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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  May 7, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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paper. >> jesse interviews young people who say they saw the crime. >> they were whooping up on the girl, too right? >> yeah. >> we will continue our factor investigation of a biased crime being covered up in virginia. >> i am absolutely comfortable with men marrying men, women marrying women and heterosexuals are entitled to the same exact rights. >> bill: vice president biden seems to endorse gay marriage. will that help president obama who still has not taken a stance on the issue? we'll have analysis of that. >> i will not describe what she was wearing suffice it to say that it was distracting. >> and a lawyer for one of the accused al qaeda cirlings says women should dress modestly at the military trial in gitmo. out of respect for the defendants. are you kidding me? caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now.
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>> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the biased crime in virginia grows. that's the subject of this evening's talking points memo. last we we reported on a biased assault in norfolk that left two newspaper reporters injured shortly after 11:00 p.m. on april 14th. margin and david forster were coming home from the theater when someone threw a rock at their vehicle. mr. forster got out to affront the assailant and was set upon by approximately five african-american young men who beat him. the thugs then attacked ms. rastami as a crowd of about 30 surrounded the vehicle and witnessed the assault. hysterical. she called 911 and the police arrived. the initial police report described the assault as a biased crime. and a 16-year-old has been
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arrested. but, now, the norfolk police say it was not a biased crime and are refusing to release the 911 tape saying that would hurt their investigation. how? how could that be possible? in addition, both victims have filed complaints against the norfolk police department alleging the investigation was mishandled and the cops didn't really want to arrest the assailants or even find them. at the same time the newspaper the reporters work for the virginia pilot didn't cover the story for two weeks. despite the fact the reporters had to take a week off from work to deal with their wounds. the editor of the pilot dennis findlay declined to be interviewed by me but did talk to jesse watters. >> this story has been blown out of proportion. that's not to diminish the fact that i had two reporters who got beaten. but, what it amounts to is a
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street altercation, not a mob attack. no evidence that it was a racial attack. so,. >> we spoke to some people today who said that, you know, there may have been some trayvon martin retribution. had you people on abc saying that when people come around this neighborhood that aren't from this neighborhood they better watch out. you know, if you have black mobs, five or six people beating up white people, you don't think that the community deserves to know that? >> well, was it a black mob or was it a street altercation? >> there were a handful of people. >> your own reporters said that t was about 30 people on the street. >> on the street, yes. but, a handful involved in the fight. a handful. >> but they were outmanned by quite a considerable amount of people? >> sure, sure. >> and a woman was attacked? >> a woman was involved. but, again, simple assault. it was not a mob attack. and there is no way for me to
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know whether it was racially motivated. >> bill: here is some advice to mr. findlay, it's your job to find out whether it was racially motivated. that's what the press does. you don't sit around wondering and ignoring the story. that's absurd. it didn't take long for jesse to find neighborhood guys who say they saw what happened when the two reporters were assaulted. >> how many guys came after him? like five or six or all 15? >> i think all of them. >> you saw it happen? >> yep. >> and they were whooping up on othe girl, too right? >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> she didn't really deserve it. >> no. >> was that racial thing like a trayvon martin situation? >> i think so. >> now, the story gets even more disturbing. the victims, have received death threats and had to leave the norfolk area for time they
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now have security guards providing protection because the situation is so volatile. in the face of all of, this virginia's attorney general ken cuccinelli says his office will not intervene or even provide oversight. cuccinelli also says he will not ask that the 911 tape be released. since the victims have filed formal charges against the norfolk police department, we're obviously having trouble getting a handle on the case. we find the attorney general's apathy troubling to say the least. so we called virginia governor bob mcdonald who late this afternoon said he would take a look at the case. the governor has the power to order a state investigation which this situation badly needs. finally, unlike the trayvon martin situation, which the national media aggressively covered, the factor is the only national news program reporting the story. yes, trayvon was killed and these two reporters are alive. but it is inconceivable that had a white mob set upon two
