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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  May 10, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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let him come to me. >> what would moses think? >> moses? >> bill: a federal judge saying there should only be six commandments. four should be eliminated. >> those whom will not live by the law shall die by the law. [screams] >> bill: the culture warriors will explain. >> bill: so you contend that alli sufan is not telling the truth here. >> i contend is he not telling the truth? >> also a verbal war breaks out between the top cia terrorist investigator and fbi agent who says the cia's waterboarding program did not work. you will hear the fbi's side tonight. caution, you where to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now.
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>> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the politics of gay marriage, that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. with president obama now telling the nation he supports the rights of homosexuals to marry, the issue now becomes significant in his bid to be reelected. while the economy will drive the vote, social i like gay marriage are important to many americans. my take is this. it's a matter of conscience. there are good people who support gay marriage and good people who oppose it also there are plenty of bad people who exploit the issue with accusations of bigotry and such. unlike abortion nobody gets hurt when gays marry but it does have deep implications for what kind of society we want to be. therefore, individual states should decide the question. on that, i agree with president obama. so far seven states have made gay marriage legal but 38 states have passed legislation opposing gay nuptials so for president obama, this is not a winning hand. he can pretty much say good by to north carolina, which overwhelmingly voted against
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gay marriage just this he can would. the president may also lose currency in states like virginia, nevada, florida, ohio, all of which come down in the traditional marriage category. mr. obama seems to understand the political danger. >> it will be hard to argue that somehow this is something that i would be doing for political advantage because frankly, you know the politics it's not clear how they cut. >> bill: the media very happy about the president's change of heart. largely because of the press, it's now just about impossible to have honest debate about gay marriage. if you oppose it you are a bigot a homophone, you are a terrible person. most of the people i can't won't consider the traditional point of view on marriage. here is a great example. writing in the "new york times" yesterday brian stelter said, quote: mr. o'reilly and one of his guests complained last fall interest chaz ban
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know became the first openly transgender contestant on abc's dancing withs stars. that's not true. in an interview with dr. keith ablow who opposed chaz bono's appearance on the abc program i said this. >> if chaz bono is happy with what he has done, all right, if he -- he is he a happier guy, i don't know him at all so i don't know whether he is or isn't, but i'm sure he said he is, what's wrong? you are an american. can you choose now with medical science to do a lot of different things, you have the right to do it legally. so what's wrong with him doing it my take has been consistent. but this country is not compelled, not compelled to change societal narms unless there is a grave danger of something being done that's harmful. because of my position. liberal guys like stelt ter and the "new york times" want
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to hurt me. that sends a chilling rick sab tropical storm got hammered. gay marriage is a matter of conscience. it's a responsibility of the states to regulate major gay marriage. the politics of gay marriage will mostly likely hurt president obama's re-election chances. it's doubtful that will be reported by the national press. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. analysis, joining us from charlottesville larry sabato. director for virginia center politics. pollster. marge i didn't. many traditional swing states favor traditional marriage. i can't imagine the president winning north carolina now, what say you? >> three important things to look at when you are looking at polling and swing states and anything else. the first is when is the data point from. >> bill: how about yesterday in north carolina? it's 61%. >> i will jump to the third thing. the third thing is it a vote driver for the presidential
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election? that's where i think there is a -- you will see the folks on either side already coming to the polls. they have made up their mind the strong folks pro-gay marriage and against gay marriage. there is a huge mushy middle. >> bill: ms. owe marrow you know the -- they don't no whethr romney. enough is enough. this could tilt it over. dr. sabato, here is what i don't understand politically speaking. president obama is not going to get one vote by coming out in favor of gay marriage. not one. all liberal people who were going to vote for him anyway. is he raising more money. now if it were a money play maybe that is something to consider. certainly he raised when he came out than a million dollars in less than 24 hours or whatever it may be. but, as i, you know, ms. omero and i were discussed the swing state independents are now going to swing more to romney based on, this i believe.
