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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  May 6, 2012 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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he is saying that president obama just hasn't lived up to the promises he made on the economy. hi, everybody. great to have you here. i'm jamie colby. >> eric: i'm eric shawn. welcome to a brand-new hour of america's news headquarters. senator rubio was talk about this possibility of a vice-presidential run and he is firing back after president obama blasted presumpt i didn't have republican nominee mitt romney on the economy. for the latest, we go to steve centanni in washington. >> reporter: yeah. without saying he's in the running for vice-president, senator marco rubio did outline some of his qualifications today on fox news sunday and pointed out, he represents a large state, florida, one of the most complex states in terms of public policy. and on the central campaign issue, the economy, rubio said that president obama simply has not delivered what he promised. let's listen. >> he did inherit a very difficult economic climate and he knew that when he was elected. one of the reasons he won was
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because he said he knew how to fix t. he has run up a $5 trillion debt and have you more people than since 1981 that are under-employed, unemployed or have stopped looking for work. >> reporter: president obama hit the campaign trail in ojaio and virginia. he appeared before large crowds, alongside first lady michelle obama and tried to draw a contrast between the republican view of economic health and his vision. he said that romney believes that bigger profits lead to bigger jobs. >> he doesn't seem to understand that maximizing profits whether it's by layoffs or outsourcing or tax avoidance or union busting might not always be good for the average american or for the american economy. why else would he want to spend trillions more on tax cuts for the wealthiest americans. >> reporter: so the campaign
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will turn on the economy and voters and candidates will be watching the economic numbers over the next six months. >> eric: that will be part of the race, of course. steve, thanks so much. there are quis about the economy and president obama called the latest unemployment figures good news, brushing off disappointing jobless numbers and says he intends to have congress take, quote, commonsense ideas to create jobs. will that give the economy the boost it needs in and how will it affect the race? for a fair and balanced discussion, we have joe, the first three-star admiral elected to congress. joe and matt, welcome. matt, 8.1%, the alleged unemployment rate -- how does that affect the race? >> well, presidents who have had unemployment rate this is high have not gotten relife elected.
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there is 39 straight months with the unemployment rate over 8%. it belows what president obama and his team said would happen with the stimulus, which was that unemployment would be under 6. the fact that the economy is front and center in this election and the unemployment rate is remaining sluggishly high, it is very bad news for president obama's re-elect. >> eric: joe, matt says he can't get re-elected with that number. >> president obama has the jobless rate at 8.1%, almost what bush handed over to him at 7.8%. we had 3 million jobs flowing out the hole that had been on the united states state, we had been torpedoed and we had to calk the outflow of the unenployed of the 3 million we inherited from president bush. but the key is what to do now. it's about the fact that we have had 100,000 less new startups of
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small businesses that create 80% of all new jobs since march the 2007, 2 years before the president took office. what we have to do is give them access to capital so they can create the new jobs. we have corporations sitting on $2 trillion of cash. our 25 biggest banks have $4 trillion in cash. $6 trillion not being invested. let them have zero capital gains tax for a small business startup because small businesses create 80% of the jobs. that's what the president should announce this week for the growth of the economy. now that we have stopped the damage with the recession, that the president inherited. >> eric: matt, do you think that will be enough? look, the banks are sitting on all of this cash, the corporations because they are afraid of the economy? >> i think joe should run for office. i like that zero capital gains rate. he shouldn't discriminate who get its. but president obama, instead of
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taking that route, he has got this huge problem with the tax magedon. americans done know what their tax rates will be. individuals have stopped investing in the stock market. 10 years ago, two-thirds of americans owned stock in companies and that's dropping. people are hoarding cash. they want their cash to be safe. they are not making investments because they don't know the regulatory and the tax structure and they are scared that a second obama term in office will mean more economic devastation. >> eric: if there was more stability, look, their tax rates are going up at the end of the year, what should they do about that? yeah, matt. >> president obama doesn't take advice from me, i understand. sit down with speaker john boehner, a very reasonable man and come up with economic certainty for the investors that they are talking about so people know what the tax rates will be,
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they will invest in job, in this country, and that will turn the economy around, which is good for committees and -- for democrats and republicans. >> eric: joe? >> certainty is what wall street is asking for. small businesses, whether it's certainty on business regulation or certainty on immigration or certainty on alternative energy, certainty is what the markets want. that said, we have to recognize that what has happened is that in 2000, we used to have $79 billion of private venture capital put into our markets. the day that mr. bush left office, it was down to $29 billion. so while we want certainty, they also want to know that, are we investing in companies here in america that are actually going to give us an investment and americans on a whole want to know, are we going to have our wages increased, which they haven't done over 10 years?