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black americans, the media would sit it out. but that's what's happening in the virginia case. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, a debriefing of jesse watters who joins us now. all right, the two reporters who got beat up, what's their situation now? >> well, physically they have healed from their injuries but they are still incredibly shaken up. the male victim was from south dakota. he wasn't a street smart kid. he was very naive at this point he knows he should have never exited the vehicle. right now he feels a little emasculated because he was beaten up in front of his girlfriend and wasn't able to protect her. >> bill: the girl came out to try to save him, right? came out of the vehicle. >> right. and she got beaten up. from what i hear also, she has been hysterical and livid at the local press coverage. she called in to a local news reporter and complaining at the top of her lungs about the biased portrayal that they're getting in the news down there. >> >> bill: what do you mean by that? what shoe s. she upset about that exactly. >> what the local press is doing is taking everything
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from the police report and kind of discounting the eyewitness testimony from these two reporters. >> bill: so that the woman who was assaulted doesn't think that the case is being reported accurately? as far as seriousness? >> she doesn't like the reportage down there from the local press. but, actually, they are pleased with the fact that now the gang unit has taken over the investigation within the norfolk ph.d. >> all right. now, you say that they have received death threats. >> yes. >> the two reporters? >> they have. >> why? what do they do? they just get beat up? >> i think there is a lot of racial animosity in norfolk. because the story was so explosive and because it was two weeks before it came out, it was like a top was put on this powder keg and all of a sudden it exploded and a lot of people in the black community in the wake of trayvon martin are kind of using this as leverage or kind of avenue to explode. >> bill: do you think this attack was racially motivated or a bunch of kids hanging around at 11:00 at night with nothing to do and decided to cause trouble?
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>> personally i don't think they hate white people but they did tell me they target white people because it gives them street credit. >> who told you that? >> one of the white witnesses. they attack white people because it's an easy mark. take them down and gives them street cred. >> the editor didn't look good if it pleasely. >> -- findlay. >> you flood the zone with reporters. you find out. we sent you down there, you are not from on around there. we sent down from new york and you got 10 times as much information as his staff has in three weeks. is finley afraid of the story. >> bad pr for the city. bad pr for the beach community that gets a lot of tourism. if he was a smart businessman he would have owned the story. it would have gotten massive clicks, massive distribution everywhere. weighs too scared. now because he wait sod long, he put his own reporters in danger. >> bill: he certainly doesn't have their back and now they are getting death threats. anyway. we are going to continue covering this story. particularly at the state level. we expect the governor of
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virginia to intervene here. that needs to happen. we need to get the 911 tape also. that needs to happen. all right. jesse. thanks very much. >> thank you. >> next on the run down we have reaction from bernie goldberg. later, chaos in guantanamo bay where lawyers for the al qaeda defendants of 9/11 try to turn the trial into a farce. we're coming right back.
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>> impact segment tonight. get down to miami where our pal is standing by to analyze the virginia situation. mr. goldberg recently won national enemy for hbo investigation on college football and money. how many emmys does that make for you goldberg? how many? >> even dozen, 12. >> you can hold it up and just show everybody? did you bring it with you? >> no. i don't have it with me. >> you don't keep it the in car? just in case? >> no. i do. it is in the car. it's down stairs. >> congratulations, 12 emmys you are nine up on me and i don't think that's fair. >> that's okay. >> bill: this is a serious story. isn't of isn't it amazing that you have the locals trying to spike and it kill it and national media won't go near it. what do you adistribute that to. >> let's take this one step at a time. as you correctly said in the memo. if this were a gang of white people who attacked a young black man and woman, everybody
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agrees that would be news. but when it was a gang of black people, it wasn't news. why is that? well, it must have something to it do with the race of the assailants. so, here is what it is really about, bill. here is what it is really about. it goes beyond journalism. it's a much bigger issue. it's about white, usually white liberal paternalism where they say well, we really can't hold black people up to the same standards as we hold white people up to. that's why we are not putting it in the paper. they are different. so two things happen after that. one, the newspaper, the media, they don't want to air that kind of dirty laundry because it's kind of embarrassing for the black community. and, two, they don't want to give ammunition to the bigots who probably would say, you see, that's how they all behave. now, look, we hate, we detest the bigots. but a newspaper has a responsibility to cover legitimate news. and if it's news, if a white
