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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  May 2, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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mark the end of his quest for the white house. newt gingerich calling it quits and he'll support mitt romney? that's what it says here. the man he called a corporate raider, a liar and massachusetts moderate. that ought to be a welcome endorsement. the trial of john edwards. today the testimony of a campaign aide who says he was fired for screaming at the presidential candidate about his mistress, the mistress, he says, believed she had all access. the mother who took her 5-year-old daughter to the tanning booth. or we're told she did. look at this specimen. the kid suffered burns to her body and this person here is in, among other things, legal trouble. it's all ahead but breaking news begins now on "studio b." fox sports confirmed police found the former nfl star junior
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seau dead in his california home. police report he shot and killed himself. one bullet to the chest. he was 43 years old, had three children. the 12 part time pro bowl linebacker. we have live pictures from outside hit home in ocean side, north of san diego, which we'll bring you shortly. in 2010 he was involved in a car crash when his suv was tossed off a beach side cliff and yesterday we are led to believe he sent notes to his three the children and ex-wife and today we're told he shot and killed himself. trace, what details do we have? >> we know the call came in shortly before 10:00 west coast time. a maid in the house found junior seau's body, shot and killed one time in the chest. the ocean side police, you saw from the live picture outside the house, we're told sometime
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in the next 20 or 30 minutes, the police will hold a news conference to talk about junior seau. his wife and three kids apparently arriving at the scene shortly along with friends and other relatives. the police saying they want to notify them before they go public with this but a chaplain with the chargers told the san diego tribune he was one of the first people called and told that junior seau had shot and killed himself. you mentioned the car accident he was in in 2010 in october. he drove his escalade off the cliff in ocean side. the police report said junior seau fell asleep. he was arrested prior to that for alleged domestic violence on a girlfriend. he was involved in the san diego foundations and played with the chargers 14 years, two years with the dolphins, two with the patriots. two super bowls and lost both.
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junior seau has a popular restaurant in mission valley in san diego called seau's and it's closed this afternoon. the house has been taped off. the investigators are arriving on the scene right now. as you said, reports that junior seau sent text messages to his ex-wife and his three children yesterday telling them that he loved them. thisthis is the scene right nowm the abc affiliate, kgtv, an aerial view of the home in ocean side where he was born and raised a and went to high school before going to the chargers. this is a huge shock to the people of san diego because he was as big a local icon in san diego as you will find. junior seau was heavily involved until yesterday in various organizations with kids, boys and girls clubs, all kinds of
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charities. junior seau will be missed very much in the city of san diego. >> shepard: for viewers who don't know, trace is a lifelong chargers fan. i don't know a charger fan who didn't worship the guy. >> everybody did. junior seau was the tasmanian devil, a 12:00 pro bowl with the chargers, an alternate his rookie year in 1991. junior seau epitomized an san diego. when he played with the dolphins, he came back with the fires were so bad. he came to play a game in arizona and spent four or five days helping families clean up belongings and go through the houses. he retired with the chargers and joined the new england patriots for days later and played two season with the patriots and of course he was on the team that went 16-0 and lost to the giants in the super bowl. but junior seau's restaurant,
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even when he was with the dolphins and patriots, you would go in after a charger game on sunday afternoon and junior seau's restaurant was jampacked and junior would commute back and forth. he would come back a couple days to see his ex-wife and kids. he was very, very enmeshed in the city. the restaurant, as i said, as a tribute it closed but it is reopen and it will be successful because the people in san diego have a long time love affair with what junior did for the san diego chargers and the city of san diego, the boys and girls and all the youth events events. his golf opportunity raised millions of dollars for at-risk children so he's instrumental. you see the live pictures outside his home in ocean side. you talk about heritage. junior seau was one of the
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foremost is is samoan football players. he was one of the first to blaze that path. of these young athletes that became so instrumental to the national football league. >> inducted into the san diego chargers hall of fame in november of 2011. in front of a crowd of nearly 71,000 fellow chargers hall of fame dan fouts introduced him at the time. who knew how much charitable work he had done. i didn't realize he didn't speak english until he was 7. he was involved with samoan day activities and had a clothing line. at one point a television show in december of '09 on versus network, now the nbc sports network but versus at the time. it was called sports jobs with junior seau.
