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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  May 3, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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some of the files from osama bin laden's computer released today and it appears theback cac leader was in a funk over the terror network. and, spirit airlines. that's the spirit. they refuse to refund a dying vietnam veteran less than $200 for a flight he could not physically met and now c.e.o. is defending the airlines in an interview with fox news and that is all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. >> but first from fox at 3:00 in new york city new signs life for our economy after a drop in the number of members seeming jobless benefits. the labor department reports new unemployment claims fell by 27,000 last week, the biggest decrease in a year. experts say the numbers suggest that hiring is strong enough to lower the national jobless rate. this great news comes after several weeks of increases raising doubts of the labor
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market but there are still mixed messages. another report suggests hiring is sluggish compared to the gains we saw in the warm winter months. and new context from gerri willis who anchors the fox business network. april jobs come out tomorrow. what do we expect in this? >>gerri: to remain the same at 8.2 percent. the number of jobs should be 170,000. not too exciting but if we miss the markets will sell off. now, a bunch of economists were surveyed and the rate will get down to 7.9 percent by the time the presidential election and when obama came to office it was 7.8 percent, a healthy economy is of percent unemployment. >>shepard: we have a ways. >>gerri: context. >>shepard: and a matter of the labor department which reports that productivity, worker productivity is down, which will probably --. >>gerri: dramatically. >>shepard: that will help
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firing? >>gerri: s&p 500 is not happy, the productivity is down but for workers a blessing, so they may have to hire more people. a state of hiring the at going of the year dropped off. people work of hiring but this could signal more hiring coming in the back half of the year which is good news for people who have been looking for jobs for a long time. fingers crossed. >>shepard: thank you very much. the unemployment numbers the next few months will have a huge impact on presidential election. obvious limit especially in swing states where when challenger romney is beginning ground on the president. new poll numbers show voters in florida and ohio believe romney can before the economy which is helping close the gap and now is in a tie with president obama in both florida and ohio. but the president has opened up ain't-point lead in pennsylvania a crucial state. it is worth noting that the polls show the majority of people in all three of those states believe the economy is now recovering.
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wendell is at the white house. put the numbers in perspective. >>reporter: no president in 50 years has been elected without winning two of the three states, pennsylvania, florida, and ohio, compared with the same poll taken at the end of march, president obama has widened the lead in pennsylvania, lost the slim lead in florida and essentially new tied with mitt romney any there. and he has stayed tie with romney in ohio. no change. so ohio voters will see a lot more of the president. they have seen a lot of him already. the state he has visited most often and back there for campaign events this week. he won ohio by four percentage points in 2008. no republican has ever been elected president without winning ohio. >>shepard: what's driving these numbers? >>reporter: well, the university poll says that romney is the preturnive -- presumptive
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nominee and other republicans are not attacking, he has gained support. where romney is ahead, the economy driving obama down and where romney is down other factors pick up obama. technically the recession ended in 2009 but most did not feel it but people in all three states feel the united states should get out of afghanistan by a 2-1 margin. but most approve of the job that obama is doing there. a gender gap is on display. it is too close to call in florida where the president is down but it is 13 points in ohio. and he has a 17-point edge among women in pennsylvania. >>reporter: thank you on the perfect strange day in washington, dc. another former aide to john edwards on the witness stand today. he said he overher the foam presidential candidate asking his mistress whether her baby bump was showing. the foam aide here in the blue tie and glasses said in 26 fix he saw the mistress get off the
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elevator on the same floor as john edwards and the foam aide says the mistress told him she and john edwards were madly if love. and the next day the aide says john edwards called him to deny he was having an affair and told him rielle hunter was crazy. not long after that run in the aide said campaign staffers had to stay in a different hotel floor from the presidential candidate, but one day in 2007 he went to john edwards room to get a cell phone and heard what sounded like to him a speaker phone conversation through the door, a conversation in which john edwards asked his mistress if she was showing yet. of course, rielle hunter gave birth to john edwards baby and the former presidential candidate used campaign cash to hide the affair from his dying wife and most importantly from the voters. lawyers from john edwards said he did not know about the money. jonathan is at the courthouse in north carolina. senior aides were seen concerned
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about rielle hunter from the get go. >> from the get go they concerned she was very public, and on campaign stops she did not fade into the wood work like other aides, and they were afraid she would overshadow john edwards. and even after elizabeth edwards grew suspicious and demanded her husband fire rielle hunter she remained prominent in the campaign. former aide john davis recalled an awkward moment he want into hunter in a hotel elevator and she testified she said she and senator john edwards were very much in love and i told her that i did not care about this and i was focused on the campaign and he said the next day the boss called him to the room to deny anything was going on. >>shepard: that bit of testimony. and then testimony from another former john edwards' staffer. tell us about that testimony. >>reporter: he is a former staffer who ordinarily had a master key to get into john edwards' hotel room so he could prepare things, conduct sweeps
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but he recalled his surprise in florida when he tried the door, it was dead bolted from the inside, and no one answering the door, and, finally, a hand from inside slipped him a note instructed him to contact fellow campaign staffer andrew young and the prosecution asked, do you recall one way or another from looking at hand, the gender of the person, and he reasonablied, yes, female. and just a few minutes ago, brian huffman took the stand, the interior decorator, was the interior decorator foray -- for mrs. rachel bunny mellon. >>shepard: our lawyers are here and we will talk about the john edwardss' case and the guy who spent four days locked in a fell holding cell with no food and no water just forgotten.
