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tv   America Live  FOX News  May 14, 2012 1:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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thid is moanor bemingh dth hirighs -- aneng sue of,ough-annow posueblef, bigryhatheow gightose lobb gat is gryinht t ainbbthos who asppod toin tarrgein os ual ty ho aigopos. o andr soand alth t pridego s ing ndat h sasod t robi tpre rob ts, u ksow, g he ha t prbisures ben ireas ob, k , eopl so goe you now,prthere b ias noon. so tplseso demratoeouw, senorse n't em t benouyinn. t at temten s ris. t es tein undcut t tt arment s. >>ell lo nd tut pre tdent herr isnt ryi>>llo ma trentkind of ers ayi tologal margunt nd afhope at h c tog hd ongu thosepe h cangecaloter h thaon h d tse tterwith in2008 gelerha tn h d emoc ts teraditthnalln he.08 t memb h wonore th aoc titll h waer embngel haloneth a vot rs wa wh h i not eel t shbyot t at's wh i leott fi t potsbetthansh t 's ohn erry--lefio tt men: an usetoe nry mang me se theogic armentbutwema loed iohis bause heereic r ntprestdent obalastime lo i srou. bse ste to rem t n. esntbastme u
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teo t >> dene mriag >> i liev tt marage isde t mag ioni etwevn m an targeis t wom. on tw mw,an r mesomchriian applese] r mes a ristn,t'slsorin a s credpl] me unaon. st u's kowo g's i the sed miun. >> k g ihe uh-h.mi m yn: th>>e hestalkg to h- rickarrn, a he talming: hhe lk abut htood'in e m x,ckrrnd aealg that nioab h d' b ween m mnd a man. atio w, h ds ben he mep he n. h dtheogicaarge entoin >> gueshe rds nto eo thecagntin new estant d sa at es t rto he golen wta rul sa t do olunto otrsul a y wuld dove temoto unt you a y at h wcand ee t th tnchinou ofesus hanchrie ath aumen tforin of usyarrrige. a aell,enuessr wh? forhoserr.evan lical,ss vwhters r thse's n col.anca hey n't vrefersto ve tha th n c . cractizatn m e,y t afe, in ha fac his cct satport mis ain pres ons facis sport srtor wt esthos fol ca srt t waditnal rriao inol008as biga pa t ofitettalng aot ian08iga oftt a
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evgelils - espial you ange cals-- evy, yli kn -splou wha is g's ay. gels y n usllyvote r ubli n,haut g thi guy.'s ok .slyte no ryou live ahese higuastrsk coing t singnou ob aa'sse dng ste wrng ing co ag sngb's d wr misngterptingthe acripres, and 's ing to me it srpngeardips, fd thge sao vers m titome backrd toim, andf ifh isa w vs te ck aom,df u.s w nat thas a dmocr a i' be.suiteoncned atha in a dcri' stteesnc d wi lane evgelialst or wia ohodov pliulatns. gyn: ght.or odo he's pat. n: t.queson, it h mehe sa th isoingto nd u besng a, et h nativfor hesahsng present ucau ev thogh b a th nwideivollsr so of a ingest uvho maritythdeoflso a amengican ev maty thgh teymeanv ve th t own sig fica shi towd fars wn g m riagig vcarsushiow eihtfa yea ag or fgur mearag vus agoeiheea bel ves thagor pople f year go llinthe ls polthters pometleng difrenthanhat ineheyolrset if acntallynelieat i youeyook e nmber of st es ttachavelyie iou nnedk ay n marerage,fhust ttheve
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risto p amedare,se s p -present oba in eric ters notto -est ba nti tse t n ic rs dotocra comg o whe pui tomes t to d shrae onhe opp item si oheuofes towherhe . sh >>onit i not spprprieng ire er >> sa ibritot s rime as quie ght sait [lghte ansthe ct othe uitters th, n onlhtis the [lte aane oe er suressthnnlhffec sussoec antnd pos, bauseeoplnton't wa toayyeah and po b dsen'tpl le't am tot mrieah eitr,ndhere dt thale fact. men tiere'italsohe fctreifha ctpolterssked tis'so f uest n:olrsed ho woust you l keho thopioouou just lthpi dippea on e ot erst han peoe wh are odiosedea thootaneo fwhlks d't re t , an o thedtay o the fighs and dthat why w enanh ity he goesto hndathy wt pol esverwlminly baingol g mriarwin suceds. bag g maucs. megy wes rgin floda gy es mtana in miouri lolartg wams wina th predentn tisri rt
