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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  May 3, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> good evening, i'm john roberts. for the second time in a few days, a blind clean political activist made a surprise appearance in american territory. this time chen guangcheng made himself heard at the u.s. capital, not in person but by telephone. our chief correspondent mike emanuel has the top story tonight. >> late today, 40-year-old chen guangcheng spoke by phone to a congressional hearing focused on him and appealed for u.s. assistance. >> i want to meet with the secretary clinton. i hope i can get more help from her. >> reporter: his greatest concern is safety of mother, brothers and neighbors that helped him. after officials said chen did not want to leave china, he told
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reporters he had a change of heart. >> when i was inside the embassy i didn't have all the information. so i changed my mind. >> chen told a fellow dissident the china government attacked his wife. >> basically the interrogator told her that her husband did not walk out of the u.s. embassy they will kill her. >> reporter: it's called a political dilemma for the white house. >> at no point during his time in the embassy did he ever request political asylum in the u.s. and he expressed his desire to stay in the china. >> he about one child per family and late term abortions. he left for the hospital after suffering a foot injury in his escape. a state department spokesman was asked if he is chinese custody.
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>> he is in the hospital. i don't know the answer to that. >> mitt romney blasted the to not put measures to protect him. >> it's a day after shame for the obama administration. we are place of freedom. here and around the world and we should stand up and defend freedom whenever it is under attack. >> reporter: the timing has been awkward since clinton and geithner are in there for toux. chen said he would like to leave on the secretary's plane. they talked about the broader concerns of human rights. >> we believe that all governments do have to answer to citizens' aspirations for dignity and the rule of law. that no nation can or should deny those rights. >> reporter: at that congressional hearing will there was testimony that u.s. embassy officials and american doctors have not been allowed to visit chen in the hospital since they dropped him off.
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republican frank wolf of virginia said he called beijing to relay his request for clinton to visit him in the hospital. just a moment ago, you said chen would like to to go the united states on secretary clinton's plane. any chances that would happen. >> it seems unlikely, but there is pressure building to do something. pressure has been put on him. his security is responsibility of obama administration. today mitt romney took time out for hammering the pot on the economy economy to hammer him on national security. he had some help. carl cameron shows us. >> reporter: two days in a row campaigning in virginia virginia a state barack obama run in 2008 and joining mitt romney on the trail the conservative governor a vice presidential prospect and tea party fire brand. >> this is what victory looks like. take a look around.
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[ applause ] >> reporter: michele bachmann dropped out the race and waited four months to endorse romney. today, virginia governor bob mcdonald he would consider the number two job, side by side by romney he blasted the current commander in chief. >> this president has not taken care of veterans and not made good decisions for the america's military and cut investments in defense. you will see a big change with president mitt romney. i can assure you of that. >> this is time for people in the military and people that care about america strength to vote for a change of this president and keep america strong and i will. >> reporter: veterans for strong america launched an attack ad blasting the president for his political ad for the raid statements for killing osama bin
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laden. >> reporter: veterans for a strong america founder, a veteran of both iraq wars and bush and mccain campaigns he has heard from navy seals. >> what concerns them is bill clinton's comment if the raid went bad, it would have been bad for president obama. that is what really can concerns a lot of vets out there. >> reporter: romney needs to put virginia one of key swing states back in the red g.o.p. win column. latest poll shows a close race and three others. romney has moved in a tie with the president. same is true in ohio a key national bellwether. in pennsylvania the president has a slight lead. >> romney will campaign in pennsylvania for tomorrow. aides say santorum will eventually endorse romney but
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not going to happen tomorrow. there will be springs attached including santorum will insist if and when romney will be president he repeal obamacare but the replacement have no mandate. carl cameron, thanks. >> there is some positive movement in the jobs picture tonight. benefit applications last week were down by the most in nearly a year. chief white house correspondent ed henry tells us one static that could mean more than any other to president obama reelection hopes comes out tomorrow. >> after getting tomorrow's unemployment numbers from april, president obama will hold the first ralph his reelection campaign on saturday hitting virginia and ohio. two battlegrounds he has been visiting frequently with official events for taxpayers. >> you have gone through struggles. ohio is a great example of the strength and decency of the american people. you believe in our future. >> reporter: the question now,
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do voters still believe in the president, especially in ohio where the economy is showing signs of life. while the national unemployment rate is 8.2%, it's only 7.5% statewide. down also from the 8.6% ohio had a at the end of the bush administration. a new poll shows voters in ohio as well as florida and pennsylvania believe by strong margins the economy is beginning to recover. yet the same poll shows the president is not getting credit in the head to head match-up with mitt romney. with voters in ohio saying romney would do a better job on the economy by a margin of 47% to 43%. romney also has the edge by a 9-point margin in florida so the president has a 1-point lead on the question in pennsylvania. >> we are still emerging from the worst recession since the great depression. worst economic conditions that anybody in this room has ever experienced. we have more work to do.
