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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  May 10, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> greg: there is a mayor -- >> bret: there is a major fight in congress on how much money is spent on defense. a cut this one general likened to imminent peril of greek legend. mike emanuel tells us what we have now. >> if we didn't have it over our head we'd be in better shape. >> general lloyd austin issued that warning to lawmakers as the pentagon is due to take a brunt of $110 billion in mandtory spending cut in january. the vice chief of naval construction would limit the hot spots around the world. >> it would cause us to look at the strategy. the force from the sequestration is not a force to support the current strategy we are operating
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under. >> reporter: house republicans are trying to prevent it from happening by trimming a bill they call bloated programs to stop slashing the military budget. >> not only does it hallow out defense, it creates 8% across the board cut to domestic discriminatiodiscriminatory spe. >> democrat ospose the measure. defense secretary leon panetta applauded the evident but said the cuts are too controversial. >> to guarantee results would be confrontation, gridlock. a greater likelihood of sequester. the key is work together. >> working together has been a huge challenge for the congress. previous efforts to find saving or cut spending such as last year's super committee have failed. the super committee,ist, created after congress couldn't agree to reductions as part of the last august debt ceiling increase.
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now senator reid says automatic cuts wit will happen. >> if we don't find cut there will be a cut in the military and domestic. that is the way it is. i'm not walking away from that agreement. >> democrats say any plan should include raising taxes on higher income americans which would not pass the house. probably not the senate. that's why panetta and the pentagon brass are so concerned. >> bret: mike emanuel on the hill, thank you. republicans are pushing a missile defense system on the east coast and trying to force the president to an election year veto so he looks weak on defense. point out neither north carolina nor iran has missiles to reach the east coast. defense secretary and the joints chief chairman oppose the plan. the president is addressing
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campaign event in seattle and from there he heads to los angeles. chief white house correspondent ed henry tells us many of the audiences are welcomeing the president new stance in favor of gay marriage. >> president obama hit the west coast, where reversal on gay marriage is wildly popular, including hollywood event hosted by george clooney he insisted to abc news he had not flip-flopped for political gain. >> the politic, not clear how they cut. i won't spend my time talking about this. my job, my biggest priority is make sure we grow an economy to put people back to work. >> the same-sex couple should get back. >> the president sent fundraising e-mail boasting about his decision and they released video to slam republican nominee mitt
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romney. >> let me say this. 3,000 years of human history shouldn't discarded so quickly. >> conservatives think the president is selling it hard. because he fears come november in tea battlegrounds it will drive evangelical turn-out for romney and could lead some african-americans to stay home. especially after one of the president spiritual advisors joe hunter warned commander anywhere chief in a phone call the timing looked bad. >> it looked from the timing after the biden announcement that he was being pushed in to a decision that was political. rather than value-based. >> nancy pelosi said it was the right thing to do. >> what he did is advance cause of civil rights in a personal as well as presidential way. that it is more important than any political consequences.
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>> romney was shown on defense, after he all but confirmed a "washington post" report in high school he bullied two gay students. >> i don't recall the incident myself but i have seen reports. i'm not going to argue with that. there is no question but that i did some stupid things when i was in high school. obviously, if i hurt anyone by virtue of that i would be sorry for it and apologize for it. >> he aggressively defended himself against the attacks from the obama camp. >> states could have their own decisions with regard to the domestic partnership right. my preference is national standard for marriage and define as between a man and woman. >> his first fundraiser the president did not mention the issue while the media was in the room. the campaign touting it, while he is trying to stay focused on the economy. outside the first event, a woman was holding up an infant with a sign that said thank you, mr. president for standing up for my mommies. bret?