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iss.wawi th hristirereltnthank yo t s. yo is re menkn: eorlietoda t s presyoent' -eleionteam me e ieda un tadedn gerno r neyes t'th len am atck ttnvoles un aed gno ry n t t webolessae, a cpaig a n an a cofere e c ll febsa ports. cig th a aran a tackg mcotre c f roey' rt sttthar b neckm coitaly'- bn t pitl. b it go cal i bto th g eralit lectn no, a theito i priden'sth r-eletion galeam ct noloadag aheessa thatpren pla rleon am uphe ccept adaf,saat que,la abso telyhurlup ccapiptlismu solyrl pi vsmtureapitismlaimg bainmade v bigreitmbuckim aft takg in verdetee igmpan thck entuftly wakt bkrup r ee ere' aanh pie of tu t wat. bup th e' suedpiof125 t. milon th o ed nds,nd t ofhat5il o $12 s, millofndebthey pa12 hemsves lmo $ llb mieyion.a mss o $min. >> wasike avamre. theycame n a ase cked ahelife utmfe. us. eyme a th edfeade s.muchoney hde ffchey t asheyoul andhey clsed don,hey led for aseyulndey cld badokrupy.ey meged: asorwe menoned new
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bangrupch rlled ut segmeasfened ewthe sam clas in gr j ruaryed sdurg the g heamlan pmary j ry "the ashirtonost"het tt g me pactryheck d t sehe hiaimsnt" t by girich nd samme thctck t a ms iccure, gvingichthem smethhree a i ur gpinonghiosem en o of eee pside's rmer vise nohisos m oninf p de deiedhis er sesis mfairin whydewoud thes relecon teafor he iresidnthoo hy touhe r recisithis rticar ne aor idoo oattak? wilr tait as ic ir a e banced ok at ttatust il ataead. abaed tst ad. enna l's >na huand las l name ihudas me b ibin. ooklee ok yo've et to cnsid tt.b [lauter]yoe thertos al a cdeveidpingtory t we' traingn aur] eraliranvengry uspe ed' racleag apon an prram,nd inlves ape ea on drang prm, basd nnes a instigions ra smgledas trom side inigns smed ira an litaom s xper tel uthis l oksra ta lke s. erte uisexplive ls l
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hily-tinest w ll-samed ond hi-te w -dededatedezblahfigers. to ria' ededzbh eat, igs. lonime a' all iraea wth i itshousds on e re lutilaryra gud retiryumb weernntelgenourc te foxwenewsn belthn gupsrcre no mor fo sed anteox ewser b to gs kp noor lotimeod ellyto syriko me predentbashy ass iri per. or anentshss i p. s iar s a ry s a vita lin toutor t tain pple bas ars, in a wy, t actlly, hi leas oro a dam we iriancty, ineress in hehior gion >> rep ter:mourcir saynranin esin hhelp crete aonhad arpr:rc ayan f yriahlp mareup aad oforeiar fighfrs aiaaegiofoyaeists gh a ke theosti unvory ofyas he acivits. st ty a hening ryef sian ar put ownacitmass t aheg semoantratnsr utwnss mo iaterroting tturi aleg otesiro onganizs aswells on tri t ayriag es my's oizasllon t ailleia 's ale
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asultsgain tgets lik as ts inhoms ttsik comicatg maers i ms al-eda' in as i toomat thmas i ciil war -a'in ith cen su ideci car bmbarn en u dedamaus hare a bhe hamar ofma h anaal-qda attkha arit trie toof crtenanotr f-qledtt a stat ow, ier itotellrenceot fedsours at he in the , igionllellces tha thur hve kno abohenhe is onl hadoarmyhaor a ngth hno tboe. 's bn i extenc fdomy a most tecad b iexnc f nond outst ad tw yes ago megno t c pletwe of tgose geralsegho re runing is ce t sedowls ear ung me shl wesay,n ely swarnde sh swepiciy,s dember epois hower,heiranns ov thescideer pastisoupl of wnthsr,owan ha vhe se st h stmporplnt iof is tohs kea ass sen hor iwer.s e adow myke ss sethi tha r. keytooing thaow and hey' no s wohiing rdha eyo ng buihandt. y'no meoynngack ou. ui myn:elan tha you mek u.> we aan w hasmn:adeantheha ou predent we so aalle w easemide e ists no epeakntngout abtole e i t. t nownos oerin reansak astbto
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chldrededntwi why h marfuhrthn isere. ch ♪re♪ hy rhrise. ♪♪ >> ok a me ame d, w areou gtinghat? ishere pri in ere? oh, ere'a pre, a rig . wre g ng malt?anno cer is re riinsn e eve?y boof cerio , e'pr a ig re tse gat-tting al noittlr o's sevbo cio ade om c eful t gsel-tted ngts tls thacan lp ler e c clestul. eld it supehaero?n l cst kda. t peo? ♪ ♪ k. ♪♪ loo eve daye'resing morand re ergy.ooveay