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gang beats up a black couple, then it's also news if a black gang beats up a white couple. >> bill: could you believe this guy findlay -- finley said i don't know if it was racial. is it me? >> no. you said something else in the interview with jesse that's correct. he found out in one day ten times more than the entire staff the newspaper has found out to date. i mean, one guy goes down there and finds out. he starts talking to people. so, look, you know why the editor hasn't found out yet if it's racially motivated? >> bill: because he doesn't want. >> to he doesn't want to find out if it's racially motivated. that's where there is trouble. if he finds out that it is racially motivated, if they get quotes from people, you know, along the lines of what jesse got that, yeah, we see
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white people, they are easy targets, believe me, they don't want any part of that. >> bill: isn't white liberal paternalism as you put it bias? isn't it prejudice? >> i would go a step further. it's a form of racism. it's a form of racism. could you imagine saying well, i don't want to hold black people to the same standards as whites. whites are obviously much better than those people. that's racism. that's despicable. that's nasty stuff. but, when a newspaper editor does it, well, we can't call him a racist because is he probably also a liberal -- >> bill: it's not just him. it's extended to the national media they well know the story now. this is like the fourth night we have reported the story. they all know it. all right? you can't tell me that msnbc, if it were reversed wouldn't be every show, al sharpton, jesse jackson, on and on and on. >> so would the "new york
8:16 pm
times." it would be a big story. this is where the paternalism kicks in. they don't. a, they don't expect the same standards from black people. they will deny that forever. but, one thing that they can't deny, they don't want to embarrass -- they don't want to air this kind of dirty laundry. that's one thing. >> bill: this has been going on. >> they don't want to give ammunition to the bigots. this is a major -- these are two major points. >> bill: absolutely. bernie and i worked together briefly at cbs. it was briefly for me. bernie was there forever. bernie wouldn't talk to me in the hallway or anything like that. >> that's not true. that's not true. i said hey, get me some coffee. >> bill: that's right. real quick. i get sent out to province town, massachusetts to do story on portuguese infrastructure on that town and the gay influx on the weekends where there were a bunch of gay guys acting out in public that were offending the population there. i had a great story. i brought it back. they wouldn't run it they
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wouldn't run it for exactly the same reason that you just said because they didn't want bigots say looking at all those homosexuals, look at what they are doing. they are terrible people. and they took a great story and they just threw it away. i was stunned. i came off local news. that was my first network experience. this has been going on for 30 years. and it's still as bad as it's ever been. last word. >> i think they are right in that bigots would use it as ammunition. you, bill, and i hate that dee dee test the bigots. but, journalists have an usama bin laden gation. the obligation. >> bill: to report the truth. >> to their viewership and readership and that's to report the news. let somebody else deal with the bigots. the newspaper has to report the news. >> bill: all right. bernie goldberg, everybody. directly ahead, the 9/11 killers try to turn their trial into a circus at gitmo. we predicted it would happen and it has. and, later, vice president biden endorsing gay marriage. is that a smart political move? those reports after these
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>> bill: factor follow up segment tonight. as you may know five captured terrorists are on trial at guantanamo bay for murdering 3,000 people on 9/11. wanted to try new york city in civilian court. we opposed that saying the trial would become a circus. well on saturday the military trial's first day down in gitmo, that's what the attorneys for the defendants tried to do. attorney the proceedings into a farce. series of absurd moves it took 13 hours. the attorneys railed against the united states and one female lawyer even suggested that women at the trial wear clothing acceptable to the terrorists. joining us now from boston
8:22 pm
colonel david hunt and from washington lt. colonel ralph peters, author of the book "cain at gettysburg." both fox news analysts. colonel peters, the whole thing on saturday was preliminary. the real trial is not going to start until next year. it was a farce, right? >> it certainly was. look, these terrorists were trying to put on trial are having a ball. they are enjoying exploiting the system. their lawyers are helping them. what you are see something basically the abbey hoffman and jerry reuben with prayer rugs is a tremendous, tremendous propaganda opportunity for them military court is very afraid. they are cowered by the holder department and the administration. afraid to crackdown because they will be accused of oppression. the bottom line is, this bill, those terrorists never should have even made it to gitmo. >> bill: all right. but we have them there why can't execute them.
