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tv   The Five  FOX News  May 11, 2012 2:00am-3:00am EDT

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people. details on that momentarily. but it's sure interesting that it happened a day after president obama said this. >> for me personally, it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that i think that same-sex couples should be able to get married. >> eric: so he was against it. before he was for it. then he evolved and finally i guess he just came out. in reality, he flip-flopped. the president is going to be the host of tinseltown tonight when he shows up for $15,000 fundraiser. george clooney gets it started with a hollywood bash like none other. clooney, streisand and star-studded list including spiderman and ironman and maybe, just maybe, fingers crossed, even oprah, ellen and leo dicaprio that is. this monday, fundraiser 140, give or take a few, flown by the flamboyant sing ericy
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martin. so the president living la vida loca lately. >> andrea: who needs a red carpet. he will walk in to clooney's and all the tongues are rolled out on the floor. nice timing. it's just, it's so iron oik me that now the media is celebrating this. the democrats, they don't lie. it's compression. when mitt romney does it, he's lying. now romney is a flip-floper. but obama is evolving. if you are evolving toward the position that the media likes it's okay. i think in all honesty this is obama's personal decision. i think it's more personal. >> eric: on the star-studded bash night, he sent the morning in seattle, washington, flying to l.a. tonight to hang out with clooney and the stars. barbra streisand, bob. does he get along with the 1% >> eric: you hung out with george clooney the other night. >> eric: i did. >> bob: wanted to get your picture with him, so did andrea. i don't know what you're
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talking about. >> dana: he didn't have to write a check. >> bob: that is a good chunk of dough. a lot of people bid to get one seat that they don't pay $40,000 to get in. fact of the matter democrats raised money for from hollywood for a long time. republicans raised money from oil companies for a long time. what is the big deal? >> eric: is the big deal that president obama came out in support of gay marriage. all of a sudden the number they were supposed to raise is $12 million. now it's north of $15 million. >> dana: possibly. a big day for a lot of people. it meant a lot to them. i don't think you can take away from that. the fundraising thing is proof in the pudding. you can draw a direct parallel. this could get attention. if you fast forward five-and-a-half months from now, this hollywood stuff doesn't matter in the five to seven battleground states that will matter in november. it's fun, they'll have a great time and we'll see a lot of
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coverage about it but it won't have that much impact. >> greg: be honest here. this whole president obama coming out for gay marriage, big celebration is all about taking the heat off john travolta. let's be honest. grow agree with me, don't you, bob? >> bob: i agree. >> greg: hollywood is a bunch of hypocrites. if you come out, you won't get a role as a straight man. for them to sit there and go out, this is about them feeling good about themselves. celebrities are self-centered. they don't care about anything. but gay marriage an climate change is kind of their way of saying i actually care about things other than myself. when, in fact, how many actors and actresses in hollywood are in the closet because they'll lose their careers? >> dana: i never realized that was why until this moment. the thing us learned, i never -- >> greg: travolta. >> dana: no, but what about the career advancement or the roles you could get, that is interesting.
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>> bob: can i make a point here. you make fun of them raising all the big bucks, 44% of obama's contributions are under $00. mitt romney only 9% under $2. you walk in on thin ice. romney gets money from fat cats. >> eric: this is the single largest fundraising event -- >> bob: did you hear? 44% of $200. the largest. >> eric: second highest event in 2008. >> bob: is your hearing -- >> eric: what? >> bob: is your hearing all right? >> eric: it's fine. >> greg: >> don't forget one in six bundlers according to politico are big democratic rundraisers. so even though this is obama's personal decision, they will capitalize on it and they are capitalizing on it. >> bob: they should. >> dana: your point is well taken. they built a good network in 2008 for president obama. they had a thing, i remember talking to a guy cat lovers for obama. they would contact you and say could you give $5. yeah, i can give you five bucks.
