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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  May 12, 2012 4:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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governor mitt romney. [ applause ] >> heather: mitt romney delivering a commencement speech at liberty university a christian college in virginia. welcome to a brand-new hour. i'm heather childers. >> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. the presumptive presidential nominee looking for support in a key swing state. >> the american culture promotes personal responsibility. the dignity of work. the value of education. devotion to a purpose greater than it's a self and pre-eminence of family. >> greg: molly has more. >> molly: governor romney did not shy away from the gay marriage debate to what is like lay crowd of socially conservative voters. those principles he spoke about in the sound bite, he says not
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everyone may agree how they play out in the culture. >> as fundamental as these principles are, they may become debatable, so it is with enduring institution of marriage. marriage is the relationship between a marriage of one man and one woman president obama steered clear of social issues, saying that he is in favor of gay marriage. here you see the president and vice president hoorj top law officers. he spoke about the economic to-do list and chided republicans on the economy. >> they think all we can do is cut taxes, especially for the wealthiest americans and go back to letting banks and corporations write their own rules again. i think they are wrong. >> molly: on the president's to-do list for congress, passing
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tax breaks for small businesses and higher hire more workers and creating a veterans job corpss for service members returning from afghanistan and iraq. >> timothy dolan critical of president obama, after he announced his support for same sex unions. >> that union that sacred rhythm of man, woman, baby, mother, father is so torch is correspond good that definition is ingrained into our interior dictionary. >> he says president obama is undermining, quote the very cornerstone of society by supporting gay marriage. >> heather: new fallout following a shocking report detailing safety concerns at the faa. the office of special council takes aim at air traffic controllers that leave early,
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sleep in the control hour and manipulate schedules to receive overtime. peter doocy breaks it all down for us. >> reporter: there have been 178 whistle-blower disclosures sings 2007 and 8967 them were directly tied to aviation safety. they referred 44 cases for investigation and all but five were substantiated but now the special counsel says the faa has taken inadequate steps to correct it. first responders, helicopters don't have proper night vision equipment. that air traffic controllers are sleeping and using personal computers at work. small planes leaving new jersey are allowed to fly too close to the bigger jets. delta's maintenance program was insufficient. that unauthorized aircraft frequently fly into puerto rico
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airspace. and the detroit metropolitan airport uses faulty wind instruments. four of those seven things needed to be reported more than once and u.s. special counsel says pre preventative measures would be taken more seriously if they would act on them more promptly. they said this. >> if it really gets bad again, you are going to 0 a situation where you start looking at canada or trail who have privatized the signifies. >> they sea they take all complaints seriously. >> heather: thank you, peter. >> now we did a little digging and we found out some of the troubling incidents including this. last month, the faa launched its own investigation after controller ignored a united express emergency landing request, the pilot reported smoke in the cabin but the controller dismissed it as a
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joke. one of the passengers was rushed to the hospital. last february photos and videos surfaced in westchester, new york, sleeping and reading and playing with electronics while on the job. they are investigating reports last july of a controller that was allegedly drunk where directing traffic. he failed a random sobriety test. >> gregg: just about every poll in the last couple of weeks showing president obama and g.o.p. rival mitt romney neck and neck nationally and importantly in the battleground states, even the latest real clear average of polls. the president getting low ratings on the economy and romney tries to overcome low numbers among women and hispanic voters but romney is holding his own so far. what does it mean for the
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president? given the weak economy and president's failure to turn it around he promised, is it encouraging to his reelection campaign she actually tied and not way behind? >> i think it's encouraging in general that a lot of these polls, i know the national polls show him tied with romney but a lot of polls in battleground states like ohio and florida show him with a tiny bit of an edge. given the economy right now, it's probably good news down in chicago and on pennsylvania avenue. i think they really wish it was better. they would be happier if they would uptick a little bit. this economy is one step forward and two steps back. >> gregg: almost 60% of americans think the nation is on the wrong track. take a look this. fox news poll, 83% think we're still in a recession including
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35% who think it's going to get even worse. why hasn't mitt romney been able to take advantage of that. do you think given such a gloomy assessment by the voters he would be substantially ahead but he is not? >> you are absolutely right will. it will be one of his stronger points or at least he hopes it is one of the stronger points. he is a businessman and he turned the companies around. these are the greatest talking points. i don't think he can run on that record because the republican primary went much longer than anyone in the republican party expected. he had to guard these candidates on the right flank and make sure that the primary and thrown up the nomination. i think it will be interesting to watch him transition to general election candidate and really try to move with this new message or old message. >> gregg: i wonder if there is something afoot here and gallup
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poll this week shows president obama is more likable to mitt romney by two to one margin. how important is that to voters, if at all, shara? >> i think it's very important to voters. you might remember the 2004 election as george bush was described as a candidate you would want on beer with. they want them to be personable. they want to be the guy next-door and have the intellect of college professor. i think it's very interest wagon this white house has done over the last four years. they have put many things obama family through it. they have made them very likable people. no matter how bad the economy was doing or how many jobs or gained that month, voters like obama in general. putting the first lady out on broadcast television.
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>> gregg: laney davis a fox contributor wrote a column for us, he identifies what he thinks is president obama's biggest problem. his liberal populist message appeal is to the liberal base but it doesn't seem to please the classic swing voters that will ultimately determine the outcome of the presidential election. indeed, romney has a 10% lead among the independents which may account for 30% of the vote. that is the biggest voting bloc in all of america. is laney right about that? >> i think he does have a good point. i think it depends your right they do decide elections, independents aren't paying attention until the last minute. just like republicans, obama had
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to do work with his base. he didn't have a primary and he had to work with his base so they are excited, as well. remember, republicans have gone through this very energy oozing or highly negative primary. democrats need to do something else. i think that is what the president has been trying do over the past five months. going ahead in the next six months will be different story for the candidates. >> if you break down what they want, those independent voters want to see the deficit reduced dramatically. if the president were to let's say some time before or after democratic conventions, suddenly endorse across the board simpson-boles reduction plan, although it was ignored even though he appointed the simpson-boles board, may that turn independents in president obama's direction? >> i think there are different
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twists and turns in the scenario. if the economy, if he feels like it's really solid. if the economy is bad shape he won't talk about the economy, i think the economy is in decent shape he will pivot and start talking about that. but the deficit is so important for the independent voters, robe and romney are going to have to focus on that. i don't see the president endorsing the simpson-boles commission report. >> which is mindboggling since he is the one that appointed them? >> absolutely. as a senator, he emphasized this he wanted to cut the deficit. >> gregg: he has ignored that. >> it's a harder when you are president. >> gregg: funny how things change. and issue of gay marriage has
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been front and center this particular week, that may soon fade. do you think that is going to galvanize support for the president or polarizing issue? >> i don't think it's polarizing an issue as it was in 2004. when i talk to voters and cover campaigns, the number one issue still is remains the economy. this is what they care about. certain factions are based and it's a great fund-raising. he raised $15 million out in hollywood this week two days after he gate gave that interview saying that he supports gay marriage. i think it would galvanize the base and on the right and religion right it will have a similar effect but i don't know many people are going to the polls really thinking about this i don't see that happening. >> gregg: it's good to be pals with george clooney at least monetarily.