8:23 pm
that's not the nation we are. the waterboarding. one was strapped into a chair because he was misbehaving. i want to get hunt's opinion on the lawyer suggesting that women who come in dressed as a muslim lady might dress, you know, not to offend the five defendants. and you say? >> it's a farce. i mean, it's not ever going to happen. i think we -- ravel is right. congratulate him by the way on his book. it's great. the truth is we are probably 8 years behind this, bill. these people should have been tried guilty, and executed over 8 years ago. i think -- i disagree i think they should have been tried in the u.s. and with the u.s. system because they were arrested and the problem is propaganda success for al qaeda because got gitmo still in the picture. and this farce that's being run unfortunately by a military commission. >> bill: you saying propaganda. don't you understand what a dog and pony show it would be here in manhattan if they were
8:24 pm
here? this thing got a little bit of exposure but not that much. i mean here they would be standing outside every day. they will be screaming and yelling. there would be protesters. come on. >> if it was in new york city, maybe. but not -- my point is when they captured these guys, ralph is right, in the heat of battle, things should not have come back. >> bill: i'm not pulling back on my assertion the military should handle this because, look. >> i didn't get the farce. >> it would have been terrible here. let's get specific. why is the trial now not going to happen colonel peters until 2013? why don't they say here they are, go. >> for a number of reasons, one, the obama administration doesn't want it to happen before the election. >> bill: why not? wouldn't that be good for them if they convicted these guys? >> no. not if it's a farce. not if it's in the headlines every day and feeds into governor romney's campaign.
8:25 pm
but, look, i think more importantly, bill, why have done this to ourselves. how is that deterrent to terrorism when they know if they are captured by the united states they will not only get a fair trial they will get the first dental care of their lives. best treatment ever. special diets. prayer times. >> kind of country we are. i have been to guantanamo bay twice. got little soccer fields there. >> in super max prisons, do american citizen convicts get the same rights as these terrorists who killed 3,000 americans? >> it's a better deal in guantanamo bay than the super max. i will give you that luke they neuronburg trials best examples of what we have had to compare to the al qaeda trials. those horrendous nazis were treated with dignity over there the trial was a major deal. t was covered by everyone. it wasn't on u.s. soil as it
8:26 pm
shouldn't have been. it was over in germany where the aasphros -- atrocities took place. they got convicted and they were out of there. it was a military trial. they didn't bring them in here so crazy civilian lawyers could defend these guys. that's the model. i. the model to work. if these people get out of line like the woman, if she wants to wear a burqa, fine, if she starts interrupting the trial saying my client is offended by some of the women and their dress. too bad, lady, if you don't like it, go outside. if i'm the judge that's what i'm doing. >> i think neuroburg happened pretty quickly after world war ii. this has taken 10 years. this trial will not be done before the buildings are rebuilt. and it's only helping -- the only thing this is helping is al qaeda right now. that's my issue. the war on terror we should never let this get this far. >> bill: i agree. >> now we are turning it into a farce. that's my objection. that's why i wanted a trial here and done with and these
8:27 pm
guys executed. >> believe me it would have been four years if it were civilian court just like the guy in virginia. last word colonel peters, go. >> this is going to be going on for another decade. we have done it to ourselves. the bottom line is this. when you are confronted with terrorists, you only take the absolute best sources prisoner. you interrogate them. get rid of them. never, never, never even let the public know you have them. >> bill: wow. all right, guys. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. vice president biden appears tone doors gay marriage even though president obama has not done that. we have analysis. also, the occupy wall street movement putting out an album, some big names are involved. we'll tell you all about it. trying to raise money for the occupiers and we hope you stay tuned to those reports. ♪ why do you whisper, green grass? ♪ [ all ] shh! ♪ why tell the trees what ain't so? ♪
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8:31 pm
