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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  May 13, 2012 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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does h his complicated personal life provide clues to his disappearance? now, a new defense in the spray tan murder case. >> did something happen? did she fall or? >> no, no. >> where is she in the house? >> i don't know. she's in the bathroom upstairs. please send her now, please. >> is she bleeding from anywhere? >> i don't know, i can't tell. there's blood there's stuff come is out of her mouth. there's foam. >> judge jeanine: welcome to "justice." i'm. michelle, thanks for being with is tonight. and do you as well, steve. whew do we know about this? >> here is what we know. speaking with the prosecutor's office, judge, is that around
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11:30 a.m. on may 10 there was a 911 call that was placed from a worker inside of april's home saying that she was shot multiple times in the bedroom. apparently what we learned her husband left for work earlier that morning. he is a doctor in the area. and i sponge with a friend that had e-mail transactions with her around 2:30 a.m. of the morning that she was murdered. so there is a timeline there. >> when the friend says she had an e-mail from her about what time in the morning? >> around 2:30 in the morning. it had a number of conversations. >> judge jeanine: was there anything that was stressing her out? >> no, she was in a good state of mind. had just received a governor's award. there is a lot going on with the veterans programs she has been working on. a lot of programs she was working on for the veterans she was finally seeing her work. >> judge jeanine: and she was just honored among 1400 people
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that were nominated. what are investigators saying about the investigation? >> right now what we know as of yesterday they came out to say it looks like they are closing in on something or someone and that they have the right information. i also spoke with another friend who said there appeared not to be any forced entry to the home. nothing was taken. right upstairs to the bedroom. multiple gunshots. >> judge jeanine: steve, you are a retired lieutenant detective. the police say that residents don't need to be in a panic. number two, they have enough to solve the case and number three an arrest is imminent. you have done this before. what does this tell you? >> this tell mes that the police know who the killer is. although have to do is connect a few more dots and that individual is probably under 24 hour surveillance so that is why people need not fear. >> judge jeanine: interesting at this point they haven't told us there or not there were any
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problems between this woman, the victim and whoever they have that they are watching now. >> well, judge, usually a case like this tells you that someone close to her. we call that ground zero. start from the house and people closest to her and just go out. and you interview people from there. >> judge jeanine: do we know if they owned weapons. >> there are reports they had a vault full of weapons down stairs. joni thastairs. >> judge jeanine: was that broken into do you know? >> she had a lot of. a catering business. a radio personality. >> she was shot multiple times. what does that tell you. in. >> anger and revenge. there is something that police actually put their hands on and that is the motive and that is going to solve this. >> judge jeanine: at the least the police know whether they owned a weapon that matched the
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kind of weapon used to kill her. >> exactly. i understand the police have not released whether they have the murder weapon or not. they will go through ballistics tests and a records check to see if a weapon was found if it belonged to them. >> judge jeanine: yesterday they said an arrest was imminent. not yet. >> anthey know who did this. they just have to connect one or two more dots so they are close. >> judge jeanine: and two girls speak out about their kidnapping and the man suspected of killing their mother and sister. casey stegall from mississippi. >> it we have been following the story for two weeks and the girls were questioned by police. what they told investigators is not being repleased. trauma counselors were among those present. they were treated and released from the hospital yesterday. they were dehydrated. they had been in the woods in rural, mississippi, for three days with no food and no water.
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they have been told not to go into public as a precaution. the dramatic end happening on thursday night in this remote wooded area, alpine, mississippi the location. 75 miles south of their tennessee home where they were abducted from at the end of last month. their captor, 35-year-old adam mayes hiding out with the sisters deep in the woods until a temperature from the public led investigators right to them. but instead of surrendering mayes took his own life. listen. >> officers immediately issued commands to adam mayes to show his hands. mayes pulled a semi automatic pistol from his waist it is band and shot himself in the head and was later pronounced dead at a local hospital. other agents moved in to rescue the girls who were lying on the ground nearby.
