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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  May 8, 2012 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> i wonder if there's another cake today. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing part of your day with us today. another underwear bomb plot busted. i did those letters wrong. plot busted but that was no small plan. word this morning about more bombs out there and more countries on the attack. a live report straight ahead. >> and the plan to tax the rich is named after him but billionaire warren buffet says it won't even remotely help the economy. oops! white house, line one! hello? >> all right. remember the scolding? >> hit the pavement, find a job, get to work. stop whining. stop complaining. stop blaming and get your [beep] out of bed like everybody else in america and get to work! >> well, that guy has been offered a job by sean hannity himself. his response coming up. "fox & friends" starts now.
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>> it would be nice to see him around the halls. >> well, we can't give it away yet but i don't think you're going to like -- you're not going to see him in the halls. >> ok. >> all right. let's get right to the news this morning. we have a fox news alert to tell you about. the c.i.a. break up an al-qaida plot to attack a u.s.-bound plane using an underwear bomber again. >> we're hearing other countries were involved. kelly wright live in our washington newsroom with the very latest. hello, kelly. >> good morning to you as well. justice department say it's the bomb that more than likely would have worked but there were some slight issues that al-qaida still needed to work on. authorities never believed the u.s. was ever in any real danger. however, counterterrorism officials say the device was likely a refinement of the underwear bomb similar to the failed christmas underwear bomb attempt over detroit in 2009. the device was recovered from a raid on an al-qaida in the
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arabian peninsula camp. officials say the device is being analyzed in quantico. >> it is an opposition and our experts are analyzing the device to see exactly what it consists of, what the danger is from it and what threat it would pose because it cannot be detected. how is it similar to, how is it varied from previous devices? >> counterterrorism agencies believe the device is the hand of the one of the best bombmakers working today because he's perfected the use of nonmetallic explosives hard to detect. white house press secretary jay carney said on april 26th there was no known threats for the anniversary of usama bin laden's death but there's no word that president obama was briefed on this plot a month ago. a government source telling fox news white house counterterrorism advisor john brennan and homeland security secretary janet napolitano indicated in their briefings monday night the information was not revealed earlier because the
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administration did not want to compromise sources and methods. >> the plot itself indicates that these terrorists keep trying. they keep trying to device more and more perverse and terrible ways to kill innocent people! >> and the government source familiar with the intelligence tells fox news the operation is ongoing and it involves other countries as well. the source adds there is a second threat stream coming out of the middle east involving body bombs that are counterterrorism agencies are very concerned about and will stay vigilant. >> you have to keep in mind the state department, a spokesperson there less than two weeks ago said the war on terror is over. line that up with the month of april when they knew exactedly about this plot. you have to believe that somebody in the state department would have known about this plot. i mean, it's unbelievable to me they would say -- that certainly wouldn't be part of the cover for security reasons why they would say something like that.
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>> the bomber didn't buy a ticket. he was told he could buy a ticket according to "the new york post" and essentially do it. they got more sophisticated with this bomb plot. evidently which i find really intriguing and i'm sure catherine herridge will unwind this, they said that the bomber, the guy they picked up, they're no longer interested in him. the a.p. said hold it and i assume after the strike on sunday, monday afternoon they got the go ahead. >> that's right. also abc is reporting that apparently it sounds like there are more bombers out there. other would be bombers with similar devices that we don't know exactly where they're at. so that begs the question, where exactly is this bomber who we've apprehended and how are they interrogating him? keep in mind, you know, if there is a threat out there where there are other guys with other bombs, wouldn't you want to get the information out of that person as quickly as possible? but then again, we don't have the enhanced interrogation techniques anymore. that's what the administration says we don't do. >> the other question that i
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want answered this morning is why are we going through these either security measures? apparently this underwear bomb because it has no metal in it maybe would not have been detected even in the new ones that you stand like this and they see you naked. again, i'm asking the question why are we going through these extra security measures when they can simply blow up the plane without any of that mattering? >> i think this is the most sophisticated thing we've come across. a lot of people that don't want to go you tloot body scanners have a counterargument, really? you don't want to go through it. i'm not saying you're the guilty one but the guy behind you might be guilty one with some explosive material in their shorts. the one that commissioned him is dead and you have to wonder how long the c.i.a. can do this extraordinary work and stay ahead of things in all corners of the world. this is incredible that they're unearthing this in yemen while we're focused in pakistan while there's other terrorists roaming the planet maybe in places like sudan and elsewhere.
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>> this would be a good reason why spike the football would not have been a good idea for the president because as gretch mentioned the war on terror is not over. meanwhile -- >> seems like the obama administration now changing their tune a little bit from that campaign ad that got criticism from both sides of the aisle. where the president on the one-year anniversary of killing usama bin laden said that, you know, questioned whether or not mitt romney would have done the same thing and there is a lot of use of the word i. i did this. i did that. i'm the one who made the call. instead of the word "we" and now could it be that they're going to change their campaign rhetoric moving forward to we instead of i when it comes to the topic of usama bin laden.
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>> that goes to show you it's clearly an issue. if you took i out of the president's speech, you would go silent and that's what he essentially said on sunday and that's how i guess they're picking up in the message center in chicago. >> i think you're probably right. also, that little "i" montage was from an ad put together last week by veterans for a strong america and now there's a web site given essentially the same message called navy seals
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against where the headline is real heroes don't brag. that can't be helpful to the white house. >> now for your headlines for tuesday. a major endorsement overnight for mitt romney. rick santorum officially backing mitt romney now in a late night e-mail to supporters. the former g.o.p. presidential hopeful admits they have some differences but adds there are plenty of areas they can agree on. santorum says "above all else, we both agree that president obama must be defeated. the task will not be easy. it will require all hands on deck if our nominee is to be victorious. governor romney will be that nominee and he has my endorsement and support to win this, the most critical election of our lifetime." unsettling development in the case of a missing tennessee family as the f.b.i. says now that the two bodies found behind the home of their alleged abductor adam mays are those of missing mother joanne bain and her 14-year-old daughter adrian. they along with bain's two other daughters ages 12 and 8
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disappeared a week ago. the two remaining missing girls might be alive with their abductor. he's said to be a long time friend of the family. breaking news this morning that bank of america getting ready to slash certain homeowners outstanding debts. sending letters to thousands of home owners across the united states offering to forgive a portion of the principle balance on their mortgages. the average amount the bank is willing to forgive $150,000. it could amount to monthly savings up to 35%. this is a result of that $25 billion government settlement announced earlier this year. chances are the president never expected this guy to blast so-called buffet rule. warren buffet himself, the billionaire now saying it won't do much to help our ailing economy. remember, president obama named his tax hike proposal after buffet who supports increased tax revenues on america's top earners. during a recent buffet announcement, he criticized the
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president's proposal as a small improvement to a vary bad tax system. that couldn't even remotely cure our revenue problems. and those are your headlines. it's a little problematic when the guy you name it after isn't totally in favor of it. >> sean hannity had this occupier on, this 26-year-old guy who spent a lot of his time sleeping in zuccotti park. sean invited him in and he said i had a job, i lost a job and can't get a job. i live off student loans and go to school when i want to. at which time, we heard that he -- we watched him get scold would by sean hannity saying listen, you have to go out there and try, get your resume out. he will not take a menial job. he's done with that. >> we have two clips to show you, first the original and then the update. >> i have something -- >> my suggestion to you is that you should -- >> i don't need your suggestions. i have a suggestion for you. you're 29 years old. stop wasting your time on occupy
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wall street and here's a novel concept. get up at 6:00 a.m., shovel some coffee down your throat. hit the pavement. find a job. get to work. stop whining. stop complaining. stop blaming and get your [beep] out of bed like everybody else in america and get to work! >> give me a job. i will go to work. >> if you pound the pavement and stop hanging out at the zuccotti park, you might find one. >> i'm on line one day and i'm sending my resumes. >> you're on line all day? >> find me -- >> go work as a cook. go work as a dishwasher. go work as a contractor. go do something -- >> something morning menial, will make you happier? >> i've done it in my life. >> i've done it, too. >> go get a job. you don't want to do that. that job is beneath you. hanging out with rapists, drug addicts, people having sex in public is more fun. >> all right. so apparently -- >> show the next day i offered to get him a job. he wouldn't take one unless the pay is between $80,000 and $100,000 a year, hugh. i swear!
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>> ok, so during the original, he said give me a job. sean offers him a job. it didn't pay enough. i don't think he really wanted a job so he wasn't hannitized. >> you have to find what the mindset of a lot of these people are. some people have college educations. there's no reason this guy can't get a job. i've never seen two people more polar opposite than sean hannity and that clown because i mean, they were just -- he was just saying you don't understand essentially what it takes to make it in america. he wanted everything paid for. he wanted his school paid for. he wanted his house paid for and he wanted his health care paid for. he has no idea where he's coming from. >> it was very clear what that occupy mind set is. not going to be working for sean hannity. sorry. >> outrage at one of america's most prestigious catholic universities. a white house staffer who pushed contraceptives on the church against its beliefs ready to give the commencement speech.
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>> and then do as i say, not as i do. president obama warning the new french president not to raise taxes too much on the rich. huh? stuart varney up next to explain. come on, stu. [ female announcer ] i found the best cafe in the world.
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it's your money. roll over your old 401(k) into a fidelity ira and take control of your personal economy. this is going to be helpful. call or come in today. fidelity investments. turn here. >> as we told you yesterday, french president nicolas sarkozy losing his re-election bid to a socialist in france. becoming the 11th european leader to get the boot since the debt crisis began. >> so what does this mean for president obama's own re-election hopes, if anything? stuart varney is here. stuart, there's going to be a huge meeting between this new french socialist president and angela merkel but until then we
6:17 am
can speculate, are we supposed to be getting a message here? >> look, i think this election result in europe gives president obama some hope, more hope for re-election here because the europeans are rejecting any austerity. don't touch the freebies. don't touch entitlements. keep the money flowing. keep the freebies from the government flowing. that's what they voted for. and that's what president obama is offering americans. so i think that that european election result gives more hope to president obama for re-election because he's offering the same thing here that got him elected in europe. >> unless the world markets tank between now and election day in november which would not be a good re-election thing for barack obama. >> that's the european side of the coin. europeans want to spend more money. they don't care about debt. spend more money and raise taxes on the rich. it will not work. it will push them further into recession and that will create, i think maybe fairly soon a debt crisis all over again in europe which is bad news for us.