colombia. yesterday vice president biden seemed to endorse it nationally. >> i am the vice president of america. the president sets the policy. i am absolutely comfortable with the fact that men marrying men, women marrying women and heteros sexual marrying. entitled to all the civil rights and all the civil liberties. >> bill: the problem with mr. biden president obama has not endorsed gay marriage. with us michelle fields in for the daily caller web site she is in for mary katharine tonight. and juan williams. it seems president obama will endorse gay marriage. do you think he will do t before the election. >> what we have got here is a situation is there is nothing to be gained by the obama campaign by doing it before the election. has indicated the key word here, bill, is evolving. that his position is evolving. and the evolution is all towards endorsing gay marriage. so the signal is sent to very
8:32 pm
key constituency for him. the gay, the lbgt i'm not sure. >> bill: a lot of initials. what's the downside? what's the downside of him endorsing gay marriage he? he is not going to get cerve people to vote for him anyway. >> this is interesting. this is a good point you are making. the catholic vote is critical in this election. actually, a majority of catholics support of gay marriage? there is a big issue on the ballot in north carolina coming up and, again, there is an effort to ban gay marriage obama is opposed to that. again, that's a state he needs. he doesn't want to get too involved here. >> bill: he is opposed to the north koreans -- north carolinaens saying not in our state. doing what biden said okay with me. what do you say? >> there is no way he is going to endorse gay marriage. north carolina is a swing state. >> he has opposed that law in north carolina.
8:33 pm
he has already alienated everybody that doesn't want gay marriage in north carolina. he has already done it. >> if he were to come out in favor of gay marriage, he would really energize the conservative base. >> bill: you don't think they are energized already because he doesn't like that law. >> if he comes out and says i want gay marriage to happen that i want it in law, yes, they will energize the conservative base and he they will come out. >> bill: everybody watching all millions, anybody who thinks that president obama doesn't want gay marriage raise their hand. no one. everybody knows that he is -- just like biden. everybody knows, juan. it's a charade. >> they are trying to say it's evolving bill billing let juan make a full out of himself. >> everybody knows the charade. everybody is playing along. >> i'm not. i'm not playing along, juan. i want a straight answer. >> don't worry, is he not worried about you, bill. let me tell you something.
8:34 pm
of course is he worried about you as a broadcaster. let me just tell it you something. when you talk to black folks, when you talk to hispanic folks and, remember, they are key in terms of turning out. >> bill: now, juan, very good, juan. and i didn't even think of that. black americans and we saw this in california with the referendum out there, are apposed and this could suppress the turnout if barack obama put up the banner of i want gay marriage. very good, juan. i knew there was a reason why you were working here. i knew it. >> that's exactly what it is. he knows is he going to alienate hispanics, americans, and is he not going to win this election. all the president cares about is getting reelected. >> he doesn't care about the poor gay nuptial people? >> no. this president has spent more time trying to raise more money than five predecessors combined. he doesn't care about people's rights. >> romney owns switzerland. you would raise money, too.
8:35 pm
you know, is he so wealthy, you have to. >> no? >> come on. we solve this whole thing so once again biden though now, think about it this way. the president's buddy, joe biden he alienates all the african-americans who oppose gay marriage. all the hispanics so, biden, you got to just take them off the trail and lock them in the basement. >> no, no, no. he didn't -- i don't think he alienated anybody. he basically said we are sticking to the president sets the policy. as you said. >> bill: joe biden a heart beat away from the office. you know, hey, i don't have any problem. >> remember, you also got to factor in here, bill, as compared to, what, remember, romney said that he will support a ban on gay marriage and he is also just had that gay aid on foreign policy leave apparently because the pressure coming from hard right antigay supporters. >> romney is going to run on traditional. is he not going to get involved with this.
8:36 pm
>> why bother then? everybody knows romney's position, especially in the gay community. >> i don't know how we got on to romney. there is no controversial. he doesn't like it, he is never going to like it. that's the way it is. it is bide hun screwed up. >> thank you, michelle for anything in. we appreciate it when we come back, bad news in some polls. is president obama starting to pull ahead in the independent category? brit hume on that. basketball commentator charles barkley scorches romney at a boston celtic's game. wait until you hear this moments away. ah, welcome to if you're looking for a place to get together, you came to the right place. because here at, we're only about hotels. finding you the perfect place is all we do.
