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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  May 4, 2012 11:00am-1:00pm EDT

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hundred and 15,000 jobs aide. the unemployment rate dropped but that is because more people dropped out of the workforce. it is a sobering reminder that the unemployment numbers are pretty weak, and that the economy remains weak. we'll have some more updates on that information later on the hour in "happening now." harris: two former rivals face-to-face behind closed doors today but rick santorum we're told not expected to endorse mitt romney just yet. so what will they talk about? a gun-toting robber cuts to the front of the line. one customer says, i'm just not going to take that. wait until you see how this plays out. also, do you think some models you see these days are just either too thin or too young? you're not alone. now one of the biggest names in fashion calling for a huge
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change. it's all "happening now." jon: there may be a big breakthrough in that tense diplomatic standoff between the u.s. and china over the fate of a blind chinese activist. good morning i'm jon scott. harris: i'm harris faulkner in today for jenna lee. the u.s. state department now says the man has received a fellowship at american university. and china has agreed to accept travel applications from him and his family. jon: the agreement seen as a face-saving option for the chinese government. each year hundreds of thousands of its citizens go overseas for educational purposes. chen sparked the standoff when he escaped home confinement to reach the u.s. embassy in beijing last week. mike emanuel is live in washington with the latest for us. mike. >> reporter: jon, good mourn. it's been quite the international drama ain't appears there may be a positive
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outcome for this chinese dissident. the 40-year-old blind activist has been in a beijing hospital since leaving the protection of the u.s. embassy earlier this week. he's focal about china's one-child mol see which has resulted in forced late term abortions or sterilization and he was under house arrest before a daring escape with the help of supporters last week. hillary clinton said u.s. efforts to help chen have been guided by his choices and american values and the latest choice seems to be going to the u.s. with his family to study. >> we are also encouraged by the official statement issued today by the chinese government confirming that he can apply to travel abroad for this purpose. >> reporter: but this is awkward because secretary of state clinton and treasury secretary quite tkpwoeut have been in china to discuss global, economy and security matters. why top u.s. officials seem to believe progress has been made and chen's situation there is a
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concern of saying too much which might further embarrass the chinese. late yesterday at an emergency congressional hearing chen, by cellphone, told lawmakers he'd like to leave china on secretary clinton's plane then through a translator chen talked about how he'd like to resolve the situation. >> he wants to come to the u.s. for some time of rest. he has not have any rest in the past ten years already. >> reporter: it is not clear if the chinese government's tone will change after secretary clinton leaves. she says u.s. officials will stay in touch with him as this process moves forward. jon. jon: mike emanuel in washington on that story. mike, thank you. harris: fox news is america's election headquarters. today two former rifles meeting behind closed doors. mitt romney and rick santorum getting together in pittsburgh after a hard-fought primary campaign. the former pennsylvania senator
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expected to endorse romney but not quite yet. the chief political correspondent carl cameron is live from washington. >> reporter: romney may in fact be meeting with santorum as we speak. the two have been saying there were no plans for them to a pier together today and no public announcement of that endorsement but santorum has long said eventually he would endorse whoever the republican nominee is, including mitt romney. he wants romney's assurances that not only will obamacare be repealed in some future romney administration and romney will not include a mandate in any replacement. santorum wants a seat at the table for the blue-collar tea party conservatives who supported him last year. he made it clear he is counting on santorum's help. listen to this. >> i think all republicans will come together in the final analysis and support my candidacy. we said so on the stage when we were running in debates against one another. i think that the key thing is we're going to come together and get this economy going.
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>> reporter: romney needs san tore number to do most is unite and energize the conservative base. romney teed to be comfortable that santorum will stick with the romney message and not potentially go out on the trail and talk about the hot button socially conservative issues that romney gets in trouble with when he was the governor of massachusetts. harris: we no mitt romney is looking at people to be his running mate. rick santorum might be on that list. what are the odds of it being him? >> reporter: rick santorum was very careful he never ruled out being romney's running mate. he said he would consider it. there is a poll out that asks republicans who they like. it gives you up to 19 potential picks. sapbt requires at 18%, the most preferred among republican voters. that is virtually tied with florida u.s. senator marco rubio, the margin of error is close. there is a third way tie for third place. chris christie the governor of
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new jersey. jeb bush the former governor of florida that rules it out but pops up on the list, and mike huckabee the fox news host and former governor of arkansas and presidential candidate in 2008. he has one of the highest favorability ratings 31% and comparatively a very, very low unfavorable rate at 15%. amongst all the people on the list that is actually the best combination of any of them. harris: carl cameron watching it for us u. good to see you. jon: we'll take you to north carolina where day ten of the john edwards trial is underway. the interior designer for one of his wealthy dean ars is expected back on the stand. yesterday he described funneling money to edwards presidential campaign. jonathan serrie is at the district court in greensboro, north carolina with more. >> reporter: hi, jon, the defense got a little frustrate thed morning at one point asking the judge how many witnesses the prosecution was going to bring forward to talk about edwards'
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affair. the defense says the a fair is not something they are contesting. what is being contested is the intent behind the money trail. and that is really something that witness brian huffman is able to speak to. rich he will bunny melon funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars in secret money to edwards campaign aide andrew young by writing checks to huffman. huffman would then endorse the checks and overnight them to young and his wife. the memo lines on the checks listed various pieces of furniture, however, huffman, and interior decorator admitted he never actually provided his dear fund, bunny melon with any goods or services. here is the exchange. the huffman explained, our furniture business did not really involve furniture. the prosecution asked, well, what was it? huffman replied, it was money for senator edwards. prosecutors are trying to show that the checks were campaign donations intended to boost john
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edwards' election prospects in 2008, but the defense claims edwards was unaware of the money scheme and that the donations were private gifts to help protect the candidates' family from finding out about a private affair. >> the prosecution and the defense essentially agree on the basic picture. they are putting different frames around it, however, and it depends on which frame the jury likes. >> reporter: according to court records bunny melon funneled more than $700,000 to edwards' aide. the prosecution asked huffman whether his friend melon was aware of the $2,300 individual campaign contribution limit peri hrebgs cycle to which huffman replied, quote, she thought it was a little low. jon. jon: thanks jonathan. harris: fox news alert the u.s. state department con teurpling it has just received a new
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application from transcanada regarding that keystone pipeline. that is the cross border pipeline that would stretch from canada to our gulf coast. this new application pertains to a proposed pipeline from canada to nebraska, it includes the idea of new routes through that state designed to avoid environmentally sensitive areas. the same environmental concerns helped sink an earlier key poepb xl pipeline application. we'll update you as the news comes in. jon: brand-new home video of a little arizona girl who vanished two weeks ago, and it comes as lie detector tests were just administered to two people very close to her. details on that straight ahead. and what was he thinking right up to the moment u.s. forces took him out? some new information on what kept osama bin laden up at night in that hide away in pakistan, and what it tells us about the state of al-qaida right now.
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harris: right now, new information on crime stories we are keeping an eye on. the parents of a missing 6-year-old girl in tucson, arizona have taken lie detector tests. police withholding the results, though, saying they are part of own ongoing investigation. meanwhile isabelle salas' parents are releasing new home video and pleading for her safe return. she vanished nearly two weeks ago. drew petersen due in court for a pretrial hearing in illinois today. the former police sergeant accused of killing his third wife, as you may know his murder trial expected to begin this summer. accused school shooter t.j. lane will stand trial for a shooting rampage in february, a judge finding him competent despite signs of mental illness we've been told. lane charged with killing three students and seriously injuring two others at a high school in cleveland. jon: some fresh insight now as to what troubled osama bin laden right up until the moment u.s.