6:18 am
so on the political front, gives obama more hope of re-election here. on the economic front, it's very bad news for america, what's going on there now. >> stuart, the leaders have been kicked out since 2008 until the market collapsed but here's the other thing, in the short term when this guy takes over and we see taxing the rich by 75% doesn't pay and things get worse, all of a sudden, this thing can entirely boomerang, correct? >> the news this morning is the greeks almost certainly will have to leave the euro. they cannot form the government. they cannot get a government together to get more money for a bailout. they are going to go belly up. odds are very strong they have to exit -- that's a new debt crisis because who's next? is it portugal. could it possibly be spain? >> italy? >> that's a new financial crisis ripples over bad news here. >> i just cannot imagine that the obama administration would want to be aligned with a new socialist. that whole word has demonized this administration for the last
6:19 am
3 1/2 years. >> they won't use that word. but look -- look what has happened in europe. >> is it true there was a report out this morning that the obama administration warned this new socialist leader to not do this 75% increased tax on the wealthy because it may not work and it will doom world economies. >> you're referring to the characterization of jay carney's remarks in the news conference. i disagree with that characterization. carney said a balanced result, that's the right approach. i read that as saying, yeah, fiscal consolidation, tax increase. go for it. and effort to boost the recovery, spend more money. go for it. i read that as an endorsement by the white house of what just happened in europe. >> stuart varney, thanks so much. we'll watch "varney & company" on the fox business network. >> ok. >> all right. 20 minutes after the hour. >> did you see this, brian? charles barkley picking a fight with mitt romney on live tv? >> we're going to beat you like a drum in november.
6:20 am
don't take it personally. i like you. you seem like a nice guy. but you're going down, bro! >> mitt romney went to a celtics game and got that in the background and now the maverick john mccain coming in to settle the score. >> history revised. why america's top colleges are no longer bothering with lessons you learned as a kid like the documents that founded our country, why bother? [ male announcer ] capri sun has 25% less sugar than leading regar juice drinks. because less sugar is a better way to fly. ♪ just not literally. capri sun. respect what's in the pouch.
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>> some quick headlines for you right now. yahoo's c.e.o. scott thompson under fire after lying about his college degree. turns out his claims of having a bachelor's in computer science are bogus.
6:24 am
he's since apologized but some are calling for his resignation. catholics outraged at georgetown university. a catholic university for inviting health and human services secretary to give the commencement address this year. she was heavily involved in president obama's controversial birth control mandate. some see that as a conflict of interest. steve? >> thanks, gretch. going to a good college is important for kids, right? well, once they get there, students aren't necessarily being taught the basic lessons of american government. according to a new report in "the wall street journal", some of our nation's top colleges are no longer teaching the constitution and other documents our government was founded upon. joining us right now with more is kyle olson, he is the founder of and joins us today from grand rapids, michigan. good morning to you. >> good morning. good morning. >> so we -- this item in "the wall street journal" that said a number of ivy league schools and
6:25 am
top schools no longer teach the federalist papers which is a collection of about 85 essays which just as america was forming, it really gave the argument of why a constitutional government is a great idea. >> i think what we're seeing is this blame america attitude that is running through our academia whether it's higher education or k-12 and it's this attitude, i think, that, you know, we need to beyond this idea that america is the greatest country in the world. that free markets and capitalism have transformed the global economy and those sorts of things. and so that's why i think we're seeing some of our history, some of our founding documents left behind. and it's much broader than just higher education. it's k-12 as well. there was a video that came out early this year or late last year where students, high school students were asked just very basic questions. who is the vice president? how many stars are on the flag? what countries border america?
6:26 am
and they couldn't even -- they couldn't even answer those things. so it's a very disturbing trend that we're seeing. and we've got to get back to the basics. we've got to educate students about the basics of america. and those sorts of things. >> and in that study, you just quoted a moment ago about where they quiz the kids, one kid thought that the vice president of the united states was mr. bin laden. biden, bin laden. >> that's right. >> and another one said george bush. another one said sarah palin. i mean, it was shocking. and again, they said there were 51 stars on the flag. there are 52 stars on the flag. another question was what country starts with the letter u? and one said utopia. i mean, it was outrageous! and -- >> funny how crazy -- how sad it is as well. you know, this should not be surprising. i mean, if you've got america's top schools not teaching the federalist papers and things like that, kyle, that would explain why this administration
6:27 am
didn't think that obamacare was unconstitutional because they don't know so much about the constitution. >> that's right. we are a nation of laws. and that's how we need to remain but instead, when we lose that history, when we lose that perspective, we're turning into a nation of men and we need to be a nation of laws. >> well played. all right. kyle olson joining us today from michigan. thank you very much, sir. >> any time. thank you. >> what do you think about that? not teaching the federalist papers and what not at the big schools? e-mail us, friends at meanwhile, did you see this awkward moment yesterday at the white house? >> i just haven't been asked to -- >> you'll take the support. >> i'll have to get back to you on that. >> the question that left the president's spokesperson speechless. and they're ranked as some of the worst teachers in the nation but they were smart enough to cook up the steam to save their own jobs.
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>> during the basketball playoff coverage on tnt over the weekend, did you see this? charles barkley spotted mitt romney at the boston celtics game and said we're going to beat you like a drum in november. he said you're going down, bro! that's what he said. he said you're going down, bro! the first time in history anybody has referred to mitt romney as bro. i believe that is the first -- i don't think that's ever happened. >> he's a big obama supporter but, you know, charles barkley was a republican at first. >> i thought he was going to run for sheriff or something. >> no, governor. >> governor? >> yeah. >> he might want to start at sheriff. >> all right. so mr. leno was referring to that, here's the original soundbite mr. barkley about his bro romney over on tnt. >> mitt romney. >> yes at the game in boston.
6:33 am
>> we going to beat you like a drum in november. don't take it personally. i like you. you seem like a nice guy. but you're going down, bro! >> so funny, with the nba music in the background. >> does anybody watching basketball want to hear politics? i don't know. >> basketball plus. >> i don't know. >> senator john mccain had a problem with it and he tweeted this back to charles barkley. dear charles barkley, don't take it personally. you seem like a nice guy but you're clueless. mitt romney wins. wanna bet? >> i sense that barkley will bet. >> absolutely. >> they can't play a pickup game. that would not be a close match. >> yeah. >> i'm not sure. >> because barkley lost all that weight. >> and they both like to engage. i would look for another chapter. game on. >> let's find out what else is going on in the world. back at the new albany, indiana, home of an accused killer. using radar equipment, the search for possible evidence, you have william clyde gibson
6:34 am
facing charges in the deaths of two women in 2002. that's more than one week ago. the remains of stephanie kirk were discovered in his backyard. gibson has not been charged with her death yet. >> terrifying moments for a group of bingo players when their game was interrupted by men with guns. three masked men ran into a bingo hall and the suspects made off with an unknown amount of cash. are they in habits, too? are they dressed as nuns? >> i think they're just hoods. >> something like that. anyway, nobody was hurt. they need to find the guys. >> i don't think they look like nuns at all. >> i saw that out of the corner of my eye. i saw white on their head. >> i think -- >> there you go. meanwhile, they're being called some of the worst teachers in the country and they'll be back in the classroom right after summer. new york city mayor michael bloomberg has been trying to fire the city's worst performing teachers for months now. the teachers may have outsmarted him by filing a lawsuit and
6:35 am
block their own termination. because the way union contracts work, the mayor planned to close the doors at most underperforming schools, lay off the staff and then reopen a couple of days later with all new employees. even that may not violate their union contract. well, the united federation of teachers has promised to challenge the decision in court. >> another day, another dance for disgraced democratic congressman charlie rangel. check out this tongue tied press secretary jay carney. he gets tongue tied when asked if president obama is supporting rangel in his re-election bid. >> support charlie rangel's re-election. >> i have to take that question. i haven't -- i mean, well, yeah, sure. i just don't -- i haven't been asked before. >> you'll take the -- be sure he supports him. >> i'll have to get back to you on that. >> all right. i'll pass on reading the rest of the story. i mean, i'll take -- in fact, i'll have to do the rest of the
6:36 am
story. rangel facing a tough primary battle in june. he's been stiffed by all but five of his democrat i go pa -- democratic pals in the house for this campaign. >> take a look at the day ahead weatherwise. as you see, we have a whole bunch of rain through the northeast down through the ohio valley along portions of dixieland moving back across much of texas at this hour. currently, florida is dry at this hour. meanwhile, the current readings as you step outside, if you're in rapid city, it's chilly. 36 there right now. we have 40 in caribou, maine. here in the big town, 55. same as chicago. then you got 60's from the mid atlantic and then you pick up 70's along the gulf coast back through portions of florida. later on in this may 8th. yeah. look at that, 80 today in raleigh. it's going to be 82 in atlanta. upper 80's along the gulf coast and 50's in the northern plains. it should be 69 degrees today in
6:37 am
philadelphia, mr. kilmeade. >> yeah, hey, by the way, happy birthday to harry truman wherever you are, i hope you're watching and toba, i hope you're watching. that's your job. and who? >> and our producer. >> it's his birthday. everybody's birthday. >> what? all right. >> day after birthday. >> it's true. >> celebrate. >> celebration continues from monday to tuesday. what else is new? phillies pitcher cole hamils admitted he beaned a player as an introduction to the league. he'll get a five game suspension and he'll be fined. he was told to play dumb and the saints say in their pay for pain bounty scandal would blow over. well, he didn't and the scandal is not going away. reports say that the former saints defensive lineman now with the packers testified he was told by the former defensive coach greg williams and assistant coach joe vitts who denies there was a bounty pool.
6:38 am
the comments prove the bounty pool existed. hargrove is with the packers and is suspended for four games next season. got to throw out the first pitch at the diamondbacks game last night. their big surprise, their father who just finished a tour in afghanistan was the catcher behind the mound. check out their reaction as lieutenant paul geary takes off his mask for the big reveal. rushing over to give their dad a big hug. was little jackson surprised? >> i was>> what did you think when he took off his mask? >> i was like -- i ran up and i was like -- i was like you're here? >> he looked like a professional catcher. adding to the surprise, just before the first pitch, a taped message aired from the lieutenant colonel saying we wish he could be there. >> that's fantastic. >> by the way, coming up on the radio a little bit later on a baseball theme, john smoltz will
6:39 am
be in the studio, andrea tantaros will be in the studio, john tesh will be in the studio and performing on our show a little bit later on. >> that's a gigantic studio. >> all at once. like the big brady bunch. >> coming up on "fox & friends", our next guest is the only navy seal to make it out of a horrible ambush in afghanistan and that story is now about to be a hollywood movie. >> and that's mr. rigby with him. >> yep. >> and banning bake sales but this is no child's play. judge napolitano say new nutrition standards will take a bite out of freedom. he has the history to prove it. i'm more of an absentee plant parent. [ cellphone rings ]
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>> from the control room, we got some quick headlines for you. in london, the word black list has been black listed. scotland yard banning the word amid fears that it's racist and also banned, the term white list used for those who are acceptable contacts. officials saying it would be appropriate to use either word. and this monkey is on the loose in a florida neighborhood. officials warning people that even though he's cute and cuddly, he's wild! and could be carrying a disease of some sort. they're not sure exactly where the monkey came from. but it's loose! >> brian? >> all right, steve. all right. our next guest was the only navy seal to make it out of that horrible ambush in afghanistan in 2005. the one that claimed the lives of three of his comrades and left him seriously injured. that story was captured in his first book "bestseller, run away
6:44 am
bestseller called "lone survivor" soon to be a major motion picture. mark wahlberg will play marcus setrel. here's here with a brand new book to tell stories about life after his amazing first tour of duty over in afghanistan. former navy seal is the author of this book called "service, a navy seal at war." welcome back. >> good to be back. >> always great to see you. first off, we know about "lone survivor." . did you expect this type of success in terms of sales? >> no. actually, not. i didn't have any idea what it was going to be capable of or how people were going to accept it and take it in and the impact that it had on anybody that has read it or heard the story. no, i didn't. i'm glad that it did. i'm glad it touched so many lives. >> that prompted -- that comes it a close in the movie, it's going to stop in 2005. now this book "service" picks up after that. what you did is pick up and you went back. >> yeah, i did. after recuperating, i was in the hospital and had some surgeries and got back on the line and
6:45 am
went back over again into iraq in 2006 and 2007 and that's where the book picks up. transitions through there. how everything went down out there. what happened to me. kind of pretty much ended my career. a little bit on afghanistan and some of the stuff we couldn't talk about in the first book. >> so you went back around surge time in iraq. that wasn't exactly bermuda or aruba. >> no, it wasn't. i think i might have bit off more than i could chew when i got back in there and in 2006 and 2007 it was definitely hell on earth. it was tough. it was. >> the message is not only to the guys who have served, the men and women that serve, what comes out in this book is the salute to the families. you saw that little boy throw out a pitch and his dad comes home and sacrifice. you believe they're the real heroes. >> absolutely. absolutely and i touch on that, too. i think a lot of times the families, the wives, you know, they get overlooked a lot and that was one of the main objectives to getting this done was to honor them. >> all right.
