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tv   The Five  FOX News  May 1, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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7:30 p.m. eastern time. he will deliver the speech from bagram air force base. stay with us for developments on his trip. moments ago, the president signed a patch with president hamid karzai outlining the partnership with the country to set conditions for our presence in afghanistan after 2014. let me bring in my co-hosts now, andrea tantaros, bob beckel, eric bolling and greg gutfeld. on this anniversary, andrea, of usama bin laden meeting his maker after president obama made a decision that the seals went in and finished the deal, where were you when you first heard the news? >> andrea: i was in new york city. what a place to be when you hear the news. so many people in my neighborhood that i didn't know were telling stories when you heard the news, or walked out to get a coffee, my gosh, i had a friend that died in the towers. the sense of excitement, relief, piece for the victims, a moment that you look around in a city that you are storming past each other all day long, angrily.
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everyone felt united. it was a really good feeling. >> dana: good moment. bob, do you remember where you were? can you say? >> bob: i was on a date. we were watching a movie. it was not on the tv movie. so after that -- >> bob: was it a movie you filmed yourself? >> dana: goodness. >> bob: no. those have all been destroyed. but i did turn on the news. there it was. i was ecstatic. something we went up, report for a long time. how many years? since -- ten years, right? >> dana: eric, do you remember? >> eric: i don't remember to be perfectly honest with you. i had to have been home. sunday night. >> dana: must have been home. right? that is the story, we're sticking to it. >> eric: someone called and said president obama is going to speak.
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never thought it would be we got barack obama. >> dana: i usegot -- we got usa. >> dana: i used to get late-night phone calls. if you did, you thought something bad is happening. i picked up and saw the blackberry someone from the mainstream media i used to talk to. i hit ignore. then another call came in from another outlet, i hit ignore again. it checked my e-mail. my husband asked what is going on? i said oh, they got usama bin laden. thank god. that's all i remember. in the morning i had a chancers i was scheduled to see president bush. he said this is a great day for america. and credited president obama for making a tough decision. you? freddie i could verify all of that. i was outside your window in a tree. which is normally what i do on a sunday. amazing. something like this happens you think selfishly, first, you think snow day. oh, work is going to be
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totally different because it was sunday. so i'll go get drunk with my friends in time square. get sick in bushes. which is what we did. but you love to be the first to tell some punish th someone . you do in a bar and go turn on the tv. they look at row, half of them can't speak english. turn on the tv. >> there was a french couple talk and i told them to shut up, which was kind of gratifying because you kind of always want to do that. president obama is walking down to the podium. and there are people still talking. so i told everybody to shut up. he made the announcement. it was touching. like your heard was up in your throat. fantastic day. people were yelling and screaming but they didn't know why. they could see something was
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happening. >> bob: i wonder if you remember bad news stories more than good news stories. some of you were not alive then. but i remember john kennedy assassinated to the second. i remember the challenger blowing up to the second. bad news grabs you more than good news. >> andrea: both. i remember when bush got saddam hussein. >> dana: killing bin laden was america's collective to-do list. >> greg: invisible weight. you felt this thing. especially in new york. back pack of bile you carry around with you and it disappears. >> eric: do you remember what happened after? i want to see the picture, the kill shot, the killed in action shot. what are we doing with the
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bodies? >> bob: remember we thought he was hanging in out a cave. up near tora bora but he was in a pakistani house. the guy was making fun of us. you found yourself nobody is that smart. we ought to find this guy. it was an irtant. when he finally called you said to yourself, like jesse james when they got him. >> dana: one time i went on a trip with president bush to afghanistan in december of 2008. it had a black eye because i got hit with the microphone stand with the shoe incident in iraq. great trip. why can't we find a cave -- really, a cave? when we flew over afghanistan, i look down and i thought my gosh, you could hide in here.
