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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  April 29, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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the white house has not said what the president will be speaking about. joining me in the studio is general tom mcinerney. nice to see you in the flesh. do you want to opine we don't know what the president might be speaking about at the bottom of the hour? >> we could know what is going on in libya or it could be in sere why you. weigh don't know. >> this does bring to mind when ambassador bremer in iraq called a live news conference and started it with the words we got him. >> meaning they had captured sadam hussein in the rabbit hole up there north of baghdad. >> something is dramatic. >> we are speculating right now. i agree with you geraldo. something significant is coming on. what do you know about what we are expecting in the united states? >> not a lot at this point.
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it is a foreign policy matter which is big obviously when you have a president of the united states calling reporters to make a comment at 10:30 on a sunday evening. >> did they use the word big? did they specifically use the word big? >> not exactly. they said you probably want to get to the white house for this one. i took that to be very big. >> something i just thought of and craig had a message from the newsroom, what if it's osama bin laden. >> when it comes to weighing the devil in libya with the devil in afghanistan, i am telling you we have got a much stronger beef and a much more profoundly important national security interest in seeing the terror master minds who killed so many americans on september 11th, 2001, finally exiting the scene.
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>> colonel khaddafy. >> the senior capitol hill producer confirms osama bin laden is dead. confirmed. urgent confirmed. bin laden is dead. osama bin laden is dead. happy days. happy days everybody. this is the greatest night of my career. the bum is dead. the savage who hurt us so grievously. i am so blessed, i am so mrivenlged to be at this de-- privileged to be at this desk. >> i can report to the american people and the world the united states conducted an operation that killed osama bin laden. >> (chanting usa) >> you can hear them. something has prompted -- image it has been 20-years.
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20-years old to almost (insdirnsible (undiscernible) >> they can get finals rescheduled. jubilation of this news. >> happy anniversary everybody. we are live and at large and whatever you think of president obama, he was beyond cool a year ago when even after he green lighted the deal on the high stakes, high risk mission to kill bin laden the president can still track donald trump jokes at last year's white house correspondence dinner. >> i know that he has taken some flack lately, but no one is happier, no one is prouder to put this birth certificate matter to rest. that is because he can finally
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get back to focusing on issues that matter. like did we fake the moon landing? what happened in ross well? and where are biggie and tupac. >> the man who was with me onset on that historic night exactly a year ago when the president announced we got bin laden tom mac irn knee joins us from dc. welcome. great to see you. didn't his death provide closure. we got the guy who got us. >> watching the recaps you get the unit that brought us together. you brought everybody in the excitement i am in the same bureau and the same stage and i am looking at your chair right now exactly where you sat a year ago. it had a huge impact not only on
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the united states but on the whole world. >> izzo proud to be sitting along side you, general when that happened. it was the greatest day of my
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care career. >> he made a courageous decision. it was the right thing. i might add the real driver in making that happen was now the current secretary of defense leon pineda and his military chap was admiral graven head of joint operations command those two people when you start peeling back the levels and the layers of who made this happen they plus magnificent seal team 6 and all of the supporting elements army helicopter pilots, f-16 pilots, stealth, drones, the whole thing made it a magnificent success story we ought to be very proud of it. >> we are. i was proud to sit along side you. it started a war that as you know folks left thousands of our gi's with devastating injuries. those wounded arors sti -- warr
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still need help. gary sinise helps. >> i have been involved with veterans groups in the chicago area and i have family in the military. i played one in forrest gump. >> gary started the gar ricin nie -- gary sinise foundation. he spends most of his time touring with the lieutenant band band raising money to build homes designed for wounded veterans with special needs. >> was it your role as lieutenant dan in forrest gump that gave you some insight into soldiers coming back with disabilities, the struggles they go through? >> my involvement with the dab that brought my focus into what was happening with the disabled veterans and sacrifices they made. when we deployed to iraq and afghanistan and the guys started getting hurt and killed, i felt
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the need to do something. >> gary's building for america's bravest concert series provide funds for smarted homes for veteran amputees. friday it was a benefit for triple amputee army specialist brian galbarion who lost an arm and two legs in an ied attack last summer. brian's mom larry jane. >> it is the most unselfish thing i have ever come across. he doesn't know us. he doesn't know my son. son of these other boys, yet he is so willing to do everything he can to help them. it is truly amazing. >> what does it mean to you in terms of having your own home being able to be on your own, independent as a result of this? >> it is going to be back to normal that's what it is all before. >> been a long road? >> oh, yeah. very long road. >> sinise was krrecruited by frk
