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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  May 7, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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climbs over 35 percent but in france it is about to go to 75 percent! that is what france's next socialist president wants to do and next week when he is sworn if, how is that for past, hollande says that is what he will do. but something he will not do, cut spending. so it is time to cut to the chase. it is tough medicine now too tough? we have you covered with the fall out in paris. and shannon on the call from the white house here, and in london, ed says forget france, watch greece and charles payne is worried. and you will see why, charles particularly charged. >> are you kidding me? this weekend we are talking about austerity doesn't work. are you kidding? spain has been always step for two weeks and greece for a month and they saying throw them out it doesn't work, get back to the
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welfare socialist system. what worries me is the numbers, 52-48. doesn't that sound like similar numbers to america where 48 percent of the people in this country are paying federal income tax and 52 percent aren't? in other words, it could be the same thing here when people voting their self interest but how do we keep this going? how do we keep the gravy train going and the only way people know is to tax the rich, tax corporations, and if you pay close attention, france is in trouble. the 48 percent, i admire them they must know for all of this stuff, we have fallen apart the last 30 years and some people realize it but you have a lot people who do not work, and want the freebies. >>neil: we didn't sign on to whatever the promises this guy made, according to the german ministers and austerity is austerity but germany is the only one preaching it.
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>> because they are doling out the check. >>neil: which makes me think they will stop doling out the check. >>guest: they will not buckle. there is in absolute. in greece "my life stucks because of my stingy german neighbors do not want to share." but we have to be worried. it could come to america. over the weekend i heard a commercial and a guy was saying, thank goodness i have my cell phone that the government gave me because i might get a job interview. in other words, this idea, it hasn't -- where does it stop? from housing. food. clothing. to cell phone. these are ideally birthrights? in other words, a guy is looking at a resume and saying --. >>neil: this socialist wants do go in reverse, lower the retirement age and rescind the cuts, and they are not cuts as much as slowing the growth, he
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wants to reverse all of that. >>guest: he wants to go back on the idea that somehow this country can survive france can continue to be some sort of important world power with people retiring at age 60 and with an aging population. >>neil: the only way out is to hike the taxes. on the rip. >>guest: who are they going do hike the prices on? do you know how much welts -- wealth? russia puts out more self made millionaires and those that are there are fleeing the country. >>neil: what if this is a worldwide push to raise taxes on all rich folks maybe not 75 percent but it will be high. where do they go? legislation is a movement and hollande could have -- could help president obama campaign l is a counter movement in greece, the nazi party that is doing well, the golden dawn, and, --.
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>>neil: in france the far right pulled in 20 percent and they are against all of this. >>guest: that is the interesting thing. both sides of the aisle are against austerity. both sides, the far right, the far left, for different reasons. the far right things it is stupid 9e.u. should tell them what to do and the far left want more goodies, give me, give me, give me. they don't care what their role ends up being, they are dilutional if france thinks they can continue to be great and live afternoon yesteryear. it is pain will. we will see how much pain americans can take. >>neil: charles is charged. you see how angry he gets when they forget to put ketchup in the bags.
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germany is not here to finance french election promises great the german parliament leader. >> a rocky day with markets iraqis to the election of a socialist, the new president in france, the defeat of the market friendly center right sarkozy on the antiausterity and pro growth has economists worried and the pledge to renegotiate the e.u. debt pact but marks ended and germ any came back and the euro regained ground, as well, and i'm told folks factored in the hollande win and while they have not factored in all the possibility policy changes that he could put if place, they are thinking, or they are hoping he will be hermanned -- hemmed in y
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the union and in the socialist party he has been a pragmatic, so, maybe, what he said on the campaign trail is not necessarily what he will do in office. but what has more people spooked is, really, the antiausterity message and the greek elections yesterday in parliament. no new government yet bailout packages in the balance, and markets were rocked. what will be a key meeting is what you have already mentioned, that meeting next week between german chancellor merkel and francois hollande. will he soften? make like a nice souffle. >>neil: and the democratic mayor of st. paul, minnesota,