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so the president understands very well, it isn't just about giving corporations tax cuts because small businesses in which private venture capitals like to invest are the ones that create it. this president has cut taxes, contrary to what matt has said, rather than increase taxes. so the debate is, do you want to go back to the days where mr. bush did some good thing, but he handed us a terrible recession -- and move. >> the taxes -- the tacks that president obama cut were the extension of the bush tax cuts. so you can't have it both ways. he essentially took the bush tax cuts and extended them. then, when the economy looked like it was coming out of this deep and terrible recession, he tried to pass cap and trade, a huge energy tax and did nationalize health care, which has billions of dollars of tax increases in it. so it's very unfair to say that president obama has done what he said he has done. >> it isn't unfair to small
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business. with the majority of americans work. what he said is, you can cut, you can write off your expenses in one year instead of five. the capital expenditures, you can double what you write off. he helped american businesses. >> eric: that will have to be the last word. some people think the unemployment rate is 14.5% because people have given up. so let's remember that. matt and joe, thanks for joining us on this sunday morning. good to see you. >> jamie: we have to wrap that because we have a fox news alert. hours after the kentucky derby at churchill downs, a discovery that is disturbing, a body in a barn at the race track, just a few buildings away from the derby winner. authorities say the body is an hispanic man. police are investigating the possibility of foul play, something they say they cannot rule out. but they haven't identified the victim. louisville police are at the scene. we will give you updates as we
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get those. the fbi, working to identify two bodies found in the search for a missing tennessee mom and her three young daughters missing. joanne bane and the girls were last seen leaving their home april 27. 35-year-old adam mays charged in their abdugs. david lee miller has more on this from new york. what a grim discovery, david? >> reporter: indeed, it was. to understand this story, let me give you a sense of the timeline here. authorities say joanne bane and her three daughters were last seen april 27 in tennessee. the children, 8-year-oldicallia, 12-year-old alexandria and another child. 35-year-old adam mays, a family friend, has been charged with abducting all four. but this is where the story gets confusing. authorities are trying to determine now, if joanne bane went willingly with the man now
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reportedly her abductor. an fbi spokesman says they talked to mays in the early investigation and that he fled when they tried to crosscourt him again. two bodies were found late friday night in guntown, mississippi, an hour's drive from the reported abduction. this home, authorities say, is second quartered with mays, but authorities are not saying anything more about the identification of the victims. an fbi spokesman believe this is warning about mays. >> warrant for abaggravated kidnapping. he is wanted and armed and dangerous. believed to be armed and dangerous. we do not know exactly where he has gone to. >> reporter: mississippi and tennessee officials may believe he might have tried to change his and the girls' appearance by cutting and dyeing their layer. folks in the area were shaken by what has happened. >> unnerves a community like this, on account, this is a quiet community.
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nothing serious has ever happened around here. it's... pretty rough situation. >> reporter: the fbi and the u.s. marshal service is offering a reward up to $50,000 for information leading to the victims and mays' arrest. he could be, we are toll nmississippi. but authorities say he has ties to arizona, the carolinas and florida. >> jamie: sounds like all hands on deck on that one. thanks. >> eric: a severe storm cutting across the central u.s., hail, damaging and winds and the potential, they say, for tornadoes. we have the latest from maria. >> we are looking at risk for severe weather. it's that time of year, we are in the peak of severe weather season, the month of may. we are being active, almost every day with a slight chance for severe storms. today is no different. we are looking at the risk of severe weather in alabama, georgia and also the florida panhandle. as we head westward, we have a larker area we are watching from
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southern wisconsin into dallas, texas and austin, texas. big cities included like chicago, kansas city. stay alert. if you get thunderstorms in your area, check online and see if you have a warning issued for your area. part of the reason that we will see the severe weather risk is that we have very warm air ahead of the system. behind it, coler in the 60 ises and so sharp contrast fires up the storms and produces severe weather. >> eric: they have been deadly the past few weeks. >> jamie: we have heard one report after another that mortgage rates continue to fall and that again, they are at a record low. but is this the right time to buy a home or refinance? how do you know? i wanted to give nuthe take-charge consumer segment, the equation to know if you could save a few bucks? >> protecting the u.s. bord wer mexico. there is a controversial new tactic they hope will keep illegal immigrants out.