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filler in honor of his brother steven the new york firefighter who famously ran a mile from the brooklyn-battery tunnel to the world trade center in full year on 9-11. steven was one of 343 firefighters killed in the collapse. >> years ago decided we were going to build the first house for the first quadruple amputee first ever to he survive any war. i knew gary sinise had a band and i knew what he does for our military. i asked the commissioner to call gary up and asked him to do a concert to help us raise money for the house. now we are building 11 thousands and to have his support is unbelievable. >> what is your impression when you meet these men knowing how much they sacrificed? >> well, i am always humbled and amazed at the kind of people that answer our country. >> it has been extremely
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difficult. one day they are healthy they have everything they were born with. the next they were the situation they come home less than perfect now i know eventually when the house is built he has a home. he is never going to be in a situation where he can't get anywhere or uncomfortable or not be able to reach something or do something himself. we are very grateful. >> i always remember the quote by calvin coolidge the nation who forgets his defenders will itself be forgotten. we can't forget our defenders. >> amen to that, gary. excellent report. so many of the guys losing limbs are survivors. >> they have access to advanced life support technology. the wounded warriors have great distances to hospitals are a lot of them survive. now there are four quadriplegic or quadruple amputees were the
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first to survive. quadruple amputees. >> 4 or 5 quadruple amputees. they have been offered homes from these foundations. >> changing gears my exclusive int have you with ok toe mom. they answers charges ranging from child neglect and living off public assistance to having surgery so she will look like angelina jolie. and 800 iu of vitamin d plus minerals. women need caltrate. caltrate helps women keep moving because women move the world.
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it means work. it means work for more people. [ brian ] there's a bright future here, and there's a chance to get on the ground floor of something big, something that will bring us back. not only this company, but this country. ♪ >> i went over there and they are not wearing any pants. it was 50 degrees outside and she wouldn't let them in until they finished their dinner. it was horrible. they had a plumber over there. she has no toilet. i have been friends with her for a long time. i hate to do this to her i am her friend i love her as a
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person but i love those kids and they are being neglected completely. >> still fuming over charges she allows her 13 children including octuplets to li in horrendous conditions nadya suleman has been struggling to defend herself. she joins us on the phone from her home in orange county, california. >> hi, how are you. thank you for taking time to speak with me. >> i said you were angry. who ratted you out? >> it takes a lot for me to get angry. if i got angry easily i would have cracked like three years ago. a friend i knew from many years ago. she is a hair stylist. i don't like to dep kate anybody. i don't want to put anybody down. she is one of thousands that have tried -- acted as opportunists to try to get a piece of whatever it is, you know, money or -- i have to focus all of my energy on my kids and not give any one else
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power. it is all fabricated. everything is significantly fabricat fabricated. the conditions are fine. the dps workers came out, they are fine. >> worst of the charges is you only had one working bathroom. worse than that the children were malnourished. >> lord have mercy. each one eats more than 5 adults. they don't stop. 10 meals a day. i am not kid will. i feed them more of the healthy foods. they eat more than me. anybody, any adult. they are in the 80th percentile in height and weight. each one is bigger taller than one born full term. they are miracles but that is even more miraculous showing how well taken care of they are. me alone by myself for a year and a half now without any help. >> where did the 500 odd dollars
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come from? >> that was from me what i have earned. on average from dallas star i am very, very grateful to have that job. in one month i earned about 5,000. then i have you stream channel. any job i can get my hands on. i don't go too far away from my values and morals i am going to take it to generate revenue. >> something of that style i would be open minded, too, if it were enough money. as long as -- the only thing -- i will never eat my words on this one. i am proud to be sell butt for 13 and a half years. only time i touch my own flesh is when i soap up anyway. if i have to do it to take care of the kids that's all that matters. >> no porno? >> no, i would not touch another being. no one. i won't touch any one. no kissing, no touching,
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nothing. >> a lot of people are angry over the public assistance you have been receiving. >> i am, too. i don't get angry often but i am angry and ashamed. they are not alone in that. i cried two-days after. i was crying making that call actually. i couldn't do it. took me a half a day to do it. finally got a hold of them. they took me to the supervisor. the supervisor was shocked saying i can't believe you waited three years and you have been trying so hard. it is okay. your kids deserve it. my goal is to immediately get off the food stamps. but it costs double what i am getting. i am so grateful to have 2,000 a month in food stamps when i am paying 4,000 a month. >> is mom living with you now? >> no. i haven't lived with my mother in over 8 years. >> you are taking care of 14 children by yourself? >> i am alone. i have been for years and years. >> no man, no boyfriend.
