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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  May 7, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> reporter: the white house confirms the plot to coincide with the one-year vers anniversy raid of the bin laden death. it was similar to the underwear bomb that failed to bring down jet on christmas day in 2009. it was seized before the bomber bought his ticket. forensic analysis is done to confirm both bombs were made by the same bomb maker. u.s. officials described him as their top target in yemen. he is considered one of the best bomb makers working today because he uses nonmetallic explosives. this device does not contain metal. there are improvements to the detonation mechanism. in a statement, the white house is vague on the timing, saying, "the president was first informed about the plot in april by his homeland security and counterterrorism advisor brennan and rereceived
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updates and briefing." three days before the anniversary of the bin laden raid, brennan stated. >> we said publicly there is no credible reporting that there is an active plot underway to coincide with the bin laden takedown. >> reporter: in a briefing to coincide with the anniversary, fox news asked a senior counterterrorism official if another device had been picked up. and it was denied. "i'm not familiar with the report you just cited. of another bomb in the last six months." so nothing has been intercepted or picked up in "not that i know of. no." tonight on capitol hill, senior officials and staffers told fox they had not been briefed on the plot or the device. moments ago, secretary of defense confirmed it was highly classified operation and that he had no further comment at this time, bret? >> bret: that is a bit unusual. for senate intelligence chair diane feinstein to say she was briefed 30 minutes ago about something that the president says he was briefed about in
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april, there seems to be a disconnect of who knew what when. >> reporter: there is several disconnects tonight that were earlier in the reporting. i spoke to another committee chairman short time ago. and he was still waiting to get his brief on this plot in yemen. the other thing i find striking is that the white house is being very vague on the timing at which the president knew about the plot from the white house counterterrorism advisor john brennan. to highlight, april 27, fox news asked specifically because we heard there had been some of that overseas. if something had been picked up. categorically denied. >> bret: quickly, one would assume that brennan was the one briefed. >> reporter: absolutely. >> bret: thank you. more on this with the panel. a 70-year-old american aid worker kidnapped in pakistan nine months ago says he will be killed by al-qaeda unless president obama intervenes. the video was posted on militant website over the
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weekend. investors managed to shrug off international disappointment after french and greek voters roundry rejected austerity measure. senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot reports from paris. >> french people woke up on prospect of a new leader. there was a mixture of hope and caution. >> good, good thing. >> yes. >> change? >> do you have any fears, too much spending? >> that is my fear, that he is not going to control the public finances as he should have or ad to do.
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>> pro-growth sentiment in france. he promised to renegotiate top european union debt pack. the anti-austerity sentiment expressed in greece as well. in all capitals declared last night, there are people thanks to us have hope and watch us and want the end of austerity. he wanted a weigh of sentiment against sarkozy who is the 11th leader to lose the job to the start of economic problems in europe. rejection in the flashy and address i approach. >> the style, the person. >> still, the french and european business world didn't seem to like the approach today, either. stock market and the euro were initially down. they rebounded as the day went on. product of the french political establishment. and could be more prague matt nick office. they say with the tight
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european union restrictions he won't be able to relax too much. >> one of first foreign meetings is set to be with chancellor angela merkel, a key figure in dealing with the european economic woes. >> now people with a new fresh leader goes on to nato and g-8 summit in the states later this month. he, too, will look for the reassurances from the frenchman on a range of economic and security matters. when possible topic of discussion is the penal to bring french troops home from afghanistan earlier than planneded. bret? >> bret: greg palkot streaming live from paris early tuesday morning. thank you. senior political analyst brit hume joins us now with thoughts about the french economy and analysis about the elections and the economy here. good evening. >> good evening, bret. what happened in france this weekend is proof of a
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universal political truth. the hardest thing to do in politics is not raise taxes or wage war, though both can be unpopular. the hardest thing is cut growth of government benefit program once they're in place and people come to expect and te pend on them. -- depend on them. they have generous benefits that allow many of them to retire in the mid-50s at nearly full salary. the government accounts for half of the french economy. the country's debt equals 80% of the annual output. last january, s&p downgraded their credit rating. sound familiar? sarkozy government tried to have tax increases to head off the debt crisis ungulfing greeks. but they said nuts to that and voted in president promising end to us a centerty. this austerity. this will not end well.
