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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 9, 2012 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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first, they were political rieflgs but rick santorum has thrown his support behind governor romney in an e-mail to supporters. he said this is one of the most critical reflections our lifetime and i personally couldn't agree more. joining me respond to this is mitt romney. all right. so you've been through a very hard long, hard fought difficult process. you have emerged the winner. how does it feel? >> it's a good start. we have a long way to go. first chapter of the process seems to be over. we're coming together and various candidates have all decided we're going to work together to make sure we get the white house back in the hands of someone that knows how to get the economy going. so it feels good. i got a long way to go. six months before the general election, a lot can happen in that amount of time. >> on the other hand it can go
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very quickly. there has been talk that there might be some kind of unity tour with you. all the republicans candidates for the primary is that true. have you discussed that with any one of them? >> i haven't heard that rumor. i welcome the support. >> sean: oops i was probably coming from the "new york times". [ laughter ] >> i see a number of folks for nomination. a number of governors and senators that sbrord me so i get a chance to see them and it's pretty encouraging. >> sean: it's pretty clear what the obama campaign has planned. i maintain they can't run on their record. they are going to use a lot of class warfare. there has been a lot of rhetoric
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been thrown around. let me show you, this is how bad its gotten. it's very early. we have six months to go. this is what the president said about the republicans' plan. >> my plan says we're going to put teachers back in the classroom, construction workers rebuilding america, rebuilding our schools, tax cuts for small businesses, tax cuts for hiring veterans, tax cuts if you give your worker a raise. [ applause ] >> that is my plan. then you got their plan, let that dirtier air, dirtier water. >> sean: do you want dirty air. i didn't hear you talk about dirty air and dirt at this water? is that your plan? >> i think the only dirty air and water is coming out. of course we want clean air and
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water. i'm surprised to have him say he wants tax cuts for small business. he is raising taxes on small business from 35% to 40%. that will kill jobs. i think people have learned that what he says and what he does is not necessarily the same thing. that is one of the reasons people are disappointed in his presidency. why they want somebody that will get jobs in this country by making america a good place for workers, great schools. we know where a what it takes to create great schools. some of the teachers unions have stood in the way of the things that will make our schools better. i look forward to the debate. we'll have to sort through and get to the bottom of this. >> sean: i guess my next question to you is, because president can't run on the question. i thought you had an interesting line last night that you won five states when you said, still
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about the economy and we're not stupid. now, we're looking at five trillion in new obama debt, maybe at the end of the his presidency, it may be $6 trillion. the thing he called george bush incroblgt for 4 trillion in eight years, but medicaid and medicare and social security those will be difficult decisions. this is the ad that has gotten the most attention. it seems like this is what you are going to have to deal with in the next six months, you don't care about the poor, citizen that are sick and autism and they want to throw grandma over a cliff. this is the ad that they ran. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> sean: poor grandma got thrown over the cliff. i imagine it will be governor romney over a cliff. this is a serious point. this is their campaign strategy. how are you going to deal with that? >> well, i think it's time for the truth. i think the american people recognize we have important challenges. we're going to have to have someone to speak about those challenges in an honest and adult way. this kind of incendiary effort on the part of the obama team, i don't think will connect with the american people. it will fire up their base. the people that will be deciding those people that voted for president obama last time they
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won't vote for him again because the last four years have been harder than they expected. harder they were told they were going to be. i think they will take a long look and hear what our plans are and decides credibility to get this economy going on. we're in the longest, slowest recovery in american history. it's because the president's policies are tuned into the liberal approaches of the past. they are not working. we need to get a new vision to get america working again and restore the economic vitality that will make sure the kids have a future they deserve as well. >> sean: you are up five points by the latest rasmussen poll. swing states will be very important. the one poll that got my attention, among independents you are up by 10 points. when you read these polls, we
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are six months out, what do you think at this point in time? >> it's very competitive. my guess is we're going to be looking at these polls and all the polls and suggesting against an incumbent with billion dollars and with an extraordinary machine that will be taking day by day that we're the underdogs. we're going to have to fight to break flew the clutter of the charges and attacks and teovlts dissuade people from looking at his record to instead look at that record and lay out what our vision for getting this economy going. getting people back to work. making sure that the future is bright. i think we're going to have a lot of work ahead of us. i think it's going to be a competitive race but i expect in the final analysis, people that voted for him and disappointed are going to vote for me in the fall. >> what about obama, it seems the ads that you have been running up to this point and rnc
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are focused on his promises. do you believe this president has failed in his time in office? >> there is no question that the liberal policies of the past which he has put in place in this country failed the american people. how else can you explain three and a half years into his presidency you have 24 million people out of work, stopd symptom looking for work. the reduction for the unemployment rate is due entirely to the fact that a large number of people have dropped out of the work force. had those people not dropped out the unemployment rate would be above 10%. this is a presidency that has failed to put in place the kinds of policies that would help the american people. president says he wants to help. i'm concerned about middle income families that are struggling. i'm concerned about middle
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income families that dropped into poverty. i meet with families that are really struggling. today i watts with a family, they are having a very hard time. they are concerned about meeting their obligations and husband has been out of work for over a year. the wife is working a job but student loans to pay back. she begin to make the payments on. folks are having a hard time. this president promised something different than that and his policies failed us. >> sean: stay right there. what is he looking for in a vice president. new vicious attack ad, bill maher is aimed at bristol palin once again. will the president have the courage to return his m
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p&g. proud sponsor of the olympic games. >>. >> kelly: welcome back too hannity. we continue with mitt romney. governor, now you are in this position, i don't suspect you are going to break news and tell me who you are going to select as vp so i won't ask you that question. but i will ask you, what are you going to be looking for in a running mate? >> well, i think the key criteria is whether an individual could potentially become the president of the united states and be seen as that by the american people.