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>> reporter: that was clear today as a new report released showing retail sales in april, stores open a year rose just .6%. that is the worst performance for major retailers like costco and macy's, a sign that the economy is still shaky. back in february and march the same group had an average sales gain of 4.1% because of signs of housing and jobs markets were getting better. >> reporter: so if retail sales are sluggish if not spending, does that mean the jobs picture is getting bleaker? we'll get an answer with april unemployment figures, important because the president has had a string of several good months. ed, thanks. >> stocks were down today, dow lost 62. s&p 500 dropped 11. nasdaq was off 36 points. >> mortgage giant freddie mac is
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asking for $19 million in additional federal aid after posting a first quarter loss. it's the smallest the company has ever made. taxpayers have spent $170 billion bailing out government controlled freddie mac and sister corporation fannie mae just since 2008. here is a prosecutor, now a swing state governor. he could be a vice president. we'll meet him later. >> up next a tug of war between congress and the nation's top prosecutor. a carfirmation. hey, this is challenger. i'll be waiting for you in stall 5. it confirms your reservation and the location your car is in, the moment you land. it's just another way you'll be traveling at the speed of hertz. ♪ wer surge, let it blow your mind. [ male announcer ] for fruits, veggies and natural green tea energy... new v8 v-fusion plus energy.
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go for olympic gold and go to college too. [ male announcer ] every day we help students earn their bachelor's or master's degree for tomorrow's careers. this is your moment. let nothing stand in your way. devry university, proud to support the education of our u.s. olympic team. >>. >> john: attorney general eric holder is one step closer being held in contempt of congress, it has to do with what he has done or not done in operation fast and furious. now the latest for us from los angeles.
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>> you are standing in contempt of congress unless you have a valid reason. >> the blame game over fast and furious took a serious turn thursday. when house oversight committee prepared a contempt resolution against eric holder. >> we believe federal judges would agree with us this is an act of contempt of congress. that american people are not getting answers. >> the 64-page resolution is not a contempt citation. that requires a committee vote. but it does provide an argument for it. saying quote, the department of justice has issued false denials given answers to misdirect investigators and unlawfully withheld subpoena documents and indisputable evidence before acknowledging the facts. >> they are no non-compliant about w half of the documents.
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in how the operation was quote fundamentally flawed. >> justice department employees have been working to identify and locate relevant information to this committee. >> issa claims he has boehner's support but democrats appear ready a fight. with the ranking democrat calling the state a partisan witch hunt. they predict an ugly brawl. >> it will be a high-pitched debate that all america will be watching. >> reporter: now the justice department say it is cooperating and congress is not entitled to receive every document that it is asking for. it seems that a concept not a forgone conclusion. we received a letter to chairman issa efforts to arrive at mutually acceptable resolution have not been fully exhausted. >> john: highly secretive
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surveillance court, it was busy last year, a senate letter said they made 1745 requests to that court for authority to wiretap or search for evidence in terrorism or investigations last year, that is up 10.5% from 2010. the judges on the court did not reject any of those requests. three immigration custom enforcement agents were injured while serving warrants. it happened near san francisco. the suspect is in custody. farther south in carson, california, an ice agent was found dead in his home last night. his 14-year-old son called 911. he has been charged with murder. there is concern tonight about whether the government has already lost its second attempt to convict roger clemens of lying to congress. shannon bream looks at what could be the latest swing and