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>> well, to the extent that this is still an issue in october and november, bill, it is early may i think it's an election fundamentally about the economy. there is going to be 130 to 140 million americans who have going to vote in november. yes, the vast majority will vote based on economics. there will be millions who will center their vote around social issues, whether it's abortion, gay marriage, guns, second amendment and that's their right as americans. so, to that extent, you know, north carolina, look, i had north carolina leaning to romney before. >> bill: no longer leaning. florida and ohio. ohio just got a ppp poll, that's a democratic poll ms. omero, just came in. all right? do you support gay marriage? opposed to gay marriage? 62 support, 35. 62 to 35 in ohio on a
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democratic poll it's got to hurt him there. >> you are a absolutely. this is a controversial issue and some lean states lean toward oppose. i think in this case you have a lot of voters who are not going to make up their mind based on this issue. they are the mushy middle. >> bill: okay, we all know that the economy is going to drive it? >> more young voters turning out. >> bill: wait a minute, you two guys aren't answering the question in the no spin zone manner that i'm used to. you although it's going to be raiser thin. you although it's going to be in places like ohio and virginia. this much. >> don't you think this will motivate younger voters who may drop off? >> bill: do i think gay marriage is going to motivate younger voters. >> i do. quite possible it will encourage younger voters. >> bill: got the younger voters anyway. >> some folks might stay home. i don't see somebody at 22 years old you know i was going to stay home because of gay marriage i'm going to go there. do you see that doctor?
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>> you know, bill, i have to disagree with you. i'm at a college campus, and i'm telling you that is one of the issues that is generational and it does motivate a lot of them. shock everyone. african-american vote. conservative hispanics. so it washes out. he is going to lose some african-american votes. >> disagreeing on this issue does not mean you will vote against obama. obama a lot to offer. huge contrast with romney. romney is running behind mccain among latinos. i don't think gay marriage is going to make up that ground. >> bill: you think this was a wise political move for barack obama? >> i agree with his position and fill bill political move, wise. >> i don't think he did this based on politics. >> bill: wise political move? >> no. as a political move, no. i would -- if i were advising him politically i would have said continue to be mushy and
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on both sides after november 6th and then you can say what everybody expected to you say all along anyway. >> bill: all right. doctor, we appreciate you guys. good debate. next on the run down federal judge said 10 commandments should be reduced to six. you won't believe this one. culture warriors with that story moments away. does your phone give you all day battery life ?
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>> bill: culture warrioring segment tonight. if you notice the supreme court you will notice the 10 commandments on display. judeo-christian nation base our laws on traditional religion what is right and what is wrong. michael suggesting that the 10 commandments be reduced to six. here now to explain the culture warriors jeanine pirro and gretchen carlson. what exactly is the legal case surrounding judge urbanski's ruling. >> only that moses fainted at the thought of six commandments. >> bill: moses would be very teed off here. >> obviously. giles county school board being sued by the student and the aclu because they have the 10 commandments posted with also the declaration of independence and the bill of rights. >> bill: they have it posted where at the school. >> they have it posted on the grounds of the school which is part of the problem. now, here is the thing. if the school's argument is that they have it there for
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religious arguments that's not the case. have it there. other historical documents. they say look, we are protected by part of the first amendment that means we need to get rid of it. >> >> shall not have other gods before. keep it holly. if you get rid of those four then you can have the other six because they don't refer to god. that's what the pinheaded judge is saying. >> what's interesting about it, bill is, that his suggestion that we get rid of the first four commandments is blasphemest. not only is moses angry but -- >> bill: what is atheist. he may not consider it such? >> he he is a a judge there to decide man's law and not god's law. right versus wrong legal vs.