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we will tell you about that and the controversy, coming up. having one of those days?
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>> jamie: happened again, mortgage rates for 30-year fixed loans fall into a record low last week.
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are they going to drop even further? or is now the time to refinance, even if you have already done so? in today's take-charge consumer protection segment, i wanted to take a look at what you can do to save the most on your mortgage. joining me is a real estate attorney. sherry, great to have you back. we have to have you back because these rates keep dropping lower. thanks for joining us. >> sure, they are keeping us busy, right? even if you save a couple hundred dollars a month, it might be worth it if you can avoid the costs of refinancing. tell us the equation to know whether it it is time to do it. >> of course, jamie, the big reason that people refinance is to get a lower interest rate or to shorten the term. but at the end of the day, the goal is to pay less money. so if you can lower your interest rate by 2%, it's worth refinancing, if you are going to stay in the home for about 3 years because, again, you will
11:18 am
lower the payment, but you need enough time to make up for the closing costs. >> jamie: 2%. 1% doesn't make sense to contact the bank and say, i want to pay less? >> it depends on your exact situation, if you are going to stay in the home for a long time and you have a larger than average-sized mortgage, of course, the numbers pay off, at that point. but, you know, the interesting thing now in this new economy, rather than focusing on the monthly payment and getting the lowest possible monthly payment, which is what got a lot of folks into trouble, more and more people are focusing on the overall amount they are going to pay for the loan, during the term of their homeownership. so in other words, how much it will cost them because oftentimes and you know with your own background in mortgages, oftentimes people pay more for the loan than they pay for the home. >> jamie: that's the good-faith estimate that a lot of people ignore, that comes in and say, you borrow this amount of money,
11:19 am
$100,000 and it's going to cost you $30- or $40,000 to do it and you are paying the total. >> the total is reflected on the good faith estimate. >> jamie: explain to folks that when you refinance, oftentimes, the amortization, but the amount of monthly interest that goes to interest and principal changes. so you could end up paying a lot more at the beginning. tell us why? >> right, right. that's a factor because, remember, when you refinance, even if you are going from a 20- or 30-year loan to a fen-year loan, you are restarting that term. so if you had a 30-year loan and hu12 years left, even if you refinance to a 15-year loan, you are going to be paying, including interest, for 15 years, rather than 12 years. with each monthly payment, you pay down a little bit of principal. so you are paying less and less
11:20 am
interest. but at beginning, you are paying the highest rate of interest, so it could be three or five years before you make a dent in the principal. but in terms of financing, if you have a fannie and freddie loan, they are the best off with the new 2.0 product, because it allows anyone, even if you are underwater, no matter how far underwater you are, to refinance. being underwater and having bad credit are holding most folks back from the low rates, i want to advise people to take a look at the current mortgage statement and break down before they consider. if you are paying almost all principal and very little interest, you will reverse the situation, if you refinance. what about folks hit hard that have lost a job, they have questionable credit. but they deserve a break, too. are there programs that can help them? >> well, harp 2.0 is great if the your loan is with fannie and
11:21 am
freddie. but if you are in default -- a lot of people intentionally defaulted to get modifications. you have to be current on your mortgage for six months and you could not have had more than one missed or late payment in 12 months. but that extends to 2013. so if you want that program, you can get caught up with your payments and qualify. you have until 2013. and some of the harder-hit states, there is a fund, millions of dollars and very little used. it's in 19 states called the hardest-hit fund and you can call the state financing house authority. there is money to help you get caught up on your mortgage, when you become reemployed. the details and the qualifications fend on the state. but it's worth calling. no one is using that money,. >> jamie: you know why we started this. i wanted to help people because everybody's suffering, to make the most what have they do have.