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miss by federal prosecutors. >> it really raises questions about whether this is a proper allocation of resources. >> reporter: the justice department is facing a fresh round of questions about the wisdom of spending millions of taxpayer dollars to pursue perjury charges against former baseball great roger clemens for a second time. he is accused of lying in congress about whether or not he used illegal performances enhancing drugs. former teammate andy pettitte softened his testimony about whether he confided about will he used hgh. they are trying to avoid a mistrial. >> when you have big high profile cases and a jury doesn't convict or a judge throws it out for some reason, it really raises questions about whether the government is putting its resources in the right location and whether they really have a
6:17 pm
good sense of what is worth prosecuting and what isn't. >> reporter: this time around the justice department has more than double the number of prosecutors on the case. though the government is still fielding a smaller than the defense team. >> the charges are very serious ones. it's about testifying falsely before congress. on that basis i think it was a justified use of our resources to bring the case. >> reporter: legal experts are slit whether the testimony there was 50/50 chance he misunderstood his comments to could prove fatal to the prosecution. they 6 asked to strike to his testimony that admission about using hgh, testimony that is crucial to the government's case. >> john: thanks. a house subcommittee is investigating whether the gsa received kickbacks from government contractors. the panel has sent letters to 15
6:18 pm
government departments to see whether the trading of a tax deduction for cash is a common practice. masses mass senate candidate elizabeth warren she never tried to use her native american hair technological to get a job. they are criticizing scott brown that may have been a case. they say her great, great, great-grandmother listed herself as cherokee. >> still ahead, virginia's popular governor, will he be running from romney? first we learn more about osama bin laden a year after his death.
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>>. >> john: russian military threat leads our headlines today. a top officer gave the warning
6:22 pm
at an international conference in moscow. he said russia may launch a preemptive strike against nato defense facilities in eastern europe. if russia's objections are not resolved. >> we are learning new details about what osama bin laden was doing and thinking while hold up in his hadeaway in pakistan. it comes after looking at documents. >> reporter: documents released by the west point terrorism center shows that he was corresponding at least six lieutenants in an effort to direct the al-qaeda. he was deeply frustrated with groups with al-qaeda in iraq where suicide bombing campaigns killed innocent muslims. they say the negative publicity was damaging the al-qaeda brand. we are starting a new phase to correct the mistakes we made. in doing so we will reclaim the
6:23 pm
trust who lost trust in the jihadi. the documents show bin laden was growing increasingly frustrated. he named anwar al-awlaki as leader of al-qaeda in yemen. we would like, further assure and for example over here we are genuinely assured after people go to the battlefield and are tested there. whether releasing the documents was driven by politics. >> the process of identifying and declassifying and reviewing them and analyze go them requires considerable time. because of the renewed interest on this anniversary in the mission that led to bin laden's demise, this as an appropriate time to release them. >> reporter: the apparent rollover, 9/11 suspects will be
6:24 pm
arraigned at guantanamo bay. >> john: a treasure trove have information. >> no grapevine tonight so we can bring you an installment of running with romney. he has been in the military and private sector and now politics. we'll meet him next.
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>>. >> john: tonight we continue our series running with romney. a military man who once held a world record married a former redskins cheerleader and now holds the governor's job in virginia. here is brett barrett. >> at a fund-raiser in virginia beach mitt romney took the unusual step of outlining a vice presidential short list. people said romney only mentioned three names. first, virginia governor bob mcdonald. then new jersey chris christie and finally florida senator marco rubio. some could discount the mcdonald mention because romney was trying to raise the money in virginia. >> next president of the united states, mitt romney. >> reporter: but nine months later he is back in virginia campaigning with mcdonald. many believe it's part of a string of tryouts testing candidate chemistry.
