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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  May 3, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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than a few folks are coming into a fortune. or will. if about two weeks. that is when facebook plans to go public. and getting a stock price that could shoot the phenomenon of social networking into the stratosphere likely to day buy ought $28 to $30 a share that is the range the "wall street journal" is reporting. it could go higher, maybe much higher, potentially valuing the company north of $95 billion. so, right out the gate they would have a market capitalization north of h.p. and not all that far from, in its day a market sensation in its own right, a halfs do company executives with be billionaires on paper and dozens more millionaires, and the founder? he would be the 5th richest
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guy on the planet at worst. all part of what they call a road show for what is little more than a few years ago started as an elaborate college dating site and now, fetching a price that will be well, out of sight and sandra? >>reporter: this the amended filing we have by facebook, some really big numbers, the company offering 180 million shares at price of $28 to $35 and adding more shares than not original filing, adding 157.4 million shares and we are talking now a total of 337.4 million shares being offered at a range $28 to $35 a share and the offering at that level could raise for the company, $6.3 billion and that would be at the top end. that would also give facebook a market capital of $75 billion.
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so, other notes about zuckerberg the founder. he is going to hold 57.3 percent of the voting power after this offering takes place. he also is offering and selling over 30 million shares in the initial public offering. some of that is a unusual, and the shares will be priced the evening of may 17 because the first trading day of the new publicly traded facebook will be as expected, may 18. >>neil: so the agent was that facebook could be a rainmaker on wall street, it could lift other technology stocks, sort of a shot in the arm to all stocks. is it expected to have that far-flung an impact? >>guest: that was the knee-jerk reaction when we first heard the company was going do take itself public. but as a lot of analysts have
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had a lot time to digest the news there is skepticism and that is, can zuckerberg really lead a large publicly traded company? how it change? what does the future look like? will demand for facebook as it does today and continue growing at a rapid space? those questions have started to enter into the minds of not only analysts but investors on wall street and no doubt this will be a very hot i.p.o. >>neil: if only everything was on fire like facebook new evidence that americans are just spent. major retailers posting the worst sales since 2009. macy's. costco. target. they all were missing targets last month as worker productivity had the biggest drop if a year. all is not good ahead of tomorrow's job report.
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and texas republican governor rick perry, joining us right now. governor, good to have you back. >>guest: good to be with you, sir. >>neil: you must be feeling good about that, not quite as good if you are a facebook key player, but, nevertheless, not too shabby. >>guest: the first place that facebook located outside of california was to austin, texas. so we have been helping mark expand his company. >>neil: did he give you any shares for that? >>guest: for sir but plenty of opportunity to hire people in austin, texas, that is our m.o. >>neil: governor one of the keys to expanding for bugger folks, is they felt this was a favorable tax environment and very pro business environment, facebook, obviously, might have been seizing on that, as well, but the argument is that nationally the environment for
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companies is not that way. and that a lot of them have all this cash overseas and they are not bringing it back. what do you make of that? >>guest: well, certainly, i think the tax structure in the united states, the corporate tax structure if particular one of the things we talked about during the presidential election is how to lure the companies back to the united states. and, listen, taxes and regulation are what drives the corporate decisionmaking. or for that matter, a small businessman and woman who are trying to decide what they are going to expand their business. it is about taxes. about regulation. and in some cases about the legal structure, as well. one of the reasons texas is the best place in the country to do business, according to c.e.o. magazine, as late as day before yesterday they ranked the states, again, for 2011, and taxes and regulation.
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quality of your workforce obviously is part of that and they have 650 of their corporate leaders across the country were asked to measure the states with the matrix of taxes and regulation, and legal system, quality of life, quality of the workforce, and texas came in number one. florida was public two. scott is doing a great job of competing. looking at that list, louisiana moved up 14 places. the governor understands keeping taxes and regulations as thoughtsful and as low as you can from the standpoint of taxes and regulations that are fair and predictable. it is not rocket science. it is having the confidence that the private sector knows how to run the business and they do not need big government telling them how to run the business, and allow them the freedom to do that.