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all of that added up. they built an amazing online network. because of the primary, the republicans or whoever is not in power had a disadvantage to get the other fundraising going on. interestingly, a lot of small donors did donate to things like the murdoch campaign in indiana from all over the country. because they recognize how important the state is. maybe the thinking is romney can make, raise as much big money as he wants. then people can contribute to other smaller campaigns. >> andrea: romney should go after the dog money for obama. it's not flowing in. >> dana: dwindling. >> eric: weigh in on this. in my e-mail today, from president obama and -- >> dana: got to take you off the list. >> eric: his national finance director said eric, i'm just so happy. if you are proud of our president, this is a great time to make a donation. today. on the heels of --
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>> bob: did you do that? >> eric: wrote a check. is this capitalizing on the president's decision of coming out in favor of gay marriage? >> greg: i didn't talk to rufus in a while. we got in a fight and we were vacationing. sometimes after a few days -- >> dana: falling out. >> greg: yeah. it came back on my own on a bus. >> dana: >> could we turn this. it played pro-baseball, started businesses, been on board of directors on companies but been okay on tv but i learned timing is everything. tell us about the timing of the "washington post" piece today. the hit piece on mitt romney about something that happened i guess in 1965. today? >> greg: concerns a prank of which he cut the air of a student. now interestingly enough it comes out. he's presumed homosexual, plays in with whole thing with president obama coming out. the timing itself is strange. it read the article. as i was reading i was going boy, i really don't like mitt romney.
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but then i started thinking if i read an article about me in high school, or an article about bob i'd probably go i don't like bob, i don't like myself. i think in high school for a long time, for many times you're a jerk. >> eric: what about an article about president obama? >> andrea: they did find one. >> eric: did they? >> andrea: this is like the dog incident. every time democrats and the left wing media tries to go after mitt romney like they did putting his dog on the roof. we found out obama ate the dog. now "washington post" going after romney for bullying a supposed homosexual. we found out that obama bullied a girl named claretta. they pulled up the story. to me this is hearsay journalism. abc news i guess contacted the person who wasn't at the even event. this is the mccain story the "new york times" did. drive-by journalism. sources backed them up.
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>> bob: what do you mean? theoplad there. >> andrea: he came out today and said i wasn't there. i have a friend of a friend who told my friend. >> bob: if romney did then what he is doing today it would be felony. bullying a gay person is a hate crime. he should be ashamed. >> eric: nobody knew this guy is or was gay. he has passed now. according to mitt romney no one knew he was gay at the time in high school. >> greg: do you blame romney for his death, bob? >> bob: no, i don't. >> dana: i love the knowing "mm-hmm." "new york post" was going to hold it until opportune time. like when the senior officials said they'd hold it until the convention because they didn't want to divide america. baloney. the purpose of this campaign is angst, anger and disgust toward one another. the "washington post" probably have the this cooking and realized like biden forced obama's hand, "washington post"'s hand was forced. they could have come out with
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this in september. >> bob: you think they put the story together yesterday? >> dana: they were building it and holing it until opportune time. >> eric: we have to go. this story is a huge piece, right, greg? pages, pages long. >> greg: read like a boring issue shoe of "archie." let's pull a prank. >> eric: but the timing to release on, literally the day after president obama said -- >> bob: i don't care when you release something. a guy that bullies a gay guy with a bunch of other people and cuts his hair is outrageous and incendiary. >> andrea: no facts to support it. >> dana: do you think going after something for something that may or may -- after somebody for something that may or may not have had happen in high school? >> bob: yes. >> dana: we'll keep that in mind if you ever run for anybody. >> eric: what do you call a guy that dealt cocaine or used it in high school?
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>> bob: i am not calling names. >> greg: you are! >> bob: he beat up a gay guy and cut his hair. >> andrea: what about obama? is the fact he made his girlfriend cry, does it make him manhim misogynist. the fact he had issues with his mother, distance from mismother. could i deduce that obama has a problem with women? >> bob: you are underplaying this because obviously of your political inclinations. >> greg: you're overplaying it because of your political inclinations. >> bob: this won't be the only one we play. >> dana: right. there is your answer. >> eric: coming up, guys howard dean screaming that the g.o.p. is a party full of racists, women-hating elitists. will the strategy of smearing republicans work or backfire? please go to faceboo like our page. check out all of our postings and tell us what you think. let us hear from you. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ we're going to south carolina. and oklahoma. and arizona. and north dakota.