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forces took him out. newly released documents taken from that raid in pakistan one year ago portray an al-qaida under siege from drone attacks and from spies as well. and for osama bin laden a crushing realization that he no longer held the sway over other terrorists affiliated with his network, still bent on attacking us today. we do not know everything contained in all of the documents that our navy seals seized. the obama administration is not releasing everything. still, the sample does provide some important information. let's talk about it with will the colonel oliver north, a fox news military analyst. it shows that osama bin laden was a weak leader at that point, if he had any leadership role at all any more. >> he's certainly cut off an knew it. he looked at his organization, fractured, incompetent, deputies being lopped off one at a time and was very concerned that the perception of his organization,
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al-qaida, the base was no longer appropriate. it wasn't attacking the young adherents and recruits it needed to continue to grow. here is a guy who suddenly realized, kind of like adolf hitler in his bunker before the fall of berlin in 1945, he's cut off, he has no control over events, and obviously deeply depressed about it. also wanting to be back in touch with his friends, and some of the phone numbers, and the contact points that are in what's already been released shows that if the administration had just waited a few hours for the exploitation of that information we might have got even more of them, but they were in such a rush to thump their chest and take the victory lap right after the raid that information was never fully exploited. jon: there are also indications in these documents that some of his lieutenants, his followers were telling him, hey we are not going to have an afghanistan base again. any country that welcomes us is going to get hammered by the united states. >> of course they didn't know
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what was in the so-called strategic agreement. you think about it, you've got john brennan, the white house counterterrorism adviser telling us what a great thing these strikes are that are being launched by unmanned aerial vehicles, predators and raoerps at the same time that obama is signing a document in kabul with karzai that says we are not going to do that any more. think about this. here is osama bin laden worrying about those strikes, we know that. he gets taken out by a u.s. navy seal team and special operators. and we don't exploit the information, and now a year later we've banned the kind of operations that were launched to get him and the guys that are being run georgia off the uav's. jon: that is the headline we wanted to talk to you about, paragraph 6b of that eight-page deal that president obama just signed with the afghan government says, the united states further pledges not to use afghan territory or facilities as a launching point for attacks against other countries . does that mean no more drone
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strikes? >> it certainly sounds like it to me. that's why i've been saying for days now, stop talking about the thee at tricks going on with this chest thumping, hey, we killed him, we killed him, we should have expected that to begin with. we got it the day that it happened, early that morning. it's continued on 0 in everything he's done since. we are going to hear about it nonstop between now and the election, but what that paragraph means, jon, if you and i are reading it correct lease, and i believe we are, is that the kinds of operations that were launched to kill osama bin laden, and the kinds of things we are doing right now, not just in pakistan, but in other neighboring countries, the other stans, can no longer be done as a consequence of that paragraph of that agreement. that'see tkpwaoepblg just to m that's egregious to me that they have that paragraph in there. jon: that is the very document that osama bin laden feared. >> i say this as a political statement, what the republican,
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if they want us to hire a new commander in chief here in november 6th has got to focus on is not how much did it cost for the campaign trip to kabul they've got to focus on substance of what we have just found in paragraph 6b of the kinds of thins that are not in that strategic document, about the force levels, the number of troops, their mission, their capabilities, how much it's going to cost us. it's all a big promise to get the u.s. combat troops out of afghanistan by the summer of 14, the reality of it is it's much morey strict i have than that, you've just identified one of those points of extraordinary angst to all of us. jon: lieutenant colonel oliver north our fox news analyst thank you. harris: mitt romney moments away if taking the stage at a rally in pittsburgh. the presidential candidate high school a full schedule today including a meeting with former rival rick santorum. we are watching and take a lock at his campaign strategy coming up. plus, why super thin, really super thin is no longer in at "vogue magazines" around the
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world. details of the master of fashion's promise to promote a healthier body image, next.
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jon: new this morning, a revolution of sorts in the fashion industry. "vogue" magazine taking a stand against promoting unhealthy body images for women and girls around the world. all 19 editors of "vogue" magazines are vowing not to work with models they deem to be too young or too thin. rick folbaum live from our new york newsroom. >> reporter: the fashion industry and critics have been grappling with these questions for years. how young is too young? how thin is too thin? "vogue" magazine is announcing what they hope will be a new trend. editors of "vogue" magazines
11:23 am
around the world made a pact to project more healthy images agreeing to no longer work with models under the age of 16 or who appear to have a eating disorder. the chairman of the company, jonathan newhouse says health is beautiful. "vogue" editors want the magazines to reflect health of models that appear on the pages and well-being of their readers. american, french and chinese editions of "vogue" will be among the first to begin following these new guidelines. that will start in their june issues. it will be very interesting, jon, to see if any of the other big fashion magazines go ahead and do the same thing. jon: let's hope they do. thanks, rick. harris: we are awaiting a speech from presidential candidate mitt romney. he is expected soon at a rally in pits bourg. as we told you earlier he is also meeting today with former rival rick santorum. here to look at romney's
11:24 am
strategy and the road ahead. hadley heath. senior policy analyst at women's form rum and julie roginsky, former political advisor to new jersey senator frank lautenberg. >> good morning. harris: 5% of the electorate in the state of ohio where we've seen this president spend a lot of his time, according to mitt romney is exit polling is working class. a big focus this morning has been reaching out to the working class voters. what is mitt romney's strategy for this? >> well, you know it is a good question what mitt romney is strategy for any working class people. he especially espoused same views george bush had in the last administration gotten economy where it is today, the working class keep suffering and rich keep getting rich. that is not class warfare that is reality of our economy. mitt romney did not support
11:25 am
bailout of auto industry a huge industry affecting state of ohio. so in ohio's specifically, the last time we had a test between barack obama's world view and mitt romney's world view which is the last election of 2011, mitt romney came up very short overwhelmingly to the people of ohio supported obama's world view of collective bargaining for example, versus what romney espoused. >> with all this, mitt romney is in pennsylvania today. focus on that state and ohio and florida. they are swing states. hadley, i want to get from you, said all that from julie. he doesn't farewell with this. he loss primary to hillary clinton by large margin working class vote. and john mccain in 2008. >> by 18 points he lost to john mccain. pretty clear the enthusiasm level among some voting blocks typically would belong to president obama has at least dropped. some of those voters may not
11:26 am
make it to the polls much when it comes to working class voters mitt romney has to make the case they can trust him on the economy. he has a background in business and he can turn things around. harris: hadley, i want to stick with you a second and pop something up on the screen. i don't know if a lot of people know mitt romney's dad, father, george romney ran for president in 1968. one of the things he is remembered for doing which is quite successful going around to 17 cities, urban areas and reaching out to the working class and shaking hands unscripted with real people is this something that might work for mitt romney, hadley? >> something that might work for mitt romney but i think it would be realistic for republicans to also recognize this is voting bloc, a group of people, white working class voters in states like ohio and michigan will be difficult for either republicans or democrats to capture in this moment. that's why you might have seen the reuters poll that pointed out a lot of republicans would suggest some one like rick santorum for vice president because he is someone roo who really did resonate with blue-collar workers. i think it is okay for both
11:27 am
parties to recognize this group of people is disillusioned with the direction of the country right now but they will be inspired by a message of hope and if mitt romney can give them that message and inspire them towards real change in the next cycle he may be their man. harris: now back to julie. the president has made 20 visits to ohio since being president. our brain room here at fox news has come up with that research. so obviously ohio and that particular votership is really important to him. some words now up on the screen from mitt romney's own press release this morning which is written kind of like an open letter to the president. he says, president, forgive me for being blunt when it comes to economic affairs you're out of your depth. he goes on to write, i have learned a thing or two how government policies can kill private investment and stifle job creation and i have a plan to get government out of the way. your response to that? >> i certainly learn ad thing or two about it when he was governor in massachusetts, 47th in job creation. if mitt romney knows anything about being in government and killing jobs,