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>> reporter: police say that the little girls witnessed the suicide. can you imagine? >> adam mayes' cording to police shot and killed the little girl's mother jo ann bain and their older sister at their tennessee home on april 27 and then he and his wife drove the bodies to mississippi where they were buried in his backyard. teresa mayes also charged with 6 felony counts including first-degree murder aggravated kidnapping. she is behind bars. officials say that adam mayes convinced himself that he was the far of the two young girls. something they say is absolutely not true. we understand more' rests could happen as investigators continue to follow up on leads. if any one aseventhed the family in any way, providing food or they know the whereabouts this they can be in big trouble now, too. >> judge jeanine: what do we know what adam mayes' past?
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>> we are are learning troubling details. according to documents with the madison county sheriff's office in tennessee back in 2010 he was accused of possession of child pornography and child abuse after a family member claims they walked in on adam mayes and he was naked and shaving the legs of a naked 7-year-old little girl. the who the girl was we do not know. he always denied the allegations and was investigated by local authorities there in tennessee and they say that they never found any evidence to support that family member's claim and he was never charged but certainly some shocking allegations and in light of what was happening here in mississippi the last couple of weeks we know that this was clearly a troubled guy. >> judge jeanine: you know what, and that his wife would assist him allegedly at this point is crazy. thanks so for for your child
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support. you got it. >> the killer of the churchill downs stable worker is still on grounds of the kentucky derby. this according to the dead man's son. and then, was lena kaufman killed by her husband or did she die from an adverse reaction to a spray tan? e an
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it was a sunny day at one of the world's most famous racetracks but then murder in the underbelly of the kentucky derby. dr. baden, you responded to many homicide scenes. what is the first thing you look for in a case leak this? >> the first thing you have to look for' part from the scene is to determine the cause of death and that hasn't been released yet. and as much as people say. >> judge jeanine: why do you
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think it hasn't been released yet? >> because police are doing an investigation. and some agencies release the information right away, sometimes they don't. the issue here is what they say is a homicide. due to a shooting, stabbingion strangulation or blunt force. if it is blunt force it may not be a homicide. it could be -- i have seen three cases now in the past many decades where horses have struck people in barns and initially thought to be a homicide. >> judge jeanine: that is interesting, someone being injured by a horse kicking them. they say this is murder it is clear the wounds on the body and location of the corpse indicate that it was clearly murder. stall or near aal or near a horse. >> it seems it like is occurred on the backside where hundreds
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of stable workers live and they have shut down. the police have no known leaves. where do you you start in the investigation? >> i like the under belly contempt. the great are story here is the culture that exists in the back side. a thousand workers, 600 my grant workers. a lot are undocumented people from central america. you are going to have a very hard time with witnesses or any one coming forward to talk because they are are not going to want, a, the truth about the underside or backside being known and b, these people are are afraid of being deported. it could be a big story where maybe he knew something about fixed or phoenixed >> or it could be simply stable hands having a bar room fight and then dumping a body in a barn. the police aren't saying something, anything that they know at this point. >> what is interesting is that the victim's son who spoke with his dad about five hours before
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and remember this is right after the kentucky derby. >> hours. >> judge jeanine: hours after the kentucky derby and just five hours before his father's body is found the victim's son who also worked at a groom at the stables said "it had to be someone who lived here. ". is the killer living amongst them? >> i believe so. >> they have heavy camera security around the area in churchill downs so theoretically no one can get into the area without the right credentials and they have security amra am cram as camer. maybe this was just a brawl among workers after the big event, people got drunk after the big event for example. what was h his alcohol content would be important to know or is there anything nefarious about the races that were run
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that day. >> judge jeanine: something that the groom knew and -- >> and if he won a lot of money that day maybe it is a robbery and he got rolled for his winnings. i do agree with his son whoever did is was known and probably another stablele hand or a my grant worker like his father. >> judge jeanine: everybody said that the man had no enemies. >> this could be a great teaching moment for the underbelly of horse racing where the poor people protect the horses of the rich people and. >> he may have known something. >> and he may having is or the conditions of how they work is important, too. >> judge jeanine: they had to be registered although you say they could be illegal but they came back and forth so they definitely had to i think get visas based on churchill downs and their documentation of these people. but that is something that we'll see. >> they are afraid their visas won't be renewed. anyway, thank you for being with us. all right, did she die from a spray tan? a heart problem?
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or did her husband just strangle her? and a member of the l.a. sheriff's department on the disappearance of 20th century fox executive gentleman venice smith.