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it would follow seau as he did jobs that make sports work. ten episodes in the first season and finished in january 2010. he has a couple nephews playing football at kansas state. ian and micah seau both playing at k state. again, he retired and worked mighty hard for the community. what an enormous loss. such an amazing post football career. so many people get out of football and don't have any -- no what to do. sometimes they get bad advice, sometimes for whatever reason, but he had a restaurant, a clothing line, at one time a television show. extremely active in the community. one of the most popular people in all of san diego, a local hero, especially to the samoan community and chargers fans across the nation and especially in southern california and through the south land must be in shock because junior seau seemed to have it all. he had three children and, as i
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mentioned, we were told he sent them notes yesterday of some kind. i don't know if electronic or some other way. the kids, sidney, his daughter, sidney, and two sons, jake, born in october of '95 and hunter, who was just born in -- september 11 of the year 2000. so three children left behind and ex-wife, all of whom he's said to have contacted yesterday. junior seau dead today of a self-inflicted gunshot wound at age 43. you never know what's going on in people's life. arthur and randy are here. i'm sure friends and fans and people who knew him from the restaurant and other places will go man alive, what could i have done? you always do. >> doesn't seem from trace's report there were indications things were going bad. he was an icon, he was doing great things for people, for
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kids. one of the few athletes to have a successful business endeavor after football. >> his sports bar rated the number one sports bar in all of the san diego area. >> that's right. michael jordan's steakhouse is one but not many after that. it's a tragedy. you look at the three children and -- >> shepard: i got to update you now. we -- as i mentioned when we began this report, i mentioned that fox sports had confirmed that this was a self-inflicted gunshot wound. our colleagues at fox sports in the last few seconds just retracted that confirmation. that's not to say that's not what happened. we do have information that suggests he did send notes to his children and wife yesterday. we'll wait for police. politic -- police will have a conference in a little while but -- there's a statement out from the chargers now. i hate that. here we go. san diego chargers statement,
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everyone at the chargers is in complete shock and disbelief. we ask everyone to stop what they're doing and send prayers to junior and his family. that just out from the san diego chargers organization. i believe there's another fox confirmed -- here we go. junior seau -- we have pictures from his home. found dead. multiple statements out from different news organizations. law enforcement sources at the scene tells cops that a law enforcement source at the scene says cops believe he shot and killed himself. he was 43. they're at the house now. we're told he did indeed send text messages to his ex-wife. did send text messages to his three kids yesterday saying love you. we're told they all responded and did not expect anything was wrong. he last saw his kids three weeks ago. again, that is from the reporting of the website tmz but
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matches others. sources close to seau tell us family members didn't notice any depression in recent weeks. nobody knew of any problems. junior seau dead today after sending text messages to his ex-wife and three kids yesterday. fox sports first confirmed he shot and killed himself. they retracted that confirmation at fox sports but every indication, according to police on the scene, is that he killed himself. my guess is they'll have to wait for autopsy results. it's not the sort of thing police would confirm because as much as something looks like a suicide and situations seem like a suicide, police like to wait until the coroner's office comes back. the san diego sheriff's department has confirmed what fox sports was retracking. the sheriff's department confirms that they believe this was a suicide. wow, well, sports fans across the country are going to scratch their heads today.