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>> i wish i were pals with george clooney. thanks for having me. >> the story of mitt romney's prank on student, is it a hit job? is the media being tougher on romney than obama? >> two young girls found safe and sound after being kidnapped. today, new details on the prime suspect that killed himself as the cops closed in. has ranked quicken loans "highest in customer satisfaction in the united states." call or go to to discover for yourself why we're engineered to amaze. diarrhea, gas or bloating? get ahead of it! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day helps defend against digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. hit me! [ female announcer ] live the regular life. phillips'.
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>> heather: welcome back. jurors are speaking out after finding william balfor of guilty for killing the mother, brother and nephew of jennifer hudson's family. a tearful verdict as it was read. home invasion, kidnapping, car theft and burglary. the jury initially telling the judge they could not reach consensus. the judge sent them back again. >> the split was 9-3 in favor of guilty. there were three of us who just needed to see the picture a
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little clearer. there were some holes or gaps that needed to be filled in. and we took what we had and begin to break it down a little further to bring clarity, put it back together. and then we were able to come to a decision. >> back if 2008. the bodies were found in the chicago family home. few days later the nephew was found in an abandoned suv. defense attorneys plan to appeal the verdict. >> gregg: we are hearing from the polo tycoon sentenced for killing a man during a drunk driving crash. sentencing john good man to 16 years in prison yesterday. he faced up to 30 years for the 2010 death of scott wilson. goodman speaking in his own defense. >> i just wanted to say from the
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second the day after the accident all i've wanted to do is reach out to the wilsons and cry this with them. i can't imagine or even pretend to imagine what it would be like to lose a son. >> a judge also finding him $10,000 on top of the 16-year sentence, goodman made national headlines when he adopted his 42-year-old girlfriend. he did it to protect his fortune. >> heather: we are learning more about the alleged suspect in the shocking murder and kidnapping of an entire family in tennessee. the main suspect in the case killed himself during a police standoff that happened thursday night. authorities say that he abducted 8-year-old kalea and 12-year-old alexandria two week ago after murdering their mother and older sister. casey is live in alpine, mississippi. that is where the girls were
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rescued. >> reporter: good to see you. investigators say it is entirely possible that more arrests could happen in this case if they find anyone else who assisted this family with these crimes. the primary suspect may be dead, however, his wife, theresa mayes is already behind bars because she has admitted to investigators she helped transport the murder victim's body here to mississippi. she told police she and her husband went to the bain's family home on april 27th where she saw out of mayes shoot and kill the little girl's mother, joanne and oldest sister. her story going on, loaded up the body, kidnapped 12-year-old and 8-year-old and drove some 90 miles across state lines south to mississippi where her husband reportedly buried the bodies in his backyard. then on thursday night, nearly
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two weeks after the horror started, a tip from the public leading cops to a remote wooded area where adam ma yegs was hiding out. mayes shot himself in the head once he was confronted by police and the girls were rescued. >> it has been said this incident has come to a happy ending. that a mother and 14-year-old child are dead. two other young girls' lives have been forever changed and a man saw no other option but to take his own life. hardly a happy ending. >> reporter: adam mayes thought he was the father of these two girls which the family says is not true. his mother, mary mayes was also arrested and charged with the kidnapping but her lawyer says sha that she is innocent. the girls are supposed to be interviewed by police later today. they are said to be doing just
4:22 pm
fine. at least health wise. they were treated for dehydration and bug bites but they were returned to their father. >> heather: good news in all this. thank you very much. >> gregg: deadly day in syria, more than 55 people killed in two bomb blasts but most troubling part is who may be behind the attacks. >> heather: president obama trying to shift the blame for the bad economy, who is really at fault. >> a handy to-do list that we put together for congress. each of the ideas on the list will help accelerate our economy and put people back to work. i'm really going to miss you.
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male announcer ] remember when you were a kid? you liked getting dirty and building things. there were no limits -- you cod move mountains. the john deere 1 series subcompact tractor -- the way grownups move mountains. and with autoconnect implemes, it's the easiest tractor to use what will you create? discover the 1 series at great financing available >> heather: bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. police in u.k. arresting two men
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on terrorism charges, substance found in the garage of their home, nearly hundred houses were evacuated in the area for precaution. cardinal timothy dolan giving a commencement address at catholic university. telling graduates to stay true to the needs of the church and the country. >> and weapon to ward off pirate attacks is being used at the summer olympics. they say the plan to lose oo the device will provide security during the games. >> new fears that al-qaeda may be playing a major role in the deadly violence in syria. twin bombings in the capital city of damascus killing 55 people showing all the fell tale signs of an al-qaeda attack. one blast quickly followed by a much larger explosion. some are warning that syria could be the next iraq or
4:28 pm
afghanistan. stewart himd. now president of the meridian national center. ambassador, good to see you. what do you think the presence of al-qaeda and her over militants in syria portends for that country? >> it's bad for syria but also bad for the regional balance between shea and sunni forces that is very precarious. what you see in syria is so-called copycat group which is a sunni jihadist faction that has been fighting for some years really against the assad regime which is a small shea minority. even if it is not al-qaeda in the way we know it directly, it shares the aims of al-qaeda and linked to al-qaeda in terms of damage it can do.
4:29 pm
>> the administration's policy thus far seems to be twofold calling for assad to resign plus sanctions that have done damage to the syrian economy but has not stopped the killing. is this in your judgment not a serious policy but rather than the absence of a policy? >> i think it's clearly not enough. obviously the administration is juggling a lot of priorities in the region. many have called for a more forceful arming the rebels. that should be looked at. clearly the long non-plan is suffering and 300 observers in syria is not going alter the landscape. the intelligence service are very much in control of the country unlike libya where i had a geographic split.
