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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  May 6, 2012 12:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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obama comes out swinging, officially launching his bid for a second term. but mitt romney and the rnc are not pulling any punches. we will talk to the chair who says that hope and change have durno turned into hype and blame. the buccaneers make a paralyzed player's nfl dream come true. i'm shannon bream. america's news headquarters starts live right now. nearly 11 years after the worst terror attack in u.s. history, the five men accused of plotting it are arraign the. but it turned into a 13-hour deal as the detainees refused to cooperate. chief intelligence correspondent has details from guantanamo bay, cuba. >> reporter: there were so many moments in court.
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one has become a lightning rod. one defense attorney wore a dubyah. and she explained why the women on the prosecution side should dress modestly. >> there was somebody dressed in a way that was... not in keeping with my client's religious beliefs. >> reporter: at the news conference, the defense attorneys tried to characterize the actions of their clients as peaceful resistance. i was in court yesterday. it was clear that the men came with a strategy to frustrate and delay the process. they refused to cooperate with the court. they refused to wear headphone phos hear the arabic translation and refused to answer the judge's questions. at the news conference, the prosecution and defense were asked to assess the day's proceedings. >> i suppose you could say it went smoother than some people had anticipated. we got through the arraignment process and everybody has counsel now and things are set
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to progress. >> reporter: the bottom line is that the five 9/11 subjects chose to defer their plea to set the wheels in motion near -- for a trial. the prosecution can be ready in august and the differs has asked for a delay until next year. police are investigating a body found step away from where the kentucky derby winner is kept. theo. the body was found four bars away from the winner. it is believed to be a man's body. police have not release embeds detail oses what may have happened. but we will keep you updated as we get more information. >> if people ask you what this campaign is about, you tell them it's still about hope. you tell them, it's still about change. you tell them it's still about ordinary people who believe that in the face of great odds, we
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can make a difference in the life of this country. >> from hope and change to hype and blame. the rnc is going after president obama as he kicks off his campaign this weekend. joining me, the chairman of the republican national committee, reince priebus. so the president was busy in virginia and ohio, where he leads mitt romney in polling. how does romney turn that around. >> he has to talk about the record of barack obama. it was funny yesterday because barack obama was giving these speeches to, you know, a crowd that wasn't -- didn't fill all the seats in the arein alike they predicted -- in the arena, like they predicted. he asked are you satisfyd? and the crowd said, no! we're not satisfied! that's a question for america to answer. are you satisfied with the product and the results of barack obama? and the answer is no. so what does president has done, he went from a candidate of hope and change. and now he's the president of
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hype and blame. he blamed everybody. he blames earthquakes, he blames atms, tsunamis, europe, congress, republicans. everyone's to blame except barack obama. and we are going to focus on what barack obama promised and what barack obama delivered. because we think it's going dob a referendum on him in november. >> you menged that he has pointed blame elsewhere. but he talked about inheriting an economic situation that was difficult and a lot of people agree on that. they say they are making progress. unemployment down to 8.1%, moving in the right direction. he says he needs another term to continue the progress and get the ship righted. why not give him that chance? >> the economic news isn't getting any better. the jobs number, as you probably know, it's a result of people throwing their arms up and saying, i am not looking for work anymore. while 120,000 people came onto the payrolls last month. over 300,000 people said, i'm not looking for work.
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only in the obama world can everyone stop looking for work and we can can get to a place of 0% unemployment. that's the world obama lives in. the reality is that our unemployment rate is out of control. the debt and deficit is out of control. the promises of barack obama haven't been kept. and we have to end the barack obama european nightmare. europe doesn't work in europe and won't work in america. i think this election is going to be about whether or not people can work hard, play by the rules and live the american dream. obama's made it a lot worse. >> the president talks about playing by the rules, quite a bit. saying that he wants to level the playing field and make it fair so everybody has the same responsibility and opportunity. you mention that we are dealing with deficit and debt. but this white house will say, we have cut taxes for 95% of the working folks and for small business. but republicans want to do is cut taxes for the wealthy.
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how do you respond? >> here's the problem with this -- with this division and divisive game. the problem is that if we took, you know, the buffett rule is that 30% rule for anyone making a certain amount of money or small businesses, for that matter, that file as individuals. forget the 30%. if we took 100% of every dollar that every person in this country made over $100,000, take it all -- 100%. send it to washington, you would run this government for 35 days. so the problem is not that we don't take enough because you could take it all. the problem is we have created a government that is so huge that we can't afford t. so the president add -- looking at his budget, adding $1.5 trillion in new tax, $1.5 trillion in new debt, that's not getting america back on track, it's making things worse. >> you have a very busy next several months ahead of you.