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wants congress to approve more infrastructure spending. mayor, given the dicey track record on such spending here and everywhere, why do you thing more will be the charm? >>guest: it is not dicey but proven record of success. >>neil: have you seen or growth? it is barely growth at all. >>guest: what i have eastbound is critical infrastructure projects that allowed our businesses and corporations to move goods, more efficiently, quicker, for people to get in and out of airports, the bake infrastructure that is critically important for people to get to work, to get to school, and for our economies to grow and if you do not invest in this infrastructure it will hamper our companies and citizens and make it very difficult to do the bake things that cities and townships across america need to keep on moving failure. >>neil: that is assuming the money we committed to infrastructure has been finished or completed, the roads and
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bridges and everything else, up to speed and running and i don't think it is, but, secondly, you are talking about spending money we don't have. >>guest: well, listen, first of all, you can come to the twin cities in st. paul and minneapolis and see clearly where infrastructure spending has made a clear difference. we have a light rail construction project connecting downtown st. paul to downtown minneapolis, and connect the university of minnesota, the state capital complex and 13 medical centers along that line. critical for students. critical for employees at the hospitals. critical for commerce to move. you can go to the bridge that collapsed and killed thin people. and not only was it a tragic lock of loss and dozens and hundreds of families would lives were changed but it affected or business community and made it difficult to move through the area and it made it difficult to transport gooded from one part of the twin cities it another. >>neil: you could be right on certain measure improved in
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people getting around but i look at national numbers and for all the money we have invested, trillions when you think of stimulus and the other rescues, the bottom line is we are just off a period of surprisingly weak employment report, factory orders are in reverse, housing is not budging and retail sales are slowing and if this is what we get spending over $1 trillion, what would we get if we did not invest that at all? >>guest: well, if you did not invest that at all you would have our ports across the country, including port on the mississippi river and the city of st. paul, shutting down because they could not continue operations and you would shut down all the businesses that were dependent on the ports, and dependent on barge traffic in the mississippi river for not fixing our dams and our airport system it makes it difficult. in the state of minute --. million we don't have money, mayor. you talk --.
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we don't. we don't. we don't. we have $1 trillion deficit, we are piling them up to the point of having more that is owed than what we make in this country. that is a global first. mayor, your ideas could be very sound and you may recognize the value if doing this but we do not have the money to do this. >>guest: i disagree because if you look at our lowers, when the transportation bill was passed in the minnesota state legislature and presented to governor pawlenty he vetoed and who rallies to get it over ridden? it was the business leadership of the twin city community and the fortune 500, the 20 fortune 500 companies in the area who say we need that. >>neil: your state wasn't broke at the time. our country is. what part of broke don't you understand? we're broke. >>guest: what i don't understand is how you can it is there and say we will grow our way into the future by not investing. there is no way that you did continue to do it. so it is not just the jobs and
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the people --. >>neil: do you think there is any value, mayor, rather than the government calling the shots about what should be strictly invested is there any wisdom, at all, with giving average voters their money back so they can decide what to do? >>guest: the average folks cannot build a freeway on their own or build a rail system. >>neil: but the average folks if they had the money to do what they wanted it would bring the revenues for you to address the things you consider vital. we have an environment where very few are. >>guest: we have not raced the gas tax in any significant way in the state of minnesota for years but the condition of the roads is deteriorated. the time people are stuck in traffic has increased. the loss of revenue that is accrued --. >>neil: mayor you are caught up on people getting caught if traffic and not people in this country getting caught up in a morass of red ink and spending
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that shows no resolution. i am saying when you are building and digging a deep hole you have to put the shovel down. >>guest: you also have to invest in the future, invest in the critical infrastructure that will make this country hum. >>neil: you cannot invest what you don't have? >>guest: if companies are more successful they can hire more and put more money in the economy and if you can get to the jobs sooner because you are not we stuck in trafic or wasting gas because you are stuck if 20 or 30 minute as day caught in the freeway. we do not look at big picture but the narrow part. it is like a horse at the kentucky derby with the blinders on. >>neil: with all due respect, mayor, you are not looking at the big picture but looking at people getting people out of traffic jams but not the big picture nationally not getting any bang for all the bucks.
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but the whole country thinks its is wasting money. >>guest: we i can go to traffic congestion that will be caused in towns in new york, in towns in minnesota. it is not just the track, but they need this. >>neil: why these celebrations for the big spending over there? herman cain is very worried for what is next over here. the kickoff to the 2012 campaign of president obama compared to 2008 if he is not packing them in now, will he be packing them in, and packing up, six months from now? [ male announcer ] fighting pepperoni heartburn and pepperoni breath? fight both fast with new tums freshers!