6:46 am
so now you're married. >> i am married, yes. >> so now you've had the full picture. you're over there serving when you were single. at our feet is mr. rigby. tell us about mr. rigby. >> mr. rigby and i have been partners for three years. i lost my first service dog through kind of a hate crime, if you will. >> once home. >> absolutely. i had gotten out of the hospital for another surgery and in the middle of the night, i got up and four guys were beating her with a bat and shot her and killed her. >> just random, right? they didn't know who you were. >> yeah, it was. they were out joy riding and killing animals and then they happened to come up on mine which was a mistake. >> the name of -- there's your dog. daisy. >> and then you went out and hunted these guys down. >> i did. yeah, absolutely. >> brought them to justice. >> i did. one of them is in prison right now and the other one is on a year's probation. >> right. did you think you'd be hunting down guys once you got home? >> i thought it was over, you know, i hung up the guns and was home relaxing and trying to heal
6:47 am
up and move on with my life and then obviously that goes down. so it's not what i expected. but i didn't have any problem taking care of it. >> you had mr. rigby, another service dog. 5 years old now. so he's trained to do what? work in combat? sniff out bombs? >> no. >> i.e.d.'s? >> trained to take care of me. when we first got together, i was pretty banged up and hard for me to get around and just kind of live life and daily functions and what not. now that i've progressed and he's still with me. you know, he's my best friend. i can't get rid of him. >> how much titanium do you have in you? >> a lot. >> in your back, correct? >> yes, sir. absolutely. every time i go in, it seems like they're adding some more. so hopefully that was going to be the last one, we'll see what happens. >> well, you look great. let's bring you up to date to get your opinion of what's happening. people like to say afghanistan, that's a good war.
6:48 am
iraq, that's the war we didn't need. a little bit different view. >> you know, i don't think any war is a good war, you know, and we were talking about this the other day, it's just like, you know, you see these activists and everybody out there saying bring the troops home. we want to come home as bad as they want us to come home. in the united states, they send us into battle and if that's what we need to do, we go to battle until we need to get done. i wish everybody would understand that instead of going against us and allowing us to do our job and get us back. in afghanistan and iraq, there were two different wars, two different scenarios all together so it's kind of hard to kind of categorize them. >> in your book, you talk about gratefulness of some of the people you came across who just were happy with what you've done. >> you know, it's -- everyone kind of like, why are we in iraq? i get that question all the time. why are we in iraq? every time you explain to them one reason and they come back at
6:49 am
you with another one. i was out there one time and i remember being in a house with a lady and she was like, you know, my husband is dead and my three boys, they have been killed and taken from me. and i just want to thank you for being over here and helping us out. and, you know, and taking -- protecting us. you know, and looking in her eyes and watching her say that, it just justified every reason i'm in there. the united states is known for going and helping people in need. they needed help, you know, they needed to get out from underneath that thumb. and like i said, that justified it for me. >> well, marcus lattrell i'm sure this book is going to be a bestseller. it's called "service" and picks up where you left off. the service that you've given to the country is already over the top. great to meet mr. rigby. >> appreciate you having me on. >> great to see you, marcus. best of luck with this. meanwhile, 10 minutes before the top of the hour, the president famous for saying he's against same sex marriage. but more and more members of his staff are saying something different. is he being honest or just trying to win the independent vote? we'll report, you decide and
6:50 am
bake sales making everybody angry. can the courts really tell you what kind of food to eat? maybe. judge napolitano hopefully walking this way with a controversial ruling next. wake up! that's good morning, veggie style.
6:51 am
hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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6:53 am
>> welcome back. everyone. massachusetts banning bake sales during the school day and now wants to expand the ban to include even weekends and community events. i call that a buzz kill. >> but can government really regulate you on what you put on your plate? let's talk to fox news senior judicial analyst and dietician
6:54 am
judge andrew napolitano. good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. good morning, gretchen. >> keep in mind, they're talking about banning the sale of these foods for fundraisers, foods that are legal. >> absolutely. basically, the state of massachusetts has decided what it wants children to eat in the school and at home. and it is using authority that the supreme court of the united states gave to it, i'll explain that in a moment to do so. remember that crazy case, hits for jesus, a meaningless phrase that some kid put on a placard and held in front a parade off school grounds and after school hours and the school disciplined him for it. and the supreme court said yes, as long as student do something off school hours and off school grounds that might adversely affect the school's mission, the school can regulate that behavior. so using that sort of amorphous line of authority, the department of education in the state of massachusetts wants to
6:55 am
regulate the behavior of students and their parents after school hours involving student bake sales. so basically saying because cupcakes are not good for young people, we don't want anybody selling cupcakes even if it raises money for after school programs. >> this is so dumb, sorry. it's so dumb. >> unconstitutional. >> you got to wonder, does it have to do with the fact that massachusetts was the first state passed health care? does it have anything to do with that? >> i don't know. people in massachusetts are claiming they have good motivation. they're worried about childhood obesity and worried about people with too much sugar. >> i get that! it's all about personal responsibility. >> it's about personal responsibility and it's about the overreach of the government. i honestly don't think the supreme court ever intended when it said you can punish the kid for its bong hits for jesus sign, that this type of reaching into the home by a school board would happen and that's what's happening here. can't we make our own decisions as to what we eat and not bow
6:56 am
down to bureaucrats? >> you got to feel sorry for the schools because these fundraisers, the bake sales actually make the money and going forward, they need the money. judge, thank you very much for dropping by. >> pleasure. >> where are those cupcake? >> i'm going to bring you one tomorrow. on purpose. >> don't sell it to them. >> you better think before you click the like button on face sf -- facebook. what you support could backfire. linda evans joins us live to explain. good morning. i'm really going to miss you. my new place isn't that far away. it's 15 miles away ! with this droid razr by motorola on verizon 4g lte, we can video chat on skype. you're gonna get lost ! this has gps. well, that makes me feel better. me too. i'll go get two from the back.
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directions to the moon. ♪ and i thought "i can't do this, it's just too hard." then there was a moment. when i decided to find a way to keep going. go for olympic gold and go to college too. [ male announcer ] every day we help students earn their bachelor's or master's degree for tomorrow's careers. this is your moment. let nothing stand in your way. devry university, proud to support the education of our u.s. olympic team. >> good morning, everyone. it's tuesday, may 8th. i'm gretchen carlson. we begin with the fox news alert. terrorists caught with another bomb destined for a u.s. plane. threat not over yet.
7:00 am
live report straight ahead. >> he's famous for saying marriages are between a man and a woman. members of the president's staff are starting to defect. is he being honest about his position or staying neutral to win votes? we report, you decide. >> meanwhile, hey, watch where you're clicking. now the things you click and like on the facebook can and apparently will be used against you in a court of law. what's that about? don't like me? we like "fox & friends" hour two because we like that it starts right now. >> technology is moving in an interesting direction. there was another case the other day where they were going to sue a woman who texted somebody who was driving at the time and got into an accident. and now there was going to be a case against the woman because they say she should have known she was texting to somebody while they were driving. >> wow. i never heard of that. >> amazing where technology is
7:01 am
moving through. >> common sense. >> well, i don't know -- i don't know! if you text somebody, do you know that they're driving and now you might be held liable? >> the person driving would know they're driving so just don't even have the phone in your hand! >> i'll tell you what, i heard a report that google and they went down and doing their research, you know, shot the streets. you get the street view. you also have the listening device on. able to pick up all conversations as they were driving through the streets. which maybe they can make sense of our lives once they put them together. >> the first ones to have done that. >> really? >> you know what would hear if they drove by right now. >> kelly wright, gretchen tossing to kelly wright. >> remember that movie with helen hunt and jack nicholson. everybody could hear what he was thinking. >> what women want. that would be scary. that would be scary. >> let's get to a fox news alert for you right now.
7:02 am
troubling details emerging at this hour about another attempt to blow up a u.s.-bound airliner with an underwear or crotch bomber inside as brian calls it. >> we are being told it was meant to coincide with the one-year anniversary of the daring navy seal raid that killed usama bin laden. kelly wright, as brian predicted live now in our bureau. steve, gretchen and brian, good morning to you as well. national counterterrorism center which, of course, is the hub for threat analysis have been tracking this new bomb plot for several weeks. in fact, it was their highest priority. the c.i.a. intercepted the bomb in yemen before the would be bomber even purchased the ticket. counterterrorism officials say the device was likely a refinement of the underwear bomb similar to the failed christmas underwear bomb attempt over detroit in 2009. the device was recovered from a raid on an al-qaida in the arabian peninsula camp. officials say that the device is now being analyzed in quantico. >> the plot itself indicates that these terrorists keep
7:03 am
trying. they keep trying to buy more and more perverse and terrible ways to kill innocent people. >> now, a government source familiar with the intelligence tells fox news the operation is ongoing. and it involves countries, the source says or adds, rather, there is a second threat stream coming out of the middle east involving surgically implanted body bombs. counterterrorism may see the device as the work of the man who has perfected the use of nonmetallic explosives that are very hard to detect. believed to be the designer of the cavity bomb that tried to take out the saudi prince in august of 2009. there have been concerns that al-qaida would try to stage an attack on the anniversary of usama bin laden's death last month. the white house said there were no known threats but say the president was briefed on this plot then. the information was not revealed earlier because the administration did not want to
7:04 am
compromise sources and methods. as for the credibility of that second threat stream, it has not been revealed. as for the would be bomber in this recent plot, a government source tells fox news "no need to be concerned about this person anymore." . >> all right, kelly. thank you very much. meanwhile -- >> thank you, kelly. >> al-qaida in the arabian peninsula and yemen with the al-qaida cell there is taking real land. yesterday, they killed 26 people in an army strong hold. >> bad guys. >> the bad guys. we're taking them out from the sky. it's great that we have a base there. keep in mind, al-qaida is forming this moving cell which is beginning to take advantage of the chaos in that country. so the threat is going to be bigger. >> the other underwear bomber, they didn't catch him until he was on the plane and carrying out the plot. the idea that they were able to have somebody on the inside here, and as you pointed out earlier last hour, brian, how do they know about all these plots? 14 thwarted plots in new york city alone.
