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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  May 3, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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the story aapparently covered up by their own newspaper. and now there are questions about how police agencies are handling the crime. we'll have a factor investigation. >> the american empire is in decline. no politician will say that the game is over. >> the radical left says the u.s.a. is going down the drain. is that true? laura ingraham will have some thoughts. >> we were not told that washing or any of wausharaing or enhanced interrogation methodsy used. >> bill: head of the cia says congresswoman pelosi is not telling the truth about wausharaing, jose rodriguez will be here. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now.
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>> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching us tonight. attack in virginia and possible obstruction of justice. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. last night we reported two journalists working for the virginian pilot newspaper were assaulted in norfolk by a group of black men. the crime took place on april 14th, shortly after 11:00 p.m. 26-year-old march japan and david forester. somebody through a rock at their car where upon mr. forster got out of the car to confront the assailant. he was set upon and beaten. ms. rostami called 11 and she was beaten by the men. a hate crime box is checked off. but police now say that was a clerical error. we asked the police for the 911 tape. late today they told us they would decide tomorrow whether to release it to us. we certainly hope they do. the folks have a right to know what happened.
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today norfolk police arrested a 16-year-old in the case. we don't know much about him. we do know that the couple had to get medical attention and miss a full week of work at the newspaper. incredibly the virginian pilot didn't cover the story until two weeks later. editor dennis finney saying the paper thought it was a simple assault and they don't cover that kind of crime. the factor does not believe mr. findlay. he had to know that two of his employees were attacked by a mob. we believe findlay avoided covering the story because of its racial component. the paper simply tried to cover it up. consider what would have happened if the mob of white mendes sended on a car and beat up a black man and a black woman i don't have to say anymore. you know what would happen. why is this case any different? why isn't it getting national coverage? why isn't the justice department on the scene with the federal presence? those questions remain unanswered.
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tonight; in america we are supposed to have equal justice for all. there aren't many -- there are many laws that protect minorities as they should be. a bias crime is a bias crime no matter what skin color is involved. these two reporters are sitting at a light on the way back from a theater when all hell broke loose. >> the first punch was square in the nose. i'm all right. can i get back inside. but, yeah, there was definitely a moment where, you know, when i'm surrounded and getting punched that i'm thinking this is getting really bad. >> bill: in the neighborhood where the attack took place, some folks weren't surprised. >> you by yourself or if you are not from around here, you don't know anybody around here, you are a target. automatically. >> and with all that trayvon martin stuff going on, a lot of dumb stuff is happening. people are reacting on different races for dumb stuff, you know, so, you know, it could be related to that or it could be people just want to act stupid. >> bill: so let's recap. looks like a cover up by the virginian pilot newspaper.
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looks like the norfolk police are confused. was it a hate crime or not? the justice department has so far ignored our request for comments but attorney general holder has a responsibility to look into the situation and we will hold holder to that. this is a major story. we cannot have americans of any color being set upon by violent mobs. that cannot stand in this country. the factor will continue to demand justice in virginia. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight tavis smiley co-author of the best selling book the rich and the rest of us. what do you think about this? >> i think it's a tragic moment. you are right we don't want any of our fellow citizens, never mind race color and creed to be subject to this kind of random violence. having said that as i listened to the story i don't know if as well as you do obviously. listening to the piece now there a a number of similarities to what happened to the trayvon martin case. you have the issue of race
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obviously. number two you have a police department that bungled the investigation. number three, when trayvon martin's case the media, the mainstream media took a long time to get on that story. were it not north black media they never would have covered it and now you raise questions about a cover up in this story. these questions aren't as dissimilar except for the fact there is a child involved and says something about our nation when we have children put upon the way trayvon martin put upon number one and number two, trayvon martin is dead. i have great empathy and sympathy for that situation. i wouldn't want to be there again. it's unacceptable. we don't want fellow citizens being treated that way. trayvon martin is dead, bill. >> bill: is there a difference between a white mob setting upon minorities. don't have to be african-american. could be hispanics, could be american indians, anything. and a minority, again, could be any minority setting upon white people or is it the same. >> i think it's unacceptable.