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>> bret: ed henry traveling with the president in seattle. thank youment good news on the job front today as request for unemployment benefit dropped by 1,000 last week. james rosen. >> stumping in omaha, they hounded romney on what they regard as the incumbent weak spot, the economy. >> the president put in place $5 trillion of debt. if he is an n office for four years we have another $4 trillion. bad economics and ball policy. it's immoral to pass it on to the kids. >> there is no further discussion on the announcement of gay marriage. romney cast as diversionnary process. >> there will be no reason for the president to talk about
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anything other than the here a now. that you have 23 million people out of work or stop looking for work or unemployed is the issue of the day. today's economy. in the same interview he endorsed gay marriage, he talked about the infamous metaphor from the g.o.p. primary. >> this is one of his etch-a-sketch moments. i don't think anybody take it seriously. people remember his position, what let detroit go bankrupt. had with followed his advice we would have lost millions of jobs in the west. >> he had a campaign event in seattle and soaked up sun at home of friend of hollywood pal. they court the decisive group
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of voters: women. gallup poll in women found half women approving of obama job performance. small woner governor romney began his remarks with a pre-emptive measure for mother's day. >> i just appreciate that mothers of this great country, raised our nation, and gave it the values that we share. >> through election day is underscored by today's announcement by j.p. morgan chase, the country's largest bank that disclosed the investment losses will reach $800 million. that sent the tok plunging. other big banks suffered heavy losses. >> bret: stocks overall today were mixed. dow added 20. s&p 500 gained 3. the nasdaq dropped a single point. new lows this week on mortgage loans. the average rate for 30-year fix is down to 3.83%.
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ben bernanke says many credit worthy americans still cannot qualify for mortgage loans. bernanke told them that people with credit card and auto loans. and many are finding it easier to borrow money. the federal government took in more money than it spent in april. the first monthly surplus in four years. they continue to be $1 trillion in the red for the budget year. the definition of a disability could soon go down the toilet. we'll explain on the grapevine. up next, syria's deadliest bombing since the start of the uprising there. i'm really going to miss you.
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the west bank today. more than 1,00,000 palestinian prisoners are current on a hunger strike. troops turned water cannons on the demonstrators burning tires and throwing stones. search and rescue teams in indonesia are combing through the wreckage of a new russian made jetliner. it crashed in a volcano in a demonstration flight yesterday. all 45 people aboard are feared dead. the death toll in syria is now 55 following a suicide attack today in damascus. the u.s. called the bombings reprehensive. the u.s. security council said it was criminal and unjustifiable. leland vittert shows us what happened. >> damascus in morning rush hour. seconds after a s car bomb explodes. >> amateur video casts the second blast. the apparent target a syrian military intelligence headquarters meeting the bombers had to penetrate the capital, having security to carry out their attack which
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left dozen of cars burned to their frame. and the type of chaos that only comes in war. >> aerial pictures show the damage from one ton of explosives. "this is the type of freedom they want" ask one witness. "to overthrow assad in his regime." the blast is the latest blow to shaky cease-fire between the syrian army and rebel fighters. shortly after the blast, u.n. observers showed up on the scene. >> they have to give the people a chang to mourn. without having innocent people being killed in the street. >> the scene filled with shell shocked victims has all the hallmarks of attacks carried out by al-qaeda sind kates throughout the region. recently a similar group claimed responsibility for suicide bombing in a syrian capital. the government blamed foreign
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groups for today's blast and said they would continue to hunt down "terrorists" attempting to overthrow the regime. the bombings confuse the international message. for the past year, the united states and western powers laid out good versus eel argument. opposition being good. assad being evil. this makes things more complicated with the possibility of al-qaeda getting involved and the world still trying to figure out a way to stop the violence. bret? >> thank you. >> bret: power sharing talks have gone nowhere in greece with a final round underway. new election is a possibility. the head of the second place radical left coalition is asking european officials to re-examine the country's strict austerity program. in spain, the government has taken control of the fourth largest bank which suffered huge losses on bad real estate loans. there is fear that spain might need its own bail-out. back in this country, the spending scandal at the