7:05 am
you start encompassing the entire world, it's amazing they're able to know about them and stop them. >> the joint terrorism task force here in new york city is ticked off. they say how did you know tell us this thing was in motion? i don't know what the c.i.a., they probably had their reasons. number one, it's international. and number two, what i don't understand is we evidently have the guy that was going to use the sophisticated bomb. he says we're no longer interested in that guy. how can we not be interested in that guy? >> i'm interested in that guy. i want to know who is interrogating him because there's an abc report this morning that apparently there are other guys with other devices. >> if you interrogate that guy, our guest last week, the way jose rodriguez used to, you may get some good information before it's too late and one of those body bombs goes boom. >> here's the thing, now we know there's other guys out there and we know this guy got his own ghost sign. pick an airline and pick a flight. good luck. make sure it's going to america. >> let us know how it went. >> what are the other guys going
7:06 am
to do and where are they going to go? >> sleeper cells maybe. >> we know this guy that was killed met with umar farouk abdulmutallab, the crotch bomber and he met with bin laden and he was able to take him out, our guys that are c.i.a. are able to take him out in yemen. what the c.i.a. is doing is they can't take -- at least they're killing them. >> do they have this guy captured? we'll continue to follow this story for you. now for the other headlines. while you were sleeping, mitt romney getting a long awaited endorsement from rick santorum. santorum in an e-mail to supporters late last night says above all else, we both agree that president obama must be defeated. the task will not be easy. it will require all hands on deck if our nominee is to be victorious. governor romney will be the nominee and he has my endorsement in order to win the most critical election of our lifetime. he admits that he doesn't agree with him on everything but there
7:07 am
are plenty of areas they feel the same about. unsettling development in the case of a missing tennessee family as the f.b.i. says now the two bodies found behind the home of their alleged abductor, adam mays are those of missing mother joanne bain and her 14-year-old daughter adrian. they along with bain's two other daughters ages 12 and 8 disappeared over a week ago. officials say they think the two remaining missing girls might be alive with their abductor. mays is said to be a long time friend of the family. fox business alert for you for you. breaking news that bank of america getting ready to slash certain homeowners' outstanding debt. the banking giant has been sending letters to thousands of home owners across the united states offering to forgive a portion of the principle balance on their mortgages. the average amount that they're willing to forgive $150,000. the reduction for qualifying home owners would amount to monthly savings of up to 35%. this is the result of that $25 billion government settlement announced earlier this year. as it turns out, liking somebody or something on facebook is not
7:08 am
protected by the first amendment. a virginia district court judge has ruled it's not a form of constitutionality that protected speech so this follows a case in which a virginia sheriff fired six of his employees for liking the facebook page of one of his political opponents. the judged that clicking the like button doesn't amount to expressive speech. in other words, it's not the same as writing a message and posting it on the site. and those are your headlines. >> all right. let's talk a little bit about this. you know, the president of the united states has been very vague about his support for gay marriage and then over the weekend, you had joe biden. >> he says it's evolving. >> that's nice and vague. give him flexibility after he's re-elected and he'll have flexibility when it comes to things like that. over the weekend, you have joe biden saying he's completely comfortable with same sex marriage and you have arnie duncan, the education secretary saying he supports it and yesterday, the white house press corps took jay carney apart and
7:09 am
they said look, the president of the united states support it or not? it's that simple. he can be that clear. is mr. carney clear? you be the judge. >> clearly what -- how vice president biden who has said the consensus is building towards gay marriage in this nation and then came out yesterday saying he is absolutely comfortable with men marrying men and women marrying women having equal rights is not an endorsement of gay marriage. >> look. i think the vice president expressed his personal views and he also said he was evolving on the issue. i think the -- >> when? >> i think the description. he did. >> spokesperson -- >> let me just be clear, though. the vice president made -- what he said about the protection of rights of citizens is completely consistent with the president's position on this issue. and his description of the way the country has moved on this
7:10 am
issue, i think is totally accurate. i think we all have seen the data that describes an evolution of views across the country on these issues so i don't think there's anything surprising about him saying that. >> have it both ways before an election? >> no. >> i think this is just the opposite. i don't think it's necessarily president obama looking for the independents. i think this was on purpose to have joe biden say this to appeal to the base of the democratic party. and the latest poll results that show that more and more americans are in favor of gay marriage. and also the secretary of education, arnie duncan came out yesterday and also said he was in favor of gay marriage. why does the secretary of education have to come out and endorse gay marriage? to me, this was all part of a master plan, this was not a joe biden gaffe. this was on purpose and arnie duncan seconding it was on purpose and the president staying in the background was on purpose. >> here's the thing. you may be right but the flip side to that is if you take a poll of the african-american community that is not something that they are in favor of on the majority.
7:11 am
if you want to suppress the african-american vote, that's maybe an issue that would keep them home. number two is if you look at the vote in california for a couple of years ago, if you look at the vote in north carolina, right now, in north carolina today as they are for banning same sex marriage. >> right. >> so if you want to win north carolina, is that the best thing to do? clearly it seems as though his ducks are in a row to do it if he gets a second term, shouldn't he say that ahead of time? >> absolutely right. if they were part of a coordinated plan to advance that, it blew up in their face yesterday. so if the president of the united states wants to be clear, just say i support it. or i don't support it. it's that simple! >> but he's not going to because right now, he feels the same way about gay marriage as mitt romney. he's going to be his competitor in november. that's why he can't exactly say what his position is. >> unless he wants to separate himself and give people a clearer choice. >> that's right. >> that's why he has his
7:12 am
mignons doing that. >> do the american people deserve to know sooner about a terrorist plot? or take a back seat. peter johnson jr. here on that. >> mom, i swear i can explain. getting expelled from college? yes. it's true. that story ahead. [ male announcer ] what can you do with plain white rice?
7:13 am
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7:15 am
>> fox news alert as we've been reporting this morning, the troubling details about another attempt to blow a u.s.-bound jetliner out of the sky with,
7:16 am
perhaps, an underwear bomb and it turns out the obama administration knew about it but kept the information under wraps for a while so did we deserve to know about the plot? over to fox news analyst peter johnson jr. >> raid for the c.i.a., huge one for the united states and it saved lives. the issue becomes if there's an ongoing investigation. looking at the investigation, i think the answer is easy, is it going to compromise an investigation? no. but the same issue is if it helps the public, if it helps the traveling public, if it helps law enforcement, should there be a general awareness of the situation? that makes the public understand that they should be more vigilant about the -- >> obviously, this was occurring in the middle east. so having people know it in the general public of the united states, would it really matter? the issue now going forward is can this type of bomb be detected by a metal detector?
7:17 am
no, it can't. but can it be detected by a scanner? now, the f.b.i. is testing that right now according to published reports. and seeing whether, in fact, this type of underwear bomb which is detonated by the passing of acid through to something called detn which is the ingredient in semtex, a plastic explosive. >> right. >> can that be detected by a scanner? and we don't have a lot of those scanners. those scanners have been mired in controversy and we certainly don't have a lot of them in europe and mideast. >> that's right. >> so what will our officials be doing to ensure that airline travel is, in fact, safe. >> see, this -- now we get into the scary part because apparently they worked up a new detonator. >> right. >> there are no metal parts and that's great. the metal detectors don't show it. but apparently this guy who is the bombmaker. the guy on the run is the same guy who blew up his own brother, killed his own brother as his brother was standing next to one
7:18 am
of the high ranking security guys in saudi arabia. so if they've got a bomb that you can put in your body, a body cavity. and it is not detectible. >> right. >> people are going to wind up being terrified on airplanes. >> clearly the prototype exists to do it. possibility there are others that have been made in the mideast or other places, we do not know but terrified is the operative word here. >> they're terrorists. >> cannot become terrified by this. we have to become aware of the risk. no one understands technology or to manipulate technology better than the american people. >> that's right. >> so we will be able to come up with a fix for this and then a fix for the next one and a fix for the next one. the c.i.a. is on top of this. but at the same time, we need to, i think as the american people, an awareness of the risks and how we can be part of the fight and how we can be part of responding to this.
7:19 am
clearly, there needs to be secrecy, ongoing investigation but otherwise, we need as much information as possible to reduce fear, reduce terror. >> terrific. >> good to see you. >> giving us something else to think about. thank yo sir. >> straight ahead on this tuesday, the video that has a lot of people arguing this morning. did that mother just abandon her child to outrun an armed robber? or was she trying to protect her child? we're going to report what we know and then you're going to decide. then you remember the 1980's show "dynasty"? should it make a return to the airways? linda evans is here after the break. good morning, linda, you're next! ♪ spread a little love today ♪
7:20 am
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7:22 am
>> now time for news by the numbers. first, five. that's how many candidates are seeking the democratic
7:23 am
nomination in today's primary in the challenge to wisconsin governor scott walker in a recall election. five democrats. next $100 million. that's how much independent groups are getting to help democrats' political chances this fall. liberal donor george soros handing over $2 million himself but he's got it in the bank. finally, 100. that's how many eastern michigan students were supposed to get a letter telling them they were expelled. but instead, the school accidentally sent it to the entire student body. oops! that's not good. gretch, bri? linda? >> well, you remember the long running 1980's tv show "dynasty" where the cat fights between linda evans and joan collins made tv history. it seems like the 80's are making a comeback now? >> she wins it. another hit show from that era "dallas" is returning to tv this season with an all new remake. should "dynasty" be making a
7:24 am
comeback as well? i say yes. >> let's ask actress linda evans who played the glamorous crystal caring ton on "dynasty" and she joins us live from d.c. this morning. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> you were just here six months ago with your brand new book and we want to know since you finally wrote the book, is there finally going to be another "dynasty"? >> well, i want to know if there's going to be another "dynasty". i'm here in washington with linda grey and i've been talking to her about the show. and it's fascinating what they've done. it's fascinating. and she's very happy with it. i mean, interesting concept. >> so you're talking about linda grey, of course, with "dallas." >> uh-huh. >> is that something that -- i never thought that would actually happen. two people from successful series. do you guys hang out a lot? >> well, no, we're here for meals on wheels. my goodness, we aren't just hanging out. we're here, we're on a mission. to inform people. >> see, brian hopes that he can just be a fly on the wall. if the two of you were out
7:25 am
having dinner together. >> well, we actually like each other and we've liked each other over the years much to the dismay of magazines that say otherwise. but we're kindred spirits in what we love and we were glad to get together here for this organization. >> also have to wait and see if "dynasty" will make a comeback. let me talk to you before we talk about meals on wheels for moms. if you say we want to do this again like "dallas" would you come back? >> it would depend. that's why i'm talking to her so see how it's going and how they've handled her characters and the introduction of the new ones. it's intriguing. i never say never but i would want to know more about it. >> you were on town for meals on wheels and actually, you and i both contributed to their new book that's going to be coming out in october called "made with love." we contributed recipes. and i could not be at the event last night.