12:14 am
whoever is elected, i hope it will be me, but you have to make sure the person who is vice president, number two in line is a person of capacity that could lead the country if necessary. that is the most important. the process, you're right, it's being led by my former chief of staff, beth myers. she is carrying out in a way that i think is professional and thorough. as for the people we may be considering. >> sean: top secret. can i ask if you have a short list? >> i've got nothing for you on vp front. >> sean: i'm trying to make news here. let me ask the president said after we got bin laden he wasn't going to spike the football. then they ran the ad questioning what you would do. what is your reaction to that especially in light the president opposed the very intelligence gathering methods, rendition, black sites, gitmo
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that led to getting bin laden? >> i don't begrudge the president being able to describe his role in getting osama bin laden. i congratulated him at the time. i acknowledged the fact he made the final order and he deserves credit for that. of course, we also credit the intelligence resources as you described and the people who took the extraordinary risks and members of seal team 6. if the president wants to remind people of decision, it's entirely appropriate. to try to make in this a political event by suggesting that i would not have done the same thing, frankly, sean, almost any american in the position of presidency that osama bin laden could have been taken out would have pressed the button. of course i would have.
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>> sean: they distorted your comments. let me ask you this: we learned this week the president is releasing high value taliban in afghanistan and gitmo and he has been doing this for some period of time. we learn that the president now has invited the muslim brotherhood to the white house, giving $1.5 billion to the muslim brotherhood. their first act was israel was their many enemy and cut off resources. we have two presidential candidates that supported terror against the united states in in egypt. when you look at these two issues involving foreign policy, it does beg the question, what would you do different if you were the president? >> i think the president's foreign policy is generally characterized by an effort to try to make friends with some of the world's worst actors. to show good faith by providing
12:17 am
things from the united states that hopefully will convince people that we're good guys. i think that is mistake. the right course for our foreign policy is communicate our strength and determination and indicate if people bank account to be friends with america, they are going to have to hold to the principles that we find dear. i think for instance in syria which is one of great opportunities for americans, for the world to separate syria from its connection with iran, we should be leading. that doesn't mean being on the ground but helping lead an international effort to get rid of assad and return syria to the people there. the president's efforts with regards to egypt suggest a lack of recognition of the very difficult and disturbing course that the nation appears to be taking. this arab spring has become an arab winter under the president.