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and new mexico. we're going to california. and texas. and new york. we're going to south dakota. and oregon. and washington. and michigan. an then we're going to washington, d.c. to take the white house! yeah! >> dana: that was howard dean's infamous scream from the presidential bid in 2004. >> andrea: i'm sure you remember that. it looks like not a lot has changed, because dean went on a new rant recently about republicans. take a look. >> they don't like latinos. they want to take money out of college student's back pocket so they don't have to take exxon-mobil tax breaks away when they made a record amount of profits. the priorities are not the right priorities for america. they don't care what anybody says except for themselves and the corporate master like the koch brothers. >> the republicans really don't care. they have one master, money. if your platform is i don't like muslims, days, i don't like hispanics. i don't like women. you are not likely to see them
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under 35. they're not going to. >> andrea: i'll tell you who republicans don't like. howard dean. >> greg: i love him. that is great! >> eric: great for a sound bite but the problem is republicans don't like latinos, that is an awful thing to say. clearly republican g.o.p. needs latino strategy. they are lagging behind president obama drastically. with the new gay marriage stance that president obama came out with, that gap will shrink a little bit. isn't it odd that president supported and put more hispanics back to mexico is the more popular. the latino community lines up almost perfectly with the g.o.p. culturally conservative, pro-business, for some reason they think it's wise move right now to vote democratic. >> andrea: why don't republics make stuff up all the time. >> dana: as a republican woman i'm so hated by all my friends. >> greg: especially me.
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>> dana: it n 2004, just think the democrats actually could have nominated howard dean or john edwards. to be their candidate to run against president bush. they could have been in the white house. that was the kind of person they were willing to nominate. this attack on the war on everybody. i'm bored. i'm bored. if we were at dinner i would get up and go to restroom and never come back. it's so phony. >> greg: you are waging a war on war. >> dana: war on war. >> bob: you do it at greg's house. >> andrea: what if we said howard dean hates puppies. >> dana: that is as accurate. >> bob: on a serious note, this is absurd to suggest that they don't like latinos. it's not fond of gays. it's true. >> dana: that is not true. that is not true. >> bob: if you look at polls, i think you say the republicansend to be more,
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less inclined for gay marriage and -- >> dana: that doesn't mean they don't like gay people. >> bob: i stand corrected. when it comes to capitol hill, legislature in the senate. they proved themselves again and again with a dream act. sit down and talk about a reasonable immigration policy. proven themselves over and over to be anti-latino. they have been and they continue to be. the party continues to stand in the way of any hope of getting over latino votes like george bush did. >> andrea: is this what we are dealing with now? >> greg: this is the most absurd thing. we're the only country that could not enforce a border. any other country could enforce a border. they're not racist. how are we racist? who are we profiling? >> bob: dream act? >> greg: forget dream act. are we profiling mexicans? that is a nationality.
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are we profiling venezuelan or brazilians? no. if belgiums were living in belgiums we'd care about belgiums. >> bob: who do you think they profile in arizona? do you think they profile white people. >> greg: we're talking about mexicans. you are accusing us of us being racist against mexicans. >> bob: the governor of arizona racist against hispanics. >> bob: or governor of mexico or ryan sandovallor senator from florida. >> bob: in the republican party, you have a tendency to drive away hispanics. >> dana: no. >> greg: it's democrats and the smearing media that do the work for the democrats. >> b: why not -- you said dismiss the dream act. what is wrong with the dream act? they serve in the military -- >> greg: i'm for the military part of that. >> dana: that is disingenuous. senator rubio has an alternative he is floating. last week it's found out that the white house was asking democrat senators not to give it any attention and not to
2:20 am
talk to him, because they want it as a campaign issue instead of solving the problem. >> bob: why are republicans consistently bring up to talk about the order and talk about -- >> greg: the border is a natural desire for a country. >> andrea: we should have obama's chef come out and talk to us -- >> bob: the political perception in hispanic community. is there a reason they vote overwhelmingly democratic when they're socially not align with democrats? they see the republican leadership as being anti-hispanic. >> eric: what happens if there was some sort of immigration? republican g.o.p. version of the immigration reform. >> dana: there was. they had the votes for president bush's comprehensive reform. not just about the dream act. that included jobs portion of it which is what really
2:21 am
mattered. senator reid asked by senator kennedy and president bush not to let the members go home. the democrats killed that. not the republicans. >> bob: they all went home. he should haven't done that. they went home and got bludgeoned by the conservative constituents. came back and most fell off. >> andrea: why are democrats putting howard dean out there? why is he the m messenger? >> dana: i think he just goes out. >> andrea: life of julia, they presented their vision of women, to retire to work in a vegetable garden? that is the best you give women. >> bob: why don't you talk about the koch brothers. you pass by the koch brothers. >> eric: there is a fundraiser in california that president obama is going to. one of the host is a guy named
2:22 am
jeffrey captainberg who is unof the founders and owners of dreamworx. who are also investigated by the s.e.c. for bribing china to get their movie in there. if you want to talk about investigating people's prior business activities. i think president obama is at least as vulnerable as mitt romney. >> bob: you shouldn't pay to get your movies in there but better than paying off country to sell peps to them -- weaponing to them. >> greg: dean is out there because he's the most expressive speaker. he mentioned every faction. republicans talk about america. he mentioned every faction. they look at america as special groups they can drive wedge against each other. >> andrea: to answer your question, here is my point. this is a question of priorities. democrats are talking about birth control, gay marriage. the koch brothers michigan question is dt matter? s why aren't you talking about
2:23 am
the economy? huge distraction. you don't want to talk about the distraction. >> bob: you're the ones that says gay issue is a problem for him. >> andrea: it's not a problem. >> bob: you said it would be a problem. >> andrea: i didn't say that. coming up, what should happen to people who released the detail of the double agent working with the c.i.a. to help spoil the bomb plot? will eric holder investigate? we'll discuss. ♪ ♪ 
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> dana: welcome back to "the five." a story that broke last week was that there was a foiled bomb plot of another underwear bomber but that the underwear bomb had been upgraded. we don't exactly know what that means.