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>> eric: the problem was he was in a compound in pakistan. >> andrea: i thought it was interesting to hear details of how they got him over the course of months after they got him. you found out with bush, we didn't talk about that. bush analysts that started the process that located him. that obama was presented with. this is information i got today. it was a great source. there was four options. one was a single missile kill. one to drop dozens of j-dams in the complex but it would have killed women and children. third was bilateral operation with pakistanis, which they didn't do. thank god. or mission they did, select seal team. it took him five months to decide and make that choice. just listening and then the stories they did, the reduction of how the seals operated. we had the best men and women fighting. the seals are something else.
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thigh deserve total credit. >> bob: five months was they didn't have a certainty level that he was there. daley then, chief of staff if you took the evidence in front of a judge in chicago, which is saying something, he would not give you a search warrant. there was not enough evidence he was in the building. took five months to make a determination to make that decision. >> dana: we talk a lot about politics on the show. election year. and i think i said before in 2000, neither al gore or president bush got a question about al-qaeda in the entire campaign. this year, everybody says and poll after poll the number one issue is the economy. how much do you think the national security will play a role in this election, this november? >> eric: that is tough. i think if president obama is smart he will continue to play the hand he's playing now. brilliant in what he is doing. he is there and we have to be
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careful how we frame this, but he is being smart and playing it perfectly. >> dana: others say they overplay their hand on politics. if they hadn't done an ad about romney and gone on the trip, would vit been a clean -- >> greg: i don't know. i have a bad taste in my mouth when we talk about this. anybody in his position would be doing this. maybe he overplayed it a bit. but divorced parents tell you they love you more. just stop fighting. we should appreciate the fact this guy is dead. in terms of how it plays politically, national security could always be number one. if there is another terrorist attack, everything on the front page disappears. >> this is a year that the economy dominates. do you remember when barack obama was caught and killed? obama's numbers jump up about
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12 points. they dove in a week. he would be better off if it were on the national security issues. but it won't be. >> dana: on that point, wrap it up. from a p.r. standpoint. today, headline, obama fails to stem middle class side. then housing prices drop to 186 levels. if you were going to have a secret trip to afghanistan, this might have been the best day to do it. >> andrea: perfectly timed. there hasn't been the greatest economic news. he deserves a victory lap. he will take it today. but it won't sustain because economic issues dominate. >> dana: coming up, fascinating interviews with the former head of the servic service. and the facebook page is up. my turn to answer your questions is tonight. it's
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we're going to pick the top five. i will around them around 6:30 eastern time. ♪ ♪ zap technology.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> eric: welcome back, everybody. taking out usama bin laden was no simple mission. it took the coordinated effort of the navy seals and several intel groups. the intelligence gained by the c.i.a. was essential to that mission. fortunately for america, this guy was on our side. >> we don't capture anybody anymore. the drones. how can it be ethical to kill people rather than capture them? i never understood that one. >> eric: are we better off killing terrorists or capturing them? you asked this question yesterday. dig deeper. you said it's okay, we should be happy that usama bin laden is dead. would it be better to
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interrogate him? gress it would have been neat to bring him here and see what happens. >> perp walk. >> greg: the thing is we have issues with how he try the enemy combat tants in the country. we don't trust the justice department. we worry they will get away scot-free. kill them. i'm all for happy for stepping on roaches. if they're dead, great. >> dana: there is a thread, you pull on the thread and this piece puts together. the intelligence officials working with law enforcement put together like a maze. if your watch the he "homelan "homeland," claire dainsed -- >> greg: don't tell me! >> dana: she puts it together like oh, that's how
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all the pieces come together. you don't get it unless you'r you're -- >> greg: i thought she was a spy! >> dana: we'll talk. >> eric: how did it become that the left is condoning strikes. >> bob: no all of them like it. this is the problem. you talk abgoing to somalia. this come flex operation. going across the border to afghanistan in a relativity short flight. after they were exposing the troops to that. most of the drones are used in the tribal areas of pakistan. which are difficult to operate on the ground. you don't have the choice to pick people up and bring them for interrogation. >> eric: we have boots on the ground in somalia and
