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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  April 30, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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is he afraid to come in here? bernie goldberg has some thoughts. >> how could it be more ethical to kill people. >> the president captured them. i never understood that one. >> bill: former cia agent jose rodriguez is a hypocrite about torture. we will debate it? >> bill o'reilly wrote another control book about another president abraham lincoln. i believe he had a vision about what the republic party would become in 150 years and he he shot himself. [ laughter ] >> bill: wild night in washington with jimmy kimmel and president obama insulting people all over the place. we will show you what happened. caution, but are to enter the no spin zone. captioned by closed captioning services, inc.
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>> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. keeping your sanity. that's the subject of this evening's talking points memo. there i am at mass yesterday, and the sermon is about to again. offensive these whomlies are not very relevant to be polite. the african priest speaking said something very interesting. he looked at the congregation and said god wants the faithful to keep their sanity there is a plan for everybody. if you are misguided you can't carry through on that plan. now, think about that. god wants us to be sane. makes sense. the problem is we're living in an insane world where some people completely lose their bearings. few examples. last night on the factor we had a segment on how the far left saying racial slur as well as a hate crime to call an illegal alien an illegal alien. some folks actually believe.
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this the far left also says there is a war on women because some taxpayers object to paying for female birth control. far and away the worst insanity i have seen recent solid sympathy for the devil. the head of the coercion program jose rodriguez explained to a skeptical leslie stall that america has an obligation to protect its citizens by using tough infair gation techniques. rodriguez said yes, a few al qaeda big shots were washed but they knew they weren't going to die and yes some of them were denied sleep and a few of them were contempt in very tight spaces. how many times have we heard those activities described as torture? president obama agrees, he has backed them rodriguez says that's insane that you can't get vital information from terrorists without rough stuff. rodriguez lowered the hammer on mr. obama. >> we don't capture anybody
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anymore, leslie. their default option of this administration has been to kill all prisoners. take no prisoners. >> the drones. >> the drones. how can it be more ethical to kill people rather than capture them? i have never understood that one. >> so, how do the anti-torture people answer mr. rodriguez? we're blowing the hell out of these people from space. no trial. no presumption of innocence. they are just dead and so is everybody around them. the same president who orders that will not dunk people in water. that makes sense to anybody? talking points believes the president well understands the difference between drones and waterboarding. his decision to ban coerce interrogation is simply a political one playing to his crew. tough to make a sanity argument on that one. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. let's bring in two sane people at least on some days.
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mary katharine ham and juan williams. they are in washington. fox news analysts. juan, explain to me the difference between waterboarding and drone attacks? >> well, you know, bill, these people are plotting terrorist activities against the united states, when they are engaged in executing, they are on their battlefield. they are terrorists. we engage them on their battlefield when we use drones to attack them because essentially they are like soldiers and soldiers get shot, they get bomb. think truman of hiroshima they attack people before they can attack us. the difference is once you capture people then you have to abide by some standards. we don't want to set a standard that allows people to sigh we can torture american soldiers or it fits with the laws of the united states to allow torture. that's against our not only our laws but the morality, i believe, that governs in our country. >> bill: these people aren't military people. they're a terrorist. they don't have a uniform on. they suffer in some village in pakistan and all of a sudden they are vaporized.
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>> actors. >> bill: they don't come under the geneva convention. we have already been through that a thousand times. they don't come after that the supreme court is basically has not outlawed waterboarding they are considered enemy combatants because they are not in uniform. they are not wearing any uniform of any country, so i don't understanded difference. i don't mind the drone thing, i'm all for it i think president obama has done a great job with the drones. >> i'm glad to hear that. >> no, no. >> most americans think so. >> i -8d be dropping drones all over the place if it were me trying to get the intel from them. when did i capture them i would say to them mary katharine you have got two options. you can do it the hard way or the easy way. here is a little videotape of khalid sheikh mohammed going up and down. shear what is going to happen to you or we can give you a nice stake dinner -- steak dinner and can you tell us what you know. the simple question is president obama can't possibly
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think that his drone program is more humane than dunking the people in the water? nobody could think that. >> right, well it's interesting because when i hear john talk -- juan talk about it and -- the justification for the drone program is exactly the same are a the bush administration administration for capturing and using enhanced interrogation. creating plots and have information we need it may be a ticking time bomb issue. just remember the obama administration went from 2009 it was most important thing in the world for khalid sheikh mohammed, of 9/11 fame to come to new york city and get a civilian trial and that was the only way that our values would be right with the world. then they realized that's not going to work. what next, boss? why don't we just go shoot, vapor rise them, even american citizens who are terrorist in other foreign countries. >> bill: try sheikh mohammed in guantanamo bay where they are trying him. >> they followed an interesting road here. it's hard for folks on the left toe agree with one side and not the other.
