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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  May 13, 2012 4:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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suicidal and maybe armed and search for the agent intention ties. >> heather: an assassin's bullet takes down an afghanistan's key figure. >> gregg: and a story might make your blood boil on this mother's day. what one mom has accused her son doing of a winning lottery ticket, more than $50 million. >> heather: we begin with a fox news alert. it affects your 401-k. we are two hours away from european markets opening up. j.p. morgan chase's blunder making a $2 billion trading loss causing trade teors shave almost 10% of off of j.p. morgan zok price. dimond addressed it saying they
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made an egregious error. but they will weather the size. >> this is not a risk. it's a stupid thing that we should have never done but we are going earn a lot of money this quarter. it's no the like the company is jeopardized. >> heather: but when a bank gets too big to fail he supports the government stepping in and taking action. >> we support getting rid of too big to fail. it's very important. this is not going to even remotely to make money for capital but we want the government to take down a big bank like j.p. morgan. it can be done. dodd-frank has the authority to take a big bank and when it happens, the board should be fired and compensation and equity should be wiped out and the name should be buried. >> heather: we'll have much more on the developing story on senior business correspondent brenda butner.
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>> gregg: an assassin strikes in afghanistan. armed guards surrounding the home of the victim. a top member of the afghan police peace council gunned down at a traffic intersection this morning. he was working to improve relations between the taliban and afghan government. now more from kabul. >> he is the second member of high peace council to be asasz nate. in september the chairman was killed what we believe were taliban assassins. they have denied responsibility for killing ramani but it's believed that they are behind today's attacks. he was gunned down near his house. the taliban in the past have said that members of the high peace council are legitimate targets and they would attack but they say they had nothing to do with his death today.
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the bigger question what will ramani's death do to the peace negotiations. he was the member of taliban leadership here in the 1990s she also been a member of the adding government the past seven or so years. he is somebody that knows the players in the taliban leadership that are based in pakistan and knows the leaders in afghanistan. he is somebody that had credibility from both sides. the overall question is what will this do to the peace process that has stalled the past few months. high peace council has not been involved in the peace talks but ramani's death is going to create an atmosphere where there is less trust. so for that very reason alone his death is significant and really does cast a shadow, a dark shadow on the overall peace process here in afghanistan. >> gregg: thanks. >> heather: back at home new
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hearings scheduled in the prostitution scandal rocking the secret service. joe lieberman skeagd public hearing may 23rd. he says he wants a review of the investigation into the incident. scandal exploding last month. you remember the president went on a trip to a summit in colombia and prostitute says a secret service member refused to pay her. it cost nine members their job is. >> a desperate shech for an f.b.i. agent missing in southern california. more than a hundred investigators looking for special agent, there he is, steven ivans is his name. his wife reported him missing on friday. he is possibly swuil. he is a runner and hiker, police think he took off on foot. deputies using helicopters and
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night vision goggles in the search. >> there is no evidence of foul play right now. that is why we have a robust effort to locate him. >> he worked in national security type cases, counterterrorism matters. that is really all i can say regarding the case. >> gregg: police say he is armed but they don't believe he is a danger to anyone other than himself. >> now to syria, unrelenting violence as u.n. observers are ramping up their presence there. nearly 200 observers on the ground. full team of 300 expected to be in place by the end of the month but new bloodshed is undermining their mission to oversee a truce. raiding a farming village killing five people and burning down many of the homes. fox news producer is live in damascus joining us by phone. john, are these observers making any difference on the ground that you can tell?
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>> well, gregg, since the cease-fire was announced two months ago we have seen numerous violations pretty much on a daily basis but what we have not seen is the large scale attacks on population centers like baghdad or -- like homs. u.n. presence is really about gathering information knowing what is happening around the country. this really helps to provide a clearer picture. it puts all side on notice that someone is watching. so in that sense it does help. now, the u.n. observers have two-thirds of their military observers in place. they expect the remaining hundred to arrive by the end of the month. they do go out every day. several missions a day and they will go to hot spots where there has been tension or there has been fighting, but you do have to consider that this is 300
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observers that are trying to monitor a country that is about the size of north dakota. so it's a pretty tough job. then you add to that, warnings from the u.n. inspector general earlier in week if the fighting is unchecked the country could slide into an all out civil war. it is a very fragile peace fire at this point. >> gregg: is there a plan "b" if the united nations's mission somehow fails? >> well, not just yet. first plan "a" is monitors and u.s. is to diffuse this crisis. if that fails and the u.n. monitors are pulled out, then we might expect pretty dramatic increase in violence. some countries are talking about setting up some type of safe havens along borders of neighboring states, particularly turkey and jordan.
