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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 7, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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packed house. it shows just how much enthusiasm has faded and he has singly handed set back this country. what do you do when you can't ask the country if they are better off when they were four years ago. you come up with something like this. >> we have come too far, the change that we fought for these past few years. we have to move forward, to the future we imagined in 2008, we are not going back. we are moving this country forward on issue after issue. we can't afford to spend the next four years going backwards. we're not going back there. [ cheers and applause ] >> we are not turning back the clock! we are moving forward! >> won't be better off if we have the courage to keep moving
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forward? that is the question in this election. [ cheers and applause ] >> if you are willing to work even harder in this election than you did in the last election, i guarantee you we will move this country forward. >> sean: the president is auditioning for a job on msnbc. after his dismal kickoff performance, governor romney's campaign were quick to respond and reminded americans who is really suffering. >> tonight new evidence that the economic recovery is slowing. >> unemployment rate 8.1%. >> over and over again america is down and out. >> it did drop to 89.1% because fewer people are in the work force. >> when asked if you were better off. >> i'm not seeing a ton of sunshine. >> that is terrible number. >> the real question, job creation numbers fall for the
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third straight month. >> not just about how we are doing today but how we will be doing tomorrow. that is why i'm running again for president of united states! >> sean: joining me now is reaction of the author of a brand-new book, "called" screwed author dick morris. >> sean: it's not about the campaign in many ways it is. i thought robert deniro had a pretty good line i think he is going to do better the next four
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years. let's look at these pictures. compare this empty, look at this. floor is empty, as well. let me compare that to 2010. you soo can see on the left side of the screen, the place is packed. look at that. is that not a big indicator in and of itself. >> it's been a huge change in the last four weeks in president obama's image. he was always in trouble now, its disaster. the reason it is a disaster he has lost the one thing that was holding him up, personal popularity. i just did a poll in michigan of 500 likely voters. normally you pass polls in other states. his personal favorability was 01-15 points above but now it's even. people have stopped liking him.
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the kind of speech making is not presidential. it's not dignified. it's not what the president should be. he is losing the one thing he had, personal like built. >> sean: if you look at u.s.a. today, though, it shows like built was still high. >> i think those poll numbers have been art firm for a long time. >> i don't know how ways you can say this. this is not a close election, you hear me, into the close election. >> sean: you are saying a landslide victory for romney. >> finally the gallup poll caught up with this where they took 150,000 interviews from all of 2011 and compared them with all of 2010. they found there were only ten states where obama had a favorability or job approval about 50.0.
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they said it means 139 electoral votes. believe that is what you are looking at. when you see a media poll that says that obama is leading in ohio, 45-43, that means she losing. >> sean: let's take a look at some of the pole numbers. the biggest indicate ser independents. if you look at match-up poll, it's 48-47. there shall three other polls that are same. in florida on he is up by two and ohio he is down by two. now if you look at the head to head match up it's 48-38. is that the poll that decides the election? >> that is decisive but not 48-38, it's 62-38. the undecided vote go is for the
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incumbent. >> sean: let's show this one. best he can do is break even as a democrat he going to win california, new york, win oregon so if the swing states. >> i wouldn't be sure of washington. i would not be sure of new jersey. >> sean: even without christie. what about pennsylvania? >> pennsylvania the polls show obama, the voter polls, not the likely voter polls show him at 51. the likely voter polls show him under 50. my guess he'll lose pennsylvania. you look at the lasts election in pennsylvania we won five congressional seats, and both houses of the legislature. there is a lot of polling in there just late lately. we are likely to win wisconsin
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and michigan. michigan, i just told you. when we ask for obama's job approval in michigan, michigan, it's 45. >> sean: northern virginia very liberal. >> a little bit of an exception because of that. it's basically washington, d.c.'s overlap. >> shep: north carolina? >> that is republican. >> sean: colorado, florida? >> overwhelmingly republican. >> sean: why are you getting flustered with me. we're talking to people out in tv land. >> there are two important things to pay attention to. with adults registered voters, we're likely voters pay attention to it. secondly, is obama under 50. he is cooked, if he is over 50
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he'll win. i want people to be cautiously optimistic that obama can get on fear of a second term. >> sean: i don't think the country can survive. >> i'll tell you one other thing. i believe if we properly understand what is going on and we work hard and split the opportunities that are available to us, i believe not only the senate but 60 votes. >> this new book you surprise me. coming up, we'll have more with dick morris morris, it's skauld called "screwed." are we screwed? and vetting obama, two outrageous examples that the placing is apeedz go our worst enemies including taliban and terrorists behind 9/11 as word is breaking that an airline bomb plot has been thwarted by our c.i.a. much more on this busy edition of hannity.
