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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  May 9, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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norfolk and race relations are not good and they are good. >> bill: we will continue our investigation and the attorney general of virginia will be here. pressure from the left mounting on president obama to support gay marriage. >> for me personally, i think same sex couples should be able to get married. >> dick morris with the latest. >> this whole thing with obama saying the rich don't pay their taxes is [bleep] [bleep] >> bill: comedian john lovitz on his remarks about the president followed by miller analyzing the situation. >> is he kidding me? >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. president obama's evolution on gay marriage comes to an end. he now supports it dick morris on that upcoming.
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but first the talking points memo the local media in norfolk, virginia striking back against the factor. for about a week now we have been reporting on a mob attack in norfolk that may be racially motivated. here are the facts. two reporters for the virginian pilot newspaper beaten by a mob of young african-americans last month. only one arrest has been made. despite the fact that scores of people witnessed the assault. biased attack. cops say that was now a mistake. however, the two victims have filed complaints against the police department saying it did not act aggressively enough in solving the crime. even though the two reporters could not work for a full week, the pilot newspaper failed to report the story for two weeks. neither did the local tv stations, to be fair they may not have known about it but the newspaper certainly did. a number of people have said the attacks were in retaliation for the trayvon martin case. the victims have received death threats and security has been protecting them.
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factor reported all of that and we knew, we knew that some in norfolk would try to hurt us for doing. so the point for that waty, tv the affiliate there here is what they ran last night. >> another layer in a mob beating investigation in norfolk and a national tv show is once again shining a negative spotlight on the city. >> now, fox news, bill o'reilly is getting involved andy fox reports norfolk leaders are livid by what they call irresponsible journalism. >> nicole they are lived. the o'reilly factor spent sunday in norfolk. he spoke with a few people. he confronted the virginia pilot editor and then he left town, the producer did. yesterday bill o'reilly put a show on the air that norfolk officials claim is grossly unfair. >> and new tonight at 11:00, bill o'reilly was at t again tonight. tonight on his show he again focused on whether race plays into the story.
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>> bill: sure, bill o'reilly is at it again. singling out poor norfolk, virginia for unfair scrutiny. yeah. so, instead of joining us and getting justice for the crime victims and instead of crying to figure out why a mob of young black americans would attack two innocent people for no reason at all, instead of doing that, the tv station says bill o'reilly is at it again. yeah, i am. i would like to see justice and definition in the case. we asked the news director jim gilchrist to appear on the factor this evening because is he hiding under his desk. is he wedged. in let me ask you this question mr. gilchrist, if two waivey reports were beaten by a mob, would you not try to get to the bottom of it? there you go. have a nice night. these the memo. now for the top story tonight. reaction from norfolk community joining us from virginia beach b.w. jackson.
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current republic senatorial candidate. bishop, first off, do you think the crime was racially motivated? >> i absolutely do bill. i had a reporter ask me that. we did a press conference today to call for justice and to call for fair treatment no matter who the victims are, no matter hot perpetrators are. i was asked why i believed this was racial. i reversed it and i said imagine that if a white mob attacked two black people and someone said well, it wasn't racial because there were no epitaphs hurled at them. would nibby that? of course they would not. and so i think that there was racial motivation yes, it was racial. i don't understand the dynamic down in norfolk and maybe you can explain that to the national audience. these two white reporters were coming back from the theater. they are stopped at a light. somebody throws a rock or a bring at their car.
