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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  May 2, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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nominee mitt romney says president obama's road map could take the country right down the path to an even worse economy. the obama administration and the campaign insist having been hand add worse than expected economy it is mending. the attack is amid reports of downturns in business hiring and orders for factory goods. here is carl cameron. >>carl: a woman-owned business in virginia romney charged president obama is extraordinarily disappointing political tactics that romney wanted could harm the economic vitality. >> he is attacking success. he is taken to dividing the american people. and he has taken to find, scapegoats for his failures, finding a way to explain why 3 1/2 years into his presidency this economy is still bumping along the bottom. >> he accused the president and democrats of using rhetoric so
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antibusiness that it could discourage and stunt growth. >> the economy is made up of nothing but businesses. and so we have to encourage enterprises. i will make america a great place for entrepreneurs again. for small business. >> campaign expanded the attack with a video. >> we measure how many people can pay their mortgage. >> as reported by the obama administration labor department unemployment is over 8 percent for a record 38 months and romney turned the republican national headquarters in washington, dc where there is a joint of the to put together the convention in tampa with newt gingrich having a role. >> i am suspending the campaign, but that does not mean suspending citizenship. >> he rattled off a list of goals and concerns as a citizen closely matching his campaign speeches for the last year. and he agreed months ago to support the nominee and he met
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with romney staffers and they said romney is willing to help newt gingrich retire the campaign debt. he want as significant speaking spot at g.o.p. convention but nothing has been agreed to. for the first type since rick santorum dropped out, he will meet face-to-face with romney on friday, and expected a much bigger role than newt gingrich in part because rick santorum now has a substantial national following that wants him to make sure the g.o.p. platform is socially conservative, and romney sticks to it. >> romney's only g.o.p. rival is now ron paul who has qualified to have his name put up for the g.o.p. convention. since she popular with young voters and romney and the going like that, they are delighted to have him in hopes of attracting more young people, just overall. >>bret: thank you. president obama is back in washington attending afternoon fundraisers a day after a surprise terrorist to afghanistan. chief white house correspondent
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looks at a journey a mix of official business and political business. >> there will be heartbreak. and pain. and difficulty ahead. but there's a light on the horizon. >>reporter: as president obama told the troops more of them willing injured and killed, he focused the address to the american people on positive gains. including the killing of, only. to show voters he is winding down a second we war. >> we broke the momentum of the taliban and built strong afghan security forces. we devastated al qaeda's leadership. >> two hours after he left the taliban launched a car bombing in kabul, and seven dead and as do wounded. many afghan children headed to school as republicans charged the president is drawing down troops too fast. >> a lot less than what we need to carry out and finish up the mission. >> officials tell fox while the
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taliban can still get attention with scattered attacks, afghan forces are standing up faster than expected allowing all u.s. combat forces to get out in 2014. >> the time of war began in afghanistan. and this is where it will end. >> that statement was contradicted by a top white house aide who said two days ago the battle continues in yemen and somalia. >> the al qaeda core falters, it continues to look to affiliates to carry on their cause. >> the president's advisors say the statements are consistent because the president believes al qaeda's leadership can be wiped out freeing the united states to focus on targeted strikes in places like yemen. >> it is a long war with requiring of a long-term commitment which is what the president signaled. >> as corruption continues inside karzai's government, and americans shell out $289 million a day there, the public is weary. the latest fox poll shows that
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78 percent of registered voters approve of withdrawing u.s. troops. >> that's why republicans are urging the president to speak up about the war more, shore up support, and prepare the american people for tough difficulties ahead before last night, the president had not given a major speech on afghanistan in nearly a year. >>bret: thank you, ed, from the north lawn. stocks were mixed. the dow jones industrial average lost 11 and the s&p 500 lost 3 1/2. unemployment in the euro zone is now higher than it has ever been since the creation of the currency. spain is leading the way with a quarter of the workers not working. and now we have that story from madrid. >>greg: the prime minister came to power last december, ran under a slogan "employment is the first thing." but these days for one in four, employment is the only thing, with the unemployment rate standing at 25 percent, and could go higher. among young people, half are out