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>> bill: if you are going to do t from a humanitarian basis. that's the core argument. we are not this kind of a country. we don't dunk people in the water. we are not. we blow the hell out of them from space. without a trial. without anything. bang, you're dead. that's the kind of country we are. >> look, the two of you are ganging up on me and it's not fair. let me tell you something. if you believe that we should send additional troops to pakistan and to afghanistan. we already had troops on the ground fighting this war. >> i don't believe that we should. >> you think we should send additional troops to spend time capturing them and put our young men and young women at additional risks. i think you are fighting an old war. you are not fighting this modern war against terrorists. >> that's ridiculous. you have got to get back to the sane. as the priest said don't go crazy on me. if we can capture them, if we have intel we grab them, all right? special forces grab -- >> -- yeah. >> when we grab them now, juan we can't do anything with them. we have to play patty cake with them. did you see the friday
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segment? >> yes. >> i mean, come on, is it me or are all we all insane? we can't call illegal alien an illegal alien, it's a hate crime to do that mary katharine. come on. i just -- i don't know. >> this is what liberal activists do. they spend a lot of time finding new ways to be self-righteous and tell the rest of us there are a bunch of things we can't say. so i think -- if they argue that saying illegal takes someone's humanity away from them. >> >> bill: it's more than that, it's a rate crime. >> a person illegally crossing the board is humanity and fax of their. you have to deal with the facts of this issue and you want to be kind and humane to folks. >> bill: i want to be kind and humane. you know that even illegal aliens themselves call illegal aliens. committing a hate crime against themselves. i just think it's so out of control. i will give you the last word. >> let me restore insanity. you both know if a kid is having trouble at school we don't call him a dummy.
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little old lady has a couple drinks we don't call her a boozer. we know that denies their humanity. when you talk about people are ho are here illegally in terms of illegal you invite social policy throw them out. don't respect their families. >> you are making the allegation that just using the word illegal does that? no, you can have a perfectly good conversation as main individual and address the fact that there -- >> -- you are right. i agree with mary katharine. i don't like euphemisms and political correctness. i don't like dehumanizing people in the way that some do when they call them illegal immigrants. >> bill: i don't want to dehumanize anybody. if we drop the drone on them. i sailed a little do you humanized. >> i hope you are not calling poor that o'reilly. >> mary katharine, juan, next on the run down, attorney general eric holder getting closer to contempt charge by congress. we will have the latest. then, jimmy kimmel says brit hume spokes pot.