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this would be in order to protect civilian population that would be caught up in the fighting. some states are talking about arming the opposition and protecting them providing them not only with arms but intelligence and communications and so forth. but really so far there isn't a plan "b" on the shelf. that is why really everybody is hoping that the current u.n. mission carrying on and that the syrians themselves move away from the precipice and make some type of a deal. any international intervention would require more u.n. resolutions. that is thought to be impossible given that you got two of member of the security council that remain adamant that will not happen. >> gregg: john, thanks very
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much. >> heather: we have new video to show you of a heart warming story that happened in north carolina. it's a huge hit online. it shows a u.s. marine coming home from fighting in afghanistan to surprise his son. his dad who really gets the surprise. laura ingle is standing by with this heart-warming story. >> you know this incredible moment was captured on home video as staff sergeant at his home coming after a seven month deployment. his six-year-old son diagnosed with cerebral palsy walk for the very first time. >> it was the surprise of a lifetime for staff sergeant. there he is seeing his son walk. this video viewed by millions of people. he and his wife have been told by doctors that his son would
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never walk on his own after got diagnosed when he turned one. his mom kept eight secret until this homecoming. entire family talked about michael's success story and share what it was like inside the gym when the big surprise was revealed. >> limited mobility is all we can hope for. that is what we've been told by every doctor and to help him move from one place to another. now, he is walking and running. he is going where he wants to. it's a feeling as a father you cannot describe. >> now melissa said he taught himself to stand and four to five month period, he was careful not to put videos on facebook or show him walking
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when his dad was overseas. he is now reading. and as for the satisfy staff sergeant he will be helping his son. >> heather: helping him out every step of the way. great story. in other news, new reaction to a whole new dynamic playing out in the race for the white house. the highly controversial issue of same-sex marriage this week president obama announcing his support. governor mitt romney reaffirming his opposition. is this an issue that will sway voters in november? steve centanni is live in washington, what political impact will the president's announcement have on gay marriage? >> reporter: it's notable and historic but nobody is saying it's a political game changer. on the airwaves they were not dwelling the issue. one key senator says the president is trying to change the subject. >> president obama brought this issue up because he wants -- he
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can't run on his record. let's put it that way. so he is trying to raise divisive issues to solidify his base and to divide the country. that isn't what we should be go on now. we should be focusing on jobs and the economy. >> reporter: g.o.p. chairman said the president's announcement won't change anything because without a constitutional amendment the states are making their own decisions anyway. >> are they predicting that it will help the president? >> they are saying it won't hurt and energize the base but minds are probably made up when it comes to gay issues anyway. one senator says she is going through an evolution similar to the president's on this issue. >> you get to know more and more gay couples. you see the happiness. you see the economic security that marriage brings. even more fundamentally you see children who otherwise would not
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have an adoptive home, being able to have that home. so same-sex couples, raising children, they do a fine job. >> reporter: the candidates themselves said nothing on this issue or any issue today since neither had in any campaign events. >> heather: thank you very much. >> gregg: on a very special mother's day, this is great. a mom in arizona teri newberry is defining the odds by water skiing. she suffered a serious neck injury in a car accident years ago. with the help of volunteers she has accomplished something that is incredible. keri says it was a total blast. >> how was it? [ applause ] >> drink a little water? >> zblah this is about eliminating obstacles but
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empowering people. >> gregg: her two-year-old son watched the event from the boat. congratulations. >> heather: two great stories today. and kerry and little michael. >> and so were all of his siblings who were so enthuse today see their mother walk. >> definitely a lesson you can do anything you put your mind and heart to. >> a big blunder for one of wall street biggest bankers, jamie dimon admitting mistakes but not apologizing. what could it mean for your 401-k when markets open tomorrow. >> an exam for third-graders, asking them to reveal a secret. come on? is this fair game or is it out of bounds? we report and you decide. >> i don't think it's appropriate because a secret is
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. >> gregg: check your watches. couple hours to go before the foreign markets open. j.p. morgan chase is looking for the personal fallout of the trading go loss of $2 billion. it might affect your 401-k. today jamie dimon saying serious errors were made. do you think? did the bank break any laws. did it violate any accounting rules or sec rules. >> we have the best people looking at that. we know we were sloppy and we know there was bad judgment. we don't know if that is true. the regulators should like this and they will come to their own conclusion. >> gregg: jamie dimon that got a $20 million pay package, slightly more than what brenda
4:20 pm
butner gets. jamie dimon goes out on a limb and audaciously says this is tempest in a teapot. today he admits i didn't know what the heck ways talking about. i was uninformed. i didn't know anything. this is the ceo. this is the head of the bank. does he deserve to keep his job? >> well, i mean that is the question. actually everybody is keeping their job at this point as they are going through the investigation. it's hard to know. it's hard to tease it all out. he is admitting that something was done wrong. the discretionary thing is that it really could get worse in the future. that is what everybody is watching for. >> gregg: as i watched the interview, i'm expecting bigger losses, more than $2 billion? >> yes. i don't know. he is pretty much saying there could be. i think he said it could get worse. >> gregg: a month ago, he said
4:21 pm
tempest in the teapot and he is saying it could get worse. he has been one of the biggest opponents of the financial regulation, his lobbyists have been trying to take down dodd-frank. today he said, oh, gee that is untrue. i'm a big supporter of dodd-frank. that is not close to being accurate. >> it's not accurate. there is a part of dodd-frank that is being debated right now called the volcker rule. that is at the center of this and that would ban proprietary trading in banks that are too big to fail. it would ban the kind of trading that went on. although dimon would say this is not the trading that went on. that means for profit trading. all they were trying to do is hedge against risk. now, it's very difficult to say what is a hedge, what is a gamble, what is for profit. >> gregg: isn't hedge inherently
4:22 pm
risky? >> well it is. >> gregg: when you hedge with derivatives, that is inherently risky? >> there is a thing and then there is out here adjunct and that is the derivative. that is what you are trading. so there is debt you are trading on the derivative. basically what banks say they are trying to hedge against volatility, but it's very, very gray area. >> gregg: isn't this what drove down the financial markets to begin in w in 2008, it was derivatives that cost aig the entire enterprise? >> the question is, would the volcker rule, right now it's hard to get credit and banks are
4:23 pm
tightening up. would it be more difficult in this kind have recovery, would that do more harm than good? that really is question. >> gregg: does a shareholder meeting on tuesday where j.p. morgan chase. now, the dimon admits he didn't know what he was talking about. he was utterly clueless, has he lost the credibility that the leader of a bank needs to have? >> he has long been held up as a very, stellar figure in the banking world. he has run many banks. he has made this mistake and it's a huge blunder. we still have to learn a little bit more about what happened between april and now. did he not know and did he know and he wasn't admitting to it. >> it's not his first blund, i go through his other ones but it's only a two-hour show.
4:24 pm
what about people's 401-ks. >> most people have banking stocks in their 401 k. hard hit on friday. the market didn't go down all that much. tomorrow i would say there is going to be a hit because after trading on friday, j.p. morgan credit rating took a hit and s&p downgraded the out look. but they have been shrugging off this a little bit. if you got money in j.p. morgan chase, it's taken 10% off. you probably going to take off more. >> gregg: more than $2 billion you can count on more. good to see you. catch more of brenda on bulls and bearings every saturday morning right here on the fox news channel. >> heather: coming up a mother and son going head to head over a lottery ticket. she is suing claiming that her
4:25 pm
child ran off with more than $30 million of her money. >> anna mae told me, i love my son. i trust my son. i trusted him. there was no reason for me to ever think anything would happen. this is not my son. fore!