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of work. in a country of 47 million people, an estimated 1.7 million households have in source of income at all and this week, the country is officially back in recession. the honeymoon for the popular party has been short and the government policy has been strong on austerity but weak on growth. >> it takes some time to see the effect of the cuts. but i am pretty sure we will see them at the end of this year or the going of the next year. awesome believe that spain like greece, ireland and portugal, will need a bailout to keep it in the euro zone there is some question about whether europe could afford to rescue the areas 4th largest economy. spain's real estate bubble burst in 2008. entire neighborhoods have become ghost towns with empty buildings that cannot be finished or cannot be sold. >> with so many bad loans outstanding the banks are feeling the pinch and s&p
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downgraded 11 early this week. s&p 500 downgraded the credit rating of the country and the long term borrowing costs are back up near 6 percent. considered dangerously high. >> one area that is looping better in spain is torquism as numbers are up in the key sector of the economy. but the tourism board is no longer running the ads saying "smile you are in spain," because not too many spaniards have reason to smile these days. >> thank you from madrid. this afternoon the obama administration announced the biggest medicare fraud bust. ever. in terms of dollars scammed. authorities have charged 130 doctors, nurses, and social workers with bilking $452 million from the program. the suspects were arrested on tuesday in seven cities. >> the presidential campaign is the subject of tonight's text a vote poll. whose endorsement is most valuable to romney?
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do you think it is newt gingrich? or ron paul? or rick santorum? results will be a little later. diddy employee macy in china. ♪
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>> a blind chinese dissident says threats of violence against his wife made him change his mind about staying not country. chief congressional correspondent says this occurs against the back drop of high level talks with the united states. >> good evening, the story could be over but there are questions what the chinese dissident was told before he agreed to leave the united states embassy. he told the associated press that u.s. officials informed him of a threat that his wife would be beaten to death if he did not leave the embassy. the state department officials say that is not the case.
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>> at in time did any u.s. official speak to him about physical or legal threats to his wife and children. and nor did any chinese officials make any threats to us or through us. >> he was seen being wheeled through a hospital after leaving the embassy. american officials say it was his desire to remain in china rather than seek asylum in the united states or elsewhere. now the 40-year-old whine dissident is receiving medical treatment after sustaining a foot energy escaping house arrest with the help of supporters last week. he has been an irritant to the chinese government tore being vocal about the one child policy forcing women to undergo late term abortions or sterilization. timing has been awkward for the chinese and united states officials with beijing now demanding an apology from the members. secretary of state hillary clinton is in china for talks on strategic and economic matters. on this case, she said "he has a number of understandings with the chinese government about his future including the opportunity
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to pursue higher education in the safe environment, making the commitment a reality is the next crew staff." and speaker boehner says the obama administration is responsible for ensuring his safety but they have an obligation to press for reforms in the human rights practices particularly with respect to the "reprehensible one child policy." >>bret: thank you, mike. chinese officials have promised to investigate chen's claims of persecution. and tonight, shannon reports the claims arise from criticism of the country's population criminal method. >>reporter: the case is, once, again, turning a spot light on concerns of human rights abuses in china. the strict one child policy, technically prohibiting forced abortions has been at the center of his activism. a state controlled newspaper in china recently reported that 13 million abortions in a single year and human rights activists say most of those are because of the restrictive reproductive
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practices. that policy is just one of many that human rights organizations around the globe are working to expose. according to the state department 2010 country reports on human rights practices china engages in "discrimination against women, minorities, and persons with disabilities and coercive birth policy that resulted in forced abortion, and trafficking in persons and the use of forced labor including prison labor." >> when we heat with china the issue of human rights coming up. >> when he says it was "coming up," i was not encouraged. what do you mean "comes up." how about we should make this a priority. >> but the obama administration is in a a tenuous position putting them to task. >> you put something at the center of your public pronouncements, it becomes an issue of chinese nationalism and