11:28 am
massachusetts is the perfect example. during his tenure of somebody that you know, politician that has been able to make his state virtually dead last in job creation when he was in charge. look, mitt romney knows a thing or two did derivatives. he knows a thing or two about continuing same policies that got us into this mess in 2008. he knows a thing or two moving us backwards to exactly the same kinds of policies that, that allowed people like mitt romney to basically gouge the same working class he now wants to appeal to. hadley had a good point. people like rick santorum, i don't agree with him politically on a lot but he can relate to peel that have to work for a living as somebody had to do that himself. mitt romney i think perceived as being so out of the touch with the working class, not just because his own personal background but because of his record as governor. he never ever talks about. pretty abysmal record. harris: i will stop you there. repeating yourself a little bit. 10 seconds from you hadley, we'll wrap it up. >> sure. these voters understandably could like the president
11:29 am
personally. he is beer summit president. somebody that everyone would pretty much like to get a beer to understand him more as a person but frankly this is not an election to determine who you want to have a beer with. this is election to determine the next leader of the free world i think romney is better suited for that. harris: two people i would like to have cup of coffee with joining us today. thank you very much. >> hah. -- thank you. jon: is brith big report -- big brother listening to your conversation. a big jump in the wiretap tap requests in this administration. why the increase. judge andrew napolitano joins us next to discuss that. rising health care costs not cutting into the arm of cosmetic procedures these days. a prescription for profit. dr. lee vin nokia cure joins us next [ male announcer ] this is the land of giants. ♪
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jon: some new information now on wiretapping. statistics from the justice department showing the obama administration has increased the number of applications to install wiretaps on suspected terrorists, spies and their associates by roughly 10% over the last two years. is it making america any safer? chief washington correspondent james rosen live in d.c. with that. james? >> reporter: jon, good morning. these new numbers on wiretaps have surfaced at a time when the obama administration is pressing conference to renew certain spy powers set to expire at
11:34 am
year's end. these latest figures released by doj earlier this we can show a distinct rise from 2010 to 2011 in the number of applications for court orders that the obama administration has made to a special panel of 11 federal judges known as the fisa court after the foreign intelligence surveillance act. all these requests were approved although two were withdrawn. all about 69 were for electronic surveillance. national security officials say fisa has been essential tool in the war on terror including the effort to neutralize al qaeda. the rise in wiretaps is not attributable to the famous raid on usama bin laden's pakistani compound nor to any specific operation. they also note at their high point back in 2007, as you can see these figures edged toward 2400 in one year. officials told fox news the intelligence community is only now fully accustomed to the changes in the law that president bush signed in 2008. the title 7 of the fisa law is set to expire at year's
11:35 am
end. it allows targeting of categories of non-u.s. citizens abroad without need for court order on each individual target. attorney general eric holder told the senate, quote this is provision is critical to our national security. >> and so the administration strongly supports the reauthorization and as you indicated hopes that it occurs well before the end of the year so that the certainty that is needed by men and women who are in our intelligence community will have some degree of assuredsness those tools will remain there and our fight against those who would do harm to the united states can continue. >> reporter: the fisa court was created as a post-watergate measure to strengthen oversight of wiretapping and other surveillance techniques used here and abroad. jon. jon: james rosen in d.c. for us. thank you. harris: there is a lot of information there. for more on this we're going to bring in judge andrew napolitano, fox senior judicial analyst. and you're smiling because my first question has to do with losing privacy to the
11:36 am
government. you and i are talking we'll never know even if they're looking at us. >> that is correct, harris. james has done a great job in getting his arms around the numbers here which are truly staggering. there are other numbers that are not a part of this report that are part of this program and those are self-written search warrants where fbi agent don't go to the fisa court but authorize themselves to examine information, not from you, but about you. your banking records, your computer records, your telephone records, your medical records, your legal records. if you take all of this together, what they're going to the fisa court and the fisa court is letting them get and what they get on their own if, whatever they obtain on individuals, if they don't use it in a prosecution against those persons, then they never know that they have been a target. harris: that's amazing. i don't even want to think about where all that information stays and goes or wherever. you were bringing us i was reading notes about, you write a lot. >> i do.
11:37 am
harris: this is important topic we should know b you bring us to a point where we're moving dangerously close to what we fought against in the cold war and world war ii. what do you mean? >> if you listen to the language of ronald reagan in years he was running for president and we were still fighting the cold war and he was challenging the moral authority and legal authority of communist governments to suppress rights to take away the privacy of the people in their countries we are now getting closer to permitting our own popularly elected government to do to us the very things that communist governments in eastern europe and in soviet russia did to their people and against which we fought a cold war. basically, removing their sense of dignity and privacy and putting us under a totalitarian microscope where the government watches everything we do. harris: so what do you say to the pushback, it's a good cause, it is for a good cause? it is to keep us safe from terrorism. maybe some americans would
11:38 am
say they would cede privacy rights if it was for that cause. >> i would say a couple things. the constitution doesn't permit it. the constitution was written by people that suffered terribly under the king of england and they obviously didn't have technology in those days. they said your personal dignity should be of great value to you. there is area of human behavior quite simply is none of the government's business and government is making its business. if people don't cry out against it, the government will know everything about us. harris: i bring me to my last question. yesterday afternoon i was in my office and watching associated press wires. this goes by you relatively quietly. why don't we hear more about this? >> a lot of people accepted myth when the government invade our privacy somehow it keeps us safe. it doesn't keep us safe. it puts tremendous personal private information in the hands of people who could misuse it. it also doesn't keep us free because it exposes our innermost behavior. what we do in the kitchen.
11:39 am
what we do inside the house, to the peering eyes of government around the constitution does not trust the government with that information. harris: and i so learned from you about context. when you take things out of context they're sometimes inexplainable. no matter what it is that we're doing which is a great lesson. >> nice to chat with you. harris: thank you. >> pleasure. harris: jon? jon: a fox news alert. we now have a an ending to this story of mohammed khalid. he is an 18-year-old honor student from maryland. was supposed to go to john hopkins university when he somehow got connected online with a woman who called herself "jihad jane", colleen rose. she wanted help killing a swedish artist whom she believed had offended muslims. she sought that help over the internet. this kid, mohammed khalid, said he would help raise money and support terrorists. he has now pleaded guilty to a single federal judge of
11:40 am
offering support to terrorists. he faces 15 years in federal prison. he is to be sentenced later on. that guilty plea just came this morning in federal court. we'll have more on this case as it proceeds. harris? harris: moving along now, a very brave customer stands up to robbers at a dunkin' donuts. it is the video you just have to see to believe. look, there is a person laying on the floor there. stay close. [ male announcer ] imagine facing the day
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including those for migraine and while on cymbalta, call right away if you have high fever, confusion and stiff muscles or serious allergic skin reactions like blisters, peeling rash, hives, or mouth sores to address possible life-threatening conditions. talk about your alcohol use, liver diase and before you reduce or stop cymbalta. dizziness or fainting may ocr upon standing. ask your doctor about cymbalta. imagine you with less pain. cymbalta can help. go to to learn about a free trial offer. jon: new next hour, she is one of the key players at the center of the secret service scandal. now she is speaking out. what this colombian escort just revealed about analyst it rendezvous. a dramatic police chase ends but leaves investigators with more questions than answers. what happened to this man's girlfriend and her two children? the latest on a very disturbing case. the county down is on to one of the biggest races anywhere. we're talking about the
11:44 am
kentucky derby. is there a clear favorite this year? one sector of the medical field is exploding despite the ongoing battle over health care costs. the number of medical spas in this country jumping 80% in the last two years that according to an industry report. doctors are finding ways to rake in extra cash by doing procedures like botox and laser hair removal but does this blur the lines between medical and cosmetic procedures? joining us now to talk about, dr. lee vinokur, adjunct assistant professor at louisiana state university shreveport. doctor, why, why are these doctors, some of whom have, you know, have practices in pediatrics or whatever, why are they doing cosmetic procedures? >> well there's a lot of reasons. i mean, cosmetic procedures are sort of like the cash cow. you all pay cash for them.