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4:30 pm
>> heather: a massive search now underway in the rugged mountains near los angeles for an f.b.i. agent. steven advance was reported missing on friday. he is reportedly possibly suicidal. >> gregg: it is probably not a very happy mother's day for one california mom. she is suing her son over a winning $51 million mega millions ticket. 78-year-old etta may said she bought the winner but when she went to overcome she gave her the son for the ticket to sign. she claims he took off with all the cash. joining us is marcellus a trial attorney rachel. rachel, if the allegations are true, my goodness, this son is lucky he is not in jail on
4:31 pm
criminal fraud and theft? >> absolutely. i was reading the story thinking to myself i was surprised there were no criminal charges. you never know what is going to happen now it came to light. this case was under seal for quite a while and it only came out from being under seal. now that people are hearing about the story people are outraged. what this kid did to his mom is horrendous. >> gregg: here is the lawyer for the mother, take a listen. >> when etta may went to turn in the ticket, she was shaking so badly, she couldn't even function. she couldn't even hold the pen. >> gregg: so she gave the phone her son and he signed. so was he acting as an agent for mom and did he violate fiduciary duties he owed to her her as the agent? >> you would certainly expect
4:32 pm
that to be the claim of the mother's attorneys. you have a situation where you have someone who is over the age of 76, you said 78. according to her complaint she en trusted her son to come in and sign the ticket on her behalf and for her benefit. if you follow the pattern of how he used the money with only a fraction allegedly going to his mother for a house and some cash you certainly would expect her attorneys to say this was not only a relationship of a position of trust but the son breached it. >> gregg: the son buys four houses, ten cars for himself and she gets nothing. what if it could be shown that mother gave consent or authorized the son's many purchases? >> i think they are going to have a hard time proving that. she is flat out saying that is not 9 case. he perpetrated fraud against her by saying, look, mom, i'll look after this to avoid the
4:33 pm
notoriety and avoid the phone callers and you a the people seeking money. i'll look after it for you. it was based on that promise he made to her that she said, okay, let's go forward with this. then he totally breached in what he promised her. he has only provided her with a car and about $125,000 and a house valued at about $370,000 out of $32.2 million payout. while he bought ten cars, four houses and gave out $350,000. >> gregg: there is so much money to go around. >> he played it so wrong, if he just sat around, banana good son bought her flowers on mother's day. >> gregg: there is $32 million. >> i agree. >> it would appear that the son converted for his own use the funds he held in constructive trust for his mother.
4:34 pm
so inequity. tell us how the court goes about compensating the mother for that loss? >> essentially what the court is going to do, that the mother's allegations are true, what the law imposes is a doctrine called constructive trust ho which says that the person that is wrongfully in possession of property or items belonging to another person is deemed to hold those items such that you can follow the money in this case to the various dispositions whether it be a house or account and so forth. the mother can essentially have a legal right to obtain possession of those items so she can get the value that was wrongfully obtained from her. >> gregg: i'm thinking, elder abuse which is rampant in america. it's sad to say that. but it is, that elder americans are being taken advantage of sometimes by their children, sometimes by third parties.
4:35 pm
could this be a situation of elder abuse. >> absolutely. the plaintiff claimed elder abuse in this case. they are not going to need to prove that he intentionally did this. it's not a specific intent claim. they need to show he acted despicably which they can show because had a reaction when they heard the facts here. he acted with a willful and conscious disregard to her interests and she was of age considered an elder. >> gregg: you would never want this to get in front of the jury if they are defending the son. they are going to hammer the living daylights out of guy? >> i absolutely agree with you. one of the things i was thinking not in terms of the optics for the son, i can't think of anything worse than mother-son litigation but with respect to
4:36 pm
the entire family, is there any winner? you think about the underlying relationship what will be evidence about who bought the ticket for what purpose and what did they do with the funds, there will be no winners, the whole thing is tragic. >> the mother bought the ticket. she did it every monday and thursday, goes down to mobile station. she spends two dollars and five dollars. she on videotape buying the ticket. the son has no claim whatsoever, does he? >> i don't think he does. >> gregg: we agree he is an awful son? >> yes, we can. >> gregg: terrible story for mother's day. sorry to be doing this. [ laughter ] >> gregg: thank you. it's awful. >> heather: shame on you. governor mitt romney may be the likely g.o.p. presidential nominee but try telling that to the supporters of ron paul.
4:37 pm
giving somebody very close to romney an earful. our power panel comes up after the break. day tuned. [ male announcer ] the inspiring story
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>>. >> heather: supporters of ron paul not showing a lot of love to the son of mitt romney. josh romney was speaking at the arizona republican party convention trying to win support for his father's no, ma'am nation but the audience having none of it, booing josh romney off the stage. >> when my dad realized he was going to be next republican nominee for president of the united states of america.... >> josh is the third of his five sons. he tried to calm the crowd down but was repeatedly cut short.
4:42 pm
does it spell big trouble for him to wrap up the nomination. let's bring in judith miller. founder of powell financial group and deneen borelli a fox news contributor. thanks for joining us today on this mother's day. >> i'll start with you here. what does ron paul hope to accomplish with the republican national convention and what do his supporters want? >> don't think ron paul get it. if i'm president obama sitting in the white house, i'm delighted about this. who needs to run negative ads when you have republicans beating up on republicans. if you are a republican to put whatever grievance about the front-runner aside and hang together but that is clearly not what is going on.
4:43 pm
they i understand they feel passionately but the time has come. >> ron paul says she is going all the way through to tampa. what do you think? >> i think the problem is romney. romney hasn't found his voices and said to these people, i love your passion. i have worked very hard to be the nominee of this party. you are not going to like everything i say, you are not going to like everything i do, but you are going to like what i do and what i say a heck of a lot better than four more years of failed obama experiment. he has to reel them in the way chris christie did in new jersey. >> heather: you are from new jersey. >> understanding when you have conviction you can work with people that don't agree with you and still get them on board. >> josh romney tried to say that. he tried to appease them. >> it's not surprising anybody that knows ron paul supporters are very enthusiastic.