11:22 am
thank you so much on this issue, you are fantastic. i hope that people will make those calls and help themselves out. >> thanks for doing it. >> jamie: great to see you. if you want more of my take charge consumer protection segm, go to we are on this. we are covering a lot of areas. next week, credit cards. go to the america's news headquarters page, go on the link, take charge. you will see many of these segments. eric wants a new credit card, a better rate. we'll take a look at your credit this week, eric. we'll take care of you. >> eric: great information every sunday on this. >> jamie: thank you. >> eric: speaking of controversy, there is one that won't go away from the closely watched contest for the senate in massachusetts. certainly heard about this. elizabeth warren's campaign under fire for once claiming she is partly native american. how that claim is impacting the race. we will have an in-depth look at
11:23 am
one potential vice-presidential pick. we will look at bab mcdonald, a prominent name on the short list.
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>> eric: mitt romney, now the presumed republican nominee. all week long, we have been breaking down some of the names that have been tossed around as his vice-presidential runningmate. right now, a contend who is one on the list -- apparently -- virginia governor bob mcdonnell. bret baier, anchor of "special report," takes a look. >> reporter: at a july 2011 fund-raisener virginia beach, mitt romney took the unusual step of outlining a vice-presidential short list. people in the room said that romney only mentioned three names. first, virginia governor, bob mcdonnell. then new jersey governor, chris
11:28 am
christie and finally, florida senator marco rubio. some could discount the importance of the mcdonnell mention since romney was trying to raise money in virginia. >> the next president of the united states, mitt romney! >> reporter: but nine months later, romney's back in virginia, campaigning with mcdonnell. many believe it's part of a string of tryouts, testing candidate chemistry. in this case, in a swing state, won by president obama in 2008. the commonwealth of virginia is seen as crucial to republican chances in the fall. >> i sense virginia is -- is still at its core, a right-of-- center state. with fiscal issues will revert to the national tendencies and voting right of center, mitt romney. >> reporter: but it's purple? >> yeah. it is. last 10 governor, five republican, five democrats.
11:29 am
>> reporter: cracking the electoral code in virginia, traditionally coming down to locking voter enthusiasm in washington, d.c., an area that puts the swing in the commonwealth and where analysts say mcdonnell could help. >> the plus is that he did well in the virginia suburb, the key to the state. he is telegenic. he's a very good governor. and virginia could be the other key swing state. whoever puts ohio, florida and virginia together will win the election. >> with the republican party, help bring it together, strong on policy and a very well respected governor within -- other governors respect him. i think he dolled well. i don't know that he brings a lot to the table, demographically or geographically. >> if you are not winning virginia without him, you have big problems. >> reporter: mcdonnell insists that virginia is trending red. >> we elected the highest number of the house of delegates in the
11:30 am
history of the united states, 68. the year before, 3 new congressman, so 8 out of 11 congressmen are republicans. >> reporter: he is the only one on the short list who is a veteran, 21 years in the army, active and reserve, stationed at one time in germany, retiring as a lieutenant colonel in 1997. his resume has private-sector experience and he was a prosecutor, a state house member, attorney general and then governor. in his campaign against democrat deeds, he won nearly 59% of the vote, the most votes any gubernatorial candidate has received in the commonwealth's history. that led to his inauguration day, for what by law can only be one term as governor. you are socially conservative. >> absolutely. >> reporter: but you ran a campaign that was really focused on virginia's economy. >> yes. >> reporter: and you were credited by a lot of people as focusing in on that. you saw that as the successful way to win. >> yes.