11:45 am
there is no insurance. and there's been kind of a switch since this explosion of these minimally invasive cosmetic procedures have come about, their office space, in the past, if you did a procedure in a hospital, you would have to get privileges for it. you would have to show that you were kind of certified for it. and now, you can do whatever procedure you're kind of feel comfortable with in your office. harris: dr. vinokur, i'm here, i'm harris. i will ask the next question. i'm wondering i'm reading pete trish shuns are learning how to use lasers so they can do injectibles and other things on your face. is that endangering us that doctors would have a sideline business? >> well, you know, truthfully it's evolving. when, 20 years ago dermatologists didn't do these cosmetic procedures and now they are. but the difference is since they're doing them more they're training more in residency and there are specialties that are sort of more use to doing procedures,
11:46 am
surgical specialties, you know, plastic surgeons, dermatologists have done procedures but you definitely should look carefully like, has your doctor been certified? have they trained a lot? how many procedures do they do? so i think you need to be smart about it. it is not like getting your hair and nails done going to a salon. you really, this is a medical procedure. jon: i have seen plenty of doctors in my life with all of my various, you know, knee injuries and so forth but, if i mess up my acl i'm going to go see an orthopedic surgeon. >> right. jon: how do i know if i, if i need some kind of cosmetic work done, how do i know that the doctor i've chosen actually knows how to do what they're offering to do? >> well i think that's a very good question, jon, and the truth of it is, you know, nowadays plastic surgeons during their training they learn about lasers. dermatologic surgeons is a specialty.
11:47 am
the reason some of these surgical specialties or doctors that do procedures more, they do more training so there is more risk involved and they have done more training. now truthfully any doctor can train to do a procedure but i think, you know, you have to make sure that they have had the proper training and truthfully i don't think i would go to my son's pediatrician while he getting immunization to have fillers and botox done. jon: isn't that the issue? that some doctors who trained for one particular specialty are finding it is possible to do some of these other things, frankly, because it earns them some money? >> it does and that's why i think as a patient and a consumer sort of you have to be careful about this but that's not to say, like i said, years ago dermatologists didn't do it and then it became something that was available. residencies started training in it. now i would say dermatologists and plastic surgeons both are very competent but you have to make sure that your particular doctor is competent. don't be afraid to ask.
11:48 am
how often do you do this? how long have you trained? how many courses have you taken? how many procedures have you done? it is really important. jon: all right. harris: i'm curious if you could ask the doctor, could you just concentrate on my indigestion and not my wrinkles. jon: my doctor knows knees after all the practice he had on me. thank you, dr. lee vinokur. harris: brutal robbery caught on tape to tell you about now. it happened at dunkin' donuts. it gets more intense when you see the customer did. here is video from delray beach, florida, showing a robber nearly jumping over the counter to get money. he tries to stop him but gets thrown to the floor instead. the robber rushes back to the counter. meanwhile his accomplice who you can not see off-camara is pointing a gun at employees telling them to pony up. and his buddy waits for the cash. even empties out the employee tip jar. after loading the loot into a trash bag, he takes off but not before kicking the man who tried to take him down in the face. police have eventually
11:49 am
arrest four people, three men and a woman after they crashed their get bayh car. a brave customer, wow! tried to help. jon: there is chilling update to bring you in disappearance of indiana university student, lauren spire. the cops in that case have someone they are watching now. we'll tell you about that. plus can losing a few pounds cut your cancer risk? surprising results of a new study next. so, i'm working on a cistern intake valve, and the guy hands me a locknut wrench. no way! i'm like, what is this, a drainpipe slipknot? wherever your business takes you, nobody keeps you on the road like progressive commercial auto. [ flo speaking japanese ] [ shouting in japanese ] we work wherever you work. now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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11:52 am
jon: we are waiting right now for president obama to take the podium. the hot topic right now? student loans. once students get out of school though, their biggest concern might be how to find a job. new numbers out today show employers added only 115,000
11:53 am
jobs in april. that is much lower number than analysts expected. paul gigot is host of the "journal editorial report". he joins us know. paul, the unemployment rate actually fell. we're down to 8.1%, right now. >> that's right. jon: yet the number of jobs created was pretty weak. explain how that happens. >> because the job, the labor force shrank. so you have lower rate but fewer people actually, more people but smaller supply of laborers. that means a lot of people have stopped looking presumably and that's really disappointing. in fact the labor participation rate fell again for two months. it is now as low as it has been since december 1981. jon: people just threw in the towel? >> a lot of people throwing in the towel. not worth looking. can't make as much as i want to before. worth it for me to stay home for whatever reason. a lot of people speculate a lot of people over 65 saying or even 60, i had a great career. i got laid off.
11:54 am
i want to go back, but if i'm going to have to work for a minimum wage or above that, i'm not going to go back. jon: so that brings up these young people. where are they going to find jobs, all these folks who have these student loans that are now so controversial because the interest rate is supposed to what, double on july 1st? >> yeah. it will go to 6.8% from 3.4. jon: so they have taken out student loans to pay for college and when they get out of college, what happens? >> student loan issue, one economist, douglas holtz-eakin, former congressional budget office analyst says it will make 7 bucks a month to keep at lower rate. that is not nothing but not a big deal especially if you don't have a job. by one study, of northeastern university they found that 54% last year of the students who were under 25 with bachelor's degrees did not have a job. so the best thing you can do for these young people is give them dynamic employment market where they get a job. where they can repay the loans, whatever the rate. jon: right.
11:55 am
>> that's the real problem here. there just aren't enough opportunities for those people because the economy isn't growing fast enough. jon: it has obviously become a potent campaign issue. are you saying it is overstressed? if the dollar amount in terms of 3.4% versus 6.8% is so minimal? >> i put it this way if you're 25 years old and going to say i'm going to make my decision whom to vote for based on interest rate, you're fooling yourself because the most important thing for you is to look at the candidate say who will actually create the kind of economy or help create the kind of economy that can create a better job market so i don't have to worry about the interest rate. i can worry about my income. jon: paul gigot is editorial page editor of "the wall street journal" you can catch his "journal editorial report" tomorrow, 2:00 p.m. eastern time right here on fox news channel. paul, thank you. >> thanks. harris: also testimony continues in the john edwards corruption trial. the latest from an interior designer who says he forwarded big checks from a
11:56 am
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harris: president obama at a high school in virginia talking about the economy today, let's take a look at a live picture. now, i want to warn you, these pictures are breaking up a little bit. we have storms on the east coast. this is down in virginia, so they're feeling the effects of that too. the economy is improving, but there's still a lot of work to do, he's also talking about student loans as well. welcome to the second hour of "happening now," i'm filling in today for jenna lee. jon: i'm jon scott. the president is talking about what he's doing to get the sluggish economy back on track. we learned just today that the april unemployment rate dropped to 8.1%. sounds good, right? well, it's mainly because more
12:00 pm
people stopped looking for work. they left the labor force, as paul gigot was just telling us. employers added only 115,000 jobs last month, that's the smallest gain since october and not even enough to keep up with population growth. daniel hemminger is editor of the wall "the wall street journal." the president is talking about student loans and jobs and the economy, what should he be telling them? >> well, i think probably, jon, try to start thinking about matching your education with the job market as it exists out there. clearly, we have a high youth unemployment rate in this country, and it is in no small part because a lot of the, oh, college degrees that people are taking into the workplace -- mainly in the humanities -- simply don't match the kind of jobs that exist out there right now. so many of these people taking jobs that are well below their
12:01 pm
skill level. so, you know, it's interesting, jon, that the president is mainly these days pushing this 3.4% college loan rate that he's so in favor of. i have to say with college tuitions now running between $30,000, in some cases $60,000 a year, the idea that you're going to get a 3.4% interest rate on hundreds of thousands of dollars of college debt without really having any sense of whether that college is going to produce a degree that'll allow you to get a job seems to me a little bit of a misdirection on the part of the president. he ought to be talking exactly about the economy as it exists, not just throwing these poor kids into an economy they don't understand. jon: he won two-thirds of the youth vote in 2008 against john mccain. you wrote a column for "the wall street journal" in which your first line asks this question: why would anyone under the age of 25 vote for barack obama in november? why do you ask that question?