7:26 am
i had another commitment. i wanted to speak with you about why you felt it was so important to get involved in this organization meals on wheels. >> oh, my gosh. i had heard of them but i never really understood that they weren't federally funded and that these people, i mean, they feed a million seniors that are home bound a day and there are 3.2 million still waiting that are hungry, that do need food, that they can't eat, the fact that they get one meal a day that is lunch and they don't get anything to eat on saturday and sunday, it's heartbreaking to me. i'm 69 years old. i'm a senior, you know, i'm a senior. i'm a baby boomer and baby boomers, 1 in every 7 baby boomer is going to be at risk for hunger. so that affects so many people and nobody knows that this is such a problem and that, you know, 1.7, 2.3 million people volunteer and most are senior
7:27 am
citizens that deliver their meals to them and sometimes the person that is getting the meal has never seen anybody during the day because they're at home, and it means so much and we have so many people in america to take care of and nobody knows about it. >> that's true. it can start so young. i used to deliver the meals with my mom and my grandmother. it's a great family thing you can do together. thanks so much for your time and dedication to meals on wheels and also, we hope to see you back in "dynasty." keep us posted. >> thank you. and thank you for your contribution, too. >> all right. meanwhile, coming up straight ahead on this show, remember the occupy guy who got sliced up by sean hannity? >> find a job. get to work. stop whining. stop complaining. stop blaming. and get your [beep] out of bed like everybody else in america and get to work. how does that sound? >> give me a job. i will go to work! >> all right. what happened when hannity did offer him that job? >> next, the empire state
7:28 am
building refuses to honor mother teresa and this morning, a new snub and it's aimed right at the freedom tower. ♪ [ instrumental ] [ girl ] when i started playing soccer, i wasn't so good. [ barks ] so me and sadie started practicing. we practiced a lot. now i've got some moves! [ crowd cheering ] spin kick! whoo-hoo! [ giggling ] [ announcer ] we know how important your dog is to your whole family. so help keep him stng and healthy with purina dog chow. because you're not just a family. you're a dog family. ♪ wer surge, let it blow your mind. [ male announcer ] for fruits, veggies and natural green tea energy...
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7:32 am
>> some good news for that new jersey tanning mom. you know the tanning mom? well, over the weekend, she was in newark airport and bought a ticket from newark to l.a. for only $50. apparently they mistook her for a piece of luggage. >> oh, wow. >> last night it was luggage and the night before it was a baseball mit. >> it's interesting, over the weekend, i was with dawn's side of the family. and many of which go to cold spring harbor high school where she graduated, the tanning mom. >> i was trying to figure out the connection there. >> and they're not embracing the publicity that cold spring harbor is getting. they published her high school picture and a lot of kids are running for the hills. >> yeah. the thing i wonder about the tanning mom is i think she was banned from the tanning salon she had used for a long time. i wonder if she found a new location. >> do you have a tanning core tore to work on that? >> i don't think people are following her around to see how
7:33 am
many tanning salons she's going to. now, but i mean before, she could go anywhere she wanted. >> she's a soundbite machine. >> the u.s. justice department wants to expedite joran van der sloot to alabama. he's facing charges of wire fraud and extortion for allegedly promising natalee holloway's family information for her disappearance in exchange for $25,000. he's serving a 28 year murder sentence for death of stephanie flores. even if he's sent to the u.s., he would have to come back to finish out that sentence. >> good. chris christie's insiders saying the new jersey governor would love to be mitt romney's running mate. he'd love it! sources told the national review that christie is open to it and his family is also comfortable with it. >> wow. >> in the past, the governor has said he loves his current job and won't be going anywhere. we heard that. however, he's also reportedly
7:34 am
said he could be talked into taking the job of vice president. >> you would have to sign off on it, though, because you're from new jersey. >> as a new jersey favorite. >> indeed. >> surveillance video has a lot of people arguing this morning. a mom walking to a shop in massachusetts when a guy with a knife pulls it out. she takes off running leaving her 4-year-old behind. she said she wanted the attacker to follow her and leave her little girl alone but others say she was thinking only of herself. little girl did get away and the mom was stabbed in the collarbone. she is expected to be ok. the suspect is still on the loose. i don't know. can you criticize somebody in a moment like that? how do you know how you would react? how do you have any idea? >> just one week after being eclipsed by the new freedom tower, the empire state building is fighting back like buildings can. the owner is unveiling a newly designed l.e.d. lighting system that would allow them to light the sky like never before with the new technology they can create rainbows, first ripples and choose from even more colors.
7:35 am
>> meanwhile, let's take a look at where the towers are wet today. and all the way from new england down through the big northwestern corridor cities back through the ohio valley and up to the great lake states, it's a soaker. same thing for portions of dixieland and back through texas today. northern plains is spotty out west. it's dry. speaking out west, we have 50's across much of california right along coastal california. 50's as well in the middle part of the country. 50's and 60's all the way from texas through dixie land down through florida and up through the mid atlantic. 56 currently in new york city. later today, 67 out at laguar a laguardia. warmer here in the new york city if you're near a tanning booth. 83 looks like it will be the daytime high in memphis, tennessee and if you're out in denver, colorado, mile high, your highs will be 56. >> time for a little sports action now, brian? >> let's talk a little bit of baseball. phillies pitcher cole hamils
7:36 am
admitted he beamed bryce harper at the age of 19 as an old school way of welcoming him into the league. but major league baseball hitting back with a five-game suspension for hitting the youngster. he'll also be find. hammels hit the nationals rookie in a game on sunday night, you may remember for no apparent reason. knicks fans forget about phil jackson or john caliparri. it appears, according to "the new york daily news", the knicks have found a new head coach. like the old coach. new reports this morning say the team is convinced interim head coach mike woodson is the right man for the job! they are working up a contract for the extension, they think it's because the knicks won their first playoff game since 2001. the knicks approached woodson last week. jeremy lin, superstar who took the world by storm, many think he'll play tonight. mike woodson says don't count on him. he's not in game shape.
7:37 am
>> people will be ready. >> they'll be waiting to see that. in the meantime, do you remember the showdown between sean hannity and one of the people from occupy wall street? it happened last week where sean hannity got a little irate at the fact that this guy did not want to go out there and take just any job that might be available to him. and instead go down and protest at the park. here's part of that exchange. >> i think -- my suggestion to you is that you -- >> i don't need your suggestion. i have a suggestion for you. >> i have a suggestion for you. you're 29 years old. stop wasting your time at occupy wall street and here's a novel concept. get up at 6:00 a.m., shovel some coffee down your throat. hit the pavement. find a job. get to work. stop whining. stop complaining. stop blaming. and get your [beep] out of bed like everybody else in america and get to work! how does that sound? >> give me a job. i will go to work. >> if you pound the pavement and stop hanging out at zuccotti park, you might find one! >> i'm on line all day. i'm sending my resume -- >> on line all day? on line! >> you find me --
7:38 am
>> go work as a cook. go work as a dishwasher. go work as a contractor. go do something -- >> something more menial, will that make you happier? >> i did it in my life. >> i did it, too! >> that job is beneath you. hanging out with rapists, drug addicts and people having sex in public is more fun. i bought him on my radio show the other day and i offered to get him a job. he wouldn't take one unless it paid $80,000 to $100,000 a year, i swear. >> that's hugh hewitt on the panel. >> bob beckel. >> you have the occupiers saying at one point during that 50 second interlude give me a job and a week later, sean hannity offers one but not good enough! >> yeah, just incredible he was exposed. it was a great segment. meanwhile, remember the bomb plot the anarchists put together to blow up that bridge in cleveland over in ohio last week. it turns out those five had their day in court. i was amazed not by those five
7:39 am
getting a day in court. i was amazed who came up to support them. >> at least 50 occupy cleveland protesters came to the courthouse yesterday to show solidarity. so you will hear where a lot of -- >> why? >> you wonder where a lot of press coverage will be for that. is occupy cleveland endorsing what allegedly took place with trying to blow up this bridge near cleveland? >> well, one of the occupiers said yeah, those five guys were associated with the group. but do not represent or act on behalf of occupy cleveland. what's interesting and there's the five guys right there. >> i can't believe those guys would be involved in something underhanded. they look so innocent. >> the city of cleveland did not renew occupy cleveland's permit the day after the arrests. >> go figure. >> they'd been doing it long enough, apparently. >> if you're looking for work, go no further. cheryl casone is up next to break down the top five companies hiring this week. >> we're all for the latest and greatest technology but driverless cars? they're about to officially hit
7:40 am
the road. >> as long as they hit the road and not us. >> if no one is in them, why drive them? the trivia question of the day, born on this date in 1964, this little house on the prairie actress is currently a contestant on "dancing with the stars." who is she? be the first to e-mail, friends at with the correct answer. you will win something nice! [ male announcer ] every day thousands of people are choosingdvil®.
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7:43 am
>> quick headlines for you. the minnesota vikings inching closer to the goal line for a new stadium. remember back in 2010? oh, man. part of the metrodome's roof collapsed under the weight of a lot of snow. new stadium expected to cost $975 million. and look, ma, no hands!