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thank you for taking time out, mr. chairman, to visit with us. the democratic side of this debate is coming up in a few minutes. good to see you. >> thank you. >> it is your turn to weigh in on a hot topic. the vice-presidential race. what do you think that mitt romney should pick? don't forget to tell us why. tweet us. we will read some of your response throughout the show today. israel's prime minister is expected to make a big announcement about elections that could open the door toab attack -- to an attack on iran. peter doocy is here. >> reporter: prime minister benge plin netanyahu is expected to set september 4 as a date for this election. he. s a third term. he may want to get started before our presidential elections so he has flexibility to order an attack on iran if possible, because his thinking is that president obama would stay out of the fray, if the attack is in september or
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october because he wouldn't want to alienate jewish voters. netanyahu aides have not said that's the plan publicly, but the timing makes sense. >> i think he may conclude, if president obama is re-elected, that he would rather have had the israeli political issues resolved before that. and if there is a victory by governor romney, then he doesn't have to wait for another year to resolve where israel's government will be. >> reporter: here in washington, senator john mccain said today that israel's new calculations are perhaps driven by a feeling that the united states is not looking out for them. >> there is no doubt, though, that the president has undercut their position and weakened it dramatically by focusing on trying to convince the israelis not to attack iran, rather than focusing our efforts on trying to dissuade iran from continuing their development of nuclear weapons. >> reporter: iran's president,
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ahmadinejad will have to step down next year. it looks like he will go out on the bottom. yesterday, his supporters only won 13 of 65 available seats in the legislature. but it is important to point out that in iran, the legislature doesn't control the nuclear program. so the impact on the nuclear ambition of yesterday's event is difficult to gauge. >> thank you, peter. >> today, i signed an historic agreement between the united states and afghanistan that defines a new kind of relationship between our countries. a future in which afghans are responsible for the security of their nation and we build an equal partnership between two sovereign states. a future in which war ends and new chapter begins. >> there are few details about the historic agreement and the lack of specifics is raising questions about how to safely pull troops out of afghanistan and what the u.s. role will be
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in that country after 2014. we have fox news contributor, four-star general. thanks for coming in today. what do you make of this agreement that the president flew afghanistan and signed with their president, karzai? a lot of folks are saying it has broad construct, but we don't know what it will be? >> it's an important grea. agreement because it sets the stage for a long-term relationship between afghanistan and the united states. after all, this is something that the afghan leadership wanted, even if the provincial and district leaders met last summer and came together. their number-1 proposal that came out of that was a long-term disagreement with the united states. true. you are absolutely right. there are not a lot of specifics in the agreement. that needs to be done in the future. but it does send a message to the taliban that we are not out thereof in 2014. this is something we are going to stay in terms of relationship, the specifics of how much troops, how long do they stay need to be resolved. that will be another greapt, the status of forces agreement. but it sends a message
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fopakistan, the iranians, that the united states is dead serious that, afghanistan is in their national interest and we are going to have a relationship with them. deform. >> there has been chatter out of iran that leaders there don't like this agreement. they say that for them, it presents instability in the region. so it has the iranians concerned. >> look, in 1980, the iranians said their number-1 strategic enemy in the region is the united states. and for them to export the islamic revolution, they have to drive us out of the region. post 9/11, we are in afghanistan and in iraq. they have done everything they could to get us out thereof for the reasons i just stated. they want no part of this. >> beyond 2014, according to what we know about the agreement, u.s. forces may remain for training to help the afghans and to help with remnants of al qaeda. do you know anything beyond that. >> no. but the number's going to be very important. everyone's somewhat concerned and on edge about it because the
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general in charge of our forces recommended a fourses as high as 26,000. then changed it to a minimum of 20- and we wound up with none. we can't afford to have that in afghanistan. i hope that the president will listen to general allen on the size and scale of that force. tell accomplish the missions that you said and provide support for the international community forces there, in other words the medical evacuation and intelligence and logistics. >> i would love to ask you about guantanamo bay and get your reaction. they have formally started to move ahead with the arraignment of khalid sheikh mohammed and four other conspirators for 9/11. and by most accounts it was a circus. they are not wearing headphones and not listening to interpretation and they don't want to take part. they say it's in protest for the way they have been treated at guantanamo bey. can we -- guantanamo bay. will this work?
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>> sure, it will. it is better that it's there and not in new york city, which would have been horrific for americans and family. this is personal for the families. i was in the pentagon in 9/11, i lost 85 teammates and went to almost as many funerals. i can understand the pain. it's taken so long for justice final tow arrive at our doorstep. most testify justice that has been meted out, we have killed most of these people involved in that operation. that's good news, in terms of planning, training of the people involved. but the people who we did detain will get justice. tell take sometime. it will be painful to watch it at times. they have a right to have a minor protest, as long as they are not totally disruptive. but at the end of the day, we will see the justice that we can be proud of. >> thank you. good to see you. >> good to see you, too, shannon. >> a canadian company is taking another shot to get washington to approve the keystone pipeline. the u.s. has received an application from transcanada,
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proposing a new route that would veer east in nebraska, around the sand hills region. earlier this year, president obama blocked the pipeline, drawing fire from many republicans, in democrats democd union leaders as well. president obama kicking off his re-election bid. forward is the new message of his campaign. but it sounds like both sides are going to be doing a lot of looking back. it's been well over 200 years since we declared independence from britain, but american excitement over the royal family will not die. we will tell you which member's coming to watch -- to washington and why. does aspirin even work on headaches?
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>> governor romney is a patriotic american who has raised a wonderful family. he has much to be proud of. he's run a large financial firm and he's run a state. but i think he has drawn the wrong lessons from those experiences. >> president obama took direct aim at presumptive republican
12:19 pm
nominee mitt romney as he kicked off his campaign this week en. are the gloves off now that both campaigns are in general election mode? joining me dob doug thornelle. >> great to see you. >> we had the rnc chair here. he says this president can't run on his record. >> i totally disagree. i think if you look at the president's record over the last 3 1/2 years, he inherited an economy that was in a difficulty we have created -- we have 26 straight months of private-sector job growth, over 4 million jobs in 2 years. i don't think the american people want to go back to the policies of the past. i think that mitt romney is jumping into a dolorrian and jumping back to whether we were losing jobs. four years ago, we lost 20,000 jobs in april. we lost over 200,000 jobs in the first quarter of 2008. i don't think the american people want to go back to that. >> what about the 23 million who are unemployed or
12:20 pm
under-employed? >> well, i think he will talk about investing in job training, investing in pelgrants, things that the president wants to do. mitt romney supports the paul ryan budget, which will make massive cuts to programs that help with job training, to help people get back on their feet. we have seen -- i heard the chairman talk about europe. we have seen how radical it works in the u.k., they went into a double dip. i don't think that's where the american people want to go. >> you mentioned the houses g.o.p. or paul ryan's budget, there isn't really a budget out there. senate democrats haven't passed one in 3 years. so who is to blame for no budget? >> i think washington is dysfunctionsal right now. i think a lot of that has to do with the way the house republicans, when they came in, they stormed the hill and they had a no-compromise position on almost everything. and that has it hard to do when
12:21 pm
have you a party that chooses not to work with the president or the senate democrats. part of the blame, probably most of the blame is on house republicans. but clearly, we all do better. i think we can all do better. but do you want mitt romney, going to be a rubber-stamp for those policies that have been rejected by the american people? or do you want the president, who is keeping us moving forward with policies that are creating jobs? >> jamie: how do you respond to critics who say thalt president had both houses of congress, why didn't he get more done? >> i think he did get a lot done. the recovery act saved over 4 million jobs. the health care bill put rules on the field for health care companies to live by. i think if you look at his overall record, he did get a lot done. he didn't have much help from republicans. if you implemented their ideas, we would be losing more jobs than what we are doing now, which is creating them. i think he has a very good record to talk about over the last 3 1/2 years. >> the president's doing well in key state, virginia,
12:22 pm
pennsylvania, ohio. but now that mitt romney is -- he has made it through the primary and he is the presumptive g.o.p. guy, do you think the polls will fluctuate? >> it's going to be a very, very tight race. i think if you are looking at ohio, virginia, if you are looking at florida. these states will be very tight. i like what i see in virginia, which is surprising. i think the president's doing well in virginia. it's tight in ohio. this is going to be a very close race. the president has going for him, besides the good ideas, he has a good infrastructure. mitt romney is playing catchup. and hes the core support of the democratic base. right now, i think the republicans are kind of dragging, going -- dragging and kicking and screaming with mitt romney. it will be interesting to see the excitement for mitt romney, not just against barack obama. >> to see where the independents go. >> absolutely. >> thank you so much. >> scary momes on the track in a nascar race. a nine-car crash sent one driver
12:23 pm
to the hospital. the very latest, up next. and a college football player paralyzed on the field, getting his chance at the nflar. his inspiring story. hear from him live, later in the show. hey dad. see how the carrots i grow make that new stouffer's steam meal so tasty. actually, the milk from my farm makes it so creamy, right dad. dad can see... boys! don't you think stouffer's steam perfect bag should get some credit? my carrots. my milk. [ female announcer ] new from stouffer's. farmers' harvest steam meals taste so good we'll bet the farm on it.