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blank pages. congress also got heavily redacted documents. now, there are threats that attorney general eric holder may be cited for contempt in this case. joining us from chicago congressman joe walsh is a member of the house committee that may cite attorney general holder. what's going on with this. this case has been going on for a year and you are not getting anything out of them. >> we are close to holding eric holder in contempt. it's the next step. i mean, when you step back and look at this, they have been dragging their feet and stonewalling for well over a year. justice department is not cooperating with our investigation. you have got an american border agent brian terry who was killed. his family deserves answers. the mexican government deserves answers. the whistle blowers over the course of the last two years who have stood out on this deserve answers. and eric holder has not at all cooperated with our
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investigation. >> so let's walk through this thing now. the house committee on oversight and government reform is the committee that is trying to find out what the attorney general knew about fast and furious, correct? you are a member of the committee, right? >> what he knew and, when exactly. >> darrell issa the congressman from california, he is the chair. now, on the committee. there are democrats. are the democrats wanting to know too? or are they trying to help holder? >> they appear to be trying to help holder. i mean, bill, justice hasn't released 92% of the documents related to fast and furious that we have -- >> you don't have to convince anybody of that we all know what's going on. cbs news knows. the factor audience knows. holder doesn't want to put out the documents, period. doesn't want to do it? >> period. >> bill: so your committee then has to either cite him for contempt or not get the documents. that's where it comes down to. i want to know if there are
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enough votes on your committee to cite him for contempt. are there? >> yes. >> okay. >> so there are. you have enough votes to do it. then it goes to the full house. correct? >> um-huh. they have to vote. >> yeah. >> they have to voight it? >> would go to the house floor. the full house has to vote. >> all right. now, you would think in a republic-controlled house that they would vote to hold the attorney general in contempt, correct? >> i would think so, and, again, republics, the committee has been very careful, bill, the last couple of months to really talk to folks to let folks know in the house where this thing is at. if we have to get to the point. >> >> bill: that's why we are doing the segment tonight. it's taking forever. it's taking forever. it's quite clear they won't respond to freedom of information act request. they won't respond to con flesh request. is he not going to give you the stuff unless you make him. and i don't even think that you can make him if you get him in the contempt thing.
8:16 pm
because president obama is not going to fire him. he knows is he going to be protected by the white house. so he can say go ahead, cite me for contempt. i don't care you are not getting anything. >> you are right, bill. we're at that point now where i as a member of the committee i have had it. our patience has run out. this was an act by our government in which people were killed and justice isn't cooperating with us. >> bill: it's a screw up. how many times have we seen the feds screw up. we all understand law enforcement stuff goes south, pardon the pun. but just be honest about who knew about it, how it went wrong, so i don't know why this is a big deal. if holder knew about it and his guys blew it, just say that why the big coverup? i don't get it. do you get it? >> well, bill, yeah, no, why the big coverup unless there is something there they are covering up. >> bill: what? >> it makes no sense.
8:17 pm
>> bill: what, a bribe? what could it possibly be? >> maybe it's what holder knew. when maybe it goes above holder. >> now is he in so deep because he took an oath if the documents say he did know then he has to resign. now is he in deep. now he is in deep. i think the house has run out of patience and holding this guy in contempt is the next step. bill, we are getting close. >> bill: when you say getting close, what is the next step? when is this going to happen? i don't want to be on vacation. tell me when it is going to happen. >> don't know. but suffice it to say, something is going to happen pretty soon. >> bill: all right. pretty soon. if you get a date on it so you can tell the folks i appreciate it congressman. thanks very much. >> thanks, bill. >> bill: brit hume responds. also by jimmy kimmel that brit smokes pot. bernie goldberg was supposed
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>> bill: hume segment tonight, let's bring in brit hume from washington. what do you think of this holder? do you think he is going to get cited for contempt by full congress. >> i would say it's possible. i think the odds are against it usually what happens in these situations, bill, you get right up to the moment when some type of contempt citation might be issued by a committee and the agency in question will fork over some more documents. they will fuss over that and see if they are sufficient. before anything happens usually it gets negotiated out and some share of what's been demanded will be turned over and everybody will claim victory and that will be the end of it even bill, if it did happen and the house which can
8:22 pm
do it the senate doesn't have to act. the house were to cite eric holder for contempt. you probably won't be surprised to learn the agency force citation which would be for failure to turn over documents which is a misdemeanor is justice department so you can imagine how far it would go. >> bill: all right. but in theory, holder could be fined, he could -- there could be justice department. >> sure by the department of justice. that won't happen. >> isn't this corruption? and i'm not accusing the attorney general of anything. but let's just say he did lie. let's just say he told congress he didn't know anything about it and he did. and that's why is he not releasing the documents. in the end, it gets proven that he did lie, it doesn't matter, does it? >> when you say in the end, bill, you are assuming that whatever document or whatever it is that establishes. >> it got leaked to you. all right.