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illegal man up and make a decision and not try to compromise. >> you are a judge, right? >> absolutely. i didn't jerk my responsibility and say maybe we ought to cut the baby in the middle. no, maybe you ought to just decide what is legal. >> bill: is there validity to the argument that this is historical display because we are judeo-christian tradition. the aclu would argue that now because that's how crazy it has all got. in your opinion as a judge, is this historical display that can stand it? >> can stand. it is surrounded by the declaration of independence. star sphang geld banner. >> menorah next to t. >> you touched on two points it's a judeo-christian document. it's this is from the old testament, remember that. so who is it really offending? it's only offending people who don't believe. >> bill: atheists don't want any of. >> this i don't think it's blasphemist. this judge is pandering to political correctness. >> bill: we can't read his mind. we don't know what he is
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saying but certainly what is he saying. >> we have come to a point in society where we're going to get rid of four of the commandments? >> it's not about four of the commandments. it's about how the country was founded. urban ski and aclu are claiming we are not a judeo-christian country. that was never the intent of the founders. why do we have in the supreme court moses holding the 10 commandments. >> in the supreme court building we have these 10 commandments. at the end of the day you have a judge owe pointed by obama, intolerance towards christianity part of historical context. >> not christianity. >> bill: this is moses. he was jewish all the way. >> it's the judeo-christian. >> bill: wasn't christianity in play back then. it wasn't even invented yet. >> it wasn't. but at the same time this judge needs to make a decision. >> bill: he made a decision, get rid of the four. >> he said mediate it and i will make a decision later. >> bill: wait a minute. is he trying to do the easy thing? this guy is going to get pillaried all over the country
11:16 pm
now. this is absurd. >> he is doing what he thinks is politically correct. >> bill: did he this to be in your face to every religious person in the country. that's why this guy did it is he not an i idiot urban ski. i'm going to tweak all those stupid believers. i don't have any respect for them. >> that's my point. >> bill: he doesn't believe it's going to happen. it's not going to happen. >> we'll see. >> you wait. you know, what bill, no, no, no, no, no. >> made -- make a suggestion. >> bill: i got some money here. you culture warriors going to put up jack here. >> 50 cents. >> provocation people of faith another example of our secular system going f you we don't have any respect for you. that's what it is. it's exactly no spin zone here. >> i'm agreeing with you. >> exactly what urban ski is doing. he knows is not going to win. >> another religion and not
11:17 pm
christianity. they bend over backwards. >> it's not christianity. >> judeo-christian epic. >> bill: will you please explain moses to her, please? >> i know moses. i watch those movies. >> bill: you are not that old you don't know them. directly ahead health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius one of the most strident proabortion politicians in the country invited to speak at a catholic university and all hell is breaking loose. later, megyn kelly on a new york court of appeals ruling that says you can watch child pornography and not be charged. outrageous? you bet. upcoming. ♪
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>> bill: georgetown university run by jesuits it has been the center for controversy. sandra fluk came out of georgetown. some students have invited health and huge services secretary kathleen sebelius to talk at their diploma ceremony. sticking up for dr. tiller the late term abortionist in kansas who was assassinated. author of the new book a faith of our own which exploits how christianity is attempting to influence american culture and politics and fox news religious father jonathan morris the author of the book "god wants you to be happy." so, sebelius, you know her, right? what coonk of her at georgetown. >> students invited her to come, which is true. students don't run the university. in this case it's the jesuits and the board of the university that runs the university. what they are during by inviting the architect and the person implementing the hhs
11:22 pm
mandate requiring religious institutions to provide abort and contraceptions. they are taking their finger and sticking it in the eyes of the bishop. >> bill: previous segment about the judge and the 10 commandments. you say that the hierarchy who runs georgetown should have said sorry, all right, this is inappropriate. but you have got to remember that georgetown was the place where this whole thing started with the contraception and the obama administration. >> you know what? it would be perfectly fine invited her to come to a debate and to put somebody else up there to debate her. >> bill: like you. >> that's what universities are for. no problem. when you honor her at a graduation ceremony by allowing her to speak, everybody knows that's an honor. what you are saying is this is the type of person. we are all in favor of. ice of the finger of bishops and catholic doctrine. you say? >> actually i'm a pro-life guy so personally i agree with
