dollars for the president's campaign and he ran mf global until its bankruptcy last year. lawmakers are looking into what went wrong and what happened to missing client money. peter? >> reporter: officials testifying at this hearing this morning say they are still hunting for the $1.6 billion short fall in customer money, and investigating who is responsible. but they have not reached any conclusions yet. witnesses agreed there need to be tough new rules to protect customer money and promise they are coming. one trustee in this case is very high profile. former fbi director louie free came under fire for a report saying he was paid bonuses to
2:09 pm
help investigate the firm's failure. >> it was never my intention to pay any bonuses to senior executives. i read the story with a lot of surprise. there have been no discussions between myself and my staff. and bonuses are not part of my consideration now and they have not been in the past. >> reporter: a group of angry mf global customers are proposing tough new penalties for trading firms who do not protect their customers' funds. it would be three strikes you are out. it would impose a billion dollar fine for a first violation. a second violation a $3 billion fine and. we'll see if this gets any traction in congress.
2:10 pm
megyn: the reagan recovery versus the obama recovery. the president comparing his own economic policies to those of ronald reagans. coming up, ronald reagan's son takes a look at that comparison and whether it is morning in america again. big problems for the prosecution in the john edwards prosecution case. you heard our reporter talk about it. allegations of witness tampering by the star witness. how this could change things ahead in "kelly's court." luxury cars on a high-speed trip with cops on their trails. it's not a chase, but a police escort. the so-called death race on new jersey's garden state parkway. >> it's a dumb thing to have done that could have been a tragedy and could have hurt other people. i'm glad it didn't happen.
2:11 pm
but when i heard about it i just shook my head. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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megyn: new jersey state troopers have been suspend, accused of escorting a convoy of speeding cars to atlantic city. the two troopers reportedly let a collection of a dozen lamborghinis, pore has and other cars at speeds topping 100 miles an hour. new jersey governor chris christie promising whoever is responsible will be held accountable. >> they should be held accountable and i'm sure they will. i'm glad nobody got hurt. megyn: the state attorney general says he is quote thoroughly investigating the incident. >> it's morning again in america. today more men and women will go
2:15 pm
to work than ever before in our country's history. with interest rates at half the record highs much 1980, nearly 2,000 families will buy new homes more than think time in the past four years. megyn: that was president reagan's morning in america ad made before his 1980 reelection effort. as the economy started to turn around reagan let people know. president obama has invoked reagan repeatedly most to sell his so-called buffet rule. but should the president be careful about inviting comparisons? under president reagan americans gdp average in 1983, it was nearly 8%. compare that to last year's average of 1.6%. things not looking bright on the job front either.
2:16 pm
an average of 3 million jobs were created under president reagan in 1983 as opposed to 2 million unpresident obama at a time in which the population is considerably larger under president obama. joining me now, chairman of the reagan group, michael reagan. a lot of folks have been talking about ronald reagan in this campaign and the president has invoked him many times. the numbers tell the story. it seems clear we were facing an economic recovery when he was running for reelection. there is a question mark, however, about whether we are right now. >> there is a big question mark about whether we are right now. most people in america outside the beltway feel we are not moving forward. i talk to people every day as you do. there is nobody feeling good about america right now. back in 1983, 1984 in that reelection campaign. morning in america, it was morning in america.
2:17 pm
people were feeling good again. but what was even better about it. ronald reagan, when he spoke, people listened, people trusted ronald reagan to do the right thing. they don't trust obama to do the right thing. he's devisive. ronald reagan was never devisive. it shows best with good friend of talk radio alec baldwin. i ran into alec one time at the gym and he said to me, tell your family how i miss your father. i said what? you disagree with everything he ever stood for. he said yes, but i came to realize over the years that your father had a good soul. and what this country is missing is that good soul. he was absolutely correct in what he said. ronald reagan had a good soul. he didn't talk down to people, he talked to people. megyn: he was called the great
2:18 pm
communicator. barack obama, the expectations for him to lift us up and inspire us, were very high, hope and change. democrats and independents and republicans were hoping that was true. how important is that ability to finding morning in america again, to inspiring the american people to get out there and get the economy going again? >> be inspired not by the reverand wrights of the world, but the ronald reagans. he didn't divide america at all. look at tip o'neil. he ultimately signs on to the reagan tax cuts of 1981. one of the aides to tip o'neil said why did you sign on? what did the president say to you when you went to the white house. tip o'neil said i went up there and he never talked about taxes. all he talked about was the goodness and greatness of america and her people.