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junior seau loved across that league. he was one of those guys that everybody -- as tough and all the rest as he was, everyone in the nfl seemed to love him. more on this in just a moment. first there's breaking news regarding the former house speaker, one time fox news contributor, newt gingerich, now formally ending, or we're led to believe he will, his campaign for president. the players just walked into the room, everybody but newt gingerich is in there. it's a hotel in arlington, virginia where the soon-to-be ex candidate will speak. his long-awaited farewell combination after a defiant and combative campaign. last summer every member of his senior staff quit. a few months later he skyrocketed to the top of the polls about that long. at the end of day he won two primary states, south carolina and georgia. he said i'm going to win mississippi and alabama or i'm
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out. he didn't win mississippi or alabama and he didn't get out. he kept picking at mitt romney and picking. the list of things he said about mitt romney is longer than my arm, bigger than the cube. newt gingerich now we assume to make it official. [ applause ] >> well, thank you all for coming up and just about a year ago, on may 11, we formally announced a candidacy. and i want to start by thanking everyone who helped over the last year. it has been an amazing year for callista and me and the entire family. i want to thank kathy and paul, kathy's here. and jimmy and jackie and of course they brought with them --
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i think the two best debate coaches. [ applause ] to whatever degree i did well in the debates, i ascribe it to maggie who briefed me before the debate. thank you to callista's mother, who is not here today, but who faithfully watched the campaign on line, filled with questions and occasional moments of wondering what was going on. she put up with almost as much as we did. i also want to single out first of all the over 179,000 donors who helped us at and randy and his wife jill, who are
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here. randy has been all over the country campaigning for me and i'm grateful. i want to mention bob walker and his wife, barbara. bob was chairman. we go all the way back to the days in the house. we helped co invent c-span and did an amazing number of things for a long period in the effort to create a house republican majority. i also want to thank members of the team here, some around the -- who stuck with us through the process, a truly wild ride and absolutely, despite the experiences over the years, i could have never predicted either the low points or the high points. it was sort of amazing. some key elected officials i want to thank. linda upmeyer in iowa who stayed with us through the whole process from the period when we were supposedly dead to
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rebounding to the massive weight of advertising. linda was spectacular in campaigning across the state of iowa. and speaker paulson of iowa was a tremendous help and speaker bill o'brian in new hampshire, a model of balancing the budget the right way. in new hampshire they get the revenue number and they then appropriate up to the revenue number. and so they don't start with a spending number then try to figure out how to find the taxes. they start with what's coming in and figure out what next to sex offend to -- spend and it's a successful program. thank you to the georgia house members before me both in the washington and in the state legislature in the house and senate. i think for callista and me. one of the high moments of the carrying georgia by 156 counties to three and it gave us a good
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feeling that back home, we had a solid base. it was pointed out to me that in carroll county where i taught at west georgia where they went to h we got 60% of the votes. it was nice to feel a strong base of support from the people who news us best. i couldn't be here and not thank governor rick perry who stood with us all the way through. towards the end when things got difficult i called and he said i'm with you till the cows come home and he said i'm pretty comfortable as a farmer in texas understanding that. so he stuck with us. i want to thank herman cain, who was tremendous in campaigning for us, particularly on super tuesday. michael reagan campaigned for us and communicated clearly the relationship we had with his dad. and todd palin worked very hard. while they weren't directly associated with the campaign, it
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would be impossible for me to not mention shelton and miriam addleson who single-handedly nearly matched romney's super pac. we share a combined concern about the middle east and american security and survival of israel and they're very good friends. finally on the thank yous, i have to thank the voters of south carolina and apologize. we will have broken their tradition of always picking the nominee. this makes me feel guilty every time we go through south carolina. but they were tremendous. they were welcoming, they were enthusiastic. the size of the victory was historic and we'll always remember -- i suspect our whole family will south remember south carolina. it was a tremendous experience. today i'm suspending the campaign but suspending the campaign does not mean
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suspending citizenship. callista and i committed to be active citizens. we owe it to america and to maggie and robert. in my case, i've been an active citizen since august of 1958 between my freshman and sophomore years in high school when my dad was serving in the army in europe. this august it will be 54 years that i worked essentially on three things: one, what does america need to do to be free, safe and pros press, two, how would you explain that to the american people so they gave you permission to do what is needed? and three, how would you implement the change, if the american people gave you permission? starting in 1960 in columbus, i was a volunteer in the nixon lodge campaign to 1964 when i dropped out of college to run a congressional race to 1974 and
