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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOXNEWS  May 1, 2012 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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ed a destroy al qaeda. the al qaeda that attacked us on 9/11 is just amazing. bill: more from him throughout the morning. jenna -- jonah goldberg, national at large from. good morning, joe gnaw. >> good morning, bill. bill: it is a political year. how is that playing to the story? >> a lot of ways an embarrassi date. it is kind of thinghere erybody tinabout is rationally uderstand a l of people,tartiiuy ho p bletininlan deeresret r at. itas hryrun's t wor w i nodyon' tnkha dr der cd r i s hlalalim'tulmesindai
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ofciti tin t get credit for something, to get more credit for something he deserves. bill: to that point then, i
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wonder how much does it matter in election year? how much does it matter in mid-october or does it matter for the moment? >> i think it matters a little bit for the moment. i don't think it matters in october. remember this is not the first time they tried to turn bin laden's death into political capital. back six months, a year ago they were talking about how, you know, the fact that president obama kild biladen pres the should supporthe whe use'sreen engy ogamndll t ret. at bmbtterl th i st. yb ty'prpi yhe ouwotori hi ainin oobn aifre w. asof n idot init llhgee mny op'sis. llgd lcko u reaiif
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political points with the bin laden issue? you would be very surprised at some of the people who are taking the president to task on this. we're going to talk about that in a moment. arianna huffington among them, calls recent obama ad
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on bin laden despicable. former new york governor george pataki will be here to weigh in. he was central on that fateful day in new york city. go /erasnewsroom. teou line surv or send me a twet with your oarhoughtn tis aramcaum bi: he f ws e. fosik li, ve pepl dcred a anchtwe aesedin ar ileld,hi std,algeytrng bi drriasis authorities do take it very
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seriously. it is an ongoing threat something they have been considering since the attempted bombing of the a plain in detroit. in 2009. you remember. farouk abdulmutallab had a bomb hidden in his underwear. it failed to explode whene i t denate it. "te mb kein a qda eermeedi bbs pnt i sith
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hano. th kdofhattsf new skm r s.oman scutyai a stenths ou secy ctie t ghnd tugl ed oav ml
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ouerepronut ombthsnt wl rtnwo un, they will lead the training. last week you remember the secret service announced new rules of conduct for its agents. agents will not be able to bring foreigners to their hotel rooms and not be allowed to drink excessively before reporting for duty which might be --. martha: sounds like a pretty good idea, right? excellent advice. police are now saying that envelopes filled with white powder and delivered to wells fargo branches in new york were notoc. a sokesman for the bank ys wesar orang wi plicean coidsfafy of sme aemoyees t piotyfcose row epif bank
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rahe uerinstaton lltlodunl li s is sfeo reen insi sins lke s ceveoit s ceveoit tclyb touhinyco
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trng fder olring new fire. a report from house republicans calling holder and justice department, quote, more partisan than ever. virginia congressman randy forbes, house armed services
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and judiciary committee from his home state of virginia. good morning to you. there is a bit of news at t moment, aparently holder will testifyn fnt of your jdiciar committee in early june. about at, sir? >>il, onof the things ifyoit on theuciary coiteou raleow daerors baon t refawnhcotry. itska il t usce partmei mracpinesut should'tru i a t d. ha is hppin y hveerahis itordhetrn d poishethei
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enceiteonmef tve afhe eug eug i think we have a responsibility to members of the judiciary committee to do the due diligence and make sure we're getting the american people answers. bill: are you suggesting there is coordination between justice and the white house? >> what i'm suggesting, bill is this. if you look, we have this breakdown in agencies whether it is tsa, gsa,
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secret service, the then you look at the justice department refusingto comply wi lawsan enr the. actllgog aterstes kp tmromomying. the rleof l shld aly toveryboy. the agei hve tt tohe pnt ere tey thnkit dsnppo em on aplsovebo el. lhe ae aesou ohi de ohi o o ti s? ilatsus nt tete hecooule, pissed, give