4:30 pm
>> the white house created the atrocities prevention board which aims to stop genocide. here is what the conservative weekly standard wrote. boards and committees do not stop men with guns determined to slaughter. this should be obama to an administration that there should be some purpose to the monitors giving witness to the bloodshed in syria. ... >> gregg: do you agree with that and what should be done instead to remove assad from power? >> of course since the rwanda genocide. there has been an assumption if you declare these acts as genocide the community has to act. what would be most effective. if you look at the neighborhood, if you look at turkey and some sort of action where we could create in effect a safe haven, a
4:31 pm
protected area for the rebels, perhaps in the northern part of syria, working on their political capability, work on the unification of the rebel group and arm them so they can defend theomgs. the russians are arming the regime. nothing will happen through a board or commission. >> gregg: u.n. high commissioner for human rights has declared assad having committed crimes against humanity. he responds with utter indifference and impunity. hillary clinton said at one point in time that the syrian opposition will find a way to defend themselves. do you think the failure of the stousmt take any meaningful action to stop the massacres in syria, if that is what you believe, do you think that in some ways might serve as a wake-up call to the israelis? i know that elliot abrams has argued that point? >> first of all there has been
4:32 pm
9,000 people killed in syria on the rebel side. if you look at that toll mounting, you will see the administration come under more pressure to act. israeli pgs is complicated, the assad regime has been a devil they know. a devil they have known for many years and even been talk of some kind of talks associated with the turks. the issue now is there will be a less stable syria in the wake of this sort of civil strife that we see now. so it's critical that the united states and international community support the syrian opposition strengthen their capabilities and get some political unity so there can be a voice in opposition to assad. >> gregg: the united nations has ruled out the kind of military intervention that brought down the regime of libya's moammar
4:33 pm
khadafy. don't the same principles apply stopping the lawsuit is of innocent civilians including women and children? >> absolutely. in this case had you the french and united kingdom and to a lesser extent of the united states willing to lead that argument at the united nations. you also have the geographical proximity, the refugee issues and oil, of course, and syria is not necessarily an oil rich country. you do have the risk of a double standard here. you have a much stronger regime in syria, much tougher to dislodge than libya. >> gregg: and protected by tehran which is the other difference between libya and syria. thanks so much, sir. >> the washington post-running a story about mitt romney and
4:34 pm
alleged bullying incident. there are loads of questions about the timing of this article. was eight hit piece or fair journalism. >> our power panel will talk about that and president obama calling on congress to pass common sense policies to fix the economy. where is does the blame for the country's financial problems lie? our panel will weigh in on the topic straight ahead. >> that is why we made congress a handy to-do list. it's short but each of the ideas on the list will help create jobs and build a stronger economy right now. [ male announcer ] they were born to climb...
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the way you look with juvéderm® xc, might just change the way you look at everything. ask your doctor and visit >>. >> heather: welcome back. president obama calling for, quote, common sense foils getting the economy moving in the right direction. white house referring to the
4:39 pm
policies as congress's to-do list and includes eliminating tax breaks for companies that out source and creating a new veterans jobs corps. critics say this is strategy to shift the blame for a weak economic recovery from the them. what is really to blame here? here is mercedes cohen, and didi and ellen ratnor a fox news contributor. thanks for joining us. it's a beautiful day outside. let me start with you ellen. does congress haven't any sense? >> it is my view it is to blame. you had the student loan situation. it's in the country's interest to cut down on that interest rate and at least temporarily if not over a long haul. the democrats have their solution for making up for that deficit which is taxing people
4:40 pm
who make a lot of money in terms of how you mess with the social security and the republicans want to change preventative healthcare i don't agree with that. but the point they can't even agree on some kind of compromise to where to get this money. it's a congressional problem. >> ellen made the point they all need to go. they are not playing well together. nothing is getting done and approval rating in the real world, d.c. needs to change and it's not going to change unless the players change including president obama. >> that is what the issue is. for the first time our creditworthyness is called into question and s&p downgraded it. someone has to rein them in. create the jobs we need and control the gas prices. i hope gas prices stay close to
4:41 pm
$5 because that will be the reason. your groceries, everything. >> its trickle down effect. >> everybody is to blame. >> heather: so is eight trickle down effect not from gas prices but when it comes from president obama the number one man from congress, no trickle down effect there? >>. >> i would lock him in a room and not make him leave until they agree on a compromise. i would probably be sick over it but we have to get this country moving, student loan debt is something we have to deal with. >> 78.1% unemployment rate? >> is a misconception because that is collective unemployment benefits. it's no longer under employment. >> people have given up for the job.
4:42 pm
it's -- 66.3% is labor participation rate. >> everybody is upset. last week when dick lugar from my home state, guess what, mitt romney coming to d.c. and he is going to win. >> not a chance. >> the point is why aren't we talking about the jobs that have been shipped overseas. why aren't we talking about making our work force competitive. >> heather: so you say president obama is going to win again but he will be running against this man. mitt romney. a "washington post" piece raises question how the media is portraying the presidential candidate. including interviews with people who allegedly witnessed five of them romney bullying a supposedly gay classmate. is it a hit piece?
4:43 pm
is the media tougher on romney than obama? i'm going begin with you. >> i am stunned, it has to corroboration because the classmate that with a allegedly bullied, the family said what are you talking about. this is not the way -- it was the brother. they never discussed the issue. so these say what happened if anything happened at all. romney says i don't remember it happening there. that piece is falling apart. >> no it is not falling apart. [ laughter ] >> i love you all. >> one question -- >> at the time the question they had said he had said he recalled whatever. the point is, they independently corroborated this story. they went to each of the classmates and heard the story.
4:44 pm
>> you are a high school kid. any witnesses, one of them which worked on president obama's campaign. >> and it's independently corroborated. >> and back in the '60s and you don't even know. >> there was real victim is the family, because they have to deal with now, their deceased family member now is a guy that mitt romney gave a haircut. >> but those being bullied and other kids being bullied. >> this isn't about bullying, but how the different people are being handled by the media. do you believe the media is tougher on romney and his path versus obama and his pac. why if you question anything about obama or documentation
4:45 pm
normal documentation you are called a racist. >> it depends on what you are talking about this. we dealt with the bush controversy for years and years. so is the media being tougher on romney? >> that is question? >> i don't necessarily think so. >> unquestionably. obama was aligned with reverend wright. he was an adult. he is making conscious decisions that way aligned with somebody like that. >> romney had to go back to high school, trying to drum up something, anything at all. >> years ago. >> it's crazy. >> if you have to go back to the '60s. >> i don't know what happened to bain capital, think it took sbrang workers. >> but this was about an incident. >> you just said he has been clean living since then.