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>> anger in the u.s. over courtroom antics at the arraignment of five suspects in the september 11 terror attacks. peter doocy has more on your top stories. >> some of the families of 9/11 victims that watched yesterday's court proceedings are upset at the defendants' actions. they knelt in prayer, ignored the judge and refused to wear the headsets that translate the trial into arabic and turned what should have been a two-hour ordeal into 13 hours. areas police have received more than 900 lead on isabel seles,
12:28 pm
but despite the leads, police have notice suspects. but there is a lot of pressure on them to solve the case. scary moments, during a nascar race as a crash sends one driver to the hospital. eric mcclure was part of a nine-car crash that sent a car to the barrier and he was airlift toed to the hospital. d.c. is getting a royal visitor tomorrow. prince harry is heading to the capitol to attend an awards dinner and will receive a special honor for his humanitarian work. back to you. >> thank you, peter. >> i'll have another on the outside is closing in... here at the wire! i'll have another has won the kentucky derby! >> the favorite led most of the race, but the three-year-old colt, i'll have another, pulled
12:29 pm
down in the stretch. race watchers say the 20-horse field was one of the most evenly balanced in the kentucky desh nerecent years. >> this time, they want to give banks and insurance companies even more power to do as they please. and now, after a long and spirited primary, republicans in congress have found a champion. they have found a nominee for president who's promised to rubber stamp this agenda, if he gets a chance. but, virginia, i tell you, we can't give him a charchs. >> the president's going to be here on saturday -- [boos from crowd]. >> he's going to be kicking off his campaign here. there are two things you can expect from him, at least. number 1. is a lot of blame.
12:30 pm
he will be pointing around because he doesn't want to talk about his own record and failures. he will be talking about his predecessor and congress, he won't mention that the democrats controlled both the house and the senate with a super majority for his first two years. he won't mention that. but he will blame congress. >> you heard from president obama and mitt romney on the campaign trail in virginia. a huge swing state. a new washington post poll puts the president 7 points ahead of mitt romney in virginia. the clear politics average puts the lead just over 3 points. here to talk about more of what is at stake and his own senate bid, former virginia governor, george allen. thanks for joining us. >> great to be with you, shannon. >> tell me what virginians care about, nationally and in the race you are running. >> susan and i are going throughout virginia, my wife and i. we hear from small business owners and families. we hear that people are concerned about the uncertainty
12:31 pm
of what is coming out of washington. those who have children, coming out of college are worried about children moving back home because they can't find jobs and the jobs that they find are not utilizing their skills and their education. the key issues are energy and obamacare n. southwest virginia, coal-mining area, they can see that jim cane and president obama are for the cap-and-trade energy tax with the epa, virtually outlawing coal. they see the ball obama administration saying no to virginia, for not allowingitous produce oil and gas off our coast. whether they are seniors or businesses, they see that obamacare will cut medicare funding and premiums increasing and they see an unelected bureaucracy, rationing care. that's an impediment, especially for small businesses. tim cane says that obamacare is a great achievement. i say i want to be the deciding vote to repeal it and replace it with health savings account.
12:32 pm
we need people and doctors in charge, rather than bureaucrats in washington. those are the key issues that we hear from people, whether it's in hampton roads or northern virginia or southern virginia. >> we have invited kim cane, your likely rival to join us as well. you cite the concerns of many virginians, yet the president is polling 7 points ahead, what do you attribute that to? >> tim cane and i are neck approximate neck. i think some of is because mitt romney's focused everywhere else in the country with the rimarries. and the obama campaign's running ads and they have over a dozen offices. they have been running for -- at least six months in virginia. i think that as mitt romney comes back into the general election mode and obviously, we want him to come to virginia as much as possible. people will see, all right, mitt
12:33 pm
romney has the same ideas i have been advocating, unleashing american resource, lease unleash the entrepreneurial spirit to send the message to the world that america is open for business again. i think most people in virginia that i am listening to, republicans, independents and some democrats, envision a better future than what we are having to endure these days. i think that mitt romney has a positive, constructive agenda to get our country on the right track. >> both contenders will be visiting your home state. we will continue to watch your race through the primary and into the fall as well. we will see how it shapes up. thank you for coming in. >> thank you. >> tensions are rising in russia, ahead of vladimir putin's inauguration. thousands in the streets and frank luntz is there, in the middle of it all. we will talk to him right after this break.
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[inaudible]. >> you may remember that hot mike moment for president obama in march, which raised concernses about the relationship between russia and the u.s. now, just one day before vladimir putin is inaugurated for a third tirm as president of rushia, thousands of protesting against the controversial leader. frank luntz is in moscow and is live by phoneful frank, you said things have been flaring up. what's the latest? >> reporter: well, it was a very peaceful march, they estimate about 40,000 people were in it. i was fortunate enough to be attending with the great chess champion? and a number of organizers of the march to film it and see what happened. it got out of control about 90
12:39 pm
minutes ago. the police surrounded them and charged. and there was mustard gas and they now estimate several dozen people were injured, some pretty badly. it looks like the arrests are in the 2- to 300 level. it was supposed to be a simple, peaceful demonstration to send a message to president putin before he is inauguratessed. and the police and the military there, which number in the thousands, decided that they would get out of control and very decent, innocent people were very badly hurt, just moments ago. >> back in march, when the presidential election was held, 63% voted for putin. if you believe that this was a legitimate and fair loo done election, if that's the case, why is there so much push-back against him? do you think the election was flawed or those who did not vote for putin are especially active
12:40 pm
and responsive? >> reporter: no. anybody who was here would say it wasn't an honest election. but you have to be very brave to say it. i will be leaving the country -- i don't want to tell you when because i do want to get out of here shortly. people here are afraid. they are afraid that the government of the soviet union of the 1970s and 80s appears to be back in 2012. we assumed it would not happen. and apparently thas. what is different about this protest is that there were young and old people. upper middle class, very well-dressed people and some kids there. it is not your occupy wall street protest. these people were respectful. i saw people talking to the police before they turned on them. it's frightening to think that -- it was almost as though they wanted to have this confrontation. they wanted to send a message 24 hours before putin comes back into office that dissension
12:41 pm
won't be allowed. they didn't have to do it violently. they certainly didn't have to attack. having arrested as many people as they dthere is no justification for that, whatsoever, not from what i saw. i marched the entire parade. there was a gentleness and singing and chants. a couple of pictures, a couple of posters might have been out of control. a little bit too strong. but these were docile people and that taper attacked unfairly. >> frank luntz, thank you for the first-hand account and safe travels back. >> reporter: thank you. >> rutgers defensive tackle, eric legrand thought his dreams of an nfl career were over when he was paralyzed. but one team is making his dream come true. he joins us live, next. when the doctor told me that i could smoke for the first wee.. i'm like...yeah, ok... little did i know that one week later i wasn't smoking.