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de tocqueville was a frenchman but he wasn't talking about france, he was talking about america whose debt is exploding and the entitlement debt is expanding. it's not likely to end well either. >> bret: equal pay between men and women is a subject that gained traction on the campaign trail recently. as jim engal explains the statistic that men make more may not longer be as clear cut as it once was. >> president obama and the democrat are hoping to win women voters by a large margin. part of that strategy is making equal pay an issue, something that the president mentions often. >> if you do the same work as a man you ought to be paid the same wage as a man. >> bureau of labor statistics say women make 77 cents for every dollar earned by men. but it has nothing to do with equal pay for equal work. they instead compared pay of
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all women as a group compared to all men as group without considering a lot of differences. >> the cardiac surgeon and person checking out at a supermarket are compared as fair equal. >> you might have a woman working 35 hours answer might have a man working 50 hours or he travels more in that job. >> women are less likely to work 50 hours than men are. >> the reason for these differences is simple. >> they decide what is right for their kids. >> they say do i want to work full time or be with the children or combination of both? the man says do i want to work full-time, do i want to work full-time or work fulltime? >> women leaving workforce temporarily to care for children pay a price when they return.
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>> there is no question that scholars call motherhood penalty. it's difficult to come back and earn the pay you were earning when you levitt. >> men are more likely to take dangerous, higher paying job. there is an interesting fact that blows a hole in the argument about discrimination. >> young women in their 20s who don't have children not married are earning more than comparable young men. >> what if they earn 117% of what men earn in the workplace? >> ferrell was once on the board of the national organization for women in new york lists 25 variables that affect what kind of workmen and women choose. he and many others say women's pay is more function of personal choices than any discrimination against team workers. >> bret: interesting. thank you. we look at congressman ron paul as a force to be reckoned with coming up. but first, the president's position on gay marriage. is it changing or not?
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>> bret: top issue out of the white house today was not the economy. or jobs. but the subject of gay marriage. to chief white house correspondent ed henry explains that wasn't exactly what the administration wanted to talk about. >> one of those surreal days in the white house briefing room. >> it is as it was. >> jay carney tried to explain what president obama's stance was or is on same-sex marriage. after vice president joe biden said this. >> i am absolutely comfortable with the fact that men marrying men, women marrying women and heterosexual, men and women marrying are entitled to the same rights, all the civil rights, civil libertys. >> carney insisted the white house position has not changed, though that position was hazy. >> the vice president expressed his personal views. he said he was evolving on the issue.
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>> the vice president did not say he was evolving. that came in a white house clarification, adding confusion. carney said the president thinks states should decide in favor of marriage rights. though he would not say whether the president supports or opposes the cause. with voters going to the polls in north carolina tuesday, on a constitutional amendment, carney was pressed on whether the president is holding back to avoid a backlash in key battlegrounds. >> the president has been extremely aggressive in supporting lgbt rights. >> senior campaign advisor david axelrod tried to deflect attention attacking the presumptive republican nominee, romney. >> there couldn't a starker contrast on this issue than with governor romney who funded efforts to roll back marriage laws in california and other places. >> the contrast could be stark if the president came out in favor of same-sex marriage. instead, recently as saturday, he tantalized supports with hints what he may do after
6:15 pm
november. >> that is what we're fighting for, ohio. a bold america. a forward-looking america, where everybody has a chance to make of their life what they will. >> that frustrated a former biden intern now a leading advocate of gay marriage. >> until he is forth right with the freedom to marry he won't do anything to appease the voters for whom he will never be antigay enough, but he is not satisfying the voters who want to be with him. >> caroline kennedy, one of the president's campaign co-chairs today said she wants a plapping backing same-sex marriage at the democratic convention in north carolina. arnie duncan today, education secretary, became the second cabinet official in recent months to back same-sex marriage showing there is pressure building on the president. >> bret: the swing state of north carolina is putting a major spotlight on issue of same-sex marriage.