2:19 pm
before i knew it i was supporting ronald reagan and what he was trying to do. how can you be against a man like that. that was what ronald reagan was about. that's not what barack obama is about. he's dividing to conquer. megyn: he has different policies. michael barone has a piece. the numbers make it clear. the reagan tax cuts lid to vibrant economic growth, the obama spending splurge did not. do you see -- how big a difference do you see when it came to approaching fixing the economy between these two presidents? >> ronald reagan as john kennedy realized in the 1960s. cutting taxes, giving people more of what they earned. allowing them to make the decisions how it will be spent grew the economy. it is a proven fact.
2:20 pm
reaganomics work for this country and it doesn't work when you try to push other people down and try to say the rich are the problem with america. in one speech with the fat man standing next to a thin man. one group of people will tell you the foot man got fat by taking the food off the plate of the thin man, and it, just not true. megyn: thank you so much, sir. good seeing you. we just went online and found round trip plane tickets from washington, d.c. to los angeles we are $600. good deal. how does american spend $800,000 flying our defense secretary back and forth to his west coast home? president obama making a late night tv appearance later.
2:21 pm
a couple of them this week in an effort to connect with young voters. why he needs to do that, and why critics think it is no laughing matter for a sitting president to hit the comedy circuit. >> i want to issue a quick spoiler alert. later today i am getting together with jimmy fallon. [cheers and applause] >> and the dave matthews band. okay, team! after age 40, we can start losing muscle -- 8% every 10 years. wow. wow. but you can help fight muscle loss with exercise and ensure muscle health. i've got revigor. what's revigor? it's the amino acid metabolite, hmb to help rebuild muscle and strength naturally lost over time. [ female announcer ] ensure muscle health has revigor and protein to help protect, preserve, and promote muscle health. keeps you from getting soft. [ major nutrition ] ensure. nutrition in charge!
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when we got married. i had three kids. and she became the full time mother of three. it was soccer, and ballet, and cheerleading, and baseball. those years were crazy. so, as we go into this next phase, you know, a big part of it for us is that there isn't anything on the schedule.
2:23 pm
2:24 pm
megyn: new questions about our defense secretaries flights home on the taxpayers' dime.
2:25 pm
he has blown through over $1 million in costs. that's 27 trips in a year. molly is back from maternity leave. >> reporter: good to see you, from one mom to another, good to see you again. megyn: how is that beautiful baby,. >> reporter: she is great but i miss her. but it's good to see everybody. megyn: get back to work, what's happening panetta. >> reporter: he made it clear when he took the job that he in10ed to travel home to california frequently to see his family. but that does come at a cost to taxpayers. let's look at the numbers. he has traveled to his home 27 times since july. that cost the pentagon and taxpayers $860,000. in part because he had to travel on a secure plane, per rules put in place since 9/11. he reimbursed the government
2:26 pm
$17,000. the pentagon says people don't want the secretary of defense making decisions on classified military operations from the middle seat on a crowded commercial jet. he panetta has followed federal travel policies to the letter and reimburses the government for the personal use of military aircraft. but tax dog groups compare it to his predecessor gates. they say panetta has to scale back. >> gates went back five times a year across country. what is the pattern here. three times a month is excessive by any standard. about happens is secretary panetta has been in congress before, and they enjoy these perks and benefits of office. at times they forget these are
2:27 pm
taxpayers paying for this. >> reporter: a senior u.s. official tells fox defense secretaries need to see their families, otherwise we should only select people for the gig who live inside the beltway. megyn: it's an interesting point. have you ever been on a plane and you are writing a letter and you are worried about people looking over your shoulders. >> reporter: there is nothing to do on a plane. megyn: he needs one of those screens they advertise on fox. can't they put him in first class? there is that beautiful baby. the commander-in-chief takes his message to an unlikely audience. president obama appearing on the jimmy fallon show tonight.