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your grandmother a free ride in the bus and only 13% of y'all think i'm doing a good job. [bleep]. not to mention that i'm in criminal investigation and my family is in jeopardy. bill: that was just a good morning. he might want to zip his lip if he finds himself in one time where swearing could cost you some serious coin. martha: we ner g tired of tat video, do we? e noun ia c
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bill: boy swear charge just won't do here. a town in massachusetts thinking about enforcing a rarely-used law against swearing are. a police chief in middle borrow thinks a $20 fine would deter vulgar loud mouths. >> we have more important thingso do. these are quality life issus. counity policg peel d'twa to se. >> its iimatg th ster peleut hre wnwn a ihith inkit isoothngh'r i smein try rbt. roerhet t est hu aonphly i
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tinsh ac mack's drive-through she found out john edwards wanted her
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husband to claim he was the father of the politician's young love child. mrs. young said the first thought in my mind was, how in the world could mr. edwards ask one more thing of me, of us? i was mad. i was upset. of course i said absolutely not. i screamed at him. i cursed at him. mrs. young said though she eventually areed to alongwi t plan after speing with edward personally on the phone. he sid shei't wano ing downth cpagnor risae math if yo lie tir ttiny atswh e ryi ci. take temn pt inreblthgs hofcteasllh fo trocuon joth? epteiteee rtinlo aar the
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behalf of rielle hunter. martha? martha: oh my. that is a houseguest who is a handful. jonathan, thank you very much. talk about high maintenance. bill: we were talking about how the story is getting so much attention. imagine the drama on the
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stand. if this thing were televised it would be must-see tv. martha: it would be. >> no cameras in this courtroom however in north carolina. martha: we wish there were. bill: he is high on the short list for vice president. marco rubio telling bret baier whether or not he pinches himself over all that attention. what else d he say? ouillind t. rtha: chairman ofth jotchfsf staff is wori tt theeath of barack obama ieg used orolicai te wtou tnkbout that. ndme tet @mrtmaalm. goto o bse, xns.m erasneom tall t kllgf bn de i lici est be u t ll ie. wh
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they say is the politicizing the death of usama bin laden. here is senator john mccain on this. >> all i can say is that this is going to be a very rough campaign and i have had the great honor of serving in the company of heroes. you know the thing about heroes? they don't brag. martha: interesting, from john mccain. and he is a hero himself of course. auriana huffington is among those who said this, quote. i think it is one thing to celebrate the fact that they did such a great jo with lision spia t commmoate tsay. all tha is pfectly legitat ttou i in a cpanadis t onofhe mst dspab thgsh y co. rytngor fm aanufngon ou e rede he.
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e'nbyoer w sgemng nd a migorthe president would sy
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great day. great job on behalf of those navy seals of course but we have so many men and women out there fighting this fight today. >> i was appalled. at the time when president obama called out the fact that it was "sl team 6" that engaged and led this raid. they're stl out there they'r rskingheir live aewonhs tewe had the hoibinde where thecoer w sto in ahast aelo ntial gar a al weshld b tnkngh dprin fthirafy er dndot pttng rlf onhea he a mpgni oarkll
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c sai myarr topat?. ionnkou others but i do think he is right that any president who understood the magnitude of the battle we were spacing against al qaeda would have taken
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that action. that is fairly safe thing to say but i don't think you take a shot at any other presidentr other political figure. at is very different from nning an ad pting yoself o thba and ying e othererson ul'ta donet. ithinkhe a mnide ofierenceer ffndomnt tt ay vebelht inapprritendonios licstteo p urselfon t bknd s oo h gatm. otush . benisvy g ou oba daen a bswa dds
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t ve who made that call. that is not what folks are talking about today as a result of all this. thank you so much, governor. always good to hear from you. >> thank you, martha. martha: thanks for coming in. bill: so back to the campaign now. lots of talk that florida senator marco rubio would be
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and would be and could be in line for the number two spot on the ticket. on last night's "special report", bret baier rubio adressed that with bre >>ou'ren orist etherou say or or not for ve presidt. doou erih yourlf a s holy cow, h a i he? i pnc mel bau eunrsndghi' bn bssdwi a al ar oornihaew amicsve gtoer tirgornntndhr myi lverye o reavng card.
