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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  May 12, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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and a former wall street journal editor speaks out after being fired, about a popular point of view. welcome to the journal editorial report, i'm paul gigot, in a pre-election change of heart. president obama came out in support of gay marriage, telling robin roberts at abc news, he personally believes that same sex couples should be able to wed and why now? will it help or hurt the president's reelection chances? let's go wall street journal columnist and dan henninger. and james toronto and editorial board member dorothy rabinowicz. james, it's been leaking out from the white house that this was planned sometime before the election, maybe at the democratic national convention time and that biden moved this up because of the timing of his remarks. how do you read it? >> well, there are two things
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going on here, all right? one, is all right, from a political standpoint. this is about money. "the washington post" reported recently that one in six of obama's top bundlers, people who raise large sums of money from other people are gay and also a lot of the reporters had been threatening not to denate money having to do with an issue and contracts and coming from pressure from the money side. second thing is, i don't think we should sell short the fact that this is what obama believes. you call it a change of heart. it's really more after change of position. and he took this position in favor of same sex marriage when he ran for state senate in hyde park, illinois, in 1996. and this is coming around and he decides it's no longer political politically necessary for him to conceal his true views. >> paul: happening before the
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election or before, he would have taken heat if he didn't do this before the election, because, look, cowardly. >> and he gets another chance to say he's evolved. a perfectly good word of the english language has been lost to time and it's political speak and you can never say evolved again. the truth of the matter is that i think it will do him a lot of good. i think it will shore up his credentials and i think it was going to happen anyway, but it wasn't about to happen, what they were planning, in the last two days, and biden did push it, and pushed it forward. >> well, so what? it's a question of timing and happens now as opposed to happening in august. the real issue is, i think, i agree with dorothy, i think it's going to help him on the left. because he would have taken enormous abuse from the new york times and "the washington post," as a white house official was quoted as saying if he hadn't. >> as the saying goes, gay
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politics ain't bean bags, it gets rough. they start leaning on the president, i agree with jane, it has to do with money and turg out the base, younger voters very much in favor of this, but it it was not a slam-dunk, in ohio recent polls, pretty recent put opposition of gay marriage 52-32. pennsylvania another important state 50-38, in florida 48-38 and in virginia and iowa, it's a wash. so, he's going to have to go into those states and explain to those people why he did this. and i think the game is that, get this behind them now and by the time the election comes around, i think the issue will fade, quite frankly. >> one other state we should mention is north carolina, a state obamacare i had neuroly in 2008, and the day before this announcement voted to amend its constitution to despine marriage between a man and woman.
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61-39. obama is generally on the other side. i think it's going to hurt and cost him votes from blacks and hispanics, who are pretty much against same sex marriage, particularly blacks. >> paul: what do you think. >> the four states he needs, ohio, virginia, and they have passed marriage bans, gay sex marriage bans. however, forward looking on this now as oppose today where they were ten years ago. and latinos, it's well behind in any sense of approval for gays and constituency obama needs. >> paul: it only hurts him if it becomes a really big issue. the question is, will it be this year. if the economy is the dominant political issue? i argue no. >> i don't know, paul, it's one of those issues, he's done it. it's now been publicized deeply and people who normally just don't think about it are going to go away and absorb
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this into their calculation for the november vote. and i think, over the next five months, have an effect, as jane is suggests, on certain classes of voters. >> what should romney do? how smhould handle it. >> i think he should say he's in support of the defense of marriage act. and by the state. not the supreme court, we do not need another roe vs wade to tear the country apart. the defense of marriage act signed by bill clinton in 1996 to help with his reelection in that year. >> and voted for by joe biden among others. >> and maintains his closure, and showing the capacity pushed, especially by the story about bullying, and the impulse to apologize and maintain his composure on gay marriage. >> paul: how would you define maintaining his composure.
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>> saying this is what i believe and-- >>, but he's against gay marriage. >> nothing wrong with saying that and then saying we are in a world of trouble, economically and in terms of unemployment and i don't think we can continue. >> what does this do to social conservatives who have been wary of romney? does this drive them more enthusiastically into his camp without romney having to do anything? >> i think it doesment more enthusiastic about voting against obama at least. the most important thing for romney is he has to be matter of fact, i'm opposed to this and traditional marriage. he doesn't want to come across as harsh, as a rick santorum type. own if they are inclined to agree on the issue. >> thanks, folks, ahead, the foiled attempt to blow up a u.s. bound jets liner, raises countries took part in a science test.