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that's nine out of the ten top states. >>neil: that is romney's agenda. you criticize his record in massachusetts, as governor, and are you more comfortable with him, now, do you support him now? how do you feel? >>guest: absolutely. i have endorsed him and i am a heck of a lot more comfortable with him than president obama and that will be our choice. >>neil: but you were for newt gingrich and obviously, newt gingrich is you will manage out, and he did mention you and thanked you for your support. what did you think happened? >>guest: i will leave that up to the political pundits, the reason we have contests is to pick a winner. we have done that. mitt romney will be our nominee. he will be ten times better than president obama, particularly when it comes to the economy. and as they said in 1992, it's the economy stupid, it's still
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about the economy. and newt gingrich, any of our candidates, but particularly mitt, will be our nominee and god help us if he doesn't win. >>neil: but as you have heard, governor, and newt gingrich himself has brought up in the past and others, including rick santorum there is not the fire for romney that there was, for, some of the more conserve testify candidates and that will be hard to win back over. what do you thing of that? >>guest: i suggest we better get a fire going. four more years of president obama when you look at the debt on the future generations and what he is talking about doing from the stand point of coming in and telling states how to do their business this is not in the ballpark of close, romney has to win the presidential election in november of 2012 or
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our country truly is going to be on the precipice of bankruptcy and international affairs that i suggest none of us will like. you do not think there will be conservatives dragging their feet or as in 1996 not voting for, jimmy carter and just not voting at all? you thing they will still vote? >>guest: i never thought there would be anyone that would make jimmy carter look good. but president obama is doing just that. >>neil: on president obama and on this economy, the white house has been arguing things are looking better, and some of the slowing economic numbers notwithstanding, the trend is their friend. you disagree. you see things reversing? what? >>guest: why know whether they will reverse or not we were if such a deep hole, quit digging. that is the first thing when that occurs.
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and start putting policies into place. if this president care about this country, he will work on the tax structure. he will quit spending money we don't have. this is a spending problem in washington, dc. and the idea that you can continue to spend and spend and it will not have an impact, tomorrow coburn had some very startling remarks yesterday, when senator coburn talked about the precipice this country is on. i agree. we have to make changes and we have to make changes in a hurry and mitt romney understands that. president obama has clearly showed us what direction he wants to take america, both economically and internationally, and i'm thought sure the bulk of americans want that when we look at the outyears. >>neil: if we look at another meltdown in the fall, governor, or even sooner, and say, a lot of the banks are still in
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precarious positions and the world does not look much better at this moment, would you advise governor romney to abdicate not bailing out banks, but he was for the bailouts, you were critical of that during the nominateing process, would you still feel the same way? >>guest: i think mitt today understands that too-big-to-fail and i have heard him say that on numerous occasions, is not appropriate. and that the economic models of supply and demand work the simplicity of that, it is truly important for to us get back to and bailing out, whether it is wall street or whether it is motor companies, it is bad public policy. we have bankruptcy laws in place to sort through the bad
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decisionmakinging, maybe people through no fault of their own --. >>neil: i apologize, say what you will of the bailouts in key swing states, the numbers are swinging the president's way. and karl rove, in fact, has the president in the advantage because of that. not exclusively because of that, but what do you make of that? do you think karl rove's math is right? the president has a clear edge? >>guest: i have no idea whether his math is right and i don't think anyone else has an idea whether that is right or not. the issue is, we have to do what is right for the long term country's benefit and bailing out corporate entities that are too-big-to-fail and bailing out car companies are not in this country's best interest. if g.m. went through the type of
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restructuring, people with still is their jobs and still have their pentagons and the company who is been more stable and i will suggest to you, michigan's committee would be if better shape both short determine and long term with that type of thoughtful approach rather than government coming in, putting untold amounts of money into it and few people making out like bandits on wall street but the american people taking a bath. >>neil: governor perry, good to see you again. thank you very much. >>guest: god bless you. >>neil: and the new campaign individual i didn't from president obama but is it actually telling the truth? >> they claim the administration gave money to build electric cars in finland. no. well call the b.s. when we see it. [ rosa ] i'm rosa and i quit smoking with chantix.