8:23 pm
that would be a problem. and, look, i don't think -- i think he doesn't want to be cited for contempt. it's embarrassing as a criminal matter or as -- it is not going anywhere. i think, you know, it's the kind of thing that could, if the documents were sufficiently sufficiently regulatory be dangerous for him politically. >> bill: your take on just going to continue to play the game. string it out. >> that's the way this usually works out. >> bill: all right. jimmy kimmel mentioned our pal brit during the correspondents dinner on saturday night. go. >> you know pot smokers vote too. sometimes a week after the election but they vote. [ laughter ] let's take a quick poll, i would like everyone in this room to raise your hand if you have never smoked pot. [ laughter ] look at brit hume, he is high right now. he is on his fourth almond mac
8:24 pm
aroon. >> kimmel was tied because you weren't even there. >> i was 60 miles away. i had come home from be out with friends and flicked on the tv fox news was playing i caught most of the president's comments which were pretty funny and i caught -- i was brushing my teeth and had to get to bed to get up on "fox news sunday" and i heard jimmy kimmel talk about me and i heard him say what you just heard him say. >> bill: mocking your persona and being a very straight guy and that's what the comedians do. >> i was astonished that jimmy kimmel or his writers had ever heard of me. >> bill: you are a hip guy. they know how are. you don't like these dinners and i don't really like them either. i wasn't there. i was out actually speaking to the folks in easton, pennsylvania, good working class crew came out to see me on saturday night at the state theater. you know, i sit there. there is a lot of posturing that goes on there, right? it's not like everybody is
8:25 pm
relaxed. >> you can have fun at those dinners. the problem with them is dinner is served too late. by the time dinner is served i'm eating two napkins and chewing on the table cloth. that's what i object to. keeps you up late. i have to get up early like did i for "fox news sunday." >> bill: that's not a fair evaluation you are the early bird special king in there at 4:30. you are in bed at 8:30. you barely make it through the factor. >> there you go. [ laughter ] >> bill: there is a lot of posturing going on. give me a harks you know. i will probably go -- you and i will go next year, all right? and we will sit there and just glare at everybody. >> what we will do is go out together and go to the early dinner and go to dinner. >> bill: kardashians looking for us and they were disappointed we weren't there i. >> i'm sure they were.
8:26 pm
i am sure the kardashians heard my name and they went who? >> just like kimmel they think you smoke pot. brit hume, everybody, there you go. plenty more as the factor moves along this evening. new obama campaign ad questions whether mitt romney would have pulled the trigger in killing usama bin laden. senator john mccain is furious about the ad and he will be here. why dan rather cancelled on the factor. mr. rather was supposed to be here tomorrow. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. ♪
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for me cancer was as scary as a fastball is to some of these kids. but my coach had hit that pih before. we're 78,000 people looking out for 70 million americans. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. >> bill: unresolved problem segment tonight, the federal government wastes an astounding amount of taxpayer money. now the program inside edition has uncovered a car leasing situation that might make you angry. according to the singed indicated show 84 members of the house lease vehicles paid by taxpayer dollars. some of the leases are outrageous to say the least. >> we would like to ask you about the car that you are leasing right now for over --
8:30 pm
for close to $1,000 a month, do you think that's appropriate? >> all i could tell you is that the lease was approved by the house. i'm a member of congress. i ride around in it representing my district 24, you know seven day a week. >> don't you think in the tough economic times the taxpayers are going to have a ladder time understanding why you would be driving a lexus on their dime. >> i'm driving a hybrid car as required by the rules. i'm not violating any rules, i work hard seven days a week, 24 hours a day sometimes. >> bill: here now inside edition. that was gregory meeks from new york. >> correct. >> bill: what was the lease again on that? >> $1,295. >> bill: 1300 bucks a month and he is -- but he works seven days. >> 24 hours a day sometimes. >> bill: that means he probably sleeps in the car. if you take that rent away. >> there you go. >> bill: come on, congressman.
