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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 27, 2012 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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gas prices and create jobs, well, they have to be awfully disappointed because what americans got instead is a celebrity president. and that is someone more interested in hanging out with u2 and fund-raising with george clooney and performing with "the roots." and the sad fact has not been lost on the american crossroads. for example, watch this... >> the proofsy of the united stesey. i'm so in love with you... >> he's a jackass.
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>> sean: the saddest part of all of this is that you are paying for his play time, including his travel to the jimmy falin show, where he discussed tuition. john boehner is demanding a refund. let's take a look. >> this week, the president traveled across the country on taxpayer's dime and it cost $179,000 an hour, insisting that congress fix the problem that we were already working on. frankly, i think this is beneath the dignity of the white house. to travel to three battleground states and go to three large college campuses on taxpayers' money to try to make this a political issue is pathetic. his campaign ought to be reimbursing the treasury for the cost of this trip. >> sean: all right. joining me with the reaction to the campaigner in chief's very
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busy week. the co-host of "the five," they deal with bob beckel every day of the week and they get combat pay. >> that's a good point. >> sean: and he has a jar out there. there has to be millions of dollars out there. >> but beckel can't pay off our deficit. >> sean: that's a great point. you were rocking it to the end. >> so were you, by the way. >> sean: that was bowling, stop. >> yeah, you're right. i like his singing. i will give him that, to start off on a positive note. but he loves to have everybody -- rappers, the kardashians, everybody's in. he is extremely popular. he could probably host his own late-night talk show-- i think he has a new job in january. >> they could use some help over there. but we need somebody world health organization has job experience, like mitt romney, who has true ideas and solutions to do something to get this economy jump-started, 50% of college graduates moving back
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home, have no jobs. >> sean: i like the fact, what's happening here is american crossroads in this case, i am going to show an rnc ad in just a second. they are hitting hard. it's obvious to me that the republicans are here to play ball. they are showing and highlighting the weaknesses that the president has. things are not going well, 95 rounds of golf, a lot of basketball, a lot of vacations, every two months, he has a vacation. >> sure. crossroads is right. he's cool. so president obama's cool. what's not cool is what kimberly points out, when you get out of high school, have you a 50% chance of being unemployed or under-employed. under pt barack obama, 14 million people are out of work. what is also not cool, if it's $180 grand and two hours average to a fund-raiser, let's say two hours, california, chicago, there's florida. two hours each way, it comes to-- a lot of money.
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>> i'm sorry, $720,000 per trip. 123 trips sean, $88.5 million. president obama says the campaign is paying back eye think they paid back a couple of million bucks. >> sean: a first-class ticket. >> -- >> what they do, if someone on the plane make embassy political speech or shakes a hand-- the. >> sean: they have to pay the equivalent of a first-class ticket. >> then they can use t. it's a total scam. >> sean: let me run the new rnc ad. this is interesting. they go back to joe biden's comments, saying that barack obama is not ready -- doesn't have the experience to be president. >> you were asked to be ready. you said, i think he can be ready. but right now, i don't believe he is. the presidency is not something that lends itself to on-the-job training. >> i think i stand by the statement. >> what he's got is a pretty rotten economy right now.