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>>shepard: continuing coverage in the trial of john edwards. as we report add couple of aides took the stand to detail their concerns over his mistress. one aid said she told that aide "we are madly if love." john edwards camp denies using more than a million to hide the affair from the voters. arthur? >>arthur: i don't know what the plea offer to john edwards but my guess it wassing in substantial and no one wants to go to jail and nothing wants to
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be humiliated. what this guy has done to his family is horrific. the testimony yesterday by aide was that on the tarmac, in north carolina, when mrs. edwards knew the affair was going objection she lost it, to such a degree, screaming at her husband, in front of others, you don't see me, you don't see me anymore, and she takes off her shirt and takes off her bra and stands there in front of her husband showing what a woman she still is in front of other aides and as horrific as this is, as the testimony comes out his daughter, who is not courtroom, runs now tears. i don't care if it is a two minute acquittal, what is he going to do stand on the steps and say he has won. he destroyed so many lives most importantly those of his daughters. he should have manned up, taken a plea and no one would have heard of all this ugliness. it is disturbing. >>shepard: my understanding is, that is not how john edwards
3:13 pm
rose. >>randy: you gave a brilliant defense closing argument because that's what this case is about. it is about keeping the affair away from elizabeth gentleman yes and what could be more compelling than her reaction to finding out about the affair? this, this is no evidence in this case it was done to keep it from the voters. >>arthur: why did the campaign workers sleep on another floor and not see her going in and out of the bedroom, and they were working on the campaign, and --. >>randy: they should not have the employees make sure what is going on what does the wife do, go to the employees, this was done to keep the affair away from the elizabeth and not the voters, he should be acquitted. >>arthur: i don't know the viewers, but anyone who is using any bit of common sense will say you cannot separate his desire to keep it away from his wife and his desire to community away from the voters. it is impossible. it is one and the same.
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>>randy: that is reasonable doubt right there. >>shepard: if it is impossible to separate how is that reasonable doubt? >>randy: because the definition if i need more information to make a really important decision like whether the money was used to hide the affair from the wife, or hide the affair from the voting public the tie go goes to the runner. >>arthur: randy is saying i at not 100 percent sure if it was to hide it from the world or the wife but the common sense jury will say it and both. both. guilty. >>shepard: thank you. a bloody murder-use side outside phoenix appears to be the work of a former marine with ties to a white supremacist group, from investigator whose discovered the bodies yesterday along with an arsenal of weapons. he was then for his self appointed border guard who organized a militia aim at catching illegal immigrants and drug smugglers, doing it by
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himself. he shot four people and then shot himself. the victims reportedly include his girlfriend, his girlfriend's daughter, the daughter's boyfriend, and a 15-month-old child. police say the toddler was alive when they got there but later died at the hospital. we are told investigators found handguns and shotguns at the seen and what they describe at military grade weapons, ammunition, and two barrels of potentially hazardous chemicals. >> the blind china lawyer who escaped house arrest now says he wants out again. he says u.s. officials pressured him to stay in china and now he fears for his safety in china. the whole thing is make for a difficult dramatic situation difficult dramatic situation between our two countries. dad, why are you getting that? is there a prize in there?