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'76 because we lost twice for congress, once for watergate and once for jimmy carter. 1978 to 1994, 16 year period of work to go build a majority. starting with the capital steps event with ronald reagan in september of 1980. helping reagan in the eight years he was president, with bob walker and others, founding the conservative opportunity society. developing a generation of solutions and training through go pac. building the contract with america, which led to the largest one-party increase in american history in an off-year election. 9 million additional votes because the campaign attracted people. in that process, we won control of the house for the first time in 40 years. and we passed welfare reform working in a bipartisan manner with a democratic in the white house. in 1996, even more difficult election, we were the first
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reelected republican majority since 1928. we did it not by flinching or compromising but standing firm for a balanced budget, standing firm for lower taxes and smaller government and standing firm for reform. in that period we were able to work with president clinton on four consecutive balanced budgets and we did it in a bipartisan manner because we represented the will of the american people. not washington, d.c. from 2001 to 2006 i worked as a volunteer on national security and health issues in the bush administration. in 2008, we developed an american solutions drill here, drill now, pay less and began to raise for the american people the central importance of an american independence energy plan so no future president would again bow to a saudi king and depend on the strait of who
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are muse. over my lifetime i've tried to move the national debate, including 24 books, and callista and i have done seven documentaries. and she's entered the author phase, trying to lead and indicate in sweet land of liberty introducing 4 to 8-year-olds to american history to fill the vacuum. we put down the role of candidate and candidate spouse and take up the role of active citizens. i thought congressman tom cole of oklahoma captured the moment when he said the following, he quoted: knute is liberated to do what he does best, adapt conservative views and values of
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the challenges of the 21st century. in some ways his best days will be ahead of him. we'll try to find ways to educate and move the country and try to educate and move policy in washington, d.c. probably central to this is our deep commitment on american exceptionalism and american history. and our sense we can't truly be americans if we have amnesia about who we are and what principles made us great. we'll spend time on religious little bit. my newsletter today add gingrich productions is specifically on the whole issue of religious liberty and i appreciate the working relationship with human events in developing issues like this. i want to continue to work on american energy independence. this is central to job creation, it is central to our balance of payments, it is central to the strength of the american dollar, it is central to our ability to
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deal with radical islam and if we we do it right we create energy independence with new jobs and trillions of dollars of royalties which if we impose discipline in washington could be put into a fund to repay the national debt and could lead maggie and robert's generation debt free by the end of their lifetime by having a disciplined serious approach to balancing the budget and using american energy to pay off the national debt. so in a real sense, we could be free of both radical islams, saudi kings and chinese bondholders. in addition we're going to go to college campuses and talk about personal social security savings accounts for maggie and robert's generation added historic reality of how chile and galveston and two other counties use that had model so people can have two to three times at large
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a retirement account while growing the national economy with a system fairer than the current system. we're going to also reemphasize the work ethic, which was controversial. one emphasis is modernize unemployment computation to attach to it a training component so if you sign up to get the money, you have to sign up to learn because by definition, if you are unemployed, you need better job skills. if you look at north dakota where 3.5% of the population is unemployed and there are 16,000 jobs they can't fill in the oilfield because the people unemployed don't have the skills. know reason you should give people 99 weeks for doing nothing. it's a national debate about a country founded in 1607 by captain smith saying so aristocrats, if you don't work, you won't eat. a conversation which apparently
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led all aristocrats to adopt work as a behavior. i want to come back on one of the projects and talk about brain research and regeneral active medicine. if we reorganize the national institute of health and the food and drug administration, we can have in a short time absolute revolutions of better health, more independent living, longer living and dramatically lower cost. part of the great challenge of washington is how do you take an idea like that and move it from the scientific world where everybody i meet with says it's right into the political governmental world where nobody has a clue what it means. this is an enormous challenge to us as a society. i'll also focus on what a post obama care personal health and healthcare system should be like and take back something i worked on for my entire career from 1958 and before i ran for president, the longest serving