11:23 pm
her. the thing that frustrates me about this particular situation is we are now living in a cull purr where everybody has a right to everything. people i think today think they have a right not to be offended, not to have to listen to somebody they disagree with she is pro-choice, we get that. >> bill: it's beyond pro-choice though. >> i think my ideas and arguments are better than hers, let's allow her to speak hers and me to speak mine. >> you are not allowed to speak with her and the pointenned i agree with father morrison on this. basically georgetown university now is basically saying she is okay. we like her. it's against everything the catholic religion stands for. i'm not so hopped up about the birth control. i know you are, okay? it's the imposition, i understand. but the late term abortion, the late term abortion that this kathleen sebelius governor of kansas sanctioned? there is no way that she should -- i'm not going to say it i'm not going to be judgmental at that level to
11:24 pm
support a doctor in yeans, one of only maybe three in the country who were killing babies up until a minute before they were birthed for no reason at all, okay, to support actively support thatoffs her in my opinion from getting anywhere near a catholic university. >> do you want to be catholic university or not. >> bill: georgetown does not want to be a catholic university. that's apparent. >> i hope the superior of the order step in and say that's out of line. >> bill: they won't. the vatican won't either it? >> doesn't have to. >> bill: what do you mean it doesn't have to get to the vatican. this is one of the biggest catholic universities in the world. >> big government. they are into allowing the local people to take authority and when they don't, vatican when it comes down to. >> leadership in rome or not? there has got to be an allowance for the local people
11:25 pm
to step in. let's hope they do. >> now, mr. merritt, you have got to understand here that there is a difference between a freedom of speech forum that father morris offers him up against sebelius. >> sure. >> and sebelius basically bloviating heir extreme views as far as the catholic church is concerned to a catholic audience. >> let's be clear first of all. her support of dr. tyrell is absolutely reprehensible. i think conservatives and many liberals would agree with you on that. there is also, i think, a double standard at work here. see, when conservatives find out about a creationist being fired from a local university they cry foul. governor casey in 1992 pro-life being told he can't come and be a a part of the democratic national convention they scream and holler and shout give him a chance to speak and let him talk. so i think there is a double standard here. >> bill: the difference is the two things you mentioned are both secular and if this were
11:26 pm
a secular institution i don't care whether kathleen sebelius talks or not. it doesn't matter to me. >> i will give you something real quick too. nobody is mentioning about the fact that governor romney is speaking at librescu liberty university. he varies very much from what we would call vision. >> the moral equivalency there is absolutely outlined. i. >> bill: that's basically theological call thing. >> i care more about my theology than my politics. >> bill: all right, gentlemen. very interesting debate. we appreciate it plenty more as the factor moves along this evening. verbal bra between the fbi and cia. we will hear the fbi's point of view this evening. shocking ruling by a court that says can you watch child porn on the net and not be prosecuted. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. [ male announcer ] this is the land of giants. ♪ home of the brave. ♪
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>> bill: follow up segment last week we interviewed rodriguez the man in charge of the program that wausharaed three captured terrorists. i asked him about a former book from former agent who criticizes harsh interrogation : sufan says he he got information from sue bade da that led directly to khalid sheikh mohammed without the rough stuff. >> it did not lead to khalid sheikh mohammed, bill. >> bill: you contend is he not telling the truth here. >> i contend is he not telling the truth. and he doesn't know because he was not there when we started to do the enhanced interrogation techniques. he doesn't know what we got. >> bill: here now to reply is mr. sufan the author of the book black banners inside story of 9/11 and the war against al qaeda. what say you? >> thank you for the opportunity to respond. >> bill: sure, absolutely. >> you know, mr. rodriguez is totally wrong here. as fbi agents we are trained to deal with facts. let's stick with the facts. >> bill: okay.
11:31 pm
>> he said on your show that enhanced interrogation techniques started in august of 2002. mr. padilla was arrested in may of 2002. it is physically impossible that information that arrested the alleged dirty bomber jose padilla. the information we got from mr. padilla the joint cia fbi team without the enhanced interrogation technique in april of 2002. ksm by us in early 2002 before even the two react torres, outside contractors hired boy rodriguez showed to the site. these are the facts. >> bill: he says you weren't on the site. you didn't know what the cia got out of zubaydah and al she'd? >> i on the fbi pulled out from the site.