7:44 am
google just getting license from nevada's dmv to start testing these driverless cars. the state requires a person to be behind the wheel to take control if needed. i'm not comfortable with that. >> good question. you're such a new yorker. hey, americans still have a job crisis on their hands. last week the unemployment rate dropped to 8.1%. but employers only hired 115,000 people and welcomed them to the market so where are all those jobs? who is hiring? cheryl casone is the person on the job from the fox business network. she's here with the top five companies looking around. first off, metlife. >> insurance. this company was founded in 1864 to protect civil war soldiers. 90 million customers. they are now in 50 countries. they are hiring. there's a plethora of actuaries, finance, i.t. sales, claims administrators, anything. they are hiring 750 positions this year. and those are opening up right
7:45 am
now. >> the korean automaker hyundaii is hiring. >> actually hiring in the united states. let's be clear here. they're adding some production for the sonata and elantra and they're adding another shift at some of their plants making it three shift so it's a 24-hour car production happening with these guys. michigan, alabama, california, 1,000 positions are open right now. so these are u.s.-based jobs for a foreign car company. the pay is decent. you get benefits. about 22 bucks an hour if you're going to work like an assembly job. >> nonunion. chipolte mexican grill. >> if you can paut guacamole on a salad, i say go for it. 1,450 positions are open right now. was i talking about breakfast? they have from 155 to 165 new restaurants opening this year. this is a publicly traded company. i have to tell you. they offer benefits package, salaried positions, too. 41 states right now. this is a big expansion story. you'll look for that with my
7:46 am
companies because that means that the financial head of the country is strong and this is one. >> look at this for the young group, this is 8,500 college grads that they hired this year. they're looking to hire more. we're talking about enterprise holdings, rental car company. >> rental car. it's enterprise, national as well brand names. there was a big consolidation in the industry a couple of years ago. we're seeing the effects of that. management trainees can make within the mid 30's. it's geographic but that's about the salary range. this is a training program. if you're right out of school, they will train you. it's great way to get management experience where you don't have any experience coming out of the school and college gradz are suffering right now. >> petro wells site. >> they e-mailed us at our e-mail at fsjobhunt at they are hiring. you can make anywhere from $50,000 to $90,000 as an administrator. most of the jobs are in texas. they go on for major energy
7:47 am
companies and they go and do well site consulting so not necessarily going to be full time but the pay for consulting because you don't get the benefits with it, it's pretty good. you can make $1100 to $1600 per day. not bad. >> go to cheryl casone's exchange. the she blogs, she talks, we listen. >> it's crazy today. >> what time are you on today? >> noon and 3:00. >> good luck the rest of the day. we'll be watching and taping. if the president had to fire a member his staff to increase the chances of his re-election, who would get the axe? look at potential shakeups. if you're a mom, you've been there. other people want to hold your baby and offer their advice. who is worth listening to? how about a mom of a medal of honor winner? the motherly experts here next. first on this day in 1974 in history, "the locomotion" by grand funk was the number one song. life was simple then. wake up!
7:48 am
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7:51 am
> >> answer to the question of the day, melissa gilbert, of course. the winner is bonnie davis in hatsfield, pennsylvania. congratulations. becoming a new mom can be a shock to the nervous system. i almost couldn't say shock. for dads, too. from picking the right food to the right formula, there's so much information you need to know. now a new book offers timeless tips for moms whose advice have stood the test of time and resulted in some extraordinary kids. joining me now, the author of "how to rock your baby" with two other moms she interviewed in the book, rosemary genta and carry tyson. good morning to all three of you. you came up with this idea you
7:52 am
had you have a newborn at home. >> yes, i do. >> as you found out, babies don't come with a manual of how to operate with them, right? >> right. when i was pregnant, i was so nervous about it and i read everything that i could find and rather than feeling empowered, i just felt confused and paralyzed and so i wanted to collect all the tips that don't change over time. that are stand the test of time and i could really count on them at 4:00 in the morning when she's crying. >> so you went out first in search of extraordinary kids. because you figured if the kids were extraordinary, mom must have had something to do with it. >> exactly. i interviewed 10 moms from all over the country of all ages from 39 to 102 and found out their best parenting wisdom for babies. >> one of their mothers was rosemary genta. your son was a medal of honor recipient. >> yes, uh-huh. >> when you heard from erin, what was your reaction about being featured? >> i guess i was surprised. i didn't see myself as anything extraordinary.
7:53 am
i was, you know, happy that she chose me. >> what did you contribute to the book? >> i just let people know that, you know, people are individuals. that they're going to be exactly who they're going to be and not every child is going to be the same. and that what we speak over our children is incredibly important. because we can speak life or death over them and we want to empower them for their future as well as what we want for ourselves as parents. >> isn't that true? >> yeah. >> yes. tony, you have three sons. two sons and one daughter. >> ok. excuse me. >> and you were a successful businesswoman. still are. two time fulbright award-winning artist. >> no, my sons. >> my oldest son. >> ok, you were the parent of that son. who has been on this show, by the way. >> no, let's get it straight. three children. neil, steven and lyn, ok? neil is the one who has been on the show. steven is our oldest son who is an artist.
7:54 am
>> he's accomplished. >> and my daughter is a senior corporate executive in industrial relations and so that's the order. >> and what did you contribute to the book? i understand that you had dinner time where you thought it was very important for your children to speak about their day. >> it was a little bit more than that. first of all, i want to congratulate everybody on the book and say thank you for her to share for the country. that was quite an emotional conversation that we had before. in the beginning when the children were youngsters, real young, it was easy. ok? however, as they got older, it became a little bit more compelling to give them all of the self--- to have them build in some self-esteem and feel good about themselves. they're new yorkers and born and bred in new york and these people from new york are not easy to handle. as a result, they went to the public schools system and the museum of natural history, new
7:55 am
york city is a learning lab. we were very fortunate to be here and to be in the position of offering them all these wonderful things. >> one of the things you wanted them to do at dinner time is speak about their day and it helped to build their confidence. >> absolutely. absolutely. >> and right now, i see my daughter doing that with my grandson. as they got older, it was a little more of a challenge because i had to turn to the boys, get three different colors, three different shades of brown and they stayed brown all year round and we had some concerns of them being out in the street and being spoken to by a police person and we told them frankly, keep your hands out of your pocket. look directly at the police officer and answer the questions and have change in your pocket because at that time there were no cell phones. and just be careful. >> erin, the best piece of advice you got from speaking to these extraordinary moms? >> i think two pieces of advice, find the good and praise, each child is an individual and the second is love your child. that comes automatically and let
7:56 am
them find their own way and also, as a new mother, love yourself. and know that you'll find your own way, too. >> "how to rock your baby" is the book. thank you to all the moms on the couch today. >> thank you. >> his critics called him selfish. >> i was briefed. i met repeatedly. i determined. at my direction. i called the president. >> i as commander in chief. >> the president now giving his familiar message of revamp. we'll tell you what it is. coming up, another hour of "fox & friends" right after this. ♪ if loving you is wrong ♪ i don't wanna be right [ record scratch ] what?! it's not bad for you. it just tastes that way. [ female announcer ] honey nut cheerios cereal -- heart-healthy, whole grain oats.
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7:59 am
>> gretchen: good morning, everyone. today is tuesday, may 8. i'm gretchen carlsonment thanks for spending part of your day with us. another underwear bomber. nor plot busted. word this morning about more bombs still out there and more countries in on the apparent attacks.
8:00 am
>> steve: and the president spiked the football osama bin laden's death, some say. >> i directed leon panetta. i was briefed. i met repeatedly. i determined at my direction. i called the president. >> steve: i, i, i. he was busy. now it sounds like they're changing that tune. does he get a tooover? >> brian: hillary says she doesn't want to be president. we want to know what do the stars say, astrologists say her future is better predicted by the planet. we'll tell you more as "fox & friends" rolls on. >> gretchen: remember a couple of weeks ago when the state department came out and said there was no war on terror. one spokesperson said that line. now come to find out that the administration and probably members of the state department, people who work there knew that
8:01 am
was wrong. that there was another underwear bomber out there who was potentially trying blow up a u.s.-bound plane. now that person could be the informant in this entire case, but now the plot has been thwarted. it doesn't mean the danger has gone away. >> brian: how did the c.i.a. do it? how did they unwind this plot, what they're calling friday whitey's 2. they're saying they unwound the plot by possibly getting somebody on the inside and then seeing how sophisticated this device was. no metals reportedly. maybe not detectable by any body scanner reportedly. and this guy was all set to essentially pick an airline, pick a flight, and do his duty. >> steve: once again, he's probably the bomb maker. he's the guy who is now developed this bomb, it has no metal in it so the metal detectors at the airport aren't going to detect it.
8:02 am
apparently it's got a new and improved detonator, which is not good. abc is reporting that apparently there are other would be bombers out there with other devices, which the government is referring to as ieds because really they are improvised explosive devices. >> brian: fox this had that first, by the way. >> gretchen: one of the other interesting things, the picture you just saw was al-kusa, taken out with a drone -- yeah that, guy -- he was taken out -- >> brian: that's al-siri. >> gretchen: al kusa was involved in this focus bomb making and that's why he was taken out and that's why this story was allowed to come forward, because some sources did have the story last week. they were asked to hold it. then that guy was taken out the other day and now we're hearing about this story coming full circle. >> steve: the problem is if they have developed a body bomb that is undetectable by security that
8:03 am
people could somehow secrete onto an airplane. john brennan was just on television, he says we've got to take another look at security. >> is this kind of device got to the airport, it could get through, right? >> this ied was threat from the standpoint of the design we have been able to determine and so now we're trying to make sure that we take the measures we need to to prevent any other type of ied similarly constructed from getting through security procedures. >> brian: the f.b.i. evidently has the bomb, the would be bomb in its grasp and they're analyzing it and they also know on top of that, that there is other people out there with the same device 'cause it's not expensive to make, which leads us to the other part of this story. is that you might think al-qaeda is disspirited because of this. because once again, like the times square bomber and the first underwear bomber, that they failed and the cartridge bomber, they failed. not really. david ross, a respected terror
8:04 am
guy, fellow of the defense of democracy institute. he says they brag about the fact that it cost us so much money to find out about the plot and so little money to devise these plots. >> steve: you mentioned the package plot to fly on a freight carrier, something in a printer cartridge that was going to go up, that didn't happen. keep in mind, this same guy, the guy we had the picture of, he's the guy who had his own brother secrete a bomb inside his body. i think you know what we're talking about what he did. and then he went inside a palace in saudi arabia and killed himself and tried to kill the security chief in saudi arabia. if they've got a bomb detonatable, and they can get past security, what are they going to do to find it? unless somebody has a rubber glove, this could be really
8:05 am
troublesome. >> gretchen: i think the positive news now is that they somebody on the inside so we have our hands now on this device so that we can analyze it and figure out how to upgrade our security system so that that won't happen. you at least have to have an optimistic approach, otherwise you wake up every morning wondering what's going to blow up next. remember the president was sort of spiking the football by many people's accounts about the war on terror being over with the one year anniversary of osama bin laden and now there's a new york post editorial today that calls that a bit premature based on this new information. let's talk about that ad that came out because that was time when the president was talking a lot about his accomplishments and taking out osama bin laden. and the veterans for america, they came out with this ad saying that there was just a little too much of the word i with the president. listen to this. >> i directed leon pianette attachment i was briefed. i met repeatedly. at my direction. i called president sardawi.