4:44 pm
they are standing tall for libertarian principles. this is what they believe in. but their support and enthusiasm is a politician's dream. they want supporters who are really excited and energetic about their message. >> heather: it's energetic and exciting because a lot of them follow what is on twitter. so they are wanting him to mention him on the news and how he is doing. >> ron paul has been able to tap into the young voters. he is able to get their attention. how easy to get the attention of young people these days. >> they were bullying the son. >> they are frustrated because ron paul is not the front-runner. they are avoiding i think their frustrations on that parted. >> heather: we'll see what happens as we move forward. >> michele bachmann taking some heat from conservative blogs over her allegiances to the united states on thursday. she withdrew her swift
4:45 pm
citizenship hoping to put the matter at rest. she became eligible for dual citizenship in 1978 when she married her husband who is swiss. in a statement she wrote to the swiss consulate asking to withdraw the dual status hoping to make clear she proud american citizen, but that is not stopping the fire from the right wing, some are calling a dual citizenship an insult to two countries. does it matters? >> i think this is a non-issue. i would like to wish michele bachmann a happy mother's day. i think she has four children of her own. i think the liberal media came out with this first and foremost. any a conservative woman you have the liberal media that are going to make issues that are
4:46 pm
not issues. >> heather: they want to take it to another level. >> this was applying for the highest office in the land. what does switzerland is back-up plan if it doesn't work out here in the united states. you have to question her judgment. i think particularly with women, they get a bad rap, in this case she brought it on herself. i really think we have to think twice how we vet people to understand who wants to run for president of the united states. i think it's a non-issue. she brought it up initially when she was running for president. >> it was something she was eligible for 1978 when she married her husband. she is eligible for it. he apparently applied for it, and filed for it february 15th and granted on march 19. she automatically got it. >> she did it for the children.
4:47 pm
she can do this now because she is not running for president. i would agree with patricia, if she did it when she was running for president, it would have been one another thing that people point to, there she goes again. >> doesn't preclude her from running again, but if you do want to be president of the united states, it's a good idea to wait in the foreign vi celine. she can always run in switzerland. >> heather: we have to go on a quick break. al-qaeda creating sang tears a yemen drawing firepower of drones. is yemen a stronghold for the terror group? our power panel will weigh in on that next. hen the doctor told me that i could smoke for the first wee.. i'm like...yeah, ok... little did i know
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suspected strikes, reportedly killing 11 al-qaeda militants, targeting two provinces that has come under the sway of al-qaeda. advisor john brennan is visiting yemen to meet with their new president. our power panel is back.
4:52 pm
judy i'm going to start with you on this. how much of a problem is this? >> this is terrible problem for the administration. you know some conservatives accuse the administration of doing a victory lap. it was quite the opposite. the administration did everything to keep the lid on the details of the story and a double agent that kept many americans from being blown up in airplanes was compromised because of it. it's a huge, huge problem. there is department of justice investigation into who leaked the information. now because i to protect someone that classified information. i'm not a big fan of leak investigations but if there was ever a reason to keep an operation secret, this was it. >> because it put current missions in jeopardy. >> that is the bad news, when
4:53 pm
you have leaks like this, who wants to be an agent that provide information known that their cover could be blown and could be compromised. the good news we need to hit the terrorists where they are on their homeland by using human intelligence because frisking grandmas and kids at the airport is not the answer. i've been doing a lot of traveling promoting my book. last week there was an elderly woman stand up out of wheelchair and he could barely hold her arms up. really, grandma and kids we need a human intelligence. >> heather: final word. >> we're in the second decade of the war on terror although we don't call it that anymore. this is personal, there is a lot of us in the new york area. we may see it differently protecting agents, also our military, all the intelligence agents and all these people that are at risk around the world. we've been here 11 years after
4:54 pm
9/11 without an attack on our soil. if you would ask ten people, nobody would think that would have happened. >> i knew a lot of people at the trade center. >> a question on the exam for third grader. this is new jersey, patricia's town. to reveal a secret and write why it was hard to keep. education department said the question was being field tested and not appear on the exam. >> a secret is a secret. this puts children in a really bad situation because it compromises, and undermines what the definition of what a secret is. there is far more questions they could be asking. >> the state of new jersey did this. the department of education. they hired a testing expert. they hired a specialist and a panel of teachers who all put
4:55 pm
this together and thought it was just fine. it gives you a sense how crazy it is to have faith in this. how overreaching the government could be. what are they going to find out? that mary joe's father has a honey on the side and this one is pregnant. it's invasion of the privacy of these families. >> among all the things that are wrong with american education, i'm sure this is one of them but it doesn't rise to my level of absolute indignation. i would be more upset that are science grades are falling and math scores are falling. >> heather: thank you all for joining us. happy mother's day once again. gregg, do you have any secrets to share with us? >> so many i can't even reveal. murder in broad daylight. an assassin's bullet claiming
4:56 pm
the life of a key afghan diplomat. who is behind the killing. we'll delve into that secret in a moment.e phillips colon health probiotic cap a day helps defend against digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. hit me! [ female announcer ] live the regular life. phillips'. [ male announcer ] fifty horsepower. fourteen-hundred pounds payload. fully independent suspension. the gator xuv 825i. own the off-road. ::on my journey across america, i found new ways to tell people about saving money. this is bobby. say hello bobby. hello bobby.
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4:59 pm
it has four servo motors and a wireless microcontroller over the last three years we've put nearly 100 million dlars into american education. that's thousands of ks learning to love science. ♪ isn't that cool? and that's pretty cool ♪ >>gregg: fox news alert. brand new fallout from the $2 billion trading loss scandal by j.p. morgan chase, the "wall street journal" just now reporting that three of the financial giants executives tied to the blunder are set to leave this week. hello, welcome to a brand new
5:00 pm
hour "inside america's news headquarters." >>heather: among the executives is the gentleman that ran the risk management office, and jamie dimon saying this likely to get worse. >> we know we were sloppy. we know we were stupid. we flow was bad judgment. >>heather: lawmakers are weighing in on what should be done do keep this from happening again. and peter has the latest from washington, dc. >>peter: the c.e.o. of j.p. morgan chase said their $2 billion bet gone bad will give financial regulators more ammunition to clamp down on banks but jamie dimon says everyone in business makes mistakes but it doesn't mean they are toast just because they are sloppy. >> this is not a life threatening risk to j.p. morgan chase but a stupid thing they should not have done but we will still earn a lot of money. it is not like the company is jeopardized. >> he supports 70 percent of
5:01 pm
dodd-frank, the regulations put in place after the financial crisis but the loss would not have been stopped by the volcker rule which is finalized and will stop banks who get federal money from making bets for their profit. he says this bet was a hedge against potential loss. but democratic senator levin will close the loophole that let this happen. >> issue is whether we are going to stick with the law as written. which will prevent us bailing out banks again. the only way to do that is to make sure they do not take the risks that were taken. >> but john cornyn thinks j.p. morgan chase bank proved that dodd-frank is a dud. >> there needs to be oversight and investigation to find out what, exactly, happened, and why the president's signature finance, financial services reform bill did not do anything to stop it. >> chairman of the rnc made the position clear this morning saying he thinks there should be less regulation. >>heather: thank you, peter.