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>> bill: is it the same or different circumstance involved? >> first of all a case by case situation number one. across the board i don't see the difference. >> i don't see the difference either because if two black citizens in norfolk virginia stopped at a light on the way back from a play and 30 white guys surround and dragged him out. you know the virginia pilot is going to cover it. are they not? i i can't speak for the paper. >> you don't think they would cover that story? >> here is my point. trayvon martin's case took week it took weeks to get covered by the mainstream media inside black america it was being discussed every day. >> and then it took 46 days to get a charge leveled against mr. zimmerman. so the mainstream media, including fox news and my friend bill o'reilly didn't jump on that story. >> bill: have to get on the time line i don't have it on the top of of my head when we first heard about trayvon martin we got on it i don't know what the time line was
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here we have the bias crime no it's not. they have a 911 tape they could have given us today. you have got to give it up guys, come on. not accusing the police department of anything here. i'm not. i don't know what happened, okay? you got to give up the 911 tape. we have a newspaper that is saying oh we don't cover assaults. come on, you got two people. >> i'm saying acknowledge to me on national television number one that the mainstream media did take a while. >> bill: i don't know the time line. >> this is the no spin zone. >> bill: when i heard about it i got on it. >> bill: that's right. as soon as i got on it i -- >> i'm talking about the national media it took a while. children lie trayvon martin where our babies are concerned. it's the white babies in this country who end up on the milk cartons, it's the white babies that these networks want to profile all the time. the blonde and the blue eyes, i'm not opposed to i think all life is precious. >> you have a point. white crime.
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>> black babies, brown babies they don't get the respect. >> black crime isn't covered as much. that might be the virginia pilot thing. you wrote an interesting book about poverty, all right? this crime happened in front of a housing project where poor people live. >> absolutely. are poor people angry? do they feel entitled to lash out? do you see that happening? i'm not talking color here. poor people in general in america, are they angry? do they feel entitled to lash out in a violent way. >> i don't think anybody is entitled to lash out in a violent way. >> would they feel that way. >> i can't speak for all of black america and all of brown america or white america. >> bill: in your research. >> my research suggest to me that there has always been a link between poverty and crime. that's why dr. west and i have written this book because our very democracy is trend by poverty. we argue in this book that poverty is a matter of national security. we argue in the book that poverty isn't color coded. when one out of two americans is either in or near poverty, that's a societal crisis, bill. we are getting dangerously close to cementing a permanent
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american catastrophe when people feel put upon don't exexpress by doing work that's not a black or brown thing that's an american problem. >> what in your book is the primary reason for the poverty? >> a lack of opportunity. >> bill: which comes out of where? >> a lack of opportunity and corporate greed and political indifference and politicians ons left and the right not making poverty a priority. a bipartisan consensus that poverty doesn't matter. a lot of reasons. >> all right. i want to have you back with brother west. >> he would be here tonight but for that trial stop and terrific policy in new york. >> talk more about poverty. we appreciate you coming in. >> appreciate you. >> bill: the head of the cia course interrogation program said he told nancy pelosi will washing -- waterboarding himself. he says she is lying. that report after these messages. [ male announcer ] if you think tylenol
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used. >> in the briefing that i received, we were told that they had legal opinions that this was legal. we were not told that it was -- that there were other legal opinions to the contrary in the administration. and we were told specifically that waterboarding was not being used. >> bill: here now is jose rodriguez. so you are in the meeting with her, right? you are looking at her like you are looking at me this close to her? >> that close. >> bill: all right. you tell her waterboarding was going on? >> i-i was the person who led the team on september 4th, 2002 to the congress to greet her and porter goss and other staff about interrogation of al buoy zad da techniques used including waterboarding. >> i want to rephrase the question again. did you tell, you tell nancy pelosi waterboarding was being used? >> yes, i did. >> okay.
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>> bill: calling her a liar. >> she is confused or not telling the truth. i think she is not telling the truth. >> bill: you are sitting there and you are looking her in the eye like you are looking me in the eye and you are telling her and the other people in the room that you did use waterboarding on abu would you have bade da and she comes out and says they didn't tell me, it's not about her confusion. that's a word that people remember waterboarding. >> correct. you know what? they don't have to take my word for it there is a cable tenth of september, 2002, where we spell out exactly the briefing that we gave nancy pelosi. >> is the word waterboarding used in that cable? >> it's used waterboarding and other techniques that were used on abu suebada he had been waterboarding tech uniques. the briefings took place when we got back to washington after her recess.