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come on, wake up. lina! >> sir, i'm going to send the ambulance to you. i need you toasty on the phone and i'll tell you exactly what to do. >> please! please, oh, my god! oh, my god. >> that was the chilling call that adam kaufman made to 911.
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prosecutors say he strangled his wife. he says she died from a bad reaction to a spray tan and now it is a heart defect. guysers first it is a reaction to a spray tan. now, she had some kind of virus that effected her heart. and then she passed out, hit a magazine rack and basically strangled herself. do you think the jury is going to buy this? >> the passed out and hit the magazine rack is the third story. he said he found her on the floor and then he said he found her wrapped around the toilet riding the porcelain bus as we would say when we were kids. >> judge jeanine: riding the porcelain bus. >> in college. >> judge jeanine: i went to college, too, i never heard that one. >> he is not acting leak an at any time guy. he is in trouble.
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>> fred, let me tell you something. the prosecution's case. they are going down. >> really? >> let me tell you we. you have three he newar nationl experts that say there is no homicide here. they evaluated the case. there is no indication of struggle. no motive to speak of. no marital discord or domestic violence. when you you look at the evidence, warm to the touch, he was out all night. nonsense. records show and phone records and surveillance records he was in the house. >> judge. >> first of all, wait a minute. judge, don't tell him, stuff case for the state. i get that j. news for you. no evidence of a homicide you mean other than body on the floor in the bathroom with the strangulation marks around her neck? >> why did it take them a year and a half to make the determination there was a homicide here? >> so that some smart criminal
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defense lawyer like joey jackson wouldn't say they rushed to railroad this buy it. >> judge jeanine: what is the question. why did it take 17 months? >> they couldn't come up with a reason why there was a death. do i wish they indicted the guy on the next day. yes. >> judge jeanine: let me tell you this i have tried domestic violence strangulation cases. we have sustained pressure to the next. deep tissue trauma to the neck consistent with the marks on the outside of the neck. you have petechial hemorrhaging in the eyes. it is when the vains start to burst. so you have the injury, you you have the deep tissues. you have the petec h hial hemorrhaging and my question is for the m.e. not to declare this a homicide right off the bat is crazy.
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>> let's say this. first of all, i would never like to be in your jurisdiction when you are prosecuting. the facts are in this. the first medical examiner did not draw those con chalks. the second did. >> judge jeanine: they did draw those conclusions but didn't come up with a cause of death. >> and they failed to tell you that her medical his torrey established she had fainting spells and. >> easier to strangle. >> why is the h husband's engine warm at 6:30 in the morning? why is the husband fully dressed at 6:30 in the morning? >> correct, correct. >> he wasn't. >> he was fully dressed. >> you know what, the biggest problem here is you are believing the defense lawyer's papers. he was fully dressed and he met the emts at the top of the slept. and by the way, he hadn't slept
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in his bed. >> why does the first responder say he was in his bocker shorts and t short. there is no surveillance in that gated community that will show that he was out and about. innocent as charged. >> innocent as charged? >> the number of eyewitnesses that saw him in the house that night is 0.0, okay. >> let me tell you what is going to happen here. a battle of the experts but if they open their mouth about a spray tan they will lose right off the bat. and did you think that that 911 was credible? >> i didn't. i thought this was a person who was absolutely just beside himself. he he was is compassionate. he didn't know what to do. he was hysterical. he say it is credible. i say not guilty. >> judge jeanine: we just will wait and see. joey and fred, stick around. and we still don't know what really happened to susan powell. her are parents hope the trial of her father in law may shed some light. next. and was john travolta
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blacklisted because a posh new york city hotel because of his inappropriate behavior? stay with us.  military
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officers. i'm hai harris faulkner. now, back to "justice." if somehow he is seeing this we want you to come home, baby. we love you. our world is not right without you. be safe. >> gavin smith is a successful movie executive. married and the father of three boys but where is he? he disappeared 11 days and go and the los angeles sheriff's department is looking for him. steve whitmore is the spokesman. steve, are you with us? >> yes, judge. i am. thank you. >> thanks for joining us. we know how busy you are. all the circumstances surrounding this case just hit
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me as very unusual. what can you tell me? >> regrettably when people do disappear each has an unusual aspect to it. mr. smith was last between between 9:00 and 10:00 p.m. on tuesday may 1. he was reported missing the following day may 2 to one of our local stations. he is 6'6", 210-pounds, grey hair with blonde highlights and has a goatee. a scar about five inches on his calf and approximately four inch scar on the inner right wrist. the reason i tell you that is because we are still asking the public's help. he is a striking figure. if anybody sees this individual or even see something that they think that is not important, it always is important. call this number if he may 323-890-5500.