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it is important to understand i did not bill personal expenses to the republican of florida. the republican party of florida never paid my personal expenses never. look i shouldn't have done it that way. it was lesson learned. bill: it was a great segment last night. rubio also says he isn't interested in the slot. that's what they all say, right. martha: that's what they all say. bill: however he has campaigned with mitt romney, and did it not in florida but pennsylvania. later tonight on "special report" bret sits down with
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another republican who might be on the short list, io setor robb portman the senator tks abois professiol experien, h ten whito andh hisbout presint am 6: renheone chnnl. ruopoma up thrshe nesalys mep oheelti, eor vwhhe i oraorhi testgtoee h mth gdees. ce o ce o ofnt crpehidi
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get tired of that, aren't you. martha: i like it.
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very, very gentlemanly. bill: i'm here for you. martha: thank you, sir. bill: right on. bill: there is new fallout after a epa regional director resigns after incendiary comments about oil companies in america. in a letter, al amendariz regrets the comments made in 2010 but doesn't want to jeopardize the agcy. is this oled mment. bob beckel,ormer moat cpan maner, da ntos o-st o"t fe.hi erppiz d ruporar. owreouuy dng. gd mni. od mni,anea,he ld qstn wetrr otthes reo urus. mptoom
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l:. here are the facts. oil companies are making more than they ever made. more drilling permits permitted under barack obama in the first three years than the last four years of george bush. there is absolute, with the exception of going after oil companies for their t
9:45 am
brea, which they sulo ter them for,here is abolelno evinc,o that t a o e oba mistti dng anthg b t w,os he - il syo aou wld are th buc o hre wi ts gy? e otng setoe scer? luly dn' tnkreis yi t at wl snd tho00>>obstou
9:46 am
ownd nd sofoueil gation.i so too is rick perry's office. the agency is still there and whole mind set is still there. >> bob, let me ask you something. do you think the president has been openly hostile to fossil fuels? i do. plenty of sound on that in this network. >> i have not seen any indication of that. they permitted more oil wells bng drilled how would you csir at. >> this preside colely clped wnonrling.
9:47 am
ss obeingmprted ts ye anas 1or 1 yes. >>beus o spp iue bo >>ouan-. ll: tsan sis efde. qtehe wrucifd for dongth be s pse d?n d. onad milliow d
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in t sts y at 5:00. thank you, bob. thank you, andrea. >> thank you. bill: go to /americasnewsroom. bya. leave a question for them or anybody you like. shoot me a e-mail at or twitter @billhemmer because you asked. for more enjoyment. martha: for bob, it is raining. might affect his opinion whether or not he wants to head down tre. bring your umbrell rget about goingto e doctor to get a prescription fo thgsieart coitns,lo preu, le. tur oouod sone bl gehehis
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us byinong yrslf at ksk l un gd. wh a dfencfida c mke wh i mt mnoiin ado-ad pliwi ty hm he t
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ll n gdne re bak erca poed aler fou
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bundea roenng hefd taking comments on this. on may 7th they will decide whether this is allowable. i think this is a huge
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mistake. and it's part of all of the attacks on physicians that we've been seeing by the obama administration. it is not directly tied obviously to obamacare but here's the problem. it's different from one patient to the next. i can't decide, you know, based on a survey that i take at a armacy what edicatn need. diabetes, for example, is a very cplated deae. it voes ncas,nd inulrepts. o gdmecaio f a paen i tgoor noer math booreur, dietan ueran atf yu'iaosor rgias y ythknee
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nh, twice. martha: great job on the bike. >> real honor. real honor to be with the vets. martha: you did a fantastic job. thank you so much. bill: and he is still sore. which means he got a good workout. martha: no pain, no gain. bill: preparationed under the day across the country as may day labor marches get
9:56 am
underway. occupy wall street protesters expected to join. where will they be out in full force and what is their message? wel find out at top of the hour ♪ s ♪ i ve at nerg
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take lea ge fl iponeendavlst colpve lg ncon ou