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>> cable what happened after the meeting saying you used waterboarding and your word and other people with you that you told nancy pelosi that that was being used? >> correct. >> bill: when you told the congresswoman the speaker of the house back then. >> no. she was not the speaker. she was minority ranking. >> bill: that's right. they had just come in. when you told her that did she say to you, mr. rodriguez, do not use waterboarding or i object to waterboarding or waterboarding is torture. did she say that? >> she did not. what did she say about the technique? >> she did not say a word about the technique. actually, the way i remember this is that we talked about other potential techniques that we were going to use. and she objected to those. >> like what? >> there was a talk about mock execution. and, you know, we never. >> you said you might do this kind of stuff. >> she said that i object to waterboarding you are 100% positive she did not raise objection to it. >> i'm 100% positive.
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>> you know alli sufan is he wrote a book too. >> yes. >> bill: he says you are a screw up, mr. rodriguez. here is what he says. zubada gave up valuable information to the fbi, interrogators including information about khalid sheikh mohammed they obtained information that led the cia and the fbi to capture jose padilla, okay? the american guy in chicago then he says when the cia interrogation team headed by you, mr. rodriguez, used enhanced interrogation techniques, zubada stopped cooperating. >> well, ali was not there when we started to use enhanced interrogation techniques. >> bill: let's walk through it zufan says that the fbi got the information about khalid sheikh mohammed not the cia. true or false? >> the only two things that he
8:17 pm
got. the one thing that he got was that khalid sheikh mohammed was muktar that was the name he had used. even the story about jose padilla is not so. >> bill: don't get ahead of yourself there. who interrogated zubada first who you or the fbi. >> it was our prisoner. it was our detention facility and we had a joint fbi. >> bill: who went in first to ask him. cia or fbi? >> it was a joint effort and we went in together. >> bill: you went in together? >> bill: zufan says he got information from zubada that led to khalid sheikh mohammed without the rough stuff. >> it did not lead to mohammed, bill. >> bill: wait. once you started the rough stuff is that true? zubada basically had enough of the fbi and basically told zufan to go home. >> bill: i'm still confused did zubada shut up after you
8:18 pm
wausharaed him? did he just shut down. >> no we did not waushara him until august of that year. >> did the fbi get very high valued information without the rough stuff? did they get it? the fbi and you? the only thing give credit to get the nickname of muktar and this was it. >> bill: you contend that ali zufan is not telling the truth here. >> i contend and he doesn't know when we started doing the enhanced interrogation tech -- techniques. we got thousands of reports that got us to take down and destroy the al qaeda on 9/11. he doesn't know. >> bill: is there bad blood between the fbi and cia on the terror front? >> no, there is not. actually, the relationships are very good. and having improved with time. >> bill: this guy is just a rogue guy this zufan. >> rogue guy. he had difficulty black side.
8:19 pm
he had difficulty millennium plot in jordan. he had difficulty after he left us and he went to gahanna guantanamo with the military. >> is he a difficult guy. >> all right. well the book is fascinating. i have to say. anybody who is interested in the war on terror thank you for coming. >> in thank you very much. >> bill: radical left wants america to fail. show you more proof of that undercover video of american students cheating. more on that with culture warriors upcoming. ping giant can befriend a forest may seem like the stuff of fairy tales. but if you take away the faces on the trees... take away the pixie dust. take away the singing animals, and the storybook narrator... [ man ] you're left with more electric trucks. more recycled shipping materials... and a growing number of lower emissions planes... which still makes for a pretty enchanted tale. ♪ la la la [ man ] whoops, forgot one...
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>> bill: personal story segment tonight, you may remember the name bill ayers, radical leftist who had an association with barack obama in chicago. mr. ayers recently spoke at the university of oregon.