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>>. >> sean: we continued with dick morris, to talk about his brand-new book, how we are having the economy being plundered. this is about obama. this is whole realm you go in to. i'll let you explain it in your words, your people have warned
9:13 pm
about one world government and you say, yeah, it's happening. explain. >> i believe that president obama at some level knows he is not going to get re-elected and hillary knows it. remember when they passed the start treaty, lame duck session, i believe that he is going to sign a series of treats that will bind the united states hand in foot for decades and get them ratified by the lame duck senate. one of them is coming up for ratification the in june. it's called the lost, united states is obliged to share half of the oil royals up to 200 miles with a new u.n. based sea bed authority. which will distribute the money to 160 nations.
9:14 pm
>> sean: i read this in the book. why isn't anybody stepping up and say what you say in this book. >> all of these have a fig leaf. oh, freedom of the seas. point that the united states navy does a very good job of guaranteeing that. >> sean: that is our territorial waters? >> in this treaty it provides that the sea bed authority may take action to prevent pollution of the ocean. pollution includes thermal pollution. this authority could ban carbon emissions in the united states so we don't heat up the ocean. by the way, i ought to note the republicans that are going to be leading the fight for this treaty is richard lugar. the reason they are ratifying in june and not today, if he didn't want to have to defend it until the primary is over. >> sean: the law of the sea treaty. let me give you a quick list.
9:15 pm
taking the way the right of congress and president to go to war. similarly holding the president cabinet members criminally responsible if they don't do it without united nations approval, royals for offshore oil and gases and, royal yalts involved. >> international criminal court we are the only country in the world that is not a member of it. at some level it's okay. it's got the fig leaf and goes after war criminals. but they include definition of new crime, aggression, it's defined as going to war without the u.n. approval and they will be personally liable for imprisonment and trial in front of a court.
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>> sean: and deploying anti-missile defense systems. >> you know how liberals has not wanted us to have a missile defense because they claim we'll do a first strike. europeans said there is too much debris outerspace and it's litter and could crash into satellites and stuff. they passed a code of conduct in outerspace that says no country may launch a missile or a satellite that contributes to debris. that means we can't send up anti-satellites, we can't send up missile interceptors. the only way we have neutralizing north korea and iran if they get the bomb is space based missile. this treaty would prohibit it. hillary in january, deputy of state said we would not pursue
9:17 pm
negotiations on this. >> sean: this is how deep this goes. we're only touching the surface. you are going to have buy his book. it would prevent literally force the american export of our weapons that we develop and our technology to other countries. it would have jurisdiction over firearms in the united states. it would prohibit deploying anti-missile defense system and force america to give aid. redistribute wealth to foreign countries. >> there is something called the rights of the child treaty which britain is significant thater to to. when cameron wanted to cut welfare benefits in britain, the rights of child advocate sued him said he wasn't allowed him to do that. the treaty provides that rich nations have a legal obligation
9:18 pm
to provide poor nations with enough aid. >> sean: so we're going spread wealth around the world. >> you are going to see lawsuits in the united states enforced by u.s. district courts that require us to increase our foreign aid budget. a foreign treaty under the clause in the constitution is equal to a constitutional amendment. you can't repeal it or override it. you only have two ways of getting out of it a constitutional amendment or being let out of it by 180 countries. >> sean: it's a very subtle title called "screwed." >> it deals with how china is screwing us the way they lend us money and dealing with pakistani and how dick gephardt, now is in the tank to the chinese. having condition his running his career. >> sean: how much he is getting
9:19 pm
paid? >> we tell you. >> sean: thanks for being with us. i thought it was important, too. you have to read it before the election. coming up, breaking developments about a thwarted al-qaeda plot and reports tonight that the white house is releasing high level taliban detainees from gitmo and afghanistan. we're going expose that and much more in tonight's edition of the real obama. >> they are scheduled to be released from gitmo and further peace talks with the afghan taliban. ♪
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>>. >> sean: u.s. officials are confirming that the c.i.a. thwarted and al-qaeda plot to bomb a u.s. jet to mark osama
9:24 pm
