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tv   FOX News Watch  FOX News  May 5, 2012 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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>> a year ago we were able to finally bring osama bin laden to justice. >> president obama marked one year anniversary of the death of ben bin and take as super secret citizen to afghanistan. is this another calculated political maneuver for votes? how did the media react? >> is the economy still the most important issue in america? new numbers show an uptick in jobs but are the media play it as a major thing for the administration? newt gingrich calls it quits for the g.o.p. pick. was it too soon? all ahead. >> and now, contributing editor of the american conservative magazine, and washington correspondent for talk radio news service, and i am jon scott
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and "fox news watch," is on right now. >> the last three years the tide has turned. we broke the taliban's momentum. we built strong afghanistan security forces. and we devastated al qaeda's leadership taking out over 20 of their top 30 leaders. a year ago, from the base here in afghanistan, our troops launched the operation that killed osama bin laden. the goal i set to defeat al qaeda and deny a chance to rebuild is in owe reap. >> president obama from the bagram air force base in afghanistan, and he secretly flew this and signed a deal with the afghanistan government on how the united states will proceed from this point forward. he took the opportunity, also, to mark one year since the death of osama bin laden and critics
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accuse the president of politicizing bin laden's death as did mitt romney. >> let's not make the capture of the killing of bin laden a politically divisive events. there are plenty of differents between president obama and myself but do not make up ones based on he may not have done this. it is disappointing and unfortunate. >> that was based on an ad that the obama administration released questioning whether or not mitt romney might have done the same thing in ordering the bin ben raid. so, how did the media cover it this week? >> they jumped all over the campaign, they thought it was inappropriate and i think the obama administration, the campaign, they will face a quality control issue on the videos. we will get to that in another segment. they have an operation out there in chicago cranking out stuff which employees up in their face and they are not paying attention.
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and just as responsible for online as tv commercial but they pay less attention to online. >> and the huffington post which is fond of the obama administration was critical of the release of the ad. >> she was critical of the entire nature of using foreign policy strength in campaign ads and not fair in my view. this was all ridiculous. we came from a presidential administration that as a lot people pointed out, campaigned on aircraft carrier, and now, suddenly it is inappropriate? i don't think people buy it. >> well, they gave the writer of the daily show a lot to write about, because it is so easy to take the clips from the bush as, and show the exact opposite sentiment coming from many of the top conservative talkers and all way up to the vice president and you can compare the ad. a lot of bother for those would want to say, well, you are
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holding democrats, holding president obama to a much different standard, and i agree with mark, it would be absurd for hip not to tout his greatest foreign policy achievement. >> but, i guess, the question, one of the national security council people said this trip took months of planning and there was in way to know in advance what the political atmosphere would be like on the day of this trip, but, you have to foe that a speech that is given before dawn in afghanistan would seem to have political overtones? >>guest: it was brilliant media management to have this ad, a week or so ago, going to be controversial because it takes a cheap shot at mitt romney, and you get everyone debating afghanistan, and, the death of bin laden and, boom, next thing the president is in kabul saying i am commander in chief and i will stand in front of these vehicles and give a speech everyone will cover and there is nothing you can do so
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you have to admire the technical position but why have a problem with the president touting accomplishments he should. they are important. but he went over the line. you can do it subtlety in a way that does not grossly criticize it. >> even pick beck -- even bill clinton appears. >> do presidents showboat about victories? the answer is, yes, bush was on the aircraft carrier and obama is in afghanistan. that is one thing. anyone will do that. another to say my opponent would not do the same thing and that got him in trouble. and part of it was impugning romney he would not have the wisdom do do. you will never know that. bush did not do that about john kerry in 2004. >> is that a difference? >> bush did do that to john kerry in 2004 we saw a lot of ads that question whether democrats would have been on the offensive. we saw that famous ad which now is a famous part of political