12:02 pm
>> well, i ask it because in 2008 he did, indeed, do very well among, as you say, 66% among people who were young. and let's just sort of think about that. he did very well, as a matter of fact, in college towns, and, for instance, in north carolina he famously won that state but only by 1% of the vote. among young people he got 74% of the vote, and that meant he was getting a lot of college students. so if you were a freshman, you voted four years ago for hope and change. now you're a junior or a senior, and what you're hoping for is a job, and the question is whether the president has presided over an economy that in any sense is going to give those young people, now, the opportunity to go out and use the skills that they spent the past three years working on. and this is the case that he's trying to make to people right now. and, jon, we had a growth rate in the first quarter of 2.2%. the growth rate the entire
12:03 pm
length of the obama presidency has been around 2%. that's a postrecession growth rate. it normally should be 6 or 7%. and i think those young people now ought to be thinking hard about the policies that obama spent the last three years implementing and whether that matches the kind of economy they need right now to go out and find jobs equal to the effort they put in in college. jon: well, 115,000 jobs added in april, that's the saw it'sic just out this morning. that doesn't take care of too many college graduates, does it? >> no, not at all. certainly, what we really need is an economy like we had either during the clinton presidency or you during the reagan presidency, a booming economy, new industries like telecommunications, and now much of it is related to the digital networking, social networking and so forth. the united states, if it's -- and another point we should really make here, jon, is young
12:04 pm
people have to understand it is not the world that their parents grew up in where you simply got out of college, you got a job. we are now in a global economy. we are competing with huge economies like china and india that are emerging, and they themselves have young people looking for jobs, many of them in industries related to computers and technology. so our people have to understand that, a, they need an economy that's really growing and creating companies and jobs. they also need the skills that are going to allow them to compete in that global economy. and i don't quite hear the president addressing that reality. jon: daniel, thank you. >> good to talk to you. jon: you can watch the president's remarks to those young people in virginia. they are streaming for you live right now on if you'd like to hear what the chief executive has to say. harris: fox news alert now, one of the women from colombia involved in that secret service
12:05 pm
sex scandal coming out of the shadows, revealing new details about her encounter with the agent who sparked the embarrassing episode by allegedly refusing to pay her. molly henneberg live with the news from washington. >> reporter: dan ya suarez, is her name. she and the secret service agent had agreed on an $800 price for the evening, but in the morning he became, she says, a completely different person, would not pay her the $800 and kicked her out of his room. other agents eventually ponied up $250 after local police got involved, but by then it was on its way to becoming public. nine agents have been fired or resigned during the secret service investigation of this scandal, but interestingly, suarez says no one has contacted her. here's more. >> dania, first of all, i didn't get the answer in english about whether or not you have had contact with the secret service, so if the translator -- >> no, none at all. >> reporter: i'm wondering what your life's been like now,
12:06 pm
and the life for your son, what do you hope for the future for yourself and your son. >> molly, let me tell you, she hasn't had any contact with any person from the american government, any agency or anything, actually, she said if they wanted to track her, they could easily do it, and they haven't done so. >> reporter: suarez says the agents begged her not to call police, but she says she told them since they didn't care about her situation, why should she care about theirs? when she got back to the one agent's hotel room, here's what she said she saw. was there anything the hoe -- in the hotel room that you found that was related to president obama or president obama's schedule? >> translator: molly, well, she said that she didn't see anything, anything weird, anything in particular that could relate this man to president obama or any kind of information on the president. >> reporter: but she says she did say she saw a uniform, a brown uniform and assumed that it meant he was military or some
12:07 pm
type of soldier. suarez says if she had known the man was a secret service agent, she would have never called the local police, she never wanted this to be public and it has, quote, damage canned her life. harris: it's interesting how she would put those two together, calling and then being from secret service. here's a timeline, by the way, the alleged hanky-panky involving secret service agents and military members of the president's advance team took place in cartagena, colombia, on april 11th. two days later the story dose public sparking -- goes public sparking recriminations, the secret service announced new rules of conduct and chaperones for some of the agents while traveling on assignment, for example. earlier this week peter king said there is no indication any of the women involved poses a risk to national security. jon: five men accused in the september 11th attacks heading back to a military tribunal at
12:08 pm
gitmo tomorrow. among them, the confessed mastermind of the 9/11 attacks, khalid sheikh mohammed. president obama put the case on hold more than three years ago in an effort to move the proceedings to civilian court. that effort ultimately failed. he also wanted to close the detention center at the u.s. base in cuba. attending tomorrow's proceedings will be some of the families who lost loved ones in those awful everyone in attacks. harris: right now american troops being told to get in line. defense secretary leon panetta set to tell u.s. forces to watch their behavior following some high-profile incidents involving american troops in afghanistan. that has incited violence in response there. national security correspondent be jennifer griffin on the story. >> reporter: hi, harris. we are awaiting remarks from the secretary at fort benning, georgia, today. he's expected to speak at 3 p.m. eastern. we got a preview of his message. in an interview with the army times, he expressed a growing
12:09 pm
concern about lack of discipline in the ranks in the wake of embarrassing incidents such as the quran burning and secret service and military prostitution scandal in colombia. quote, the problem with these instruments is there is a price to be paid. it not only hurts us in terms of lives that are lost, but also sometimes impacts on the very mission we are engaged in and hurts morale. there are a few bad apples out there that can impact by virtue of doing the kind of stupid things that sometimes they do. secretary panetta told the army times in his office, the most damaging incident in the last three months was, of course, the army staff sergeant, robert bales, who went on a killing spree systematically killing 17 women and children, a case that is still pending. that came on the heels of marines photographing themselves urinating on dead afghan bodies, then there were a recent photos of u.s. soldiers in afghanistan posing with the dismembered parts of afghans who blew themselves up in a fail bed
12:10 pm
attack. the final straw for the military was the implication of 12 u.s. service members cavorting with prostitutes on the eve of the president's visit to colombia. >> we are embarrassed. i mean, i can't -- you said how embarrassed is the military, i can speak for myself and my fellow chiefs, we're embarrassed. so we let the boss down. >> reporter: defense secretary panetta is going to make the point that in this era in which everyone is a citizen photographer, everyone posts on youtube, that these kind of incidents go viral, and they play into the enemy hands, and they hurt not only morale, but they hurt the strategy in places like that, like afghanistan. harris: yeah. i don't know if you just heard the woman from colombia saying the one thing she remembered from the hotel room was a uniform that she thought was military. interesting connection there. jennifer, thank you very much. >> reporter: thank you, harris. jon: could there be a new manhunt of suspects in the lockerbie bombing?