4:46 pm
>> but if they have to go back to high school. >> but to, bain capital to keep this guy out of the white house as long as we need to. >> a high school boy's baseball team refusing to take the field against a girl on the rival team. why the school decided to take a loss instead. and jaywalking accidents on the rise as more distracted walkers unknowingly step into harm's way. what one town is doing to stop texting and walking ♪ i'm walking ♪ ♪ for you and me ♪ that you come back to me ♪ i'm lonely ♪ as i can be ♪ i'm waiting for your company ♪ and i'm hoping that you come back to me ♪ he was just... "get me an aspirin"... yeah... i knew that i was doing the right thing, when i gave him the bayer.
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>>. >> heather: an undefeated baseball team from arizona will not play in the championship game. the opposing team turns out has for get fitd what the game after learning they were going to play a girl. they teach their young men to treat ladies and proper
4:51 pm
boundaries on the playing field. what are our thoughts on this. the academy they have ended up winning because the team that was going to play them for fitted. >> i'm sorry, i'll start with deedee. >> i think they are big losers because they are not letting the girl play. they don't want to play the girl. they are afraid to get beat. this is a terrible message. because it means that lesser or weaker sex, they are afraid hurt us. but sometimes they can be best person on the team. they need to play with her. >> apparently they played the team a couple times throughout the year and the girl in question has alleges voluntarily sat the game out. out of respect for that team, this is a championship game. she wants to play. >> she has the ability to play. it's not about gender and it's a athletic ability.
4:52 pm
it's outrageous, we're not going to play. this a smoke screen. if these boys can't play with girls in a high school center, how can they do it in a work setting? 54% of the work force are women. we are a oivl the place. they have to deal with it. >> heather: what do you think? >> i agree with them. >> yea! >> the next time you are here. [ laughter ] >> i mean, it's shocking. it really is shocking. i was always the worst one another the team. but to be able to play. if you can play that well, good for it. >> baseball is a good sport. what about the best guy. who the girlfriend can play better is kind of making a point. >> a couple weeks ago we had the story in reverse. we were talking about field hock candidate there was boy player. he had moved here from ireland
4:53 pm
and also boy's sport but not here, field hockey. he wanted to be on the girl's team. and they wouldn't allow it. >> hockey, is pretty aggressive. >> baseball can be a contact sport. >> but that may have been part of the issue. he should have been allowed to play, too. there is no issue. >> everybody should be able to play. notices the right. >> but don't play and text at the same time. a town cracking down on texting while walking. police handing out tickets to distracted pedestrians. they have seen a rise in jaywalking. people that text and walk they are putting themselves at risk. this happened to me in new york all the time. you'll than on the sidewalk and someone texting away and not looking and run right in to you. in new jersey, $85 fine.
4:54 pm
>> crossing streets you are dealing with cars. not just people. that is very dangerous. because you have to be on the lookout. it also riding a car in a anxiety somebody is looking down and cross over a street and it's a green light. >> and this texting and they say wait and she falls into a fountain. she had no idea. she lost her complete direction and she was soaking wet. >> it's like okay, let's be fined if we are wearing high heels or saggy pants, where does it stop? >> you are texting and walking and wag through a crosswalk you get a fine. >> if you are texting. >> so it's a preventative measure.
4:55 pm
>> and where somebody bumped in to you, but they bump in cars. >> heather: so legally as an attorney, can this hold up in court? >> undoubtedly because there is a public safety issue. that is why we have jaywalking laws, that is how it roger nate. they wanted them resurrected in new york city but it was never going to happen. >> if you are jaywalking but it's all kinds of things, daydreaming about god can do it. it's an infringement from the government. >> heather: i'm going text who is standing by to tell us what is coming up. >> gregg: i smell a lawsuit. i see a first amendment lawsuit here, infringing on free speech. all right. air scare, what is going in the air control towers these days.
4:56 pm
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5:00 pm
is there more to newt gingrich's plans to help mitt romney than meets the eyes? a fair and balanced debate straight ahead. >> heartbreak at an american university. several students killed overseas. what went horribly wrong. >> and new reaction from the jurors who found actress jennifer hudson former brother-in-law guilty of murdering her family. the evidence that they say changed everything. >> we begin with a passionate debate on the floor of the capitol. congressman peter king demanding new york democrats apologize to the nypd. this week most voted for an amendment to cut funding for police programs that engage in any form of racial, ethic or religious profiling. the measure is aimed specifically at an nypd surveillance program focusing on muslim neighborhoods. earlier this year the associated press reported that program extended well beyond new york city's borders. the king, chairman of the
5:01 pm
homeland security committee, says the new agency has no proof, and it was wrong to take aim at new york's finest. >> in the slander attacks can't prove one resolution being violated. >> the amendment ultimately failed. the nypd says the ta tactics are lawful and necessary to keep the citizens safe. >> hundreds of occupy london protesters returning in force, taking to the streets and scuffling with police outside one of the city's most popular tourist attraction, st. paul's cathedral. this video just coming into the newsroom. we're told the protesters are also marching on some of the biggest financial firms in the heart of the capital. we will keep you updated on this
5:02 pm
developing story. >> elsewhere in the united kingdom, police arresting two men on terrorism charges. as a precaution, more than 100 homes in the west england town have been evacuated, roads shut down. explosive substance reportedly found in one of the suspect's homes. shelters set up because residents probably will not be allowed to return home tonight. >> well, back at home, governor mitt romney delivering the commencement speech at liberty university in virginia. the presumptive gop nominee talking about the importance of faith before an enthusiastic audience at one of the country's largest christian universities, saying that america's best days are not behind it. >> america needs your talent and skill. if we take the right course, i'm convinced we'll see a resurgence in the american economy that
5:03 pm
will surprise the world and that will open new doors of opportunity for those who have prepared as you are. what the next four years might hold for me is yet to be determined, but i will say things are looking up. >> for his part, president obama using his weekly video address to talk about his economic to-do list for congress, and chided republicans on the economy. >> they think all we can do is cut taxes, especially for the wealthiest americans, and go back to letting banks and corporations write their own rules again. that's their plan. but i think they're wrong. >> and some of the top issues on the president's list -- passing new tax breaks for small businesses and creating a veterans job corps for servicemen and women returning from iraq and afghanistan. >> right now police are interviewing two sisters rescued after a terrifying ordeal over two weeks. now investigators trying to find out what happened when a family friend allegedly snatched them,
5:04 pm