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y federal authorities. sources tell fox news the target was in the cleveland ohio, area. we're awaiting a fbi news conference that will come out any moment now. we'll get new details what is behind this plot. brand n hour starts now for "america's newsroom." we're glad with you're with us. i'martha macclu bill: i'milheer. fi people wre areed and incot da elywrigh at doeno aouhe o atreeeaing? >>ert: cvend disi bieas ns rea. he fve iivua uer rrstadntca ot umoso
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deerhe unbi
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fotorie osely monitored the defendants as well. also, the explosives the defendants purchased and attempted to use were inoperable. steven anthony, the special agent in charge of the cleveland division of the fbi, he issued the following statement about the matter. he states the safety of the citizens of the northern district of ohio is and continues to be our primary focus. the individuals charged in this plot were intent on using violence to express their idealogical vis. goeson t ah the joint trrisask fce ll ntuetoe vilant itsffts t de a diup a trosmhrt, omti teatna bi,s u ntnehe iv iivua w hve be aesdiapar fo aedalagtre in us.isctouay in c oall isursro
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what this is, this is occupy wall street teaming up with the labor unions saying they will have a day, i guess, rebel, don't work, don't go to the banks. don't send your kids to school. it is really kind of crazy, martha. this is why the occupy wall street group will never gain steam. this is all about creating problems for the 99%ers, not just the 1%s. 99%ers have to take our kids school. we have to go to work to pay our families to eat and comme. is is sotely crazy. whath realy shoulde doingsani tse os i a ncea w an s ned re reesentioin wainon dc.utha n at ty' a bo. tywaodiup usiness d pop's le izleut sn.ab gin n a oes pon nk
10:04 am
ll t tahe democrats will decide whether to join on or not. but the interesting part, labor unions joining on with them. labor unions are close to the democratic party.
10:05 am
they're playing both sides of this fence. martha: we'll see what happens. eric,see you on "theive." thanks, budy. >> thanks, martha. ara:coext what staed mayay oiginaly. itwaesnad asn inrniol bor da b e iertialocli ne bkn 19. sajhodain soetni aoust uri adisrilly a purdaorolic ckaouthap,yooaynt
10:06 am
theesident's policies on the economy have helped the economy. that will be a main determinant. unemployment rate has gone down. the fact those numbers, the poll numbers haven't moved too much that is bad sign for the president. he has the edge two to one, sometimes three to one depending what poll you look back on likeability. that is big deal. bill: you can win the elecra you c whe
10:07 am
nionalote d lose the eor vote. >> yah bill: wen y srt to ok wh m bak wn, i thnktisoit rht no, b. i' t reiti chgeer ch thea plye pup ain etr coron t we. orheer i'shiinhe sthstolidin e os a t sate t eago
10:08 am
a of strategy and a lot of twist and turn over the next six months. bill: watch the rasmussen numbers too. that is likely voters. >> yes. bill: you have to go a little deeper in the question to find a likely voter. bob cusack live in washington. great to see you. >> thanks, bill. bill: martha? martha: there is a brand new shocking report out this morning says some of america's biggest companies, some are rporate advisors to the president believe the alth cre costs ar actuly gng higher as a rest of obamar l ao aop fer
10:09 am
agt crgith prei era w chg wh i hiel wh hpeeder welle yu. rt:us leed chllg 9asr jeif hds'sisr t men a e fnd ermie e caev, ev oc caev, ev nonn at'ck iends trip!!!!! [ nn ] 2-3 peca applye a of a
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bi: wereearingoworhe rs tese chill91 lls me bress jnifer on'sr, wn theiste discoved sal fil membs murre ifheir ho inhica. ngnddsho d
10:13 am
ert age rt here, we have congressman joe barton one of the republicans on
10:14 am
the commerce committee. good morning, glad to have you here. >> glad to be on your program. martha: who weighed on this. what corporate advisers weighed on it and what did they say? >> this is the competitive council that president obama appointed. it's got 27 cporations, ies like koak, xox, mcas southwestli nel ec. thre indf mains s.tionnd ty he ok at thelthc l a ceh theus colusiha is goi t or money,otussos pl and thehae
10:15 am
standard of coverage goes up it's going to cost more. martha: the white house and democrats who support the bill have argued that the costs will decline over time because of things like preventative care being covered and over time it will pick up things that could