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>> democrats reluctant to back the president. why they can't commit to president obam in 2012. she's one of the few female veep steaks enters. condoleezza rice. why she could be a positive game changer for mitt romney and others feel she could be a liability. and whether to preserve the
12:46 pm
definition of traditional marriage. supporters say it's the only way to keep activist judges at bay. that and more at the top of the hour on america's news headquarters. >> the tampa bay buccaneers have signed a brand-new man to their roster, unlike any other nfl player -- ever. rutgers university player, eric legrand suffered a serious spinal cord injury in 2010, leaving him paralyzed and on a ventilator. his coach the rutgers is now the coach of the bucs. he calls the signing a small gesture to recognize eric's character. eric is here, live. it's a privilege to chat with you. i have to say, people who talk about you, say before your accident, after your accident,ure the same guy. you were already involved in charity work and very inspirational to those around you. so what drives you? >> you know, just the people putting a smile on somebody's
12:47 pm
face keeps me going every day. now, my whole journey, if i could inspire one person a day, that moteerateivates me with my therapy since i got hurt, my story went national, people can say the person i am before, when i was playing football, just the people around me knew who i was. i am not going to change who ifls because i got hurt. i am trying to change the world over here. >> you are certainly doing that, one person at a time, oneert at a time. you touched on it there, you have reached a lot more people because of your circumstances than when you were playing football. you sound like somebody who has taken circumstances and has really turned them to your advantage. >> this situation has happened to me. i am not going to get down on myself and go in the dumps. i have to keep on fighting and use the things i learned here at rutgers university to get myself better, where i want to be. since it went national, i have been able to inspire millions of
12:48 pm
people. that's what i want to do, help people in everyday lives, don't take everything for granted and don't worry about the little things, be happy and smile every day. >> you certainly inspired the coach, with the bucs now. he was your coach at rutgers. what it mean to you to get the contract with the bucs? >> you know, i didn't know what to say. when he called me up and told me that, i was like, coach, you want to waste a spot on me? he said, it's the least i can do. i didn't know what to say, just thank you. i always wanted to go to the nfl. it may not be the si want. but i can say, i am there and i made it. >> you d. i want to make sure folks know that you have a book coming out this fall, as well. tell us what we will learn? >> well, i am working on that as we speak, hoping to get it done by september so it can come out to everybody. it's more about my life story. leading up to the injury and everything before that. so you can get to know the person that i was, my entire
12:49 pm
life, glowing up and things that i faced in my life. i am very excited to get that out there to the public so they know who eric legrand is before the injury, not just the way i am. >> you have an event called walk to believe. what can you tell us about that? >> that's at rutgers stadium, it's the second annual walk to believe. a friend of the family now, she did this out of the blue last year. she didn't know the family, just heard of the situation and wanted to make a walk to believe. arlene congales. she sets it up. it's a 3k walk around rutgers campus and leads back to the stadium. you can come out and donations help my mom and i get through our everyday living it really does help us out. but it's a 3k walk. i am thinking about this year, strolling through, especially if it's nice out. a bunch of people came out last year. we're hoping to trip telethis year. it's a fun event, june 2. if you want to come out there, i believe it's a walk to believe
12:50 pm
dot-com, you can go on and sign up right there. >> eric regrand, we would love to follow that and your book this fall. congratulations on the nfl contract. thanks for being an inspying spiration to so many people. >> thank you, shannon. i really appreciate that. >> the stated goal of president obama's health care law was to give more americans access to health care insurance. but one unintended consequence is that a lot of americans are losing the coverage they have now. we will explain why, next. with the spark cash card from capital one,
12:51 pm
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bam balm
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>> eric. >> a new survey shows that the nation's top 100 companies could save billions by dropping health insurance coverage for employees and pushing them into government subsidized exchanges. jim engle has more on the consequences of president obama's health care law. >> reporter: a new survey of fortune 100 companies finds that the new health care law created perverse incentives for employers to drop insurance plans. >> in a pure dollars-and-cents standpoign, it could not be more clear. you save hundreds of millions of dollars for some companies by no longer providing coverage. >> reporter: republicans on the house ways & means committee surveyed the fortune 100 companies about their health care costs.
12:55 pm
71 companies with 5.9 million employees responded after paying a public of $2,000 for employee, they stand to save $28.6 billion in 2014 by shifting employees to government examples and would save more than $422 billion over the first 10 years of the law. >> the penalties for the employers who drop coverage are very low and the subsidies for the workers and the examples very high. >> reporter: some analysts argue large companies would be reluctant to drop coverage. >> i think competition for labor is still intense and to rephyt route and retain a talented workforce, have you to provide generous benefits. >> the new examples would offer several choices of plans and workers would get generous federal subsidies. so the exchanges could be attractive to both employers and workers. >> if large employers work with their low-wage workers, they can move many millions of them out
12:56 pm
of their plans into the exchanges and both sides will win. >> reporter: so there is a debate over how many large companies might drop insurance. there is little doubt about smaller companies. >> small employers might very well say, this is administratively easier for us and our employees can get a very good deal. >> reporter: if one company in an industry makes a change, others may have to follow. >> i think you will see a lot of employers don't want to be the first. but they absolutely don't want to be the last to drop coverage. one restaurant drops off, their competitors are likely to follow suit. there could be a snowball effect. >> reporter: no one knows how many companies may drop insurance, but they could pay the fine, save several thousand and offer to share part of it in higher wages, making it attractive to workers. the higher cost in subsidies, though, would fall on the
12:57 pm
taxpayers. >> most states are addressing the issue of gay marriage in some way. north carolina will vote on a constitutional amendment on tuesday. six states allow gay marriage -- massachusetts, iowa, vermont, connecticut, new hampshire and new york. d.c. allows gay marriage and washington and maryland have approved it but it has not taken effect. delaware, hawaii, georgia allow similar rights for same-sex couples. coming up, a fair and balanced debate on that proposed amendment this tuesday in north carolina. >> shannon: the race for the white house is officially on. president obama kick off his campaign this weekend and did not waste any time going after mitt romney. now, supporters of both candidates are hitting the sunday shows and looking ahead to november.