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rethengorldeedsor md e en egy.y. whe's igointo ce frhelddsmen.he i in♪ c♪fr thas wh♪righ♪here inaustlia, chevn isuildgha whone gh thereigge natinal gst a,prectsn thworlevis eldugh wer r a ty t size heofgeingatore gor 5 yearpr.tsthrleh r a tiz ofnge 5ar wt's t gong tdo thplan? turagas thelean t ws nvengoonal tuel ere .than ras hean en alwel e goe to bsmar abt th. t's smarway go. wego bar abth ♪♪ s ary o.♪♪
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mrpresent,in 19 a thfir halof mrest, 1979 i awas a thral97s we-behd-thearsstafr in eixo whi weehth in ased nhatxperencexohinmy o. yars sedcehent inerndce o ofpubl lif i yants sto man in at i o ho wi be aofbliffridlyt suestan tpresentbama i ho id he whi ahousily su t tandest intma hhiushis: n't eate d ian s: emi t telis ,. mi gynthat was ten ssee natoyn latarwa alende bkenee in 20 warnghe to oba llede b adinisratn nin to me20 tar saba miake the nixadist nto m t sa i e admihestraon. xt so say tat'exaclyhat presentbam s
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mira. re lectsonay tcam'ignacs ing ritt nowestm ter eect mgn cagaigniostew wr ite th tagnnamete ofrive w ciizen wh ge e t goneme toofiv ci enpporwhmit rom gy d ne o scrid theonor in oritlessom an ftterng trirms.thornss w w ha fer a upd tes. on ory at tol you w aaut apd la weon ryonceingne f t t namolou alae lited. cenge t ank aman d sltan lid. vestatorith he k d policall opstsitiorh rseahirm,olal art opti ra diingm, u mr. an drt di goot uld dircer. d cord afr heas namot onhat listce rd the cafpaihe forthem n resitnt' re- lecti. he ciore "e wal st et jsirnalt'e-ti staed lkingntot, "wast jal a lngo and kberlnd stssle i the krl lumst w haseen llowg st leis iom the begning thanum wou vasy mun forow bei s t re.egng an youpoke vmuorei wth mr. van .r ouslooke buthee'reis whe thereighr.whon a onhe loostbuere bause the gerys ghveho an l ben bseh g torislyuiet binceeing idtifi andall t rilyinetceng idfind
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ss lan ftter g rms ve ou fund ou s f aboer an for toms lok io e any fdydou boelsan's bacroun or o l>> n so i farny erels actllyacuneve n o althghhat'arntestin re ct lyheris a lea oneve ofhem th t' wrte aettete toin er aeane ounewsofperem ter e frstwr ar aclete aoout th cam outouws jusrtalng aut r f t artheeist, a tde actulyth saamutus l a th wha wa am ing eto ht, istua thate h magedth tohawa getmgon h is is lt en athoug hheaedo hadet gi vemon tooth l e repuicans aug toad dmocrves.nto th it' a vpuyan a curus oanda tha th d obcra. t' mpain vasurs da chsen or w thehath web gong ai ca out chn whe ane ientigo a mrvanut r sot fars tan itionlyne atrnhere as st ar teen omely videe tat re the hasn eeen dedee ter dging byomehe sasrtfen outf intee dng hisyme sisty. megy so tf thnt istfitsst c led gyo th sio itps r cydone of io yr rmer rcollgueef a"theall y reet jrna" rght? er >> lls, aue ahel foretr "w jll saeet rt? jrnal repo er s arte a it nd aor c"wple st jf "alll poreet steit urna repters a croteork " theret an thna proepters emsvesots k ornizaon er nwho doth strroegic rseah fo mss r zare. so peooe wold cll tottric rafo
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posion rearc . aso theeowo b cg, tremaing qutio si r rc isho asahe tual bhirmanguio tm d th alesechintor m van t r oot. dh segyn okato it i motan usual f t. b ynka i litianso d ual thto f o b othr. ti s den arahhalinas n t o gop th cketn we aahins ememtr al the op reorte who floed tet a alemkaalhe rete iholoean,his t how ital ges ou t yirsel on,s hereow asit g ndide r oice yel ore rs slot hn't oneid ohat.e he'sader. do tionto sl h pact e it. ess that'seoonuppts mtac romn. is t resss tatsnusl,pp m is thmn, yo kn t tthismoreus isunual iour eerithce?yon itisre u iuger e uniuale?ecau it yeh, i meahe hasonee ouunlau ther he maye a ionateaon andasneou obvisly, the is ere riaht tat ivand th comwith viy, maengs ari t potic daatiothom th but i inkma tat trere omepoc dio ut nk t tme ingsther areoundiesn polics, d its on gserrehingnd s asou so g aft li, itndontong ok i to aas ca sida w's gftut themlvesut t re f i off acecaa beca we tey'r the onethat eme aesking teop f toff elt t m,ca t'rhe neandatou cld ke e arment a ng opu ntod tl ow tomeingabou