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teacher for one and two star generals in the military at the national defense university and air university. i will focus again on national security in three zones, radical islamist where we don't have a grand damage. it was nice the president broadcast from al-qaeda. the center is yemen. i'm not sure the white house has that briefing but they will. the fact we assume our opponents is as stupid as our bureaucracy is dangerous. we do not have a grand strategy. we have to deal with the rise of china, which is not a threat but a reality and we have to deal with new technologies that threaten us, whether cyber war fair, electromagnetic pulse and science technology. i will take back up the issue of space. my wife has pointed pointed oute
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approximately 219 times, give or take three, the moon colony was not my most clever comment in the campaign. i thought in my role as providing material for "saturday night live" it was helpful but the underlying point is real. the fact is, if we're going to be the leading country in the world, we have to be the leading country in space. the faculty is our bureaucratic red tape system doesn't work. the founders of google are talking about a private sector effort to mine an as asteroid and somebody pointed out it's less red tape than the epa. the space adventure program hopes to have a private sector opportunity to circle the moon by 2015. brownstone as a low earth or by the
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orbit plan. nasa will be launching a private sector rocket that they've invested in to broaden our capacity. this is not a trivial area. it's a fundamental question about whether we're a country that dreams and pursues adventure and has the courage to say to young people, yes, go into math and science. i think that's a better future than methamphetamine and cocaine and i'll argue for a romantic american future of doing things that matter that get to the human spirit. we also need to have new models of effective, affordable lifetime learning and replace the 130-year-old civil service model with modern management systems. it's fundamental to the function of the united states. we have a bureaucratic system impossible to make work effectively yet the forces that
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support it will fight every inch of the way. this may be too big a challenge even for speaker of the house but we need to have a national discussion about how to get congress to be effective. congress has decayed dramatically in the last 20 years. the senate in particular has become a stunningly dysfunctional institution. this is a really big problem. under our constitution, if congress doesn't understand things, you can't fix it. it's really important we have a much bigger national debate about what an effective 21st century congress would be like and it's something we'll be involved in. because we're going to pursue solutions, we want those solutions to be real. that's going to lead callista and me to campaign for a republican president, a republican house, a republican senate, republican governors, republican state legislators and recognize america is a complex mosaic of self-government. the presidency matters but so do
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all the other offices of self-government. if you truly are going to have a wave of change in america, that wave has to occur in many, many places simultaneously. as to the presidency, i'm asked sometimes is mitt romney conservative enough? and my answer is simple. compared to barack obama? this is not a choice between mitt romney and ronald reagan. this is a choice between mitt romney and the most radical leftist president in american history. if you simply take judges and ask yourself who are the kind of people governor romney will be inclined to appoint and who barack obama appoints, the gap is as wide as any point in american history, wider than between reagan and charlotter if. you look at romney's pledge to cut spending, something we'll
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help with, to balance the budgets, something i've had involvement with, to work with paul ryan and others on the entitlement crisis, to focus on economic growth by creating private sector jobs, something i suggest governor romney knows about 60,000 times more than does president obama. just think about appointing common sense regulators. as compared to the obama epa regulator who says it's nice to crucify a industry because it teaches them a lesson. it would be nice to work with a industry to create jobs. you can't get a bigger gap than those kind of things. a republican sweep this fall would revitalize america just as the reagan sweep of 1980. revitalized america. we have done it before. we can do it again. i always tell people, economic recovery will begin late on
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election night when people realize obama's gone. by the next morning people will make new decisions about investing, hiring, but beyond this election -- remember, i say this to everybody, having been through this a long time. the election is just an interim step then you have the next struggle. we had to work eight months in 1981 to pass the reagan tax cuts. look what scott walker is going through inning wisconsin. if you want big change, it is election just starts the dance, it doesn't end. every conservative should be prepared to work every day long beyond the election to bring to bear the best ideas and develop the best future. i think in the reagan tradition, that there's a shining future ahead. maggie and robert's generation will live in a freer, safer, more prosperous america with greater opportunities. i'm not totally certain i will
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get to the moon colony. i am certain maggie and robert will have the opportunity. it's almost inevitable. they will live in a generation revolving the charge the autism, parkinson's and masters mental health. in the olden days when people didn't have hollow grams alt -- at home and did things manually and they'll live in a different world. i'm confident about this future for maggie and robert because i've written three novels on george washington and know what he went through for us to become a country. i've written four novels on the civil war and know what we went through as a people to preserve this country. the keiser was convinced in world war i we were a weak, happyless country and didn't matter.