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>> one of the great dangers that we live in right now is i don't think interest is any question and i don't think any of you would question that the american empire is in decline that economically and politically and in some ways culturally we are in decline. no politician will say that the empire is declining and that the game is over. it's over. >> bill: joining us now to analyze laura ingraham in washington this iching. my question is. this how much power do you think the radical left has in the country. know about george soros, move on and these people will the occupy situation they run around from time to time. how much real power do they have? >> i think they have quite a lot of power. i think when we say the radiculopathy can a call left. i think much of the radical left today has migrated into quote mainstream institutions enormous amount of influence in the academy. enormous in hollywood. you look at planned parenthood
8:24 pm
or the types of speakers that are brought to college campuses to speak the way the textbooks are conceived and written for junior high and high school. where the ford foundation, the rockefeller foundation which have the kind of cool middle of the road maybe a little bit liberal foundations but ultimately end up supporting very left wing goals and aims. so, bill ayers is an inflammatory figure but is he right about one thing. america is in define. and we have to decide whether we are going to continue to allow america to be in decline or do something to turn it around. i would submit that ayers, likes america in decline because he didn't much like it when we were the dominant power in the world and there was no end to that. >> if you read the rest of his speech at the university of oregon he goes on to say we should be one worlders and we have no right to consume all that we consume we should be on the level of portugal and you are absolutely right. he wants us to decline. now you say that america is in
8:25 pm
decline r.r. decline and you point to what to back up your statement? >> well, as i said, recent example to bring it quite close to home for a chinese dissident we had someone in our custody in china and apparently we are either incredibly incompetent or we are so afraid of china that we just when china said you can't do, this you are not going to do this we turn them over to a hospital and we don't know what's going to happen to him. he crass crying on the phone to run reporter who came on my television show crying saying i have been abandoned. >> bill: i assume a deal was made and when secretary of state clinton goes over there he she will come back with him. you know, this is the way these things are done. and particularly in the far east you save face. >> i don't think so. >> bill: listen. >> maybe you are right but it's embarrassing. this is embarrassing. >> bill: if this dissident in china goes back into a chinese prison after going and seeking
8:26 pm
sanctuary in the american embassy. >> how will we know? bill, how will we know? >> bill: there is enough press in china that we will know. if they take him out of that hospital and put him bag in the goolog. >> he can be held with the way he is held. electric fencing around his house and more guards. >> bill: he wants to come here to the united states. >> he was crying today. >> bill: he will be coming here i assume that. >> no. >> so you say that overseas china thumbing its nose at usenned a whole bunch of other people. >> china is poised to be the dominant power. the hedge hond in asia. today i don't know who what we would would do in china whole taiwan thing anymore. inconvenient to us. 10 years ago we would have known what we would have done. what we are seeing in south america with alliances between countries like venezuela and russia and brazil and china, the world is shifting. and the debate in our country has to be is it okay?
8:27 pm
maybe it's okay for people for america to become just another power. but if that's the case, what does that mean for american families? what does that mean for freedom? what does that mean for our ability to exercise our own rights with our own allies around the world? i think that is a real serious conversation. bill ayers stepped into it by saying it. he is cheering it i don't think most americans are cheering that fact. >> bill: the reason we are in decline not so much on the foreign level. >> economically obviously. that's why we have no power. we he have no power because we owe china trillions of dollars. >> bill: we can't call any shots economically when you owe 16 trillion. >> right. >> bill: that has diminished our power. laura ingraham, everybody. is there an epidemic of cheating among american students. undercover investigation by dateline, nbc is disturbing. we will show you some of that megyn kelly on shocking testimony in the john edwards trial and we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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>> bill: culture warrior segment tonight. news magazine dateline msnbc recently ran a students who cheat. part of that they set up a sting. >> they are here to audition for an ultimate challenge tv show for kids, at least that's what they think. what they don't know is we have rigged the gym with hidden cameras and planted an actress in the group to cheat. our coach comes back to give them their next test, try to do the highest number of jumping jacks in 10 seconds. this boy does 20 jumping jacks. >> 20 exactly. >> but our actress wants to write down more. >> no we are making it. >> anthony stood up to her moments earlier but now 21ish. >> anthony caves and shrugs at our cheater writes down a false number. >> okay y'all, you see what's happening right here? they are all like agreeing? >> yeah. just going with the flow. >> here now to react culture