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>>shepard: the blind chinese dissident at the center of a growing diplomatic tussle between the united states and china has reject add deal to stay at home in his own country. the united states state department reports that he wants do leave out of fear for his own safety. keep in mind secretary of state, hillary clinton is in china and we have the latest pictures of the blind activist. spending much of the last seven years in prison or under house arrest for his outspoken views on china's repressive policies including the one child limit. the forced abortions. and sterilization. last week he fled to the united states embassy after he escaped from house arrest and first he reportedly said he wanted political asylum. that would have been a major embarrassment for the chinese. and a diplomatic victory for the united states. then all of a sudden under shady circumstances, we were told he changed his mind and he decided he did want to stay in china.
3:20 pm
now the story has changed. and the blind activist is asking to leave china. and in off camera briefing, state department spokesman told reporters and i quote, "they as a family have had a change of heart whether they want do stay in china." and now the latest from mike live from washington, dc. there reports on this dissident, he obviously has been through a lot, but there are reports that he is worried about his family's safety. did he explain particulars? >>reporter: he says he did not have all the information during the week stay at the embassy if beijing so a threat was communicated to him when he went to the hospital. he mr. chen is explaining why he is fearful. >> government's officials broke into my home and want dead beat my family to death, and they have installed videos surveillance in the garden and on the roof and inside the house
3:21 pm
and they are going to put an electric fence around our home. >> he described having trouble reaching loved ones on the phone which added to his anxiety. >>shepard: he is saying the united states has in essence, abandoned him. is that true? >>reporter: he is a vocal opponent of the one child policy that allows the late-term abortions and sterilization of women and he is a major thorn not side of the government and this is an awkward situation define the united states and chinese relations with secretary of state, hillary clinton there. she says that the united states believes in human rights and personal freedom and we are told conversations continue over what to do about this matter but a state department spokesman struggles with a key question. >> i understand he is in the hospital. is he under -- it is a perfectly legitimate question. is he in custody? >> i don't know the answer to that. he is in the hospital. >> a congresswoman who fairs the house foreign affairs committee
3:22 pm
said it should be obvious that there is no way to guarantee his safety as long as he is in reach of the "chinese police state." >>shepard: thank you, and now former state department spokesman, and now a recovery at george washington university in washington, dc. this is a mess, isn't it? >>guest: it is turning out that way. obviously, this underscores how difficult and complex the relationship between the united states and china is. on a good day. and human rights have been an area where there just has been a fundamental agreement to disagree. the united states has stressed human rights and hillary clinton did today in the opening remarks in what is called the strategic and economic dialogue. for china they say this is none of your business, but this is an issue between our government and one of its citizens. >>shepard: and what is the next move for the united states? i look to some of the middle eastern companies and see how we have acted regarding matters one would consider similar but
3:23 pm
china's our big lender and we have to get along. what did you do? >>guest: you stand up for human rights which is what the united states is doing. before she arrived hillary clinton put down a public marker that the children case is important to us and several days of intense negotiation based on what chen was trying to do. the united states has, in the past, been able to help bring activists out of china to safety. and grant them asylum. in this case chen guangcheng wanted to, officially, stay in china. he wanted to have safety. he wanted to be relocated and have a chance to study law and to continue his activism and strike to expand chinese civil society. now, obviously, that arrangement is collapsing, and, my understanding, my latest information is that the united states officials have tried to meet with chen guangcheng to assert, in fact, he has had this containing of heart, but have
3:24 pm
been prevented from doing so. >>shepard: it is interesting to watch the timing. secretary clinton is in china when to happens. what do you make of that? >>guest: i think in this case the spotlight works to chen's advantage. this will be senior difficult for china to resolve with which level of attention. my instinct is they will give way, grant permission for him to depart, but it will be done on chinese timetable. >>shepard: what happens to his family? >>guest: that is one of, part of the good news here, he was separated from his family, and that, reunion fiction has happened at the hospital, and, so, once he got there he learned the abuses that she had suffered while he was making his way to bejing and that's one of the critical factors that shifted his view. >>shepard: not exactly on the front page of the chinese newspapers. >>guest: well, these are
3:25 pm
difficult cases. they will take time to resolve. the united states has done this successfully in the past. if chen wants to leave china at this point every indication is, he does, the united states will work dill gently to make that happen. >>shepard: thank you, p.j. crowley on capitol hill. >>shepard: osama bin laden, frustrated with the terror network he founded, or he was before he died, and he was not a fan of at least one major figure in his ranks according to files we found. and the college student who says he had to drink his own urine to survive at the feds locked him up in a cell for days and days and forgot he was there. and forgot he was there. he is suing. or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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3:30 pm
he wrote of iran's unwillingness to negotiate with deduct taped prisoners and called on the followers to focus on attacking the united states and assassinating president obama. he wrote "obama is the head of infidelity and killing him automatic hi will make biden take over the presidency for the remainder of the term as it is the norm over there." it goes on "biden is totally unprepared for that post which will lead the united states into a crisis." catherine is live in washington, dc. this is quite a little something going on, he was jealous of another terror leader. >> it suggested he saw al-awlaki not the real tested and not the real deal and asking for the cleric to write his vision for bin laden to grade and in september he wrote "we would like further assurances, for
3:31 pm
example, over here we are generally assured after people go to the battlefield and are tested and turned conventional wisdom on its head, it is clear that bin laden was not isolated but corresponding with at least half as do of his lieutenants. >>shepard: and we have what seems like one bin laden event after another. >>guest: the white house was asked to explain whether the release of documents was driven by politics. >> the process of identifying and reviewing and analyzing required considerable time, and it is also the case that because of the renewed interest in on this anniversary, in the mission that led to bin laden's demise, that this was deemed an appropriate time to release them. >>reporter: it is not over. the 9/11 suspects will be arraigned at the military court in guantanamo bay.
