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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  May 1, 2012 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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re win eernbooy n. feivthe wmlre t ry revt b li. efranripein saidomhi vy inrein he lkeathe cgratn anaiodan t fahf toeep tir sit eris ala fvebo. y aisid youan carry roh on thatlan. w, think aut that. god wantss to be sane. makes sense. the problem is we're living in an insane world where some people completely lose their bearings. few examples. last night on the factor we had a segment on how the far left saying racial slur as well as a hate crime to call an illegal alien an illegal
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alien. some folks actually believe. this the far left also says there is a war on women because some taxpayers object to paying for female birth control. sodpaorhe dy the worst ogme r th wat pplthaeyer
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te mesnydy inpotselve the ffen bwerosnd teoardin hidesi toan crc inrratn imy a licaonlang tis ew toh mean guntn that o. th'she mo. nofothopto tig. les bng iwo san ppl
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leastom days. ryatri h and jn williams. they a in washington. fone analysts. juan, plain me the difference between waterboarding and drone attacks? >> well, you know, bill, these people are plotting terrorist activities against the united states, when they are engaged in executing, they are on their battlefield. they are terrorists. we engage them on their battlefield when we use drones to attack them because essentially they are like soldiers and soldiers get shot, they get krunfirhi ty atcks. t dierseou capeleheyoe de s snd dst ttlls ppl t ic tthite. s
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remm d t dius
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thsileuen kis dne pgr iseume tnunng eeoe he wer bo cldhi tt. ig wlt's inreinbeuswhen aroh tk - juan tk ou i a -he juifatn r e on prraisxalyhe se e aheus aintrio adnistraon forapri d ungnhce interration. creating plots a have infoatn we nd it may be a ticng time bomb issue. ju rember the obama administration wentrom 2009 it was most important thing in the world for khalid sheikh mohammed, of 9/11 fame to come to new york city and get a civilian trial and that was the only way that our values would be right with the world. then they realized that's not going to work. nd
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lrha >>n gra t, g h p cake thhe
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yosehe fda seen >>es >> mn,omn, isit m orrelle anse? c'tal iegal aenn lel aenit aat cre dhama kaare. men. us-- d't kw. >>hiis wt ler tistdo. theype aot o te finding w ways to b self-rhtusnd telth re ous tre are aunch of tngse can't say. sohink -- if they argue that saying illegal takes someone's humanity away from them. >> >> bill: it's more than that, it's a rate crime. >> a person illegally crossing the board is humanity and fax of their. you have to deal with the facts of this issue and you want to be kind and humane to folks. >> bill: i want to be kind and humane. you know that even illegal aliens themselves call illegal aliens. committing a hate crime against themselves. i just think it's so out of control. i will give you the last word. >> let me restore insanity. rema.imasllow if i
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sda wh'rd erti.. at dfent me it,haer geinstf ne iss y op cos5-ur er or miiotis we. geshethalt, ertifeinth nd to gestf done. 5-urney...wh y gta t stufdo.
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bl:bsewasil a freem inforti a reesasngor jti dertntocen rtni tthfa a ris n snd. acrd tbs creonnt shar akionth jusce departntasen hosy
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blkpas. congsslsgo heavily redacted documents. now, there are thrts that attorney general eric holder may be cited for contempt in this case. joining us from chicago congressman joe walsh is a member of the house committee that may cite attorney general holder. what's going on with this. this case has been going on for a year and you are not getting anything out of them. urfrrehenglder. tohe d
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eden yb tte kw wh'soin. s wsno. e ctudnc kno. ld dsn wt p o th dumts, pio estanto do it? >>eriod. >>il syo cmiee enas t ehe ceim foonmpr net t documes. at wretomes d t
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i nt t knoifhere a enoughotes on your committ toit h for contempt. ar there? >> yes. >> oy. >> so there are. u have enough votes to do it. then it goes to the full house. correct? >> um-huh. they have to vote. >> yeah. >> they have to voight it? >> would go to the house floor. the full house has to vote. >> all right. now, you would think in a republic-controlled house that they would vote to hold the attorney general in contempt, correct? >> i would think so, and, again, republics, the committee has been very careful, bill, the last couple of months to really talk to folks to let folks know in the house where this thing is at. if we have to get to the hant..isanee gi hece r
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ilnyeser bl:
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>>il wt, bbe atoutosbl b >>ay isha hde ew wh mbet gs ave ld. >>ows hin seep cae oo a ohfhe cumentsahe d kwhe heas tesn. w is hin deep. w is in dp. think e hseas run o ofatience and hdi this y in contempt t nex step. bill, we are getting close. >> bill: when you say getting close, what is the next step? when is this going to happen? i don't want to be on vacation. tell me when it is going to happen. >> don't know. but suffice it to say, something is going to happen pretty soon. >> bill: all right. pretty soon. if you get a date on it so you can tell the folks i appreciate it congressman. thanks very much. >> thanks, bill. >> bill: brit hume responds. also by jimmy kimmel that brit smokes.