5:02 pm
>>gregg: we are learning about new concerns over peace efforts in afghanistan following the assassination of a key negotiators and the deadly ambush of two nato soldiers. armed guards, heightened security in kabul today. this is the scene outside the home of a negotiator after he was gunned down. he was a top member of the peace council improving efforts with the taliban. and, at the same time, britain confirms two of their soldiers killed yesterday by members of the afghan police force. and now more from kabul. >>connell: this is the second member of the high peace council to have been assassinated in the past few months. in september the chairman of the high peace council was killed by what we believe are taliban assassins and the taliban have actually denied responsibility for killing ramani but it is believe the taliban were behind the attacks.
5:03 pm
he was was gunned down here his house. the taliban says these members are legitimate targets and they would attack the members but they are saying they had nothing to do with his death. the bigger question is: what will the death do to the overall peace negotiations? he was a member of the taliban leadership here in the 1990's and also been a member of the afghan government the past seven or so years and is someone who knows the players in the taliban leadership that are now based in pakistan and he knows the leaders here in pakistan and the current government so he is someone who had credibility from both sides. but the overall question is, what will this do to the peace process which is stalled the past few months? the high peace council has not been involved in a lot of the peace talks. but his death is going to create an atmosphere where this is even less trust between the taliban and the current afghan government and the international
5:04 pm
community. for that very reason alone, his death is significant and, really, cast as shadow, a dark shadow on overall peace process here in afghanistan. >>gregg: thank you from kabul. in iraq, the embassy says they remain committed to training police officials in that country. but an official admits the united states is scaling back the program. those comments in response from a report in the "new york times" that claims the $500 million police development program could be eliminated entirely by the end of the year. but an embassy spokesman called the program "a vital part of the united states and iraqi relationship." >>heather: campaigns taking place on several fronts and some could get more personal than the campaign between president obama and governor romney. there is a lot of clinging on capitol hill as as do
5:05 pm
congressional colleagues face off against each other and chief congressional correspondent has more from capitol hill. >> population from the rust best to the sunbelt led to further northern congressional districts and created member versus member races in 11 states around country. in pennsylvania, a blue dog democratic and another was ousted, losing to liberal opponents. >> when members of our caucus are pitted against each other, it is a gut wrenching situation if them and heartrending for us. >> in ohio the governor lost one of his best friends in congress, representative kaptur and there was controversy over cantor endorsing a freshman over a ten term member. >> member and member races are not good. it is like two brothers being
5:06 pm
locked in a room and only one can walk out. i didn't enjoy the process. >> in iowa a republican king's reliable 5th district has been eliminated so it is 45 percent his former constituents and 55 percent new people in the new district. king faces well-known democratic challenger, wife of the former iowa governor, and what is expected to be a tough challenge. >> i spend less time at home and more time in the new district but it is grandson roots, getting to know people in the communities and build that kind of a network where you have to know people. >> states like ill were we drawn to benefit democrats north carolina is expected to benefit republicans which leads experts to believe this fall redistricting will likely end up being a wash. >> it will more or less lockdown many of the republican gains of the big sweep election of two years ago, and many of the maps were drawn to bolster the chances that some of these tea party freshmen and some of the bigger surprise winners can
5:07 pm
stick around. >> because of redistricting republicans believe they have shrunken the field of where democrats can win to california, illinois, and new york, of the 45 states most believe there are only 90 competitive races of the 435 >>gregg: a report in "wall street journal" says light square preparing to file for bankruptcy, the telecom company trying to avoid a default but it is reportedly not making headway. the company has until 5:00 p.m. eastern tomorrow to reach a deal that would keep it out of bankruptcy. >> it will not be long before new york city has a brand new tourist attraction. last month the space shuttle enterprise was flown to kennedy airport, atop a 747. remember this? last night the ship was
5:08 pm
separated from the plane in preparation for the next voyage june 6th when it is moved to the final destination, the intends sea, air, and space museum on the hudson river. >>gregg: new questions this hour over a bullet train that would cost taxpayers roughly $5 billion. supporters calling it a vital lifeline between los angeles and las vegas. critics say it is a risk that taxpayers cannot afford to take. ainsley, i used to drive to las vegas as college student. but that is another story. >>reporter: do you remember it? speaking of secrets --. >>gregg: i have a vague recollection. >>reporter: what is happenings i-15, desert express, a private company, wants to be the first to bring high-speed rail to that
5:09 pm
area, to the united states, but the 150 miles per hour train will cost the taxpayer $5 billion to build. some say it is the fail rail, the train from nowhere. i went to california to investigate. >> our goal is to get 80 percent of americans high-speed rail. >> bringing my speed rail to the sons a priority of the obama administration. but there is one problem: the closer you get to southern california's major population centers, the harder it is to build a train. >> it is cost prohibitive to get the right-of-way they need to cut through so many cities. >> so, instead, the train will start outside a desert city of 120,000 people, more than 90 miles from the hoped for starting point of los angeles or anaheim. this is literally the end of the road. we are off to 15 in the middle of the desert in the site for the train. you go 90 miles that way and you
5:10 pm
hit los angeles. 188 miles that way and you hit las vegas. the question is, would you drive from los angeles, park your car here, hop on the train, to get there? >> i don't think the people of los angeles which is where we will be drawing most of the riders, are going to buy a driving halfway to las vegas and catch a train. >> i think it is a good idea. the reason that you are seeing this happen is las vegas sees a reason for it. >>reporter: what is standing in the way of turning this into an oasis? it is money. with private funds drying up, the desert express is asking you to chip in. they say they need at least $5 billion in taxpayer money in the form of a loan. >> solyndra is supposed to be paid back, also, and we know how that worked out. i don't buy it. >>reporter: the loan will come from the federal railroad administration which has $35 billion allocated for our railroads but concerns linger.