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>>neil: letting mitt have it. the obama campaign has the truth campaign out saying the ads do not add up. >> i want to am you with the attacks from big oil. it is important you know the truth. president obama's helped create hundreds of thousands of clean energy jobs projects in all 50 states. >>neil: who is kidding who. and our reporter has been fact checking and joins us right now. item one, the green jobs thing, david, what do you make of that? >>guest: well, obama has engaged with the when video and several ad buys, and like this video they contain misleading facts. you heard obama's deputy campaign manager say that this were projects all 50 states that created hundreds of thousands of jobs. but in reality, you are looking at a couple thousands, 3,500 and
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several states where there are no projects according to the department of energy so that is two false heads from the "truth team." >>neil: and new another one that has a lot of attention. >> they claim the administration gave money to build electric cars in finland. no. the department of energy's funding was specifically for u.s. jobs at the facilities and the company employing 700 workers in california and planning to build a laboratory in delaware. >>neil: is that true? >>guest: well, we looked into today, and there are actually only 500 people, not 700 people working for the plant in california and in delaware just a minimal staff, so, it is certainly overstating the case. yes, they hire people in the united states but no need to embellish and you would think "the truth team," would do a better job. >>neil: that would apply to the more controversial comments
4:19 pm
the truth squad made on green technology and green lights and the china angle. >> they said we sent money to china to build traffic lights the wrong. the traffic lights were assembled here and help expand our light manufacturing industry in this country. >>guest: well, everyone is kind of right here because the lights were assembled, the apparatus, they remain built here. but the l.e.d. lights were built in china and brought here to be assembled so because of a waiver the obama administration gave, so the money could be spent this. so, that's kind of 50/50 i guess. >>neil: on the mexican solar panels. >> they said we gave money to a company building solar plants in mexico. nope. wrong again. our money is going to build a solar plant here, in america, with american workers. >>neil: which is right? >>guest: well, again, sort of
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both. they did give money to a company that was building a solar plant in mexico but they did build solar panels here in the united states and they are doing a lot of the manufacturing for the mexican project here in the states, so, again, that's kind of depends on how you take the statement. >>neil: but it is not all united states, bottom line. thank you david, very much. >>guest: thank you. >>neil: for get the bird strike, is the f.a.a. treating the guy who filmed this, that he is the real threat. he is here. and romney seeing a swing state surge. is it enough to change karl rove's election map that so far gives the president the advantage?
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>> we will talk about all sorts of things that resulted in a fact that a guy who promised to keep unemployment under 8 percent has not been under since. >>neil: he is slamming the president on the economy. he has been pounding this for a while. he could be working. and the foam massachusetts governor is surgeoning in at least two key swing states, florida and ohio. two republican strategists johnny us. those are two states he needs to when. >> three, two, one, needs to win indiana, ohio and florida the when florida and ohio were republican in 2004 and democrat in 2008 but by less than the national average and all it takes is one other state, new hampshire or pennsylvania or michigan or wisconsin or iowa or colorado or nevada and nevada and the white house is if republican hands. >>neil: you got buzz when you
4:25 pm
released your electoral map, has the president getting re-elected by 284 electoral votes. so, he is down. but you had texas leaning. >>guest: i don't have texas but i have taken the most recent polls and there are not a lot of polls in most of the states but we have to start somewhere. there are 106 votes in pinch states, arizona, texas, georgia, tennessee, kentucky, and --. >>neil: you virginia as a toss up? >>guest: it will be fought to the end. but we will do the map every two weeks. you can sign up for a free link. i bet you in a month we will have 10 electoral college votes move out of the toss up or lean romney and move into the romney catch. >>neil: but as they stand now, if something would have to be taken away from the president.
4:26 pm
>>guest: it will. it will. pennsylvania will be a battleground state, a toss up. in this map it is leaning obama because that is the last polling but pennsylvania, new hampshire, ohio, and michigan, and nevada, all will move into the toss up category, and colorado and new mexico will move away from obama into a lean obama or even a toss up soon. this map is going to change a lot. that is why --. >>neil: were you surprised at the reaction? >>guest: every liberal when out and state i was saying obama would win. >>neil: you were putting republican on notice. >>guest: shhhhh. >>neil: you got in a heap of controversy on the obama being cool thing. i want to look at this and get your reaction.