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the germans and japanese underestimated us and thought we could never mobilize and didn't know how to fight. the soviets said they would bury us. the japanese in the 1980's were going to be the next super power until their system collapsed in 1989. currently the chinese are the latest example of somebody else imaginely will appear who is going to take on 305 million free people and somehow be more innovative, more effective, nor clever. i don't believe it. i think with every great challenge, americans have reinvented themself and their country. building within the framework of the declaration of independence the constitution and federalist papers we're liberated to use common sense and courage to create a better future. callista and i pledge to work with you and with every american
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who wants to create that better future. to once again challenge the institutions that don't work, challenge the premiseses that don't work, to create new solutions, new opportunities, so that the 21st century will be the third century of freedom in american exceptionalism. thank you all very much. >> shepard: wow. i'm exhausted. and just a guess here, i'm not one who normally sort of guesses at things. after all, we have to live by a set of facts but i'm guessing both of you are exhausted. the two of you who stayed with us. ed rollins is here. i feel i've been transported from another world. >> you got a preview of the 6.5 hour debates of barack obama would have been like if the
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nominee. he's got 100 ideas in his head and you heard about 50 of them. obviously this is the end of his political career, i had a dream to be president and my sense is he damaged himself in this campaign when he had opportunities at a point in time to be a viable candidate. he self destructed. >> shepard: i want to -- you predicted he would. >> yes, i did. >> shepard: right here on this desk. >> i know him well. what he could never decide, as you heard him run through his history, of whether he wanted to be the campaign manager or candidate. at the end of the day he was neither. he lived off the debates. he had a couple good debates and when it came time to have good debates, he flubbed the last two. he never turned his operation over to anybody. his idea of debate prep was sitting down with a cup of coffee talking to his grand children and basically he had good professionals around him
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but he wouldn't let them run the campaign and he lost a second team that couldn't function. he had a powerful voice before he got into the race and he got diminished staying in too long and was too derogatory and he's 4.5 million dollars in debt. >> shepard: the man who was going to get the country out of debt is $4.5 million out of debt. rather than quitting, he suspended the campaign. the reason they do that is to raise more money. newt gingerich will keep raising money and trying to sell books. he's written three novels, four novels. carl cameron, i don't know anybody on his side of the political aisle who can stand him. i don't understand what he did, why he did it. i don't understand. could you help me? >> sure. newt gingerich has said all along in the end he would support whoever the republican nominee would be.
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we know it's mitt romney and he just can't bring himself to say i'll endorse him. he stopped short and said people ask me, what do you think of mitt romney, is he conservative enough and he said compared to obama and went on a rant. he didn't say mitt romney is sufficiently conservative to please him but he would get involved. then the long list of things he wants to do as a citizen, which sound like the things he would do as a candidate and since he left the speaker ship. afailing himself to a host of national debates with creative ideas. sometimes they hit the target and sometimes they miss and they miss radically and makes him look bad. that was a problem with the campaign. gingrich was sometimes his own scheduler, speechwriter and strategist, lawyer, advisor and confidant and that makes for a small campaign.
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when you run for president, you need lots of people, money, organizations and discipline. one thing newt gingerich seemed to fall short on a lot on the campaign trail was message discipline. he wants to be part of the romney effort to oust president obama but if he can't hew to the romney message it's likely they'll discourage republicans from paying attention to newt gingerich because it's all about mitt romney. >> ed rollins, mitt romney did not feel a lot of anything. >> there wasn't a lot of anything. it was one of the worst farewells i've seen. he could have said good things about it. he's going to see his words come back in commercials, the democrats have one up. i think to a certain extent, he -- he epitomized a sore loser. it's a tough game. >> i remember a month or so before he announced for the presidency i saw him and he said
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shep, i'm going to have the biggest online event ever. i'm going to announce this in multi-cities across the country. i thought then he was delusional. now i'm sure. breaking news of the day and that is the untimely death of junior seau, the hall of famer from san diego chargers and all around loved man who had done incredible things during his football career and since. a beloved athlete, a beloved man. and a very sad thing has just happened. while newt gingerich was doing what newt gingerich does, junior seau's family members, his mother, and other family members, came to the microphone and police came to give us what they know about this. and it was -- to hear it from the producer who saw it, a really, really difficult thing to watch. but the police spoke and the families spoke and we'll let you decide right after this.
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at bank of america, we're lending and investing in communities across the country. from helping to revitalize a neighborhood in brooklyn... financing industries that are creating jobs in boston... providing funding for the expansion of a local business serving a diverse seattle community... and lending to ensure a north texas hospital continues to deliver quality care. because the more we can do in local neighborhoods and communities, the more we can help make opportunity possible.
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>> shepard: continuing coverage of the death of junior seau. the san diego chargers great to went on to play for the dolphins and patriots and has become a role model of community activist and model citizen and, man alive, police lead us to believe he took his life. moments ago, his mother, a samoan, stepped to the microphone in san diego county and we'll play it for you. i going to say a few words for my son. i don't understand. i don't know anything. how this happened for me. i asked my church this morning and they called me and i asked them, is something wrong? nobody's telling me.