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everywhere. >> bob: but to plan this at the right time -- >> andrea: the decision is blow up one of our soldiers and risk their lives versus blowing up a terrorist. fine. take the terrorist off. why can we have both or use both? the blanks were filled in by the things that ksm was saying over and over. it's interesting that he wanted a trial in new york city. so then they were going to give him. then they didn't. by not doing that, they validated the policies. to have him go from terror trials to kill team in pakistan is remarkable. it's great. >> dana: this is almost as important to get lower level
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guys. sometimes i don't know they're working together. take a little -- you have to get them all. ask this, and that. >> bob: the chances of an american soldier getting killed in one of the operation is extremely high. you have to ask yourself about the tradeoff. >> eric: this is from jose rodriguez, j-rod. this is hannity or this morning on fox and friends talking about whether or not nancy pelosi knew the water board techniques were used. take a listen. >> we were not told that waterboarding or enhanced interrogation methods were used. >> i personally was the person that went to the congress in tenth, 2002. i briefed her on the interrogation of techniques we
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used. >> in 2002 you told her of waterboarding? >> greg: i'm not surprised. the bigger question is why the water boarding and torture is seen as a bad thing. everybody against torture talks about it as a principle. america doesn't torture. circular argument. we don't torture because we don't torture. the bigger principle you do whatever it takes to protect america. if it includes waterboarding you can have my tub and mr. bubble. i'm with you. a point before bob gets mad at me, torture was not okay under bush. now it's okay under obama rule. same with gitmo. not a big deal anymore. >> bob: rodrigues was a patriot. he was the first clandestine operative to come out
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publicly. i'm surprised they allowed him to write the book. number two, he did say about zabeda he was very sick. they brought in doctors to save his life. then they ward boarded him. does that make sense? >> eric: yeah. >> bob: he was -- >> eric: please explain to me how waterboarding is bad and evil and torture. blowing him away from the air is okay? mos >> bob: most of the intelligence to bin laden came from many prisoners. not just one. >> greg: ksm lost 50 pounds. what is his name? j-rod, he should write a diet book.
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>> dana: she said later on that the cia lied. they back track if you remember. he wanted to put the truth out there. >> andrea: president obama was briefed on the remaining terror technique in place. and said they seemed surprised they were minimal. so really, i agree. keep them in place. >> bob: i would like to quote romney before this happened. to spend billions to go after one person is a waste of time. >> eric: we weren't going there. president obama highlights the record on green jobs and hits romney for being a job creator. is that a winning argument? be right back. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] this is lawn ranger -- eden prairie, minnesota.
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>> andrea: this is a fox news alert. president obama has made a surprise visit to afghanistan and just addressed the troops telling them they are the reason that america is safe. because of them. he met with troops after signing agreement with hamid karzai that cements our commitment to the nation after combat troops leave. president obama will address the nation tonight from bagram air base at 7:30 eastern and fox news will bring it to you live. before the president left, the campaign put out a new add defending the record on clean energy, green jobs. hitting romney for his record and his swiss bank account. take a look. >> president obama clean energy initiative help create
5:27 pm
jobs across america, not overseas. what about romney? he shipped jobs to mexico. and as governor he outcourseed jobs to india. he's still pushing tax breaks for those pushing jobs overseas. that's what you expect from a guy with a swing bank account. jo i'm supposed -- >> andrea: i'm supposed to care more about what romney does with his money than president obama does with our tax money. >> eric: this is crazy. there is nothing illegal, at least what i know of, for what romney has done. cheap shot. >> bob: i'm sure it's dropped from your prompt prompter. you said he attacked romney for creating jobs. it was creating them in other countries. that is a distinction. he was outsourcing the jobs to
5:28 pm
india to his home state. he did not create jobs in the united states. >> dana: like steve jobs? >> eric: 130,000 at staples. >> bob: he didn't create the jobs. >> dana: he didn't? >> eric: may i clarify? staples is going out of business. now they have 100,000 employees. how is he not responsible -- >> so the jobs at staples since he stopped working -- >> eric: going out of business. they saved the company. >> dana: you go in and walking away. that is the point. >> eric: i give them credit for saving them. but we said that president obama attacked him about jobs, d. >> dana: this is an attack ad. >> andrea: you don't think they're fleeing our country because of the high corporate tax raid and excess i regulation under president obama? >> greg: the jobs are going overseas.