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somebody mr. forester gets out oof the car and he is be-set upon by at least five, by his account and about 30 others surrounding the vehicle. the woman then guess out to try to help him. she gets beat up. she calls 911. they won't release the 911 tape. i bet it's harrowing. why, why, you know, kids are kids and they throw rocks sometimes, i understand that. but when you have got a beating of two innocent people and 30 people watching it, what is the dynamic there? that's not civilized behavior. bill, i had this press conference more as a minister, frankly than as a republic senatorial candidate. i have been working 30 years on this issue that we are perpetrating a horrible crime against the black community by teaching young people that all of their problems are the result of what white people have done to them. that because they are not doing well in school, because they are being arrested by the police, it's all white
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people's fault. and this idea, this false idea is perpetrated against them and they tend to act out whenever they have an opportunity or they all too many do something in my ministry i have been trying to combat for 30 years. >> bill: you think it's general philosophical bitterness that drives these young people to do this? i have heard t often small meetings with young people program youth with a destiny. we talk to young people all the time. i hear it it's not academic. i have to do this, that, or the other because white people won't let me do anything else. we have leadership that instead of opposing that vehemently and telling them no, you can accomplish anything you want to in america if you are willing to work at it it, they are told yes, they are against you, you are a victim. and then, of course, they act out as victims. >> now the city fathers obviously doesn't want this story out. i mean, tourism is a big part
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of the tide water area. >> yes. >> the newspaper play played into that, didn't report it i think there was also a -- we don't want to make the black community look bad factor in this. am i wrong about that? >> no. you are not wrong and bernie goldberg is not wrong. bill, there is a liberal paternalism with regard to the black community that tries to excuse away behavior that is only destructive of the black community itself and would decry that behavior if it were whites doing t to blacks. my view is you have got to hold people accountable. you have got to call for justice. the black community is better than that behavior coming through our community and we don't know you you are automatically going to get beat up or get jumped, every leader ought to be saying this is wrong, it's unacceptable but instead what you hear, bill, is deafening silence. >> bill: or attacks on me for
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reporting it. this wavytv i'm the villain for reporting this. not the people who attacked the two people. >> i'm happy to join you they attacked me at the press conference too to even calling attention to the story and suggesting it is something that ought to be covered. no matter who the victims are or who the perpetrators are. >> bill: how did they attack you in the press conference? >> they suggested i was siding with bill o'reilly. that bill o'reilly didn't know what he was talking about. and, you know they claim that you made certain statements and then they stuck the microphones in my face and saying are you willing to support bill o'reilly in these ludicrous claims that he is making? i said, look, i didn't hear bill o'reilly say these things. i am here to speak for myself and not bill o'reilly. >> bill: everything i have said has been factual and that's that. final question, the norfolk police department, what's up with them? they won't release the 911 tape. one arrest after a month. they miscategorize the thing.
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they say it's a biased crime and not a biased crime. two victims are so angry they filed formal charges against the police department. what's going on with the norfolk police department? >> i think it's fear, bill. i think it's fear of igniting some sort of racial -- the community is more mature than that i think they can release that information and i think people will assess it and respond to it appropriately. and the thugs who don't know how to do that need to be arrested and put in jail. >> bill: bishop, thanks very much. we appreciate it next on the run down the attorney general of virginia will be here to discuss the law enforcement part of this disturbing story. and, later, lovitz and miller together again and talking about president obama. should be interesting. should be interesting. upcoming. [ rosa ] i'm rosa and i quit smoking with chantix.
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you'll earn doubleiles on every purchase, every day! [ visigoths cheer ] hawaii, here we come. [ alec ] so sign up day for a venture card at and start earning double. [ all ] double miles! [ brays ] what's in your wallet? can you play games on that? not on the runway. no. >> bill: still unresolved mob violence crime in norfolk, virginia. joining from richmond the attorney general of the commonwealth of virginia ken cuccinelli. florida appointed a special investigator in the trayvon martin case because there were a lot of questions and things that weren't moving along very quickly. could the commonwealth do the same thing in this situation in norfolk? >> the law in virginia leaves the responsibility for the investigation and the prosecution of this case with the local police and the local commonwealth attorney. we call commonwealth attorney in virginia. most people call it district attorney. that's a locally elected official. i do not have, contrary to
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what you reported monday, i do not have, as attorney general of virginia, any legal authority to step in and intervene in this case. that is my role after a conviction is achieved i handle all the appeals and try to hold on to that conviction. >> bill: i got that you know it's disturbing if there is a police department in any state, not just virginia, that is simply not investigating. just simply want to investigate. >> bill, there are two investigations going on right now. >> bill: okay, according to the victims themselves who filed a formal complaint against the norfolk police department, they say, in the complaint, they didn't want to solve the crime. they weren't interested in finding who beat them up. so, to me -- let me get very very precise here. >> sure. >> bill: you are saying that you don't have the power to appoint a special state prosecutor and state investigator go in and oversee this. does the governor have the power to do that?