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general services administration or gsa has shone a light on the fact that many government agencies do not have the kind of inspectors that discover the abuse at bsa. correspondent shannon bream tells us why not. >> in the wake of lavish spending of taxpayer dollars by bsa officials at johnson, las vegas and else, where lawmakers demand to know why so many federal agencies have no inspector general. >> the the obama administration has often proclaimed the commitment to transparency and accountability. that is why it's so troubling. >> currently there are ten open i.g. slots at the federal level. four position has been vay can't for more than 1,000 days. at the state department, no permanent inspector general since january of 2008. 1,576 days. members on both sides of the aisle expressed corn certain over a house hearing while president obama hasn't made more progress getting the slot
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filled. >> you can excuse him for six months or a year or 18 months but three yeah years almost to the end of his first term is just too long. >> democrats say the situation isn't unique to the current administration. >> the number of vacancies right now are corn rabble to vacancies in 2004 as president bush was gearing up for his re-election. i think perhaps it suggests something about how onerous and difficult the process has become. >> of the ten open slots eight must be set by the president that needs senate confirmation. the president sent two nominations to senate and neither got to a vote. two senators sent a letter asking why. we are asking information, plaining the reason for the delay in filling the vacant inspector general position. we expect them to give us
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estimated target date for presidential nomination. the white house said it's committed to strong investor general and working diligently to fine highly qualified candidates to fill the open slots. in the meantime, there are acting inspectors general overseeing numerous investigations. >> bret: we'll stay on the story. thank you. start ahead of a new energy in america series. this one on coal. first, the feds come after the toughest sheriff in america. ♪
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>> bret: one of the most famous law men in america finds himself on the wrong side of law tonight. william la jeunesse reports on sheriff joe versus the feds. >> i'm an elected sheriff. i am not going to give up my
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organization to the federal government. >> the obama administration sued sheriff joe arpaio today in federal court, aing whitespread discrimination against his spannic in the jail and on the street of phoenix. by the sheriff department. >> they frequentenly used derogatory term quoth says at "wet back" and "mexican b bitches" to refer to latino. >> they allege they punished spanish inmates for speaking spanish and stopped hispanic drivers nine times more often than white. >> if you look latino, the complaint alleges you were too frequently fair game for the officers. >> tom perez insisted on independent monitor to oversee the sheriff. arpaio says it's not happening. >> bottom line, they wan to take my office over, inside their monitors. i'd have to report to them on
6:23 pm
evening i want to do in the office. >> the sheriff admits the department made mistakes but they're unusual examples, not unusual for department his size. >> we're not racist. that is disgusting. all politics. i resent the allegation and i look forward to going to court. >> he does not belief that the lawsuit is direct political payback for investigation to the birth certificate. however, in an attempt to embarrass him and curry favor with voters in important swing state and latino voters who may resent the sheriff enforcement of immigration law. >> bret: more on this with the panel. you have been all over the fast and furious investigation, fall-out as well. when asked about a resolution to eric holder in con tempt of congress, boehner said all options are on the table. he said this about the house
6:24 pm
oversight committee darrell issa investigation. >> i want to hold people in department of justice accountable for what happened. the committee has work to do. they know what they have to do. they are pursuing unanswered questions. i would hope to continue that. >> bret: strong words from the house speaker. any thoughts about that? >> the speaker did not say he supported the proceeding against the attorney general. leadership is not entirely on board. they have arm twisting yet to do. but the horse is out of the barn. the contempt citation resolution if you will is out there. they need to pull the trigger in the next few weeksor lengthy year-long investigation will disappear in a slow and quiet death. >> thank you. case wrapped up in the case of former presidential candidate
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john edwards. policy advisor said he made inquiries about vice presidential spot to obama and hillary clinton despite rumors about a mistress who had had his baby. just getting word that vice president obama apolled to president obama about getting ahead of him on the same-sex marriage issue. senior administration official confirmed wednesday morning before the abc interview the vice president apologized to the president for getting ahead of him, saying biden did it on his own. a second official said he was not angry. he said the president has been the leader on this issue from day one. the vice president never intended to distract from that. you will not believe what condition could qualify as a disability. police in new york city would like you to watch where you sit. grapevine is next. [ male announcer ] what's in your energy drink?
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mp >> now fresh pickings from the political grapevine. can americans who have a phobia of urinating around other people or in public restrooms be covered under the americans with disability act? that was a discussion of a letter by the equal employment opportunity commission last summer. clarifying it was not an official opinion, the eeoc said the shy bladder syndrome could in certain cases meet the definition of disability.