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>> thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. in hume zone tonight. new poll taken among likely voters that's an important category shows mitt romney has opened up a 10-point lead over president obama among independents. also the governor leads the president by six points among those who describe themselves
8:40 pm
as extremely like toy onto vote in november. nevertheless the president and his surrogates continue to say republicans don't like women or hispanic americans. women are terrified what the republicans are talking about. talking about stripping away having insurance pay for their birth control pills. latinos are terrified tin ear come basic needs of treating people with dignity. >> bill: joining us is correspondent brit hume. >> analyst, bill. >> what did i say correspondent? >> correspondent. >> analyst, opinion guy, the go. >> analysis, please. he those out and they know what he is going to do. you basically have the president slipping among independence and very motivated voters.
8:41 pm
yet, dean, continues to cast this in a very ideological way. continues to divide and conquer strategy. doesn't seem to be working among the independents. so i'm saying to myself why routining to do this? and the answer is? >> not everybody is smart, bill. and howard dean, this is what you expect from howard dean. is he a classic overstater. you know, this is part san hockey from a guy who is noted for such talk, i think, first of all, look, is he talking about women. looked for a while with one poll that was out that had this whopping divide between romney and obama on women that there was a big gender gap. most recent polls have shown it single digit and shown a divide in favor of young women. it's a wash in my view. >> you think that the democratic party right now doesn't have a consistent message that they want dean to go out there and throw these hand grenades and blow this
8:42 pm
sufficient up in the divisive way that he does. at the same time the president seems to be running not on any of this but on trust me i can fix the economy. did i that, i did. this it looks like there is a two track thing going to along right now. >> i don't think there is much of a track that has the president making a very vocal defense of his record. the results haven't been very good. everybody knows that all the polling on this has shown that people are dissatisfied with the economy. and romney. >> he is still doing it though. let me take it down. he was in ohio and north carolina. he the president of the united states. and he said the same thing in both places. he has a tendency to say the same thing wherever he goes. number one, he inherited the worst depression since the ancient rome fell. all right? and number two, that he got in there and he stabilized everything. number three, that he saved all the car companies, number four, that he, the president, has created 4.2 million jobs. all right?
8:43 pm
that is the main points that he is making wherever he goes now. those points. but, he stays away from i'm better for women. i'm better for hispanics. he doesn't get involved. he let's dean do that i'm saying i don't really know what's going on. >> look. you may have pinpointed what the strategy is. my view of that is that that stuff that he is saying is not going to matter because people don't like the results. he can point to statistics and frame the case in a multitude of different ways but the history of these elections show when people are dissatisfied with the results, you can't overcome that with a cleverly framed message. and my own sense of this is that number that that poll. that's a very good poll. battleground poll done by one republic and democratic pollster. likely voters not just registered voters. all adults. it's a very good poll. that 10 point divide with independents is very important. can you slice and dies the electorate a lot of ways and add t up however you want. my view of this has always been if you get the
8:44 pm
overwhelming percentage of your base and this poll showed that romney is getting 91% from republicans and you win the independents by, you know, a meaningful margin and 10 points is a meaningful margin you are going to win the election. >> if the election were held tomorrow according to battleground poll romney would be the next president of the united states. >> horse race margin is within the margin of area. >> these polls are interesting but they are not violates because of the three debates really are going to tell the tale. >> i have heard you say that bill. you might be right. the history of these things is that debates have rarely been decisive. i suppose you could say in 1980 reagan was so soothing in the debate with carter when he finally said there you go again. and everybody realized that ronald reagan wasn't a crazy extremist. they wanted to make the change and they made the change. i don't think these debates are likely to be decisive. it's possible but i doubt it. >> i'm going to stick with mine because jfk wiped nixon
8:45 pm
out in television. reagan did the same thing. >> if i give that that's two elections out of the last i don't know how many. that's not very many. >> bill: that's true but romney has got to sell himself. people don't know romney. that's his platform. brit hume, everybody, always lively. relate check on deck. a new album in support of the occupy wall street movement and some big names are involved. we will tell you who they are in just a few moments.