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no. >> bill: he doesn't? >> not unless there is a conflict of interest for the prosecutor locally and there is no indication of any conflict of interest for that prosecutor. >> bill: all right, so in theory. wait, wait, wait. i got it? >> normally it would be a point that would appoint that special prosecutor. >> bill: in theory, lynchburg, or arlington, virginia, in any of those counties, if a police department were corrupt and we are not alleging that but if one were corrupt and they basically said you know what? i'm not going to enforce the law. you can't do anything about it. if had you a police department in that circumstance, the state police have jurisdiction across the commonwealth, they don't work for the attorney general. they don't work for me. >> who could mobilize the state police to go in and investigate this mob violence who could do that? >> if there was -- if the process was completed and, note, there are two investigations going on right now. there are two of them, not just one, going on now. if there was an indication
11:15 pm
that it was a coverup instead of an investigation, then the state police could conduct their own investigation. they are providing some oversight right now. >> bill: isn't the indication already there? >> not of a coverup, no, not of a coverup. >> bill: let me challenge you on that mr. attorney general. >> right, because you have all the facts, bill just like monday when you got it wrong on monday. >> bill: i got it wrong on monday, okay. the two victims say, listen, and they put it in writing. this police department is not interested in the way they conducted themselves on the scene with us. they didn't want to solve it. now, that's their allegation. >> and like every other police department they have an internal affairs division. >> bill: you are going to let the norfolk police department investigate this? not an outside agency? >> bill, bill. >> bill: they investigate themselves? >> every single law enforcement department in virginia, i don't know how other states operate, has their own internal affairs decision that is walled off from other folks and they investigate exactly complaints like that.
11:16 pm
>> bill: all right. you can see why people might feel that they need another agency in there. if this were a bias crime the feds would go in. >> yes. i get that perspective. i get that perspective. the feds pick and choose. but let's be clear about that. especially with this administration. but we got to let this play out. you are on a news cycle. we're on the cycle of trying to build a good case against more than one person. there were a lot of people -- >> bill: absolutely. close to this or engaged. so we don't give hints or share investigative materials. we here as the law enforcement community don't share investigative materials while investigations are ongoing. we don't want to do ready fire, aim. this is aim, ready, fire. no one at this moment is in immediate danger as they were on april 14th when this happened. >> bill: the two people's lives have been threatened.
11:17 pm
they had to leave the area. >> they were scared. bill, they were scared after the event but they have not had any separate threats to them. they had -- >> bill: they had to leave the area, mr. attorney general. >> everybody that suffers from an assault like this, and let's be clear, there is a terrible underlying crime here that we want to make sure gets solved correctly. >> bill: i got it and i hope that happens. but even if you wanted, to you couldn't force the norfolk police to release the 911 tape, for example? you couldn't force that. >> no, cannot. while there is an ongoing investigation. foya, freedom of information act doesn't allow or provides for the releasing or blocking of the 911 tape. there are good reasons for that when the investigation is over, then it's subject to foia relief. >> bill: we appreciate you being a standup guy coming on. gay marriage and dick morris with the latest on that. john lovitz has some harsh words for the president. he will will be here to explain them. then dennis miller will analyze. those reports after these
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>> bill: in the impact segment tonight, president obama now in favor of gay marriage. >> at a certain point i have just concluded that for me personally it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that i think same sex couples should be able to get married. >> bill: mitt romney says he does not believe that he thinks marriage should be between a man and a woman. joining us from detroit, dick morris. the author of the big new book just out, "screwed" how foreign countries are ripping off and helping them do it. couldn't you make the subtitle
11:22 pm
a little bit longer? unbelievable. let's talk about gay marriage and then we will will talk about your book. north carolina yesterday 61%, 61% say no, no gay marriage, man and a woman. north carolina very very important state to president obama. he carried it last time. >> yep. >> so this is a courageous move by the president today to come out and do this knowing this might hurt him get ereelected. >> he gets the best of both possible world. the second sentence in that announcement you paid but i believe the states have the right to do whatever they want. so he is not going to appeal. is he not going to appease the gay community which is one of the four major funders of the democratic party. along with jews, greens, and trial lawyers. he has already alienated jews. is he not going to appease them but he will marginalize himself with the rest of the country or at least the large part of it i think it's a ridiculous thing that he did this guy is painting himself
11:23 pm
into a far left corner with these populist attacks. with these positions that he is taking. the lashing out at big oil, lashing out at rich people getting clobbered in the poll. with -- he has the gay, i would say the majority of homosexual americans are going to vote for him any way. they know sympathy because don't ask, don't tell in the military and biden going out and saying it. it seems to me that barack obama believes that he has to mobilize the left. he has to every single vote he could possibly get to win re-election and this is why he is doing it. >> you are right. but at some point you get more and more turnout among a smaller and smaller base. and you lose the election by a lot. >> bill: but the polls show
11:24 pm
that most americans do support gay marriage. like 50, 53. >> by 50 to 48. >> very close. there are only two groups that feel strongly about it. the gays and the anti-gays. by taking that position, he really marginalizes himself with the entire constituencies what constituency is that? social conservatives. >> you think that social conservatives barack obama. >> it's not social conservatives. it's that he looks leftist taking a position, everybody knows because of pressure groups and he looks like is he too far to the left? >> we know don't support in block gay marriage it may be some conservative hispanic americans. >> he will get all those votes anyway. >> with latinos it will hurt him.