3:32 pm
so we are back to we we started this weekend. >>shepard: thank you, catherine. a california college student for whom the drug enforcement administration looked up for four days in a windowless cell handcuffed with if food and in water is preparing to sue the agency for up to $20 million. here he is. agents deattend him on a drug raid at a trend's home, and the feds$1u reportedly told him he would not be charged with anything and they put him in a holding cell with no toilet or anything else, and they admit, they forgot he was there. he says he screamed for difficulties and ended up drinking his own urine and hallucinated so intensely that cartoon characters told him to claw through the walls, and he said he tempted to carve sorry, mom and he was chose to death in kidney failure when agents fop hill. and his attorney says that
3:33 pm
constitutes torture. and now, trace is live in los angeles with more on this. i suppose you can claim torture isn't torture i have seen it before. are they doing this? >>trace: no one so far, and the lawyer is citing the detainee treatment act of 2005 in the art that says and i quote, "no individual in the custody or under the physical control of the united states government shading sun to cruel and inhumane or degrading treatment or punishment," hard to argue that four days without food and water is not cruel and inhumane. he had handcuffs on which was why it was so difficult to use his glasses to carve a goodbye message to his mother. listen. >> it was pitch black, trying to write "sorry mom," but i could not aim. i gave up. >> if this is torture, under the act he is spilted to compensation, and as you said,
3:34 pm
they are looking for up to $20 million. >>shepard: what is the drug enforcement administration saying? >>trace: very little. nobody from any side is disputing any part of his story. d.e.a. gave us a statement that says and i quote, "i am deeply troubled bit incident that you are asked here last week and i extend my dopest apology to the young man and want to express that this event is not indicative of the high standards i held my employees to and i have personal ordered an extensive review of our policies and procedures," so far it looks like the d.e.a. is looking for a "sorry." here is his attorney. >> the people who are responsible should be held responsible. he screamed hundreds of times for help. he began to dig into the walls thinking he could get water that way. >> a congressman issa from california, the chair of the oversight committee is now also asking the d.e.a. to explain
3:35 pm
itself in this matter. an investigation is underway. >>shepard: trace, thank you from los angeles. and now to the lawyers, arthur aidala on the left, and that other guy, randy zelin in his costume on right. an accident. this guy, the back story is this guy was at a friend's house and they came and did a drug bust and he admits he went to smoke weed but this were other drugs and people were in trouble but he wasn't in trouble. they were just going to detain him and let him go. and they forgot him. the question, now, is that worth $20 million? >>arthur: when you read the articles, what he went there, it was bad stuff. can you imagine. he was almost dead. and the other interesting thing, the only, three times he damage his urine and the only sustenance he had was white proud bertha was wrapped in the
3:36 pm
-- was white powder that was wrapped in the cell in the blanket. so he is taking a drug which was known to be meth, and our clients who sometimes wind up in solitary confinement, or in the hole as it is called, you do, you hear things, you have conversations and you lose your mind. coupled with no food, no water, no toilet, and you are handcuffed, that is worth a lot of money. >>randy: i have considerations with myself and i am not hallucinating and thank god he was not charged with possession of the meth but in all seriousness, it is an unfortunate accident. and, start with that. this notion he was being tortured, usually, one tortures another for the purpose of getting something from them. and there was no torture here, it was a mess up. a screw up. they forgot about him. so forget about torture. >>shepard: should they pay for that? >>randy: there is a question --. >>shepard: they said they were not going to charge him.