6:29 pm
in this case a swing state won by president obama in 2008. commonwealth of virginia is seeing as crucial in the fall. >> i sense that virginia is still at a core a right of center state. its fiscal conservative state and fiscal issues being top issue, the independent voters who will control the election revert to go the national tendencies and vote for mitt romney. >> but it's purple? >> yeah, it is. lasts ten governors we've had five republicans and five democrats. >> cracking the electoral code in virginia comes down to unlocking voter enthusiasm in the suburbs of washington, d.c., it puts the swing in the commonwealth and where analysts say mcdonald could help. >> the pluses, he did well in the suburbs which is key to the state. he is very good governor. virginia could be the other key
6:30 pm
state. >> with the republican party putting it together and strong on policy and a very well-respected governor within other governors respect him. i think he would do well. i don't know if he brings a whole lot to table. >> if you are not winning virginia without him. you got really big problems winning the presidency. >> mcdonald insists it is trending red. >> we just made the highest number of delegates in the hit of the state. we picked up three new congressmen. >> reporter: he is the only person on the list who is a veteran. he served 21 years in the army both active and reserve stationed one time in germany, retiring as lieutenant colonel in 1997. his resume as private sector experience, plus he was prosecutor, a state house member
6:31 pm
a attorney general and governor. in his campaign, mcdonald won 59% of the vote, most votes any gubernatorial candidate has received in the commonwealth history. that led to inauguration day what by law can only be one term by governor. >> you are socially conservative? >> absolutely. >> you ran a campaign that was focus on the economy? >> yes. >> you were credited by a lot of people of focusing in on that. you saw that as the successful way to win? >> yes. >> for republicans across the country? >> absolutely. you ask people what they care about, jobs and economy, spending, energy. they is it a and talk about at the kitchen table. >> reporter: are you saying they don't care about the social issues? >> sure. values do matter. character does count. life, fily, marriage really
6:32 pm
define you as a people but i'm saying in the 2009 election what was on people's minds coming out of the great recession of 2008 how do it get my son and daughter back to work, how do we build better roads and schools. listen, i'm pro-life, pro family i'm a social conservative. i believe deeply in traditional values of american when you bu governance, people want you to fix problems. right now it's the economy. >> reporter: a recent poll shows his approval rating at 58%. he has balanced two budgets without raising taxes, cutting $6 billion from government. unemployment rate in virginia dropped from 7.2%, to 5.6% the lowest in three years. >> when you hear you or a short list for possible vp? >> i'm not asking for it. we're sitting in a capitol
6:33 pm
designed by thomas jefferson. that is pretty good gig to have. we're making a lot of change. i'm interested in electing republican governors. mitt romney hasn't talked to me about it. i wanted to see more republican governors. that is my goal right now. >> the goal of passing pro-life legislation has raised some eyebrows. >> they point to this measure that you signed, this fetal ultrasound bill in march requiring women seeking abortions to undergo an ultrasound before an abortion procedure. it created a lot of press. do you regret that? what was the thought process behind it. >> we have made a lot of progress in defending human life. we have had arguments for 40 years. listen, we had virginia join 22
6:34 pm
other states that required ultrasound procedure as part of the informed consent process. >> you saw what happened on the campaign trail when we had two weeks of contraception coverage. do you think a romney campaign could handle a week of trance vaginal ultrasound coverage? >> what america can't handle is a war by the democrats on the taxpayers. i don't think they can handle the democrats continuing to change the subject away from the economy and jobs and debt and deficits because the record is so bad. that is what this is really all about. when you have an 8.2% unemployment and no president has been re-elected over 8%. $15 trillion in debt with a failed leadership and inability to cut spending of this administration, of course you are going to change the subject and create this crisis of the
6:35 pm
buzz about women's rights. i've got 22 years of governing people and people know what we stand for. pro-life, pro family but also pro results in getting things accomplished for the citizens on jobs and balancing the budget without raising taxes. >> reporter: some analysts see the topic as a vulnerability. especially when it comes to attracting independents. >> the legislature got into all those abortion issues, so if you want to ree litigate all that. mcdonald brings knew a debate you really don't want to have. that is his main negative. >> what do you think the biggest foreign policy facing america is? >> i don't think there is any question, it's the global war on terror. a nuclear iran, very problematic. nuclear north korea, very problematic. we have to make sure we are safe here. >> you married a redskins cheerleader? >> i did. good choice.
