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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX News  May 5, 2012 10:30am-11:00am EDT

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this weekend to do his push for more student loan subsidies and that's why they are going off of the rails with what they want. >> and what economic system would you rather have in place. >> i have to say. it is where you get free food x. medical services and that's provided by the community. >> i think my daughter went out with that dude. well anyway. here is the problem. all of that freak stuff. >> my son. >> and actually all of that stuff is costing us a lot of stuff and guess who pays for it. it is no relations to me. what do you think of that. you remember when he won the nomination. and he has the credit card
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bill. that was the beginning of what this is all about. >> it is it still a college student. and we should talk about being heavy set and an investment. you shouldn't have to pay for it. and that is the top one percent. and we'll all live happily every after. >> free food and heth care. at a at home and live with your partners. this starts with the older generation and look at our entitlements. we have wait a minute. social security and medicare that can't get fixed because people are not willing to give up and they are not paying if for it >> listen, i put money
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in medicare and social security. >> they get more. >> and kids coming out of high school saying they owe me something. >> you have people who are taking more money out of medicare that they put in. and future generations are doing the same thing. it is not fixable. >> people are not willing to give up. >> journalist are critized for taking the absurd from the norm. and >> that kid was one of them. >> that is the norm. that is the norm when you deal with occupy wall street. i have been down there and interviewed them and with my fox news. >> what do you mean, incognito? >> they thought you were one of them. i didn't shower for a week. >> you know, the bigger point
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is. president obama is in trouble with the independents because he does support the plank. the occupy wall street movement . you talk to any. and it is it saying you move to the left. adam, what do you think of that. and the president is not advocating free food. and it is clinton and obama. >> we are talking about the president of the united states. i critize him i call him the president.
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it seems like everyone is bitchin about something. they are mad about something. i can understand displaced anger but i don't think they know what is going o. i just don't. it is understandable. and thep to say you expect everything else to be free or coming to you as if there is no cost that young man was not an to the crowd. a nation that once conquered the world that is it what a famous comment orsaid and that is america now. we have a block of the electorate who expect everything to be given to them. it is college stunes and it is
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begin to them for free boy people who drive attackss and work on factory lines. i hope they are not listening to them. >> i hold your intellect in high, high reregard you are a dishonest argument. >> to equate the occupy movement? >> and he came out. and he endorsed them. he is not. that is the folks that are demanding a free lunch . ther violent. >> ther notine the american demcraft. and ther people protesting.
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i want to and you i didn't mean to drag the president boo this. with the roling stone the question that they anded of the president. what have they thought you learned from no reference from the tea party and how they changed the system in the system. or take the occupiers if you are going to compare movements. the one with the better bang for the results is the teparters. ther held in contempt.
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this is the president's agenda and it is it a bunch of college students. france gave capitalism a chance and they'll revert back to socialism and they can fall in this trap. how they have fallen out all of that stuff. they are across. we are embracing that. it is dangerous to look at the occupy movement and young pime who feel like they are entitled to something . it is a country over decades i am more and more entitled to help from the government. the government controls the mortage market f. ther getting a benefit they don't see it. >> and by the way, this comes
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from the top. the welfare state did not shrunk under george bush. we have been on dry. it is it. did it shrunk under them i don't know. you have learned from the occupy wall street movement and taking that question serious you have a problem. they want you to go ballistic. and gas prices are falling. and why the call for an investigation now ther going top. where are the greedy speculators now? look, every day we're using more and more energy.
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>> good morning, everybody. i am jamie colby. there is breaking news from guntam no bay, cuba.
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master mind of the september 11th attack khalid mohammed is under way. they will charge the five men with murder. ksm mocked the tribunal and said they would plead guilt yewelcome execution. today he is refusing to answer the program. and a lot of mattering in church hill dounce. the 20 horse field is most talented. keep it here on fox.
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wall street speculators are driving up the price in the pump. oiling street and wall street speculators . and it is it a month ago when the pain in the pump would keep . gas prices are falling a dime since the middle of april. it is sinister when the prices are going up. and >> no, people talk about speculators and they look stupid because the prices are going down and you might think anybody will disagree with me on people are investing the in the commodity futures and will add some the commodity.
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natural gas prices are a decade low. - i think it is strictly political or the people don't understand. i agree with dagen completely. and speculation is good and add totz liquidity in the market. >> and so adam you hang around with me long enough i will rub off. >> i am trying. obviously there is a difference between peckalator and a gammler. people who are speculating are not speculating on oil anyway. they are not speculating on oil. what they are doing they are making a good bet that the fiscal policy in the country will continue to crush the dollar and making a serious
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bet that the federal reserve will crush the despite the pull back they are right. oil prices are right and the economy is tronger their natural inclination is always to point fingers. if you crush it it takes more and more pricey. >> i would only say it is one of these things. you can see the far left and right engage in speculation and guys in wall street are bad. surely again, you put the worst examples are up there and mar quee. >> and you could have had more. >> and the first one looked like an elderly wall street person. >> and yay, the bottom line it is bipartisan and this nonsense about speculation. that is gambling and that's what the markets are about.