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we look at the referendum that pits traditional marriage against unintended consequences. >> nobody has the right to redefine marriage. for all the talk of economy in the election year, the hottest issue on the ballot is a constitutional amendment to been a same-sex marriage. >> the think time-testing building block is family. >> he is a prime sponsor of amendment one to enshrine marriage between one man and one woman as the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized in this state. why the need for constitutional amendment? tammy fitzgerald is leading campaign in support of the measure. >> it's to protect marriage from redefinition by activist judges or future legislators. what is happening in other states marriage is redefined by judges and lengouslitures without people having an opportunity to vote on it. >> not only does amendment 1
6:17 pm
been a same-sex marriage but marriage equivalents like zil unions and domestic partnerships. >> in north carolina, little support for same-sex marriage. so opponents are fighting on the unintended consequences, warning that people living together but unmarried could lose benefits or legal protection. >> we had legal experts agree to consequences are real and could happen. >> ponts point to ohio kate and threw out a charge of felony domestic violence because the couple wasn't married. under the state's marriage amendment, the abused woman had no legal protections. in the meantime, maxine says there were plenty of unintended consequences. >> in ohio, 30 cases were
6:18 pm
dismissed not because the abuser didn't abuse the partner but because they weren't married to the partne partner. >> they insist north carolina has rock-solid laws against domestic abuse. >> they have a wrath of frivolous objections because they are opposed to uniqueness of marriage. >> even some people who believe in the "uniqueness" of marriage thinks the amendment goes too far. photographer curtis brown travelled the state for the vote against campaign an found many conservatives were happy to join in. >> we had great photo shoots where people would comment and they're like i'm against gay marriage. i don't believe in it at all but i'm against this amendment. >> new poll out this morning found support for the amendment in north carolina among voters at 59%. 39% of people are opposed. turn-out will be key here. analysis of early voting
6:19 pm
trends found more democrats returned ballots than republicans. with the republican primary all but over, a big question looming tonight will the amendment alone be enough to get conservatives to the polls tomorrow? bret? >> john roberts life in atlanta. thank you. still ahead, who else could possibly join presumptive nominee mitt romney on the republican ticket? running with romney series concludes tonight. but first, ron paul continues to collect delegates, while ignoring labeling for his opponents, labels like the presumptive nominee. ♪
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>> bret: lawyer for a wealthy heiress testified today he believes his client gave a large sum of money to john edwards as a gift. not a campaign contribution.
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some of that money went to hide edwards' pregnant mistress. whether edwards knew of the coverup is a key question in this trial. presumptive republican presidential nominee mitt romney transitions to the general election, texas conman ron paul says the g.o.p. race is not over yet. the man with the growing fan base also has a growing roster of delegates. chief political correspondent carl cameron looks at what paul's end game might be. >> mitt romney made ohio his first campaign stop of the week, to rebut the president's weekend attack and the potentially decisive battleground state. >> his vision is keep spending $1 trillion more every year than we take in. my view that is not just bad economics it's immoral for to us pass obligations to the next generation. >> among 12 key swing states, including ohio, the latest gallop poll has romney tied with the president. gallup says obama's backers
6:24 pm
are ten times more enthusiastic than romney's backers. but among independents who often decide presidential races romney leads by ten points. so he still faces the g.o.p. opposition. >> you know there is still ongoing presidential race in this country? >> ron paul won no primary or caucuses and poses no real threat to romney but it's plurality of delegates in five states his name could be offe offered up delegation in tampa. this year at the main state convention, paul backers elected 23 out of 24 delegates for paul. romney won the main caucuses earlier in year. delegates are bound to back romney at the first convention ballot. romney won ballot two. the paul backers made claim of 22 of 28 delegates. they are also bound to romney. and could switch to paul if voting went to a second ballot. romney won the home state primary of massachusetts but the paul delegates dominated the convention that the paul
6:25 pm
backers could control more than half the delegation of the national convention. embarrassing for presumptive nominee. rick santorum won louisiana and minnesota at the ballot box but he withdrew from the race so that allowed paul back torres secure delegate -- dakers to secure delegates from both of those states. in three months paul hopes to pack more state delegation with the is porters in washington, missouri, nebraska, idaho and especially iowa. the first in the nation caucus. they are all but certain to nominate romney but the numbers suggest when they get to the convention a lot of it is about ron paul. >> bret: it could be interesting. carl, thank you. vladimir putin took the oath of office today for a third term as russia's president. it will take him to 2018 with an option to run again. outside the kremlin, thousands of riot police held off demonstrators upset with the putin presidency.