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d cthe astarnt nther ts n megou legima arment he st nessarly f go g d der n in theegmaarntivor ne recards, fof ao d ing inheor manecs, a whave mgey an awhve r mmneyupptinguper pa i thk th's sangeand ruteyppng er of bnds. pa gyn:how oes th th sgedork? i m bns.t's n:wes obvis, stk? m 'sdivcesvi, areivs uleasnt pernce andunfounatlyre uas leg ionserre edendofoatif you nted egns toou edmilieo sebod liabo diorcer ligatn s odrecds, u c ld. odice butow wld lat i worgain aec, c . pvateitiz t l wke iorr. v derin sot?pte iz yo can l runn say vnger a adst? yo maanun >>o.ay a inhisase som stes havema >> seal div ceinse recdsomttwouve appe out n idaloiv the aec u plic do ment peandut tt'sid forhe a sur pi micano donnt thid ther's'sor anytingille l g ng r in m onterhi ofequeinger ythem gle g n megn: wat hey erofue gdom hey eglea wit somodyeyo tr t maey himook eaad? omy tr how tis i ma useimk >> yed?. thow's u iallyow oseposion >>searye wks. th
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uey dly thi stu u osi an ar the w. ey g dve ihitu to uwhoer hiand hethemthe camign or g ioifoei emeamn trre isaybe a pliti tl ouitike is be thnc or ptiou rive thrsupiv p thetheywoulleakit p rortes, p or hey uldeeakeyultak pun tsrterto peoe whry d wakre n thr de tunso outneowh web w th site t-- gyn:nd sy,ut oh,itteb romy's etti g mteey frothis n: s kinh,of at pern. m >sfromtihis mndy orois gu ad thn ais ater you ound>oms in ogu a di rce rthord ouso o otrndhing tnt's di ieeres rngrdhere mgyn o stng tt, ts yonow oftiesi ha beere to mn thathe tay teseyo peleowreft ha hieed isohey' anot etrig te pe hiedy t esehiisy't ig orniza ons.hi oen t te oanizionswill ve morey tzas. a o tore oiznsll m t ae repableookngompay. megy wh did t ca aignepleokpa y? gy hd yoidreac t touhe obacagn cam ignyoon tacouapprriatessba of is? >> amogn t oneprats s? h h rd, s f asne knw, athinfro the h ca hpaig, afas kn ainrohewe caig ha an't se athinback fra'tfusie ain gck
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d di askho irsiayi youo gdo isand hav't addisk a i aner tyiou ts. o megd: wllav kp await t >> oy. t gyn: im, gank w yu. k it tha u. o gyn:e ha n: , pork yrom ouha uthe bor rn:ha t dayrombou ou bral n vlenc byheor th dug tyou rtelbr mor n tha v founcyth d don elor haou dapited bies just thedo last sgn tat t figdit bs sthe la sor t tig contl of t u.srugtrad mexo is ntpirofling t t of.sugad conol. ex israceallirherngn w t mihtf b n l. bend t is.cellr w mi > an the bres dentbe t.ampagn wanthe terhees ntmneyampan,pa w nder onof theeypa predent fooner advers allihe itrent unfa. fowhyre tdvy dos g ts?lit fa y tdo t
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1:27 pm
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1:28 pm
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1:30 pm
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1:32 pm
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1:33 pm
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1:34 pm
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1:37 pm
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1:38 pm
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1:42 pm
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1:45 pm
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1:46 pm
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1:47 pm
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1:49 pm
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1:50 pm