10:16 am
be treated more quickly and that that will help some of thess ka hraeugt costs. yo the escalating costs. >> they are living in a cream world if you require more people would be covered and require at ty be cered mor thorough it' going to cos re. whhis rept alsoointsut th ous fat penaltyor nveran t hethcareaw, in words, iforpo amecaps altca covag teyave a t ofey uthwes alines,oover thrloyeos $0 lln de ter ar, i the cohetylyosthaothffpl s more peod
10:17 am
require the coverage to be more thorough it's going to cost more, it's that simple. martha: representative joe barton, with your saoeufpltd thank you sside. thank you so much. good to have you here. bill: we have new details on a plot to blow up a bridge in northern ohi we haveictus of the suspect involved. 'l bng you updat a momentha we' lrning fr e.b. 's reptedlectefbg
10:18 am
being mitje tkf being t romnes runng m now h rng eyesith at seste c decwt hi a n.plki eat
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10:22 am
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hour. here are headlines right now in "america's newsroom." it turns out the rate of home ownre ship in the united states is p falling. it is at a 15-year low. officials are blaming high foreclosure rates and a strong represent almarket for the drop. a judge has ruled that a hotel maid can indeed move forward with a lawsuit against the former head of the international monetary fund. the maid, remember this story, she claims that strauss-kahn assated her i a nework city cotroom. uld it be a ht from new rsernor ri ctie, the lonmi romney pptedmithat uld possiy bonvinc, bi t run as ney's icesint rni me. say h lovesis job as the goveor one jersend odn, itheatest igeo top security
10:24 am
clearances are going to the middle east unauthorized with secret bank accounts and the administration doesn't even know it. immigration and customs
10:25 am
enforcement, or ice, is america's second largest investigative agencies after the f.b.i. at its hhestel wasames woleyaw a 0 llionudgetnd allly ste rtf t y e ney for hlf vi the hhif uer t rar ian elate t scamteu hdho buy home boa res courtds it c tongyteyyeomriat.2le
10:26 am
npo h atasor belement.ilty homeland security is demanding to know what happened. they don't know where he got his hands-on $1.7 million. bill: i'm sure you'll follow it. thank you, william in los angeles live on that story today. martha: a history teacher charged with assault for going a little too far in a lesson on the holocaust.
10:27 am
how e tned her classroom into a n gmany. bill:he m once in charge o inrrogatg terst n sa t cia cant dots proble ss t goe t t wteouse. >t' atake. cred,e ng havehe detiod w ouhermse ml,
10:28 am
>> announcer: meet mary. she loves to shop online with her debit card, and so does bill, an identity thief who stole mary's identity, took over her bank accounts and stole her hard-earned money. now meet jack. enough to enjoy retirement.saved angie, the waitress at jack's favorite diner, is also enjoying his retirement. with just a little information, she's opened up a credit line, draining t equity
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sh [click-click] [♪...] ah, welcomto
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omhe h
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ai n d yakn. ete tnde political spin from reality. there is no doubt that an incumbent president benefits when good things happen while he happens to be sitting in the oval office. and politicians being politicians they will try to take advantage of it. but that is different from being able to say that the president's actionsffectively, more tn anytng els actuall caused the good thing to happen. the kling of osama bin lad was aional tumph t uned s ten sn t makin pridenolve in t, ndds of tandsf inlligen a mil rsnel,nd ied ccully esen oma iment rtanioondn oinatce
10:33 am
ll ir ws matters in october, or early november? it might be a headline for the
10:34 am
moment, but that moment is going to pass and in all likelihood the focus goes back on the economy, does it not? >> here is where i think it could be important. this is something that i looked at myself when i considered running. i think people look at national security and the president's role as a surrogate for the big question of presidential leadership. eyant to know theve g a esent wit judent,ith teity,ith vn a leer, dywlso th dt l o arity tresintn thenal ri fie. in ae tlishatiol seritydentia this a iortantmentn ihink t what thiehip, es funntallyut .me po of the latest news, our
10:35 am
interview, our show, you can get it all, look at it again,"america's newsroom," head to our website. bill: that's where we are every night before going to bed. martha: pouring over it.