5:11 pm
will the company make enough money from the project to pay back the billions borrowed from the federal government? >>gregg: did you ever read the book by hunter thompson? i tried to reenact it and it didn't work out so well for me. >>reporter: when you were asking me, telling me about college, i meant do you remember because you were probably like 21, i know what happens in las vegas, did not mean, imply that you were >>gregg: ouch. >>reporter: everyone in the control room thought i was making fun of your age. greg greg i am feeling it. >>reporter: you know i love you. >> i saw the movie version and when i see johnny depp i think of you. >>gregg: hunter thompson. >> suns and daughters are spending more on mom this year,
5:12 pm
the average family shelling out $152 for mother's day this year. that is following two years of cut backs in 2009 and 2010. mother's day historically is the 3rd highest-spending holiday of the year after the christmas season and back-to-school sales and drop in gas prices is contributing factor in the business. >>gregg: a pennsylvania family celebrating the birth of a baby girl just in time for a very special mother's day. layla, her arrival made the 5th generation of the women in the same room. can you believe it in the women say the children in their family call them all mommy, so how do they know would the kids are talking to? the great grandmother says it is all in the tone of voice. >>reporter: interesting. a shocking new report about the rising price of health care, and
5:13 pm
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5:17 pm
>>gregg: getting new details, the fall out from the $2 billion trading loss j.p. morgan chase, the "wall street journal" now revealing the identities of three executives set to leave following the huge blunder. miss drew ran the risk management group. and mr. macras who placed the trades, and mr. martin is the team managing director of macris, and another is likely to step down shortly after he is the trader nicknamed the london whale and reportedly amassed positions linked to the financial help of corporations that were so large that he was actually driving the price in the $10 trillion market.
5:18 pm
>>heather: an alarming new report of health care costs on mother's day with so many moms and dads facing retirement a new study showing the average retired couple will spend about $240,000 during their golden years. and now, senior business correspondent and host of "bulls and bears," joins us with more insight. thank you for joining us. we heard about the j.p. morgan chase case and that situation. how do you prepare to retire? >>guest: i have some good news. most think that are not prepared for retirement that americans have no retirement savings. a new study shows 60 percent of people are prepared for retirement and that is because before we always thought of retirement as 401(k)'s but if you add in i.r.a.'s people are a lot better retired so, thats really, means you have to have a two pronged approach.
5:19 pm
the 401(k)'s from your employer, and you also need to add a little bit more in your i.r.a.'s. >>heather: talking about the health care costs the report from fidelity, costing up to $24,000, a 4 percent rise. why the rise? >>guest: well, four percent is not that great usually it is at 6 percent. $240,000 talks premiums, deductibles, prescription costs including what you would get from medicare. it assumes you do not have any employer-sponsored health plan post retirement. and it is for a couple age 65 assuming they live until about 85 so that is $240,000 you need for the 20-year period. this also assumes that obamacare goes through and it is not cut out. >>heather: what is the
5:20 pm
difference if the supreme court strikes down obamacare. >>guest: well the states say it would be more expensive because this are loopholes that were regarding prescription drugs in obamacare that could make it more expensive if it is cut down, but it is hard to know, exactly, because this is also things that make obamacare more expensive for individuals. it is really kind of dealing with a very nebulous issue. >>heather: what is your best aside for retiring. >>reporter: put inasmuch as your 401(k) as your employer will match. it is hard to do, to put inasmuch as you can allow in these stuff times but at least put in as much as your employer matches because that is free money. your employers is giving you money for petting -- putting it in. there is no better deal around.
5:21 pm
so, even if you cannot put in as much as you are allowed put inasmuch as your employer will match. >>heather: thank you, brenda for joining us. you can catch brenda on "bulls and bears," on saturday mitt romney -- on saturday morning right here. >>gregg: president obama and romney going head to head in the polls. who is ahead? is it a wonder that the president's popularity isn't taking a bigger hit than it is? well, wait for it. our campaign insiders weighing in. all energy development comes with some risk,
5:22 pm
5:23 pm
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5:25 pm
>>heather: welcome back, the bottom the hour. the top member of the afghan peace council has assassinated, the former taliban official ambushed in traffic in kabul, a
5:26 pm
key negotiators in peace talks between the militant group and the afghan government. in mexico, a gruesome scene. police closed off a section of highway after finding 49 bodies dumped. many of them decapitated. and the "wall street journal" reporting three j.p. morgan chase executives tied to the $2 billion trading loss will leave their jobs this week. the c.e.o. of j.p. morgan chase says the bank's massive blunder does not threaten the bank fiscal stability. >>gregg: brand new poll numbers in the race if the white house. a new rasmussen survey showing governor romney edging out president obama 4 percent, actually it was six yesterday and now down to four. looking at latest real clear politics poll average, president obama still on top.
5:27 pm
what are the numbers telling us in we have our campaign insiders, former pollster for bill clinton, and pat caddell, a g news contributor, pollster for president jimmy carter, and john leboutillier a former republican congressman. should, given the abysmal numbers and the job numbers, should obama be way behind? leboutillier well, he is in trouble because of the economy before we get to what happened last week. he has been deteriorated, the economy has been slowing up, and he when the economy goes down, obama's ratings go down. when it is up. and the amazing thing he talked about anything but the economy and when he does he makes the situation worse. witness what happened last week. >>gregg: pat, 60 percent of americans think we are on the wrong track and 83 percent think we are still in a recession. the latest president, president
5:28 pm
obama 46 and governor romney 45. why are they tied? >> they are tied because the president was ahead a few weeks ago by a substantial margin. they are tide because the economy is getting worse. there are numbers on the economy that show people have more confidence in governor romney than president obama for the future and i am thinking this is, we have seen the tie in specifically to the economy for him. but what we are very early and this tie has been, has happened without the romney campaigning doing anything. >> a fox news contributor, former special counsel to bill clinton, and he wrote a column, a friend of all of us and he said the message is appealing to obama's base not the independents and he needs the
5:29 pm
independents. >> he could not be more correct. independents vote on results. they do not vote on resentment or anger. resentment and anger test. i call it the cotton candy affect, taste good and does not leave you with much and populism gets headlines and gets popular good will but does not win results. what john and pat said is right, in the absence of economic achievements the president will not win the independents. >>gregg: and here is presbyterian with robin roberts this week. >> at a certain point i have concluded that for me personally it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that i think same-sex marriage should be able to get married and this will be worked out at the local level.