2:28 pm
the john edwards trial. allegations of witness tampering by the star witness. what is andrew young doing and how he may have just botched the prosecution's case. ahead in "kelly's court." >> this is a man that had the ability and came close to being -- could have been the president. within four months of the iowa caucuses does only does he have an affair, but he videotapes a special encounter with a pregnant woman.
2:29 pm
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2:32 pm
>> democrats and republicans are interesting. republicans laugh at themselves more. when bush came on it was we want to do a skit -- make it fun. yeah, go ahead. we just walk up and do the skit. yeah, fine. we went up to al gore, you want to do a skit. there was a focus group, the media people came in, where will al be sitting in will al have the punch? megyn: president obama is taking his message to the late-night comedy crowd. he will appear on late night with jimmy fallon apparently to appeal to the youth vote. but dana perino is criticizing
2:33 pm
that decision. >> it's where he's most comfortable. he does well on those shows. president bush had a different outlook on these comedy shows. he never went on them during this presidency. >> jay leno says bush had a sense of humor and would go along with things and john kerry and al gore were uptight. >> but he didn't go on them until after the presidency. also, they are dangerous. megyn: maybe he was one of the guys saying where was the focus group. also david webb. and cofounder of the tea party 365. and comedian scott blakeman. were you one of the ones saying where will mr. gore be sitting.
2:34 pm
>> i would never be concerned about these things. people are not watching television very much. they are watching fox maybe. but they are watching those shows in the evening. that's where you get people. megyn: are you getting in particular the young people? because apparently mr. obama has lost 18% support among 18-29-year-olds. he's at 67 now an was at 75 when he was first elected. so he's going in the wrong direction. stats just came out, over half of young people under 25 were either jobless or under employed last year. >> this is a big problem for the president. i don't have a problem with him going on the late night talk shows but i have a problem with the pandering, putting solutions out there. megyn: why not pander, isn't that what politicians do? >> pandering doesn't get you any
2:35 pm
solutions. here we have more attempts to pander saying we'll subsidize the bailout of your student loans. megyn: the rates are about to go up. >> we don't have market based solutions. instead we have a democratic bailout. the president lost 2-1. they voted for him 2-1, now one out of two or unemployed. that's millions of people with no future. >> reporter: it's smart that the president will appear with jimmy fallon. this is the way -- comedy is a very effective way. look what the president did to donald trump. demolished the whole argument through comedy. and as my friend david and republican friends say, the president cannot speak without his cell phone. this is just another way to prove that indeed he can. megyn: tell us the truth when
2:36 pm
you go on these late-night shows, don't they give you a heads up? they pull you aside and say this is where it's going to go. it's not real. >> there is an element of being off the cuff. there are people -- there are some democrats and republicans who can have the best material in the world and can't do anything with it. president obama is funny off the cuff in an unscripted way. megyn: she suggested it's beneath the office of the president. he needs to look presidential. he has got a rival. >> if she could be a little more partisan. megyn: she said he does well. >> that's where the people are. the people watching television are watching entertainment and sports. but the rest of americans are tuning out of television and watching politics this year. he everybody panders. megyn: that was a silly
2:37 pm
question. but, does this make somebody sitting at home without a job, you know, without a home or a home facing foreclosure say i'm going to vote for him? >> no, it makes most people say i want to kill politicians. >> speaking about lowering interest rates for student loans. the jimmy fallon show is being taped in chapel hill in front of a boisterous college crowd. megyn: i want to challenge you on that. here is what politicians do. do you think that fallon is going respond to president obama. you were on the senate education committee at the time this legislation about interest rates was drafted. you chose not to make these interest rates permanent because you said it's too expensive. that's the bottom line. that's the reason it had to expire. >> jon stewart took my comedy class gave president obama the
2:38 pm
hardest interview president obama has ever had. david letterman. comedians can ask better questions. megyn: fyi i think stuart needs to go back to your class how to do comedy. he's mean and unfair. he's a nice jewish guy like i am. megyn: sour grapes, anyone? >> when they get into the political sphere they stop being funny. fallon is not going to ask him that question. that's an important question. your rhetoric doesn't meet the reality what you said. they pander and go on. it's great messaging. most college kids are unemployed and they have no future to look at and they are working as waiters and waitresses and bus boys after spending $70,000, $80,000 a year. megyn: the president does not have a problem likability.