3:37 pm
>>randy: and that flies in the notion they were looking to tooture him. >>arthur: an agent is cleaning a gun and discharges and it goes through his belly and he lives and he is scarred for life. an accident. what do you do? >>randy: that wasn't the case. >>arthur: this is worse. this is worse, thank of five days, today is thursday, sunday morning you are getting your hair cut. >>randy: $5 million a day. >>shepard: you miss two rangers game. >>randy:a >>arthur: drinking your urine. >>randy: i thought you can't do that, frankly. >>shepard: the question is, and i don't want to think of drinking urine. they were not even charging him with anything and you forget him? someone has to pay for that, right? >>randy: but does someone have to pay $5 million a day?
3:38 pm
>>shepard: why do you put a dollar amount on it? >>randy: i will be locked up for $5 million a day you can lock me up. art at he has kidney failure, severe dehydration. he was close to death when the government almost kills you when they miss up, they owe you a hell of a hot of money. >>shepard: back again. republicans in congress are threatening a contempt charge against the attorney general of the united states. the g.o.p. lawmakers say holder is not cooperating with their investigation in to the fast and furious gun operation but a democrat in congress says the whole thing is a witch hunt. uh, i'm in a timeout because apparently
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3:42 pm
hand over the documents it demand of operation fast and furious. the justice department folks say they have been providing documents on a regular basis but a contempt citation could force them to turn over thousands more. fast and furious, of course, is the gun tracking operation that let hundreds of guns from the united states end up in mexico and one downed up at killing of a united states border agent. and republicans are accused of playing politics with the "fast and furious otherwise investigation writing holding someone in contempt of congress is one of most serious and formal actions our committee can take. and it should not be used as a hill tool to generate press as part of an election year witch hunt against the obama administration. so there are the two sides. and judge napolitano is here with us now. >>judge napolitano: a very complicated area of law. no one in the executive branch
3:43 pm
of the federal government has been held in contempt of congress in the modern era, in the post world war ii area. we cannot find records before that but it has not happened in the post world war ii era so it will likely be resolved in some way. they will agree to turn over the documents. and there will be fewer documents than demanded but more than they wanted to give. they are talking about criminal contempt. meaning, the house of representatives would have to per situate the justice department to prosecute the head of the justice department for violating a federal statute that requires him to comply with house of representatives subpoenas. that is probably very unlikely to happen. >>shepard: that sounds reasonable. >>judge napolitano: so say the least. there is civil context and -- contempt when an official violates an order but there is no judge involved yet. so, the house of representatives is probably asking for more than
3:44 pm
it knows it will get. if there were a case before a judge, and they know how to start a case and again it before a judge and the judge orders attorney general holder to turn over documents then he could be held in contempt and the judge would do it. >>shepard: there are politics involved when it is a political talking point, that makes it part of politics but that does not change what happened not way this was handled. >>judge napolitano: the more politics are involved the less the courts want to get involved and they see this as water running across pennsylvania rather than something as serious. the agent died. this program has been a disaster that was started in the bush administration, it has been a disaster from the beginning the i have seen the justice department responses and if i were neutral i would say that is not responsive. you did not comply with the subpoena. on the other hand, the complaint of the congressman is
3:45 pm
legitimate. republicans leaked internal documents today before members of the house of representatives even saw them accusing the attorney general of committing crimes. now they have to fine a prosecutor willing to prosecute. >>shepard: sometimes the leak is plenty and the prosecutor is not necessary. >>judge napolitano: the closer they get to any sort of public humiliation the more likely he is to give them some of the documents they have been asking. >>shepard: zero to 100 percent chance heel be prosecuted? >>judge napolitano: zero. >>shepard: thousands of people taking up the cause of a dying united states marine asking the discount carrier spirit airlines to refund his plane ticket. he did not know he was doing when he bought the ticket. $197. the doctor said he was too sick to fly. c.e.o. says now and now the c.e.o. of the company is defending the decision. we will hear from him ahead.