2:28 am
we're waiting for greg to deliver a skit. but then four days later it was revealed that the leaker, sorry, that the bomber was double agent. this news was leaked to the "associated press." there is a lot of consternation. one worries about other underwear bombers out there. and they worry about the leak. is it from the united states? >> greg: it's interesting that it's an underwear plot and it is leaking. the white house needs depends over the oval office. that is the solution. all i have on this topic. >> eric: major investigation. they should find out who leaked it. i know who leaked it. the white house leaked it for a victory lap. >> dana: you think so? >> eric: spiking the football. but the football had our play book on it.
2:29 am
we want to put the guy on gritmo to find out what is going on. this is a bad leak. probably lives will be lost because of this. >> bob: the idea to suggest that is beyond anything i'd even you, i'd expect from you. to suggest the white house did the leak. it was not clear it was only u.s. source. >> dana: it came from the u.s. side. >> bob: the intelligence first went to saudis. after that, talked to the yemeni. but you can't put it on the white house. if they do find somebody in the community, that is treason. >> dana: the saudis were working with us on this plot. i don't think they want it out there they are working. it don't think it helps them.
2:30 am
>> andrea: i agree. i don't think anyone wants this out there to protect their own national security interest. the administration was asked in april whether they had any credible administration. a possible threat in the anniversary of bin laden's death. the administration said no. jay carney was asked about it. he said no. whether jay carney didn't know or not. maybe they didn't tell the press secretary. but people are asking did the administration, why would they say they didn't have information about this? were they trying to not cloud the bin laden anniversary so he could spike the football? did they put politics over the fact they knew this was coming, there was a bomb plot? a question to act. >> bob: they did not know it was coming the. double agent had been working for several years. >> dana: i don't know if the administration, but you to make distinction. they knew the individual was there the whole time. he was under our control.
2:31 am
and that it was under our control at all time. >> bob: you know as well as i do, white house, maybe a handful four or five people who would know about this. the president of the united states, maybe the vice president. national security advisor, his deputy and that's about it. the idea somehow it's generally known -- >> andrea: but they did ask brennan. >> dana: i think the leaker will turn out lower level person somewhere, u.s. side, but that doesn't necessarily mean u.s. soil. the strange thing to me is what motivates a leaker. you want so much to be, you either hurt your country or you want to make friends with the media. >> greg: people like to gossip because it feels good. you get a biological release. how do we know the terrorists are al-qaeda? i resent the media linking them the plot. we shouldn't have linked occupy wall street to cleveland wall street.