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1:51 pm
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1:54 pm
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1:55 pm
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1:56 pm
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1:57 pm
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1:58 pm
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2:00 pm
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2:01 pm
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2:02 pm
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2:03 pm
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2:04 pm
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2:05 pm
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2:06 pm
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2:07 pm
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2:08 pm
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2:09 pm
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2:10 pm
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2:11 pm
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2:12 pm
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2:13 pm
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2:14 pm
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2:15 pm
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2:16 pm
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2:17 pm
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2:18 pm
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2:19 pm
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2:20 pm
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2:21 pm
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2:22 pm
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2:26 pm
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2:27 pm
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2:31 pm
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2:32 pm
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2:33 pm
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2:34 pm
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2:35 pm
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2:36 pm
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2:37 pm
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2:38 pm
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2:39 pm
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2:40 pm
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2:41 pm
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2:42 pm
2:43 pm
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2:44 pm
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2:45 pm
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2:46 pm
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2:47 pm
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2:48 pm
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2:49 pm
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2:50 pm
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2:51 pm
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2:52 pm
2:53 pm
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2:54 pm
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2:55 pm
m wates. ue'll notateafoat. e i lloterma w w' >> i ima he i lik w w. y. i pull tai on iikou a you cld bellain aiste. gyn: c ambe i thenlynete n: mtchi thi i thiheing thiy wot e hihihigell?hi i on'two ehinkhe srks havl? e i'tamenkolic wit ssegarav to humaeicit foo goodaruckoo her ma we'l lea itoo at odhat.ker 'leat thantt.race therial fanormece pesidealial candatemeohndwar pdel contues. nd e hin deaar tea i u nts. we'lhave hiheeaea iates jus u ahea 'lveesus ea
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2:57 pm
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2:58 pm
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2:59 pm
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