12:11 pm
a closer look at recent meetings in libya that may reopen that decades-old investigation. also, fox news is on the job hunt with david lee miller in new jersey. >> reporter: jon, a billion dollar bridge renovation will soon be under way here in new jersey, paving the way for the creation of thousands of jobs. i'm david lee miller in new jersey, and coming up, i'll have all the details. ?rsh ♪ c'mon dad! i'm here to unleash my inner cowboy. instead i g heartburn. [ horse neighs ] hold up partner. prilos isn't for fast relief. try alka-seltzer. it kills heartburn fast. yeehaw!
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harris: our newsroom talking with the los angeles fire department just moments ago about what you're about to see on your screen here. this is just, i want to say, a short distance from the usc
12:15 pm
campus in southern california. a natural gas leak and an active flame. as you can see, they're trying to keep that fire from spreading. we're told that it was caused by a severed gas line. and, again, if you're familiar with this area, it's south mcclintock avenue near the usc campus. we haven't been told of evacuations at this point. we do know one person is hurt and is being evaluated now for some possible burns, as you can imagine, if they were caught up in this whole thing. look how tall those flames are. the firefighters, obviously, up on a platform on a truck. we'll follow the situation. again, no evacuations that we know of in downtown los angeles, but awfully close to the usc campus. we'll keep an eye on it. jon? jon: fox news on the job hunt with a major modernization involving some of the nation's busiest ports. workers are preparing to lift up new jersey's bay krone bridge, one of the projects needed to
12:16 pm
accommodate larger ships traveling through the panama canal following its expansion. david lee miller is live in newark, new jersey, with a look at that. david? >> reporter: jon, we're talking here about a one, b with a billion, dollar project. as you mentioned, the plan is to modify the bridge over my shoulder, let you get a closer look at it, this is a bridge that connects new jersey with new york's staten island. it was built in 1931, and you can see for yourself the beautiful arch. authorities want to keep much of the bridge intact, but right now that bridge cannot accommodate the next generation of these mega cargo ships, so the plan is to raise the roadway of the bridge. it now sits about 151 feet above the water, they would like to raise it to 215 feet, and in order to accomplish that, they say some 2700 jobs are going to be created, many of them expected to be iron workers, other workers will also be brought in.
12:17 pm
they expect this project to start in early 2013. but this is a project that has enormous economic consequences for the entire region. the ports here employ some 280,000 people, and be not only is this project going to allow those jobs to remain in all likeliness, they say, there will be an increased activity in the port, and over the next ten years they do expect there'll be more jobs associated with the port itself. the deputy executive director of the port authority says that, incredibly, this is a project in the region that has absolutely no opposition. listen. >> this is a unique project. it's supported by republicans and democrats, labor and business, people in the shipping industry, people outside the shipping industry. they know that keeping the port of new york and new jersey the most vibrant and busiest port on the east coast is critical to the economic growth of the whole country. >> reporter: and authorities are really in a race against the
12:18 pm
clock. they expect that by 2014 an expansion of the panama canal is going to be completed, and at that point, jon, these larger cargo ships are going to start moving up the east coast. the competition for these ships is going to be fierce, and one other thing to note, when the work begins -- incredibly, and this speaks to this incredible feat of engineering -- the bridge is going to remain open. jon? jon: that is going to be some kind of feat of engineering. david lee miller, thanks. fox news has been on the job hunt for minute two years now. you can go to to see what's happening around the country and where. harris: a big question for president obama's re-election campaign, can they repeat the success they had in '08 with young voters? our next guest says young people better review the president's
12:19 pm
record before they pull the lever again. plus, one of the most-watched horse races in the world previewing this year's kentucky derby. jon, grab your seersucker suit! i got my hat. and just across the ohio river, a very different story. what animal lovers are doing to ease the pain of some very unlucky horses. stay with us. ♪ are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement
12:20 pm
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jon: right now there's new hope for the families of the victims of the lockerbie bombing. a new push to bring terrorists to justice more than 20 years after pan am flight 103 went
12:23 pm
down over scotland. 270 people onboard were killed, many of them americans. the fbi director is going to libya seeking the new government's cooperation in this investigation. rick folbaum has more on that. >> reporter: we just went over those details, and it bears repeating. 270 people killed when the terrorists blew up that airplane over scotland back in 1988. it remains the worst case of mass murder in u.k. history, and we are just learning now that thfight for justice, thankfully, is not over. new reports of some secret meetings between scottish officials and the fbi director, robert mueller, and the prime minister of libya. the thinking is that even though ali mohamed al-megrahi was cricketed of carrying -- convicted of carrying out the attack, few believe he acted alone. and there are the pictures from august 2009, his lawyers accusing a judge he had weeks to live. he is still very much alive three years later.
12:24 pm
and now in this post-gadhafi world in libya, western officials hope to be able to get the new government to cooperate so scotland's top prosecutor, part of those meetings last week in tripoli, releasing a statement saying the libyan authorities are committed, he says, to cleaning up the mess left behind by the gadhafi regime. so maybe some justice to family members who have been dealing with their grief and anger for 24 years. back to you. jon: i've met some of those families, and it would be a very good thing if they could see some measure of justice. >> reporter: absolutely. jon: thanks, rick. harris: we're going to turn now to grabbing your mint juleps and a big, floppy hat because it's almost time for the kentucky derby. one of the world's most-watched horse races, it is the 138th run for the roses at churchill downs in louisville, kentucky. the race kicking off tomorrow at 6:30 p.m. eastern. no clear favorite, we're told, this year but a field of about 20 beautiful horses. and as millions of people watch the derby tomorrow, right across
12:25 pm
the ohio river in indiana a very, very different story. mike tobin is live with that now. mike? >> reporter: well, harris, indiana and everywhere people keep horses. they're expensive to maintain, both thoroughbreds and common horses, so while a bad economy is tough on us, it results in a lot of abandoned horses. >> when she came in, she weighed under 90 pounds. >> reporter: the indiana horse rescue is an operation that's survived on donations and barely broke even. the economic collapse of 2008 hit them from two sides; donations dried up and more people abandoned horses they could not afford. >> we weren't getting enough money, and our bills were mounting, so then we would borrow against our equity, pay our bills off and get even, and then more horses would come in. >> reporter: in 2011 the shelter was left with no choice but to euthanize nearly two dozen horses. when that went public, donations
12:26 pm
dropped to 10%. now shelter operators say they won't even take in a horse without getting a payment up front. points of light are people like john chester who adopts horses from the struggling shelter. >> you know, somebody's got to do it. >> chester says caring for these beautiful creatures is both a pleasure and a duty. >> they love people. and so people need to love them back and take care of them. >> reporter: now, one of the horses chester took in was a thoroughbred that won a quarter million dollars over her career, but when she stopped making money, she also was woonded. harris -- abandoned. harris? harris: mike, thank you very much. jon: john edwards back in court today as testimony focuses on the source of the cash used to coffer up his extra -- cover up his extramarital affair when he was running for president. what the latest testimony means for the case against him. >> do they see this affair being covered up as part of edwards'
12:27 pm
presidential aspirations, or is it simply a person who wants to preserve his family and his marriage and is lying about that? [ woman ] oh, my gosh -- it's so good! [ kristal ] we're just taking a sample of all our different items in our festival of shrimp so we can describe them to our customers. [ male announcer ] red lobster's festival of shrimp starts now! for just $12.99, pair any two of 9 exciting shrimp creations like new barbeque glazed shrimp or crab stuffed shrimp. the crab-stuffed shrimp are awesome! [ woman ] very creamy. that's a keeper! [ woman ] shrimp skewer. [ woman #2 ] sweet, smoky.