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interference with domestic affairs. that is how they frame it and that resonates with a large portion of the population. >> the head of the house foreign affairs subcommittee on human rights says it is time for the u.s. to force china to stop human rights abuses. >> there is no sanitying of china. yet. that is a missed opportunity. if we sanction in a rue distant way, i do believe we would see an amelioration of human rights abuse. all china forbids forced abortion the responsibility for enforcing the one child policy is shifted to local officials and chinese leaders at mit forced abortions and sterilizations do happen. >>bret: shannon, thank you. and police in suburban phoenix say five people were killed in a shooting at a home. the toddler and a gunman are among the dead. his identity and motives are not begin. two hand guards were recovered
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from the scene. these are periods of gilbert, arizona, a swat sealed off the area. a local school was on lockdown. >> house homeland security committee chairman says no information that the women involved in the secret service scandal pose add threat. ten have been questioned. nine were made for sex. and the director sullivan asked for an independent probe before it became public. still ahead, a have vice presidt possibility under attack, but, first, the presidential race is already going to the dogs. it's just too hard." then there was a moment. when i decided to find a way to keep going. go for olympic gold and go to college too. [ male announcer ] every day we help students earn
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>> new york yankees pitcher testified that there is a 50/50 chance he misheard roger clemens say that he used human growth hormones. clemens insists he told him his wife used it. and clemens is facing charges he lied to congress about taking performance enhancing drugs. and now to presidential politics. which seem to have gone to the dogs. it began with obama supporters trying to paint romney, mitt romney, as cruel to man's best friend. and romney supporters countered by pointing out the president in his memoir admits to eating dog meat as a child in indonesia. but if you think that sent the obama supporter scurrying off, think again. and now, james explains. my stepfather told me it is a boy eat dog world out there. >> president obama's quip about his useful consumption of dog
6:21 pm
meet. >> a pit ball is delicious. >> is defanging nose questions of whether the president was any crueler to animals that the romneys who embarked on a 12 hour drive across the canadian border 30 years ago with the family's irish setter, seamus strapped across the roof in a crate. >> dog loved him. >> there was a fake romney ad. all america's dogs can not afford four more years of obama. that is 28 years. >> dogs have occasionally played important roles. some on the left regard the image of mitt romney being cruel to his irish setter, whether true or not, as more potent than that of a young obama eating dog that could "dog," the g.o.p. candidate to election day. >> even romney people are stunned at the staying power of seamus the dog on the car. >> people love dogs. and it's an intimate
6:22 pm
relationship and it helps to define the character of a candidate. >> beau appears in a real popup ad urging those to join pet lovers for obama. >> we will see this used between now and election, pet lovers for obama, an diversion that keeps president obama from having to talk about his record. which is difficult to defend. >> and countervailing dog stories could mean a swift death for both of them. as each candidate would prefer to bury his own like so many bones in the backyard. >>bret: jails, -- james, thank you. a biographer a character described in his book is a composite character. and david says the president averaged that fact during a white house interview. media reports say he also wrote in the introduction of the 1995 book that he used composites,
6:23 pm
changed many names, and had some events out of sequence. >> south carolina republican governor haley is cleared of charge of violating ethic laws. the statehouse ethics committee voted 5-1 to dismiss the charges over a look of evidence. accusations stem from a lawsuit brought by a long time republican activist which was dismissed in march. >> and our series "running with romney," continues after the break. high schools in six states enrolled
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lookin' good, flo! feelin' good! feelin' real good! [ engine revs ] boat protection people love. now, that's progressive. call or click today. >>bret: we continue the series "running with romney," with a two-for-one deal. if romney chooses house budget committee chairman paul ryan as the vice president nominee he gets the man. and his message. a message that has already been under the microscope. >> next president of the united states, ladies and gentleman, mitt romney! >> hearing top democrats talk about wisconsin congressman ball ryan's budget that has all right passed the republican house, you could think romney has already chosen him. >> romney ryan plan.