12:18 am
i don't see the leadership and strength there that i think the american people expected when they saw mubarak leave they thought america would do our best to assure that democracy or freedom of some kind would break out in major parts of the middle east. >> sean: what do you think the democrats are trying to create, this war on women. they came up with this julia campaign. your wife ann has had to deal with the comments she had never worked a day in her life. she was the first lady of massachusetts, she raised five boys. what is your take on the false war on women? >> the effort to describe republicans as being anything other than extraordinarily pro women, pro opportunity for women of america, pro working moms, pro working women, that kind of effort is missing mark and
12:19 am
people understand that. i think this cartoon they have on the life of julia really reveals the weakness of the president's policies. i think they have to defend your record by coming up with a cartoon character as opposed to real people suggests he doesn't want to talk about his record at all. the people of this country are suffering because of his failed policies. so he goes to a cartoon character. look, this is a race about helping america do a better job caring for the people of america creating great opportunities for people in the middle-class, helping people come out of poverty. that is what it's all about it. the suggestion that republicans or i don't care about any dimension of our society is simply misguided and wrong and dishonest. as people watch this campaign they will recognize the policies i'm promoting will help get
12:20 am
america back to work and assure greater prosperity for our citizens. >> sean: governor, first of all congratulations on what was a hard fought campaign. we'll be seeing a lot in the next six months. thank you for being with us. >> thanks, sean. >> coming up, bill maher is unleashing another attack on bristol palin and they are calling two republican contract killers and ties to wall street ♪
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>>. >> sean: tonight you've heard the presumptive g.o.p. nominee contrast his agenda with president obama's but it doesn't end. there it appears one side of the aisle, that being the left will do anything to get elected including a one million dollar donation from bill maher, same man that took to twitter to attack bristol palin, having a baby named barestta. bristol will name her next kid
12:25 am
colt 45 after getting pregnant. they are willing to say some outrageous things to win in november, including spinning government handouts as small business investments. >> when you are talking about cutting food stamps which actually is money that goes directly to small businesses, markets and communities versus giving tax subsidies to farming corporations, these are types of cuts republicans are talking about. i think it's unacceptable in this time period. >> sean: putting america back to work, republicans have a different view and maine governor paul paige said this.
12:26 am
>> sean: get off the couch and get a job. talking about the differences and how it will impact the vote in november. laney davis and she deals with beckel and danaperino. let's start with bill maher. he has done it repeatedly. he has called vice presidential candidate sarah palin, attacked her children, attacked santorum's children, now attacking the children again. president said families are off-limits. do you remember the president saying this in 2008. this is what he said, don't attack the kids. >> i've heard some of the news on this and let me be as clear as possible. i have said before and i will
12:27 am
repeat again, i think people's families are off-limits. people's children are especially off-limits. this shouldn't be part of our policy. it has no relevance to governor palin's performance as a governor or her potential performance as a vice president. so i would strongly urge people that to back off these kinds of stories. i hope that anybody who supporting me understands that is off-limits. >> sean: off-limits. isn't it time for have a moment and give the million dollars back to maher and ask his super pac to give it back. that is a yes or no question? >> no. he should repudiate. >> sean: he can take his money? >> but he should repudiate. bill maher. >> i certainly would have give back the million dollars because
12:28 am
we could use it. >> sean: as long as he is going to give million dollars. i would give it back. >> i think, i can't defend maher said, it's tasteless and over top. >> sean: he has had the chance to say that. this isn't a small issue in this country. >> well, i think a personal phone call. why bill maher needs to get attention by attacking bristol pa liw is beyond me. whatever the koolade of an administration, will repudiate republican comments is extreme but to give him the excuse of being a comedian. that isn't even funny. >> that isn't funny. >> i think it's hypocritical. he keeps calling for civil
12:29 am
discourse. >> and mitt romney. >> i'm not talking about romney. >> tried to trees on. romney should have said the way john mccain said it. >> sean: let's move on candidate during the campaign conference david axelrod says karl rove and koch brothers are contract killers, wow! >> we're going to be prepared and i wanted to clear the attacks we expect to continue from the firm romney but the contract killers over in super pac land who are going to continue to pound away on behalf of governor romney. we will respond vigorously. we will treat every ad that comes from those entities. we will compare our record and
12:30 am
our original with his and let the american people decide. >> sean: isn't that a big brouhaha over targeted districts. after tucson everybody should be proud 6 us and what happened to gabrielle giffords but he can say contract killers. >> this is like locker room. this is what guys say to each other. i don't expect it. in a conference call, whether it was premeditated or off the cuff i think president obama ought to let his inner circle that enough is enough. >> sean: democrats can't run on their record so they have to attack and attack they do. by the way, they attacked your friend bill clinton. they said they played the race call and they played it from the very beginning? >> president's campaign, i think
12:31 am
that david axelrod is good guy but had a bad day. >> sean: he should apologize. >> i'm real sorry he used that expression and he should take it back. >> they had a good ad that ran yesterday, first positive ad compared to reagan morning america ad. and then they step on it by calling their opponents contract killers. >> sean: president never has the willing to take on his own base. it's only republicans that cross linings. if he would do it, tell maher here is your million dollars back, it would help them? >> the first chance that barack obama, language like contract killers.... >> sean: it's been going on for seven months. >> why didn't you repudiate,
12:32 am
accusing barack obama. >> sean: i never heard him say it. >> but the lady in charge of a pa go that was giving hill million dollars? >> no. >> did she give him a million dollars? >> no. >> sean: you are doing a great job. >> mccain is more courage kour age us on figure. >> you can't get out of the box you are in. good luck. >> i like having him in this box. >> sean: president obama did vow to crack down on wall street fat cats but attorney general close connection with wall street is keeping the justice department from prosecuting from those that collapsed our economy. collapsed our economy. we have a detailed r
12:33 am
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12:37 am
between eric hold rs justice department and wall street. and financial institutions are at a 20-year low. that is surprising because president obama was elected on platform of cleaning up wall street and who forget the speeches that wall street fat cats would be held accountable for collapsing america's economy. let's take a trip down memory lane. >> a number of factors led to such a severe recession, the primary cause was a breakdown in our financial system. crisis borne of a failure of responsibility from center corners of wall street. if you are big bank or risky financial institution you have to write it on a living will exactly how you will pay the bills if you fail so the taxpayers are never again on the hook for wall street mistakes.