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>> no man, no boyfriend. thank the lord up above i don't date. image with the situation, image if i dated then we broke up, the stories they could come up with. thank the lord. thank goodness. what about that cosmetic surgery allegation? will she do a reality show starring the ok at the present will you tells and brothers and sisters? that's next. [ male announcer ] whoa, megan landry alert.
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>> she is admitted she is on food stamps and they would do a playboy. continuing with our octo mom exclusive. >> you said you would take a reality show. you would like to do a reality show? >> i am not saying i would like to. i am saying i am open minded to absolutely any job.
10:23 pm
if anything pays enough to get us out of here and to buy a how is that is safe in a gated community, because that's what my children deserve and that's what i am going to do. >> i had brunch with my wife who is very open minded, my mother in law and my wife's aunt my mother in law's sister. i asked about you, because in anticipation of this i said why don't women like her? why are women so filled with age wherever her name is mentioned? >> because they don't know me. >> let me tell you their answer then you can comment. they all said how could she have knowingly had multiple births when she already had six children and no man in her life? >> why do they understand i had them because i won't mur dherm. i didn't want selective reduction. people say oh happy joy joy i am going to be on cnn and get attenti attention. no. because i am pro-life, period. i don't believe in abortion
10:24 pm
that's why. >> they are all doing fine? >> they have been doing fine since the day they were born. it is beyond a miracle. they are not understanding the truth. >> the beef, well one of the beefs is you had cosmetic surgery to look like angelina jolie. >> i would loov to abolish that (bleep) issue. excuse my language. that's the most disgusting gross rumor of all of them. in the beginning moy family friends were laughing at that. it's funny. it's insulting to her and to me. >> you have never had that cosmetic surgery. >> my breasts yes. i was a double d by the time i was 16 years old who i hope my daughters don't inherit that. i had a breast reduction at 17 years old. i don't need it. i don't need anything done. why would i? i have been avoiding trying to say these -- saying this because
10:25 pm
i don't want people to think that i am confident. there's a difference. >> are you going to be okay with these kids? you are not going to get thrown out of your house tomorrow? who is going to take care of you? >> i am going to take care of me and i am going to take care of all 14 just like i have been for the last 3 and a half years, almost 11 years because my oldest is almost 11. i am doing a fantastic job. i have probably no choice than to go with some network to do a reality show to really show people the truth. thus far everyone has been putting a false picture of this disgusting creature a character. it has never existed this octo mom. >> i like you. i like you. >> thank you. i appreciate that. >> thank you. >> thank you for talking to me. >> you next, we are remembering the 20th anniversary, another anniversary try the 20th anniversary of the rodney king riots in los angeles.
10:26 pm
we talk to professor allen g dersowitz in the murder trial of trayvon martin. the unarmed florida young man. will there be rage following an acquittal of zimmerman? i'm really going to miss you. my new apartment isn't that far away. it's 4.2 miles away ! with this droid razr... motorola... verizon 4g lte... video... skype. you're gonna get lost.