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>> only 13% of those surveyed in this gallup poll say they are satisfied with the state of the economy. 13%. >> some critics are pointing out that this jobs number didn't meet expectations as you said because a lot of people are dropping out of the workforce, 5 million people have quit looking for work. >> if that's the way you get a low unemployment rate because have you more and more dropouts, that's not the way you want to achieve things. >> the whole report is disappointing. >> he has real questions, even within his own party about his own leadership, about his vision. >> i think i stand by the statement. >> sean: still want ready. interesting line. add to that, as i was coming on the air, there is a new poll, the way the country's viewing government now is at a 15-year low. >> it's abysmal. hope and change. everybody wants a refund. before it was dream me the guy, handsome, charming, charismatic,
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community organizer. he didn't have anything anyexperience. now he has somewhat of a record. >> sean: there is a record. >> you can make commercials all day long, showing the numbers are not in his favor and he is not able to shore up his base. they are in real trouble. >> 388,000 people went into the unemployment office for the first time this past week, up from 386 last week. they were advised -- here's the point, over 4 weeks, the number's 381,000 people, 50 time in unemployment. if you take the unemployment rate, 8.2% and you add back all the people they were talking about on the sound bite, the people who have left the job force over 3 years that president obama has held office, the unemployment rate would be over 10%. why do they do that? how does the bureau of labor statistics pull 4 million people-- you talk about fuzzy math. >> is this fuzzy or manipulative? >> sean: all obama is left with
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is that he can attack romny and play class warfare and play the distraction game. they have been doing a pretty good job of moving that narrative. mitt romney wants to focus on obama's record. when they compete in the public arein awho wins that battle? >> we were talking about on "the five," we thought that romney's speech was pivotal and moving. he talked about a better america tonight. it was really positive. he focused on the economy, brit hume made comments about it, saying that's the direction he needs to go to. obama is very vulnerable. >> very quickly, about once a day, i get an email from the barack saying $3, you can have dinner with george cloney and i. if he is worried about fund-raising, he should really worry. last night, mitt romney, that was a fund-raiser. >> >> pulled in a bundle. >> big numbers. >> sean: guys, congratulations. the break-out cable hit in the
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last year. >> your show's pretty good, too. >> sean: got the kimberly seal of approval. coming up later, you don't want to miss this. we will take you inside a brand-new movie, occupy wall street. it uncover who is is really behind the movement and how scary are their values and their views. >> sean: but first, next, we expose the mainstream media and how biased they are and we uncover that the president is sounding more and more -- well -- like his predecessors. >> i see despair. >> i feel some desperation. >> millions who have struggled for equal opportunity and a better life. >> equal opportunity, freedom to make of our lives what we will. >> the surrender of our energy future to the merchants of oil. >> make them stand with the big oil companies before they can stand with the american people. [ male announcer ] that. right there -- reminds you
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message i've been practicing how to talk like a true chicagoan. switching to geico could save you hundreds of dollars on car insurance... da bears. haha... you people sure do talk funny. geico®. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. >> sean: welcome back to hafnlt time for the next installment of the real obama. mitt romney is spreading a message of hope that a better america is still possibility and president obama is using divisive rhetoric, starting to sound more and more like jimmy
12:13 am
carter. thanks to jeffrey lloyd at the american spectator, he has put together examples. >> the republican alternative is the biggest tax giveaway in history. >> they want to spend trillions of dollars more in tax breaks for the very wealthiest of americans, even if it means adding to the deficit. >> they call it reagan chip roth. i call it a free lunch that americans cannot afford. >> the last thing key afford to do is to go back to the very same policies that got us into this mess in the first place. >> the republican tax program offers rebates to the rich, depriivation for the poor and inflation for all of us. >> do we want to keep tax cuts for the wealthiest american who is don't need them and didn't ask for them? or do we want to make sure they
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are paying their fair share? >> sean: sounds eerily similar. i see a smirk, a smile there, mr. williams. 32 years later. this is all you guys on the left have -- class warfare. class envy, demonizing big oil companies. >> well, you know, it's wishful thinking to think that somehow barack obama is jimmy carter reborn. i guess they could have brought up ed musky or gene mccarthy. >> sean: i think that carter's right. let me -- you know, liz, to me, this election is probably most like reagan/carter, liberalism on display, class warfare, the rhetoric is the same. and the results of the carter administration, very similar to what we see with obam. >> right. you know, "the wall street journal" reported this morning that the american people are more deeply concerned about the long-term prospects of our nation than they have been at
12:15 am
any time since the 70s. but i think that barack obama is even worse. you know? i think you have seen an unprecedented assault on american freedom and liberties from the oval office wlrks it's what we saw with let's crucify business, to these restrictions on how our families can operate on family farms, to attempts to limit our freedom of religion. i would posit here that this president that we have now is much more radical, even than jimmy carter and in that sense, more dangerous to the nation. >> sean: i am going to add one thing that hop, this is a compliment, you may be surprised. i think that barack obama is a better politician. he projects the image better. he sells liberalism, socialism, whatever you want to call it better. bullet words remain the same. the song remains the same. this is jimmy carter attacking the g.o.p. for supporting bill oil. then we hear barack obama.