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8:48 pm
>> back of the book segment tonight. reality check, we begin with a citizenship test for you. check one, as you may know, illegal immigrants who want to become american citizens must pass a civics test. 98% of them do. so a recent survey by the center for the american dream xavier
8:49 pm
university showed 35% of natural born americans, us, fail that exact test. here are three questions for you this evening. one, what's the name of the speaker of the house? two, who is the chief justice of the supreme court? three, how many u.s. senators are there? the answers? john boehner, john roberts, 100 senators. check hopes you did well. if not you must self-deport. check two. hell may be freezing over. ted turner has praise for mitt romney. >> i can say about mitt romney i think he is a real gentleman. i think he has been very successful. i think he is really smart. and i don't agree with everything that he -- that he believes. and i think that he would probably make a good president. >> cnn trembles. check three, on the other side of the political spectrum newt gingrich says the tea party may be running out of gas. >> they don't have the passion
8:50 pm
they had in 2010. partially i think out of frustration with having won the house and not seeing the scale of change they want. i mean, this is a very complex form of government and interest there are times that it takes longer to get something done. >> bill: check believes the tea party sentiment is still very strong in this country. check four, a much stronger than the occupy receipt movement, which badly needs money. so some recording artists have contributed to a record called occupy this album. willie nelson, -- no, just crosby and nash still mia. jackson brown and joan by as are some of the contributors to the al um about. freedom of expression a good thing, destroying things is not. check five, on the music front, we continue. i, your humble correspondent have finalized my summer concert plans. i know you want to hear this. this season, i'm going tort icons. last night i saw anita baker. ♪
8:51 pm
♪ sweet love ♪ sweet love. >> bill: in addition to ms. bake his or her is beyond excellent, i'm seeing the beach boys' fifthth anniversary tour. brian wilson back with the band. that's an event. neil diamond touring. i'm going to catch neil. legacy guy no question. rod stewart, always good. being paired with stevie nicks, always good. hoping to see aretha franklin. i hope she makes it back to the northeast. she is still unstoppable after all these years. there you go. check is passing on insane clown posse this summer. just not enough time. okay. that's enough of them. got more time than they needed. finally check 6. say hello to the avengers the
8:52 pm
most successful film opening of all time. ♪ >> are you ready for another bought? >> what, are you getting sleepy? >> bill: thank god words were actually spoken. now, the avengers grossed about $200 million in three days. and more than that overseas where it's recently opened as well. haven't seen it my staff says it's good. that is reality check. pinheads and patriots on deck. charles barkley slamming mitt romney. p and p just over two minutes away. ♪
8:53 pm
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>>. >> bill: pinheads and patriots showing charles barkley attacking mitt romney, but first last call from mom. make mom very happy by giving her a patriot mom mug, a patriot mom t-shirt or both of them. they are moderately priced. if you abandonment copy of "killing lincoln" you get a copy of lis wiehl eyes of justice free of charge, mom will like both books. now to mail. kenneth in california.
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>> bill: i can't speak for the reverend, some civil rights people believe that white americans have a law on their side and do not needed a voluntary cast while any norlts do.
8:57 pm
>> bill: don't worry, you and i
8:58 pm
take care of miller if he gets out of line. few tickets left this saturday evening, info on my website. it will be a blast, i promise. and pinheads and patriots, charles barkley is an outspoken guy and last night in the game, barkley deviated from basketball commentary into political stuff. >> mitt romney. >> we are going to beat you like a drum. seems like a nice guy, don't take it personally but you going down bro. >> bill: barkley is a pinhead to air his agenda. hey, charles you want to do, that get a cable news program or come out here. we would love to talk about the presidential election. that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor different from, spout off about the factor anywhere in the entire world.
8:59 pm
any time if you wish to opine, word of the day, do not be a pedagoguge when writing to the factor, excellent word, interesting connotation in context of writing us a letter. i am bill o'reilly. remember the spin stops right here. because we are looking out for you. >> sean: president barack obama rock star status is fading fast. he kicked off his campaign in the key stat


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