11:25 pm
>> hurt him in a state like north carolina, virginia and north carolina it's going to hurt him? >> yes. i think it helps put north carolina off limits. >> all right. your book, basically says we're getting hosed by foreign country. i want to take the biggest offender according to your book, china. tell me, tell me, all right, why i should care -- tell me what china is doing to me and my family and why i should care? one of the big reason why printing of money is doing nothing? it's flowing right through siive into china. discount medication food and housing and medical care fixed costs and look at discretionary income, about a quarter of it goes for chinese products. and the result is that the united states is printing money, spending money, deficit money and it's going to china.
11:26 pm
but china. >> needs to go to china because they worked more cheaply than american workers there. >> that's right. we are free marketeers here. and "wall street journal" and others tariffs. >> but now it's not a question of their having cheaper labor. really what a tariff does. they don't call it a tariff. they call it currency adjustment. we call it manipulation. and we -- our product 40% more expensive in their country. >> bill: right. >> 40% less than ours. >> bill: what can we do to stop that? >> well, the united states should be aggressive with china and demanding a stop to it retaliatory trade agreements. retaliatory tariffs. complaints to the imf. complaints to the world trade organization. >> bill: all right. dick, thanks very much. check his book out on dick
11:27 pm and all stores across the country. comedian john lovitz fed up with class warfare. president obama he let's them have it lovitz will be here. and then, miller will analyze what his old pal john says. that sho ♪ dave, i've downloaded a virus. yeah. ♪ dave, where are we on the new laptop? it's so slow! i'm calling dave.
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>> bill: personal story segment tonight, channeling the classic movie network, comedian john lovitz is mad as hell and not going to take it anymore. >> this whole thing with obama saying the rich don't pay their taxes is [bleep] [ laughter ] and i voted for the guy and i'm a democrat. what a [bleep] the rich don't pay their taxes? let me tell you something, right? first they say to your the united states of america you can do anything you want. go for it. then you go for it and you make it and everybody is like [bleep] you. >> bill: mr. lovitz joins us from los angeles. i think a lot of people feel the way that you do, that very
11:31 pm
frustrating and all this class warfare. you are kind of disrespectful when you called barack obama the president of the united states, a blanking blank. do you feel bad about doing that? >> no, because you have to put it in context. i'm in a comedy -- my own comedy club john lovitz comedy club and pod cast theater universal city. i'm doing a pod cast there. and the nature of pod cast is you are just open and honest. that's also the nature of any comedy club. there is no language restriction. so, you just basically say how you feel. i wouldn't say that now, you know, it's different in a club. you know, i do standup. my whole act. i make fun of everybody. you can't say on television what can you say in a private club. >> bill: i know that, but here's the deal. we live in a crazy now electronic world where everything, everybody says is instantly on the internet and whipped around the world. and what i'm worried about is, even though i'm sympathetic to what you are saying because i
11:32 pm
think i'm a little bit like you in the sense that i come from very modest beginnings, work our way up, really work hard and then when we're told we're not paying our fair share, you know, it's kind of annoying. so i'm simpatico, so i want the office of the president to be respected. i don't want those people using those kind of terms to describe any president. do you see my point? >> yeah, i do see your point. but to me, i'm just a mouse compared to the president of the united states. one, two, you are in a comedy club and people talk this way all the time. it's nothing -- if you have ever been to a club, what i said was nothing. i also said he is amazing. what he has achieved in his own life. that wasn't the headline. the real issue is what i said it what i said and why it went viral which frankly is shocking to me. to me it is like who cares what i think? >> bill: that's what i'm trying to tell you, nic like that now, anything like that and they're not going to take it into context either.