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>> judge jeanine: and we will put that up on the screen and we have it up now, steve. a male adult missing who has no mental problems, no issues about alzheimer's or not knowing who he was. and as you say, your department has said no evidence of follow play. is it possible given the unusual circumstances of this guy staying with a friend who turns out to be a female friend when his home is so close is the friend's house, is it possible he just doesn't want to be found? >> obviously we are not overlooking any option. everything is on the table. we are following every lead. we are examining every possibility. so that certainly is one of the options. there are many options injuries right now the important thing is that once again we are are asking the public if you think, if you see, if you -- anything that may even not be important you believe, to please contact
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us. >> all right. and steve, you know, when you think about something like this, your options have to be carjacking, maybe a gambling problem, maybe a relationship. but there have been no credit card hits and nothing to indicate he is using his cell phone. >> right now as much as i would like to, i can't get into the specifics of our search and the missing person investigation because it is ongoing. >> judge jeanine: okay. >> but the important thing to once again remember is as we go through our daily lives, we see things, we hear things. please, this is a striking figure. 6'6". blonde hair, highlights. >> we have the number on the screen if any one has any information please call the l.a. sheriff's department. 323-905-5500. no you to the trial of susan
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powell's father in law. steve powell is on trial in tacoma for voyeurism after videotaping two young neighbor girls. his daughter in law, susan powell missing since 2009. steve's son killed himself and their two young sons this past february. to chuck and judy cox, thank you so much for being with us. my condolences. this is the first time i'm talking to you since the loss of your two beautiful grand children. how are you guys doing? >> fine, thank you, judge. >> judge jeanine: all right. this week, steven powell now on trial for 14 counts of voyeurism. i have read that you want to be in that courtroom. why do you think it is important to be in that courtroom? >> well, first, i misunderstood. i thought since i knew he took pictures of my daughter that she was part of the case.
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now, i understand it is just the neighborhood girls. but it is still the idea that perhaps he will say something that might lead us to susan. we still want to find our daughter. >> of course, you do. and, of course, it has is to irk you a little bit, chuck, because you have been on "justice" many times in the past and sade that the police were close to an arrest of josh and now, of course, you are left following josh's father's voyeurism trial. do you think that something may come up that will cause him to speak? >> well, i was hopeful. we thought josh had been arrested a long time ago. we thought police should have questioned all of the members of the family and that didn't happen. now, with josh gone and our kids gone, our chances of steve
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saying something are not great but we have nothing we can do but hope because we are sure that he is the one who would be most helpful in finding susan. >> judge jeanine: do you think that he airshafte aassisted joe disappearance of susan? >> i'm sure he was involved, definitely. >> judge jeanine: why do you say that? >> his obsession with susan and h her rejecting him and just the way josh was, he didn't do things on his own. basically had to be producted into action and i think his dad would have done that. >> judge jeanine: it is interesting. i will think he mentioned to someone that he had gone camping. how do you feel about the fact that there is a prosecutor, chuck and jew you did judy aso indicated that they could have proven this case? >> it sounds like the prosecutor has been working with the police the whole time and yet i thought that by now there would have been an arrest
4:36 am
a long time ago. i feel that there could have been two or three different times that he should have opinion arrest. >> i'm kind of surprised other prosecutors say they would have arrested him and would have made it stake and i'm beforeled why that didn't happen. >> the judge this week dismessed the one pornography count in the trial. why did the judge dismiss the one charge. >> he said we all take pictures of our kids in bath tubs and he said it needed to be more than just taking pictures of the private parts of the child as happened here. the statute says that is all you need and in fact we know steven powell was sitting in his bedroom filming these girls for a year while they were undressing, on the toilet,
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taking a bath i, in their carebear pajamas. >> it seems it would have stuck. to say anybody can take pictures of their own kid in the bath tub is ridiculous. it is all about sexual grantfication. the police were creative in filing the charges and very agress investigators in the voyeurism charges and child pornography charge. why weren't they, you know what, ann, you you didn't have to be creative to file charges against josh. you have the blood on the floor. the fan going. they know it is her house. and then the lies about my phone wasn't working. why couldn't they get creative in filing charge is against josh? i don't get it. >> i don't get it. you are so right, judge. and they had her blood and her will seaing if i die he killed me.