12:58 pm
i'm shannon bream live in washington. we start hour number two this steve se centanni with more one sunday show chatter. headquarters, steve. >> the new mitt romney campaign ad takes direct aim at president obama's handling of the economy. here is part of it now. >> i would ask if you are better off than you were before. >> i'm not seeing a ton of sunshine in here. >> transportation and warehousing is where we lost some jobs. >> that is a terrible number. >> the real question. >> job creation numbers fall for the third straight month. >> not just about how we are do today but how we will be doing tomorrow. >> the ad is called silence and ends in silence concluding "this is the obama economy." meantime a possible romney running mate senator marco rubio of florida saying president obama has not delivered on what he promised. >> he has run up a $5 trillion debt and you have more people than since 1981 that are either
12:59 pm
underemployed, unemployed or have stopped looking for work. you just saw the jobs report on friday. they are abysmal. things have not gotten better. >> but the attacks go both ways, of course. the president's top campaign advisor saying mitt romney's economic plan wouldn't work. >> and what we can't do is do what governor romney has suggested which is to go back to the same formula that hurt our economy and hurt so many people. tax cuts for the wealthiest americans that we can't afford. caughting wall street loose to make its own rules. is hot a prescription for the kind of -- that is not a prescription for what we need in the economy. >> and newt gingrich offered a some what stronger endorsement for are mitt romney today. >> i believe he will be a dramatically better president of the united states than barack obama. i believe he has earned the right to represent the republican party and earned it the hard way. he has fought his way to the
1:00 pm
nomination. nobody gave him an inch. >> gingrich says he may speak at events on romney's behalf but gave no details. it appears president obama will have trouble in a traditionally blue state, west virginia. both the democratic governor and senator joe mansion say they cannot commit to the president for 2012. the governor said neither president obama nor governor romney earned my vote at this point. on the one hand, mitt romney is supporting policies that will end medicare and social security as we know it and put more burdens on west virginia families simply trying to make ends meet. on the other hand president obama has made it his mission to drive the backbone of west virginia's economy coal and the energy industry out of business. that will detroy the economic fabric ares of our states. we have chris a native west virginiaian, fox news digital politics editor and host of power play 11:30 a.m. eastern
1:01 pm
every day. what is happening in west virginia? >> i don't think that president obama is going to carry west virginia, shannon. i don't think it looks real good for him out there. and in fact, democrats though they control both senate seatsers the governorship and state legislatures haven't care rid the state in a presidential election since 1996. that is not news. what is nudes and we we care about this and -- what is news and why we care about this and why is matters is west virginia is a microcross many of the rest of appalachia and a lot of the border states. places like southern, ohio, kentucky, tennessee, out all the way to arkansas and even western pennsylvania have a lot of the seam kind of folks there. these are blue collar democrats who are trayvon martin who are traditionally socially conservative. as the democratic party has moved left there hasn't been as much room for those kind of voters. >> both are up for elections to
1:02 pm
full terms this fall and there is a lot of speculation about whether their position on president obama and his policies has something to do with the fact that they are both heading back to the polls themselves. >> i know these folks and i covered them working as a journalist in west virginia and i can tell you this. these are sincerely held concerns they have about what the epa is doing to the coal industry. everybody knows that the epa is wrecking shop. a lot of people talk about the end of coal. this is almost half of our electrical load and the biggest part of the economy in west virginia and other parts of appalachia. a lot of concern. now, for mansion, he doesn't have a serious challenge right now. he he looks like he is safe for reelection. tom leed nault who followed suit after mansion and did it he is under pressure from a tough challenger in bill malone the republican and he knows he has trouble so he is following suit with mansion. as he gets closer and closer to
1:03 pm
election day he has to decide whether he is going to repudiate barack obama or try to keep this thread which is going to be tough. >> shannon: this is a unique situation because of the epa and coal in west virginia. do you think the sentiments will spread beyond the border of west virginia. you mentioned ohio. the president is pulling ahead there now. do you think these particular trw folks, these democrats stepping up and seaing publicly i may not support this guy, do you think that will resonate with others? >> it as leading indicator of what we will see in places leak western pennsylvania and southern, ohio, that matter so, so much for this election. the real concern for the administration here and for the president in his reelection bid is this. the beg ten democratic party that you saw under bill clinton that could include this stuff just as the republicans have move to the right the democrats have marched very far left in recent years and if they don't have the coalition it will be hard to win in states like, ohio. >> shannon: key states. always good to see you.