6:30 pm
the daily caller points out that could mean that employees who want to push the issue could claim they are entitled to private restrooms at work to cost employers billions to provide. minnesota republican congresswoman michelle bachmann wants you to know she is an all-american girl. literally. the former presidential candidate issued a statement this afternoon saying she is withdrawing her dual csisship. she explains the dual status resulted from her husband swiss hair tage. in today's statement, bachmann said she made the decision because i want to make it perfectly clear i was born in america, an i'm a proud american citizen. a new report shows 40% of new york city 9/11 calls were inadvertent pocket dials. daily news reports they feel 4 million accidental calls in 2010. more than the number of times the officers were dispatched
6:31 pm
to real emergencies. the report by the mayor's office attributes it to the proliferation of cell phones that can easily become unlocked and dialed. we begin a new series tonight on energy in america. doug mckelway on the politics of coal. >> it places like preston county, west virginia, generations of miners toiled the power american homes and industry. 200,000 work es in coal country and other states that produce the most apundit fuel threatened by the epa coal rumor. it requires the coal-fired plant that can't meet the co2 emission standard to install carbon, capture and storage. it is expensive and not commercially available. >> at the end of the day, we couldn't justify it based on what the cost would be. it would be astronomical to
6:32 pm
retrofit older units that are not as efficient as they should be. >> environmentalists praise the new rule as a vital defense against climate change. we know what fossil fuels do to the health of our families. we know the damage to crops and buildings. now the big dang of all around the world -- damage of all around the world is climate disruption. >> coal advocates say the industry made strides to clean up emissions to capture 99% of particulate matter. the new rule sets the bar too high. last year, at this time we looked for 2,000 coal miner goes to work now. there are 2,000 laid off. six power plants that are shut, coal fired power plant. we are losing the come pettive edge. it's wrong. >> one measure of disdain is a federal prison doing years for extortion got two-third of the primary.
6:33 pm
administration supports bank on cheap, clean, abundant natural gas as substitute for coal power but critics say there are problems for storage. >> they tell us you will see 30% increase in your electric bill now. >> west virginian can take small victory. there was a rule that force a coal company to stop work at mine it vested millions of dollars in. they revoked a permit that had been granted. bret? >> thank you. >> the u.s. trade deficit widening at the fastest pace in ten months. the commerce department said the gap expanded to $61 billion in march from $45.54 billion in february. on capitol hill no one seems to want to cut defense spending. but no one wants to cut the social programs either.
6:34 pm
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there is absolutely no way we will keep pace with people. we'll be breaking contracts and send people on their way who believe they had a commitment to keep on active duty. >> waiting for december and not having a resolution at that point would allow a short cycle for planning. not allow to make efficient or effective choices. >> if we didn't have it hanging over our head we'd be in better shape. >> bret: that was the warning on capitol hill from the military brass to say that the pentagon will take the brunt of the $110 billion in mandatory spending cuts called the sequestration. that was part of the teal that the deficit and the debt commission the committee, the super committee could not get to a deal. so the sequestration went in place. this was it. now what? the house passed a bill.
6:38 pm
doesn't have much chance in senate. bring in the panel. judge andrew napolitano. mara liasson, national public radio and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. welcome, judge. what do you think of this? the house passes the bill to trim what they argue are bloated domestic program bus it has no chance in the senate. the white house threatened to veto. >> i understand the concern of the republicans in the house that motivated by the arguments that we just heard. the you military just can't stop spending money on a dime. the military has known it was coming, the president has known it was coming an the secretary of defense has known it was coming and congress has known it's coming. the this is because the congress couldn't fulfill the constitutional obligation to decide how much money should be spent. so they booted it off to a calculation to be determined by computers and accountants rather than the elected representatives. it wonder who is serious about cutting spending.
6:39 pm
>> bret: when you look at this. you see the statement over the head but it will happen come january. >> first, i think this reinforces the notion that congress is completely dysfunctionm. they pead a deal. they couldn't adegree on anything and they'd have the automatic across the board cuts. the deal was supposed to be unpalt to believe both sides. that was supposed to motivate republicans to come to the table. domestic cuts should motivate democrats and they couldn't come to an agreement. now they try to relitigate the budget act. then you turn democrats in boosters of sequestration. reid would rather have that than make a tradeoff that the house passed today, restore the defense cut. >> the defense secretary is saying this is unacceptable.