8:31 pm
now, you found 82 that had outrageous leases? >> correct, at least 82. you know, we did some research. we did some paperwork first and found that 82 congressman are paying for cars using your tax dollar. of those 82, 25 are paying at least $800 a month for their leases. so we decided to follow some of these congressman in their districts and find out what they were driving and get some comments from them. so we found anywhere from $800 for an infinity to $1,200 for a tahoe and up to $1,400 for uconn. and we top that yukon. >> you have barton from texas. >> $999 a month he is paying because he says there is a g.m. plant in his district. so he is driving a g.m. hybrid for $999. >> bill: that's a lot of money for a lease. i lease a car and pay 600 a
8:32 pm
month. and it's a nice car. all right? but, you know, 1400 bucks a month? it's ridiculous. >> it is. these folks are making $174,000 a year. i think a lot of us think that's a lot of money. of course the senate isn't allowed this perk. but, the congress is. >> bill: all right. so bobby rush, chicago, he has a lexus hybrid at 1027 a month. barton how mentioned. pedro prosecute freak. -- from puerto rico. there is something interesting about. this he pays $1,400 a month for his lease. when i confronted him he said to us look, it's not paid for by the u.s. taxpayers and technically it's right. it's paid for by the puerto rican taxpayers. bottom line is he is not paying for that car. >> bill: puerto rican people are paying for it because he doesn't even have a vote pedro. is he there as observer. >> 14 hundred for yukon.
8:33 pm
using hybrids to save tax. >> typically cost more money and two year leases which cost more money. >> bill: can't cost any more than that vote it out after they find out they are spending. >> report airs tomorrow on "inside edition." >> who is the most luxurious car. >> this is what is tricky. we saw car for $1,900. however, that was used as kind of an automobile office. so, it was equipped with a computer. >> bill: who had that? >> i forget off the top of my head. >> bill: it was a congressman. >> yes, it was. i think it was vegetable fuel run. >> bill: vegetable fuel? >> yeah. that was $1,900 a month. >> bill: they are not really watching our money. it's a cute little thing you did here in the sense that expod them. gregory meeks. we know what you are doing out there. >> towns is more interesting. is he from new york. not only is he driving a vehicle on our dime. his wife is also driving a car
8:34 pm
that's paid for my campaign funds for personal use. >> bill: oh. >> that could be a problem. >> bill: bad for him. this is on "inside edition" tomorrow tuesday, correct? >> correct. >> bill: thanks. we appreciate it dan rather was supposed to be here tomorrow. he cancelled even though he is pushing a new book. bernie goldberg thinks he knows why. bernie is next. ior prom in this. one day, i'll park this in a spot reserved for me. it's got 26,0 miles on it now, but i'm gonna take it to a thousand million. [ male announcer ] when you own a certified pre-owned mercedes-benz, chances are they'll own it one da too. which is why it undergoes such a rigorous inspection to meet our uncompromising standards. one day, i'm gonna drive this to vegas. [ male announcer ] hurry in to your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for 1.99% financing during our certified pre-owned sales event through april 30th. so how much do we owe you?
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>> >> bill: we were looking forward to interview dan rather tomorrow east coast. he has a new book. we had him booked for an extensive interview. however, a few days ago mr. rather cancelled. today he appeared on good morning america and talked about the bush national guard story that got him fired from cbs. >> we reported a true story.
8:38 pm
i'm not at cbs now because i and my team reported a true story. it was a tough story. a story a lot of people didn't want to believe and t was subjected to a terrific propaganda barrage to discredit it. we reported the truth. and that is that president bush, later president bush when he he was in the national guard service, he was at least awol and we had top general in the army saying on the record he was a deserter. >> bill: joining us now from miami the purveyor of berne nod mr. goldberg. before you get to why you think rather might have cancelled first off i would have asked him you litigated this to the tune of a couple million dollars which you spent yourself and you lost. you lost in a court of law. your assertion was not -- was not deemed credible because if it had been you would have won. cbs then would have dismissed you without cause and you would have won a huge judgment against them.