8:32 pm
warriors jeanine pirro and gretchen carlson. they did a number of these in the hour of the segment. i thought it was unfair i have to say. you don't put children into that kind of a bait and switch situation. that doesn't say the kid is a cheater if he goes well, maybe, you know. to me i thought it was unfair you say? >> absolutely. parents willing to risk national embarrassment of their children in a situation where you know these kids are going along and they are cheaters, there is no question at the end of the day. they harm the loving trusting relationship between parent and child. they key their kids up bullying criticism. carry the weight of a cheater could end up in some kind of self-fulfilling prophecy. there is a reason for parent child privilege in the law. a child should be able to talk to their parents as opposed to being publicly hue mill -- humiliated. >> the initial moral compass of all of these kids was truth. the malleable suggestion by
8:33 pm
the planted cheater changed their minds. okay? but here's the thing. >> spontaneous change. like they didn't have 24 hours to think it over. >> another factor here that nobody is talking about. what was the set-up in each of thiessen marchios? it was that they had a chance to be on a reality tv show. nobody is picking up on that. to me, that says a lot about our culture today and what kids deem to be important. >> bill: kids what they want. could have been they had a chance to go to disney world. >> cheating to get on a reality tv show i think played a lot and these parents went on and the kids went on because testimony t. was their 15 minutesf fame. the fact they risked humiliation and public embarrassment was irrelevant. >> bill: i used to teach school a long time ago and there was a lot of cheating in the school because there has always been a lot of cheating in schools. always. the question is, is it more now because it's socially acceptable? because cheating is acceptable? now? >> actually, in some precincts.
8:34 pm
>> that showed that. in 196934% of high school kids admitted cheating. in 2002, 74% of high school kids committed cheating. >> it's doubled. >> why? i think it's because of lack of personal responsibility being taught at home. i mean, call me a traditional parent. >> i think there are so many adults caught cheating all the time. >> liars, cheater are, perjurers people who commit thefts. nine out of 10 kids in recent survey in middle school admitted that they copied other kids' homework. it's about a lack of integrity in our system and our culture. >> many other things to me. it's about the moral fiber breaking down and the acceptance of some other things. also, our kids are just multitasking overscheduled, that could play into it. >> on long island they had that sat scandal where they hired the kids to take the test for them to they could get into princeton or wherever they wanted to get into. a lot of pressure on these kids. >> a lot of pressure goes out to the parents.
8:35 pm
my 6-year-old likes to fib. he doesn't earn his star if i catch him fibbing. that's called personal responsibility. my other child would never fib ever. difference in personalities. >> bill: maybe you could talk to nancy pelosi. no, that's a joke. we don't know. mr. rodriguez is credible. if the congresswoman wants to come on and explained herself. fib something bad. last word janine. >> all about winning. live in a culture winning, sports figures to politicians, they get away with it they make money. lying to congress, what difference does it make that's the message in our culture. >> bill: thank you. when we come back, megyn kelly on shocking testimony in the john edwards' trial apparently before she died. elizabeth edwards melted down in a very bizarre way. kelly is next. f money and it's very affordable. it was very delicious. could you please taste car insurance y?
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us bill o'reilly in the kelly file segment tonight. three controversial stories begin with the very liberal ninth circuit of appeals dismissing a lawsuit from convicted terrorist jose padilla. here now to explain megyn kelly. whenever the ninth circuit throws something out. you have got to pay attention, particularly when it's a terrorist beef. what was the claim by padilla. >> what greater vindication could you ask for. >> bill: explain who john he is. >> convicted terrorist who sued this guy john he who worked in the legal council office in the justice department after 9/11. he wrote the memo that detractors called the so-called torture memo. >> that mr. rodriguez who we had on earlier used as a guideline to waushara. >> he waterboarding tell
8:40 pm
mr. rodriguez what they could do and could not do within the bounds of the law and stood when we were post massive attack that killed 3,000 americans. no lawyer would envy that job. he did it and tried to say this is what you can do and this is what you cannot do. jose padilla was arrested in 2002 thrown into a military bringing for three and a half years and claims that he was subjected to abuse that he calls torture at the time. he later went into federal civilian custody and convicted given a 17 year sentence that the court actually then struck down as too lenient for what he had done. he wanted to set off a dirty bomb in the united states even though is he an american citizen. okay he, while is he sitting in prison and with all this time on his hands decides to sue john yoo saying you wrote the memo. you have got to pay me for all the abuse i endured in that military prison. he, john yoo has immunity. we protect our government officials from this sort of nonsense because how can they do their job?