6:28 pm
>> the romney-ryan budget. >> governor rome any has not exactly shied away from the ryan budget plan. >> i applaud it. an excellent piece of work and very much needed. >> a person would has led a very clear path for our party can our nation. >> romney is not just handing out out come moments but making a decision about the ryan plan. >> you campaigned with romney in wisconsin and spent a number of day on the trail with him. he embraced your budget. is that a full embrace? >> i never expect people to embrace every little spread sheet line item. but, clearly, he has embraced the kind of reforms we are talking about that are necessary to save and strengthen medicare, and prevent our debt crisis from recurring, to reform the tax
6:29 pm
code and get jobs in the economy and stop the capitalism, the corporate welfare. what the president is doing is saying i want to take more money from hard working americans, and bring it to washington, and that does not grow the economy. that grows corner -- cronyism. >> you have heard people say if romney fully embraced your budget, and goes whole hog and holds up paul ryan as an example, this is what we will do, there is a vulnerability in some analysts' mind, that he welcomes attacks. what do you think of that? >>guest: i hear this all time. i heard it when i put out the budget in the first place. do we want to fix the country's problems? that is the choice. bret all agree that the choice of ryan by romney, would be a bold choice. >> if you pick paul ryan you are going the whole way on the budget and the deficit, regardless of all the pain that
6:30 pm
would create. we will take your cough syrup, america, that could be the kind of campaign that could work but it would be a very difficult kind of campaign than we have seen in modern times. >> paul ryan budget genius, very important, good guy, romney is close to hims talks to him a lot. the down side is, you nominate paul, one, you take a player out of the congress. and, two, you are going do relitigate the ryan plan which has policy advantages but political baggage. >>bret: when you hear you are on a short list for romney, what goes through your mind? >>guest: i am pretty busy doing my job. i hear that, okay. if they ask me to consider it, i'll consider it but that is months away from that kind of decision being made as far as i know. i lick my job. i think i can make a big difference doing what i am doing because we have a fiscal crisis on our horizon and i have play add constructive role to prevent
6:31 pm
that. >>bret: from speech writer from the late congressman and vice presidential nominee, jack concern, he was elected corps in 1998 of the first district, and when he was 28 years old. and house republican leaders realized ryan was a budget whiz, and they moved him up the seniority line quickly pushing him over 12 more senior republicans. >> the committee will come to order. >> at age of 41 ryan became the youngest chairman of the house budget committee. which brings us back to his budget plan. ryan sees it as a pivotal point in the 2012 election. >> we knew if we offer solutions, they were going to demagog the solutions but we feel that we have a moral and a legal obligation if we do not like the direction the president is taking we should do something. more importantly we have a law that says congress has to pass a budget by april 15th. we think we should follow the
6:32 pm
law. the senate for three years decided not to follow that law. the president has given us four budgets and never in one of the budgets has he proposed any solution to this fiscal crisis, so what they decided to do is offer no solutions of their own, wait for republicans to offer ours, and then divide, distract and distort. >>bret: the president was talking student loans and say you cut back on pell grants and said that republicans are turning their backs on young people. >>guest: well, each week we will see the president pander to various groups in the country to try and build an election coalition to try and win this election, pell grants, for example, dramatic increase in spending over the last number of years and what we have eastbound is a corresponding dramatic officer in tuition inflation. our budget keeps progress where it is but we do not sign up for the additional increase the president is proposing and if we are not increasing pending as much as the president proposes that is considered a huge cut.