12:16 am
very similar, again. >> after the 1973 arab oil embarg oh the republicans in the white house have still done nothing to meet the stress to the national security of our nation. then, as now, their policy was dictated by the bill oil companies! >> they just voted to keep giving billions of dollars in taxpayer subsidies to big oil cutches that are raking in record profits. a few weeks ago, congress had a chance to stand up for families paying extra at pump. and republicans voted to keep spending billions of americans tax doctors for more on big subsidies for big oil companies. members of congress have a simple choice to make. they can stand with the big oil companies, or they can stand with the american people. >> sean: all right, juan, big oil, big business. the evil rich. what has changed in 32 years?
12:17 am
>> well, it's not about the evil rich. but i think it's going after the powerful oil companies and the subsidies they take from the country at a time when the country has a big deficit n. political term, jimmy carter face aid terrible challenge from the democrats from the left, coming from teddy kennedy, or you think about the first president bush, who didn't get re-elected, he had a big challenge from ross perot. barack obama has no challenge from his own party-- that's a good point. >> it is unity-- good point. liz, but, there is one missing thing, we have failed results. every time the big government programs, an attack on free market capitalism, when you use divisive rhetoric like this, especially coming out of a period where their programs have been tried, implemented and have failed, i think that's -- that's the determining factor here or am i wrong? >> no, you are right.
12:18 am
in fact, in 1980, hamilton jordan, jimmy carter's chief of staff laid it out, saying at the end of the day, you will be judged on the results of your presidency. s s that what we are going to see this time around. what make this is really so heartbreaking from the perspective of the nation is that we face real problems. we face real challenges with this debt crisis that is looming over us, the diminishment of american power and might around the world. and what we see in response from had president is, you know, let's attack big oil. let's attack the rich and divide the nation. you know, he's looking for anything he can do to get cheers from an audience because he cannot stand in front of the american people, even barack obama can't stand in front of the american people and say-- are you better off? >> wait a second, liz. >> sean: are you better off than four years ago? >> go ahead. >> liz, hold on a second. chrysler has record earnings. g.m. is in business. you know, bin laden is dead.
12:19 am
-- [overlapping dialogue] >> we have a recovery i. good policies. imagine what that recovery would look like if we had had in place policies that understood you need to support business, not crucify it. >> sean: $5 trillion in debt. >> you are speculating? >> we have to run. i have always used the term, juan that, barack obama's jimmy cart or steroids. i think i am being proven right. >> that's right. don't underestimate him? she's going to lose in a second term. probably by a bigger margin than you think. lose a second term. >> that's the damage he can do, juan. >> sean: coming up, we look at the mainstream obama media mania and we have a brand-new movie coming out, it takes us inside the occupy wall street movement. we'll show you who is funding it and how violent it can be,
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." time for media mash, president obama's friends in the liberal mainstream media are out in full force, attacking the former governor mitt romney. joining me to go through this disturbing material, brent bozel, how are you, sir? >> how are you, sean. >> sean: we almost have -- we could do almost every network -- nbc seems to be the worst. you have to ask the question, brian williams, tom brokaw, matt louer, are you proud of your news division? here's nbc news, asking if anne romney is using her m.s. and cancer to close the gender gap? watch this. >> we know that anne romney has had suffering in the form of
12:25 am