then according to police the kidnapper adam mayes, killed their mother and sister and later killed himself. hi, casey. >> greg, good to see you. police being tightlipped in terms of what the little girls are telling them. they were released from the hospital yesterday. once they were rescued from this spot here thursday night, they were taken to a nearby hospital in mississippi and then up to a hospital in memphis, tennessee, as a precaution. they were treated, we understand, for dehydration. they had poison ivy and bug bites. we've also been told that the little girls and their family have been have the advised not t into public as a precaution. the dramatic end to this nearly two-week nightmare happening wednesday night in this remote wooded area near alpine, mississippi, about 75 miles south of their tennessee home where they were abducted from at the end of last month. their captor, 35-year-old adam
5:05 pm
mayes, hiding out with the sisters deep in the woods with no food, no water, until a tip from the public led investigators right to them. instead of surrendering when confronted by police, mayes took his own life. >> immediately issued commands to adam mayes to show his hands. mayes pulled a semiautomatic pistol from his waistband and shot himself in the head and was later pronounced dead at a local hospital. other agents moved in to rescue kaliah and alexandria who were lying on the ground nearby. >> police believe adam mayes shot and killed the little girl's mother joanne bain and their older sister 14-year-old adrian bain on april 27th. then he and his wife drove bodies to mississippi where they were buried in his backyard,
5:06 pm
according to court documents. teresa mayes has also been charged with first-degree murder and aggravated kidnapping. she's behind bars. officials said that adam mayes had convinced himself that he was the father of these two young girls, something the family says is not true, something a criminologist says could have been why he did not harm these little girls. but the rescue right in this wooded area back behind me, it is very remote and rugged, certainly the silver lining of this tragic story. greg? >> casey, thank you very much. heather? >> in palm springs, california, investigators are trying to find out how five pipe bombs turned up in one neighborhood. a 91-year-old man found the first explosive. that was tuesday. and then spotted a second one on thursday. police finding two more bombs nearby, then a fifth bomb was discovered in one resident's
5:07 pm
driveway. people in the neighborhood say of course these incidents are shocking. >> i noticed something in my yard. i looked out there, and there was a bomb sitting in my yard. >> i was walking by, and i saw this yellow little piece of plastic, and i didn't know it was anything, so i picked it up and carried it along. finally i brought it home. my son said -- my son came over, and he said, dad, that's a bomb. >> wow. glad he's okay. no suspects identified yet. the police are warning residents to be on the lookout for more and to stay clear of anything suspicious. >> new bloodshed in syria today. activists saying syrian forces are shelling and raiding villages, killing at least three people. meanwhile a shadowy militant group affiliated with al-qaeda claiming responsibility for the deadliest attack yet in the entire 14-month-long uprising. john, what about the claims from
5:08 pm
today? >> that's right, greg. a little known jihadist group claimed responsibility today for the twin suicide bombings attacks two days ago that left 55 people dead here. the group is believed to have ties with al-qaeda in iraq. certainly the methods used here are reminiscent of those used by al-qaeda. in a video that was posted on the jihadi website they wander of further killings if the killings of sunnis did not stopped, and warned sunnis. if true, the involvement of al-qaeda cells in syria could gravely complicate the situation here for several reasons. first, al-qaeda promotes this extremist ideology that divides sectarian communities. while it's a majority sunni
5:09 pm
population, there's a sizable shiite and christian population among others. there's also the issue of the fact of these extremists gaining a foothold on the neighboring countries such as iraq and lebanon. both of these have experienced bloody sectarian conflicts of their own. and lastly, there is certainly the nightmare scenario, the fear that groups such as al-qaeda could get their hands on some of the country's significant stockpile of chemical and biological weapons. so all in all it's a bad sign for the future of this country, and beyond if the group becomes a part of the story here, greg. >> john, tell us a bit more about the atmosphere there in the capital city of damascus. >> well, over the past few days, traveling around the city, a city of 3 million to 4 million, people going about their business, but there's clearly a great deal of mixed emotion
5:10 pm
here. there's a lot of fear and anxiety that the country is heading to civil war. there's also defiance on the part of the government and opposition supporters. the government's supporters are not backing down, saying this is a foreign conspiracy to overthrow the government of syria. the opposition is not backing down, saying they will look for nothing less than the removal of bashar assad from government. and there's anger, anger that this conflict looks to be growing worse and worse by the day. greg? >> all right. john fiegener, our producer in syria, thank you very much. >> a tragic accident overseas to tell but now hitting boston university very hard. a minivan crashing in new zealand killing three students studying there. at least five other students
5:11 pm
from the university injured, including one who was airlifted to a hospital in critical condition. a police inspector explains exactly what happened. >> the driver appears to have corrected, or overcorrected, and the vehicle got into a roll, cartwheeled down the road. we've had really good support from the locals here. this is a very rural environment. a couple of the local families have taken these people in and looked after them until emergency services arrived. our thanks and gratitude goes to the locals. >> a candlelight vigil is planned for tonight, by the way, at boston university. >> a group of parents in the state of new jersey are utterly outraged over a test question asked to third graders. making matters worse, that question is on one of the state's standardized tests. here's matt alvarez from our fox affiliate wwor in new york. >> have you ever kept a secret? if so, why did you keep it? it's a question similar to this
5:12 pm
that some third graders in new jersey had to answer as a part of their standardized testing. >> why would that be a question? kids have secrets. if they they want to tell it openly it's not a secret. >> apparently the state education department says the question was reviewed and approved by both the department and a panel of teachers. the spokesperson says the question was a field question, meaning it was being tested in some districts and does not count toward the students' scores. still parents and grandparents have mixed thoughts about the whole thing. bruce is a former principal. he says he gets the idea of trying to make students be creative and open up, but he says the education department should make pick another topic. >> if it's any type of abuse, whether it's sexual or physical, then it has to be investigated. >> writing lets things out. what could possibly be so bad a third grader has as a big secret? >> that confuses them. because a secret is supposed to be kept between yourself.
5:13 pm
if you're asking the child to open up, that's not right, because then it's not considered a secret. >> maybe they should pick another topic to be creative. >> matt, thanks. >> , yes listen t greg, listen . two chaperones going too far to clean up a school dance. two mothers are accused of spraying eight teenagers with lysol to stop their dirty dancing. >> not a good idea. >> at this time i'm under legal counsel, and i can't say anything about what happened that night. >> well, supposedly that's what they did to clean up their act. none of the children or kids complained about anything like that. it was just -- it got in their throat, they claimed, stuff like this. but there's no physical damage done. >> the women also face charges for obscene language, accused of calling the teens nasty names. they could face up to six months in jail if convict.