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in her safe deposit box. everything else, in fact, he took out $3.5 million in insurance. like the old double indemnity. they could have arrested and said they were going to. and the boys would have been alive. look at chuck and judy standing by with all the hope and faith all this time and got nothing but tragedy. >> judge jeanine: i couldn't agree with you more, ann. my final question to chuck and judy, how do you move forward from here? >> we are not in control of anything. we are sitting back watching what happens as basically the cleanup happens now and it kind of seems pointless. we have other children and we have other things to do. we know that in susan is gone and we believe she is that the boys are with her. we just go on day after day. >> judge jeanine: so to chuck and judy our hearts go out to you 86 think the whole country
4:39 am
followed this tragedy with you. and but that the ending were different. three men are claiming that john travolta made unwanted sexual advances. why their claims face an uphill battle. then, the christmas tree fire that killed three young girls and their grandparents. was is a freak accident or was the city of stamford, connecticut to blame? today, we stand against the tyranny of single mile credirds. battle speech right? may i? [ horse neighs ] or too long, people have settled for single miles. with the capital one venture card, you'll earn doubleiles on every purchase, every day! [ visigoths cheer ] hawaii, here we come. [ alec ] so sign up day for a venture card at and start earning double. [ all ] double miles! [ brays ] what's in your wallet? can you play games on that? not on the runway. no.
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john travolta has pulp like fiction drama after being sued by a massage therapist who claimed the married father made unwanted sexual advances. another ma sue quickly followed and now you a third man claims that travolta treed to have sex with him. dylon howard and joey and fred are with us. all right, what is the latest? >> well, judge, the tally is now at four. according to the new york daily news, a fourth man has come forward and alleged that john travolta was banned from the five star hotel in new york city. this in the 2000s after inappropriate conduct. these allegations have not been tested and the hotel has not responded but it takes the number to four. and i could also tell you tonight, judge that more allegations are set to come out about john travolta detaling
4:44 am
his secret life according to a former grease costar. the ex-girlfriend of jeff seeway is trying to hawk diaries to several tab lloyd media. >> judge jeanine: now, that we have this fourth person coming forward how is it that john travolta is going to fight this? >> he engaged the most powerful attorney in this town, marty singer who represented arnold schwarzenegger, charlie sheen and tiger woods. now, the mo of marty singer is very clear. he rarely goes to the court of law. instead he dukes this out in the court of public opinion and already john doe number one has had list claims tested through the use of john travolta's alibi. receipts at the restaurant in new york were presented to discredit the alleged date and he has come back and said he got the date wrong. you will find that marty simmer
4:45 am
in this case john travolta's aggressive lawyer will attempt to discredit the claims in the public. >> always good to have you with us, dylan. all right, first accuser as dylan just said goes from it happened on the 16th and then marty singer comes in and shows proof that john travolta was in new york city and not in l.a. so how does this hurt the case? >> total money grab. how it hurts it is it shows a lack of credibility. you are alleging these allegations affected you so much, judge, i want $2 million. i was stressed and outraged and then you don't know the date it happened. then we have receipts he was flying and now receipts he was in a restaurant and you say it was a miscalculation. let's assume everything is true. it is worth $2 million that somebody talk talked to you inappropriately? >> judge jeanine: i read the
4:46 am
complaint. it is graphic and disgusting. >> this isn't about words. it is about actions. >> judge jeanine: we have the first accuser fred who has pulled back from the information. >> he has, judge. you know, judge, i do at lot of civil work january and you expect witnesses to get the dates wrong and stuff like that. and marty singer may be aggressive but reminds me of the game at the arcade where the groundhog pops up and you hit them with the mall let. >> what gets me is that where are the police reports. you are alleging all these things happened. were you in therapy? did you quit your job? are you on medication? are you that sensitive? >> i got news that is what they said about the woman who accused ben roethlisberger. >> joey is right about one thing it as he said she said. >> it will take circumstance
4:47 am