8:41 pm
>> bill: that's what the ninth circuit ruled on that he had immunity and he couldn't bring the suit. >> yes. the reason was they found that the constitutional rights that he was alleging had been violated were not clear at that point in time and unless they were, he has no lawsuit against john yoo. >> bill: okay. where is padilla now? >> in prison. >> bill: i know he is in prison kelly, do you know where he is physically. >> who cares? >> bill: i think he might be in colorado serving 45. they up dollars his sentence. john edwards got to be the worst guy in the world. nobody worse than this guy. got to be in the top three. >> jose padilla is probably worse. >> bill: if i had a choice i would take padilla. >> somebody wants to set up a dirty bomb in the united states somebody had an affair. >> bill: padilla is ignorant. edwards vice presidential candidate. wife has cancer. doing all of this crazy stuff. >> don't make me defend john edwards. don't make me defend the man. >> bill: the melteddown in the
8:42 pm
courtroom that everybody is talking about has to do with elizabeth edwards confronting him. take it from there. >> an aide testified about a now infamous confrontation that these two had where she found out about the affair, she knew it was going on. she asked for rielle hunter to be fired from the campaign and she was. but then he continued the affair. then the national enquirer came out with a big front page article proving it. she found out they had continued it and she had a feltdown in an airport hanger where she collapsed. tee took off her top and her bra and screamed you don't see me anymore. >> bill: all of this in the courtroom testimony. >> all of this is being testified by aides. >> edward's daughter has to hear it? >> he apparently was heard saying to his daughter kate, i don't know what's about to come out you might want to go. >> bill: i hope they convict this guy. >> proving is he not a good man. trying to make a monster so the jury doesn't like him. also proving something else that is that john edwards is very much and was very much in control of his staff at or
8:43 pm
around this time. >> bill: he knew about the bunny money. >> a cover it up from the elizabeth not from the american public and, b, he had no idea what the staff was doing. what? >> bill: guilty all right. now, in another lawsuit, a boy, mexican boy was shot near el paso. >> 15-year-old. >> pick it up. >> he was shot dead by a border patrol agent and now his family has sued that agent not to mention our government claiming he violated that kid's constitutional rights. >> bill: is he not an american. >> well, that's a little critical technicality that it turns out mattered in the court. you know, our favorite u.s. constitution begins we the people of the united states establish the constitution for the united states of america. you either have to be an american or be in america as it turns out. >> bill: hadn't gotten in and they shot this kid dead, right. >> it's a tragic situation. according to the border patrol agent throwing rocks at him.
8:44 pm
that could be deadly. they are allowed to fight back with deadly force. >> bill: this lawsuit goes nowhere. >> criminal charges were not brought by the doj and civil lawsuit has been thrown out although that family in mexico is appealing they are not going to win. >> megyn kelly, everybody. thank you. great american news quiz, the ancient rock band edition. this is a blast of the right back with it.
8:45 pm
8:46 pm
8:47 pm
>> back of the book segment tonight. the great american news quiz the ancient rock band edition. here now the not quite ancient martha maccallum playing for donald skip for from new beach, california the rapidly aging steve doocy playing for janine morally from pennsylvania. if you want to win great prizes sign up on bill o'reilly undershirt on.
8:48 pm
here is question number one. 42 years after the beetles sadly ended paul mccartney still going strong, which one of his songs has been dubbed the most covered song in history? a? cards up, please. and he we want to roll the tape. ♪ i said something's ♪ how i long for yesterday. >> bill: that's correct. d, maccallum is right. yesterday. one of my least favorite mccartney songs. pick up the pace a little bit. >> bill: i like baby you can drive my car. best mccartney song. do you lining that. >> du, du. >> beach boys brought rock sound to the entire nation in the 1960's.
8:49 pm
>> ♪ inside, outside ♪ everybody gone surfing, surfing u.s.a. >> doocy has shirts like that. who knows if they would have been so wildly successful if the beach boys had kept their original name which was pendletons, wilson love and the boys groovy waves, surf wax quartet. what were the original names of the beach boys, cards up, please, the answer is a the pendletons how did you know that? >> what else would it be? tied with three to go. in their 50 year span have made millions of fans all over the world. even the president is a fan of the stones. what does the president say is his favorite song. start me up. give me shelter.