2:39 pm
>> the underemployment number is the most significant statistic he talked about in this segment. that nearly sunk ronald reagan in 1994. megyn: i think he's hilarious but i sure would love a job. >> reporter: all he has to do is find every way to pump up the numbers. you see programs being rolled out to make it look like the $5 million that have left the workforce are not unemployed. they are not look at their future going i have no job. megyn: can i ask this? president obama goes on jimmy fallon. mitt romney chose a different tack. he's having a conference call this morning to discuss the plight of young people. really? really? >> as a comedian who talks about serious issues. just because you are on a comedy
2:40 pm
show doesn't mean you are making light of the serious problems we face. it's not pandering at all. megyn: it makes you not want to kill yourself. it's either laugh or cry. you look at a problem. sometimes you need a laugh about it and you need to see, we are still okay. our president can laugh, we can laugh. >> they are crying when they look at their checkbooks and bank accounts. what do i do tomorrow morning, do i have a job? am i filling out 300 applications every week? this is all great, it's good for the comedy shows. but in the end tomorrow morning, the problem is still the same. this president is not focused on fixing the problem, he's focused on pandering. that doesn't solve it. i'm crying every time i look at my checkbook. >> we need to remember bush one.
2:41 pm
megyn: thank you, guys, pleasure. coming up. a dangerous trend among teens trying to get high with hand sanitizer? what every parent needs to know ahead in a live report. a campaign aide claims john edwards used donor cash to hide his affair with reille hunter. that campaign aide may be in trouble. >> you have to understand john edwards is not your average joe. he's one of the most per swailsive trial lawyers and politicians around. he can sell ice to eskimos. when he's on. and he's very per swaisive. at minimum he's very persuasive. >> i was never that i am pressed. every time a local business opens its doors or creates another laptop bag
2:42 pm
or hires another employee, it's not just good for business, it's good for the entire community. at bank of america, we know the impact that local businesses have on communities. that's why we extended $6.4 billion in needit to small businesses across the country last year. because the more we help them, the more we help make opportunity possible.
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megyn: "kelly's court" is back in session. possible problems for the prosecutors in the case against john edwards. the star witness is andrew young. apparently young decided in advance of his testimony to call a few other witnesses to talk about their testimony and that is a big no no. we call it witness camperring. the judge in the case told the defense they can't call it that but they can discuss a little of it. joining me now, joey jackson, you are not allowed to do that, you can't call the other witnesses in the case and say what are you going to testify to. the judge said they can tell the jury that he called these other witnesses but you can't use the term witness tampering.
2:46 pm
how bad does this hurt the prosecution's case? >> not at all. the one thing is he's not on trial. john edwards is. it's important that the prosecution keep a focus on that. the second issue is he has written a book already in which he detailed a number of accounts from his point of view as to what was unacceptable and illegal activity and that was done in advance of him calling other witnesses. the third thing is jurors will understand that in the any case it's rare that you have choir boys and priests on the stand. there are people with their own dynamics and issues. megyn: you have got issues. he's a more ron. we apologize. megyn: andrew young is critical to this case. what he testified to was all sorts of business from this
2:47 pm
elderly woman who wanted to see john edwards as president. oh, boy, did she want that. and she was passing all sorts of checks and money hidden in little packages and so on to andrew young and his wife meant to funnel to reille hunter is what he is suggesting to cover up the affair. is that where he's going? >> john edwards will say what andrew young did was take some of that money and first interstate into building his dream home. they can prove that, that will go toward further destroying andrew young's credibility. the government better hope it has 12 joey jacksons on the jury. because this idea of contacting the witnesses and trying to synchronize the testimony, if not for immunity he would be charged with witness tampering.