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lymphoma, or other types of cancer, blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before starting humira, your doctor should test you for tb. ask your doctor if you live or have been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. tell your doctor if you have had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have symptoms such as fever, fatigue, cough, or sores. you should not start humira if you have any kind of infection. ask your rheumatologist how you can defend against and help stop further joint damage with humira. >> bret: tonight we continue the series "running with romney" with a look at some of the other possible contenders for the number two spot on the g.o.p. ticket this fall. included are some obvious choices, as well as some people who might surprise you. in this series, we profiled
6:30 pm
five possible presidential nominees. ohio senator rob portman, wisconsin congressman paul ryan, florida senator marco rubio, former secretary of state condoleezza rice, and virginia for bob mcdonald. these of course are not the only possibilities. let's look at the top tier of the others. and the longshots. two term indiana governor mitch daniels has a reputation for budget cutting and fiscal conservative. he is not flashy but has a record of turning indiana around that could play nationally. >> you can't run a family, gas station, let alone a country with the levels of debt. it's mathematically certain we are going broke if we don't change in a very large way. >> analysts say there are many reasons daniels was talked about as a possible presidential candidate, but there is debate on his appeal on a ticket with romney. >> come up from a place that romney would be. he would be an excellent vice
6:31 pm
president on deficit and the budget problems being asset in office. but i'm not sure he helps you get to office. that is part of the problem. >> i sat here, sit here respectfully listened to you. if what you want to do is put on a show and giggle every time i talk, i have no interest in answering your questions. >> new jersey governor chris christie is seen by many as one of the most successful g.o.p. rising stars. doing so in a traditionally blue state. his greatest achievement may have been taking on the public sector unions. even those who don't agree with me know if i look them in the eye, tell them i'm going to do something, i'm going to do it. regardless of the perceived political costs. if i tell them no, they know no means no. >> mr. every man, governor of new jersey has shown an ability to connect with the kind of voters, to the blue collar working class people, sur bourbonites that governor romney needs to carry to win
6:32 pm
ohio, michigan, pennsylvania. >> bret: demographically, most analysts agree christie could not deliver new jersey to the g.o.p. while he is said to have a close relationship with romney, his blunt style could overshadow the nominee. >> the down side is super charisma. i have what i call the hollywood agent rule. i pretend i'm robert redford's agent and a studio calls and says we'll put money behind bob redford movie. he's older but great star. try one more time. costar for the smaller star is brat pitti. if i'm his agent i say no thank you. be careful about the surplus of attention. the comparison he can weaken the image of candidate that ultimately people make decision about. >> south dakota senator thune is rising star. he is an early romney endorseer who campaigned with him. you don't get a state you need
6:33 pm
with thune but several say you get a media-friendly pick. >> i'm reaganesque conservative, right of center republican who believes in a limited role forral government. >> former florida governor jeb bush has been called the perfect pick on policy and demographics by some but his last name linking to the last administration seems to be moving him down the list. >> i think what is important to the hispanic community is the same thing that is important to americans across the country. >> new mexico governor martinez, successful western state governor has been mentioned. but several analysts say she is not the right pick now. >> i think she is rising star in the republican party. i do think that she is right to be so emphatic saying no, she doesn't want to be considered. the executive experience of being the governor will well serve her in the future but it's premature. >> aiot, new hampshire senator, former attorney general there has been
6:34 pm
campaigning with romney and defended her resume over the weekend. >> i have some experience than obama had when he was a senator and ran being the chief law enforcement officer of my state. >> south carolina governor nikki haley also endorsed early but downplayed v.p. possibilities. >> no, i'm going to stay in the state and continue to do what i promised i'd do. >> former presidential candidate rick santorum and tim pawlenty have attractive qualities to unite the party but are seen as longshots, as are louisiana governor bobby jindal and kentucky senator rand paul. ron paul's son. for romney to unite paul supporters. >> rand paul would be an interesting pick. way out there in terms of i don't expect romney to do it. but there were days i wonered about it when you saw the two, ron paul and him in debates and things. it would be interesting. >> bret: the longest of long shots? current c.i.a. director an retired general georg david