10:36 am
there are new developments this morning in the u.k. phone hacking case that involves the parent company of fox news, fox corp. amy has been on this story. >> reporter: the parliamentary committee was divided in their report today, dividedlong partyine. thatay meathat the effect th report that it isswill be wat dow when i goes bere t ente pamen ehing,ttee of ur lki i t pra of p hacki n fu ns of torld. ehing comttee w unous tast un ndence eit up mr jam murdoch a claimed that rupert
10:37 am
murdoch was not fit to run a global media company. >> he's been running businesses since before i was born. he's run successful businesses and employed hundreds of thousands of people around the world. he's made a huge difference to the med itry. >>eporte martha, it sha neut ruperupert mdo
10:38 am
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administrative leave, the teacher was in south carolina. martha: another school story for you this morning. the teacher at the center of a verbal abuse investigation has now been placed on paid leave. new jersey school officialsay this aecond teacher resigd afr t fatherf a boy with tism strd a dal aud recordero his to hr wa hng atoo aer he s disturbed son kep omho u hente tording n int ysl.wh dsheer tim salut o
10:44 am
>> you know, i would assume that's correct, that she is probably at home. and let me just say something, that the fact that the investigation has been -- is
10:45 am
ongoing, that she was put -- is a vindication of what i've done. her lawyer put out a statement saying a lot of things which i found offensive. and the fact that the school district i nowaking action, i wi ty did ts two months ago. i wish i dn't haveo go rough this. and ihi tt' we need mecnges t our ls tha pas don he to be tives i hav tts a aumaticng butt a vcati, but ju sta ofrocess. thes uc thatas toapenn his cas rt:uso cfy f thho wwhat'vanlm tha you
10:46 am
aplo hout the day. other bullying incidents. here is what i have. i kept one clip out of the public view in the beginning, and it's something that i'll be releasing probably this week, but the teacher was there, and it's pretty clear that she was there, and maybe even participated in it, where my son was reading, and then he just put his finger in his nose it
10:47 am
wasn't a big deal, then he got yelled at, they said it's gross, he starts to get very upset, and was jusa mean thing to do. so how doeshe exp being prent f t mn t,nd tayingthing, ao, at all tnappte coeron wre s i lk aut mon'sep eting, whichstionf p k tbout ithhat. pleraw t therigri
10:48 am
dgou't tape two people without their knowledge. as long as you're a part of it you can do it. martha: the school is saying basically because it's an audiotape they are continuing the investigation and they need to figure out whose voices are saying what words on that audiotape so they can accurately reprimand the people kaeurpbg out -- everybody would agree this is horrific behavior, nobody would expect teachers to act like that in a cast room, right? how hard would would it be to determine what? the people in the room know, i
10:49 am
said this part, thenhe said thart, right ty hav d caref instion. vislpele job are at ste. yo he aured ter, she s cine rihts pwausheure,y ar dog it cly t facs ink mrchafetz i xaly r pd leaalthe ter now f co those
10:50 am
three, said to be plotting to blow up a bridge in the cleveland, ohio area the f.b.i. is talking about this. we have a view of the bridge here. you'll hear from the f.b.i. in a moment right after this quick time out. t mmmm. eagr
10:51 am
arat gra d see ur
10:52 am
10:53 am
william la jeunesse has original
10:54 am
reporting on yet another government spending scandal, this one involving immigrations and customs. and there is breaking news on a thwarted plot to blow up a bridge in cleveland. i'll talk with one of the big-wigs from the war in afghanistan. seth jones joins us about the death of osama bin laden one year later. the continuedee rows of the middle class in mesh. what it means for the rac for the whit hse. see you soon. bi: northern cleland off thiserrorismas for re fe forlottig t ow upeged bea cland,o. rew t.i. fm ur. d dnt'sst tensnd a thauring o thairrseesrdayerer r
10:55 am
helping the middle class but with unemployment still high and the economy still struggling big question during this election will be, has he delivered on that promise? what it could mean for his chances in november.
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lyhink that way. bill: tomorrow is wednesday. martha: i'm looking forward to that. bill: me too. we'll see you then. martha: "happening now" starts right n. we'll see you back here tomorr tomorrow. jon: emotional testimony in the trial of john edwards an aide to the former presidential candidate talking about money change hands and a bizarre account of edwards mistress and her reaction to a ruben sandwich. live at thehous repte iwa frea ag thapresidobam caaign


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