multiple sclerosis and she has suffered with breast cancer. do you think he is intentionally using her to close the gender gap? >> sean: that's the host. your reaction. >> that -- you know, this goes beyond the pale. remember when ann edwards came down with canckener, what? 2004. as disgusting as her husband is, the media didn't dare suggest that he was exploiting her as -- as correctly, they should not have done it. for them to suggest this -- look, she can't win. if she's the housewife, she's being attacked. if she speaks out, they attack her for speaking out. here we go. >> sean: same network. mr. thrill up his leg, his entire body, chris matthews is on with my buddy michael steele and uses the term grand wizard, talking about mitt romney. grand wizard. watch this. >> how can he go from flat
12:26 am
earth, i don't believe in evolution -- >> why are you putting those words in his mouth? he never said it's a flat earth, doesn't believe in evolution. those are your words, chris -- >> that's what he is. >> romney -- >> where is -- >> ask him. it wasn't an issue in the primary. >> let's go. the grand wizard crowd over there. >> wait -- >> what is this grand wizard nonsense? right party. give me a break. don't go there with me. >> all right. great. okay, good. thank you. none of those problems all over there. anyway. >> sean: grand wizard party. >> there is no slur against conservatives that's off the table. that's like a slur against christians. there is no slur against conservatives that's off the table. you can say anything you want to. number 2, chris matthews is
12:27 am
lying. even chris matthews doesn't believe this. this is a quote on january 13, about mitt romney, talking about him. he's a massachusetts moderate, by record because he was governor of massachusetts. he was a moderate. even chris mathews doesn't believe the lie he told. >> sean: let's go back to brian williams. let's stay where we are here, you have an analyst saying that -- implying that romney yearns for a time when women couldn't vote and blacks couldn't vote. when we get back -- i have a theory where a lot of this is coming from. but watch this. >> the number of eye i don't call them lies, but misinformation that came out of mr. romney's mouth was stunning. you know, here's the other problem. the picture that he was painting of an america, you know, restoring an america -- i kept thinking, it sounds like you want to go back to a time when women couldn't vote, blacks
12:28 am
couldn't vote. we didn't have -- it just didn't sound like this was the america that we all know and love. >> sean: all right. where is some of the extremism coming from, not necessarily reaffirming these comments? but when a president himself says that the republicans plan dirty air, dirty water, kids with autism, elderly to fend for themselves -- all right? that's the president saying this. why wouldn't his surrogates go that extra step, which is happening. >> key point you just made there. his surrogates. you know what the person in this book was four years ago? a spokesman for the democratic national committee. she hasn't changed jobs. she moved over to ms-nbc. there isn't a lick of difference. for them to suggest that there is anything approximating journalism coming out of nbc -- there is nothing but press releases for david axelrod and the obama administration. >> sean: yeah. then we have the situation and i
12:29 am
guess we will stay with nbc again. this is nbc's night. but we could easily do the other n. the president makes his appearance on jimmy falin's program. remember, the band is involved as well and the band that played the song about michele bachmann. but putting that aside for just a second. it's basically, every obama talking point. obama's the president three and-a-half years, we didn't hear about the student loan issue three and-a-half years, but now as a campaign issue, to excite his base or part of his base, he gets nbc to basically give him an infomercial through the jimmy falin show. >> they say we should be doing everything we can to pay down the national debt. well, so long as it doesn't include taxing billionaires. students just have to make this rate increase work. frankly, i don't buy it.
12:30 am
mmm, mmm... >> the barack-innocence monster ain't buying it. tossing and turning late into the night, but the republicans disagree and can even filibuster. but if they do, the president says they are going to feel it, buster. >> they should start something new to do, like tim tebow. >> sean: barack-ness monster ain't buying it. >> how about this for some numbers? april 25, tuesday night, mitt romney sweeps five states and all but clinches the nomination. nbc news gives him 38 seconds. watch that clip, which was nothing but goofing off, barack obama -- do you know how much time nbc news gave him? 4 minutes and 45 seconds, journalism today. >> sean: good to see you. neverrens. brian williams, are you proud?