11:32 pm
>> bill: where was the site. >> i can't tell you that. >> bill: you were there in the beginning and what terrorist was president. >> zubaydah. >> bill: he was present and you there were in the beginning. the fbi and cia were there together? >> yes. >> bill: at that point you weren't roughing them up. weren't doing waterboarding. you were intier getting as you would anywhere? >> yes. >> bill: can you tell me it was overseas? >> overseas. >> bill: pulled you 00. rodriguez and his guys went in and they wausharaed zubaydah and they say the information they got from zubaydah led to the capture of other terrorists including khalid sheikh mohammed. >> well that is factually not the truth either. >> how do you know that though? >> i'm still working with the military commissions on the guantanamo bay. i know the information we got after. everything they told us about the efficacy of enhanced interrogation techniques so far. i was there when we get the information. number two, that has been
11:33 pm
discredited what mr. rodriguez is saying. >> not to me though and that's the important thing for you tonight. here is my problem. i don't want to take sides on this because i wasn't there you should know that i do agree with enhanced interrogation. >> i know. >> at some point. all right. but you weren't there, physically, when zubaydah was being wausharaed. >> waterboarded. >> bill: rodriguez said it did lead to very very vital intelligence that saved thousands of lives. i don't think if i were you that i could call him a liar if i wasn't there. >> well, i was there and what they are giving us as examples they got. they said they got ksm. i know they didn't get ksm. they said they got padilla, the dirty bomber, i know they didn't get padilla the dirty bomber. more importantly, sir, the cia's own investigation of the program real veeld that not one single imminent threat was stopped because of enhanced interrogation techniques.
11:34 pm
so is the department of justice investigation. so is the department of defense investigation. unfortunately for mr. rodriguez today we have volumes of documents that has been declassified by the government that tell us the truth about and when. >> bill: you say waterboarded and all of that came to not? nothing good was. >> i believe there is a big difference between having compliance and cooperation. our technique, the traditional technique used by cia and fbi and dod. >> bottom line is you say we don't need waterboarding. >> i don't think we need waterboardinging to save lives. i testified under oath. my statement is still the only statement under oath about the facts of what happened. >> bill: fair? >> very fair. >> okay. good. i want the audience to hear both sides. >> thank you. >> and make up their own mind. mr. soufan thank you very much. >> thank you. >> bill: shocking ruling by the new york court they say it's not a crime to watch child pornography on the net. megyn kelly with analysis. next.
11:35 pm
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. in kelly file segment tonight. i don't get shocked by much. the court dismissed two counts of child porn charges against a college professor james kent. ruling saying you can watch child porn on the net if you don't store it. here is where i'm coming from on this. if a teacher sees sexual abuse, he or she has to report it it's a crime if you don't. child pornography is not sexual abuse, here now to explain attorney and fox news anchor megyn kelly, do you understand this ruling? >> i do. they are focused on the language of the statute. for new york state to be child with possessing child pornography you have to actually possess it you can't just view it so if you
11:39 pm
download it and store it and save it done, guilty. if it's just in the cash kach of your computer, if it's a cookie on your computer after you saw it, online, that doesn't qualify. it has to be something that you affirmatively took steps to save or capture. >> bill: parsing it. if you were an educator and this man was, you have an obligation under the law to report sexual abuse which child porn is and he didn't because he was watching it enjoying it. >> i'm not going to defend this guy. he was convicted of 132 counts of child porn. is he not getting off the hook. >> bill: this gives license to other people to watch this filth and when i say filth, i'm not making a judgment about moral behavior. but to make child porn you have to injure, physically injure a child, right? >> right. >> bill: this is like a snuff film or watching somebody severely beaten. if you do, this you are committing a crime in my
11:40 pm
opinion yourself. because you are aiding and abetting. >> you are committing a federal crime. he could have been charged with that federal crime but he was not. >> bill: what is the federal crime. >> the federal crime is more stringent and penalize the mere viewing of child porn. >> bill: federal crime says you can't each look at child porn. >> it's not quite that strong but stronger the case law interpreting it. but the new york state legislature and the dissenting judge made this clear and i think she is right. the new york state legislature needs to revise the new york law. >> bill: to get it in law with the federal law. >> right to. say look it needs to be tougher. you need to criminalize the mere viewing of it even if it's not stored. >> bill: mere viewing of child porn should be a felony in this country. >> yes, let's make clear. you can always offer as a defense it wasn't me, it was a mistake. i was trying to click here and it came up. that's not illegal. >> bill: if it were one or two times i can understand. he claimed he was doing a research project. they didn't buy it.