6:33 pm
>>bret: is he wrong when he says this? >>guest: he is wrong all the time. we are used to that. everything the president says about budgets and numbers, we are used to him telling things that are distortions. >>bret: democrats have taken attacking of the ryan budget to new levels using this ad in a man looking like paul ryan pushing a woman if a wheelchair over a cliff in a new york congressional race. and, then, president obama's invite to paul ryan to sit in the audience as he lambasted ryan's budget. >> nothing serious about a plan that proposes to reduce the drift by cutting the taxes on millionaires and billionaires. >>guest: i have had the ads against me for years. >> another looming factor could change wisconsin's role and romney's calculations on picking ryan. the republican governor scott
6:34 pm
walker face adds recall election june 5th for proposing and passing a law that stripped most public workers of collective bargaining rights, insighting major protests. >>guest: if walker prevails, wisconsin could be in play and that would to some degree raise ryan's profile in this if walker loses, then, i suspect it will diminish his chances. >> ryan is getting back to wisconsin and his family as much as he we can often rushing to get home to his wife and three children. >> if this is something people do not know what is it? >>guest: probably a lot of things. a dad. a husband. i like to hunt. fish. a big outdoorsman and i just like laying with my kids. >>bret: not all about budgets. >>guest: not when i'm home on the weekend. >>bret: you manage to get home? >>guest: i don't have place in washington, dc i am here four
6:35 pm
day as week after the last vote i head home, go to milwaukee and keep my truck there and drive home and like a dad like anyone else. >>bret: you make the record from the capitol to the airport? >>guest: i have it down to a science getting from voting to the flight to get home for dinner. i will make it home for dinner tonight. >> he is a loyal green bay packer's fan with not too many photos of ryan on overseas trip he has made quite a few mostly to the middle east. >> presbyterian -- president obama is signal, he will run on the foreign policy report. >>guest: great with me it is not good. this are no successes. the reset on russia. that did not work out. look at iran. still moving toward a nuclear weapon. look at what is going on in syria, shelling their people. look at fact we had green revolution in iran, and there was a chance after the re-election was rigged, there
6:36 pm
was a chance to speak to the freedom movement in iran and the president was silent. to me, they have had a terrible foreign policy record, the world is far much more dangerous than it ever was before, and at a time when we have all the new dangerous threats on the horizon they want to get our military. >>bret: how big will phone policy play? >>guest: it will be economics. the economy. we cannot keep spending money we don't have. we cannot keep a government that borrows 40 cents of every dollar. that is threatening our economy today and threatening our children's future. we have a big choice. we are sort of as a country at that fork in the road. and the decisions our government is going to make in the next couple of years, will set the direction of america for a generation. >>bret: you can see the complete ryan interview on our website at the "running with romney" play list. china demands an apology as the
6:37 pm
diplomatic dance over a blind dissident ends and high level talks begin. ♪
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so get allstate. you could save money and be better protected from mayhem like me. [ dennis ] dollar for dollar, nobody protects you from mayhem like allstate. all in is an ongoing situation and we believe it reached a positive resolution, one in keeping with our values. and, also, reflective of our ability to discuss and to work through the issues with the chinese authorities. but well continue to monitor this and we will have access and have a chance to talk to him about the reports. >> at in team did any official speak to chen about physical or legal threats to his wife or children and nor did chinese foyers make threats to us? >>bret: that is not what chen told the associated press. he was informed his wife would
6:41 pm
the beaten to death if he did not leave the embassy beijing which is coming to a head and secretary of state, hillary clinton in clinton saying "i am pleased we were able to facilitate the stay and departure at the embassy and i congratulate him onening reunited with his wife and children and thing up and the american pepper committed to him remaining with his family." this story continues and we will bring in the panel. senior write for the "weekly standard," and national political count of "national public radio," and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. >> there is one thing that ought to be the bottom line. when a dissident in a dictatorship who is harassed and beaten and courageous and is under house arrest seeks asylum in a u.s. embassy, you have to guarantee his security after that. the united states embassy is u.s. territory and he landed on the shores of the united states.