bin laden's death. it never potion as threat to u.s. safety but they are considering the plot a more advanced version of the waut underwear bomb that failed to detonate aboard a plane in 2009. and the bomb make they're could be the engineer of this device. fox news has learned that this operation is ongoing and other countries were in fact involved. a source told fox news there is a second threat out in the middle east involved surgically implanted body bombs. white house has confirmed and president was briefed about the plot in april. this is news comes on the heels of a very disturbing news report from the "washington post" that revealed that the obama white house is secretly high level detainees from gitmo in order to appease the afghan government at the negotiating table. these are the same members that harbored al-qaeda in afghanistan
9:25 pm
prior to the 9/11 attacks. president spoke about the u.s. government sit-downs with the terrorists. >> my administration has been in direct discussions with the taliban. we've made it clear they can be a part of this future if they break with al-qaeda, renounce violence and abide by afghan laws. many members of the taliban from foot soldiers to leaders have indicated an interest in reconciliation. the path to peace is now set before them. >> sean: as terrorists return to the battlefield, the head of the senate intelligence committee is warning about the strength of taliban. >> they believe the taliban will not come back. i'm not so sure. the taliban has a shadow system of governors in many provinces. they've gone up north, they've gone to the east, attacks are
9:26 pm
up. i think we can say what we found is the taliban is stronger. >> sean: joining me now is reaction is pam geller and also michael gauss. you and i have been at odds about a lot of things. i was right about the muslim brotherhood and i was right about them and even the presidential candidates they want to describe not only israel but be at war with united states. obama said it wasn't going to happen. you said it wasn't going to happen. but when negotiating with the muslim brotherhood we are giving them taxpayer dollars. we're releasing the enemies that we caught on the battlefield, thinking they are going to be nice to us? do you think the taliban is going to be nice to america because we're releasing your enemy combatants? >> sean, confrontation will
9:27 pm
never result. there aul the fighting with each other we'll never find peace. we have an advantage. we can keep them. >> sean: it sounds loose if they are getting released from the government. it sounds like get-out-of-jail-free card. >> we still have the power over them. what we need to give them a chance to make peace. >> sean: give the terrorists a chance. those committed to the jihad and holy war and wants wanted to kill americans and kept women in bondage, do you think they will be nice because we set them free. >> it's the consequences of avoiding reality. he has declared the war on terror over. >> sean: two weeks ago. >> and frankly he is not just declared it over. he switched sides. the idea that we've been
9:28 pm
releasing jihadists for years is an act of surrender. there is actually no proof to make peace. why should they make peace? we can't end a war that we did not start. >> sean: michael, why are the american taxpayers have to give a terrorist group, you agree the muslim brotherhood a terrorist group. we give them $1.5 million. >> second act is to cut off energy supplies to israel and the third is they are going to impose sharia law and begin a war with israel. why do we give them a penny? >> we're not giving money to the brotherhood. >> sean: excuse me, it's $1.35 billion. -- $1.5 billion. we're giving the muslim brotherhood in this case and with the taliban we're saying
9:29 pm
please be nice to us, we're going release the terrorists back to us and not going to tell the american people after we do it? >> the chances of dealing with them, we have much getting peace. >> sean: pace by giving them money to buy bombs and kill us. we're going to release their leaders in another case so they can kill us. that makes sense to you? >> sean, we have a chance. >> how about the chances, is they get the death penalty like every other terrorist. how about we kill them? they are trying to kill americans. >> we can always kill them. we have eliminated many of them. we just killed one today. >> sean: you can't kill them when they are free. >> the obama administration has no plans..., the obama administration has to no plan,
9:30 pm
no focus, no strategy in afghanistan. it is an absolute rout. we have turned the country over to the taliban. what is the strategy? the strategy to put moderate in front of whatever monster ideology. that is like a chased prostitute. you can't make monsters into moderates. they have done nothing. when obama went to campaign in kabul, there were several homicide bombs before ee he came and after he came. what proof do you have in just you saying it michael, we wish all the muslims would find peace but you can't look me into the eye and say that. khalid shaikh mohammed or any of the taliban or in any way moderate or not good muslims or not knowledgeable and devout. they are and extreme in their piety. >> sean: last word. >> they are extremists the taliban but they are different
9:31 pm
than al-qaeda. i think by helping karzai negotiate with the taliban. >> and there 70% of the casualties in the war were under the obama administration and most of them were by taliban and not al-qaeda. >> sean: let your heart not be troubled. great american panel, beckel is going to react to my low down of occupy wall street protestor and an interview with george w. bush all coming up. >> i don't need your suggestions. i have a suggestion for you. you are 29 years old. stop wasting your time in occupy wall street. here is a novel concept. get up at 6:00 a.m., shovel coffee and hit the pavement. find a job. [ male announcer ] imagine facing the day with less chronic osteoarthritis pain. imagine living your life with less chronic low back pain.