5:30 pm
>>gregg: and governor romney, yesterday, liberty university. take a listen. >> as fundamental as these principles are, they could become topics of democratic debate from time to time, so it is, today with the enduring institution of marriage, which is a relationship between one man and one woman. >>gregg: the position could not be more different. doug: the democratic party needs to solidify their base. and the biden to obama set up on gay marriage, which pat has something to say, was part of a continuum to get there for two reasons: because of money, the need to get gay bundlers, one in six who make under the core of the obama base and with the george clooney fundraiser. >>gregg: did the president hurt himself or help himself?
5:31 pm
pat: he hurt himself. he has helped financially, because the money in the gay community which a lot of this is being held back, and george clooney's fundraiser, there were problems, there was a lot of screening. and i believe as doug does, that it was orchestrated because they needed the money. >>gregg: you do not think it was an accident or a gaffe, joe biden? pat: that was in accident. he didn't just spill that out. it was preplanned. that is, i feel strongly that was the case. >>gregg: this was all calculated? >> i think he knew, but they moved it, the president moved it because of financial concerns and because, and another reason, for the first time he was getting a lot of flak from the regular political press that usually adoreses him, saying that biden is doing this and he fell into it but you have to
5:32 pm
understand, in swing states with voters there are lots of voters who are upset, this is a big issue. there are cracks in the democratic party among blue-collar voters and more conservative democrats who oppose gay marriage and for whom have now been energized in very critical areas. >>gregg: john, you are holding your hands. many people think this is a "hit piece" on governor romney by a journalist of the "washington post". john: i do. we had the president announce he is for gay marriage on wednesday. thursday, on the online version of the "washington post", this story of romney's behavior, pranks, in high school, came out and on friday, the "washington post", which used to be "the" news organization --. st. patrick's day -- pat: here we have in the newspaper
5:33 pm
business if you are above the fold you are the biggest story going and here it is, above the fold, pictures, the article. and it goes over here and we have -- on and on, 5,500 words on governor romney's behavior in boarding school which is not something. >>gregg: does it backfire on president? or help romney or hurt romney? john: it shows what republicans have known. the so-called mainstream press, this, "new york times" and cbs, are part of the obama campaign, an adjunct. this was set up by the obama campaign. they can wash their hands and say it is the "washington post" but they got it out there. >>gregg: the latest poll on same-sex marriage, 60 percent say obama embrace of gay marriage makes no difference. but, look at the 26 percent,
5:34 pm
pat. doug: if you look at swing states and swing voters, pat was right, they will be influenced in adverse way toward obama by the embrace of gay marriage. 30 states have a constitutional ban on gay marriage, seven of which are swing states, and given what you were saying before about independents, this is going to be a document whammy, the economy plus gay marriage will hurt the president. >>gregg: the real clear politics graphic, battleground states with same-sex marriage, these are bans. what do you make of this, pat? seven of the eight states obama leads romney, tied in one state, colorado. could the president's embrace of gay marriage change the numbers? st. patrick'spat: i think it tah carolina out of the game. it takes missouri out. with 70 percent something, with
5:35 pm
--. >>gregg: but the president is leading. pat: they are behind the curve, but you can see key constituencies going, and 10 percent of democrats say they were not going to vote for the president because of this, and he has been running, losing only 4 percent and only 2 percent are looks and independents 2-1 were less likely. he has energized the conservative right. romney doesn't have to do it. but look at this poll, congressman. over all, 51 percent of americans support same-sex marriage. john. that is an over all number, it does not get into -- where we have to look, though, are the key swing votes undecided that these two guys have been talking about. are there people who were voting before this announcement who now will vote for obama who were not going to vote for him before?
5:36 pm
>> in the real world there has never been a gay marriage referendum that has passed. and if you look at oklahoma, west virginia, and north carolina, 20 percent in oklahoma, and north carolina, voted against the president and democratic primaries and 40 percent in west virginia indicated the democratic base --. >>gregg: i am getting a wrap. is david axelrod in any way behind the hippies in the "washington post"? pat: you have to understand the way the press works in relation to the obama campaign. they are outriders. >>gregg: are you saying "yes." doug: someone is behind it. these are not happening by accident. pat: but the problem, it is a challenge for republicans, two things, one is, they do not know how to speak to democrats to get them to vote for them.
5:37 pm
and on the press, it is also playing into the clooney thing, the president looks like he is a celebrity. a president who is for his overeducated, very educated elite. a lot of blue-collar democrats do not like this, romney has not been able to exploit that. >>gregg: pause. ok! who gets occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas or bloating? get ahead of it! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day helps defend against digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. hit me! [ female announcer ] live the regular life. phillips'.
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5:41 pm
>>heather: and now a check of the headlines. breaking in the past hour, the "wall street journal" reporting that three j.p. morgan chase executives tied to the bank's $2
5:42 pm
billion trading loss will resign this week. the c.e.o. of j.p. morgan chase says the bank's massive blunder does not threaten the financial stability. the f.b.i. says the missing man from california who may be suicidal is an f.b.i. agent. and that he may be carrying a handgun. f.b.i. special agent has been missing since friday. >> and hard to stop the super heroes at the box office with "avengers," adding $100 million. it was number one for the second straight weekend. and speeding toward the $1 billion mark. estimates so far from the total at more than $373 million. back to our four secret heroes on the set. >>gregg: well ... three plus one. put it that way.