6:35 pm
petraeus. >> petraeus does not see himself as dwight eisenhower or douglas m macarthur to ride in political battle. >> bret: our analysts agree romney will follow this rule -- >> first, do no harm. election is about the presidential candidate. if you pick wrong on vice president trying to get too creative, swinging for long ball you can create problems for yourself. >> bret: you can see all of our running with romney reports on our home page at just see the running with romney play list. you can also see the complete interviews with four of the potential runningmates. check it out. we will talk about the foiled al-qaeda bomb attack. who knew what and when? and what this says about the ongoing war on terror. the fox all-stars going me after the break. [ male announc] this is genco services -- mcallen, texas. in here, heavy rental equipment in the middle of nowhere, is always headed somewhere. to give it a sense of direction, at&t created
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the united states engages in a number of operations to go after al-qaeda. and their militant allies. their terrorist allies. who would try to attack the united states. what this dints makes clear is -- this incident makes clear is the country has to continue to remain vigilant against those that would seek to attack this country. and we will do everything necessary to keep america safe. >> bret: not a lot of details from the defense secretary leon panetta today about a thwarted plot. the u.s. officials saying they believe that al-syrie a top target in yemen was tied to this plot. he's considered one of best bomb makers working together because he uses a nonmetallic explosives called ptn. you don't need a lot of it. you can get through metal detectors. apparently there was a suicide bomber thwarted by the c.i.a.
6:40 pm
before he got on a u.s. airliner. now this happens, apparently, sometime but the president is briefed in mid-april. this is the statement from the nfc. while the president was assured that the device did not pose a threat to the public he directed the department of homeland security and law enforcement and intelligence agencies to take whatever steps necessary to guard against this type of attack, this disruption of this ied plot, underscores the necessity of remaining individual leapt against terrorism here -- vigilant against terrorism here an abroad. to continue this, around the anniversary of the usama bin laden killing, this is what u.s. officials were saying at the time. >> yes, we said publicly, there is no credible reporting right now that there is an active plot underway to coincide with the anniversary of the bin laden take-down. but the counterterrorism community is used to making sure that we are as vigilant as possible to guard against
6:41 pm
terrorist group to mark such a day. >> there is no credible information about anything pinned to the one-year anniversary. but we as always ask americans to be vigilant. >> bret: the intelligence chairs on capitol hill said they were briefed an hour ago on this. bring in the panel. steve hayes for "weekly standard." charles lane, opinion writer for the "washington post." syndicated columnnist charles krauthammer. okay, steve, what do you make of this? >> as you say, there is a lot more we don't know than what we know. clearly it seems to me that the administration is saying several different things maybe they will find a way in the next couple of ways to explain it and put it in context. i was struck by comments from both john brennan an secretary napolitano that they had very specific language, they said we don't know that anything is underway. we don't know that anything is set to coincide with the anniversary of the killing of bin laden. those are two sort of escape hatches in their language if you are talking about it. may be the case when john brennan gave the interview on "fox news sunday" this has
6:42 pm
already been thwarted in which case it would haven't been underway. >> bret: let me interrupt you. around that time there was a background briefing, senior counterterrorism officials asked if another device had been picked up anywhere. there was a rumor that it happened. it was denied. the senior counterterrorism official said i'm not familiar with any report about a bomb in the last six months. catherine herridge asked so nothing has been intercepted or picked up around this time? and the answer was not that i know of, no. >> yeah. again, i think they are being vague with their language there. look, the lesson for the administration if you look back at a series of these, whether it's the underwear bomber or fort hood shooting is not same too much. they need to do everything they can to give out good and accurate information. but remember, president obama three days after the failed bombing of the airliner over detroit said that he thought it was the work of an isolated extremist and you later found out it was a bomb supplied by