8:06 am
>> steve: after that, you know, there were a number of veterans who say, real heros don't brag. that's the slogan of navy seals against apparently they've noticed at the white house because david axelrod yesterday when he was talking about the accomplishments, he said we're proud of our service people and all they've accomplished and now when you look at this new ad as well, not i, i, i. it's we and our instead. >> greatest enemy brought to justice by our greatest heros. our troops are home from iraq. instead of losing j, we're croating them. over 4.2 million so far. we're not there yet. it's still too hard for too many. but we're coming back. >> brian: that's an ad that shows they're adjusting their game plan. >> gretchen: we have to get to doug mckelway because the president will lay out an election year to do list for congress and joining us is doug
8:07 am
mckelway from the white house with all the details. good morning to you. >> good morning to you, gretchen. senior administration officials tell fox news that the president is going to launch a new push to get congress to act on several stalled measures to create jobs. he'll be doing a visit to new york to the state university of albany. the president even going so far as to create a to do list for congress. here is a look at that to do list that the president proposed for congress. he wants them o reward american jobs. not outsource them. he wants to refinancing for responsible homeowners. he wants tax credits for small business jobs. clean energy manufacturing, and he wants to create a veterans job corp. administration officials acknowledge this is an effort to force a very unpopular congress to take action on these measures and there by deflect some of the blame for recovery. away from the white house fa congress. presumed republican nominee mitt romney see it is a different way, although he's not responded
8:08 am
to this particular initiative, he has said on many occasions in the past, including yesterday, that they expects the president to recapture a lot of lost voters by promising freebies. here is mitt romney speaking yesterday. >> in an effort to try and get them engaged, he's going to promise giving a lot of free stuff to them and to say, i'll pay for your education or i'll get rid of the loans. i'm only guessing, but my expectation is he's going to find, as politicians do, promises of free stuff as a we to try and get people to vote for him. >> romney says we can not promise money to people, money that we do not have. fox news also learned this coming friday during a visit to reno, nevada, the president will indeed try to get congress to act on a stalled measure that would allow people who are under water on their mortgages, but current on their payments to refinance at a slower rate. critics say that's the kind of measure that is actually prolonged the recession by allowing the recovery not to bottom out and thereby bounce
8:09 am
back up. back to you, gretchen. >> gretchen: doug mckelway, thanks so much. a couple other headlines. mitt romney picking up a major sports. rick santorum officially backing mitt romney in a late night e-mail to supporters. the former gop candidate admits they have differences, but adds there are plenty of areas that they agree on. santorum sakes quote, above all else, we both agree that president obama must be defeated. the task will not be easy. it will require all hands on deck if our nominee is to be victorious. governor romney has my endorsement and support to win this, the most critical election of our lifetime. in other news, authorities are stepping up the search this morning for two missing tennessee girls. the f.b.i. now confirming the bodies of their mother and her 14-year-old daughter were found behind their alleged kidnapper's home of the all four disappeared over a week ago. officials say they think the two remaining missing girls might be alive with their abductor, adam may social security said to be a long-time friend of the family.
8:10 am
fox business alert. bank of america getting ready to slash some homeowners outstanding debt. sending letters to thousands of homeowners now. shear what they're offering. they will forgive a portion of the principle balance on mortgages. the average amount, 150 thousand dollars. the reduction for qualifying homeowners could amount to monthly savings of up to 35%. this is a result of that $25 billion government settlement that was announced earlier this year. those are your headlines this morning. >> brian: ten minutes after the top of the hour. the plan to tax the rich is named after him, but warren buffet says it won't even completely help the economy. >> steve: great. and if the president had to fire a member of his current staff to boost his chances of reelection, who would get the ax? we're playing the white house shake up game with that guy right there. joe trippy. don't trippy.
8:11 am
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>> steve: many members of president obama's cabinet have come under fire for not being fit for the job, some have said. so if the president would make any changes before the election, what might they be? joining us now is joe trippy, the former manager of the 2004 howard dean presidential campaign and a fox news contributor. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> steve: first of all, you're just -- you're not saying these people should be fired? >> no. he's not going to do this because it would make no sense before the election to put out there that some -- that anybody failed in us administration. i think some of these changes are going to happen between the election and his second
8:15 am
inaugural. >> steve: you believe he will be reelected. so he will make changes, just not before the election. here we've got, as a bishop, we've got hillary clinton. >> she's already telegraphed she doesn't want to stay around for a second term, that she's had a public life, wants to take a break. so i think in that sense, john kerry, also a bishop, who is the senate chairman of the senate foreign relations committee, is likely to be who you see as the next secretary of state after the election. >> steve: he would make a good secretary of state. >> i'm sure it would upset people watching. >> steve: what about down here in -- let's see. there he is. also a bishop, tim geithner. >> geithner is another one who signaled that he expects to move on. in that case, i think the president -- i'd like him to pick bill gross of pimco. >> steve: explain that.
8:16 am
>> because he's not a signal of the usual sort of goldman sachs out of wall street banking. he is very knowledgeable about the economy, about the bond market, and would signal to banks there is a new sheriff in town that's gog ask -- going to ask them to write down loans on people. i mean, different attitude and treasury. >> steve: speaking of new sheriff in town, here is our chief lawman and rook as well, you've got eric holder. >> i don't think he'll change eric holder, but if he did, i think it will be bahara, u.s. attorney -- oh, my gosh -- >> steve: it worked better on the beach when we got it. >> he's u.s. attorney who prosecuted a loft -- lot of the big insider trading cases and times square bomber. he would be i think a great pick
8:17 am
for attorney general if there was a switch. i don't believe eric holder will be moved. >> steve: down here as a pawn, steven chiou, energy secretary, the guy who said gas should be ten bucks a gallon. >> that's another one i don't expect to change, but if it did, it would be ray mavis, current secretary of the navy, former governor of mississippi. he's on the board of the biggest battery maker in the world. i think giving him push into how batteries will run -- i mean, future cars and other things, he would be a good pick. >> steve: down almost to the exterior is the -- you've got this guy who is -- >> salazar. interior, not going to change. i just don't think salazar is going to be moved. >> steve: not at all? >> no. i don't think so. look, i think a lot of these changes are going to happen
8:18 am
because of the natural change that happens in an administration. interestingly enough, like clinton, george romney, who was the urban development secretary under nixon, telegraphed ahead of time that he would be moving on when he did his change of his cabinet, he was one of the first people to go. sowf sort of this historic move of secretaries that move on after the first term. >> steve: i think i got the knight and the rook confused a little while ago. i'm not used to playing with such big pieces. >> and a small board. >> steve: all right. joe trippy, all a pleasure, thank you very much for your analysis. >> thank you. >> steve: checkmate. straight ahead, outrage this morning at one of america's most prestigious catholic universities. white house staffer who pushed contraceptives on the church is about to give the commencement speech, kathleen sebelius.
8:19 am
giuliana rancic is here with big news. she's about to become a new mom. and you're listening to john tesh, who will perform later in this big hour. >> hello, johnny [ male announcer ] what can you do with plain white rice?
8:20 am
when you pour chunky beef with country vegetables soup over it... you can do dinner. four minutes, around four bucks. campbels chunky. it's amazing what soup can do.
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8:22 am
>> brian: quick headlines. yahoo's ceo scott thompson under fire after lying about his college degree. it turns out his claim of having a bachelor's in computer science is bogus. it turns out he's adjust
8:23 am
bachelor and likes computers. he's since apologized, but some are calling for his resignation. girl scouts hoping to satisfy your sweet tooth with a new treat this summer. they're teaming up with nestle to sell candy bars based on the classic cookies like thin mints. when they come up with a new candy bar, we are the first to talk about it. >> gretchen: giuliana and bill rancic sharing the most intimate moments of their life on tv. now the moment they've been waiting so long for. >> this is it. we're going to find out if we are going to be parents. >> well, we've got the pregnancy test. it's completely 100%. she's carrying a baby. >> oh, my gosh. >> steve: allall right. yes, a baby on the way for giuliana and bill. giuliana rancic is here.
8:24 am
congratulations. >> thank you. finally, right? >> gretchen: people are hooking at you and saying, okay, where is the baby bump? but you're having the baby with a surrogate. >> i am. unfortunately i can't carry right now. i've been going through cancer treatments. so the doctor said no baby in your belly for three to five years. but thank god i have this option. >> brian: what about the process of going through that? it was probably unlike anything you ever thought about. >> is suffer go city? >> brian: yeah. >> yeah. i'll be honest with you, bill and i were like, what if she likes smokes crack or gets high? these are the things you worry about. this woman is carrying your child for nine months. but at some point you surrender u meet the right person. you just clicked and you know this is the right person and you trust them. >> gretchen: you found this person in colorado. weren't you going there for for tellity treatments? >> correct. our doctor, he's unbelievable. it's the number one clinic in the world.
8:25 am
he referred to us this agency and that's how we found other. >> steve: congratulations. >> thank you. >> steve: you're ecstatic, you're beaming. >> it's always, like tears of pain on our show. finally some tears of joy. i'm so happy we finally have good news. >> brian: how far along are you? >> we're due late summer. five or six months. >> gretchen: you're not saying the sex? >> when we are due, that's right. all three of us actually. but the sex, we know the sex. but we don't have a lot of secrets. so we're trying keep that a secret for now. >> steve: not a secret, this new skin caroline that you are endorse -- skin care line that you are endorsing. >> i love it. people ask me how you keep your skin looking so good on the red carpet. i don't wear foundation. do you wear foundation? >> steve: whenever the girl puts on. >> gretchen: the answer is yes. >> we've got to get you out of foundation. >> brian: we're not on a reality show, you are. >> i use tippetted moisturizer.
8:26 am
i've been using bdf for a long time. but they have this great tool called the revolve. i know you were playing with this before. >> steve: looks like a motorized hammer. >> it's called the revolve. but it's a might row abrasion at home. >> steve: it tickles. it's a sander! >> seriously, if you just get great skin, and you know this, if you can get great skip, you tonight have to wear a lot of make-up. that's why i'm out there trying to tell people. >> gretchen: my husband was one of those at home so i need to get one. >> they're amazing! >> gretchen: i want a new one. >> you can swap the head out. >> gretchen: you can? >> brian: what about civilians out there who want to buy this. do you have price range? >> less than 100 bucks. it will last a long time. i was getting microderm facials.
8:27 am
>> brian: real quick, let's talk about "celebrity apprentice." what are the chances of them -- your husband was "celebrity apprentice" -- >> he was the first apprentice. >> brian: what about you doing it? >> i met with them last season, this past season that we're seeing on the air right now. i had a meeting with them to go on the show and yeah, in the end, it didn't work out. but i would go on that show. i think it's fun. i love donald trump and the only thing is my husband said, you realize if you go on "celebrity apprentice," you can't come home second place. you have to win! you have to win! >> gretchen: talk about pressure for you. 'cause your husband won it. >> that was one of the reasons. it didn't work out. >> gretchen: you'll be too busy a new baby anyway. >> i know, right? >> gretchen: congratulations. >> thank you so much. thanks. >> brian: coming up straight ahead. >> gretchen: postal service is broke, so why is the federal agency allowed to lose another
8:28 am
25 billion each and every day, especially since you're paying for it? we'll talk about that. >> ian: first she walked out on her family, now this occupy mom is turning down a deal to avoid jail time. that's her. back off, back off !
8:29 am
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8:31 am
8:32 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> steve: very nicely done! >> nice going. sorry about that. >> steve: they should have been dribbling. >> i know! >> steve: look, it's our old buddy, john tesh. you've got a new album that's just come out. and it's about big band music. that's why you've got big band dancers.