4:27 pm
>>guest: and we used that noise from the stick tape and they moved the pitch down. >>neil: you were trying to say, there, and we obsess about the "cool" thing. >>guest: he is hip. cool. but look at the record. particularly this is aimed at college students and young voters, the highest unemployment rate among young voters since we have kept statistics in 1948,
4:28 pm
and time magazine reported 85 percent of college graduates moving back in and -- back with their parents and $1 trillion in student debt, and the president nationalized a guarantee federal loan program and now you only get ast loan with the federal back from the federal government which is borrowing money it does not have from itself at 2.8 percent, lending it to students at 3.4 percent, scheduled to go to 6.8 percent and the interest payments, the difference between what it costs do borrow from ourselves and create the money that we don't have and what the charges are charge pays for $obama cave $8 billion over the next decade. >>neil: but that was targeted to them. but democrats win this. how will it go? >>guest: this is the question. typically they do win it. but the object is to minimize the margin. take, for example, north carolina, and he won by 15,000
4:29 pm
votes and if he rather than carrying the young vote by 68-32 carried it 60-40, and --. >>neil: but a young running mate, mitt romney? >>guest: well, what matters most is the quality of the message of the presidential candidate. >>neil: and what about the nerd? >>guest: are you tossing your name into the ring? >>neil: so he cannot fight on "cool," so he fights on important things. >>guest: here the deal. president is cool. let's admit that. he is hip. but, what --. >>neil: like us we are sexy we don't brog about it. >>guest: but what happened to the country and to the swing voters? how is the economy doing today? not too well.
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>>neil: is the administration attempting to hold up the jon corzine investigation? the republicans are demanding the justice department hand the case over. they want answers. we have the congressman leading that charge. up -- open up an account and get up -- open up an account and get a new car droid does. and does it launch apps by voice while learning your voice ? launch cab4me. droid does. keep left at the fork. does it do turn-by-turn navigation ? droid does. with verizon, america's largest 4glte network
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>>neil: he is a former f.b.i. agent and now putting pressure on the obama administration. at issue is the investigation into mf global that was ruby jon corzine and he was a big bundler for the obama administration. republicans feel that could be slowing down the investigation. and now, my guest wants an independent group to look into this. you are leasting the charge. >>guest: yes. >>neil: what are you fining? >>guest: so many things that do not add up and even if they do they do not look good. the public at this point is disgusted with government and we want confidence. we want consumer confidence. when you look at all of this, regardless whether corzine
4:35 pm
illegally moved funds from the customer accounts or whether he didn't the way the bankruptcy was structured lends itself to lessening the integrity of our markets. that is the other big problem. >>neil: our reporter raised the possibility that they are deliberately going slow on this investigation because of the players involved. and because of what is at stake. >>guest: look at it from the beginning. a lot of people on the street said mf global should not have been where it is and everyone knows that is why corzine was brought in. >>neil: a primary deal, less than two doze who are the chief distributors of government. >>guest: they can go dot -- go to the fed auction. >>neil: small are players. >>guest: much smaller. and you look at, even, things
4:36 pm
that happened and there has been a bond offering during the summer where they offered and it says in the bond oring they would give up 1 percent increase if corzine left the firm, because at time the speculation was he would be the next secretary of the treasury. and that lens itself to believe the company was not worth as much unless corzine had the relationships with government. >>neil: what at the least, congressman, if there is nothing sinister going on but the guy was overrated, and we have seen many on wall street if this situation, so, at best, he wasn't too bright. >>guest: if that is the case because you have so many people that are out this is segregated customer funds and that is a big deal. >>neil: when you raid customers funds to keep the company afloat, that i am told is a no no but it was raced with charles gasparino but i don't
4:37 pm
know if it is out and out illegal. >>guest: usually it is overnight only. >>neil: do you think it sill legal? >>guest: yes under this circumstance. >>neil: if he gave it the okay, he has done something legally wrong? >>guest: he will go do jail. if he gave that order he will go to jail. but when you have this much, the a customer fund thursday missing, and because they were taken from segregated funds that breaches the integrity of our markets. why? because not only did that money get moved however it was moved which we need to find out whether it was legal or not, done intentionally or not, the bankruptcy came in and it was decided to be a chapter 11 opposed to chapter 7. putting the customers at a disadvantage and now they are in the same position as creditors from bear stearns and layman brothers so that is the other as expects to look at, why was the
4:38 pm
bankruptcy structured as it was? >>neil: it is year, the whole thing is weird. we will follow closely. congressman, thank you very much. in the meantime, he shoots videos of bird down near downing videos of bird down near downing a jet. you'll also find us in person, with dedicated support teams at over 500 branches nationwide. so when you call or visit, you can ask for a name you know. because personal service starts with a real person. [ rodger ] at scottrade, seven dollar trades are just the start. our support teams are nearby, ready to help. it's no wonder so many investors are saying... [ all ] i'm with scottrade.