5:14 pm
convict. >> lysol, you clean bathrooms and kitchen counters with lysol, right? >> kind of a new take on cleaning your mouths out with soap, which sounds like those two ladies needed done. >> yeah. not a good idea. they went at each other tooth and nail during the republican primaries. who can forget that? that was then. now newt gingrich plans to stump for his former rival, governor mitt romney. remember all the awful things he said about romney? will this hurt or help the presumptive nominee? >> plus, new reaction from the jurors in the murder trial of jennifer hudson's relatives. we'll have that. >> after finding william balfour of killing the arkansas' mother, brother and nephew, the jury speak out about the intense and dramatic case. >> i just hope she can put this behind her, you know, just get on with the rest of her life. mot be properly absorbing
5:15 pm
the calcium they take because they don't take it with food. switch to citracal maximum plus d. it's the only calcium supplement that can be taken with or without food. that's why my doctor recommends citracal maximum. it's all about absorption. ♪ wer surge, let it blow your mind. [ male announcer ] for fruits, veggies and natural green tea energy... new v8 v-fusion plus energy. could've had a v8.
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how math and science kind of makes the world work. in high school, i had a physics teacher by the name of mr. davies. he made physics more than theoretical, he made it real for me. we built a guitar, we did thingwith electronics and mother boards. that's where the interest in engineering came from. so now, as an engineer, i have a career that speaks to that passion. thank you, mr. davies.
5:18 pm
>> welcome back. so you know what they say about politics making strange bed bedfellows? case in the point the evolving relationship between newt gingrich and governor romney. as a former house speaker now
5:19 pm
planning to campaign with his former rival in the coming weeks, but does this help governor romney or will it remind voters of the bare-knuckled criticisms that gingrich made during the primaries? >> let's bring in our political panel. thank you for both joining us. >> thanks for having us. >> thank you. >> justin, i'll start with you. help or hurt romney? >> i think it absolutely helps governor romney. newt gingrich is someone who has a lot of credibility, has a lot of followers, in the republican party, especially with the conservative base of the republican party, going back to 1994 when he helped take control of the house of representatives on behalf of republicans. there are a lot of constituencies, the conservative base of the party, that are very supportive of newt gingrich. i don't think that the things that he said about mitt
5:20 pm
romney -- republican voters aren't going to remember that when they're going to the polls in november. >> what do you think, kristi? help or hurt. >> i don't know that it hurts him, but i don't know how it helps. as you pointed out, newt gingrich really does not like mitt romney. he doesn't like him on a personal level. he doesn't like him on a policy level. he's called him a liar. he's reminded people that romney has a swiss bank account. he's severely criticized his time at bain capital. this is a problem for romney, that there's too many people who don't like romney gingrich, but dislike obama even more. that's not a recipe for success. >> what do you think about that, justin? he called romney the most anti-immigration candidate of all. will all of this just be brought back to the forefront and the minds of voters if gingrich is on board? >> i really don't think so.
5:21 pm
i think that by the time republicans go to the polls in november, that's going to be ancient, ancient history. i think that right now, with newt gingrich endorsing mitt romney, it's something people talk about now, but as newt gingrich goes around the country, campaigns for governor romney, helps raise money for governor romney, i think the conservatives will get behind governor romney. we all know that newt gingrich did well in a few states with conservative voters. overall the things that he said about mitt romney, i don't think any republican voter will remember come november when they're trying to deny and unseat president obama four more years in the white house. >> so from beyond the more conservative voters and tea party voters, kristi, i would ask you, moving forward, when it's romney versus obama, what about the independent voters? do you think that gingrich on board will help with the independent voters? >> absolutely not, no. he never has. look, newt gingrich cannot get votes from mitt romney, because newt gingrich couldn't get votes for newt gingrich.
5:22 pm
he's overwhelming negative with women, with independents. i'm not even convinced as justin was saying that he would help with the base of the republican party. i think he has a real problem with evangelicals. so no, i can't actually see him being a help. i just believe that in general surrogates don't often make that much of a difference. that's maybe one saving grace here. >> justin, what about the independents? >> well, look, independent voters are something newt gingrich hasn't done well, i don't think, but this race will be decided based on whose base is more motivated to go out and vote. certainly independent voters are important, but right now the most important thing that governor romney is doing is unifying the republican party. we just had a nasty primary in the republican party, and now to have newt gingrich, rick santorum, michele bachmann, rick perry, all the other republican candidates unite and say we support mitt romney because we want to defeat president obama and joe biden and deny them four more years in the white house, i think that's a compelling
5:23 pm
message. i think the republican party is going to be united behind mitt romney. >> speaking of motivation, you brought that up, justin. i want to move to newt gingrich's motivation for this. kristi, what do you think that is? is he lobbying for a cabinet job under romney if it's a romney white house? also there's been talk recently about vice president. >> i don't really see that. i somewhat agree with justin that i think he knows that in the end they need to have a unified republican party. i think that's why he's doing it. the problem is that there's been a series of exceedingly weak endorsements for romney from the people who ran against him. i would say the classic of the genre was rick santorum, who released a dead of night email to his supporters, where he seemed to endorse romney in the 13th paragraph of a 16-paragraph misssive. these people should be the one strongly behind him. if he can't get these guys, he has real problems.
5:24 pm
>> thank you both for joining us. thank you. >> thank you so much. >> thanks, heather. >> a quote, "don't help me." >> remember the campaign debt as well, gingrich's debt. >> don't get me started. >> all right. >> all right, a young woman coming to grips with a big mistake she made in high school. now she's crossing the country to share an important message about sexting with other teens. >> and a janitor in the ivy leagues by day, a college student at night. >> some of them are surprised. it happened to me. wait, didn't i see you in my class? yes. so you work here? yes. good. it happened a couple of times.