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>> these things take place and i can't tell you how much they damage our ability to pursue our intelligence efforts and so, i am fully in favor of a full and thorough investigati investigation. >> paul: that was defense secretary leon panetta condemning the intelligence leaks this the agencies aided by a double agent in the thwarted a plot to blow up a u.s. airliner. >> we're joined by matt, good news, plot thwarted. on the other hand pretty clear that al-qaeda still working very hard to hit the u.s. targets and getting increasingly sophisticated on how to do it. how do you read it? >> absolutely, i think the
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main message here, is that the bomber in yemen is still alive and committed to bringing down an airplane in the u.s. tried three times in the las three years, twice with the mep of the saudies, able to foil the plot, but there's an ever present threat and coming now from yemen and i think this really brings home. >> paul: and that these sanctuaries are evolving. we used to say pakistan and now yemen and maybe some evolving in africa. and whenever you have the spaces of unrest around the world. al-qaeda is evolving and we're also evolving and i think it's important, a lot of that that says a great focus on the leaks, and where they came from, how much damage they've created and we want to get to that. >> and, but the important point here is just last thursday, seven more terrorists were killed in a drone strike in yemen and the number of drone strikes has increased dramatically. we're clearly hitting these
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guys very hard, there's evidence in part thanks to the leaks that there's tremendous internal division, confusion, within al-qaeda and the fact that they've lost one sanctuary and means this is a group on the run and we should take into account there's real progress being made. >> and i think the important question, and the last few months according to the administration, al-qaeda is really struggling and we've gotten a lot of leaders and osama bin laden and shows actually that in yemen, the last 14 months has been a country essentially in anarchy, an uprising and that the president is gone and controls territory in the south of yemen, there are towns, one town after another, we have the al-qaeda flag raised up and they do have the sanctuary, growing in yemen and i think it actually becomes the main battle ground for terror. >> andset jones with the think tank has a new book out saying
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that the al-qaeda affiliates are growing and al-qaeda in iraq, for example, going back now, and after we've left, and you've got emerging cells in africa, haven't been able to attack us yet, but you have to watch. >> you have to watch, but recall back in the 1970's, we had terrorist groups, too, not as though we're fighting masks armies, all they have to do is blow up one airliner or subways in london and they're winning. >> paul: what about the u.s. and saudi relationship, a much greater degree of cooperation than publicly known. >> that's right, look, right after 9/11 you had senior saudi officials denying for at least a year or two that any saudies were even on the plane that took down the twin towers, hit the pentagon. there's been a sea change and all of that has been because al-qaeda made the decision to start going off other muslim targets.
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they had a kind of implicit political backing of much of the arab leadership when they re blowing up israelis targets or blowing up targets in the united states. then they started slaughtering shiites and pakistanis, and the we are the beneficiary of this intelligence cooperation with the saudis, because al-qaeda start today threaten them. >> paul: how big of a problem is it, matt, that the details of this that have leaked out? mike rogers on the house intelligence committee said basically look we need an investigation here and you heard the defense secretary-- >> i agree. >> paul: democrats aren't disagreeing either. so the operational details here were extensive and troubling to somebody who says we want this to keep going. >> and they got this too early. they had to pull the saudi double agents out of yemen before they wanted to come out. on the other hand, i think it's worth reminding the
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american public of in a way, making this public is helpful and at the same time, having al-qaeda question, you know, we can trust the guy next to them. that may not be a bad thing after all. this group depends on recruiting from, among themselves. >> and they were already doing that. i mean, they shot two or three people and sent out videos saying they were saudi spies, last year. >> that's true, but another thing to take into account a democrat democratic administration cracking down hard and in the bush administration, you had the swift program, wireless warrant-- wireless wire taps. >> wire taps. >> excuse me. that you had basically cheering that all the secret programs were exposed. now that a democratic administration is in power they're serious about national security and that's a victory, somebodying similar happened during the cold war the republicans adopted a
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containment strategy with harry truman. >> i think, what happened, paul, it was a result of bureaucratic fighting in the agencies. these are being reorganized and now going to be in competition with one another. and the pentagon just announced clandestine service april 23rd and one of the general's internal memos was leaked to the l.a. times and i think this leak fell out of that process. >> all right. still ahead, a conservative blogger fired for expressing her conservative views. we'll talk to former wall street editor who got the ax this week from the correspond this week from the correspond cal of higheri have two car ins front of you here. let's start with car insurance x. four million people switched to that car insurance alone just last year. mmm, it's got a nice bouquet. our second car insurance, y. mmmmm, oh, i can see by your face they just lost another customer.