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>> i am lauren greene. nearly a year after navy seals killed osama bin laden no signs
10:30 pm
of a plot against the u.s. they are urging u.s. citizens in pakistan and elsewhere to be vigilant ahead of the may 2nd anniversary. they still aspire to attack u.s. interests. navy seal team 6 killed bin laden during a raid at his pakistan compound last may. some good economic news for americans at least for those who drive cars. aaa reporting gas prices continued to drop. regular now averaging 3.82 a gallon nationwide. $0.08 a gallon down from a month ago. a nickel below what it was at this time last year. crude oil trading 101 to $105 per barrel. now back to geraldo. >> oo an article today there will be riots on the street if there is an acquittal. if there are riots it will be
10:31 pm
the prosecutor's fault because she over charged raised expectations. no reasonable jury is going to convict based on the evidence i know of second degree murder. this prosecutor may not have only perjury they will be raising it to an unacceptable level. >> some suggest the disappointment in the minority community might be so acute it would lead to urban rioting like it did exactly 20-years ago this weekend. following the acquittal of four u.s. cops videotaped and beating of rodney king. >> it was the deadliest urban riot in history. at least half a dozen people died here. hundreds of others critically injured and thousands of families broken by bullets burned homes and businesses and arrests. a terrible passion ceased much
10:32 pm
of the community and used it as a lamb excuse. shameless looting and robbering that may be unprecedented in modern times. it was apauling and unbelievable and all kinds of people got into the act. when the controversy over the police beating of rodney king exploded daryl gates finally agreed he would retire later this summer. after a nationwide search for a replacement a relative unknown willie williams of philadelphia got the nod. obviously when he decided to take this job chief williams had no idea of the firestorm he would be inheriting. >> if you do try to start fires fill out the police department they lock you up very quickly. >> you think the cops treated you good? did they do you the way you did because you are a black man? >> oh, of course. >> or was it because you were out of control? >> not out of control. i was out of control for not stopping the car and for continuing to go down the street
10:33 pm
with the police but once i did that and stopped and got out of the car and laid down, did everything i was supposed to do only time you see me out of control is when the taser was going through me. >> the statement the night the riot broke out, can't we all just get along? >> that's what i like to be remembered by can't we all get along. >> what do you think? can we all get along? >> of course. i work on it every day. every day i am always getting along with people being a part of my community. working with kids, yes, yes, we can get along. >> to help clean up. >> you want to help clean up? >> yeah. >> does it make you feel good to do that? >> yes. >> did all of the violence scare you? >> yes, kind of. >> do you hope it is over now? >> yes. >> so do i.
10:34 pm
so does everybody. very nice of you, very courageous of you to help clean up. >> hopefully los angeles and the rest of us are sufficiently evolved in the jury verdict and the george zimmerman trial has been there. let's understand the relative strength or wreakness of the government's case against the alleged murder. >> florida prosecutors stacy honowitz. isn't the professor right? unless you have a secret videotape somewhere or a surprise witness there's no way a government can prove the murder case, is there? >> i think those are really very strong words. i think it is difficult for us to sit here monday morning quarterback. i don't have all of the facts. professor derowitz doesn't have all of the facts in the case. the prosecutor is the only one in her team that knows what the
10:35 pm
evidence does and does not show. certainly at the bond hearing you had to prove proof of guilt with evidence presumption was great. the judge never made a ruling on that instead he set a bond. we have to wait and see just like everybody else. they were peaceful gatherings when this came about. i am hoping everybody sticks to that motto if there is a dismissal in this case. >> let's stick to the evidence. the evidence is in the affidavit. if there were more they were obliged in the affidavit. they swear to toll tell the trud the whole truth. you are not supposed to keep back evidence that maybe you can use later. this is a public case. everybody knows what the evidence is. we know there are bruises in the back of the head. sglirm man it's not in the affidavit. we don't know who started the fight. it says in the affidavit zimmerman confronted martin and a struggle ensued.
10:36 pm
past tense. the struggle ensued. after the bail herring who started it? i don't know. this isn't poker. you don't play with two of our cards down. if you are a prosecutor and you are submitting affidavits like this you put your evidence forward. the only reasonable inference there is no reasonable inference in this affidavit. if you read this without knowing anything about the background you say i don't even see a crime here. what's the crime? there are no morrell ements stated for any of the crime. >> what if the prosecutor knew of the photographer of george zimmerman's bloody head and didn't give it what about that? >> you are swearing to tell the whole truth. you submit an affidavit that includes the ed that is not only unethical it is probably criminal. >> do you see it a different way? >> of course i do. in any affidavit when you present it at a bond hearing you are not at the discovery phase.