5:29 pm
why? it's cheaper. why? because of unions. >> bob: a small percentage is unionized. >> eric: we have the highest corporate tax rate in the free world. >> bob: we pay very much as low as or -- >> eric: if you are a big company where do you open a new plant? in michigan? pay 35% corporate tax? or do it in china. >> eric: somehow -- >> it's 15% or less. >> you point this out. maybe you can explain this. they scrubbed solyndra from their breen -- the green energy map. it was originally on the map. it's not there anymore. isn't that funny? >> it's not there anymore.
5:30 pm
>> dana: solyndra and keystone are household names. people know what they are and what they meant. what is interesting is president obama doubles down on the green jobs. when actually of the other side of the mouth they say it's for all of the above energy policy. they would be better off doing ads saying they are for all of the above energy policy rather than talk about the green jobs all the time. >> bob: do you think solyndra and keystone are household words because we use them over and over? we never brought it upen the show. >> andrea: who might not be a household word is al almondaras. he said he would crucify oil companies? he resigned today. lisa jackson praised him, grateful for the surface. >> dana: last thursday when this broke, everybody epa
5:31 pm
administrator. the top political appointees at the epa. they defend him all weekend. and then he is forcefully -- or he decided on his own it's too much so he resigns on monday. so resignation doesn't carry the full effect. >> dana: go to there are jobs in north and south dakota. booming industry. he has to get his hands dirty. >> eric: you know what he is going to do? look to the epa to find out if this is one -- >> bob: the epa, crucify -- [ overtalk ] >> bob: we will let him have it. take money from the oil industry. >> dana: i aspire to have a swiss bank account. i want gnu money
5:32 pm
>> bob: people hide one there and it's not taxable. >> andrea: but he is comfortable taking their money transferred from the swiss bank account. >> eric: but you do pay taxes. sure you do. >> andrea: again, i'll say it. if the election strategy is to get all of us, everyone out there to chair more about what romney does with the money than obama does with ours, he will lose. coming up, more christians slaughtered by obama in africa. are westerners underestimating the threat from radical muslims in that part of the world? we'll tell you what is happening. stay put. careful, pringles are bursting with more flavor. [ crunches ] mmm. ♪
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i'm bret baier in washington. the big story here today is president obama's surprise trip to afghanistan on the
5:37 pm
anniversary of the bin laden killing. tonight on "special report" we'll tell you what the president is doing in afghanistan and his primetime address is two hours away. we'll talk about accusations that the 'is splittizing, the bin laden mission. not everyone is making the charge. who is making the charge is republican. we go live to afghanistan and pakistan and get additional information from reporter osthe ground. we talk whether all of us are safer now a year after the al-qaeda leader death. we continue our series running with romney. tonightbe, ohio senator rob partman talks about being characterized by the media as boring and a penny pincher. we look at what he could bring to the ticket. "special report" is at 6:00 eastern. now have back to new york and my colleagues with "the five." ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> eric: >> bob: my one more thing yesterday and i went to extend it today. the killing of christians by muslims in countries around the world. in this case, nigeria. christianchristians there last y at church and praying, practicing religion mowed down and murdered by thugs, islamic terrorists by the name of this group, nigeri nigerians are allg to run across the country in north killing christians. if you want to us be nice, and treat them with decency, stop killing our people. or you'll pay a price for it. a big price.