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>>neil: hole week -- hollywood kick off the season with "avengers," 200 million opening weekend, good news for summer movie seasons, for the record books. if only president obama can pull off the same defeat. president obama did not pack the house, with rows of empty seats visible during the first event if ohio, a stark contrast to ironman but a stark contrast to the crowds the president drew in 2008. and now, what is going on? >>guest: well, pretty bad advance work. but, it is interesting. >>neil: is that what it is? they have to fill the seats? >>guest: well, it is a problem. you are not getting the enthusiasm which is down with young people and a larger issue. the romney campaign got the pictures base the mainstream media shows the president with the crowd because they support
4:18 pm
him. but the point is, this is all little balls. this is small balls. david axelrod accused the coke brothers and karl rove of being contract killers and the president's spiking the ball very badly if my opinion on bin laden and what happens? what does romney do? does he rise to the occasion and act leak a president? or thank the president. no, he has to attack. and he makes comments about president carter and 70 percent of the voters were not adults when carter was president and he has 75 percent favorable. so when he said, even jimmy carter, who is he appealing to? which swing voters? these campaigns are so small-minded. >>neil: wasn't he saying, that, even the most non-war bent leaders --.
4:19 pm
>>guest: it is so small-minded. what i would is done if i was him i would say, first of all, i would say the president did the right thing and we all honor the president for that. and, you know what, i believe any president would --. >>neil: but this is not about romney but the president and a lot of empty seats. were they watching the "avengers." >>guest: yes. they are not there because both campaigns are so small-minded we have a country in crisis, a world if crisis, we saw europe --. >>neil: he should not make it such a big venue. i would hold my rally in a closet. be sure to fill it. you would come, right? that's one. it is very big risk when you go to a big arena --. >>guest: the important point is the campaigns have to stop being so cautious. romney, the ball is there to grab. he needs to promote big ideas because he is behind.
4:20 pm
>>neil: or not say anything. >>guest: or hope for events but then you put your campaign, too, in the hands of events and do not make the case. this is the moment to define yourself. if the president wants to be what he is becoming, which is unpresidental, this is your opportunity to be presidential. >>neil: all right. so you are a super hero. the eighth avenger called pat can daily. after the 9/11 mastermind and co-defendant make a mockery of our military court should we pay to defend them in court? [ male announcer ] when do you take 5-hour energy?
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>>neil: 9/11 defendants defiant and i quote, "norring
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the judge at gitmo refusing to answer questions, praying, looking through a magazine, facing nearly 3,000 counsels of murder for the 9/11 attacks as taxpayers pay for the defense. my guest says we should not fork out a game and lis wiehl agrees but you argue that is our system. >> when you put someone in military or civilian trial you have to pay for their lawyers. if they want to get outside lawyers, the civilian outside lawyers they have to pay for them and that is how it is in our system. you don't like it and i don't like it we will foot the deal for years and years. >>neil: for years ins i do, five defendants, 3,000 counsels of murder, and you have to put all of the things together. it will take years. and the defense will make, you saw saturday it was horrible. >>neil: a joke. >>guest: and don't forget the appe. >> we pay for that.
4:25 pm
>>neil: and sharks like you, i know at $178 an hour for the lawyer. not by lawyer terms. >>neil: but you said years. >> we are still paying for it and i understand it is our system and every system has the right to a defendant but, in the capital cases like sheikh mohammed facing the death penalty, it is mandatory they do have an outside lawyer that we have to pay for. those are not the average defendants, they are not thugs who said up the local 7/11, they engaged in acts of what against the country and they are entitled to --. >>neil: that is the charge. >> alleged. alleged. i am agreeing but allegedly. that is our system. you are innocent until proven guilty. you have a lawyer. through the military. >> do you get a sense, and i think you are right, they are the rules.