12:38 am
high flying financial speculators were cutting corners were rewarded with lavish bonuses and benefits. >> because of that free for all they had on wall street, we're still digging our way out of the crisis. >> it's i am per active they be held accountable for the discussions they make -- imperative they be held to the decisions they make. >> sean: this fully say it's the attorney general's close ties to big business and another example of the president politicizing a key issue. president of government accountability institute. peter is back and special correspondent for newsweek, peter boyer. this is key. very important. i go back to people like gregory meeks and maxine waters and chris dodd and fannie and freddie, you take this to
12:39 am
another level? >> what happened in 2009 as president obama brought in the team for the justice department, unfortunately it was extremely and remains extremely top heavy in white collar criminal defense attorneys of them do a huge amount of business with wall street. basically what president obama saying the team was going after their former clients. it creates a massive conflict of interest which is part of the reason why you have this lack of push to criminally prosecute crimes. >> sean: so nobody is being held accountable. the campaign donations got access and got solyndra. >> it was an eye-opener to me. what a justice will tell you, political considerations are kept entirely part from any consideration whether or not to bring a case on or an investigation, but it is not
12:40 am
that the attorney general was unfamiliar with that stuff. eric holder, again surprised to find this out, was a bunk lar for obama and several other top people. it has the effect asking the question why if in fact this disaster that cost america every day americans trillions of dollars in savings and the value of their homes, this gut punch we all went through in 2008 and 2009. if it is as the attorney general told us, as bad at president himself has said, why hasn't there been any no accountability. >> sean: this the question both of you raise. prosecutions are at a 20-year low and then the close ties. explain that in detail? >> that is what is interesting. justice department has been very aggressive in so many other
12:41 am
areas. this is the one area where they have not been aggressive. >> federal government of the united states of america is posing a second trial against roger clemens. maybe that is an important thing to do. >> with all due respect, roger clemens, on advice of my counsel. >> i suppose he deserves it, but this is a serious question. the government is in fact as peter and i have shown in case after case of everyday americans they are able to bring federal case. one answer is, of course, that the big banks can afford the very high end defense counsel that the banks can afford. >> sean: president ran on promises we just showed.
12:42 am
he put the task force together. it was the last year or before, no discernible results and nothing. >> when you look at the resources committed, the number of f.b.i. agents that were assigned to just enron in the bush administration, it was like 200 f.b.i. agents. there are about 55 that are working as part of this task forces, when you go to the task force website, you go to stop, they have arrested three women, middle-aged women in connecticut because they were running gifting tables. >> whatever they are. >> first president bush went after the s&ls second president bush and bill clinton went after em ron but this is not just
12:43 am
happening. >> sean: how do you get in front of aappens when you put a bounty on somebody's head. i think this is going to grow. we'll continue to follow it. gentlemen, thank you so much for being with us. our great, great american panel is next. [ morgan ] when you cheer, they fly just a liiiiittle bit higher... [ man ] he hits it! [ morgan ] ...go just a liiiiittle bit further... [ woman ] a perfect 10! [ morgan ] they can even be perfect. and when we come together... to one... [ chuckles ] ...we know what happens. [ crowd cheering ] visa. proud sponsor of the olympic games for 25 years. join our global cheer.