2:32 am
why do this here? >> bob: it is al-qaeda in yemen. the idea somehow they figured it out and timed it to use it -- >> eric: no one said -- listen. tall coon denses are silly -- all the coincidences are silly, right? silly coincidence. right? so call for investigation to find out where the leak is coming from. >> greg: it's to protect travolta. >> dana: if anyone can find a leaker, it's the c.i.a. >> bob: if they find him, you won't know it. >> dana: i think they should put it out publicly. >> greg: "vanity fair "should do a story on it. >> dana: coming up, commencement time. mr. greg gutfeld has advice for this year's graduates you won't want to miss. ♪
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now back to new york and "the five." ♪ ♪ >> greg: commencement address is coming. i'm no commencing, i'm deprogramming. it's about unlearning the crud you learned in college. remember the classes on symbolism, gender oppression, pateiar i can and deconstructionism? forget them. liberal arts are no help out here. academia sent you to do battle
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with a silly straw not a sword. most speakers praise college and condemn the rat race, the opposite is the case. the rat race is where you start at zero and flourish. leave the zeros and the faculty lounge behind. they didn't have the guts to leave. you'll never achieve anything celebrating who you are. self-involvement makes your failures hurt more. stop thinking about yourself and failures become constructive without being debilitating. the fear of trying is replaced with thirst for opportunity. forget who you are and focus on what to do. what is that? work. any work. there is dignity in all work except for porn or media matters. but get a job, any job. never put reward before effort. video games, booze, vacation, more booze. those are the carrots not the stick. get up when you wake up and avoid those who don't. lastly, ditch social network. the last thing you need is a nude photo lanking on a desk before a job interview.
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that why bob never got a call back from the musical "cats." it's true. you could have been a broadway star, bob. >> bob: i could have. >> greg: but the movie you made in germany killed your chances. >> bob: it's gone viral. >> bob: a lot of thing -- >> greg: a lot of things went viral after that. population of berlin was viral. >> andrea: john travolta loved it. >> bob: i bet he did. some of what you said makes sense. good stuff will happen to you. bad stuff happens. roll it with. it will go away. it will be harder to get sex once you're out of college. i want you to know that. want to be a lawyer? no. boring. want to be a doctor? no. disgusting try. to be a professional poker player in vegas. or start your own business. make a mor a fortune. >> greg: you should do commencement address at harvard.
2:41 am
>> bob: i did one at a prison one time. >> andrea: that was better than rodney dangerfield. >> bob: i would haven't taken the advice. >> greg: what advice if you did commencement address what would you say? >> andrea: you never stop paying your dues. we were fed so much positive, you are ready to go. you're not ready to go. they tell you, you're ready. you're so not ready. another thing because the kids, the egos are blown up. they don't tell them life and success is sweeter when you're self-made. that is really true. they will tell you women, you will get out and not make as much money as men. it will be unfair playing field, gender studies. ladies, that's not true. >> greg: the good old days. >> bob: become a greek waitress at a greek restaurant. >> andrea: don't do that. >> eric: a lot of people come up and you did well in wall street. should i go into that? i want to get in trading and
2:42 am
corporate world, the wall street world. that is not where the power is anymore. the money and power used to be on wall street. it's shifted to washington, d.c. so my only advice is if you're into that sort of thing and the money and the power, head to d.c. >> dana: become a lobbyists. >> eric: i'm not kidding. >> dana: no commencement speaker across the country says that, but a good point. >> greg: what about you? >> dana: i thought of a couple. you see the same people on the way up on the way down. you bet ber nice. it doesn't cost you a scent. you don't have a right to worry about the work-life balance. not phil your mid-0s. you have don't have a life for a reason. >> bob: don't get married before you're 35. >> andrea: you said don't get married at all. >> bob: that's me. tough institution. if you want to do it at 21, you'll be divorced at 24. >> eric: hard to be married and a strip club in --
2:43 am
>> andrea: send taxes back? >> bob: i would. >> greg: that is great advice. coming up, one man rode his way to history book the biggest wave on record. we tell you that and the week's best viral videos. and if you leave now, dana will pull the wings off another butterfly and scream with joy. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> bob: okay. yo, we're going to show videos now. this first one is garrett mcnamara, riding a world record wave. # feet this dude surfed. a wall of water, last november off the coast of portugal. but it was just certified now of the biggest surf wave of all times. can you imagine that? eric, did you ever surf? >> greg: 78 feet tall? i'm thinking 700 feet. that is nothing! >> eric: it's something. you know, one of those jet
2:48 am