6:43 pm
the same series who believed made this bomb. so there are a lot of details we don't know. we're sure to find out more. but they have clean-up work to do, i think quickly. >> bret: chuck, listen, first of all, the credit goes to intelligence official who thwart these things every day. the things we know about and the things we don't know about. on one side, obviously a lot of people say this is comforting. on the other side, there is some kind of jumble about who knew what when. is that comforting? >> well, there is, put hit the way, there is still a lot of questions, a lot more questions than answers. one thing i find troubling in the statement, the president was assured that the device did not pose a threat to the public. stop and think about that. what kind of bomb does not pose a threat to the public? what does that mean? if it doesn't pose a threat why were they worried about it? the whole way the information has come out, it seems murky and in that sense not reassuring. they have to move quickly to
6:44 pm
clean the storyline up. >> charles? >> you said all the credit goes to intelligence community. i think not. look at the statement. the president assuring that it would not pose a threat and he directed the department of homeland security,eths, to take whatever steps are necessary to guard against the type of attack. that puts him at the center of this as with everything else he does. that was an attempt at irony that apparently fell completely flat. i'll continue. what is odd about this, when whn catherine herridge asked a question they were clearly saying there has been nothing in six months. the best face you can put on this and what is probably true is they were lying because the plot had been disrupted but the knowledge wasn't out there. they were trying to use the extra time before it becomes a public issue to use whatever intelligence they had to track whoever they want to track down. i would say in contrast with what happened with the usama bin laden raid, in which in
6:45 pm
the midst of the boasting, they told us they had gotten trove of intelligence, including safe houses which was a signal to every bad guy on the planet to go and move. and call allies immediately. so at least he looks as if they were, at least hiding information. it would make sense. i think it would be something that you could say was right to do. if you were using the time, before it became a public event, to garner information, and to get other terrorists. >> bret: steve, you a transparency guy. you say it should all be out there. for someone flying between mid-april and now, should they have been alerted to this possibility? >> no. obviously, huge exception to the transparency rule is it affects ongoing intelligence operations. that is what the administration is claiming. >> bret: although the bin laden raid as charles mentioned could have affected ongoing intelligence operations at the time. >> yeah. i think if you go back to the bin laden raid, the administration had to offer some kind of a story about
6:46 pm
what happened when usama bin laden was killed. maybe they didn't provide as many details as they did, but they needed to have some kind of a story. i think the bigger risk to them in this case, we'll see where it goes. we have don't have lot of information. is that it seems the administration has done a great deal of minimizing the war on terror over the past several weeks, maybe months. you remember biden said that the it's not our enemy per se. two weeks ago, the "national journal" quoted a senior state department official claiming that war on terror was over. you had these statement repeatedly. front page story in the "washington post" today saying the united states government decided to release high-level and risky detainees in an effort to create peace with the taliban. you a series of events to suggest that the administration believes that the threat isn't as great as it has been. yet, you have people like dianne feinstein who chairs the senate intelligence committee and mike ronalers who chairs the house intelligence committee coming back from a trip to afghanistan saying they were told that the taliban is
6:47 pm
stronger than it was before the surge. the administration risks being seen as not taking the threats seriously enough. particularly if one of these goes through. >> bret: all right. politics and messaging aside, important to point out this is an evolution if it's accurate in the explosive. and petn, a cap like this, could explode this table. and you could be seeing a change in the bomb making that we're seeing from al-qaeda. >> also, it tells us again that the center of gravity of al-qaeda is no longer pakistan and afghanistan. it's in yemen. that is why people are questioning we f we ought to be in afghanistan if the guys, bad guys change addresses. >> bret: next up, big political changes in the euro zone.