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12:31 pm
secretary geithner and the chinese government wrap up in if beijing. doug mckelway has an eye on that live from washington now. >> reporter: good afternoon, jon. with the overnight news that the u.s. and china governments have apparently struck a deal to allow chinese distend chen guangcheng to travel to the u.s. with his family, a major impediment to progress in these economic talks has apparently been removed. it was crucial for this dissident issue tock resolved -- to be resolved so that china can continue its path towards appreciating its currency. in effect, moving away from keeping its currency artificial low. in the interest of making its exports more affordable to europe and the united states. treasury secretary tim geithner encouraged china to move more in that direction. >> china, as you know, has allowed the exchange rate to appreciate by about a dollar in the last 20 or 22 months or so, more than 40% real term over the
12:32 pm
last five years or so. that's very consequential. they acted just recently to widen the band. >> reporter: china has learned some hard lessons through the world recession, that an overreliance on exports has damaged its own economy. >> timothy geithner, of course, has long been pressing china to reform their currency to make it more attuned to market forces. china has been subsidizing their exports by keeping their currency artificially llosa that they can -- low and china has made steps to reform their currency. >> reporter: the strategic economic dialogue has been muddied by a number of complicating factors, among the sale of f-16 fighters to taiwan. any such sale may hurt progress in many these talks. and in addition to that, china's communist party has been embarrassed by the removal of a high-ranking official from its pretty borrow, a historic
12:33 pm
downfall that has pulled back the curtain on infight anything the government, makes these talks more difficult. jon: doug, thank you,. harris: after days of emotional testimony, jurors are now hearing how money was funneled to the campaign from a wealthy donor's decorator. the edwards campaign using the money from philanthropist rachel "bunny" mellon. the big question always is with all this, did this violate campaign finance laws? because that's the legality that they're fighting. let's bring in, now, former federal prosecutor fred tecce and criminal defense attorney jennifer. i want to start with you, fred. i've read she's 101 years old, she's got a lot of information. do you put her on the stand? >> you know, it's interesting. not only does she have a lot of information, you know, she was taking steps to cover this up. i mean, quite frankly, technically, she probably should have been sitting next to john
12:34 pm
at the defense table. she knew very well this wasn't -- in fact, she wanted huffman to send cash in to further hide it. so as a prosecutor, she was a big edwards' supporter, i'm not sure i'd put her on the witness stand. harris: it just sort of smacks of did she get taken advantage of, and that's an image you probably don't want for the defense, jennifer. >> i think the issue is bunny mellon is unavailable for probably multiple reasons, yes, her age, but also, i'm not sure she would be a compelling government witness. she believed that edwards was this country's savior which does not help the government's theory. and i would point out that this was not some elaborate ruse. she was, basically, writing checks to brian huffman who was then endorsing them to andrew young on the back. and what this suggests to me is that she was hiding it from her own money managers, not as a way
12:35 pm
to conceal campaign contributions. which doesn't help the government's cause either. >> no, in fact, i do agree with jennifer on certain points. she actually volunteered for this. but she also knew, she wanted to put this in cash, and she's in the indictment charged with saying, well, ancient chinese proverb, use cash, can't trace it. she was well aware of what she was doing. young's wife endorsed them in her maiden name. every one of these people took steps that indicated their consciousness of guilt. harris: interesting. let me step in here for just a second. i may even make your point for you, jennifer, this is actually, maybe a good thing for the defense -- >> yes, yes! harris: now we're talking about this 101-year-old woman, and we're not talking about john edwards. >> exactly. she was willing to give him money for $400 haircuts, she was willing to give him funds -- harris: well, he does have nice
12:36 pm
hair. >> he does, and that was her right. and that does not mean she was trying to conceal campaign contributions, and that's really the issue there. >> but that's not the charge. harris: excuse me one exekd, fred, because our correspondent, jonathan serrie, is saying that after days of sordid testimony about john edwards' affair with rielle hunter -- because, remember, she was the person who, apparently, this money was to hide his affair with her -- lawyers for the former presidential candidate now in court saying that they are frustrated. they are pointing out to the judge that they are not disputing the fact that their client had an extramarital relationship, and they feel there's too much focus on that. >> absolutely, yes. and what's happening is that the jury -- well, the prosecution is attempting to influence this jury by proving that john edwards is an unethical, immoral fella who was carrying about with this woman. and while that may be immoral conduct, it is not necessarily illegal conduct. they're attempting to blur the
12:37 pm
lines to avoid their burden of proof. >> but it is relevant. it goes to show his state of mind. he's charged with a conspiracy to impede the -- >> it's too much. >> wait a minute. you didn't let me finish. he knew the conspiracy, he had motive, he had opportunity, and he had every reason to want to do this. so if i was a defense lawyer, as you would, you'd want to stipulate to these facts, but the government doesn't have to stipulate to them. it's not going to get them anywhere. >> the issue is not whether they're permitted to present the evidence, but how far can they go. they put on testimony about elizabeth edwards ripping her shirt off, this dramatic confrontation, and how is that relevant? >> you know what? i agree with you, i believe less is more -- harris: really? you wouldn't do it, fred? even if it meant winning? really, you wouldn't do it? >> no, i wouldn't. harris: all right. >> i wouldn't, harris. i'll tell you why. jennifer raises a great point, you go too far, you'll alienate the jury. when you start throwing in stuff
12:38 pm
like that, i think there are two things in the courtroom, control and credibility, and you give up both. harris: wow. real quickly, another point, you mentioned the former aide, andrew young, his why have cheri giving explosive testimony this week, too, but if you read through his testimony, andrew young, he mentions how bunny mellon -- because she's the focus today -- had been talking with john edwards about forming some sort of foundation after he ended his presidential bid, and there was a seeking of 40 million in cash to try to get this foundation started. just to talk about that, illegal or just more ammunition? >> i believe that, um, this goes to what andrew young was trying to accomplish or at least the potential that the jury is going to conclude that this was andrew young's doing, not john edwards'. $40 million is an awful lot of money, and i do think that there is a question about whether she was taken advantage of. but at the end of the day, that does not mean that edwards has committed a criminal act. harris: all right.
12:39 pm
fred, real quick? >> yep, jennifer's right about that, but given the charges and the evidence, i think he's going to get convicted, he's going to go to jail, and he's going to give new meaning to the term "love child." you watch. harris: wow. spoke been like a true prosecutor. thank you both. >> thanks, guys. jon: president obama marking the death of osama bin laden one year earlier. that was a moment that had americans waving the flag and cheering, but some critics say the president used this occasion for political purposes. our news watch panel weighs in. , i'm a coach. but when i was diagnosed with prostate cancer... i needed a coach. our doctor was great, but with so many tough decisions i felt lost. unitedhealthcare offered us a specially trained rn who helped us weigh and understand all our options. for me cancer was as scary as a fastball is to some of these kids. but my coach had hit that pih before. we're 78,000 people looking out for 70 million americans.
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that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare.