12:31 am
coming up next, a sneak peek, an explosive new film, up on unmasked. we will expose the liberals behind this fringe group as well as democratic mega-donor who is are funding it. watch next. [ tom ] we invented the turbine business right here in schenectady. without the stuff that we make here, you wouldn't be able to walk in your house and flip on your lights. [ brad ] at ge we build turbines that pothe world. they go into power plants which take some form of energy, harness it, and turn it into more efficient electricity. [ ron ] when i was a kid i wanted to work with my hands, that was my thing. i really enjoy building turbines. it's nice to know that what you're building is gonna do something for the world. when people think of ge, they typically don't think about beer. a lot of people may not realize that the power needed
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>> sean: it is the explosive new movie that takes us inside the occupy wall street movement, up on unmasked which shows once and for all, they are not part of a, quote, grassroots organization, but part of an organized, coordinated effort, funded by left-wing mega-donors. the men behind the movie give us
12:36 am
an exclusive look. watch this. >> they are pull to the right by the radical, unrealistic, unreasonable, i repeat, radical and unpopular faction of the tea party. >> helly, citizens of the world. we are anonymous. >> this is the fbi, the cia go to hell, go to where you came from. >> drug use and paraphernalia. >> hey [bleep]! >> someone who didn't want to be identified claims he was raped here in one of the tents. >> you are not going to get [bleep]... >> why are you -- why would you do that? >> it's become a very big
12:37 am
concern around here. they are starting to assault one another. [loud commotion] >> i kind of like it that they are vague at this point. >> we are finalliy telling you the true story of the radicals behind the up on movement. >> sean: wow. joining me now with an in-depth look at the documentary, the writer/director, steve bannon and the executive director, david bossie, citizens united case, well known. first of all, andrew breitbart was involved in this project. >> well, this film came to me late last year. i thought that we needed to -- to explain to the american people just who these folks were, involved in all of these up on movements. so i called the one guy that i knew -- knew this issue better than anybody and that's andrew breitbart. andrew got so excited about this
12:38 am
film and so excited about this project. we shot with him for many months and steve did a great job working with andrew this film. and then, of course, we lost andrew. >> sean: all right. because people had -- it's a bunch of people -- 99%-1%, yes, we can. what is -- what did you find out about this movement? >> the tea party has a huge victory in november of 2010. august 4, the first time we have a national debate about raising the debt ceiling. everything talking about cutting the budget, out-of-control budgets, it's a narrative that president obama cannot win. jimmy hoffa saying, president obam athis is your army. september 17, occupy wall street starts. we show the infrastructure underneath the movement. the srvetion eiu. >> sean: who's funding it? >> this is a combination of big liberal groups and a combination of seiu and the government
12:39 am
source back groups. >> you are going to see it in this film. systematically, the kids you see on the surface are useful idiots being used by a very dark -- >> like the liberal media that pouches them up like bill maher. >> sean: let's look at the people. this shows andrew breitbart. and just asking what they know about -- about life, capitalism. watch this. >> you are not a capitalist? what are you? what are you? >> i'm a socialist. >> reporter: you are? >> yes! >> the fuel of the movement is the anxiety that has been built up in youth in colleges and k-12s, feeding these kids that our system is inherently bad and that it needs to be overthrown. where did you learn that philosophy? >> uh, where did i learn it? i mean, i can name you three people. >> reporter: okay, okay. >> professor in college -- okay? >> best friend in prison.