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lore, and, i think we are too quick to subscribe the afghanistan trip only to politics. not media was not focusing only on the campaign more americans would know we are at a pivotal point in afghanistan, and we are a month away from the nato meeting, and that trip happened on the same day where we had a new report detailing progress that was happening, and i think it is not fair to say the --. all there is true, no doubt the agreement is important, but it just so happens they took a pen and randomly stuck it on a calendar that happened to be the day that ben bin -- bin laden died and no awareness of that? that takes incredible4v naivete. >> going back to 2004, not only did the bush campaign do thepíu same thing, but, vice president
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cheney said if john kerry was elected we would be attacked. he said it would make it worse, they would come after us in a much harder way. this is, i think, a perfect example where you are watching the media hold this president to a different standard than they ever did for george w. bush. >> come on. >> and it is unusual for him to pat himself on the bat. that's --. >> look, president obama had 9/11 footage in one of campaign ads and there was a huge uproar so the idea there is a different standard ... >> we will get into this more in the next block. does anyone think the war on terror is over? >> we devastated al qaeda's leadership. >> goal i set to defeat al qaeda and deny it a chance to rebuild is now in our reach. >> the president paint as
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>> i am certain at one thing. we are at war, against a terrorist organization called al qaeda that brutally murdered thousands of americans, men, women, and children. as well as thousands of other innocent people around the world. if recent years, with the help of targeted strikes, we have turned al qaeda into a shadow of what it once was. >> that is the assistant to the president for homeland security and counterterrorism sounding like he is saying there still is a war on terror, and this came
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up because a senior state department official told the national journal that after the arab spring uprising, and the defeat of al qaeda the war on terror is essentially over. so, what is the media do with that? >> quite a disconnect. you had other officials saying, want out this could be retall ace on the anniversary of bin laden's death and i am struck by from the perspective of history when everyone looks back at this era it will seem more bipartisan effort, the war on terror than northeast of us caught in the day-to-day emphasize with different emphasizes between the two administrations but the thrust of it, it is a war, you have to win on the ground and kill a lot of people, that has held true through both administrations. >> how are the media treating this notion, though, that the war on terror, according to some parts of the administration, is over? >> are we talking about a
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what is from the administration that we are at war with al qaeda? we are now, even more focused on being at war with al qaeda in the arab peninsula. it's astounding to many people to have this conversation and use these words when the administration has been very clear about who our enemy is. who attacked us. and approaching this in a more strategic and specific direction. slogans don't matter. what it is the war on terror or the war against al qaeda. >> there is a poll just out that asked people whether they thought the war on terror was over, and 11 percent said "yes," and 79 percent said "no," and in the world of polling you did not see those numbers. >>guest: we seeing it goes from the usual hallmark of the war on terror which was boots on the background and land
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invasion, and, now, we are seeing a sleeker, easier form of warfare. >> someone in the obama administration seems to think it is over according to the "national journal." the reason why the quote resonated there are three strains of thinking in the obama administration. one, there is a politically correct thought process tt secretary napolitano on the record said, it is overseas contingency operation. so that sounds like disaster relief. and second, the obama administration is not interested in the liberation and transformation of the middle east the way the bush administration was. and they want to pivot back to domestic policy and declare as much of it to be over as possible to get back to the economy. that is what it speaks to people's mine set. >> some of the documents released from bin laden's home suggest he was concerned about the media image and thinking of changing the name of the group, and class tieing those who killed too many muslims in al
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qaeda's name. and, then, this, american al qaeda spokesman discussed al qaeda's media strategy and said, in general, and no matter what material we send, i suggest we distribute it to more than one channel, so logical be healthy competition between the channels in broadcasting so no other channel takes the lead. it should be sent to abc, cbs, and nbc, and cnn and as for fox news, let her die in anger. >> well, is there a school where they come out with this flowery language "let her die in her fire." this guy obviously if terrorism does not work out he can be an intern at media matters. >> a lot in that statement but they said that oberman was an amazing journalist were
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seriously? >> the economy, still the most important issue for americans and still a key factor in the voters' pick for president. but are the media telling the whole truth? or spinning the numbers to fit their agenda? >> we are going to put down the role of candidate and candidate spouse and take back the roles of active citizens. >> newt gingrich bows out of the g.o.p. race. was it too soon for the media? that is next.