8:33 am
>> yeah. it's not while we were playing basketball music. we'll figure it out. >> steve: that's a tease to remind folks that john will be performing in just 15 minutes or so. they were here at 5:00 o'clock something. >> we were. all of us. >> steve: and it was a little rainy in portions of the new york city area. let's take a look at the weather right now and find out what it is like wherever the heck you are. how about some weather music? >> of course. >> steve: i think this is the first time we've ever had live weather music. ♪ >> steve: perfect. it's a little rainy in portions of the great lakes states. that's better. let's go back to the radar. take a look. there you go. got some rain in the northeast. some rain across portions of texas, northern plains, spotty, dry out west where john tesh
8:34 am
lives. next map shows you the daytime high -- rather these are the current readings. coast to coast, 50s and 60s in the northern half. 60s and 70s south. one more shows you the hot weather, or as hot as it's going to get. 80s along the gulf coast. 50s in the northern plains. you are so cool! >> you have your own band now! >> steve: very nice, guys. ♪ [ applause ] >> steve: very nice. john tesh will be performing in about ten minutes. start the tivo. >> where is the younger doocy? >> steve: today is his day off. he's at home. thank you. and there we have brian and gretchen with a look at the headlines. >> brian: because of the court order, we can not be seen with john tesh. >> gretchen: until later.
8:35 am
>> brian: so until we can find that, let's talk news. warren buffet blasting the president's prized buffet rule which bears his name. president obama named his tax hike proposal after mr. buffet, a multi billionaire who supports tax increases on america's top earners. but buffet admitted on the "fox business" network it's not really going to fix the economy, not by a long shot. >> the economy, what we're going to ask for shared sacrifice of people that we ought to go after them doesn't solve the revenue problem. but i think that people want to think there is at least that much fairness. >> brian: i don't know what that means. echoing the president's push for fairness. >> gretchen: some catholics are outraged at georgetown university now because it's a catholic university and they've invited health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius to give the commencement address. she was involved in the birth control information.
8:36 am
they launched a petition to get the school to rescind the invitation. >> brian: the mom who ran away from her family in florida running away from a plea deal to stay out of jail. police arrested stacy in november for resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. by turning down the deal, she faces a trial. she ditched her husband and four kids so she could camp out with a waiter from brooklyn. >> gretchen: there were a couple wrong with the whole story. known as one of the most glamorous red carpet events of the year. movie star, model, athletes, putting on their most forward outfits for the gala in new york city. >> totally celebrating glamour and fashion and all that goes into it. >> shouldn't you be home resting up for the next game? >> we had a day off today. we don't play again until wednesday. i couldn't miss it for nothing. >> gretchen: one of the most anticipated red carpet arrivals was beyonce. >> brian: look at her.
8:37 am
>> gretchen: she showed up making quite the entrance in this see through dress. i got all the women in the control room telling me how to pronounce that. i'm just going to say gavin, which he. that's how i would have said it. she gave birth to her daughter in january of the i just know i can't afford a gavin, which he. >> i've gone my whole life without using pronouncers. a shocker. >> steve: nicely done. >> brian: u.s. postal service losing up to $25 million a day. until now, taxpayers haven't been on the hook for its mounting losses, but that may change. joining us, william lajeunesse with details. hey, william. >> brian, the volume of first class mail is town 25%. revenues are down a billion dollars in ten years. so do you let the agency continue to lose money or bite the bullet and reduce services? postal services tried to change,
8:38 am
but congress stopped it and one of their plans to push the agency further into debt and cost you even more. >> got to get the main street. >> a lot changed since horses delivered the mail. because of t u.s. postal service is broke. >> if the post office was a business, it would be in bankruptcy. it's insolvent. >> today the postal service loses $25 million a day. contrary to conventional wisdom, however, it does not receive a federal subsidy. that may be changing. >> today we took a very important first step to save an american institution. >> the u.s. senate passed a $34 billion bailout bill last month that actually forces the postmaster to accept taxpayer money for jobs he doesn't need and buildings he doesn't want. the bill prohibits the service from closing 250 mail processing
8:39 am
centers and 3,000 mostly rural post offices. republicans like that. the subsidy also fully funds the union retirement fund. democrats like that. who is not happy? congressman like republican dennis ross, who say taxpayers should not be forced to sustain a business model that started going out of business along on the ground. >> what do we need to do to make sure we cut something that needs to be cut and if we don't cut it, are we willing to borrow more money from china to fund it? >> so how much would that senate bill cost you? log on to money to check out the calculators. if you make between 30 and $50,000, that $34 billion bailout will cost you about 55 bucks. if you earn 100 to $200,000, your share is more than $400. if you're in the top tax bracket, it's not cheap. it's going to cost you more than $4,000 for this bailout bill. there is a competing house bill
8:40 am
that would allow the postal service to close post offices, stop saturday service, lay off workers and save money, even put advertising the postal trucks to make money. that would allow you guys for a taxpayer loan, not a handout. that should be coming up in the house probably this or next week. >> gretchen: william lajeunesse live in l.a., thanks so much. >> steve: high cost of junk mail. >> brian: right. for the first time in my life, i have a postman with an attitude. >> steve: really? >> brian: i can't get a smile or grant from that guy. hillary clinton says she doesn't want to be president, but astrologers say don't take her word for it. her real politics can be determined by the planets. that's next. >> gretchen: a live performance from john tesh. >> brian: and dancers. ♪ somewhere ♪ ♪ behind the scenes ♪ is waiting for me
8:41 am
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me too. i'll go get two from the back. the droid razr by motorola now only $99.99. hurry in, offer ends may 13th. verizon. >> steve: we've got quick headlines for you and a fox news alert. moments ago we learned that maurice sendak, the author of "where the wild things are" and many other children's books has died. the cause of death, reportedly complications following a stroke. he was 83 years old. a favorite of a lot of people. and it's time to say good-bye norma jean. the forever marilyn statue in chicago is coming down. crews dismantled the 26-foot statue. don't worry, she's not going away. she's about to hit the road. next stop, palm springs, california. all right. gretch? >> gretchen: as the 2012 election heats up, speculation
8:45 am
heats up over the future of hillary clinton. what will happen with her this year and beyond? our next guest says it might be written in the stars? good morning to you, chris. >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> gretchen: you're welcome. i understand that there is something between aquarius and a leo period. explain how that relates to hillary clinton and whether or not she's going to run for president. >> sure. so what me and my friend, patrick watson looked for was just repetitions in hillary's life when she did important things career wise or politically and a certain planet of the zodiac was activated and it's coming up in 252015. we think that means she will run again. >> gretchen: you went back to sixth grade when she ran for student government president and she was in the same aquarius period, so that means since she won that, she might win the presidency in 2016? >> no. we didn't necessarily -- we don't know if she'll win the presidency 'cause we don't know
8:46 am
who her challenger is and it's very much dependent on that. but because she's repeating the same period again, that she always reaches during important political moments that she probably will run again. >> gretchen: what do you say to the people who say they don't believe in any of this at all, specifically because you don't have her exact time of birth, which is critical when you do these kinds of analysis, right? >> yeah, it is. that was a big problem during the 2008 election. we didn't have obama's time for a long period. but we're pretty sure and we have a pretty good source that this is the correct time. of course, if her birth certificate is leased and we have a different time, it would invalidate the prediction, but we feel pretty good about it. >> gretchen: let's go on back to 2008 when we had john mccain and barak obama. what did you see in their signs then? >> in 2008 once we got obama's birth certificate. there was a group of astrologers unanimously predicted obama
8:47 am
would win. once we had his certificate, were pretty sure he would win. >> gretchen: so you base it completely on astrology or things like, let's say, the economy? >> no. i'm astrologer, not an economist. so i don't really have much to say about economics. >> gretchen: okay. and i know you're predicting president obama will be the winner again in 2012 based on astrology. thanks so much for your time today. >> thank you. >> gretchen: coming up next, another live performance from john tesh and the band. but first, let's check in with mar this mccallum for what's on at the top of the hour. >> hey there. ♪ >> good morning, everybody. so coming up at the top of the hour, what the president won't say about same sex marriage and why. and where are the two missing daughters in the tennessee manhunt? a family tragedy and a man who must be caught before this gets worse. and a ban on bake sales? i kid you not. the ridiculous story has the pta
8:48 am
fuming. bill and i will see you at the top of the hour.
8:49 am
8:50 am
8:51 am
♪ . >> brian: so you can play weather music, but what about his big band music? that's what he's doing with his latest record, his latest cd. he joins us. there is john tesh looking kind of casual after what seemed like a long night out. john, welcome officially back to the show, one of our favorite all-time guest. >> thank you. >> brian: everyone knows you're a broadcaster now. look what you have done as a musician. two grammy nominations, four gold records. why big band now? >> i grew up on long island, garden city. mr. wagner, i don't know if you -- i don't know his first name, was my trumpet teacher in
8:52 am
elementary school. these were the songs in my house and i played in a jazz band as a kid. we played easy versions of "in the mood". >> brian: when can we see you in concert? >> thursday, we're in waterbury, new york and then friday we're in gettiesburg, pa. we do 50 shows a year, five at a time to rest because we're old now. >> brian: right. they're feeling a little insulted. >> no, i'm a little old. "better beat tonight" was written by henry mancini long ago. they auditioned these guy has few days ago at the arthur murray on long island. not professional dancers, but they dance professionally. >> brian: sounds great! all right. so you guys, thanks so much for
8:53 am
coming down. john tesh, take it away. ♪ if you're ever going to kiss me me ♪ ♪ it had better be tonight ♪ while the mandolins are playing ♪ ♪ and stars are bright ♪ if you've anything to tell me ♪ ♪ it had better be tonight ♪ or somebody else may tell me ♪ and whisper the words just right ♪ ♪ baby ♪ or ask me ♪
8:54 am
♪ if you're ever gonna hold me ♪ ♪ it had better be tonight ♪ or somebody else may hold me ♪ and might make you feel just right ♪ ♪ or as we natives say sasubito ♪ ♪ here we go ♪ ♪
8:55 am
♪ ♪ who knows little of your speech speech ♪ ♪ . ♪ let us hold each other oh, so tight ♪ ♪ but i want this sweet paisana it that had it better be tonight ♪ ♪ as we natives say sasubito
8:56 am
>> brian: that was fantastic! good job, john. from 1963, the pink panther. more with john tesh right after this. good job, guys. you been practicing, i can tell my name is robin. i'm a wife, i'm a mom... and chantix worked for me. it's a medication i could take and still smoke, while it built up in my system. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantiis proven to help people quit smoking. it reduthe urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking orood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these, stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of depression or other mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reactioto it. if you develop these, stop taking chantix and see your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. if you have a history of heart orlood vessel problems, tell your doctor if you have new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack.
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firmness, swelling, bumps or risk of infection. lose those lines! the way you look with juvéderm® xc, might just change the way you look at everything. ask your doctor and visit >> gretchen: coming up tomorrow, dr. keith ablow with his weekly segment. >> brian: and dee snyder will be here. he wrote a book. >> steve: and john tesh and the guys will be in the after the show show. we're going to have him come up with a new theme song for "fox & friends." >> brian: they got a great song. about see them on the road. ♪ good morning, everybody. fox news alert the with al qaeda on the verge of another brazen attack on u.s. with a sophisticated bomb. cia stopped it but we're learning about multiple plots out there. the authorities picking apart a device found in yemenmi


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