11:33 pm
now, the reaction to you -- >> -- yeah, i think that's part of the problem, too. >> bill: they are not going to put it in context. >> all comedians people say just because you are a comedian on a stage in a comedy club that means you are joking around? and the answer is yes. but i'm not saying i didn't mean what i said i meant it. >> bill: i know. correct me if i am wrong, i don't think you meant to be personally disrespectful to barack obama. i don't think you meant -- >> -- no. >> to denigrate the man as a human being. >> no. >> bill: okay. >> no, i respect the guy. i think it's amazing what he achieved in his life. on this issue i think he is being not honest, let's say. you know, and it makes me angry because i believe that he is -- this whole 1% versus the 99%, it's pitting americans against each other and there is -- it's made up statistic. can i say to you 10% of the country makes more than 80%. or did you know that 99% of the top earners of this
11:34 pm
country make more than the bottom 1%. that bottom 1% is pissed. i can make up figures all day long. it's irrelevant. the problem isn't that -- the problem with the economy isn't because people aren't paying their fair share of taxes which i meant -- i said they are not paying their taxes. what i meant is they are not paying their fair share. i'm paying 35% income taxes. can you look it up. and so when you have other people saying hey, i would be glad to pay 30%. i would say well, so would i, that would reduce my taxes 5%. on and on. >> bill: the reaction to you, you live in hollywood. you know you are in the show business world. most people there support barack obama and they not only support him they idolize him. what kind of reaction have you gotten from this? >> almost everybody agrees with me i didn't. >> most of my friends are democrats. you know, i'm a democrat.
11:35 pm
but yeah, they agree. they say hey, i work really hard. i pay a lot of taxes, because it's not true. you know. and i think it's just a divisive way to appeal to the masses to get votes. and it's blatant and obvious. there is no versus. no one is trying to hurt people who are in the lower income tax bracket. we should all be helping each other. and bringing everybody together. we're all in this. i was this new york when 9/11 happened. it wiped out all a class structure because it was like being titanic. you are in fourth class, you are in first class. everybody is on the same boat. need to help each other. >> bill: one of the few times the country came together. you haven't taken heat from the pinheads out there. secretly stealthily supporting you. >> career getting job offers left and right. i might have your job next. [ laughter >> bill: you want it, john, we can talk about it your pal miller is going to harpoon you. is he coming up behind you here.
11:36 pm
>> the thing about lovitz is he a good guy but come on for christ's sake. what is a commentator now? >> bill: mr. lovitz, thank you very much. when we come back, miller on lovitz and the french election. ♪
11:37 pm
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11:39 pm
>> thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly. in the miller time segment tonight, let's get to the sage of southern california who joins us now from santa barbara. so, you know, we are trying to get across to and we discussed this a few months ago as well. the respect for the office of the presidency and even though it's a comedian in a comedy club, i think there has to be an awareness of that. am i wrong? >> i don't know, bill. that's your stance? that wasn't my big take away there. i don't think he was that disrespectful. i think john was reasonably brave saying that it might have panned out the rightway. trust me there are atheists in hollywood who defy barack
11:40 pm
obama. i admire john for taking that stance. you know how far john and i go back. way before the liar and master lesbian. we met each other when dick lugar was in his second term. that's how far back i go with johnny. i love him dearly. the president end of the world they have plays off broadway about killing george bush. i would say that old habit of always respecting the office might have went the way of the tucker. >> bill: you are making my point for me. because one of reasons that i despise the far left and i do, i mean, liberal people are fine with me. but the far left, i despite that. is because they do what you just pointed out. they take a republic or a conservative or a traditional person and there are no rules. they just rip them up in every way and they try to hurt them personally. they try to hurt their families. it's disgusting. and i don't want to see that
11:41 pm
in in the other precincts. >> i didn't get that from john, billy. i'm just telling you. we just disagree. i didn't get that from john there. i didn't look at john -- >> bill: let me make my case. he called mr. obama an fen a. that's where he went over the line. it wasn't that he was angry about the issue. i'm with him as i said on the issue. i think you are with him, too. that personal if you, you are, this not to the president. >> all righty. >> bill: okay. let's get. >> i get it. >> bill: there are a lot of other terms we can apply to french politicians so now we have a liberal guy, replacing sarkozy who now has plenty of time to hang around with carla, his beautiful wife. what do you think of francewa?