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>>stuart: the economy is showing sure signs of slowing and to describe this unfortunate friend the white house used the word "encouraging." you can tell this is election year and spin is not air. here is my take on the jobs report. when that jobs report is released, anything less than a quarter million new jobs will be bad, not good, not okay, and definitely not encouraging. >> we got only 115,000 new jobs in the jobs report out on friday and that was stuart varney with his take on the economy. on saturday, the "washington post" was talking about the 2.2 percent g.d.p. growth in the first quarter, up the headline "the economy continues on a path of growth." >> path growth at a third the rate of the reagan recovery in 1984. sure, it's, look, they got a bad hand and they are playing the best they can including their
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friends in the media. >> and "new york times" with the same stat, "economic growth slows unexpectly to 2.2 percent." >> there are optimistic economic indicators out there, we have seen 26 months of uninterrupted job growth and it is just a matter of perspective it wise for the white house to portray it. >> point i make, trying to make time and time again you are supposed to have job growth just to keep one the population growth. the media does not necessarily make that point. >>guest: that is certainly true. but, at the same time, there are some economic indicators in the white house, and they would be wise to play to that, and a number they have drawn out, under the bush administration, the average amount was 67,000 new jobs a month, and that is something i am sure they will hammer on as the election continues. >> there was a bloomberg piece that ran this week entitled "obama fails to stem middle
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class slide he blamed on bush," suggesting he campaigned on a charge that the bush administration failed the middle class, and the middle class actually is doing worse, now, than it was at the time. >> well, we have heard that consistently from the administration from 2009 until now, that the policies that have been flatly rejected by the republicans in congress are disproportionally affecting the middle class and we continue to hear him push the message that the medal class are suffering because the republicans have not allowed the ageneral -- agenda to manufacture failure. all whose fault is it? all they would prefer a 1984 morning in america style campaign if the conditions and facts were this but they are not. and why you have axelrod going on a sunday show a couple weeks ago and saying we need to
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re-elect president obama because we cannot afford to stay on the course we are on now, which makes zero sense. all speaking of re-electing the president, the president's campaign trotted out the cartoon character, julia which week. who is that? >> a woman who is entirely dependent on government every step of her life, and they created this slide show that shows how she will thrive under obama's policies and be devastated under paul ryan and romney and a couple of things interesting. it is a sign of how important itter is to the political conversation. if you did not know about this, 15 minutes after it went like, you were not paying attention. and the super cool obama campaign creates things mocked. >> mocked if you do not have an attachment to the fight for equal pay that is clearly articulated in this animation and that is not about the government paying equal pay but
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...... why you waiting until tuesday to drop out of this. it's time to get off the pot. >> jon: comedian jimmy kimmel
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poking fun at newt gingrich. he was not the only funnyman taking aim at newt. >> secret service has withdrawn the protection of newt gingrich in advance of him announcing suspension of his campaign. now is he is dropping out wednesday. his secret service section was costing $44,000 a day. they figure it wasn't worth anything more to protect of all the people trying to ignore him. >> newt gingrich is dropping out the republican race. [ applause ] >> and people say, what will newt gingrich do? he will catch up on napping and right now he is working on an halfhearted endorsement to mitt romney. >> he looks like a team player and he looks like susan boil. [ laughter ] >> well, on wednesday, calling it a truly wild ride he
2:59 pm
suspended his campaign ending what they called his right-hander attempt to be the party's pick. in typical fashion he took nearly 25 minutes to do so. >> gingrich had all the problems the comedians were laying out but he had an upside to him. he was talking the language of technological transformation that is out of fashion. some day they will be a lunar colony hopefully called newt gingrich. >> jon: that is a wrap this week. i'm jon scott. see you next week. >> john: what if someone wanted america to fail. >> the man behind this video joins us. >> countless regulations that would be so complicated t


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