1:04 pm
folks can see you news .com for power play. >> yes, ma'am. >> thanks for coming in. >> shannon: are conservatives getting behind mitt romney? two of his far right rivals have not as of yet. newt gingrich said in the past that he will back former massachusetts governor mitt romney but hasn't officially endorsed him just yet. >> this is not some magic show. you either are going to get barack obama or you are going to get mitt romney. now, i don't see how any conservative given that choice could end up favoring barack obama. >> shannon: and another former rival who has yet to endorse is rick santorum. he met with mitt romney last fred. we will see if that is forthcoming. speaker gingrich and senator santorum were considered by some to be the last true conservatives in the race especially on social issues. mitt romney echoed a lot of their positions. but will he have to about about
1:05 pm
pivot in the general election. how would conservatives react to that. the former north carolina governor san ford joins us live. what do you make of the question about whether or not governor romney is going to pivot to the middle? >> well, that has been the $94 question and i think much of the basis for some of conservatives in lack of ease if you will with romney as a candidate. the question is did he really believe this stuff in terms of conservative government, less government, market principles. a lot of people look for instance to the healthcare referendum in massachusetts and said that is a bellwether and i don't know if he really believes as we do. so as he possibly transitions to the center he think you will see a whole lot of ill ease if you want to call it that from conservatives. >> shannon: do you think they decide to stay home. clearly that is not a group that is going to vote for president obama. do they check out of the race if they feel like governor romney is not addressing their
1:06 pm
deepest concerns? >> i don't know that they will stay home. the issue is will they go out and do all the little things ly vital to ak live tal to a campaign that i suspect will be as close as this one. conservatives within the republican party i think are the leading edge of the activist base. i don't think there is a question whether they will vote for the president versus romney. the question is will they go out and put a yard seen in front of their house and stick a bumper sticker on the back of their car. the question is energy and heat in this election which is going to be close. >> shannon: so if newt gingrich and or rick santorum come out with a more formal wholehearted endorsement of mitt romney do you think that would mobilize those folks to get out there and make phone calls and put up yard signs. do you think those two have the power to sort of coalesce the conservatives in that way? >> i don't think we have
1:07 pm
kingmakers in the republican party o. people will look at the issues and say this person carried banner that i believe in. if they don't they may vote but be at the ped in terms of involvement. in many ways this election is going to bedecided by forces well outside the domestic forces. it is fascinating in france today with the sarkozy election. there is a real question there based on six leaders in europe being tossed based on austerity measures whether or not there is a market for austerity measures that for instance romney may be offering. that is the more interesting question particularly if you look at the social security trustees report that came out last week and the way that most people yawned in a real look that involved three years closer to financial demise for that trust fund. >> do you think the vice presidential pick will make a
1:08 pm
difference for romney with conservatives? will he be under pressure to choose somebody closer to the right than he may be viewed as being? >> i think so. i think that, you know, there has been and i think will ten to be some degree of ill ease with romney as to whether or not he is a true conservative. and time will tell. if he gets elected in the way that he governs. based on the massachusetts experience there is question there's and so i think the idea of a running mate being perhaps tilted a little bit more to the right i think is actually important for conservatives. >> shannon: former south carolina governor mark sanford. good to see you, sir. thanks for joining us. >> as well. thanks so much. >> shannon: we have been giving you the chance to share your thoughts about romney's potential running mate. who should is be and why. we have gotten a ton of responses. and very thoughtful answers.
1:09 pm
>> shannon: keep them coming. we love to hear from you and we will be happy to share these all throughout the show today. >> all right. you are looking live at pictures of israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu speaking. we are monitoring his speech. he expected to announce they will have early general elections. the next national vote wasn't supposed to be until october of 2013. a netanyahu victory two months
1:10 pm
1:11 pm
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1:14 pm
millions of americans particularring to the skies for their warm weather get away with you travelers may need to save some extra cash to cover baggage and seeding fees. the checked baggage fees are not going anywhere. they are coming more prevalent. at this point there is only one airline that does hot charge for the first two checked bags and that is southwest. >> recently aleance and spirit began charging for overhead bin space and spirit announced
1:15 pm
passengers will have to pay $100 for a carryon bag starting next fall. that is if you pay at the gates. >> the trick is to really pack light. i mean try to avoid the checking of the bags all together and now if you are flying at least spirit and alee gant try to minimize what you you bringon board. >> jet blew will charge you 45 for the second checked bag. you have a couple of option there's. everybody else really is charging for the first and send bag between $25 and $45 per bag. >> the fees don't end with baggage either. >> for extra leg room. we are seeing fees for calling in your reservation over the phone. for early boarding. but a study at travelocity conducted found that 61% of people are willing to pay for the checked bag fee but not much more. >> some of the est fees come from changing flights last minute. >> it is anywhere are from $150
1:16 pm
and up including the price to rebook your ticket. so try to plan in advance. >> now, some airlines issue credit cards and offer incentives such as waived checked bag fees but as with anything be sure to read the fine print before you sign. shannon, back to you. >> always good advise and it does take a little homework to figure out how to save but it is possible. brenda, thank you very much. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> shannon: the dep plow mattic standoff between china and the u.s. over the fate of a chinese dissident seems to be over but his future isn't completely clear. we will talk to a man who has been fighting for his release for years, congressman chris smith next is. results coming in from the highly anticipated french election. we will go to paris for a live] update, right after this break.
1:17 pm
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>> shannon: some of the results are coming in from france's presidential runoff. nicolas sarkozy is facing off. >> we are still 40 minutes away from the official close of polling here in paris but all endcations point to the possibility that the socialist
1:21 pm
challenger will in fact pick up the victory. the french president could be going to possible defeat. outside head quarters in paris supporters are waving banners and hopeful. there were plans of victory linked to a star zoeky win on hold. the chi is hurting here. unemployment double digits. ilan made unemployment part of h his pitch. sarkozy reached out to supporters of the far right party here. what would an ilan victory mean for eisenhower? washington would look for eye lan to continue the support of the u.s. european has been key to our recovery or lack of one and there would be hopes there wouldn't about he any change. in just a few minutes it will
1:22 pm
be clear whether nicolas sarkozy will be a one term president and they will have the first socialist president here in 17 years. we will be back to you with that. >> shannon: greg palkot with the latest from france. thank you, greg. >> i really feel for my other family members life and we have installed seven individual yes, cameras -- fear for my other family's life. >> the chef niece dissident first escaped house arrest and then wound up at the center of an international diplomatic show hedown between the u.s. and china. joining us live with the man fighting for cheng's release for years. you and i talked about this earlier this week and you thought this was an excellent opportunity for the
1:23 pm
administration to teak a hardline stance when it comes to human rights abuses in china. do you feel like that has been accomplished? >> unfortunately, no, but in the case of cheng the hope is that he and his wife and two children will be out of the country soon. if you look at what is going on, a lawyer who is his lawyer in 2005 who defended cheng against those false proceedings twice i have had him in washington to testify before the human rights committee which i chair and he was beaten so badly on thursday that his wife said that he has lost hearing in one of his ears. people trying to visit cheng including u.s. embassy personnel have been precluded that opportunity. so he still is very much alone and in a semi precarious position. i do believe he will get out of china but his mother, his brother, his nephew who has been indicted and a whole host of other people and especially the woman who drove him to safety. we are very, very concerned
1:24 pm
about her welfare and well being. so our embassy and our administration and congress need to speak much more boldly than we have. >> congressman, some of the expert that i talked to in foreign policy say that china does not like to be publicly challenged and it is safer to do quiet diplomacy and things behind the scenes and there are others who say it if you don't call them out publicly folks like cheeping won't be freed. what is your take? >> there are times when speaking from the roof tops are required. when bill clinton delinked most favored nation status, that was the beginning of a spiraling down in terms of human rights protections in china. they are nonexistent today. and in cheng's case, a man that defended women from the crime against humanity called forced
1:25 pm
abortion. this man has suffered and his wife. our collective hope is that he will soon be safe right here in new york protected as part of nyu about's offer. all the others, the idea of saving face can be used i think disproportionately to silence and gag our response. yes, it needs to be done sometimes in a nuanced way but we have been so nuanced as to be awol and absent. tau was defended by president obama when an associated press reporter asked about different rights saying they have a different culture and political system. there is a serious lack of aggressive push for human rights and the net predictable result is that human rights deteriorated significantly in china. >> congressman smith we know this isn't a new thing and you have spent a lot of time and we will continue to follow as you
1:26 pm
fight. >> thank you for bringing the light so expertly on these terrible abuses as well. appreciate it. >> we appreciate it. residents of north carolina head to the polls on tuesday to vote on a constitutional amendment banning guy marriage. >> and some of the most popular stories online including how you can get in a lot of trouble on facebook. hopefully that is not what he is doing right now. peter is next jrkts. that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8.