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>> a familiar face, naomi schaeffer was fired for a conservative point of view and riley posted an article critical of black study programs at some u.s. colleges and fired before 6500 people, signed an online petition seeking her dismissal. welcome back to the program. you must have known this was controversial when you wrote the blog post, were you surprised. >> a lot of the blog posts, earned me svitriolic commenters. and i was surprised that 6500 people took the time to sign a pettation against me. i was surprised that the chronicle came to the
11:21 pm
decision. and. >> paul: one of the criticism you didn't read the dissertations and you did based on the titles and description of them. is that a fair criticism. >> the new standards you have to read an entire dissertation before writing a 500 word blog posts would be absurd and most would agree. the piece i wrote was in response to a front page extensive article in the chronicle itself, but interviews the people who wrote the dissertations and asked them why they wrote it. >> paul: you were hired explicitly to be a conservative voice in what is a fundamentally left leaning magazine. >> yeah, i mean, i was -- you know, the chronicle certainly knew what i had written in the past and published a few and i bring the viewpoint. >> paul: what was the reaction from the editors when the criticism started. >> they asked me to write a response to the critics a
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couple of days after they realized it was garnering a lot of the criticism. and a lot was personal. >> paul: accusations of being a racist. >> yeah, that i'm a racist that i don't have a ph.d. and not qualified to comment, that i didn't read the dissertations and that-- >> we can add by the way you're married to one of our board members, jason riley. >> yes, he is black and there's a particular irony here. and so, i said, i don't want to engage in this this is not a substantive discussion, it's a personal despite. personal attacks that the people want to make on me and they said, okay, please, please, please, so i wrote back and explained why these are not substantive criticisms and the at first the chronicle editors the note saying, we understand your criticism readers, but this is an invitation to debate and they encouraged other people to post other things and
11:23 pm
certainly, they some scales in a lot of way and asked the graduate students to respond and the entire senior faculty of the black studies department where the students were to respond and commenters and after four days, the chronicle then decided that i was going to be terminated. >> paul: in other words, four days after the original response. and the editor, liz mcmillen's justification, somehow you hadn't met the standards. >> right. >> paul: even though that hadn't bothered them when you had initially posted or in the immediate aftermath. >> no, stayed up there for several days and ms. mcmillen at the chronicle for ten years was surely aware of the standards on top of which i received, when i received a copy of their standards that said no such thing, you can't criticize block studies for read the dissertations, prior to criticizing black studies in the field. >> paul: what is the lesson you draw about the politics of academia and intellectual
11:24 pm
diversity in academia. >> i wish i could say it was-- it's stomach for dealing with any kind of criticism and the way that they want to get you out is by hurtful attacks and they're not willing to engage in a substantive debate. you're an outsider you don't have a ph.d. and you're the not qualified or start calling you names. >> paul: basically, do they have conservatives still at the chronicle? >> there are a couple. mark bowerline is one of the bloggers and richard vetter. >> paul: some subjects are just off limits? >> i think that's the lesson to future people who want to engage in this kind of debate careful, pringles are bursti with more flavor. [ crunches ] mmm. ♪ ♪
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>> time now for hits and misses of the week, james.
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>> dick lugar is a sore loser, lost his bid for a 7th term. and washington establishment mourned the loss of the statesman. the concession speak was a denunciatio denunciation, and certainly could lose gracefully. >> pat. >> the russian opposition leader who spoiled putin's coronation, and in moscow launching and showing the russian opposition, flagged a little after the election in march is still there and is still challenging and essential essentially autocratic leader. >> and the developer who is building the freedom tower, one world trade center supposed to go to 1776 feet magnifice magnificent sculptural spire.
11:29 pm
he decided it's not able to maintain, but wants to put up an antenna that looks like a twig and leave the official height at 1368. we want it to go to the year of our independence. and the guy who beat lugar, a chance to win. >> he has a pretty good chance on the republican stage. that's it for this week's edition of the journal editorial report. thanks to my panel and especially to all of you for watching, i'm paul gigot, thanks for all of you watching, see you here ne >> on fox news watch. >> i've just concluded that i think same sex couples should be able to get married. >> following years of confusing comments, flip-flops on the issue, a surprise statement from his vp, pressure from the pres


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