5:39 pm
>> dana: that is the question. what is the price to pay? >> cut off nigerian oil. >> eric: that is a group of -- >> bob: put sanctions on them. islamic terrorists or however you want to call it. do more than hillary clinton. we strongly condemn. ooh, really? >> dana: in state department that's a strong statement. >> andrea: they are not a terrorist organization. congressman king have been pushing to get them on the terrorist fashion list. they could go after fundraising an provide the u.s. intelligence committee with necessary tools to go after it more to put out the press releases. >> bob: defend christians for practicing our faith. i don't care what it takes. it is the time has come, nobody else does this. this is barbaric and
5:40 pm
unsellable. muslims want to continue to condone it, to hell with them. >> andrea: second time in five months the same group hit. 39 people were killed before christmas. terrorist group, put them on the list. >> bob: i agree. >> greg: to your point that is important the way the media treats the story. the priorities are strange. you could focus on the evil, evil christians, georgetown who will deny you a pill. but that somehow is far more evil or whatever views religion has on marriage is more newsworthy than this mass murder. >> andrea: or rick santorum, right? war on women. >> eric: country that persecute christian, not only nigeria but indonesia. china. in egypt. if this is what they think the prophet muhammad said, i don't believe this is what they said. if they do, they are reading
5:41 pm
it wrong. if they read it right then there is a problem with what he said. >> greg: we don't care about your opinion. >> bob: i don't care. christians are dying. they are asking to us protect them here. there is give and take. we are taking everything. >> dana: where is the u.n. human rights council? >> eric: where is cair. >> they are fighting over shariah law. muslims want shariah law more than anything. that to me is a war on women. we spend so many hours talking about as you said, rick santorum and rave and conservative men who are launching a war on women. a joke. >> bob: they may not care what i saw but we are broadcasting a lot of countries and if you kill women and children you're gutless, spineless punks and you deserve to die. coming up, al gore tells
5:42 pm
students to get behind the occupy movement. i like that idea. but what does greg have to say? his monologue when we come back. ♪ ♪ if there was a pill to help protect your eye health as you age... would you take it? well, there is. [ male announcer ] it's called ocuvite. a vitamin totally dedicated to your eyes, from the eye-care experts at bausch + lomb. as you age, eyes can lose vital nutrients. ocuvite helps replenish key eye nutrients. [ male announcer ] ocuvite has a unique formula not found in your multivitamin to help protect your eye health. now, that's a pill worth taking. [ male announcer ] ocuvite. help protect your eye health.
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♪ ♪ >> greg: welcome back. my favorite song. so al gore spoke last friday at a college where he told students, "we need an american spring this spring. we need to occupy democracy." so you have gore comparing the world's greatest achievement, american democracy to places experiencing real oppression and real suffering. what do you think is occupying gore's head? whatever is it angry and fuzzy, like overheated labradoodle. personally, this is an orchestrated campaign to make joe biden look presidential. this comes as may day bridges us more -- may day brings us
5:47 pm
more occupy wall street protest. in new york, envelopes holding white powder, are lax bob, not that powder, sent to banks with this threat just in case you needed incentive to stop working. we have a surprise for you. ows returned to the creepy origins and on cue five anarchists were arrested trying to blow up a cleveland bridge. this is class warfare that is filled with envy and hate. that becomes real warfare. you have to admit cleveland is a big deal. >> bob: it's not associated with occupy wall street. >> greg: it happened on may day. >> bob: they're not associated with occupy wall street. >> greg: not yet. >> bob: you left an impression they were. protest 125 cities. a couple of cop cars spray painted in san francisco. >> greg: how do you defend them?
5:48 pm
>> bob: a few windows in 125 cities. i think it's something. you call it terrorists. freddie you always say it's something. you symp size with the cause. >> eric: i am happy it happened. they took may day and spray painted and broke windows. it proves that occupy wall street will never be the tea party, because they can't help themselves from falling in to that anarchy, fight the power. instead of being really smart smart, -- tea party got 80 people elected to congress. do you know how many people were elected to congress because of occupy wall street? >> andrea: what if the tea party party tried to blow up a bridge? freddie the only one are in their mouth. trying to blow up stuff.
5:49 pm
>> bob: you can tell the difference when someone shows if you connect it. >> eric: >> they took the same and they sound the same. >> andrea: across the country spent on, i don't even know -- it doesn't make sense. glaze right by it. think about the taxpayers dollars spent. downtown. to deliver this non-message. >> they are standing in front of rudy giuliani going immigrant rights they are screaming unions work, unions work. and the cop is like i'm in a union. what are you doing? >> bob: there was protesters at 10, 15 and nobody but the cops stayed there. >> the guys that could protect the city that waste their time.