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♪ ♪ >> bret: there you see a look in paris. franois beating incumbent president nicolas sarkozy to become the first french socialist leader in 17 careers. he ran on anti-austerity. and promised to tax the rich up to 75%. lower the retirement age and he won big. back with the panel. what does it mean for europe? what does it mean for the u.s.? charles? >> i think the general interpretation is correct. this is revolt of the people in europe who don't have a lot of say when the e.u. is doing business. against austerity, which has been decreed by the germans and the french, the leadership. as response to the crisis in greece and elsewhere. the problem is this. it did bring down the government. austerity brought down the government in portugal, italy and ireland, in spain and in greece. but you can vote to change
6:52 pm
leadership on austerity but you can't vote against mathematics. he is a socialist and he says he wants to, no aweer thety, he wants growth. that is a way to say tax and spend. he wants to reduce the number of cuts in spending. he wants to tax the rich. those that make over a million euros a year at rate of over 75%. i guarantee you that the treasury in paris will get less net revenue as the rich are able to move easier than the poor, as happened in other countries. the problem is that in the end, if he does all of that he says he will do, increase the taxes, and not do the cuts, the markets will squeeze the french the way they squeeze the greek and spaniard and portuguese. you can vote to have a new government but you can't have a new economy unless you do your cuts and you balance your budget. which he doesn't want to do. >> bret: chuck, does it translate here?
6:53 pm
>> well, we haven't had austerity yet. quite the way some countries are had in europe. which translates here broadly speaking of the same problem. not as acute or immediate, but we have to balance our budget. get our welfare state in efficient state. i don't know what austerity that mr. hollande is complaining about in france. they raise the retirement age to 52 and that's five years less than germany. that fact alone suggests some the reasons there may be difficulty doling with german germany. if he washes in with the position i'd like to reduce my public retirement age to lower than yours. >> bret: steve, there is concern about europe overall that the economy there is fragile. it potential lyric shays to the u.s. and directly to the market here. >> it could. people are right to have that concern. i find amusing in the affair
6:54 pm
that the newspapers today, you look at the aftermath of what happened in france, greek elections, municipal elections, local elections in britain. now everybody wants to draw lessons from europe. you have a series of electio elections. the conventional wisdom here is whoa, this is meaningful to the united states. on the other hand we had decades of economic policy, for which we don't want to draw any lessons apparently or any leaders don't. i say the leftist i europe goes back decades and involves the growth of the state. rather than two years of austerity or fake austerity in some cases. >> that is what is remarkable. the austerity in france has not happened. it's -- there has been some change in the weekly work hours. no real cuts. and as chuck indicates when they raise the retirement age, this is a big deal in france from 60, to 62, there were riots in the street.
6:55 pm
students with no job and who would not be affected for 40 years to have two extra years of work. riding and smashing a window in the street of paris over this. it tells you how subject gat gateed and -- subjugateed and coddled, imposing on austerity population craid to the grave government will be hard. that's why the socialists want it. in end, you can't repeal economics. >> bret: that is it for the panel. stay tuned to see how times have changed. sa and i quit smoking with chantix. when the doctor told me that i could smoke for the first wee.. i'm like...yeah, ok... little did i know that one week later i wasn't smoking. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of depression or other mental health problems,
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6:59 pm
>> awe. look at that what fun. [ laughter ] >> if you see her in the wal-mart, might tell her to pull over. don't forget, can you always drop me a tweet at bret baier. thanks for inus into your home tonight. that is it for this "special report," fair, balanced, and unafraid. >> this is "the fox report." al qaeda is trying to bomb us again. breaking late today, another underwear plot foiled. a new sophisticated design with no medal. and there could be more. could they get through airport security? plus, the trial of john edwards. did he personally


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