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>>neil: the federal aviation administration is investigating a rider who filmed the birds almost downing a flight. saying we are issuing this letter which will be made a matter of record for a period of two years, and my guest is calling it a "scare tactic." we reached out to the f.a.a. we will get a statement from them. what is the big beef? you were in midair?
4:42 pm
right? did they tell you, no devoices, in 15s on. >>guest: of course, and thank you for having me. upon boarding the flight attendant always announces town off all electronics. it just is happened i picked up the ipad and started after, i don't know i have been on thousands flights, three million mile on the airlines the last 25 years and picked this up, and started videoing the departure of the flight in 16 seconds in and it caught the bird strike and i didn't think i was breaking a law. i didn't tinge i was putting mile or 257 passengers at risk. there are 29,000 flights above america each day, and 90 percent of people have a mobile device in this country, and 19 percent of them have a tablet, and if, if the electronics are actually dangerous to me and other passengers, the f.a.a. doesn't need to send me a letter they
4:43 pm
should make them, confiscate them or ban them from the airlines. >>neil: for that particular flight, and in your position, the birds were a greater danger than your ipad but having said that, what did they say? did anyone on the plane, either the flight attendants or anyone, say, what are you doing? you should not have that on? >>guest: of course not, because how many people probably had a mobile device or a computer on at that time? when they tell me, turn the device off, no one on that plane today or very few people, take that instruction seriously today. nobody thinks iphones and ipads and computers or electronics can possibly interfere with the transmission, the operation, of a plane so what i am saying to the f.a.a. and all frequent flyers should support me, lit thisry deck louse ban, it doesn't take planes down if it did hundreds of planes would have fallen out of the air.
4:44 pm
>>neil: the f.a.a. in the letter to you and is as strong a wording as you can get saying your failure to comply with the obviouses during a critical fades of the plight and aircraft emergency could have affected the safety outcome of the flight. i would like your reaction but you are on a list, now, that when you go flying, you are going to be pulled aside. >>guest: what does this mean do me? my business will be interrupted? i have extra time at the airports? a cavity search? what does it mean? i would like to know that. >>neil: i know, i was with a guy who accidentally ended up on these lists and they just make your life hell. they drag you aside, they go through your belong ensure, and with exhaustive detail, and if i were you i would arrive at the airport about five days before you take off. >>guest: thank you for that.
4:45 pm
the reality is, look, if this is going to get ugly for one person that admitted he used a phone and if the f.a.a. feels that strongly about this, what are theyment telling us? what are they not telling the american passengers? that aviation is this unsafe? are they not disclosing something else to us? because to treat me like a terrorist as an american homegrown american that is a business owner, i spent millions of dollars with the airlines over the years, literally, millions, trying to help the economy, trying to runnel their business, to treat me lick a terrorist or some anti-american or some problem to aviation, is ridiculous. >>neil: if you had not caught what you did on that ipad, the birds, and that could have been -- you could look at that, why didn't authorities know this were birds in the area, these are freakish enough, that you would not be in the trunnel you are in now or getting the controversy you are generating now? >>guest: well, of course not.
4:46 pm
what -- this does not transmit anything when it is recording video. the f.a.a. --. >>neil: i know it is what it is. those the laws and i agree, some of them can be silly but they saying you violated and now you have two years of body cavity searches. >>guest: right, right, billion i don't think it means anything. i think it is just, big government, we are going to stare you we want to spank you in public and we hope you are robotic enough like the rest of america you take your whipping and do as we tell rather than be transparent and tell the american public the truth what is the issue with this device. >>neil: next time give us a heads-up i would be curious what happens to you. i really would. >>guest: okay. >>neil: open up a bank account and get a free benz.