6:42 pm
and you do not san him out or have him leave from what we are hearing it was under duress, at least according to his lawyer, unless you have some kind of guarantee from the government of china. well, we hear from the state department that there were guarantees or assurances from the government of china to chen himself, that is useful. chen, against that dictatorship? one man against the government in he is completely defenseless. the guarantees you want or guarantees from the government of china to the government of the united states, the strongest nation on earth. those guarantee would mean something but that is not what we have. so, here he is, he is taken to the hospital, we took him there, and then, all of our people disappeared and he now is left with the authorities would have not heard from him and they do not know where the wife and the children are, and i don't think that's how you dispose of an issue like this even if you have
6:43 pm
a high level banquet define our secretary of state and their people on the same night or the next night. it is shameful. >>bret: this dissident, really, is speaking out against china's one child policy. and some of the reproductive restrictions and the human rights issue. president obama said it comes up every time and critics say the administration should be pressing this, and this is not a good example of anything. >>guest: i agree with charles. the united states is now assumed a measure of responsibility for chen's well-being and the safety of his family. i don't know whether he left involuntarily. that is not clear. he could have made a choice to stay in the embassy and aplay for asylum and he would have been granted it but he would not necessarily have been able to bring his family so it is unclear whether he left voluntarily or under duress, but, i do think the united states is now responsible for his safety. there is no or way did look at
6:44 pm
it. the good thing is, now the world has seen his picture a million times, and everyone know would he is and it will be harder for the chinese government to harass him. he has become an international dissident k that is what the power of the press is about. but, i think the fact that he has spoken out against the one child policy and he has represented the people who have been victims of it, that is something that everyone in the world understands. >> but using this moment as leverage with the chinese, steve, does this how it has ended at least for now take that ability away from the administration? >>guest: i think it does. the priority, now, is chen and you need to do everything you can to support him personally, to support, to find out what are the conditions under which he is being held. i would even think about sending hillary clinton to beijing, send her, have the united states
6:45 pm
government check on him, make sure he is okay, do the kind of things we told him that we going to be doing. it is interesting you have two different interpretations of what the conversations were and you have the state department saying, look, the chinese government never threatened anyone, they never threatened us and at the same time, they said they would send his family back to their hometown if he remained in the embassy. which it is easy to see how those, that one sentence, or that one statement, could be read in two different totally different ways. we have an obligation to stand up for him and to do everything we can to ensure his safety and to go back and make sure the chinese government is not doing anything untoward and there are late reports of potential arrest of supporters. that is intolerable. >>bret: if realitying does this all disappear? >>guest: i don't think so, because if anything happens to him, it will be such a huge embarrassment to the united states and a dereliction of duty
6:46 pm
that we have assumed for a generation that i think we will have do do something to stay in contact with him. but, i think the way it has been handled is unfortunate. and he now is out of our control and in their criminal -- control and we have no way of knowing what will happen to him. i just want to give her everything. [ whistles ] three words dad, e-trade financial consultants. they'll hook you up with a solid plan.
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>> today i am suspending the campaign but suspending the campaign does not mean suspending citizenship. we are committed to be active citizens. i'm asked, is mitt romney conserve testify enough? my answer is simple.