8:50 pm
what-ploy obama's favorite stone song. cards up, please. come on, doocy, get that card up. all right. roll the tape. ♪ if i don't get some shelter ♪ i'm going to fade away ♪ just a shot away. >> bill: exceptional song holds up after all these years. >> bill: gimme shelter. sympathy for the devil is a good song too. >> bill: could be the theme song for hud. give me shelter. >> bill: you want to inject a little politics? >> not at all. why don't you sing some more? >> bill: ha ha doocy. any time you want a sing off, man, you put the 10 grand up there. >> i can sing. we have 1-1 with go to go.
8:51 pm
question number four what front front man for long running man was sasmged by the press for awful anthem performance 2001 indy 500? >> bill: cards up, please. and we will roll that tape. ♪ land of the free. ♪ yeah. ♪ and the home of the brave. ♪ indianapolis 500. >> bill: i would have deported him, ladies and gentlemen. and now i hear that he and roseanne barr are doing a duet on national anthem. maccallum got that right. doocy has no clue. all right. one more to go. which rock band has the distinction of having the longest standing original line i didn'tup dating back 40
8:52 pm
years? the answer is roll the tape. ♪ she got legs senate she knows how to use them ♪ she never begs ♪ she knows how to choose them. >> bill: zz top. that guy hasn't shaved in 40 years. that's rip vanwinkle. maccallum wins again. all right. that means that donald stiff. newport beach, california gets the gear. but janine we'll send some stuff do you you can thank doocy for blowing it for you. >> excuse me. >> bill: p and p just over two minutes away. ♪
8:53 pm
♪ lord, you got no reason ♪ you got no right ♪ ♪ i find myself at the wrong place ♪ [ male announcer ] the ram 1500 express. ♪ it says a lot about you. ♪ in a deep, hemi-rumble sort of way. guts. glory. ram. droid does. and does it launch apps by voice while learning your voice ? launch cab4me. droid does. keep left at the fork. does it do turn-by-turn navigation ? droid does. with verizon, america's largest 4glte network and motorola, whatever you want to do... droidoes.
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>> pinheads & patriots, starring chris christie in just a moment. but first, a mom alert. mother's daw day, a week from sunday. get her a pay the patriot mom mug, a patriot mom pen. mom's a reader, buy a copy of "killing lincoln" on bill o' two books for mom. what more can we do? now the mail...
8:56 pm
>> that's interesting, mike. >> absolutely, jerry! all that's left are hard-core anarchists and criminals. the regular folksary disappearea on long time ago.
8:57 pm
>> i love those spots. they are on the factor. so, you know, i am not going to call him a hypocrite. you make a living and then, you know, spout whatever you want to spout. >> we are all glad of that, ken. >> we just booked the bolder, fresher show there. i will have details next week. in the meantime, check out bill o' for miller and i in new york city may 12. indianapolis june 22. chicago, june 23. [chuckles] >> somebody has to, gordon. love the seven-mile beach.
8:58 pm
>> well, that's excellent, bruce. that's our goal, to put you right there. "killing lincoln" still a best seller and the audio, number 1. amazing. i thank you all. pinheads & patriots, new jersey governor chris christie attended a town hall meeting yesterday and was confronted by a sixth grader. >> i kind of need a note for school. >> you need a note for school? all right. peter, it says, please excuse peter from school today. he was with me. all right? >> very cute. governor's a patriot and so is peter for coming out to that town hall meeting. that's it for us tonight. check out the fox news factor web site, where the talking points memo is posted each evening. tonight, we have the investigation on the norfolk,
8:59 pm
virginia, situation, which is an amazing story. we are way out in front of this. only national programs covering this right now. we will continue to do that. so check us out each evening. and spout off about the factor from anywhere in the world. name and town if you wish to ooh pine. we are bringing it back, don't be a ninnyhammer when writing to the factor, or anything else, as far as that goes. thanks for watching us tonight. i am bill o'reilly. please, always remember that the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking out for you. >> sean: tonight, the osama bin laden victory lap continues for team obama.


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