11:31 am
>> reporter: for republicans across the country? >> well, absolutely. you ask people what they care about -- job, economy, taxes, spenning, energy, the things they they sit around and talk about at the kitchen table. that's what virginia is interested. >> reporter: you are saying that they don't care about the social issues? >> sure. values do matter. character does count. what you believe about life, family, marriage, really does defines you as a people. but i am saying in the 2009 election, what was overwhelmingly on people's mind, coming out of the beginning of the great recession of 2008, how do i get my daughter and son back to work? how do i keep the cost of tuition low? how do we build better roads and schools? that was overwhelmingly on people's minds. i am pro-life and pro-family and traditional values of america. but when it comes to governing, people want to you fix problems and get results on the things they care about. right now, it's the economy. >> reporter: eye recent poll has his approval rating in
11:32 am
virginia at 58%. he's balanced two budgets without raising taxes. cutting $6 billion from government. the unemployment rate in virginia dropped from 7.2% to 5.6%, the lowest in 3 years. when you hear people say that you are on a short list for possible v.p., what do you think? >> i am saying, i am not looking for it or asking for t. we are in the capitol, designed by thomas jefferson, the second governor of virginia. that's a pretty good gig. i am loving what we are doing. we are making a lot of change. i am head of the republican governor's association. there is no list of matters other than mitt romney. and he hasn't talked to me about it. i want to help him and i want to see more republican governors. that's my goal right now. >> reporter: the goal of pro-life legislation has received a lot of press coverage and raised some political analysts' eyebrows. they point to this issue that you signed, the fetal ultrasound
11:33 am
bill in march, requiring women seeking abortions to undergo an ultrasound, 24 hours before a procedure. it created a lot of press -- >> a lot of things do i create a lot of press. >> reporter: do you regret that? >> we have made a lot of progress in defending innocent human life. reasonable people disagree. we have had arguments for 40 years after row v. wade. but virginia joined 23 other states that offer an ultrasound in the informed consent process. >> reporter: but you saw what happened on the campaign trail, with two weeks of contraception coverage... >> sure. >> reporter: do you think a romney campaign could handle a week of transvaginal ultrasound coverage? >> what i think america can't handle is a war by the democrats on a taxpayer. i don't think they can handle the democrats continuing to change the subject away from the
11:34 am
economy and jobs and debt and deficit because the record is so bad. bret, that's what this is really all about. when have you 8.2% unemployment and no president has gotten elected with over 8% and have you debt, with a failed leader of the president to cut the spending of this administration, of course, you are going to change the subject and create this -- create this buzz about women's rights. i have 22 years now governing people. i know exactly what we stand for. i am pro-life, i am pro-family, but i am pro-result, getting things accomplished on jobs and on balancing a budget without raising taxes. that's what we have done. >> reporter: some analysts see it as a vulnerability, especially when it comes to attracting independents. >> the legislature got into all of those -- abortion issue debates. and so, do you want to relitigate all of that? the obama campaign wants to litigate those issues and be the economy. so mcdonnell brings you into a debate you don't want to have.
11:35 am
i think that is his main negative. >> reporter: what do you think the biggest foreign policy facing america is? >> i don't think there is any question that it's the global war on terror. a nuclear iran, very problematic. a nuclear north korea, very problematic. we have to focus on how we can be safe at home. >> reporter: you married a redskins cheerleader? >> di. good choice. >> reporter: a lot of guys think i. free tickets and a great wife. the real deal for me. very blessed. five children, they all live in virginia. 20 to 31, the oldest is a veteran ever iraq. and the twin boys in the university of virginia. my third daughter will get her master's degree next week. i am very blessed. my kids have done very well and worked hard. >> reporter: for someone who covers virginia politics, what's something that somebody might not know about you? >> i was in the guinness book of world records in the army. i organized a group of people to carry a stretcher with a
11:36 am
120-pound body for 93 miles. so we were in there for four years before we were beaten by aacanadian army team. >> reporter: whether romney chooses mcdonnell to carry him over the finish line remains to be seen. but mcdonnell has been warming up, just in case. >> got to get people back to work. mitt romney has done that in the private sector and as governor of massachusetts. he understands the greatness of america and wants everybody to have access to it. that's what we need right now. >> reporter: in washington, bret baier, fox news. >> jamie: what a great series. thank you, bret, so much. another race we are taking a look at and there is growing controversy over those who want a massachusetts senate seat. there is the incumbent, senator scott brown. but he is facing a challenger named elizabeth warren here. how some potential damaging claims about her early days at harvard could affect the campaign. that's next.