5:25 pm
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>> it is bottom of the hour. time now for top of the news, mitt romney giving the commencement address at liberty university, focusing on faith, family, and hard work. also drawing big applause when he defended traditional marriage. >> gunmen wearing afghan police uniforms killed two nato troops in afghanistan. it's not clear if they were members of the police force or militants disguised as police officers. >> and investigators hoping two sisters rescued from a kidnapper can answer questions about the case. 8 yiel8-year-old kyliyah bain ar sister are reunited with their families after their kidnapper was killed in mississippi. >> a guilty verdict in the murder trial of jennifer hudson's former brother-in-law, william balfour convicted of triple murder e. faces life in prison for killing hudson's
5:30 pm
mother, brother and nephew. here's details. >> 10 of the 12 jurors stood together after the verdict, but only four of them wanted to talk about their deliberations, which were described as cordial, but at times difficult and filled with drama after two days of hashing over the evidence and voting on the credibility of all 80 witnesses one by one, they took their first vote on william bain'balfour this morning. >> the split was 9-3 voting guilty. three of us needed to see the picture clearer. there were still holes or gaps. >> these were two of the three jurors undecided still struggling with a few questions. none of the jurors thought balfour was flat-out not guilty. >> some of us tried our best to make him innocent, but the facts and everything just wasn't there. we tried. that's what took us so long. we had to pick everything apart. >> with 11 days of testimony and
5:31 pm
a lot of circumstantial evidence, jurors did ask to review the testimony from an fbi expert on cellphone tracking who placed balfour near the murder scene and not on the other side of town as he claimed. >> once we were able to piece the timing together, where we realized that he could not be in two places at one time, where the cellphone records were key. >> another crucial piece of evidence, according to the foreman, the key to jason hudson's suv found on balfour when he was arrested. >> why did you have the keys in your pocket from a guy you didn't like? you know, to a truck you're not supposed to be in, that just so happened to have a dead nephew in the back seat? it's hard for me to believe you that didn't go into the house and not get those keys. >> some jurors say this trial has forever changed them. they wish jennifer hudson can now find closure. >> i hope she can put this
5:32 pm
behind her, you know, just get on with the rest of her life. >> we hope so, too. that was craig wall, thank you very much, reporting from wfld. >> well, the story of a young mitt romney hit "the washington post" website earlier this week, talking in great deal about his time at a michigan prep school more than 45 years ago mind you. in particular an alleged incident that seemed to make romney sound like a bully, allegedly cutting off a fellow student's long blond air. "the post" held the story until friday, two days after president obama announced that he supports same-sex marriage. that caught the attention of author and journalist liz trotta who joins us now. some people are calling this a hit piece on romney, attempting to portray him as a homophobic bully, but the timing of the story is curious. what do you make of it? >> there's so many things wrong with this story. there are real problems.
5:33 pm
today you have "the washington post" ombudsman patrick b. paxton trying to defend "the post." i'll quickly summarize. there were about four or five sources, four of them on the record, who were classmates of romney at the prep school in michigan back in 1965. they were teenagers. this was high school. the author of the piece, jason har rohorowitz, his piece is drg with envy, dripping with scorn for the upper class, for the privileged who go -- who are able to go to prep school. apart from that, he quotes a friend, stuart white, a good friend, and is probably still a good friend of mitt romney, in saying that he had long been bothered by this story in which romney supposedly attacked this kid and cut his hair. now, in what was called a stealth correction -- although
5:34 pm
the post did not stay, say, it was a correction -- they put in a later edition, they substituted in that paragraph, saying he was disturbed since he heard about it from other pals from the prep school several weeks before "the washington post" called. which is it? seems to me that's a correction. >> well, it's dishonest. they did not put in that edit that there was a retraction or correction, which is utterly dishonest from journalistic standards, isn't it? >> right. but it gets worse i must say. there's a magazine called "automobile" magazine not exactly your mainstream media, but in the june issue they have a piece on mitt romney. three or four of the people, friends of romney, classmates of romney, who were quoted in the "washington post" story, are in fact quoted in the story in "automobile" magazine. one of them, for example, phillip maxwell, who in the
5:35 pm
"post" piece says the attack was vicious, and in "automobile" magazine he says to the reporter, and the reporter writes, quoting him, "romney, very smart, very principle, he'd make a very good president." on top of that this guy is a democrat. which is it, mr. mor horowitz? did you only pick the quotes that was anti-romney? another quote, all envy about how he never got invited to the romney house, he never -- you know, i was 16, and i didn't have a car, implying that mitt romney had a car. well, another classmate says, wait a minute, he invited a lot of people to his house. not only that, he didn't have a car. so what it amounts to is what point duo owe these people are caught flat-out. the ombudsman concludes with
5:36 pm
saying, the accounts remain unchallenged. interesting, compelling and well documented. >> it's none of those things. i read the piece. >> of course not. hasn't mr. paxton any shame? >> isn't the point, not just that it is filled with some inaccuracies and falsehoods, but who among us truly wants to be judged by what we did in high school more than 45 years ago? i mean, what's next? >> true. >> are they going to do a front page expose' saying mitt romney was an incorrigible at age 7 and can't hold high office? it smacks of a bunch of political hacks, doesn't it? >> i think there's no question that it's a hit job. i'd like to attack it on journalistic grounds, on what it is, and that's inaccurate all the way there. on open o top of that, his quote
5:37 pm
completely screwed up, it's the tone of the story. it reminds me of the story "the new york times" did on senator mccain when they wanted to catch him with a mistress near the beginning of the campaign. this is pretty much the same thing. they've decided that romney is an awful rich boy who harassed homosexuals when he was in college, and that's why he cut this kid's hair. you know the usual, it's based on class envy, and, by the way, inaccuracy. >> just to be fair, there were hit pieces on barack obama four years ago, dredging up stuff about his childhood and drug use and so on and so forth. there's no place for any of that, it seems to me. >> by his own writing, in his book, obama said that he had taken drugs, that he was, you know, heavily into experimenting. i believe cocaine was mentioned. well, you know, that got a quick
5:38 pm
pass. so what are we to do now? say even things like drug-taking we ignore in obama's childhood? >> i wouldn't say he got a pass. i mean, it was dredged up and hammered over and over again by all kinds of media. liz, thank you very much for being with us. good to see you. >> well, a janitor making the most of his opportunity now about to earn his bachelor's degree from columbia university. 52-year-old gaj filipaj fled the former yugoslavia nearly 20 years ago. he took the job as a custodian on the campus so he could enroll in classes for free. after 12 years of studying in the morning and working till close to midnight every night, he will get his diploma in the classics tomorrow. >> i never looked for -- for, you know, to show off, to have expensive cars or this and that.