6:36 pm
free tickets and great wife. five children, they all n live in virginia. one is iraq vet. twin boys at the university of virginia and third daughter get a master's degree. >> reporter: for somebody that covers virginia politics, what is something that they may not know of you? >> i was in the guiness world records, i organized a group of people to carry a stretcher for 93 miles. we were gotten there about four years. >> whether romney chooses mcdonald is yet to be seen. but mcdonald has clearly been warming up just in case. >> got to get people back to work. private sector and governor of massachusetts and he understands
6:37 pm
the greatnesses of the american dream and everybody have access to it. >> free tickets and great wife but not necessarily in that order. go to and see the running with romney play list. we continue our series as brett profiles condoleezza rice. >> did the state department hang a chinese dissident out to dry? fox all-stars join me after the break. so at&t showed corporate caterers how to beer collaborate by using a mobile solution, in a whole new way. using real-time photo sharing abilities, they can create and maintain high standards, from kitchen to table. this technology allows us to collaborate with r drivers to make a better experience for our customers. [ male announcer ] it's a network of possibilities -- helping you do what you do... even better. ♪
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>>. our embassy failed to put into place that would assure the safety of mr. chen and his family. if these reports are true this is dark day for freedom and day of shame for obama administration. >> at no pointed during the embassy did mr. chen ever request of political asylum and
6:41 pm
he wanted to stay in china and continued his education. >> john: chen guangcheng continues to be in chinese custody after being at the u.s. embassy for a number of dates. his fate is uncertain. let's bring our panel, bill crystal, can you remember sentence power and charles krauthammer. let's get your take on this. chen says he was let down, was he abandoned. >> you have two different stories coming out but the story he has given and he has given extensive interviews he felt he was lied to. he didn't have all the information he got. basically that his wife and children's lives were in danger. he had the expectation that the embassy would stay with him. instead they left him alone. he is blind and injured. they left him alone in the hospital. he didn't have an expectation he would be just be left there.
6:42 pm
now, they can't have any physical contact with him. >> does it constitute abandonment? >> it does. i spoke to a lot of activists. there was a real expectation as there should be, u.s. a beacon of hope. if you can get to the u.s. embassy you are safe. there is real expectation of that. the u.s. has helped other dissidents in similar situations. >> john: you were outspoken about this yesterday. how are you feeling tonight? >> obviously mr. chen is feeling worse. because he has been left out there. a spokesman was unable to say he was in chinese custody or not. that tells you how little we know. i think this is a test of administration's confidence above anything. this is not the first time in u.s. history people have sought asylum in the sense of
6:43 pm
protection. to let him go without any assurances and accompany him to the hospital and then they left. they left him obviously in the custody of the chinese. we don't know where he is. we can't communicate with him. did the embassy not seek certain guarantees? you don't let him out until you have certain guarantees from the chinese government to the united states, to the secretary of state. that looks as if it didn't happen. i think right now, as the test of competence and if they have any commitment to at all to human rights. this will be a test case. i think they ought to realize the entire mission they were hope to get him out of the way and have the high level summit, it's all in jeopardy. it's all about chen right now. >> that was the suggestion from mitt romney he was critical of this administration suggesting that they urged him to stay in china so they could clear the deck for meese meetings with
6:44 pm
hillary clinton and tim geithner. what do you think what mitt romney said today. >> i'm happy to be critical of the obama administration but this is fast moving story. if i were advising governor rolled, you don't need to get in the middle. it would be a terrible thing, it will turn out badly. people will know. it will be an indictment of obama administration and governor romney can say, if it happens this way where chen is in chinese custody with no agreement adhered by the chinese government, governor romney said this is an indictment. to inject yourself into the middle of this and fast moving target i think is foolish. he still has not -- they are trying to transition from a primary campaign to a general election voted. primary campaign mode. santorum said something stupid, hit them right now -- there is
6:45 pm
no need to bud in with a fast moving story when the secretary of state is there. let's see if she can pull this off in the next 12 hours or so. >> john: she did obliquely speak to this with chinese officials. let's listen to what hillary clinton said in beijing. >> we believe that all governments do have to answer to citizens aspirations for dignity and the rule of law. that no nation can or should deny those rights. >> john: another former chinese dissident, ba ling said today that hillary clinton at the least should go to the hospital to meet with him. do you think she should do that? >> absolutely meet with them. the thing is, the problem is, i don't think it is incompetence. i wish it was incompetence.
6:46 pm
they decided we care more about trade agreements and having high level meetings than we care about human rights. onus is on them to prove that statement is not true. they had him on u.s. oil soil and they have let him out into this horrible situation, his family is still in danger. i think it's going to really reflect badly on the united states. >> john: we have few seconds left. what do you think the united states should do? >> they have to get him and his wife and children out. that is the minimum. i don't know, if they are going to succeed but the reason this is a bad ee convenient for the obama administration, it reflects the way they trust and taken by dictatorships. with the russians, they were saying if we don't get a deal with missile defense we're going to attack facilities. dealing with iran, negotiations
6:47 pm
with syria, this is pattern, this administration is unable to get tough and get anything out of our adversaries. >> don't go away. we're going to talk about politics. next up the presidential race in the battleground states. stay with us. if you're one of those folks who gets heartburn
6:48 pm
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>>. >> john: war back with our panel. talk campaign 2012. in this web video that is creating a lot of buzz. veterans for a strong america accusing president obama of spiking the football over osama bin laden. let's take a look. >> i can report i directed leon panetta, i was briefed and i determined at my direction. i as commander in chief.