1:27 pm
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>> shannon: updating breaking news now as expected israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has called for an early election just moments ago. he said in order to regain stability in his country he wants to hold elections within four months. he made the announcement at a party convention. elections aren't supposed to be held until october of 2013 but they are coming in the next four months in israel.
1:31 pm
>> shannon: doctor shaquille o'neal facebook. facebook gets workers into trouble and a special jail just for vets. some of the most clicked stories of the day. hi, peter. >> shaquille o'neal is now a doctor. he just got his doctorate from in organizational learning and leadership with a specialization in human resource development and shaq graduated with a 3.8 gpa. wow. be careful what you like on facebook. a judge in virginia has ruled even though status updates are protected by the first amendment likes aren't. six employees were fired by the sheriff's office for supporting the sheriff's opponent. one of the fires liked the opponent. supporting the opponent hindered the harmony and efficiency of the office.
1:32 pm
a georgia sheriff announced he is opening a jail exclusively for inmates who are military veterans. it will feature special programs that veterans struggle with leak addiction and depression and the sheriff says it is not costing h his county a penny because all of the programs are run by volunteers and elizabeth prann filed a piece on this storely. check out the story online along with all of these liked stories on fox news .com. >> voters in north carolina h head to the polls to vote on a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. what is this all about? here is a fair and balanced debate. brian brown, president of the national organization for marriage and mark solomon the national campaign director of freedom to mary. thank you for your time today. >> thanks for having me. >> shannon: there is a state statute. why does north carolina need a
1:33 pm
constitutional amendment? >> as we saw in iowa it doesn't matter if a state is conservative or not and people support marriage as the union of a man and a woman. if unelected judges decide they will overturn the statute they have done this. it is necessary that the people of north carolina have the chance to vote so that judges don't force a redefinition of marriage upon them. >> shannon: mark, what are your concerns with this particular amendment. isn't it about letting the people of each individual state decide. >> there are two fundamental concerns. number one putting this in the constitution. about why marriage matters. and also super importantly this amendment isn't just about marriage. it takes away civil unions and domestic partnerships and the right for kids of lesbian moms have to health coverage. the golden rule that i was taught is you want to treat
1:34 pm
people the way way you want to be treated. this is one of the most draconian amendments our oh poe he intercepts have tried to force on states. >> shannon: does it go too far? >> these are all scare tactics. those that want to redefine marriage in north carolina realize that they lost the marriage debate. people of north carolina support marriage as the union between a man and a woman. they are throwing out scare tactics. and have thrown out that domestic violence won't be prosecuted. 30 law enforcement officials have said that is an out and out lie as have lawyers. the same is true with the health benefits. 17 steats have benefits that protect marriage from attempts to redefine it in other ways that include civil unions or domestic partnerships anded what mark is claiming simply is not true. >> does it take away can i just ask does it take away domestic partnerships and civil unions or not. >> it makes clear that marriage
1:35 pm
is the union of a man and a woman the only domestic legal union but the attempt to say that. >> so the answer is, yes. >> but the attempt to say that people will be robbed of healthcare or the ability to prosecute domestic violence is just absouthern division. absurd. >> shannon: i want to ask you about this. sounds like while this is centered in north carolina on tuesday there is really more of a national foe he cuss on what is happening -- focus on what is happening there in the state. >> people see that there are conversations happening all over the country. the country is moving on a journey on this cause. we saw this morning even the vice president tacked about his own journey in coming around to support the freedom to marry. the country is on a journey and people don't want to see that journey sort of stopped with a constitutional amendment. especially one that goes and takes away the right for civil unions and domestic partnership benefits. really one of the most
1:36 pm
draconian benefits that brian brown has tried to fifth on a state in this country. >> shannon: you are seeing a poll how do north carolina voters plan to vote. 55% will say yes and 41% will vote no. president obama has called this divisive and discriminatory. how do you respond? >> it is not divisive and discriminatory. again the fact is the overwhelming majority of north carolinians know that marriage is the union of a man and a woman and president obama says he still believes marriage is the union of a han and a woman. he think it is over the top to claim this is draconian or the language that we have heard that it is bigotry to believe that marriage is the union of a man and a woman. there is a hill grandmother in north carolina, african american woman who was denied sitting at the lunch counter and see is looking up and saying how can folks say it is bigotry for me to go out and vote that i believe marriage is
1:37 pm
the union of a man and a woman. that is just wrong. the attempt to paint the majority of country that believe there is something special about men and women coming together in marriage is bigots has failed. i expect the amendment to pass and that will send a strong message to the four other statements that have marriage ballots on the ballot in november. >> shannon: we appreciate your time and we willle watch to see what happens in north carolina and beyond. thank you both. >> thank you have having us. >> thank you very much. >> shannon: next up, bret baier on running with romney. he has been profiling s & pial potential picks. after the break a closer look at one of the females on the short list, condoleezza disa rice. does your phone give you all day battery life ?