skis to get on the wave. the best surfer in the world, the guy that died on one. >> bob: c'mon. dana, what do you think? would you fete on a wave like this? >> dana: no. >> bob: smart. >> greg: you would but like a bathtub, like a tiny smurf. >> andrea: i get panic attacks watching that video. >> dana: i don't like water, fish. anything. >> bob: check out the little girl. she is 3 and she is from utah and caught singing her favorite carry underwood tune. ♪ ♪ >> dana: her dance moves could use a little -- >> andrea: i love it. i do the same thing, sadie! >> greg: this is a terrible
2:49 am
lesson for kids. encouraging them to sing. >> dana: what whatted to if you don't shut up i'll pull the car over. >> bob: this reminds me of you coming out of a bar at 2:00 in the morning. >> greg: i'm lurelly wearing the outfit. >> dana: they sent this to us and said it's really kid. i don't think it's cute. i am not into. freddie nobody can judge their own babies. >> bob: she really had to get a typeer cleaned out. >> andrea: more and more parents do. this they fill testimony kids doing thing and put it on youtube. >> dana: 30 years from now the "washington post" will write a story about it a your candidate will be ruined. >> andrea: violent girl. >> greg: she is cute. >> dana: anger management. >> greg: the arm movements are great. fist pumping. >> bob: the last video is a great surprise to marine staff
2:50 am
sergeant coming home from seven-month deployment in afghanistan from his own michael who has cerebral palsy an kept a secret from his dad. he learned how to walk when his dad was overseas. here is sergeant cooney watch michael walk toward him with his arms out for the first time. ♪ ♪ [ applause ] >> bob: if that doesn't touch your heart i don't know what would. what do you think? >> eric: if that didn't make you well up, you don't have a heart. it's heart warming. >> greg: you looked at me when you said that. >> eric: no, i didn't. >> dana: i looked at andrea
2:51 am
and that was a bad idea because we're both crying. the surprises never get old. we love the watch the videos because it feels like you can share something with them, they are fighting on our behalf and there is nothing we can do to help them but to support. this is amazing that the mom kept it a secret as well. that is a lot to hold inside. she wanted to save it for him, which i think is so wonderful. it's great. >> bob: greg, don't make a joke here. >> greg: i'm not. >> bob: stop tearing up yet? i still am. >> andrea: no. it's tough to watch. my younger brother is handicap and that little kid is going through, the sense of accomplishment he must feel to show his dad, probably the only person in the world he wanted to see him. >> eric: the pride that dad had. >> bob: the other thing is basically we forget about the
2:52 am
life that really matter. the things like that, that are, you can't put a monetary value and you can't put anything else on it but pure love and guts. i just think it's wonderful. where we got that from, thank you very much. with that said, excuse me for a second. all right. one more thing is next! ♪ ♪
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2:56 am
♪ ♪ >> eric: okay. we're debating what song that was. one more thing. dana? >> dana: as you know, i'm getting a puppy june 5. updated photographs. that is the puppy, at four weeks old. we don't know which one is ours. they love winnie the pooh. i love that. eyes are open. >> greg: how are you going to serve it? >> dana: ahhh. >> greg: you're a monster. >> dana: be here in a month. >> eric: name? >> dana: jasper. sir jasper. >> andrea: this week we mourn a legend. sasoon died. i love the eulogy, he will be remembered for his wash and go
2:57 am
approach to hair care, cut so good it requires little maintenance. if you don't look good, we don't look good. >> greg: awesome dude. if you read his history. >> bob: quick cut. i wait for you in the makeup room behind you it's like waiting for a week. >> you said it was waiting for brooklyn bridge. >> you know, presidential arrogance, if you hear this when president obama talked about his flip-flop on gay marriage? >> i think about the soldiers or airmen or marines sailors out there fighting on my behalf. and yet feel con scrapeed. >> eric: you picked that out. >> dana: i heard that and i thought i heard it wrong, he must have meant the surrogate. probably a slip. but not good. >> eric: not good.
2:58 am
all right, greg. freddie time for the banned word or phrase. today is "reaching out." i hate it when people say well, we'll be reaching out to you tomorrow. no. call me. send me an e-mail. the word reaching out makes it sound like it's a substantial sacrifice or progressive way to say i'll call you. >> dana: like signing your e-mails "warmly." it's disgusting. >> doesn't it come from reach out and touch somebody? >> greg: no. it's modern, emasculated way -- stop it. >> eric: all right. >> bob: if i can get through this. i didn't are one until right now. i was telling them, i gave commencement address at a prison once for graduates that got a high school equivalent diploma in washington, d.c. i don't mow where you are doing time now. if you remember and have gone
2:59 am
straight, let me know. i had a great day that day. i liked it. the food sucked. outside of that it's good. >> dana: think they watch fox? think they'd watch fox news? >> bob: highly unlikely. if they stole a tv. >> andrea: if they're in thailand. do we get -- >> bob: nothing wrong with that. >> eric: military watching fox. prison population probably watches msnbc. that's just


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