11:41 pm
>> bill: sheriff joe arpaio in arizona being sued by the federal government for racial profiling. i don't want to try this thing on tv what does the government want out of this? say the government proves its case against arpaio that he did -- his office did racially profile. what happens? >> they want a monitor. an independent monitor to basically sit out there in his sheriff's office. >> bill: pay a fine. >> they want an order compelling him to stop doing this. allegedly. >> bill: that's all it is is basically a symbolic prosecution for him to stop. >> they want him to stop. they say they haven't done. this unprecedented. arpaio says it's a witch-hunt. that this is about political correctness. he he is not doing anything wrong. they just don't like him going after illegal immigrants. >> bill: you have interviewed arpaio recently i have interviewed him too. does he have a strong case to go up against the justice department? >> i don't know. it depends on what the feds can prove. they are alleging he did he all sorts of terrible things to latinos out there and hispanic inmates, demeaning them. >> bill: made them wear pink
11:42 pm
socks or something. he denies the allegations they have to litigate this now because you can't go in feds and say i'm going to interfere local sheriff. >> state of arizona and the federal government to try to get a monitor. in. >> yes. that's what they're arguing over right now. >> prosecution rests in the john edwards' federal trial in north carolina and you say? >> i think they presented a solid case. i actually think they could get a conviction here. i don't think it's open and shut though. they needed to prove that he knew about the payments that were being made to the mistress and that -- >> -- he knew about them. are you kidding me? >> bill: payments made to hide the affair from american public. >> they put evidence in on that fact. here is what they proved beyond a shadow of a doubt. having an affair and two donors were funnel ling money to rielle hunter to hide it. >> you don't think he he knew. >> i don't believe they have proven yard that a he knew and
11:43 pm
b that the purpose of those donations to hide rielle was to hide her from the american public as opposed to hiding her from elizabeth. let me tell you how it goes. he says i was cheating on my wife. she found out o. i confessed to it. but i continued the affair there after. that's why i needed fred barron and bunny melon to funnel money to rielle to hide her because i had told elizabeth i was cutting off and i didn't. >> bill: he admits it? >> is he not on trial for having affair. is he on trial for taking campaign. >> bill: he didn't. >> claiming they were gifts that weren't meant for political purposes. >> bill: i'm betting the jury is convicting him. when is that going to come down. >> couple more weeks. the interesting thing is the prosecution did not call rielle hunter, they didn't need her when it was all said and done. they think she a loose cannon. we have to see whether razzle dazzle takes the stand.
11:44 pm
>> bill: i will interrogate him. >> last week you said he was worse than ayers attachment i'm sure you got some viewer. >> roll the tape. >> bill: taken out of context. there she is. great american news quiz, the most successful movies of all time edition. we'll be right back with it. [ truck beeping ] morning, boys. , i'm working on a cistern intake valve, and the guy hands me a locknut wrench. no way! i'm like, what is this, a drainpipe slipknot? wherever your business takes you, nobody keeps you on the road like progressive commercial auto. [ flo speaking japanese ] [ shouting in japanese ] we work wherever you work. now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, great american news quiz the most successful films of all time edition. here now fox news anchor martha maccallum playing for rebekah press cot from los angeles. steve doocy representing howard hill from cincinnati. >> howard hill. >> bill: if you would like to win great prizes you can sign up on bill o'reilly cot come. >> hello mr. o'reilly.
11:48 pm
>> bill: these movies made the most money ever. 1939 question gone with the wind considered to be one of the most successful films ever. ♪ >> rhett, rhett, if you go, where should i go, what should i do? >> frankly, my dear, i don't give a damn. >> bill: odd thing happened to one of the film's academy award's statues. what happened to one of the statues? a, lost in the answer is d, correct, michael jackson. >> i thought you couldn't sell those things. >> bill: you are not supposed to but if do you nothing will happen to you. kind of like committing murder in new york city. just a joke. >> sad but true.