8:39 pm
how do you square it that's the kind of question i would like to see him answer but is he not going to be asked that on the other programs. i think that's why he cancelled. >> well, first of all, i don't blame him for canceling. i was thinking just a few hours ago of canceling myself. [ laughter ] here is my educated, but i think safe guess. i think dan would rather be interviewed by an ideological soul mate, whether it's george stephanopoulos or chris matthews or somebody like that rather than sit down and be grilled by you. now, everybody knows how charming and lovable you are, bill but, still, i don't think he would want to sit down and be grilled by you. i don't think it's really that complicated. >> bill: it takes me -- whatever i want to say i don't
8:40 pm
even know. it takes me by surprise because rather made his confrontation by being confrontation and nixon thing and "sixty minutes he he would run over with the trench coat. i have a chance to go up against o'reilly biggest cable program in the world. second biggest book seller. if i kick o'reilly's butt i will look like a hero in front of my crew. so it's a win-win for me, dan rather. see, that's the way i look at it. he had a lot to gain here. >> you would think so. i mean, he took on in what turned out to be a disaster. he took on george bush the elder on the cbs evening news. he sat down face to face with saddam hussein who could have had him killed before he left the country. but, i know it doesn't sound logical but i think he is more comfortable with sitting down with a murderer like saddam hussein than he is -- i know.
8:41 pm
you know what i'm going to say than sitting down with you. i mean, look. the only reason people cancel, the only reason people cancel is because they have a conflict of scheduling and that wasn't it. no. >> because he could have said how about if i do it some other time. >> bill: we would have taped him. he doesn't want to do it? >> he doesn't want to do it. >> bill: absolutely. we were going to ambush him like we did with our pal bill moyers. we decided not to. he is, what, 80 now? he is up there. that's probably not the way to go. >> you said he spent a couple of million dollars. no. in the interview that he did with some print or some online thing, the person said you spent $5 million on this case and rather said i wish it were only 5 million. it was more than that. >> bill: wow. so, you know what? here is a guy, here is a man who covered every major story since the assassination of jfk. he has put his life in danger more than a few times.
8:42 pm
and i think he is painfully aware of the fact that some day down the road when somebody writes the obit for dan rather in the first paragraph it's going to contain the words either memo gate or rather gate or something like that. i think that hurts him terribly. >> bill: he could have rehabbed it here. this is the place to go and he declined. >> he has become obsessed with spending all the money that he spent and all of that. is he like captain ahab who became obsessed with the whale. who did him in he can't let this one go. >> bill: i agree with him. ruined his reputation and legacy. >> bill: i have to to run the jimmy kimmel clip because it says something about the audience at the event on saturday night. >> bill o'reilly wrote a controversial book about another great president called "killing lincoln" i think john wilkes booth was innocent.
8:43 pm
i don't even think it was an assassination. i believe that abraham lincoln had a vision about what the republic party would become in 150 years and he he shot himself. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> bill: applause and wild laughter. is this because the correspondents are overwhelmingly liberal and democrat? >> yes. >> bill: that's it? >> yes, that is it, actually. jim were kimmel is a pro. he knows who his audience is he knows they are overwhelmingly liberal and democratic. he also knows that this president spoke to the same audience just a few years ago and said many of you covered my campaign and all of you voted for me and they weren't even embarrassed. they applauded. exactly. so i think kimmel -- look, this joke was funny if you are a liberal democrat and that's who was in the audience overwhelmingly. >> bill: all right. bernie goldberg, everybody. senator john mccain on deck. is he furious that a new obama
8:44 pm
campaign ad implies mitt romney would have shied away from killing bin laden. right back with senator mccain.