11:42 pm
>> i think the nanny state does some odd things to people. i remember watching a woman during katrina. they had a news crew there. there was water rising up her leg. it wasn't to her knee yet the. it was half way up her shin bone and she said come get me. for god's sake if that's what the nanny state does it robs you of your ability to flee floodwaters. french kids live like there is no tomorrow. anything goes. their night clubs, the absolute craziest. and somehow the nanny state now has them flipping sitrones over in the paris because they're worried about their dental benefits that will come in their mid 60's. i don't know what that phenomenon anymore is. i don't think it's good for a culture or group of young people to rob them of their motivation like that. french has always been a little spineless about this stuff. you ever go past a car lot that's having a sale and they have that half inflated guy outside who is all over the place?
11:43 pm
that's how much the backbone the french have. and i think they need to be a little more less like neville chamberland and a little more like wilt chamberland where he scored 100 points or that whole country is going -- they have trouble down the road. >> bill: i was not surprised. i didn't like sarkozy because he raised the retirement age from 60 to 62. how outrageous. you and i, miller, we would have been retired, what, 9 years ago if that were the case? >> here is the only french i know, billy. >> bill: we don't have any money so we have got to raise the retirement age not for people now but down the road for the people you were pointing out. they are smoking and they are drinking the $8 a pop. all of this. they are not going to live to 60. >> they want their prostate medicine covered in their 70s and they want to know it when they are 18. that's a good plan. >> bill: they are outraged they can't get the pull
11:44 pm
pensions, they have to work to 62, not 60. they get eight weeks guaranteed vacation. eight weeks. ever go to france during august? there is no one there. you and i can go in and loot the whole city. no one is there they are all at the rivera. they are all topless down in caen. many of them shouldn't be. >> well, that's the least of my problems with france right there. [ laughter ] >> my problem with france is they have bernets running through their veins. you talk about france coming over here for god's sake. not since lafayette have we seen incursion like that in massachusetts. >> bill: let me set t up for you. miller alerted of us to this story. the commonwealth of massachusetts has passed a bill, these pinheads actually voted on this to ban baked sales in schools. take it away, miller. >> it's nice to know those guys risking their life at
11:45 pm
bunker hill were serving as the last line of defense between some 21st century porker kid named chummily in a bear claw at a bake sale. nice to know we put our lives on the line for that listen, if massachusetts has problems and they want to do away with sugar, you know where there is a lot of hidden sugar, ketchup. forget the bake sales, get the ketchup off the table. i guarantee you massachusetts senator john kerry will jump on that grenade in a second, in a second to protect the nest egg. get rid of ketchup, john, if you care about those kids. damn it, that's the solution. >> bill: too much sugar in t, let's get rid of heinz. >> i want everybody to be alerted all you kids in massachusetts starting on august 1st of this year, if you bring in a muffin, you could be in cuffs. >> now, listen, eat all the crullers you want, kids, stay away from the red sauce on the
11:46 pm
table. ketchup. it's the devil's dandruff. >> bill: dennis miller, everybody, here is the bolder fresher score card. just 50 tickets left for the big show coming this saturday evening at town hall here in manhattan. so this is last call for that show. going to be a blast. about 100 tickets left for indianapolis on june 22nd. chicago june 23rd evening show completely sold out. tickets for the matinee available. they all make great gifts for father's day. details on bill o' did you see that on deck? as ton kutcher does indian accent and all hell breaks loose. >> i'm looking for the most delicious thing on the planet. >> bill: can't do that right back with that controversy. [ male announcer ] fighting pepperoni heartburn and pepperoni breath? fight both fast with new tums freshers! concentrated relief that goes to work in seconds and freshens breath. new tums freshers. ♪ tum...tum...tum...tum... tums! ♪ [ male announcer ] fast relief, fresh breath, all in a pocket sized pack.