12:40 am
and professor in graduate school. >> sean: let's remind everybody. we had rape safety tents, sex in public, urination, defecation -- >> on police cars. >> sean: on police cars. this was also endorsed by president obama, by nancy pelosi. >> harry reid. the entire liberal establishment endorsed this action because they feel ther felt they needed to have their grass roots ginned up-- drug, violence. how much violence? >> this movie is very violent t. will be r-rated on violence alone. >> sean: violence that actually happened -- [overlapping dialogue] >> the mainstream media hasn't shown it. we show 20 minutes of this and people were shocked at the level of violence. >> let me say this, sean, you promoted us being on this show, we were getting threatening phone call to our office, death threats, telling us not to make this movie
12:41 am
[overlapping dialogue] >> sean: welcome to my world. >> you know, i have had that before. this is not a new thing. >> here's the thing. they were incredibly success envelope changing the narrative. this combination of the mainstream media, the progressive institutional left and this movement changes the narrative from debt and deficits and what the tea party won on-- well funded. you have a group of people -- this is a strategy. let's go to some more of this, another piece of about this where they talk about drugs, assassination t. watch this. >> they for discussing in 10s at night with drugs and weapons that they are holding violence until it is going to work at its maximum capacity. i was there with them getting fed poached salmon after i was in a tent with some anarchists,
12:42 am
doing mushrooms, discussing whether or not they were going to assassinate people and when that might happen. >> sean: where was the media, telling this true story. >> sean. >> to be canned candid, where were the police isn't mayors that allowed this to happen, that let the taxpayers bear the brunt, parks that were decimated and destroyed, children had to walk in front of these parks, to have the police officers be berated by-- we are running out of time. all right. when it comes out, you are going to come back and we'll show even more. >> love to. >> sean: awesome. great work. we miss andrew. time to theek check in with greta, in 18 short -- why are you smiling? >> you know what? this town -- we have more scandals every night. i feel like i have a menu of them. tonight, a new one that rivals fast & furious. and the secret service -- can you believe it? another problem with them. we have two u.s. senators go "on the record." ambassador bolton is here and so much more. have you to come down here,
12:43 am
sean? >> i go in i get out. 17 straight years, no washington correspondence dinner and i am proud. have fun this weekend with lindsay lohan. >> i shall. >> sean: i think it's great. i think you have a great time. let not your heart be troubled. greta's next. our great american panel, straight ahead. the capital one cash rewards card gives you a 50% annual bonus. and who doesn't want 50% more cash? ugh, the baby. huh! and then the baby bear said, "i want 50% more cash in my bed!" phhht! 50% more cash is good ri... what's that. ♪ you can spell. [ male announcer ] the capital one cash rewards card. the card for people who want 50% more cash. what's in your wallet? ha ha. ♪
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james carville, stop whining. it was funny. he is complaining about mitt romney. after mitt tried to steal my line, talking about, it's the economy, stupid. you don't have to call him out. in romney's speech, he said, it's still about the economy, we are not stupid. yeah, it's about the economy, stupid... blah, blah, blah. all right. >> what part of the copyright does he own on stupid? economy? duh? it's 20 years ago. 20 years ago, he had a phrase. it's still the economy. this is the president who has messed up this economy, or not made it better. i think to a certain extent to say that the top 1% got all the tax cuts, everybody got a tax cut. that's the dilemma-- i have a question. you are on the road, 100 days a year? >> yeah. >> sean: this is like discretionary income. i love to go to concerts. i am a music lover. i am a fan of your music.
12:49 am
all right. is it hurting sales? do people struggle? >> to come to the shows? >> sean: you still sell out? >> i think it's amazing that carville used the word huckster. is that the pot calling the kettle black? come on! talk about a huckster?! i think it's great. what a character he is. but really, that kind of thing. >> you know what i love, is that that's all he had to say. this is what it's come to. they don't know how to paint mitt romney. he had to bring in the 1% class warfare -- >> i mean -- >> enemy of students, enemy of children. paul ryan's throwing somebody off a cliff. they have no legitimate argument. >> sean: governor romney said they were going to do this because they have nothing they can run on. they don't have a record. it's going to be a battle. can romney out-focus the negativity and distractions of obama and the democrats?