4:26 pm
but do you get a sickening feeling how they know our rules and they are fully splitting them. >>guest: absolutely. playing the system. out there trying to get their message out. they know they will be found guiltiy, right? but they will drag this out as long as possible, and make as many claims as they can. >>neil: can there be a death penalty? >> yes, yes. absolutely. >> we found the al qaeda training manual and they trained the terrorists when they are caught by the americans, by the west, how to behave, to scream they have been tortured. a whole list of things they go through, because they know our system in many ways better than we do. in the 2005 london bombing, two waves of bombers. first wave blew themselves up. the second waves were actually apprehended by british law enforcement and when they were caught they came out with their hands up and the first thing they said, we have rights. so, they know how to manipulate the system and they know of the
4:27 pm
legal process, and they are exploiting this. we saw it this weekend in the trial. >>neil: what can we get out of it. the process is what it is. what can we get out of it? >> guilty convictions. >>neil: any information? >> at this point they have lawyers. so, the only way you can get information from them if they have any information, going through the lawyers, through --. the only reason the lawyers would share information that we do not have yet, if there is that out there, if it can keep death off the table if they can keep the death penalty east table and trade information for the death penalty. that is the only reason --. >>neil: but are they racing for the 72 virgins, anyway? >>guest: you would think blue if -- but not case of sheikh mohammed, he admitted carrying out the attacks and admitted to beheeding daniel pearl, and part of his defense is he gave up all
4:28 pm
of this information and admitted to this under duress of torture. >>neil: our torture is that photograph of him. amazing. amazing. thanks for defending these scum. >> how did i get put in that group? >>neil: the lawyers. the lawyers. well, this did not take long, what happened in france is not staying in france, ahead of the international monetary fund sharing her view of what this means, our are taxpayers about ♪
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>> white house ready to roll out the red carpet for france's new leader, and hollande is pulling off a big win with tax the rich and spend more message. president obama inviting him to the white house for a big powwow. he accepted. wonder what they will talk about? and shannon in washington, hello. >>guest: today the white house says the relationship between france and the united states is strong. despite the ouster of sarkozy. white house press secretary car any said president obama talked with hollande by phone crating hip on the win, and carney add he is looking forward to working with the french president elect on a range of shared economic and security challenges. both leaders also reaffirmed their "importance and enduring
4:33 pm
alliance," and carney was asked how the obama administration feels about his promises to back away from austerity measures and push, instead, to what he called pro growth policies. >> europe has their own problems with the euro zone crisis and we will not dictate to any country or collection of countries what policy they should pursue. the president has said, as he said at the g-20, that a balanced approach toward fiscal consolidation and growth is what he believes is appropriate, the approach he has taken. europeans have taken a number of significant steps toward dealing with to crisis, and more needs to be done. >> the white house has extended important invitations to hollande and president obama will welcome the french president elect to camp david for the g-8 summit and to chicago for the nato summit in may, and president obama has floated the idea that the two world leaders should get
4:34 pm
together at white house before the important gatherings later this month, and we are also told that president obama called sarkozy to thank him for strong leadership and friend. >>neil: well, what happens in france is not staying in france ahead of the bailout fund, all european leaders going slow and steady with the cuts, the economics editor in london. what does it mean? >> well, there are big questions, now, both over the long term phase, because in the end it is that relationship between france and germany, at the center of the european project that kept it right from the start so people will look at francois hollande and figure if he can get along with germany and merkel as well as sarkozy did in the past but, they are not from the same political background, obviously, you are talking about rights and merkel to the right, and francois, of
4:35 pm
the left, and so, there are some questions what they can get things working politically and from an economic stand point a question of whether mr. hollande is willing to go along with the big german plan to impose the biggest southwest austerity measures across the euro zone that we have seen since world war ii and that has not been working out very well. >>neil: if i am germany looking at this and thinking, well, austerity is out of fashion and what i am looking at in the entire european union, and only germany qualifies for membership and print of course opting out, and, now, of course i would imagine that would reinforce british resolve to stay out and maybe german concerns as to whether the other countries can even stay in. >>guest: that is exactly it. if you look at the fundamentals here, actually, there is one country that should leave the
4:36 pm