6:40 pm
this is the administration defense secretary. democrats on capitol hill seem to be saying -- >> there has to be something to pay for it. they you want to cut the social programs. we are willing to put defense money back but you have to raise taxes. >> bret: the back and forth on both sides today. >> the way to deal with sequestration is put revenues on the table. if they don't put revenues on the table it will be tough to deal with the sequestration on the military and the revenue -- the domestic side. >> when we hear the other side talk about no spending cuts but more tax increases that will slow down job creation. >> ez revenue on the table for tax increases. >> democrats live for tax increases. what is happening is sequestration over automatic cuts. >> this will not stand. there is no way it will happen. when the president, he's a democrat, the president's own defense secretary said as he
6:41 pm
said a few months ago if they happen, and i quote, it would do "catastrophic damage to our military, hallowing it out and debraiding our ability to protect our cntry." he later ads "it won't happen on my watch" implying he will resign if this absolutely happens. you know it will be resolved. there will be a compromise. democrats insist on the tax hikes and the republicans are resisting. but it will happen in the lame duck session. something will be done. the judge asks who is serious about cutting spending. the republicans are. they are too serious. what ryan proposed is the ultimate cut. but he has a list of them which are going to be the target of 30-second ads. foot stamps and assistance to people who want relief on mortgages. the democrats propose tax hik hikes.
6:42 pm
they are trying to act responsible if the other side plays santa claus. why would you go out on a limb to jeopardize your election prospect over something what is not enacted? >> in my prior life i had a colleague who wrote majority opinion and dissented from his own opinion. i am reminded of that here. because it's a complicated and funny story. chuck schumer and paul ryan voted in the legislation and they are blasting it. leon panetta's boss signed in law and now they don't like it when it's time to kick in. >> two questions. one in the big picture, even the dequester doesn't deal with big numbers we are dealing with, with the deficit and debt. that is perspective number one. number two, if you are dealing with the lame duck congress
6:43 pm
you have members who potentially lose their seat. and deal with a defense issue. >> charles as usual is right. only time to dealt with it collectively when those who have to make tough decisions can't face the wrath of the voters. >> or nan china and russia. >> that is not what the constitution contemplates. >> there are other things to start come together like a perfect storm of election day. unemployment insurance. bush tax cut. it will happen at the end of the year. plus sequestration. that might be the time for a big deal or if you have a lame duck congress or lame duck president. maybe republicans say wait a minute. we'll wait for a new president and new congress to pass something that lasts for two months. >> bret: it seems like a horrible way to run a country. >> as you said, the real dough is not here.
6:44 pm
it's in entitlement, entitlement reform and tax reform. we have had a president in interest for 3-1/2 years and talked about it, debt reduction commission that proposed entitlement reform and tax reform. he won't touch it. i don't thick when people say apox on both houses. republican has a plan on that. president doesn't. that is a fundamental difference between the republican and democrat in this election. that is what at stake on election day. >> bret: last word, judge. >> republicans are not serious about wanting to cut or they'd cut across board. paul ryan voted for that now has second votes. >> bret: next-up, the government versus sheriff joe. do you think the arizona lawman is a genuine crusadeer or a self-promoter? vote in the online question of the day on the home page at results after the break.
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6:48 pm
all of the alleged violations outlined in a complaint are the culture of disregard for basic rights that starts at the top and per vaseed the entire organization. >> i'm not going to give it up. i am going to continue to enforce state laws and federal laws, and i look forward to going to court, because then we could put our case out. they have to stop the press conferences to embarrass me. especially in an election year. >> bret: the obama administration sued sheriff joe arpaio today in federal court alleging discrimination. before the break, the question of the day asked is sheriff joe arpaio crusadeer or self-promoter? 97% said crusadeer.
6:49 pm
3% said self-promoter. back with the panel. senator reed commented on the federal case today. saying this. for many years, sheriff arpaio has been operating outside of the nation's laws. no one should face discrimination based on the color of their skin. the accent or similar characteristics. the administration is working hard to stop the scapegoating of immigrant and latino communities by officials like sheriff arpaio. the definitive way to end this is to fix the broken immigration system. back again with the panel. charles, interesting. that statement from the senate majority leader, they have not moved any immigration legislation. >> whatsoever. >> the administration hasn't proposed it. what about sheriff joe? >> at the risk of opposing the people who have spoken in the poll, reading the history of jerusalem and there were creators who were very good at self-promotion. >> bret: a betweener. >> there is either/or but there is also both.