10:37 pm
sometimes probable cause affidavits are -- >> there were elements of -- >> you would have to say, it doesn't necessarily mean that the crime didn't happen because he had bruises and a scratch on the back of his head. let me tell you something you would have to -- you would have to make an argument that the prosecutor proceeded in bad faith. i have no probable cause. that is not a judgment for us to make at this junction tour. >> yes, it is. she may have had probable cause but she absolutely acted in bad faith if she knew there was exculpatory evidence like a bloody head and she willfully and deliberately said keep that out of your affidavit. >> that's what you are assuming that a prosecutor -- that if a police officer called me i would say to a police officer, do me a
10:38 pm
favor we have a big major hearing coming out leave something out. you are accusing her of acting in bad faith. i think that's criminal to be making that kind of statement. >> you are accusing me of being a criminal. >> i am saying when you make a judgment like that that she purposely withheld evidence i think that kind of statement is extremely bold. i really do. >> it's not bold. remember abc had the information, we remember that he was photographed as soon as the crime occurred. how could she not have this information? how could she be the only person in the city not to know there was blood on the paback of his head. you are defending a prosecutor because you are a prosecutor. >> you are 100 percent wrong. listen to me. i am not defending anybody if they did something in bad faith. the funny and interesting thing is the defense attorney who is an excellent defense attorney you don't hear him going on a tv station and saying the prosecution held back anything. it's a bond hearing. we are at the bond hearing
10:39 pm
stage. >> we are going to go to a commercial. up next did george zimmerman or his family members purger themselves when they claim they would destitute when they were sitting on over 200 grand? laces? really? slip-on's the way to go. more people do that, security would be like -- there's no charge for the bag. thanks. i know a quiet little place where we can get some work done. there's a three-prong plug. i have club passes. [ male announcer ] get the mileage card with special perks on united, like a free checked bag,
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there's another way to help erase litter box odor. purina tidy cats. only tidy cats has new odor erasers... making it ea to keep things at home... just the way you want them. new tidy cats with odor erasers. >> we were before you last friday on a bond hearing. they said they didn't have very
10:43 pm
much financial standing they didn't have very much saving. there was a web suit by my client called the real george with a request for donations on it. you need to be aware there was -- actually is 150,000 dollars available to the family. >> i will submit that as a change of circumstances regarding the bond and i would ask the court to address it properly. >> prime time alert the judge did george sglirm man purger himself or family members purger themselves under oath on the stand claiming they were all broke. was it a simple omission or willful disregard for the truth? should there be a hearing about that? continuing with special prosecut prosecutor is there something nefarious here? >> certainly under the rules of
10:44 pm
criminal procedure in florida if there are omissions and misrepresents made a bond hearing they have right to ask for bail revocation or ask for bail to be increased to whatever it is. at the time they went under oath and made a material statement they were indigent and had no funds. the judge will take it under advisement and make that determination. also under the rules if there has been an intentional problem it can be a felony. interesting to see what the testimony to the judge was with regard to them having knowledge of the web site and the money. >> the prosecutor saying if you willfully omit something under oath you are guilty of a possible crime. that doesn't apply to the prosecutor? you would think it applies to some poor guy on the witness stand it applies a prosecutor and a policeman. >> if george zimmerman knew he had $200,000 available to him
10:45 pm
that he thought he could spend it he obviously should have sent it back to the court. if he didn't say it to the court there is a possibility that he may have committed purerjury. i say it's to the prosecutor and the defendant. >> i don't think this is about me. i really don't. this is about what you believe the prosecutor did intentionally by withholding evidence. in any bond hearing you know that when you make your bond application you were saying this is the reason the person should be held. he never said the state withheld anything. he had access to the photographs. those photographs does not mean that a crime did not take place. you are asking me to say what they did wausz entirely improper and criminal. i am saying it wasn't. >> well it was. just because a crime was
10:46 pm
committed or wasn't committed that's for the judge to decide. you don't withhold evidence that is material and relevant on the issue of whether a crime was committed. why didn't omira do this? he has to be a friend of the judge. he is not going to make this kind of charges. i am going to make these kinds of charges. >> any defense attorney who feels as they they are being short changed the prosecution or have the evidence withheld is going to be the first one to announce to the court. there is prosecutorial misconduct. they are not doing it because they have to practice in front of the judge. if they feel like they are being railroaded they are going to say it. >> let's bring this back. i only have a minute left. i still believe there's no depraved indifference to human life. there is no murder, too. >> i won't make that judgment. i won't make that judgment because i don't have the evidence in front of me.