8:45 pm
8:46 pm
8:47 pm
>> bill: in the back of the book segment tonight, tomorrow is the one year anniversary of the navy seal operation that killed usama bin laden. and now obama campaign web ad is trying to take political advantage of that ♪ ♪ >> he had to decide. and that's what you hire a president to do. you hire a president to make the calls when no one else can do it. >> bill: joining us now from washington senator john mccain who believes that ad is not worthy. so, you know, questioning
8:48 pm
whether mitt romney would have done the same thing and you say? >> i say any president, jimmy carter, anybody, any president would have obviously under those circumstances done the same thing. and to now take credit for something that any president would do is indicative of the kind of campaign we're under -- we're seeing. let me also point out it's the same president that said the surge wouldn't work in iraq. and did everything to stop it. this is the same president that when one and a half million people were demonstrating in the streets of tehran, chanting obama, obama, are you with us or are you with them? he refused to say a word on their behalf. this is the same president that now 10,000 innocent people have been slaughtered in syria and he sets up atrocity's board. a board. i'm not making that up. a board on atrocities? so all i can say is that this
8:49 pm
is going to be a very rough campaign. and i have had the great honor of serving in the company of heros. you know the thing about heros? they don't brag. >> bill: all right. withbut is it legitimate to say because vice president biden said publicly that he would not have ordered the seal raid at that point in time. he said no. there was a downside, you know that being a military person. if the raid had been botched, and it almost was with one of the helicopters went down. or bib laden -- bin laden had not been there and caused a big thing with pakistan as it did, president obama took a major chance in green lighting that i don't know if it was as easy as everybody thinks it was. because he had biden telling him don't do it. so, isn't it legitimate for the president to take a victory lap one year later? >> i think he got great credit and deserved great credit and by the way, the circumstances
8:50 pm
were such and i give highest praise to the president, but the circumstances are such, especially since they had been there since may, were such that as i say any president would have made the same decisions. >> bill: why didn't biden then? why wouldn't he do it though he had the same intel as the president. >> biden is the one who said we should divide iraq into three countries. biden said desert storm would be another vietnam. biden has been consistently wrong on every national security issue that i have been involved in in the last 20 years or so. so, i wouldn't use biden as a bellwether. but i would use any president of the united states, given that information, would have done the same thing but i give great credit to the president. the point is though, do you use that in political campaigns to attack your opponent? mitt romney would have done the exact same thing. i am confident. and any leader would have. so, to say that mitt romney wouldn't have, i mean, is
8:51 pm
politicizing what an event that all americans applauded enormously. >> okay. i want to bring you back when you have some time in the next couple of weeks. you know better than everyone what it is like to go up against the obama re-election people. i mean, you went through it i think the debates are going to tell the tale between romney and the president. would you have any advice for romney right now in a debate situation? would there be anything that you would tell him to do that perhaps you did not do? >> i think hold the president accountable for his record. the promises and statements and commitments were made about a purple states and no -- hope and change. how has that all been working out? i also think it's important and romney is doing this now is to tell the american people the positive agenda he has for the future of this country both at home and abroad.
8:52 pm
>> bill: in a debate, how hard would you go after president obama if you were mitt romney? because you didn't go after him that hard. would you go after him harder? >> i would go after him harder because he has a record now to defend that is in direct contradiction to the commitments and promises that he made in 2008. >> bill: all right. senator, always a pleasure talking to you. thanks for taking the time. >> thanks, bill. >> bill: sarah palin and pit bulls all in the spotlight. p and p just over two minutes away. with the spark miles card from capital one, thor's couture gets the most rewards of any small business credit card. [ garth ] thor's small business earns double miles on every purchase, every day! here's my spark card. and here's your wool. why settle for less?
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>>. >> bill: pinheads and patriots starring president obama and sarah palin in a moment. mother's day is less than two weeks away and today is the last day to get personal copies of "killing lincoln". if you buy a copy you get a free copy free. also patriot mom mugs big sellers this year along with the patriot mom pens. so make mom happy and help out fine charities, as well. >> to the mail.
8:56 pm
>> bill: you might be lewis with all due respect. lead definition of alien is owning allegiance to another country. that is what alien means. >> bill: not quite. he ate the dog when it was on top of the governor's car.
8:57 pm
>> bill: i don't know. >> bill: love to, but better for you and all the guys see us on new york city on may 11th and chicago june 23. stay safe over there and i hope you guys are coming back as soon
8:58 pm
as possible. >> bill: i'm glad you mentioned my co-author. he did a great job on the book. pinheads and patriots, president obama got off this line at the correspondents dinner. >> even sarah palin is getting back into the game. on the today show which reminds me of an old thing. what is the distinction between a hockey mom and a pit bull. [ laughter ] >> a pit bull is delicious. [ laughter ] >> bill: i like it. even though it's kind of gross. president being accused of some eating dog meat in indonesia. for a funny line the president is patriot this evening. that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website which is different than
8:59 pm
and spout off about the factor, ole riley at fox do not be mendacious and we're going to read those exotic e-mails from all over the place. so if you are watching us from part of the globe that a little different, we want to know about it. tasmania and then i got one from bhutan up in the himalayas. i am bill o'reilly. please remember the spin stops right here and we are definitely looking out for you. >> sean: tonight the man who helped creat


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