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what is good forward goose is it good for the gapered. you have prices that are not going the way you think they should. you should do the same on the down side and going to go after sinister forces are leading the market in the melt down. provide the same standards. >> and one oil cutches have nothing to do with the price. that is one two. we investigate people who start to the fire there is what dagen said on the up side they can add to the price and they provide liquidity in the market. and the thing i would love for them to do is barb the oil companies. they don't set the price. i don't know how long. >> and you know what is interesting . he refersitous. and you have the wonderful -- >> yeah. bottom line. the cynicism will continue in
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corporate america. that's never going to change. >> it might change if you have a different administration. and the residual affects is the worst poster section recovery. >> it will get worse. the whole campaign say what you want about president obama, he will have left in his barrel right now is capturing osama bin laden and demonizing business and the economy is slowing down. >> getting back to the topic to what ben said. prices don't stay elevated if there are not fundamental forces. >> that is interest rates. >> we don't want to talk about that. >> fascinating when we come back. homeownership in america. i mustad mitt - admit that. and folks at forbes said great nuse to all america.
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them. th
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as a corporate ceo he shifted american job to places like mexico and china. and a call center in india and pushing tax breaks for companies that shift over
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seas. >> >> and mitt romney sending jobs over seas, bad? but white house sending green jobs over seas. good? that is a double standard. >> gigantic double standard and one thing i will say with the stolar projects. if you go to the web site they admit we'll take 900 million and they are nervy. >> soon as i find them. >> you know they talk like we'll take 900 million and create 10 permanent jobs. they tell us this kind of stuff and listen. the bottom line. trillion and half sitting off shore and money comes in the country if the president will call a cease fire. >> and he would have to cut the taxes. >> and it would create a lot of american jobs.
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>> job growth and 8 percent unemployment. this is like don't look over here. look at that guy who used to have siss bank account. it is the instances of jobs going over seas. look at the electric car company, half billion loan and got less than 200 million and the company is falling apart and now thinking about a new car overseas they have calls for investigation as to what happened with the loan. >> it is it a disaster. >> a lot of things with the president when he campaigns, he overplays his hand and osama bin laden victory laps and sort of stuff. it is it overplayed and it is so easy to come back. jobs are jeffrey and one of the worst offenders of a varying bad practice that he
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is touting here. >> and in china and it is it a easy come back and will remind us that the guy he gave his advice and neal, you are a proponent of ceos and becoming presidents and jeffrey. >> and they'll move a lot more jobs over seas. >> that could be worse than with mitt romney, right? >> i don't think so. he's different. >> we'll see, we'll see. >> and i don't know what the big deal is, we are all moving jobs over sees every time we buy an american car with parts over seas. and that is just the nature of international commerce. it is it a shame and we have the best and most productive workers. but it is cheaper to buy overseas. >> adam? >> well, other than the swiss bank account i didn't like the ad. you are in favor of globalization or you are not.
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>> i am nofavor. >> and that is loss in this counselry. what is the problem with the swiss bank account. i want to thank dave and charlie up next. when markets go crazy like this week, our gang said don't think that, but think small. little names ready to make you big money. another laptop bag or hires another employee, it's not just good for business, it's good for the entire community. at bank of america, we know the impact that local businesses have on communities. that's why we extended $6.4 billion in needit to small businesses across the country last year. because the more we help them, the more we help make opportunity possible.
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>> big swings narngs have our guys looking for small stocks that can maybe give you big gains. >> i love goi, satellite imagery for government and it has huge up side potential. >> adam? >> i love it when charles picks companies that rely almost exclusively on government funding and i like this company, a lot. >> they have a big deal in china, too. >> and spying on them, it makes it american. >> and, adam, what do you like? >> franklin electric. a little billion dollar company that makes components for fuel, and water, systems, solid
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earnings, reasonably priced, neil. >> and, ben? >> i think it is a good company. i don't like to pick individual companies but it is a perfectly good company. i mean, i don't know anything the market doesn't know, but god bless 'em. >> i didn't know you didn't like individual stocks. what are you looking at, pat. >> taiwan etf, taiwan is on fire, for a tiny island is exploding with power and prosperity, a gigantic factor in the high-tech world. >> i agree. 100% and i love the fact they are a very smart country, better get back on the bandwagon. >> we can hug and unite. >> kumbaya. >> david asman, on fox, now. >> only 115,000 new jobs in april, a whole lot weaker than what was expected, and not nearly enough to keep up with population growth. some at forbes blame it on the ticking tax bomb,


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