11:49 pm
maccallum breaks on top. question number two, star wars well remembered for wide array of characters. >> i'm captain of the millennium. looking for the passage to the holderum system. >> yes, indeed if it's a fast ship. >> you have never heard of the millennium faulk? >> should i have? it made the capsule run in less than 12 -- >> bill: what famous actor turned down captain? what famous actor turned it down? cards up, please. the answer is b, burt reynolds. just guessing. >> right timing for burt reynolds. >> right timing. calibrated how old they were, what burton may have been doing at that point? >> bill: turned down star wars for smoky and the bandit. i don't know if that's a wise career move. >> excellent trade.
11:50 pm
>> bill: okay. here is question number three, maccallum almost insurmountable speed. long history of success in hollywood as we know. of which the fold following is his most successful film. a jaws and the answer is roll the tape. ♪ ♪ >> whoa. ♪ >> bill: e.t. d. did you both get that wrong. >> i got it right. >> bill: another guess. that is amazing. three for three. all amazing that. >> was not a guess. i have a copy of the dvd at
11:51 pm
home. hang in there, howard. >> bill: we have two more questions. i'm sure you would like to hear them. >> we can stop right here. i'm done. you certainly are. of which these hollywood hits won a staggering 11 academy awards. cards up, please. the answer is, roll the tape. >> i'm the king of the world. >> bill: i would have pushed him overboard but that's just me. you are on a cruise ship with those guys. >> titanic the see sequel. >> bill: you both got that right. >> make it triple or nothing. >> bill: maccallum won, be a good sport.
11:52 pm
what 1965 film considered to be the most successful musical of all time? clam bake isn't on the list? i'm shocked. answer is -- roll the tape ♪ the hills are alive with the sound of music. the hills are alive ♪ with the sound of music ♪ with songs they have sung for a thousand years? >> bill: would you like to, again? ♪ the hills are alive. >> bill: there is going to be an avalanche. >> bill: all right, doocy, enough. i actually wandered in that field in austria where they shot it i wandered in that exact field. >> they put it. >> o'reilly was alive with the sound of music.
11:53 pm
>> bill: can you call security, please? thanks, doocy. pinheads and patriots on deck. george clooney throwing a huge bash for president obama tonight. p and p just over two minutes
11:54 pm
11:55 pm
>> bill: pin heads and patriots starring george clooney's big bash for president obama in a moment. new bolder fresher show miller and i will be going to atlanta, georgia, friday, september 7 at the cobb energy center.
11:56 pm
a big night. also we will see you for the big show at town hall in manhattan this coming saturday night. also june 22 in indianapolis. june 23 chicago. details on all the bolder fresher shows on bill o'reilly .com. now, to the mail. >> bill: well, that is how the fox news channel is run and i adhere to that, bruce. fair and balanced. if you support vicious insults toward president obama then you must allow people like bill maher to do the same thing to president bush, mitt romney or any other republican. this is a high road and low road in political discourse and the high road is always better.
11:57 pm
.org isalways do that, asking for more team so the investigation can lead to justice. i don't believe they can't pressure the authorities to do the right thing, as you put it.
11:58 pm
>> bill: we try to give you your money's worth, lee. thanks for reading "killing lincoln." finally, pin sheds and patriots. $40,000 will get you a seat in george clooney's house. the event is expected to raise 15 million bucks for the president and is sold out. expected, barbra streisand. 40 grand you can decide if you are are pin headed but don't say what your opinion is aloud because spiderman and ironman might hear you. a little brawl in here tonight, down any and mcguire. check out the fox news factor website which is different from billo'reilly .com.
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we would like you tosspot off about the factor. o'reilly @ fox news .com. name and town if you wish to oh pine. word of the day, one of my favorites, do not be a poltroon when writing to the factor. mother's day on saturday. great t-shirts for mom but you have to pay the overnight freight to get it but you might want to do that if you like mom. i'm bill o'reilly. remember the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking out for you. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >> sean: what a coincidence one day after the flip flop on the same-sex marriage issue president obama is embarking on a tax funded campaign journey


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