5:43 pm
and doug and pat and john, our campaign insiders, and our map, real clear politics poll average, individual states, look at this, doug, make sense of this. the president has a substantial lead. doug: here is what i would say. the bottom line is the 250-odd votes he is getting are all at risk. states like florida, states like missouri, states like ohio, all in play now because of the deteriorating economy and because of gay marriage. so the electoral math is a lagging indicator that doesn't reflect the weakness in his numbers. what pat said before has to be emphasized governor romney has yet to make a positive case for himself which is why the race is as close as it is. pat: let me say, talking about the economy, before we do that, first, north carolina, i believe
5:44 pm
north carolina which the obama campaign has tried to hold open, he won by 14,000 votes and they have been closer and now i think they will lose it. in north carolina, your report on gay marriage, in the counties that obama carried the most, the heaviest an can american counties in the state, with the highest in support of the amendment that passed 60-40. >>gregg: it is neck and neck. with the president under 50 percent, with an issue having been passed that is adverse to the president's interest, you have to say, he will lose that state. john: and he has spent enormous money and put offices all over the state. the "get out of vote," operation. >>gregg: and now the poll on economic problems, and who can best solve them. president obama, 52 percent and
5:45 pm
governor romney, 61 percent. pat. this is how they will do if they are elected. only by eight points do people think the president will do good. romney is by 61-33, a huge margin, almost 2-1 saying he will do a good job. that balance, what you are seeing is an indication, what do you think of the future? and, yet, they are very close, romney is three points --. >>greg: then why isn't romney way ahead? doug: he has yet to articulate a platform. do you not have a sense where he is going. >> he is making the vision the wrong vision. he is raked over the we polls for favoring the rich. john: he needs to come up with a plan not a 59-point plan. my hesitation about governor
5:46 pm
romney is because he is doing as well as you ask and show in the polls he doesn't think he need as plan, he thinks, i'm riding this on obama's mistake and the bad economy. >> he will get a case for the "for reals" real soon. president president -- governor romney needs to be more meat on the table, and the spot carrying more negative attack than any incumbent in history at this time. it is an opportunity that obama is not taking. >>gregg: thank you, campaign insiders thank you so much. more each monday at 10:30 a.m., live at and you can follow them on twitter.
5:47 pm
>>heather: thank you. we have diet ideas for those who are counting calories. low fat meals. plenty to choose from. are they all they are cracked up to be? [ male announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually se arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain and inflammatio plus, in clinical studies, celebrex is proven to improve daily physical function so moving is easier. a celebrex is not a narcotic. when it comes to relieving your arthritis pain, you and your doctor need to balance the benefits with the risks. all prescription nsaids, like celebrex, ibuprofen,
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naen, and melocam have the same cardiovascar warning. they all may increase the chance of heart attack or stroke, which can lead to death. this chance increases if you have heart dease or risk factors such as high blo pressure or when nsaids are taken for long periods. nsaids, including celebrex, increase the chance of serious skin or allergic reactions or stomach anintestine problems, such as bleeding and ulcers, which can occur without warning and may cause death. patients also taking aspirin and the elderly are at increased risk for stomach bleeding and ulcers. do not take celebrex if you'v had an asthma attack, hives, oother allergies to aspirin, nsaids or sulfonamides. get help right away if you have swelling of the face or throat, or trouble breathing. tell your doctor your medical history and find an arthritis treatment for you. visit and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion.
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>>heather: if you have not checked the calendar, it will suit season just around the corner. i know gregg is very concerned. >>gregg: triad couple on yesterday and it was not a good luck. >>heather: so we will check what we eat for some of us. >>gregg: with so many low-calorie foods how do you choose the best? health and fitness expert is here to join us. >>reporter: happy mother's day. >>heather: you, too. >>gregg: can we start with noodles, my favorite. >>reporter: the traditional cooking have 30 calories a cup, extremely low, a couple of strawberries has 46 so less calories than strawberries, and you can cook and serve them just like you would regular pasta but you have to rinse them before and usually after. so, is it worth it?
5:52 pm
should you view them as a pasta substitute? i say, no, because if you are really craving's that these we will not do it for you. you are better off with a whole grain, from berilla with six grams of fine are but come on, you will pore pour sauce over t? >>heather: the puffed cereals. >>reporter: puffed rice, puffed corn, whatever you want. they have 50 to 90 calories which is incredible compared to regular cereal which can be up to 400 a cup. is it worth it? i say yes to the kix made with corn, with grow grams of fiber a serving and it is not just empty
5:53 pm
calories. puffed tries me takes like cardboard. you will be satisfied with these. >>gregg: arctic zero, i want a face plan, right here, because i love arctic zero. >>guest: this is the greatest diet to hit the stores in a long time. it is 150 calories a pint, the whole pint, you can sit down in front of the tv and plow through that and they come in traditional flavors and 14 grams of protein. they are not as rich and creamy so if you need that go with the edy's which is richer and more creamy but you do not have the protein and fiber. and now, popcorn, this has 30 calories less than a cup of strawberries. it is whole grain so is it work it? absolutely. if you get something with just a little salt, a little olive oil,
5:54 pm
and butter we love this. 130 california rays for three cups, so 40-something calories a cup. >>heather: kettle corn? >>reporter: if you go the low fat, 100 calories. >>gregg: almond milk? >>reporter: the diet population has embraced it because it has 40 calories a cup compared to skim milk or 1 percent or 2 percent which has more. is it worth it? i say no, because it has one gram of protein. skim has eight or nine grams. and it is showing that drinking milk and other forms of natural dairy help the we body burn fast. no studies on almond milk and it is not a natural form of calcium so your body does not use it so much. and now, soup is great, 100 calorie as cup for most.
5:55 pm
and chicken and herb, who thought you could eat dumpling for 100 calories? but, the problem, so high in sodium. one of the cans, the chicken and dumpling has half the day's amount of sodium. read labels. read the back. look for a light one. that has reduced sodium. or i have one that is from health valley with no salt. >>heather: it does not taste like my grandmother's chicken and dumpling. >>reporter: look for something with finer and protein. and remember, taste is important. >>gregg: and low sodium so your face does not explode. i wake up in the morning and ... thank you, as always, health and fitness. >>heather: mother's day out here, mothers, happy mother's day. >>gregg: fox news sunday with
5:56 pm
chris wallace is next. p extende. one application kills weeds, and stops new ones for up to four months. roundup extended control.
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>> i am here for chris wallace. more questions than answers after a terror attack against the united states was foiled. are leaks of the are leaks of the


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