10:47 pm
>> would you say on the basis of this evidence that there is no murder 2 charge? >> i am saying based on what i have heard so far am i telling the probable cause affidavit and what the murder 2 are? is it blatant? i can't say that now. i don't have everything. >> if you were a judge you would dismiss the murder, too, right? >> there is going to be a stand your ground motion here. that is when it is all going to come out. >> there already has been a motion based on this affidavit. >> excellent debate. i really appreciate it. thank you, both. coming up octo mom told us she was interested in doing a reality show. we are talking about everything from governor christie to a lesbian three some. after this. they claim to be complete. only centrum goes beyond. providing more than just the essential nutrients, so i'm at my best.
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centrum. always your most complete.
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>> one of the stars ch jersey shore soon to start filming the 6th season. it will be filled with grenades, that's an expression he can explain, begin, tanning, doing the laundry, snooky. my next guest is also, though, who knew a survivor of pretty serious emotional issues some of which came to a head last season. i have anxiety. >> the brain doesn't work like it used to. >> i can't sleep. i am exhausted. >> try to get to the weekend. going out listening to music, hanging around girls. >> you got to work tomorrow. >> bro, i can't function in this environment. i want to go home. >> i am definitely not feeling like myself right now. i am really, really anxious.
10:52 pm
>> here he is vinnie author of "control the crazy: my plan to stop stressing and maintain inner cool" it's in book stores now. who knew. you are such a confident guy. the last time i saw you you were having a threesome with two lesbians. >> i used that to get better. >> i use that therapy myself at times. oo poo good stress reliever. >> i don't want to say any more about that. what was it that let you see the inner problems your own inner demons and to drop the facade of the confident swaggering macho character that you portray on the show? >> i think that any time something in life knocks you down it's a good opportunity to make yourself stronger to learn a lot about yourself and to transition that into being an adult? >> are you stressed right now or were you stressed when you came on? does it hit you like a panic
10:53 pm
attack? >> 99 percent of the time i am regular and i am cool i will have fun. i will go jump out of an airplane tomorrow, like i don't care. i have learned why it happens to me. at certain points i can really get almost like depressed ford weeks at a time and be miserable for days on end. i lived an unhealthy lifestyle for a long time when i don't eat write and not sleeping and drinking a lot. it can spiral me into this hole. >> i became one of 8 cast members on jersey shore. what i didn't know then is the gig i just landed where cameras follow you all around all day where friends and family are not allowed to visit, where i wouldn't have access to a trcel phone tv or radio for weeks was a worse case scenario for someone who's stress level can easily spiral in control. did you confess that when they
10:54 pm
casted you? >> we didn't know what the show was going to be. i thought i was going to go and come home for the weekend. i thought i would have my cell phone. i didn't know what was going to happen if i would fall into a state of anxiety. i went with it. it definitely stressed me out. i had to adjust. i got through five seasons after that from practicing this program. the last one was rough because we went from italy to new jersey on 110-days straight. i am not perfect yet but i got better at it. >> what about the stress involved with being a cultural phenomenon. you have the governor chris christie is on your case people are talking about you are a detriment to the image? >> i love that. i love the culture and the fame. i have fans. i had people coming to my signings that's amazing. being in the public eye -- i don't agree with governor crist tee, but i am humbled to even
10:55 pm
have an opinion from a governor. that is pretty amazing. >> you are 24 years old. you look in the mirror and say by bicep is as big as my buddy there? you a or you get better looking chicks ma many. >> first of all nobody gets better looking chicks than me. >> okay note that for the record. >> i am really honest. when i am not anxious, this stuff taught me to always be confident and cool. when people are hating and talking crap about me, it doesn't effect me. are you really you on the show? are there other cast members? >> how real is this? >> at times. you are definitely aware a camera is on you. i am not going to lie. a camera is on me, i play the comedy approach like i do something funny. i remember last season i ran out
10:56 pm
of the shower naked and grabbed deena and messed with her that way. obviously i was doing that because there was a camera on me and it was funny. but some people act up a bit with the drama. they have fights nor no reason. >> it is tough filming for me. mtv is my first home. they have made me who i am. i am going to do another season of them season 6 coming up. hopefully i will get my own show after that. >> are you going to stay in it? are you going to fight stress. >> when i am on stage i am on the spot i am so calm and cool because i am present i am not thinking about anything else. like right now there's nothing because i am here. or not reality show it is a little different because i never sleep. if i am sleeping there's no entertainment i am good. >> you can control it. >> i can control it. >> thank you so much. >> thank you very much for
10:57 pm
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