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taone e ilor o sere d ihereufcit. fo athapns uay gsegiad t d mehafhasee maedill beurd er dveboil cim vioranth wl t d ve bil i it d pp a touhian
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do it t senat dsn he to a. the us we to cite ec lder f conmp you probably won't be surprised learn the anc force citation whi would be for failure to turn over documents which is a misdemeanor is justice department so you can imagine how far it would go. >> bill: all right. but in theory, holder could be fined, he could -- there could be justice department. hbrure by the department of.eni
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hespe, heavhohiocom
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4:30. you are in bed at 8:30. you barely make it through the factor. >> there you go. [ laughter ] >> bill: there is a lot of posturing going on. give me a harks you know. i willrobably go --ound i willo next yr, all gh anwe wil shend j aretvebo. wt wl d is g out geerndoo t ely dinn a gto dne >>il kdaia lki fousndhewe saoiede ret ere i. i seheer
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urheshns armyam a ten u ey ollehe po
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>>il uesveprle seentogh t fer gornntass asunngmot ofaxye moy. whe pgrnsedion sncerareang siatn atig me u gr acrdg t sge incad sw emrsf byaxyeolrsvicsai so oth l bou away.os$1 a
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>> there you go. >> bill: come on, congressman.
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now, you found 82 that had outrageous leases? >> correct, at least 82. you know, we did some research. we did some paperwork first and found that 82 congressman are paying for cars using your tax dollar. of those 82, 25 are paying at least $800 a month for their leases. so we decided to follow some of these congressman in their districts and find out what they were driving and get some comments from them. so we found anywhere from $800 for anfito ,200 f toendo ,4or ucn. anweopha yon. la.l:.. fmexon h i s
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.asbr taxpayers. bottom line is he is not paying for that car. >> bill: puerto rican people are paying for it because he doesn't even have a vote pedro. is he there as observer. >> 14 hundred for yukon.
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usin hybrids to save tax. >> typically cost more money and two year leases which cost more money >>il can'tost anmo anhavo itut aft ey fin o ty a enng. >>eptiromron nse itn. >>hos tosuxio ca >> ts wt tck sar f $90 wer, tha w ud ad ngutppau
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that president bush, later president bush when he he was in the national guard service, he was at least awol and we had top general in the army saying on the record he was a deserter. >> bill: joing us now om miami the purver oer m gdbg. bereouetohy y inraerig h nclefit f wld have aedimouitat th tthtu o cpl miiodoarwhh u enyose aouos yolo i aou ofaw aghy w citdo ss
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enw.t onese-
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akeypre beraerad his confrontation by being confrontation and nixon thing and "sixty minutes he he would run over with the trench coat. i have a chance to go up against o'reilly biggest cable program in the world. second biggest book seller. if i kick o'reilly's tt i willook likeer inront my cre sot'a w-w fe, d ther. e, tt'thwa i lk it head loain he. >>ouou tnko. i mn, h tkn iha rn o tbeiste heoo o grgus t facbsve ns. ore 5it tt.>>il.
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er every major story since the assassination of jfk. he has put his life in danger more than a few times.
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and i think he is painfully aware of the fact that some day down the road when somebody writes the obit for dan rather in the first paragraph it's going to contain the words either memo gate or rather gate or something like that. i think that hurts him terribly. >> bill: he could have rehaed it here thiss the acto g and h dein. >> hasecebsseith spdi all t meyha h enanalofha eike ctaha w cabssewi t whe. o dim ie c'tet bl: aeeitim usdl iunilro a
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y.ev applauded. exactly. so i think kimmel -- look, this joke was funny if you are a liberal democrat and that's who was in the audience overwhelmingly. >> bill: all right. bernie goldberg, everybody. senator john mccain on deck. is he furious that a new obama
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campaign ad implies mitt romney would have shied away from killing bin laden. right back with senator
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>> bill: in the back of the book segment tonight, tomorrow is the one year anniversary of the navy seal operation that killed usama bin laden. and now obama campaign web ad is trying to take political advantage of that ♪ ♪ he had toece. anhashaou he pridt o. u rerede t me th cls whe none eean dot. bl:oings wro wainonenorohnccn o lieshaad i n wohy soyonoueiong
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whmi romnewod ve neheamthgnd y me igbutite say
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because vice president biden said publicly that he would not have ordered the seal raid at that point in time. he said no. there was a downside, you know that being a military person. if the raid had been botched, and it almost was with one of the helicopters went down. or bib laden -- bin laden had not been there and caused a big thing wh pakista as it did, president obama tk a jor cncn greeniging th i don kw if i w a easy avebohis s. becae h ben tli m d'tot. so i't i litate f e esen t te viorlaoneea ler >> tnke gre c and gretnd cuddemsncweheaipr s
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ul mean, is
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politicizing what an event that all americans applauded enormously. >> okay. i want to bring you back when you have some time in the next couple of weeks. you know better than everyone what it is like to go up against the obama re-election people. i mean, you went through it i think the debates are going to tell the tale between romney and the president. would you have any advice for romney right now in a debate situation? would there be anything that you would tell him to do that perhaps you did not do? >> i think hold theresident accountable r his record. eromises and stements and commien wead abture ste and no hendchge. hoha ttll bnorng t? alhit'mptant an rne i dng tsow tellhe arineoe theosiv and hor e tu ohi cnt l:ftsiifne
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. bl:ieatrio prt aman rapan inent. g crlocottwkshe l
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>> bill: not quite. he ate the dogwhen it was on top ofhe govnor's car.
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>>il ion kw.
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