12:50 am
>> he heads to talk about -- first of all, he was a successful businessman, no matter what james said. he started with nothing and built a massive company. equally important, he's a problem solver. we have significant problems and he understands the way to solve problems is not to let the government solve the problems and spend money we don't have, but to go to the private sector to create jobs. >> sean: it's simple to me. i look at reagan and carter. >> i don't know, man -- i'm sorry. you want somebody in there. i want someone who knows, like ed said, who knows how to run a business. i don't want a guy who is like, oh, yeah and all of that stuff. let's get serious here-- if he was singing your song, you might feel different. >>t that would be better. >> he's already doing. it he gave that speech the other night after the landslide victory, romney, he turned it from class warfare to choice and
12:51 am
opportunity-- oh, yeah. >> can i do that all night long. >> the tragedy, obviously, i was part of a campaign that beat jimmy carter. this is an insult to jimmy carter. at least, he was a governor. he had basically gone to the naval academy and had a lot of experience. he made catastrophic mistakes, but he wasn't spending a trillion dollars every year that we didn't have. >> sean: president obama, one positive thing -- hannity, he's a better politician. he has more youth and energy than -- >> he's a great politician. and the whole concept of him becoming a celebrity, he is a celebrity president. >> sean: can he pull it off. >> sean: words aren't going to mean the same thing in poverty? >> i think the last time, everybody, it was like "american idol." it was exciting. everybody was caught up into it. the first black president. it was like we made history. i mean, it was really something -- it was really great. >> romney needs to speak to our
12:52 am
youth. >> big-time. >> romney needs to talk about the unemployment rate and he needs to be charismatic and energyetic and show the personality. i think he can take him. >> sean: i do love this last-minute election-year giveaway to energize the base. mr. president, where were you for three and-a-half years -- >> blaming bush. he was blaming president bush. >> sean: all right. we are going to come back. more with our great, great, great american panel. straight ahead. straight ahead. >> oh, [ tires squeal, engine revs ] ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] not everything powerful has to guzzle fuel. the 2012 e-class bluetec from mercedes-benz. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services.
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>> sean: all right. i look at greece and i look at our debt, $15 trillion. i think, all right, what would four more years of obama look like? >> $20 trillion. >> sean: 25. >> whatever. after a while, it's unpayable. >> the numbers are so big, you can't fathom. >> sean: when does the bond market say, no more? we are not going to lend you anymore. that's the moment when we start becoming greece, right? in other words -- >> i think if france goes socialist and they decide not to live up to their agreement and greece elects a new government and they say they are not going to live up to their agreement, germany is going to say, let's
12:57 am
go back to our old currency and that will alter the whole game. >> then what you? will see people rioting and upset. people want something for nothing. you will see people saying, i am entitled to this, i am entitled to that. this is a right. >> sean: this is a word we need to eliminate -- entitlement. >> and right! not everything's a right. >> people are getting tremendous educations. >> sean: roll this video as you speak, have you riots erupting in the streets over tuition hikes. you know? american students demand debt-free degrees. let them protest to their professors and say, i want to you teach for free. the cost of education is in direct proportion-- how did we get to this point? in greece, when they start to institute austerity measures, who gets a debt-free -- >> how do i get in on that? how do i get -- >> okay, everybody, debt-free! >> >> sean: five free concerts a
12:58 am
year. >> let me play for free. let's clear the table. >> you can actually spread it out-- i dropped out of school three times because i didn't have more moan for tuition and i went to work. >> i worked -- i worked every semester. i have a dear, dear friend -- he went through med school, decided to be a doctor, went through the whole thing -- you can imagine how much that was. he did it all himself. the money, borrowed. he just paid it back, he's 38 now. he told me, he felt so good about that. he felt so good -- the sense of accomplishment. >> you feel empowered. >> took him that long, but he's a sports-- he would have been a lot rich fer he could bang on a drum. >> write a rock ballad. >> you are right. self-sufficiency, personal responsibility. i feel good, i achieved this. instead, have you young people saying, what do you owe me?
12:59 am
>> sean: isn't that the insidious side when they become dependent. i believe every human being has talent, you take care of them, cradle to grave, whatever talent they have, they will never discover it. >> but it's a perfect way to breed government dependency. >> sean: they put us in defnlt they spend more than we take in. >> the people who are getting money from them. >> have you more taxes than taxpayers. it's over. we have more tax-takers than tax-payers. >> sean: right now, we are there. we are 49%. >> more takers than producers. we need more producers. >> go work! >> ambition. good for you. >> sean: that's all our time. greta has a great show up next. see you back here tomorrow night. >> greta: tonight, another bombshell in the secret service scandal. did you hear the latest? well, you will. and yes, another black eye for the elite agency. that's all coming up. and a new and another sca.


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