6:50 pm
i don't know the merits of the case, because i haven't heard. the arpaio side of the argument. he said let's go to court and you will hear the two sides. clearly what is happening here is the administration dinning up an issue on eve of an election that he thinks will help him with a particular constituency. this is what the justice department has been doing for about, for months now. for example, the law in texas that is challenging the voter i.d. law in texas. it knows it won't win. but it's bringing it to a court to highlight what was initially called voter oppression. i think is a phony but a way to gin up support in minorities that it says are eoppressed or denied the ability to vote. it knows it will lose the case. indiana, similar case, voter i.d. case was upheld 6-3, the supreme court. another case which is plus for
6:51 pm
show and it will have an effect judge itself in election. >> i can't judge merits of it either but anything that happens this close to election that involves a hot button, i like immigration or racial propiling is seen through a political lens. it might have merit. we will find out in court. >> bret: tell you specifics that the justice department said. they ad that the arpaio deputies punished hispanic inmates for speaking spanish and stopped the hispanic drivers nine times more often than whites. that is part of the press conference today. continue. sorry. >> those things are, if they are true, are offensive to many people. mostly hispanics. arpaio has become a kind of hero to people who think the immigration law should be enforced more rigorously. i can only assume that this will be a trial that is a
6:52 pm
complete circus. >> bret: judge, on the other side, there are folks who say that his investigation in the president's birth certificate and whether it was a forgery or not has sparked this action. politics inside washington suggest it's about the election. your thoughts? >> the complaint is well crafted. it makes serious allegation. if they're true or can be proven they are offensetive the constitution. and federal law. the sheriff's lawyers will move to tis miss the complaint. probably lose that motion. because on the face it makes a claim. they will get in discovery. all kind of people will testify, those who love him and hate him and then they will be in court again. good news this will not be reed before election day. the bad news is i think there might be a jury trial in this
6:53 pm
case. i don't think there is a settlement. whatever you think of him, he is a tough strong-willed guy who won't give in. i don't think you will see him agreeing to a court opposing a monitor in sheriff department to approve major decisions, which is the relief the justice department asks for. >> bret: in a place like arizona dealing with the border issues, the arizona law and people looking at the sheriff say listen, he is enforcing what we can enforce because the federal government is not. what about the federal issue versus state issue? >> that is fascinating that will be reed by the supreme court in a month-and-a-half. we'll know the answer to that by the enof june. i don't think it will affect the outcome of the litigation legally. politically if the arizona statute is upheld it is a boost to the sheriff. politically if the arizona statute is struck down it's a political blow to sheriff.
6:54 pm
allegations are against him even in enforcing the federal law he violated the federal law. >> bret: charles? >> the court challenge on the arizona law is further evidence of the idea that this administration; particularly, the justice department is conducting its litigation and challenging again for reasons of politics. the oral arguments, solicitor general got hammered. wiped out. the judge sotomayor who is a liberal said this isn't selling. a liberal. it's clear they will uphold the law. but the point of the litigation is make at it case, surface the issue, to get all the coverage that a supreme court hearing will garner, not o appeal to hispanics that the obama administration disappointed because it
6:55 pm
promised to introduce immigration legislation. instead it did healthcare. a way to cover it tracks on this issue. >> is there a potential backlash here in the politics of this? >> this is so politicized there is a backlash on both sides. will people see administration as being political? sure. will people see this guy as being completely out of line? yes. this is perfectly polarized. >> bret: thank you for being here, judge. that's it for panel. stay tuned for a new political ad from a candidate who is out performing expectations. ♪ [ acoustic guitar: slow ] [ sighs ] [ announcer ] all work and no play... will make brady miss his favorite part of the day. ♪ [ upbeat ] [ barking ] [ whines ] that's why there's beneful plful life, made with energy-packed wholesome grains...
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6:59 pm
opponent in west west virginia's democratic primary. >> is he not a washington insider, or an ivy league grad. but keith judd know what is it takes to trade a handful of cigarettes for a black market choco taco. physically conservative in the front. socially liberal in the back. keep john for preside. paid for by prison soap. >> bret: possibly. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced, and unafraid. >> shepard: this is the fox report. tonight, serious new problems for the biggest bank in america. just announced huge losses. what does it mean for customers? and the man who calls himself the toughest sheriff in america joe arpaio now the long arm of t


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