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irksz welcome back. you are in america's election headquarters. democrats near danger of losing control of the u.s. senate in the november election. one of the seats that they most want to win is massachusetts. they have pinned their hopes on harvard professor elizabeth warren. but this week, there was a lot of publicity and controversy about this. folks on both sides of the aisle are questioning her campaign. why? well, it was revealed that she listed herself as a native american while at harvard. critics argue she tried to use minority status to her advantage. she deny its. she says she's proud of her native american heritage. joining me is jason riley from the wall street journal and a fox news contributor. great to have you here. thanks so much. >> good morning. >> jamie: good morning to you. the question is: how native
11:42 am
american do you have to be -- because i believe it's her great-great-possibly great-grandmother to use this on an election for admission or it's in a directory of lawyers. she said it was only in the directory because she wanted to learn more about cirimele herediaitage, maybe encourage clients that arenitive american to come her way? >> the reality is that after harvard hired her, they tooted the fact that she was native american, which leads to you believe it might have play aid role in her being hired in the first place. but i think what is interesting to me about this story, elizabeth warren has discovered there is a stigna attached to affirmative action policies. we always talk about the fact that affirmative action policies make a mockery of the 1964 civil rights act, which blatantly -- is very clear that that act bans discrimination based on race and ethnicity. but seldom, very seldom, do we talk about the stigma attached
11:43 am
to the policy -- >> jamie: why is there a stigma? if you know, please tell me. i was not able to confirm and our brain room did the research, whether or not she checked a box of native american on her admission application for harvard. do you know? >> what matters is that her employer could check off a box and was she hired so her employer could do that? that's the question. i don't know. you don't know. no one knows except the people who hired her -- >> jamie: but she is native american, jason. >> elizabeth warren is out there, telling everybody who will listen now that she was hired based on merit alone. the existence of these affirmative action policies, however, calls that into question. that is the stigma, for years, people have been telling me, liberals in particular, have been saying, it doesn't matter if you are hired to fill a quota, it doesn't matter. don't be ashamed of that. but any self-respecting person
11:44 am
does not want to object affirmative action hire in the office or the affirmative action kid on camp uses, who was let in because of lower standards. there is a stigma attached to the accomplishments of minorities because of the existence of affirmative action policies,. >> jamie: i suppose sometimes you could have the same qualifications but be able to say, in addition -- i mean, my family came from south africa. should i check that i am african? i could. but what does it get me? was she the one that raised this issue? or is it the brown campaign? if so, what do they hope to gain? >> she is self-identified as a native american for a number of years now. and that would allow her to take advantage of hiring policies, affirmative action hiring policies. she has done that. she said, she didn't do it to take advantage of the policies. she said she has done it to get in touch with cirimele herediaitage and meet other people from a similar background. but we don't know. >> jamie: what do you think of
11:45 am
this controversy? some something that the brown campaign should be focused on or on her qualifications to handle the issues that are critical to their state? >> i think it does highlight the problems with racial preferences in this country. in addition to them violating the civil rights act of 1964, they taint minority accomplishments. i think that's a legitimate issue for the campaign. how much brown wants to focus on had thwill be up to him. but i think it's a legitimate issue. >> jamie: a lot of people focused on it this week. thanks for coming in to talk to us about it. nice to meet you. >> eric: the u.s. border patrol criticized over a tactic to keep illegal immigrants from re-entering the country. we have immigrant rights activists saying that agents are putting lives at risk. and why you still feel the same. but your erectile dysfunction -- that could be a question of blood flow. cialis for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready.
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>> eric: now fallout over a border patrol tact oikt u.s./mech can border. agents under fwier for nabbing illegal immigrants and sending them to texas and california before sending them back to mexico. >> good morning. this is known as lateral repay repatriation. with an illegal immigrant does
11:50 am
not have a criminal background, when they are caught coming into this country, they may be eligible for this program. the arizona, tucson sector, specifically, is using this an awful lot. in fact, a number of people that have gone through it, up about 120%. and the people at u.s. border patrol tell us that the idea is returning the mexican national to their original point of entry into the united states, instead of doing that, they are putting them on buses and transporting them hundreds of miles away, to california and texas. once they arrive there, they are processed and moved back into mexico. agents say the overall goal is to cut off supply to the coyotes who are very active along the arizona/mexico corridor. >> these smugglers in arizona are taking the people through some of the worst terrain you can imagine. they don't care about them. that's the hard truth.