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>>. >> sean: welcome about back to hannity. former assistant secretary of state. how are you mr. beckel. a radio talk show host, he is the director war against free speech the author of a book. let's go back to the occupy guy from last week. beckel is whining in his defense. i think this is legislate point. 29-year-old people instead of protesting ought to go to work every day. a novel thought. >> sean: my suggestion to you. >> i don't need your suggestion. i have a suggestion for you. >> sean: you are 29 years old. stop wasting your time in occupy wall street. get up at 6:00 a.m., shovel coffee down your throat, find a job and get to work and stop
9:37 pm
whining and stop complaining and get your [ bleep ] out of bed and get to work. >> give me a job and i will go to work. >> sean: if you pound the pavement and stop hanging out at the park, you may find one. >> i don't get to sleep until 6:00. i think you are being overly mean to the guy. i don't know what it was. >> sean: you think i was mean. i go on the radio show. i offered to give him a job. he wouldn't take one unless it was $80,000 to $100,000 a job. >> my first job was $10,000 a year. >> i was in the federal government i was making $35,000 a year. >> you hit a bump on the road and one point in the life and worked for pretty little money. >> $13 an hour.
9:38 pm
>> sean: if bob can do it why can't the 29-year-old. >> i was interning for free. are we forgetting the fact that over 7,000 people have been arrested in the occupy wall street movement. >> sean: violence, a special rape protection force. >> they have been arrested for trying to blow up a bridge. >> in ohio. >> and they are angry with capitalism. that is like suicide bomb ser angry at american policy. >> whether i was in the anti-war movement we had a lot of problems. a lot of people got hurt. there was lot. ten by definition, to draw some strange people. the tea party does it but average occupy is about --.
9:39 pm
>> sean: you went out with her. >> we split. i stayed. >> sean: do you know she had the thoughts? >> i was pretty radical about the war too. >> sean: you weren't weatherman. >> we're still not clear after what these kids stand for. >> if one just one of those smuk on wall street, one i would be happy. if goldman sachs ko would get few of them in prison i would be surprised. >> find the honest guys at wall street. >> bob is having a bad day. the about the pt kicked off his reelection campaign. look at the video. we'll take a lot of empty seats.
9:40 pm
if you look at 2010, that was him with ted strickland who lost to john kasich. all those streets were filled and the now the floor is empty. hope and changes and obama mania is over. >> you've seen him once. >> sean: you don't need to go back. >> this is greatest -- >> if i see a band i like, i want to see them again. people saw obama in 2008, they've been there, they've done that, it looks like he is not getting re-elected. >> you were one of my good friends, i wouldn't want to see you again either. [ laughter ] >> sean: good shot. >> i have great faith in the american people. i think going through all this rhetoric. i am shocked people aren't showing up. >> i was in ohio in 2000, 2004,
9:41 pm
i was with bill cunningham and in 2006 which was bad year. you could feel that dramatic a difference. that is telling. >> and in ohio, josh mandel is doing great. that is suner and mark from "time magazine" all the stuff coming out of chicago, that is wake-up call. i'm with dick, ann coulter is with dick. you are from ohio, everybody is pushing bob portman, but he is boring, he a great guy. >> he is walk for ohio, but that doesn't mean you go to jeb bush but rob portman zbleesz do you agree with me is he boring? >> by law, they must be.
9:42 pm
>> so with obama. >> and tsunami and blaming me and blaming fox and blaming others. >> you are right. >> you have no idea. i'm going to go to your apartment and rip down that. >> if you want to make a bet, it would be fun. >> sean: we'll come back with one segment and back to the interview with george w. bush straight ahead. now's the time to move from where you are to where you want to go. look up. with u.s. bank let's get the wheels turning.
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>>. >> sean: for the benefit of mr. beckel we're on the air. >> we are? well son of a.... >> sean: this isn't funny. we were talking off the air, can this president run on this question, are you better off than you were four years ago. 17 million americans on food
9:47 pm
stamps, 47 million americans on poverty. under employment 29 million americans. are we better off than four years ago? >> i absolutely do not think we are. look, there is a problem because what we have seen over the last couple days, obama come out with a completely different approach to his reelection campaign. he said he is four capitalism. he believes in the free market. so the question is.... >> sean: he gives it away. >> are they going to believe him again. >> if the president thought we were better off than four years he would look into the camera, are you better off? he won't ask it. he invites imaginary friends like julia and puts out a rhetoric about mitt romney. he will not answer that question because by any objective standard the country is in the
9:48 pm
ditch the 1%, that pays 42% of the income tax bill. the remember that. >> why don't we take it away? >> let's take it all. >> i think they could take a lot bigger chunk. >> i think you.... >> because people in the upper brackets have gotten bigger tax breaks than anybody else including clinton. >> top 75%.... >> so what. >> do you know who elizabeth warren who is a 1%er. >> you mean chief war again. >> she was offered to give a chance to pay more money in massachusetts and she never did. why don't you get the people in the democratic party and send more money in. >> i send a check into internal
9:49 pm
revenue service. >> for $2,000. >> you should get all your liberal friends to do that. >> joe biden a cheapskate. >> you want to give breaks to millionaires. >> you liberals pay for.... >> f all yachts bring up all votes, right? >> mark siegle traveled to a company and talked to george w. bush and we have his exclusive interview next.