euro and that one country is not greece, not italy, or portugal, it is germ any. germany is the one outliar, far more powerful economically than the rest of the euro zone. and, if you look at any measure of competitiveness of the fiscal position of the other things, really, germany should be on its own and the rest of the euro, and including france, would be better off without it. painful in the short run to adapt to not having that german machine, the economic machine helding you up, but, really, germany is the one that is at moment the outhigher -- outlier and there are questions whether they will think it is worth staying in and people are asking that for the first time in germany and the big question is going to be whether germany will take one of two choices. in essence, the high european projects is about two things: from a german standpoint, it is
4:37 pm
about staying close to france to show that those mistakes that were made back in the 19 30's happen again. and, secondly, that it is about maintaining your monetary and your fiscal discipline, being germanic about the economy, those two tips are in direct competition. germany has to pick one. either machinery and fiscal discipline, which case out goes the european project, out goes the euro zone or it picks the euro zone and allows inflation to go mad or allows the fiscal situation to go mad. >>neil: you could be right. the only worthy club member is the one that wants out. great have -- having you. is the obesity debate about to is the obesity debate about to go "pop." and i thought "i can't do this,
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>>neil: soda companies say it is time to account attacks on them as obesity rates soar. >> from the moment you wake up you face choices and it is up to you to determine what is best for you. get up. or snooze. stripes or solids. oatmeal. or yogurt. when it comes to what you drink, you have choices, too. juice. water. or something new. low-calorie. or no calorie. 7.5 ounces. or 2012 ounces. america's beverage companies are delivering to you. your family. and communities. >>neil: not so fast. nutritionist says so da share as lot of the blame in the obesity debate. so you don't like what they are saying here. it is all choice. >>guest: actually, i do like what they are saying in that they are offering more choices. they are decreasing the portion sizes. this is good. i help consumers buy it. but the reality: nothing is new
4:42 pm
here. you walk into any doctor's office, any dentist, any dietitian, they are all going to say the same thing: cut back on sweetened beverages it is not good. >>neil: what about unsweetened beverages, diet soda? >>guest: you know, with diet soda at least you do not have empty calories coming from sugar which is the link to diabetes and obesity which is associated but you want to be able to pod rate diet beverages because the main liquid we need is water. and so diet benefit ran could have artificial colors or flavorings, and we want to make sure that we mostly get water. the other concern that i have with, especially with sweetened beverages, that comes in what else is going out especially with teens, the number one source of calories with teens is actually coming from soda. we have a very big calcium didn'tcy. it is rampant.
4:43 pm
and 86 percent of girls and 64 percent of boys are calcium deficient and a study shows that they are not getting the milk they need because they get sugar beverages. >>neil: say all your attention, as go as they are, you want people to be fit like you, but you creep it to our likes like ... develop cre and you will not leave. it is one thing with the soda and the fatty foods and mcdonald's and they need to get salad and then yogurt but that is not enough and on and on with the pizza maker and who puts too much in the crest and who doesn't. you never seem to be satisfied. >>guest: i see your point. it can, advocacy groups pick on one thing. soda this week and something else nest week. so your point is a lot of policing going around, but,
4:44 pm
honestly, what i am concerned about about the link between soda and obesity is thin people are saying well i am thin so i can drink the sweetened beverages. that is not true. as far as health, and i am a nutritionist you can be thin and develop diabetes or a stroke. >>neil: no doubt, but i know you have our best interest at heart, but i am just thinking, bit by bit, we sell our nutritional soul to you. in other words, everything we consume, you are saying, you cannot get a grip or your life, it is up to us to do that. >>guest: i actually just want people to be healthy and the truth is you can be overweight or obese and still be healthy. it is your habits. and i would say maybe you agree with me, but we spend too much time if the united states talking about obesity when we should be talking about health.
4:45 pm
what are our habits? >>neil: you are coming in machines and taking out machines and going if the fast food machines. >>guest: but --. >>neil: stop. stop. >>guest: but they cut back the sweetened beverages in the schools, and they reduced it by 80 percent, something like that, and the beverage industry stepped up and they doing this. >>neil: but it would be a killer if everyone was still fat, they do all this stuff and they are fatter than they were before. >>guest: well, what we need to do is to look at all of the different things, our food environment is one thing. we need to make time to exercise. be honest. in our busy schedules. most do not get fruits and vegetables or their exercise. with the beverage industry, they are taking steps in the right direction, more choices, smaller portions but consumers are getting the message to cut back on sweetened drinks. >>neil: thank you. is america going to follow
4:46 pm
france? forget november what if i told you we will know in four weeks? are you still sleeping? just wanted to check and make sure that we were on schedule. the first technology of its kind... mom and dad, i have great news.