3:46 pm
i'm shocked. but i appreciate everybody showing their love. showing your love to my son. junior, junior never do nothing to any of you guys, but i say today, thank you. i appreciate you guys showing your love to my son. i don't understand who would do this to my son, but i pray to god, please, take me. take me, leave my son! but it's too late. too late. that's all i say. thank you. thank you so much. god bless you for everybody going home, drive carefully.
3:47 pm
drive safely. but i don't know what i'm going to do about my son. that's only god -- god give me the power. give me the strength. monday, tuesday, me and my husband come over and visit him but he's out of town. he is talking to me, joking to me, he called me and he said now, i hear the bad voice on a wednesday morning. he never said something to me. junior! why you never telling me you're going and i pray to god. take me, take me. leave my son alone. thank you. thank you so much for everybody. god bless you. >> thanks, everybody. thank you very much. >> on behalf of my brothers and
3:48 pm
sisters, especially my parents, i would appreciate or we would appreciate as a family that you give us some kind of privacy. i know the media, i'm sorry, media but i know you guys will overblow this. my brother was a loving brother, a caring citizens. so i would appreciate if you guys would honor his last day and give us some kind of peace and privacy. thank you. >> your name, please? >> i'm junior's sister, annette. >> ladies and gentlemen, my name a frank mccoy, i'm the police chief in the city of ocean side. this morning at approximately 9:35 hours our police department received a call from a young
3:49 pm
lady who indicated she was junior seau's girlfriend. she indicated she returned to the residence to find mr. seau unconscious, suffering from a gunshot wound to the chest. ocean side police department and fire department responded to this residence where we located mr. seau in one of the bedrooms. lifesaving efforts were performed on mr. seau, however they were not successful. mr. seau has deceased. this case at this point is being investigated as a suicide. a handgun was found near the body. as you can see, this is still a very fluid situation and our investigators are continuing their investigation in this matter. our hearts and prayers as a city go out to the seau family. i will not be answering any questions at this point.
3:50 pm
however, lieutenant moto will be back in 15 minutes to answer any questions you may have. thank you very much. >> the san diego police department, the sister, and mother of the now late junior seau. and we'll be right back.
3:51 pm
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3:53 pm
>> shepard: continuing coverage of breaking news on "fox news channel" and the death of junior seau, the san diego chargers great, community activist, restaurateur, actor and television show host and seemed to have the life of riley and all of a sudden yesterday he sends text messages who his ex-wife and three children and
3:54 pm
today, according to the belief of the police at least, shot himself in the chest and ended it all. trace gallagher live in los angeles. condolences just coming in. what we just witnessed was maybe one of the saddest things i've seen. >> the heard the ocean side police chief saying junior seau's girlfriend came in before 10:00 this morning and found him and because of that, a source in the sheriff's department told me she will be tested or is being tested for gunshot residue. very much standard operating procedure because the police department is investigating it as a suicide. one gunshot wound to the chest. they have found the handgun. what we missed after the press conference was a large number of the seau family came out and began singing and sang for several minutes after that. this is a extended samoan
3:55 pm
family, there are hundreds of them in and around the san diego area. you saw the press conference with junior seau's mother. he adored his mother and advice verse is a, she was a defender of him. when he played football, you did not say anything bad about junior seau or you had mama seau to deal with. you mentioned about how back in november junior seau was elected to the chargers hall of fame and the problem at that point in time, 71,000 fans, they could not accommodate the seau family that wanted to be on hand for him to be welcomed. this is the video of them singing around here, nieces and nephews and cousins, let's listen to this. [ singing] . >> this went on several minutes. the police are on the scene,
3:56 pm
still investigating this. junior seau, his restaurant and his house, there are media hoards gathering. when this funeral happens, it will be a citywide affair. a man much loved, apparently shot himself today. >> shepard: trace gallagher, thank you. we'll have continuing coverage to know. mitt romney released a statement on the departure of newt gingerich from the campaign reading in part, ann and i are proud to call newt and callista friend and look forward to working with them in the months and years ahead. that from mitt romney. politics is weird. and creepy. and now i know lacks even the loosest attachment to anything like reality. l. with hertz gold plus rewards, you skip the counters, the lines, and the paperwork. zap. it's our fastest and easiest way to get you into your car. it's just another way you'll be traveling at the speed of hertz.
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