9:50 pm
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>>. >> sean: joining us tonight our good friend, mark siegle who recently traveled to george bush's home state of texas to a company ai company the president on his annual wounded warrior 100 k bike ride. let's take a. >> kelly: when you were in the white house as a war time president what role did fitness and being in good shape in your ability to make difficult decisions as they say the loneliest position in the world? >> i fined exercise to be real
9:54 pm
important to deal with the stress. i think it's really important when you are under pressure or not to be fit. it improves your disposition. during my presidency, exercise meant a lot. whether it be upstairs in the white house, on a machine or outside riding my mountain bike. i ran for the first four years, but my knees gave out. i took up mountain biking but at age 65, mountain biking is suitable to your old body. as we both witnessed today. >> you being a role model at that time when we have an obesity epidemic, maybe they can't all mountain bike? >> i believe that people should exercise at least 20 minutes a
9:55 pm
day. if people get started exercising and people feel better. diet and exercise will go be important for the future of country. i appreciate you highlighting that. people need to know if they don't take care of themselves early they will have real health problems late. >> we talked about medicare on the trail. do you think less people would be inclined to use medicare if they were in better health? >> a lot of medicine -- a lot of disease can be prevented. a lot of medical costs not spent. so if you exercise and take care of yourself, you prevented disease. i hope more people do exercise. i hope there is initiatives to built in for insurance programs
9:56 pm
to reward people that exercise. we're able to honor people in doing so. you and i were able to honor vets. it was an amazing experience to help a guy go up a hill who is peddling his mountain bike with one leg. his determination and courage and determination, if he can do it, able-bodied people ought to be exercising, too. it was an awesome experience here. thank you for coming. >> joining me now more from the fox medical team, dr. mark siegle. what is his resting heart rate? >> 45-50. he is incredible shape. he works out all the time. he now mountain bikes. he has a mountain bike on his ranch. he is man of action rather than words. he has a prescription for health for america, start exercising. let's not extend obamacare
9:57 pm
entitlements and have them lie their obese and come to me with high blood pressure. let's get out there 30 minutes a day. i talk about addictive, whether alcohol, he is talking about addictive exercise, exercising every single day. >> sean: you were able to keep up with him. i know for a fact because i have been out to the ranch, he leaves them in the dust. he is really fit athlete. you are in great shape yourself. >> it took by the third day to come close to him, she at the front of the pack but he is inspiring. vets were inspiring. those guys are working teamwork. it's almost like they are still in the army. helping each other up the hills. getting better and better with the hills each day. they don't say one is better than the other. there was a guy there with one leg that is riding a one-pedal
9:58 pm
bicycle in 105 degree heat. one with post-traumatic stress disorder and he made it 105 degree heat. this is lesson about overcoming. it's a lesson of the american spirit. that is what president bush believes in. not sitting back. take care of yourself. we joked about on the trail, you wanted to use medicare from going bankrupt, a 70-year-old man and he on the top of the hill, keep riding, you won't have to use your medicare. >> they were able to get everybody through. >> everybody got through, all 20 warriors started and all finished. it's a long road, a long road back to the new normal. we have to get them jobs. we have to raise awareness for our vets and help them. this is how to do it. inspiration and teamwork. >> sean: and realistically, 30 minutes a day, how many days
9:59 pm
week? >> i have my own prescription, i say seven, don't want have to dhia off. >> sean: yeah, i do. i got bad tendinitis, my knees are giving out. >> for most of them, two days or three days, hey i didn't exercise yesterday. even if it's only walking it's going cut down. cdc says if we don't increase our amount of obesity we will save $520 million. >> that is all the time is next. regret the that is next. >> greta: donald trump says he are at war with china. why and who should be doing something about it. why is he talking about whether nicolas sarkozy's wife is going to leave him.


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