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>>neil: we have seen what happened in france were -- so will america call it quits? we will necessity -- know in about four weeks. the same issue, right? >>guest: and a lot of people on both sides of the aisle are correctly calling this the second most important election in the united states of america in the year 2012 and that is right. here is why. states of course are a bull wark
4:50 pm
and in wisconsin there was a conservative governor, is governing as a conservative and the democrats and big labor if hit state are so incensed they are trying to do the election over and throw him out. and if they succeed that foretells dark things for the states and the country. >>neil: i am curious, looking at it, how is he looking, governor walker, at the developments in france? >>guest: it is not just cuts. he is not going around and taking a battle a and slashing willy-nilly he went through and put together a plan. here is the difference. i watched your segment on plans and sarkozy and the big developments there. sarkozy did not have a compelling argument to bring to the french people saying, look, you need to keep me because my programs are working. the same problem president obama might have in the fall here. scott walker can say, here is
4:51 pm
what democrats and left wingers said would happen if we enacted the reforms. here is what has actually happened. they have worked. and my opponents were wrong. and they are sore losers. they lost and they cannot get over it. >> how much of a litmus test is bitses with for november? >> this is as i have said before, absolutely crucial not just in terms of the presidential race which is important. wisconsin will be a big state f we look at one state that went from blue to red, really dramatically, in 2010, wisconsin is up there and whether mitt romney can take advantage remains to be seen. but, it is not just romney. if we look at all the smaller laboratories of democracy, all 50 of them, if the unions and their democrat friends, and this is very unholy allowance they feed each other, if they are able to throw a conservative
4:52 pm
reformer out of office for being courageous and doing something --. >>neil: but maybe it is a matter of style. chris christie is saying the same thing in new jersey and is not facing a recall and governor indicatish -- governor kasich in ohio. is this something in the way the governor in wisconsin executed this? >>guest: there is a fair paint to be made there. it was absolutely necessary what he did. and the reforms are working but the >>chris:ty comparison is important. he has a democrat legislature in new jersey high had to work with and he divided and conquer asked won that. >>neil: you are right. >>guest: walker brought in a republican wave and took advantage of it and it is working. it is an peoples and oranges comparison but part of the way walker did it, saying we have the votes, sorry, folks, we won, that probably ticked and inflamed the left more. >>neil: a tad, a tad, a tad.
4:53 pm
great stuff. thank you. we will watch. what is the french term for "speak up," with the euro going the way of the dodo. stay tuned. teachers get the training... ...and support they need? schools flourish and students blossom. that's why programs like... ...the mickelson exxonmobil teachers academy... ...and astronaut sally ride's science academy are helping our . let's invest in our teachers and inspire our students. let's solve this. ♪
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you see exactly where your money is and what it's doing live. our e-trade pro platform offers powerful functionality that's still so usable you'll actually use it. and our mobile apps are the ultimate in wherever whenever investing. no matter what kind of investor you are, you'll find the technology to help you become a better one at e-trade. >> neil: no pain, no gain. well, not if french voters have anything to say about it. they wouldn't hear it. while nicolas sarkozy's wife was hot, his policies were not. both he and said hot wife are like go fish. sink and let go. next week, next week they will go. how is that for fast? don't let the le screen door hit you in le derrier on the way out. he is the 11th guy to be treated this way.
4:57 pm
european club that voters again said no way. which tells me that has to be a lousy club. members are saying it and the club owners are seeing it. that's why i'm predicting this. they are going to club and shut this european union club down. you know why? it's a stupid club. no one relished doing anything it took to be a member of the club. first off, because no one has the money to get in the club. then even after some of them borrowed a lot of money to get in the club, they discovered, hey, this is a stupid club. this is like the guy who joins a swappingy golf club in this country, only to discover that the course is in horrible shape, the food stinks and to add insult to injury, i'm part of your next foursome. not good. apparently not worth the price. at any price. even while journalists who run the club kept cutting the price, until the germans
4:58 pm
themselves started to complaining. we keep bailing out the idiot members who shouldn't be members. the french who were in better shape and could golf, bogeyed out. the fresh are a mess. the italliance are bigger mess. because none of them wants to do what the club rules say you have to do. cut spending and start growing. none of them will cut spending and as a result none of them are remotely growing. this isn't about lack of wills my friend. [ inaudible ] part of the club supposed to be the creme de la creme and now looks more like the crumbde la crumb. the golf club that never asks whether the members could pay the dues or one of them, even one of them could golf.
4:59 pm
crucial when you open a golf club, can you get people to open to play golf. it's all forgotten. much more on this with herman cain tonight at 6:00 p.m. on the fox business network. where we just don't report the business. we give them the business. we go back and forth with this teem. along with the if you don't have it, demand it. if you don't get it, demand it. if you don't have it in the business, because you want to demand it. we go back and forth on this. here to serve. we're not asking you to join the club. we're asking you to learn from it. that's it. mitt romney. the game -- >> he is going to beat you like a drum in november. don't take it personally. you seem like a nice guy. you're going down, bro. >> bob: my man! charles barker, telling like it is about november. i'm bob beckel with kimberly


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