11:51 am
>> customs and border protection says this greatly reduces recidivism rates. the department of homeland security show if inn illegal immigrant goes through the lateral repatriation, they are four% less likely to cross the border again, if moved. but some immigration rights groups don't buy the himanitarian argument made by the u.s. government. some say it's the feds' fault they are in this situation in the first place. >> it's like pushing someone into a pool and then diving in to save them and saying, you have now, you are a life saver because you saved this person. but you pushed them into that danger in the first place. our policies have funneled people into the most isolated, dedesolate areas of the u.s./mexico border. we have put them in more danger. >> many groups argue the reason for that is because they are dropped off in unfamiliar surroundings with very little resources and very little money
11:52 am
in their pocket. eric, you know how it goes. we report and you decide. >> eric: absolutely fascinating argument there. casey. thanks. >> jamie: thanks. president obama signing an historic agreement to end u.s. combat operations in afghanistan. can this treaty insure the safe withdrawal of our troops? inspiy of how a shipping giant can befriend a forest may seem like the stuff of fairy tales. but if you take away the faces on the trees... take away the pixie dust. take away the singing animals, and the storybook narrator... [ man ] you're left with more electric trucks. more recycled shipping materials... and a growing number of lower emissions planes... which still makes for a pretty enchanted tale. ♪ la la la [ man ] whoops, forgot one... [ male announcer ] sustainable solutions. fedex. solutions that matter.
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[ roger ] tell me you have good insurance. yup, i've got... [ kyle with voice of dennis ] really? i was afraid you'd have some cut-rate policy. [ kyle ] nope, i've got... [ kyle with voice of dennis ] ...the allstate value plan. it's their most affordable car insurance -- and you still get an allstate agent. i too have...[ roger with voice of dennis ] [ roger ] same agent and everything. [ kyle ] it's like we're connected. no we're not. yeah, we are. no...we're not. ♪ the allstate value plan. dollar for dollar, nobody protects you like allstate. >> eric: there is a new controversy over how the killing of osama bin laden has played
11:56 am
into the presidential campaign. how has the media been covering this in liz trotta joins us every sunday at this time with her commentary. good morning, liz. >> goods morning, eric. >> eric: this is not going away? >> li mean, this has been the most embarrassing display ofma me galomania, the wall-to-wall coverage and the chest thumping by the president on the anniversary of the bin laden raid. you know, george will said on abc this morning, trying to imagine general eisenhower after the d-day landing, which won the war for us in europe, tried to imagine eisenhower getting up there and talking about i did this, i did that, i did the other thing. the message has gotten through to the media. the media has, in fact, been talking about this -- this overkill. we have had letters from bin laden published, which is quites amazing. and in the view of many, a real
11:57 am
security risk. those are the letters that were found by the seals on the raid. we have had the trip to afghanistan which was show business and recalled the trip to europe with the columns behind him. he always has -- that is, obama, has the proper media setting. of course, we had the confirmation by john brennan, the security chief about the drone. so we are talking openly about the drones. he had the times cover, they took the story from every single possible angle to sell -- salute this anniversary. then you had what was truly the low point of the week. and that was an nbc documentary, naerated by brian williams, called inside the situation room. he took you into the situation room and where they watched the raid and talked to many members of the administration, including the president.
11:58 am
this truly was, as i say, the low point. it was such an exercise in grandiosity and such a total omission of any kind of journalistic sensibility. i tell that you glen greenwald of, not a right-wing organization said hagiography, in its purist, most propagandistic and most subservient form. and even admiral mcmullen, former chairman of the joint chiefs saying that he hopes and that the seals hope that this whole raid will not be spun into politics. well, it already has been. senator bob kerry, former senator bob ker frenebraska, who will probably seek his seat again, wrote a piece in the daily news this week saying, what is going on? we are giving all the intelligence away? the seals want their stuff to be
11:59 am
secret. >> eric: some could say that he ordered it. they are just covering it, especially the nbc hour, going in depth? >> well, i think it's in the dowmghtary -- if have you seen ti don't know if you have or haven't -- there is no question that they stole the store in order to get access to the white house. this is a company -- also with an piece on the discovery channel, co-produced by nbc, with the same kind of tilt. -- all right. something to ponder. thanks for your commentary, as always. that's it for us. >> jamie: have a great day. >> the government's prosecution of the self-proclaimed mastermind of the 9/11 attacks gets off to a confounding and defiant start as the detainees refuse to cooperate. victims' families call it a mockery of


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