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>>. >> sean: this is a fox news alert. associated press is confirming that dick lugar has lost the primary battle to tea party candidate richard murdoch. he is 80 years old and veteran of the senate. she indiana's longest serving senate. murdoch will face his democratic challenger and that is joe donnely in november. we bring our great american panel. president of american enterprise
12:48 am
institute, author, arthur brooks. he is the editor of citizen jane politics, patricia this sha murphy is back. he is great lawyers, peter johnson, jr. is here. welcome all. murdoch interviewed him a week ago and i also endorsed him. i look at the record. i think, peter, there is not a strong conservative house and senate it will be very difficult to make the changes necessary if there is not. >> a suburb candidate. dick lugar a lot of accomplishments. there is new time and new era, this is where the future is of america. i think you are right. we do need that kind of candidate in 2012. >> sean: if you have a strong president and strong conservative house and senate
12:49 am
and people stay engaged, we're going to need all of that to get the country turned around. >> it will be a huge responsibility on republicans. the democrats was having the house and senate and presidency with a long leash to do whatever they wanted. if the republicans were to get the hat trick, i'm not sure they will get all three. you have to be very careful because the politics, it takes about three days to do it. you can't get it back. >> sean: don't we have to fundamentally deal with entitlements and you cut back spending that we balance the budget. isn't that going to be hard and difficult? >> it's completely necessary. somebody has to stand up and talk about the ethical pace.
12:50 am
it means finding new people in office. there is also an indication that tea party is not dead, that energy is s still there. look ethical populism is a great thing in this country. we of have to have a change. >> sean: but make the case and sell that. one of the blessings of reagan and his presidency, this is before rush limbaugh is syndicated. there wasn't a strong conservative media but he was able to go directly to the american people. >> he was. we talk about an ethical free enterprise system. we have a government that wants to cripple the free enterprise system with crippling regulations and you really didn't earn that money. i want to take that money away from you. it belongs to everybody. it really belongs to us. that really destroyed the fabric
12:51 am
of american life that we all aspire to. >> sean: newly elected president of france wants a 75% tax rate. >> he is going to cut back on the austerity measures. the french people want to, have their cake and eat it too, if i can say it. high taxes on the wealthy and have as many benefits. >> sean: the only solution, the end result of this must be they go bankrupt? >> that is exactly right. the question is not if, it's when. basically they have these addict states, we can't do this austerity so we have a better way. we're going to tax rich people and stimulate the economy with the government. everything that obama is promising is exactly what -- holland sew promising is exactly the same as obama. we're going tax the rich and
12:52 am
we're not going to have austerity. >> sean: "new york times" says the socialist elected is more economically compatible on the economy than nicolas sarkozy. they finally admitted something i've been saying a long time, just watch the "new york times" they would be ahead of game. >> we're europeans. >> sean: pretty much. cher speaks out and lovett cher speaks out and lovett speaks out [ male announcer ] at home, you play a lot of roles. [ son ] mom, computer's broke! where's i.t. mom? she quit. [ male announcer ] even with technology -- it's all you. that's why you've got us. get up to $200 dollars off select computers. staples that was easy.
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>>. >> sean: we continued with great american panel. here is cher's tweet that got a lot of buzz on the internet today. i have a question. if romney gets elected, i don't know if i can breathe the same air as him and... later she writes. that is too harsh holding back. zbleesz i would love to see how much money you donate to the poor and elderly and sick. here is my question. where did that come fro? it does come from someplace. >> god rest sonny bono's soul. he must be turning over the
12:57 am
grave. that comes from small mindedness. it comes from perpetrating stereotypes that don't exist. it comes from a mean-spiritedness. it comes from a lack of tolerance. they took about tolerance but this is essence of lack of intolerance. >> sean: doesn't it come from a president that republicans want dirty air and water. ads that show paul ryan. >> president is leader of the country. when the president resorts to falsehoods and resorts to that kind of language, sure you have people like this that don't know any better. >> first, cher does a lot of philanthropic work and very involved with supporting troops. i think she is obviously very liberal. she is in california. but the basis for this is what the house republicans are doing right now with the budget
12:58 am
measures is making choices she doesn't agree with those choices. they believe in those choices. to keep the spending and cut medicaid and food stamps. those are choices they believe in. >> if someone with that kind of tone. >> it's not ill-informed it's her opinion. >> but a tea bager. >> i don't know what that means. [ laughter ] i'm going to have to look that up. it sounds good. >> sean: bob beckel is to not on thew know. >> it's a political expression. >> it's a little dirty. >> as far as i'm concerned the biggest problem we continue to ask celebrities what they think. that is the biggest. who cares what cher thinks about politics. she is empowered to have an opinion. >> sean: i don't care what she expresses it but what bothers me
12:59 am
that wore sthip obama and can't see his record failure and that his programs didn't work and his promises weren't fulfilled they go out and echo what he has said. that is bother some to me. this is a false caricature. >> what about ted nugent. what did he say, about the president needed to be in dead or in jail if the president is re-elected. all sorts of wrong comments. >> sean: rock star, ted nugent and republicans want kids with autism and fend for themselves? greta is next see you tomorrow night. >> greta: on the attack, the target is america's unemployed. >> it's the people out there. the angel people get off the couch and get yourself a job. >> greta: what does


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