3:46 pm
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>>shepard: new video. mama bear and two baby bears are in a tree. and this is in california. three bears. spotted in 1400 block of edge cliff lane after 11:00 today. so that's west coast time. fish and game officers are expected to arrive in a minute to try to coax them out of the tree. trash cans may have lured the female bear and the cubs to the neighborhood. look at them! you know what they need? they need those bears a trampoline and then they will have a nice ride. can't show that anymore, though. apologizes. the c.e.o. of expert airlines defending its company today over the refusal to reimburse a dying
3:50 pm
vietnam veteran. the 76-year-old veteran has terminal cancer. and doctors told him you did not fly he tried to get a refund on the $197 ticket he already bought. it was nonrefundable. and spirit, of course, says no, it is nonrefundable i don't care if you are dying. that triggered public outrage and calls for a c.e.o. and the former marine should have bought insurance says the c.e.o. by the way united states department of transportation reports that spirit is the most complained about airline not united states. twice as many complaints at the second most complained about airline, united. the spirit c.e.o. says that is irrelevant. and laura is in new york city newsroom. the c.e.o. actually had a whole lot to say. >>guest: he did. the c.e.o. acknowledged the vietnam vet, a tragic situation but says the airline is going to stand its ground on the decision not to refund the fare and in a
3:51 pm
telephone interview with fox news today the spirit airlines c.e.o. said he was refused the refund because he did not buy the $14 travel insurance they offered and repay him would be "cheating" other customers. >> we feel bad for him and we greatly support the men and women who defend our country. we are not antivet or unpatriotic as many have accused us including on the air, and it is just a simple case of accountability. >>reporter: heçéeu likened it ta homeowner with no policy calling the insurance company after the house burns down. >>shepard: public back lash has been aplenty. >>reporter: he says he is not surprised because of the emotional nature of the case. the number of furious on facebook would liked the spirit airlines soared from 700 to over
3:52 pm
22,000 this afternoon, and he says the outpouring is encouraging. >> publicity that i'm receiving and the people who are personally telephoning me and e-mail, et cetera, has reinstilled my faith in america. >>reporter: and an unrelated story involving the airline say they would charge $100 for each carry on bag in november, which is more pricey than the cost of the ticket. spirit reported higher year-over-year revenue in profits the first quarter of 2012 to week with net income of $23.4 million compared to $7.8 million during the first quarter last year. >>shepard: no wonder they could note give the dying man $197 if that is all they had. >>reporter: it goes on. >>shepard: hundred buck for a carry on bag. and another $100 on the way
3:53 pm
back. pray -- frazier is here, the author of oh rethinking reputation." so, fraser, spire has a reputation. >>guest: it does, the original airlines from hell. and fort lauderdale, an antip.r. airline. it has a history of contempt for its customers, first to impose check in baggage fees. first to impose a baggage fee for carry on. first to impose boarding fees. and now in dissing this dying vietnam vet who is the p.r. consultant, ron artest? give back the money. >>shepard: they are not going to they said you should have bought insurance. >>guest: the problem is the lawyers. that is the problem. >>shepard: they are the
3:54 pm
problem. lawyers are the problem and it is the media's fault were >>guest: he said we have a precedent negotiation refund. they think of residents rather than common sense. the thing to do would have been, transfer the gay's ticket to his daughter who he was going to fly to see and let her fly back, you get the good well, rather than being in this fix where they are every single moment on television and late night comics, it is ridiculous. >>shepard: what did you thick of the decision of the c.e.o. to call in >>guest: made absolutely in sense. and he wanted to say we support the vets. what, it is a hard hearted, cold blooded, shortsighted, ruthless policy other than that, trick. >>shepard: and creepy. what do you think? >>arthur: why do people fly spirit? why? do they have some sort of exclusive corridor that you have
3:55 pm
to? it they fly if fort lauderdale. if you want to go to florida from northeast you can danger spirit but there are others. if everything goes fine, you are fine. it takes off and landed. but if anything goes wrong, your options forgetting back up planes and get dog where you need to do in modern time is limited. >>arthur: what is the difference between a woman's pocketbook and my briefcase? >>shepard: the carry on is what goes up this in the bin or underneath. you can keep your purse in your lap. if you have a carry on bag that is what they are talking about. they charge $45 for carry on. spoor spirit. have a nice day.
3:56 pm
3:57 pm
3:58 pm
>>shepard: the "scream," is the most expensive masterpiece ever sold, bought for $120 million by a buyer.
3:59 pm
that is more than the entire economy of the the falkland islands. there are four versions but this one is considered the most colorful and vibrant. and according to the auctioneer it is worth every penny. >>randy: looks like my kid drew it. actually, it looks like my kid. >>shepar $120 million. >>arthur: they have money to burn. >> next year it will be worth $170 million. that is how it works. >>shepard: hope they enjoy it. >>neil: something more valuable, in your facebook, and this is one for the record backs, friends. we are learning the most anticipated s


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