5:50 pm
if there is a threat to building, they have to be here. why may day? didn't 100 million poom die from communism in >> dana: eric said that they were glad they used it, yeah, because now we're reminded. walter mean today wrote a great piece about cuba. people tried to flee because of what is going on there. not like a paradise that everybody wants to go to. >> greg: this come comes from romanticizing an attack on class. it makes it okay to break things, any private property. over a year, 1,000 plus crimes. >> eric: if the administration are smart enough to distance themselves they start up the path. obama mentioned. this isn't good for us. why can't you? >> greg: i agree with them. i don't have to worry about
5:51 pm
being re-elected. >> bob: i think what they say about the class differences is right. >> greg: but they are anarchists, they like violence. they want total -- >> bob: there is no leadership. i thought you said there was no leadership. >> bob: thank god, they -- >> greg: thank god they have inept leadership. they're anarchists. >> dana: interesting if we ask if they are distancing themselves from occupy wall street. but they stepped on the message going to afghanistan. they are distancing themselve themselves. freddie why is this a hate crime? they are attack on american society. why isn't it a hate crime? >> bob: we heard beckel go off on -- >> andrea: we heard beckel go off on violence to other countrys but what about the violence to women here in this country. i'm a christian. if i go downtown -- >> bob: we are talking about 20 men an women killed in the church. >> andrea: how about those raped on occupy wall street. >> bob: you are so worried
5:52 pm
about your city, nothing happened here. it's just gotten dirty. so what? >> greg: one more thing is up next. if you leave next you won't be invited to my weekend pool party. it will be awesome. >> dana: it's a kiddie pool. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] imagine facing the day
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> dana: welcome back to "the five." we'd love for you to like our facebook page at send us your questions now. as soon as the show ends, i will answer five questions from you guys and we'll post them around 6:30. first, time for one more thing. andrea has breaking news. >> andrea: jessica simpson had her baby. calm down. it seemed like she was pregnant forever. she has a little girl. >> bob: i was waiting for news. >> it's maxwell drew johnson. >> bob: how sweet. >> andrea: i know. it's a girl. >> dana: maxwell drew johnson is three boys names in a row. >> andrea: it's interesting.
5:57 pm
but bob has been up all night long. >> bob: i've been so worried about it. you know you are better off than you were four years ago? the ronald reagan quote? it's barack obama's economy, no question about it. vote up or down about it. four years ago, this year, four years ago, in 2009 we lost 4.1 million jobs. in the last month months, 2011, under barack obama we made $2 million. in the 2008 we lost which was the last year of the bush administration. we had foreclosures. # 861,000. you are better off, absolutely you're better off. >> eric: there is no time to refute that stuff.
5:58 pm
did you know most air liens have discount for military serving and exmilitary has 5%. jet blue five free checked bags. air alaska, frontier air, special rates. spirit airlines is coming under a lot of scrutiny because there is a 76-year-old exmarine who is dying of esophageal cancer and they will not refund his money. >> dana: call the p.r. department. all right. i want a quick one. in blare, oklahoma, a labrado labrador -- sorry, blair is an labrador. here is the seeing eye dog that didn't know he was a seeing eye dog. helping the blind labrador there. just by chance. he just started helping them. they are at a shelter. i am look right now because i can't remember the shelter. tulsa, oklahoma. i knew it was oklahoma.
5:59 pm
>> eric: good boy. >> dana: isn't that cute? now for the moment you have been waiting for. greg gutfeld has his -- >> greg: this is my banned word of the day. >> dana: is there a graphic? >> greg: yes if you waited. props, people use it to mean proper respect. unless you are giving a set decoration to a production assistant on a play, don't use the word "props." it's stupid. >> bob: what does it stand for? >> dana: i give you props for that. go to i'll post answers to your questions for us in half an hour. good night, everyone. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> bret: president obama on the ground in afghanistan. on this, the anniversary of the killing of bin laden. this is "special report."


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