6:51 pm
>> heroes don't spike the football. veterans for strong americans has a familiar ring to it. do you think this will have the same impact? >> it will have the impact that the obama campaign released its ad with bill clinton introducing it taking credit for killing osama and then the ad attacks in the clinton introduction, the downside for him for president obama would have been horrible. suppose the navy seals had gotten in there. suppose they had been captured or kill the downside would have been horrible. and political down side it would have been trouble. what about the downside for the navy seals. i think it's a very revealing sentence, barack obama should take credit because he took political risk and that is the down side, no the down side for the navy seals.
6:52 pm
i think that is what to jump on this. >> has this whole thing been politicized? >> two points. the complaint from republicans that he is spiking the football or whatever, it's kind of ludicrous considered mission accomplished. at the same time, with respect to liberals that had a problem with mission accomplished, there are, ariana huffington came out and called the ad despicable. i would be in that camp for sure. i don't think you should use this to pump yourself up. people know he ordered the killing of osama bin laden. it's going to come up in the campaign but the ad went too far. >> john: veterans groups can have a powerful voice in this campaign. do you think we'll be hearing a lot more from veterans for a strong america. this was very slick web video? >> this is a very strong ad. unlike the one john kerry, it's not about one story or another
6:53 pm
story. this ad shows the words obama has used himself. so the fact are not in dispute. it hits at several levels. not that obama has turned a positive into a negative by attacking and using it as a partisan weapon that diminishes him but diminishes the solemnity of the event that was national event and he appropriated itself. it's the narcissism how they quote obama using the first personal pronoun in the announcement of the event. it's all about me, i did this. what about the guys out there that did it and risked their lives. secondly, what is at stake was the political fortunes of the president if the lives of his own soldiers whom he ordered into battle were lost. that is dispensing. because i think it speaks to an underlying issue of obama of the
6:54 pm
self-regard and narcissism that is implicit in hot of what he does but involved in an event where soldiers are had a risk it really hits hard. if this ad were to play around the country, it would have a devastating attack. >> let's talk about swing states. romney and obama will be in virginia over the next couple of days but they are very long piece introducing us to bob mcdonald. they are even up in the college poll both in ohio and florida. there are two people in both of those states that could potentially be on the ticketed a well. is this going to be a replay of 1960 when the running mate actually might get you something in terms of the state? >> last time it happened. indeed, in the last five or six elections nobody picked to try to get a state. he i think governor romney will pick someone to convey his
6:55 pm
message. it's hard to pick a vp candidate to pick off a state. >> who is the hardest to run against if you are obama and biden? >> for vice presidential candidates, i don't think it hearts as much. it's the top of the ticket that people focus on. it's a question whether that person they pick comes with any baggage. at this point we don't know the answer. >> john: always great to see you. we'll see some of you tomorrow. stay tuned to see the demise of a campaign. does your phone give you all day battery life ?
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>> finally tonight, it was the longest of good byes. newt gingrich formerly announced yesterday he was dropping out of the presidential contest. web video shows how quickly he wrapped things up. >> i want to take this opportunity to give an insider advanced notice that on
6:59 pm
wednesday, i'll be officially suspending the campaign as part of a precedent. i wanted you to know first because your help was vital. nearly 180,000 people who donated the campaign. i want you to know that without you, none of this would have been possible. thank you, i look forward to work weatherbug for a better future for america. >> i didn't even know -- oh o, look. taking everything. >> when it goes, even when it goes slowly it goes t.s.a. i will -- it goes fast. i'm john roberts in for bret baier. fox report, i'm with shepard smith. good evening from washington. >> shepard: this is the fox report. tonight, take me with you. the oppressed blind chinese man who now wants to come to america on hillary clinton's jet. what's the f


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