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>>neil: open a bank account and get a benz for free. too good to be true? we wanted to find out. and now, the c.e.o. is here. what are you doing? really? open an account and i get a benz. >>guest: that's right. we decided on may 1st in conjunction with our name change from community bank to c1 bank we wanted to draw attention to our name change but, raise deposits so we could help fund loans to local businesses and to families. we seeing economic recovery in tampa bay and our loan pipeline the highest it has ever been so we need deposits to fund the loans and we thought, well, if you deposit $1 million with our
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bang we will not pay you the paltry interest over five years. >>neil: wait be wait, wait, wait, you have to deposit $1 million. not $100. >>guest: that's right, this is a fair and square deal. >>neil: so, $1 million, and it stays in the bang for how long? >>guest: stays in the bank for five years the equivalent of a 1.20 per accept, and we give you the money upfront in the follow of a core so if know something about economics you have the present value of that money, and we think that's an attractive deal. you get the instant gratification of driving off in a brand new mercedes. >>neil: you are not one of these bangs that what helped out by the government? >>guest: no, actually, my business partner and i are entrepreneurs and we have been investing our own money to recap
4:52 pm
the florida banks and purchased two banks and are working on our third. >>neil: now, how many have taken you up on this? >>guest: well, today i received ten phone calls on my cell phone, i made the mistake of putting that number on the press release. i got calls from all over the united states of people interested. and i suspect by next week we will have our first person driving off to their mercede. >>neil: how do you make money on the deal? if a lot of people take you up on deal? you have to have figured in the price of this $100,000-plus vehicle. you are probably get it for less in the five year bullet you taking on not having to pay the interest to these account holders, it has to be a hit right here right? >>guest: actually, we have a very simple business model. we are a true community bank. so we take in de'ses, and we lend them out to local businesses so we are taking in deposits at 1.20 percent and
4:53 pm
lending out to businesses at 5 percent or 6 percent and that spread pays for our employees and to run our business. >>neil: and a bunch of people pool together and my staff is asking, if we all pool together and we come up with $1 million, we would have to get hannity into this, to we do that, do we share the mercedes? that is up to us, right? >>guest: i will leave that to you and the mercedes dealer to work out how they put the title in your whole team's name. >>neil: very novel idea. philipine i get it on even days. you get it ... thank you very much. tea party, take note. if you want the main treaty test to quick messing with you? to quick messing with you? start messing with the police.
4:54 pm
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>> don't forget the people were showing up and being rude to them and that is not the heart of the tea party. >> one at that time michelle. >> and violence and killing cops and killing conservatives and republicans? >> neil: well, no matter how you feel about this, if i had a dime for every positive message i see in the media. occupy wall street movement i would be occupying beverly hills right now and i am not. we talked about a movement that has no focus that can be so much focus of the press. rolling stone tell occupiers have changed obama. but not a word how tea partiers have changed the country. bringing strollers with kids.
4:58 pm
occupiers pitching tents and many lighting joints. tea partiers reciting the pledge of allegiance, corny and they are railing on capitalism. it's silly. and folks are being cool and clueless but dismissing those that aren't cool. one group bitches for the system for screwing them in the country the other works within the system to save the country. it is interesting who the media decides who gets it and who is cool and who is not. i guess it is easier to bitch at this country and get good press to come up with specific ideas and get no presses but i suppose it is pooh to praise those occupying our streets but whether to ask them whether they are occupying anything close to reality. not just the occupiers. on fox business you are going to hear about the spin on the
4:59 pm
economy that could cost you your money. it's all about business because we just don't report the business. what do we do? we give them the business. >> what is the idea there. we give them the business. >> we give them all the business they want to know about on fox business network. we give them the business. [ laughter ] >> neil: you know what, i really think it's time to easier to do. you give them the businesses and you give them the heat. you give the people that are you. that is what it is about. watch it. i'm andrian tantaro. it's 5:00 in new york city and this


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