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, did you see
11:50 pm
that, the actor ashton kutcher was hired by the pop chips snack people to draw attention to their product. they succeeded. >> looking for -- it's here with worldwide. come meet our bachelor's. >> i'm rush, i'm a bowlly wood producer. i'm looking for the most delicious thing on the planet. >> there is sword fish. i'm looking for something hot and spicey like kardashian hot. i would give that dog a bone. >> bill: with us to explain everything, juliette huddy. so the pop' tops people. >> pop chips. >> bill: pop chips. >> call it pop tops, whatever you want. >> bill: had to pull out. >> they pulled the raj part of it the indian part of it because there were people out there who were apparently offended by it because it's perpetuating a stereotype. it's not like he was sitting at a 7/11. he played a perfectly decent character we know certain stereotypes. bali wood thing. >> bill: do we know who played
11:51 pm
it. >> indian blogger. just random people complaining. >> bill: what did the pop chips people say? how did they explain it. >> look, we're sorry if we offended you but we hope you take ited in the spirit in which it was intended which sorry we're not really sorry. i kind of don't blame them. it wasn't bad. bip. >> bill: here is what osmedded me about that and i was truly offended. >> you were not offended. >> bill: yes, i was. i didn't see any pop chips. how does the pop chips come in. >> i thought you might say that because bill i brought you pop chips, barbecue flavors. >> bill: don't have glue ten free and all of that? they are pretty healthy for you? how does that sell pop chips? >> first of all it's getting a lot of attention now. >> bill: now t is. >> i didn't know what pop chips were. >> bill: you don't know what pop chips looking at him talking about the kardashians. >> brilliant people behind the ad campaign knew this would somehow get attention and ashton kutcher who is not the greatest actor in my opinion has been splashed all over the place because of infidelity
11:52 pm
and all that business with demi moore. this whole campaign has to do with people's love for pop chips and dating. it's all kind of gross. >> bill: i'm not a big ad guy. there is very interesting and offensive. talk about offensive. put this ad up there. this is the unabomber. all right? where was this billboard? >> this was on a billboard, you know what you? got me on that one. >> bill: this is outside of chicago. outside of chicago. >> it was created by a think tank. a libertarian think tank called the heartland institute. this is a think tank 1600 supporters. >> bill: they had to take this down. >> they had to take it down. people were very offended by it. what heartland is saying what the murderer hes and mad men have said they showed people like ted can a cincy can a --
11:53 pm
bin laden. mainstream media and liberals say about global warming. if you believe in global warming you are -- >> bill: i don't think we should be linking violent people with any political deal. >> they got attention. >> bill: now it's gone. juliet huddy, everybody. thank you. pinheads and patriots starring johnny depp, president bush. quite a lineup. p and p just over two minutes away. does your phone give you all day battery life ?
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droid does. and does it launch apps by voice while learning your voice ? launch cab4me. droid does. keep left at the fork. does it do turn-by-turn navigation ? droid does. with verizon, america's largest 4glte network and motorola, whatever you want to do... droidoes.
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>> bill: pin heads and patriots with johnny depp in a moment. patriot moms and pens sold out. great t-shirts repain. these are very nice. if you buy a copy of killing lincoln you get a free copy of eyes of justice. now, for the mail. trying to make sure justice is done, chris, simple as that. ron no news station, none would have touched the norfolk story,
11:57 pm
only o'reilly would do it. >> thank you. >> according to charity navigator the wounded warrior foundation gets a score of 57 out of 70. the warrior charity pays high salaries. we are all watching that. >> bill, thanks for exposing the celebrity backed charities that are not doing the job. please let charles talk uninterrupted. if that was a litmus test, i would never speak on this program. laugh a minute, dave. michelle clark. my 12-year-old son asked if i could take him to see you and miller and i said no. he called me a pinhead. is that bold and fresh. i believe it is. extra chores for the boy this week?
11:58 pm
have him paint the house, that will teach him. >> my son is in fifth grade and did a book talk on killing lincoln. kids like the book because it is full of action. just take away the machines and get them started and that is not easy because machines are dominating the world of american children and many adults as well. johnny depp was asked about creating the character of willie wonka. >> the idea behind willie wonka certain ingredients you add to the characters and willie wonka for example is i imagined what george bush would be like incredibly stoned. >> it is very nice to meet you, sir. >> i always thought it was a type of wart that got on the bottom of your foot. >> well, someone is certainly
11:59 pm
stoned in that analysis. mr. depp is a pinhead, i can't call him a pothead because i simply don't know. check out the fox news website. hot talking points memo if you came in late right there. word of the day do not be craven when writing to the factor. please always remember the spin stops right here because we are captioned by closed captioning services, inc. and tonight after years of voicing strong opposition to same-sex marriage president obama has reversed his position and now says he supports it. now, in a men we will examine how this could impact the november elections. first, here is w


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