cal case and crab rating evidence. it is a he said. he said. when travolta says i wasn't there the receipts undermean the case.nes >> judge jeanine: is this case going to go to court? >> it could potentially go because i think he has a vested from in preserving his reputation and demonstrating that he didn't engage in this activity. >> if he pays a dime he is done in the court of public opinion. >> judge jeanine: and with marty singer at the other end it will be a no holds barred. >> it reminds me of oscar de la hoya. there was allegations that he was crazy main yak sex crazed and that got toss. >> a tragic christmas fire kills three little girls and
4:48 am
their grandfather in stanford. now, their father is out for justice. hap
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the city of stanford, connecticut denies liability for a deadly christmas day fire. the father of the victims disagreed and he wants justice. take a look. it was a christmas morning tragedy. nine-year-old lily, 7-year-old twins sarah and grace and their brandparents loemer and pauline johnson all killed in a quick moving fire engulfing their connecticut home. the girl's mother madonna badger and her boyfriend michael borcina managed to
4:52 am
escape. the blaze ignited after he discarded fire place ashes near are an entryway close to the trash. at the time was house was undergoing renovations led by borcina, a contractor. now, matthew badger the girl's father plans to sue. he put the city of stanford on notice saying they are are to blame. there were no working smoke detectors or fire alarms in the house and badger says stanford allowed the children to live in a fire trap. they failed to require appropriate cert fixes, failed to review plans before issuing licenses and didn't follow up on failed inspections. all right, joey and fred is is there a case to be made that the city of stanford is responsible for the deaths of this beautiful family, three little girls and the grand parents? >> i mean you know what, judge, i really think so.
4:53 am
and you can see the father's pain. this is horrific. no one would want to go through this. i think that the city has a regulatory obligation. there are policies and procedures in place for a reason. there are permits that need to be issued because they protect the public and safety of individuals behalf. there was some lapse -- but if there was any lapse at all in judgment, anything the city could have done that they didn't do i think that the liability will attach. >> fred? >> this guy lost three of his daughters so who am i do question we h why he is doing what he is doing. trying to hold the city responsible is inappropriate. you have to show cassation. you have to show what the city did is the cause of accident. the cause of accident was what the boyfriend did at night with the embers. i'm a little disappointed anded perturbed about the fact that they bulldozed the house within days of the accident. >> judge jeanine: i got to tell you, fred, i don't understand that.
4:54 am
within hours they bulldozed the house. let's go back to the issue of the taxpayers in the city of stanford having to pay -- stamford having to pay the estates of the three little girls and no one would question the father's pain and search for justice. if they moved in without a certificate of occupant he is. if the permits had expired and if we have a scenario where the mother's boyfriend who is a contractor moves the embers in a dangerous wea situation how s the city of stamford to blame? >> i understand your point as far as causation. there are contributing factors. you don't have to demonstrate that the city is 100% at fault here. >> judge jeanine: contributory negligence? >> exactly. >> what about causation. you have to prove there was a cause-and-effect. >> there is a major causal connection between the manner of the fire and the lack of the city doing their job issuing
4:55 am
permits allowing them to move in there. >> and i hear are you, a good argument. it was broken the minute they spent the night in there without the proper smoke detectors and without the proper things being done. what jumps out at me is that the father doesn't see a deep pocket. the boyfriend doesn't have any money and there is nobody else to sue and now he is looking to the city and i think that is inappropriate. >> the fact is all you said and you are dead on but the reality is that this guy has lost his children. >> judge jeanine: but that is not the point. the question is did the city of stamford do something wrong and my question is if they now have a bill in the hopper to require everyone who is renovating to put in a smoke detector that suggests to me that maybe that wasn't required. this isn't a new construction. it is a renovation. >> criminal charges are still pending. the state --
4:56 am
>> judge jeanine: they can't prove a criminal case. they tore down the crime scene. >> evidence that is removed that they no longer is the benefit of. >> judge jeanine: that is all we have time for. that is it for us tonight everybody. thanks for joining us. e-mail us your comments "justice" at fox news .com. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. blafs e an
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>> john: i wear these chains because we need to wake people up. america is on the road to serfdom. >> i say that because politicians are spending us in ruins. they do ridiculous things like letting thousands of feet of offices building to go waste. >> it's just empty.


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