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your doctor will say get smart about your weight. that's why there's glucerna hunger smart shakes. they have carb steady, with carbs that digest slowly to help minimize blood sugar spikes. [ male announcer ] glucerna hunger smart. a smart way to help manage hunger and diabetes. jon: this week we marked one year since u.s. forces killed osama bin laden in that compound in abbottabad. president obama went to afghanistan on the anniversary of the raid x the news media made a pretty big deal about it. let's talk about with it with
12:43 pm
kirsten powers, columnist for the daily beast, rich lowry is editor of the national review, both of them fox news contributors. kirsten, as a nation what did we get out of the president's trip? >> well, i guess, you know, you could ask that question for any trip that the president makes or, for that matter, what did we get out of george bush landing, you know, a jet on an aircraft carrier. i mean, these are political stunts, for the most part. i was critical of it when bush did it, i'm critical of it when obama does it. i think what we see, though, is most republicans were not critical when bush did it and spiked the football and said mission published, but now suddenly when obama is taking credit for killing osama bin laden, that just crosses the line. jon: correction there. as you well know, there was no mission accomplished line in the his speech. president bush didn't say that -- >> there was a banner know. jon: the banner was hung behind him, we are told, by members of
12:44 pm
the ship, staff of the ship. rich, one of the things that has really just escaped notice until now is that this agreement that the president signed effectively would bar his successors from doing the same kind of bin laden raid that he ordered, because we have now agreed that we will not launch any attacks on other countries using our forces based in pakistan. what's the media doing with that? >> my understanding is that provision does have a caveat that you can hit presidents. you can't launch a war against pakistan from afghan territory, but you can still hit terrorists, at least that's my understanding of it. i'm not one that believes that matters of war and peace are sacred and should be above politics. they're some of the most important decisions our lawmakers make, so they're subject to the political debate. and president obama, thank god, made the right call on osama bin laden, and he should get
12:45 pm
credit for it. he has stepped over the line with that ad, overemphasizing himself and his own political interest which was a little gross, taking the cheap shot at romney, and it just created a pall around this trip. and this trip and this agreement with the afghans is probably the most important thing he's talking talked about in a month and a half, the rest has been ridiculous stuff, but he made into it a political issue by making, playing it too clever by half. jon: his campaign raised the question, kirsten, would mitt romney have made the same decision to authorize the bin laden raid. >> yeah. jon: first of all, it's something that nobody can really answer, but at the same time it does seem like any president would have ordered that possibility given the fact that this was america's number one enemy. >> well, we don't -- it's not really knowable, actually. we don't know that romney would do it. where obama's referring to is the fact that romney had said
12:46 pm
before that we shouldn't move heaven and earth and spend all this money to go after one person, so that's what they're using to make that claim. i just think that this is unnecessary. i do find it kind of unseemly. it's taking something -- i don't think that it's sacred, i think it's fine to bring it up in the context of the campaign, remind people that he killed -- osama bin laden. we know he was responsible for the killing, and it's now invited these attack on him by navy seals, you know, which i think are going to be problematic for him. >> yeah, i think that's right. you can't get any more credit than you've already gotten for killing bin laden. it's in everyone's consciousness. i think it's a shame because these are important questions, but it's way, way down on the list of voters' concerns, so the jobs number today will have much more -- even though this is the debate about bin lad season and whether the ad's appropriate,
12:47 pm
the jobs number is much more meaningful to the election, ultimately, and much more meaningful to people's daily lives. jon: in the meantime, we're learning from those bin laden documents that have been released that bin laden and his supporters didn't think much of fox news channel -- [laughter] >> another case of you guys having the right enemies, jon. [laughter] jon: as for fox news, let her die in anger, so wrote adam godan, his american-born and educated media guy, i guess. [laughter] >> yeah, well, i guess it's good to be on the wrong side of bin laden and his supporters. i'll take that. >> but i'm sure he was secretly watching it, jon, because it's the most compelling news on television. so they may have said they hated it, but they weren't watching cnn, let me tell you that. [laughter] jon: he was seen in that one picture released after the raid watching what looked to be himself on television. all right, good to talk to you both, kirsten powers, leadership
12:48 pm
lowery -- rich lowry, thank you. news watch tomorrow at 2:30 p.m. eastern time. we cover the coverage of the big stories of the week, be sure to tune in. harris: that rich lowry has good taste. i like that. a new medical study involving weight and cancer, why women should pay very special attention. stay with us. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today. people will have doubts about taking aspirin for pain. that's why we developed bayer advanced aspirin with micro particles. now we're challenging you to put it to the test. visit today for a special trial offer.
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harris: a new study finds one of the strongest links yet between obesity and older women and cancer. the results show women who lose at least 5% of their body weight can see a dramatic reduction in the inflammation related to cancer. let's bring in dr. don colbert,
12:52 pm
author of "eat this and live," but this is about eating a little bit less. tell me what impresses you about this particular study. >> well, interesting study found that overweight and obese be postmen pausal women were much more likely to develop -- well, they'll develop cancer, but if they simply would decrease their calorie intake, they reduced their risk of cancer. and what was interesting was if they had the calories down to 1200-2000 calories a day they significantly reduced the chance. harris: this is not about losing a ton of weight. 2,000 calories is still quite a bit to eat. >> oh, absolutely. 2,000 calories is easily. you can get that with lots of vegetables, fruits and lowering the sugar content. harris, what's so exciting about this study, there were four groups of these postmen o pausal
12:53 pm
women, the first group lowers their calorie intake, and the second group exercised 225 minutes a week, the third group decreased calorie intake and exercise, and the fourth group was the control group. the first and third group lowered their body fat by 8 and 10%, but they decreased their inflammatory markers by 36 and 41%. now be, inflammation is linked to heart disease and cancer, so this study shows that just a little bit of weight loss lowers your risk, lowers these inflammatory markers, lowers your risk of cancer. but the exercise alone didn't lower the weight significantly. harris: now, why is that? >> well, that's interesting because for some reason exercise alone will not lower these markers or lower the body weight significantly. the key is loring the body weight. you -- lowering the body rate. we've known that crp is this
12:54 pm
main inflammatory marker primarily produced by belly fat or visceral fat. when you reduce fat, especially in the belly area, you're reducing inflammation and chronic disease like cancer and cardiovascular disease. harris: i want to make it clear, this isn't the same thing as when you stub your toe, and your toe swells up. >> right, exactly. see, there are a good side of infrom inflammation and a bad side. you have an ankle swollen, it also helps to splint the injury. chronic inflammation well sated crp sets yourself up for heart disease, cardiovascular disease, cancer, alzheimer's disease simply by unlimitting inflammation creating levels of nuclear factor kappa beta that creates these chem corrals -- chem corrals that cause disease. harris: it's the stuff you can't see, and the study points out
12:55 pm
that if you just lose a little bit of weight and do a little bit of exercise, you can make a huge difference. the last 15 seconds to you, doctor. >> the key is a small amount, i'm talking about 5-10% which is only about 10-20 pounds is as powerful a factor by as much as 41%. and that's more than most medicines can do. so just a little bit is all we're looking for. 10-20 pounds, that's the key. harris: that's interesting, more than most medicines can do. dr. colbert, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. jon: a major problem that many critics predicted for the president is already shortchanging your quality of health care. a debate on that ahead. plus, when your heart throb quarterback can't make it to the prom, you do the next best thing, harris. [laughter] harris: oh, thanks for the advice.
12:56 pm
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responsibility -- what's your policy? jon: tim tebow now with the new york jets. unfortunately i liked him in a denver uniform. he's a single guy but can't respond to all date requests. own iowa teen taking a cardboard cut out of tebow to her prom after he didn't answer her request via twitter. nobody picks up the phone or the twitter machine, whatever you're using these days, well the teen had a blast she saysnd show did her friends. >> i'm so glad i brought tim. it made it really fun. everybody was light hearted. that's why it was really fun. jon: she says other people wanted to dance with her cardboard tebow and the boys had their pictures taken with him. harris: jenna is back on monday. "america live" next. megyn: fox news alert on a chilling new assessment of iran's nuclear ambitions. welcome to "america live," everyone, i'm megyn


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