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>> shannon: the romney campaign vetting its vp choices and bret baier is sitting down with several of the short listers. though condoleezza rice has been vocal about the desire to stay out of the race a lot of people think she is the perfect person to be running with romney. ly she is a figure completely associated with the last republican administration of george w. bush but given her depth of experience could mitt romney choose condoleezza rice as his vice presidential nominee. >> she is skilled in foreign policy. a lot of people like her. she is not seen as a political figure which is a plus and she has never been a candidate which is a minus. you want more of a flood looking choice and the skills are a mix of being a good government ally but also somebody who can make a difference in the campaign in an effective way. i think she is interesting but
1:43 pm
i would be surprised if she gets the pick. not impossible but i would be surprised. >> how many ways can i say it. not me. >> she has sade no repeatedly. different times. different ways. >> no, no, no, no. i'm real happy doing what i do. >> no, especially not u.s. vp. >> and in fact said she wouldn't want any political position. >> you should never go home twice. go home again. i got to -- i'm a specialist in international relations that is my vocation. it is also my advocation. i love things international and i got to be the secretary of state of the united states of america it is the chief diplomat of the most powerful and i believe generous and compassionate and freest country on the face of the earth and got to do it during a time when the whole world was in flux. that is enough. >> rice has book ended her career at stanford university as a professor.
1:44 pm
a career she calls a superb state in life. her time in washington dominates her resume first as a member of the international security council which prepared her for later roles as the first female international security advisor and then another first, the first female african american secretary of state. rice is also an accomplished pianest who has performed since she was very young. she is known to be an avid ports fan and joked in a perfect world she would love to be nfl commissioner. it was in the national security advisor role that she helped guide president george w. bush through one of our nation's darkest days, 9/11 and she was a key figure in the subsequent fight against terror. >> as an officer of government on duty that day i will never forget the anger i felt nor the
1:45 pm
resilience of the american people nor the leadership of the people that day. now, we have an obligation and opportunity to move forward together. >> tactics used be the george w. bush white house to fight terror were often criticized during her tenure there including by then candidate barack obama though he often used many of the same methods. >> it looks different when you have responsibility to actually protect the american people and i think we are seeing that in this war on terror which by the way still goes on because we still have to be vigilant about the terrorists and what they might do that many of the tools that president bush left in place, the surveillance tools and ability to get information from terrorists to prevent the next attack even the possibility of the pilotless drones being used so often over afghanistan and pakistan, those tools that the president left in place have turned out to be
1:46 pm
essential to protecting america. >> rice's experience as secretary of state could be an asset in a presidential race where romney is bound to criticize the obama administration work on foreign policy. she is likely to' peel to women and minorities. rice has said that growing up as a black female in racially segregated birmingham, alabama, taught her to be affirmative in the face of discrimination. >> nobody can tell me to be black. i know how to be black. i have been black all my life. and if you look at a black person and say that person has to think in a particular way i don't care if you are white or you are black and you say that then you have a prejudice. >> rice has is a figure who would bring a sense of strength to the gop ticket. in 2004 and 2005 she was ranked as the most powerful woman in the world by forbes magazine. she appeared four tombs o timee
1:47 pm
time list of the most influencual people. >> romney wants to avoid bush. he wants to make this all about obama. he does not want to make it a referendum on the bush years. he wants to make it a referendum on the obama years and condoleezza rice may not help in doing that. >> the "wall street journal's" brett stevens penned a piece this week with the headline any one by condi noteing that she is a tempting but unwise pick. >> you have to judge a person on the record that they have established in office and the record that she established wasn't simply mediocre. it was awful. she was a bad national security advisor and a bad secretary of state and if you want to sort of point to some of the greatest failures of the bush administration she had her fingerprints on many of those failures. the same time you look at the internal debates within the
1:48 pm
bush administration. the debate about whether we should surge our forces in iraq she was not in favor of the surge. she was sort of against all options. if romney is going to pick a proven running mate i don't think she is the one that he should be looking to. it would be a little bit like the sarah palin choice by john mccain a few years ago with the kind of a hail mary pass. i think it will send a signal that people that the voters will eventually recognize that mitt romney doesn't feel confident about his november chances and so is doing a desperation play with that kind of pick. >> some analysts also say rice may not be conservative enough for the right wing of the party on some key issues. >> she is prochoice. on a lot of social issues she is just not the tea party's cup of tea if you will and that could be a big problem going down to the wire.
1:49 pm
>> however, recent polls show that rice has favorable ratings among gop voters. and unmatched name recognition. friend and former bush administration colleague karl rove says all of her credentials could add up to a good choice for romney. >> condi rice is a remarkable figure. she would be a major addition to the ticket. i don't have any doubt of how she would be on the stump. she is a very effective speaker. very personable. she can be surprisingly funny. and h she is very warm. what i would worry about is her comfort level in doing that kind of thing. she is good at it. i think there is a reticentness about what you have to do as a vice presidential candidate. if she put her mind to it, she would do it and do it well. >> in washington, bret baier, fox news. hi, i'm new ensure clear.
1:50 pm
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>> shannon: the military healing initiative allows soldiers to document their experiences at war and provides therapy, torning traumatic experiences into art. joining us b.r. mcdonald and jane, office of undersecretary or history art and culture at the smithsonian. thank you both for coming in.
1:54 pm
>> thank you you very much. >> shannon: you have workshops to help vets and their families work their through their experiences by creating art. >> we have two where there is openings so we hope people will register and they are are paper making workships with established artists and a group of military families and workshopcan do the workshop together at the school of art. these are not workshops in your grandmother ms basement. these are preeminent art school workshops to make art and work through experiences. art allows people to express things they can't in words. >> tell us about how this helps veterans. >> there are artists that are veterans that sevenned in the military especially in the 9/11 generation and they represent fell manymakers and visual artists and musician singer-songwriters and this opportunity to connect with the mainstream creative arts
1:55 pm
community is huge for veterans looking to take the step into a career in the arts and it is imperative that they have the opportunity to share their experiences. some that are disconnected from nonveterans are trying to understand what the experience was like for combat veterans. >> we want to give folks more information. we will have it on the website and tweet it and facebook as well so they he can learn more are and participate. your twitter answers on ther i veep stakes next. [ dennis ] switch to allstate. their claim service is so good, noit's guaranteed. [ foreman ] so i can trust 'em. unlike rdy. dolr for dollar, nobody protects you like allstate. diarrhea, gas or bloating? get ahead of it! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day helps defend against digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. hit me! [ female announcer ] live the regular life. phillips'.
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>> shannon: we have been asking you all day who do you you think should be mitt romney's running mate. kay says this arizona governor january brewer. she is one tough fighting conservative to help balance moderate mit. the most popular answer is marco rubio and condoleezza rice. some other names, ron paul quite a bit, too. most creative goes to tim tebow. i don't think he is old enough. stay tuned for "fox news sunday" with chris wallace's special guest mar are coe rubio. i'm shannon bream. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >> chris: he is viewed as a vice presidential short lifter who can close the gap with hispanics, help win, florida,


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