5:39 pm
so i look for basic things to live a simple life. so far i have it. now if i could manage like, let's say, to continue, go to school, and accomplish something in my life, i would be, you know, pleased. >> this is a man with great pride in what he does, whether it's his work as a custodian or his academic work. it's really quite extraordinary. >>
5:40 pm
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own the off-road. >> right now police in new jersey are searching for a killer. april kauffmann was found shot to death at-home earlier this week. she was a radio talk show host, businesswoman, an avid advocate for america's veterans. so why would anybody want to kill her? joining us now to talk about, judge jeanine piro. this woman fought so long and hard to help veterans, and had succeed most recently in getting them the kind of medical care close to home that they so desperately required. >> and that's right. she was picked from among 1400 nominees to be the recipient of an award for this civic charitable work she had done. as you said, i mean, she was a radio show host, but she was
5:45 pm
also an activist, someone who fought very hard to make sure that veterans had the ability and got a law passed so they could get medical care closer to where they lived as opposed to going to delaware. in addition to that, she was raising money for the handicapped, those injured, who came back from iraq and afghanistan. the question is, who killed this woman who was shot several times in her own home, in her own bedroom? it is a scenario where the jersey police are stumped. and everyone is working on this case. >> from what i understand, they don't seem to think, at least at the outset here, that this is just a random crime. there doesn't appear to be evidence of a burglary there. so the motivation could be just about anything beyond randomness. it could be related to her work. >> it could be related to her work, although people talk about the fact, greg, she was so well liked, she didn't have any enemies. she was a person who never took no, but she wasn't an in your
5:46 pm
face kind of person. there was no break-in, you're right. it can be that the door was open after her physician husband left. maybe they expected someone to be coming in, or maybe she answered the door. it doesn't make sense, because she was shot in her bedroom. clearly a homicide. i've handled a lot of domestic violence homicides. you rarely see many shots in a victim if it is -- >> it's likely somebody who knew her. >> likely someone who knew her, knew the door would be open, someone who was familiar with her particular, you know, conduct, what she did, when she did it. but right now too soon to tell, but police are on it. they've taken all the evidence they need from the scene. >> all right. you've got a lot more coming up tonight on your program, including this whole john travolta thing. i mean, unbelievable story. >> ahh. >> only because travolta's attorney has been able to
5:47 pm
utterly debunk the initial claim. >> well, you know, that's a question of facts. you just "utterly debunk." >> he's got john travolta in new york on videotape the very day of the alleged attack in los angeles. you can't be two places at once. >> you and i both know that tampering and changing dates and times, there are people who say that, you know, he was in new york, that that there's a receipt, but there's no signature, that his plane came back. we don't know if he was on. those are questions we'll ask my guests tonight on our show, now crime all the time. >> okay. thank you very much. >> good to see you. >> "justice with judge jeanine" 9:00 right here on the fox news channel. >> voters weigh in on the contest between president obama and governor romney. stay tuned.
5:48 pm
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>> time for a quick check of the headlines. wisconsin republicans rallying around governor scott walker at their convention. walker is facing a june 5th recall election, democrats targeting walker after he championed a law ending collective bargaining rights for
5:52 pm
public employee unions. president obama is pushing congress to pass a series of measures that he says will create jobs. in his weekly address, the president outlining a to-do list for lawmakers. plus, british royals william and kate at a gala in london, supporting the country's athletes. the 2012 olympics will take place in london this summer. >> well, the new jersey student traveling the country with a message for all-american teenagers. she has a message about sexting. we were going to bring that story for you, but right now we're going to talk about the race for the white house. a first in the race for the white house, nothing to do with sexting at all, forget i talked about that. in brand-new polling, republican presidential candidate mitt romney reaching the 50% threshold in his challenge against president obama. here's the last rasmussen reports poll. >> governor mitt romney at 50%. president barack obama 42%. scott rasmussen is president of
5:53 pm
rasmussen reports and joins us live from orange county, california. hey, scott, good to see you. so romney seems to be gaining ground from the last time i checked on these daily polling data, right? >> that's right. in fact, we saw governor romney begin to pick up some ground right after that jobs report came out a week ago. a little bit of disappointing. the key issue in this race is still the economy. and i think that brought up extra concern. and then the president created his own stir this week with his comments on same-sex marriage. i think what we're seeing mostly is a reaction to the economic news. >> and scott, apparently the economy could be a big driver in those numbers, as would be expected? >> right. that's right. if you look back over the last month, what we see is a month ago people were evenly divided as to whether the president was doing a good job or poor job on the economy.
5:54 pm
now the numbers have swung again. consumer confidence down just a little bit over the past week. if perceptions of the economy get worse, president obama will lose this election. if perceptions of the economy improve, he will win. >> now, listen, now and again the argument is made that because we've extended unemployment benefits for so many weeks and months, that it actually has a deterrent effect for people looking for jobs. what do most americans think? can you get a job if you really want one? >> 48% now say that anybody who wants to work can find a job. 41% say that's not true. like a lot of other short-term economic indicators we've seeing lately that was more optimistic than it was for much of 2011, but still a long way to go. >> so when it comes to achieving the american dream, the polling slightly more mixed, though, about that? >> well, that's right. people do think that it's possible for -- or half of america thinks you can find a job, but only one out of three
5:55 pm
say you can work hard and get rich still in america. they tend this think you can work your way out of poverty, but that's a long way from being rich. >> one last poll, today's youth will be worse off than their parents. 63%. i was stunned by that number. worse off than their parents. 16% think they'll be better off than their parents, scott. >> this is the most depressing number of all. 16% who say today's children will be better off than their parents is the worst we've ever recorded. i think it's part of a larger trend. while the short-term numbers are mixed, people may be feeling better about the short-term economic conditions, when we look longer-term people are fearful that something has gone wrong. 44% now say the u.s. economy will be stronger five years from now. that, too, the worst we have ever recorded. >> all right. scott rasmussen from rasmussen reports, depressing news. thanks very much for being with us. sorry, greg.
5:56 pm
sorry. the bearer of bad news! >> someone trying to make things better for today's students. a new jersey student traveling the country with a message for all-american teenagers. be careful what you text. allison carrera made the mistake of texing provocative pictures to her boyfriend in high school. a nude photo of her went viral. the bullying got so bad that it led to an attempt at suicide, and she's trying to keep others from making the same mistake. >> that's a good message. that will do it for us. >> we will see you right here tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. eastern. >> have a great weekend. happy mother's day out there. >> and to your daughter, happy birthday. >> happy birthday, grace. sweet sixteen today. >> yay! see you later. >> bye-bye. ♪
5:57 pm
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