2:48 pm
he cashed in on a book after the case, that is bias. megyn: why do you need to talk to the other witnesses if your only plan is to get up there and tell the truth. >> let's understand what this case is about. it's about whether or not he knew. that is, john edwards knew this money was going support his mistress and child and allow them to be hidden from public view. i think trials are always about common sense. and a jury is going to relate to the fact that if someone is running for president he's going to do his level best some conceal this issue from public view so he can get elected. megyn: on the subject and tough front of the case against edward. apparently andrew young is -- he did testify that edwards pulled aside andrew young and said go to bunny melon. go to bunny melon, my number one fan and ask for a quote
2:49 pm
non-campaign expense, something that will benefit me because keep in mind, viewers, if it's a non-campaign expense. if it's a gift from bunny to john it's legal. fit was a campaign contribution he did not declare it's not legal. so if he did go to andrew young and say go to bunny melon and get a non-campaign expense he's in trouble. >> i'm sure the defense will have forensic accountants who will testify as to what that is. they will have the prove miss melon was donating to things other than campaign expenses. she wanted him to win. and the other issue is, this is a specific intend crime. if the defense can show this was handled by edwards' aids and the money was switched here and there by the aides and she entrusted the money and he didn't have knowledge of it.
2:50 pm
megyn: if he says i can't know about it. does that get him off? >> no, because it's willful blindness. he's the captain of the ship. he wants to be president. he has every qualification to be president but he doesn't know what his campaign is doing about something so critical? megyn: that's a political issue. legally if he can convince this jury they were doing this without his knowledge, despite the sniff test does that get him off? >> i know he's say can it's a political issue. but it's also a legal issue. the reason he broke the law was to conceal this from public view. ladies and gentlemen of the jury, i had no idea. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement
2:51 pm
or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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megyn: new trouble for white house party crasher tariq salahi. now virginia's attorney general is suing him. but it's not the first time. he's accused of ripping off customers who bought wine tours from his company in northern virginia. forget incense or the choking game. kids now chugging hand sanitizer to try to get hammered. trace gallagher is live in our west coast newsroom with more. >> reporter: doctors are seeing a lot of these cases and they believe this might be the beginning of an alarming trend. six teenagers in the san
2:55 pm
fernando valley have come into hospitals because of alcohol poisoning. they drank hand sanitizer. the deal is, they separate it, distill it. they use salt. they separate the gel sanitizer from the alcohol. liquid sanitizers, they are 62% ethel alcohol. that means 120 proof alcohol which is stronger than shots of wild turkey. and a few shots can be very bad for you. here is the doctor. >> all alcohols are dose dependent. the more you ingest worse you will feel. if you have five martinis you will feel bad and eventually pass out. if you drink this stuff you will feel bad right away. you will have trouble breathing and walk and eventually you will
2:56 pm
pass out. >> reporter: if you have teenagers and you have hand sanitizer around and you are worried, get the gel stuff out of the home and bring the foam in because it's harder to distill. megyn: one thing that my mother told me that kept me on the straight and narrow for real. stay tuned. see you, trace. okay, team! after age 40, we can start losing muscle --
2:57 pm
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♪ ♪ and i never thought i'd fe this way ♪ ♪ the way i feel about you [ male announcer ] it's time to clean out your garage for a car that's worthy of being the 201motor trend r of the year. the volkswagen passat. that's the power of german engineering. ♪ it must be love ♪ love, love >>megyn: my mom told me if i ever catch you on drugs or trying any sort of drug i will send you into a 30-day inpatient treatment program first offense, no questions asked. got it, mom. i obeyed and i thank her today. >>shepard: see you in 30 days, okay, megyn? >>megyn: i don't know what you are talking about. >>shepard: i am green with envy.


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