6:50 pm
compared to president obama? this is not a choice between mitt romney and ronald reagan. this is a choice between mitt romney and the most radical leftist president in american history. >>bret: newt gingrich ending the campaign today in arlington, virginia. he met with romney staffers who considering helping him raise money to retire his $4 million campaign debt and he wants a speaking slot at convention. we will see where that goes. and mara, what about the speech, the end, and your thoughts? >> it does not change anything. he was not a factor. irrelevant. but, the thing that mattered today is the faint praise that he could not say nothing or say something positive about romney. to, already, once again he is questioning his conservative. that was in bad form. but that's what it is and we
6:51 pm
have gotten a lot people who have given romney less than full threated endorsement and newt gingrich will be another and i bet he will get a 1:00 o'clock a.m., speaking slot. >>bret: and this speech, the santorum speech, and santorum meeting with romney may 4th, and the endorsement factor or lack thereof. >> look, obviously that was faint praise and not the kind of thing you want if you are in the romney campaign and you want everyone to come together and try to create this enthusiasm around your candidate. but, on the other hand, if he had said romney is the greatest republican in the history of republicanism and we need him, or, to he had given a more effusive endorsement and everything tonight and tomorrow would be newt gingrich said the eight negative things about romney is now totally going back, look, this is the game, this is what happened in washington, dc, but the bottom line, i agree with mara, he was
6:52 pm
not a factor of late. and the bottom line, he has endorsed romebly and this ended further splintering of the republican party and if he actually is willing to work for romney it is probably a small benefit. >>bret: big picture, charles, on the campaign? we talked about where it was, it was alive. dead. and then alive and dead again. >> there were two lazaruss. you do not get a third. for a guy who started with not much, and had two shots at the frontrunner spot, and he did rather well but he just is not a guy cut out are for the presidency or for running for the presidency and it showed and that why he did badly. why think he will get a 1:00 o'clock a.m., speaking slot but one that will be heard in guam and alaska because this was very up gracious, santorum, at least had the decency not to mention the name romney, but, to say he
6:53 pm
is not a conservative, that is not a good thing and i don't think he will have any role and romney doesn't need to offer him the unlike santorum who has something of a constituency or ron paul who has a serious consistency, small but really dedicated he does not have to offer newt gingrich anything and i don't think he will. i agree with my colleagues here. it is not a factor. it does not change anything. well, will santorum say something nice and encourage his supporters to would he speaks to support romney? or not? that will be an important question. >>bret: and a quick sound bite from mitt romney on the trail mentioning someone for the second time in a few days. >> what the president did was, one item after another, making it harder and harder for small business to thrive and grow and to start up. it was the most antismall business administration i've
6:54 pm
seen probably since carter. who would guess we would look back at carter years as the good old days. >>bret: will this be a recurring theme? >> i don't know if it is a good idea. they want it to be, saying, president obama is having a jimmy carter moment coming to north korea and syria and iran and said the decision on the raid on osama bin laden was a no-brainer that even jimmy carter, the worst foreign policy president in history, who is done it, but this has been a hard week for romney. he has come right up against all the powers that an incumbent has to command attention, drive the news cycles, hop if a planing go to afghanistan, and, you know, romney has been saying i would have done same thing, or complaining about how obama has been politicizing things and he should just drop the cater stuff. >> i would not use the jimmy carter reference in context of
6:55 pm
afghanistan and bin ben but he is fine to use it and should as often as he can. we are now, in a period of malaise. like jimmy carter. >> jimmy carter is the republican herbert hoover, the democratsing frommed him for 30 years and we have just about a few years left to go after carter. >>bret: that it is for the panel. carfirmation. only hertz gives you a carfirmation. hey, this is challenger. i'll be waiting for you in stall 5. it confirms your reservation and the location your car is in, the moment you land. it's just another way you'll be traveling at the speed of hertz.
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♪ wer surge, let it blow your mind. [ male announcer ] for fruits, veggies and natural green tea energy... new v8 v-fusion plus energy. could've had a v8. >> we asked you in our text to vote poll tonight whose endorsement would be valuable for mitt romney. thanks for your votes tonight. we have breaking news, we're going to drop the kicker segment. we're just getting word that the blind activist, the disthat you -- desdent that you see there has told we are
6:59 pm
in danger. if you can talk to hillary meaning secretary clinton help my family leave china. chen made no appeal for political asylum. indicating he planned to stay in china. he said he and his family are in danger and he needs to leave. he is asking the u.s. to help. mara this is a big deal. >> this is really a big deal. the u.s. has no choice to do exactly what he asks to get him out with his family. >> we are in a weaker position we don't have control of him. chinese do, our negotiations are going to be even more difficult than they were before. >> bret: we will continue to follow this and shepard will have the latest on his show. no online show. we'll be back next week. thanks it for "special report," fair, balanced, and >> tonight, a football great's girlfriend finds him dead in his home. junior said to have killed himself. tonight, the investigation and his heart broken family and


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