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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  May 14, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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ee"grn" w dojec. n of soighe dl wh rhey ec oseso prateoneyut d noth by eal,seo caprteeyorot regatio b henhe go rnmel, lasesegyourio n mey? o me ls wonrharlur my? onrl chged. arlepaynis he an not too hapy.hd. leyn hanot oo chles:apaw a th chs:rouha, yo athot beuh yo kiings.p. rga cha l es 1beerct o 2perct oigs. tde a ga thaere l rc o robm?rc o hte t a it thene bas mke oboney and we hate whetnheyba m los but eywhatnde e teyehe suosedy d os ut t intat t i jusued d t tmazi. i u suenlyodapresentbam say weeedougerzi sulyegudatioestam ayed ugweavetogu -o >>ne: was t e dodfra su -osed t neasoda su ded t d thaha chars: ty fl aslp ohe b. yo can avear t mre f slgula ors b th is yoanve m la b this blic relions . theadmi straicon h tken is,el tns .
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emi mraia h "me tnhe s,pre t," ve tak m ts,me 1 peent oss ne a traak mbe t pcen pets a loa m pen ao may aakin sethi natresn'ay hatre youindoi wi t xpay shiat mon'y? wh tht leouerosei hali t ay billn, u s hatmo i howhthese al vestg ges t you tall s at i abthoasti st g ta ayermonu a ab invtmeti and w shodeta ern us to tke nvend who us t thoccaonal ht? th iswhatheresent ouldthryocaal h thisatest ld fire t.i >nei it is ke t govement gftin eits t vent gin --givi you dtary- adve. wh wviriesou m you dryan ague dv formorewh wes mou relatis bu notas a e if e d orfreretibuot d itsti haens. whataree trng toias. do? at e trwead do-fra inolaco? costdoran pograac a met st stemhis pypera o ae actity.
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it i s llemspe oapping. >>ctottoy. iine, t sis shldot ppg. be >>toe, t newh we be ned --. ew>nei wt sh ldewe ns is n -.apped wh ei wh nis thi lape w >> theadehi thea bks>>hee bigr. we daw ahe linin b theandnd sayige w l d a nevinail thedanks y ain. w don haev l wor aboks thi n.theyill onthaake anyriskybo i eyll eyky ts. neil doou thngtheris uth theotio jie il do dithon wer ued h hetoio an jock di w to uand nowustn getngck pnde agnst to trocd is heowst tpeet uy pde wgst tnowcs youe t sy, w woue sh sld put mitsshn iut ts i o thse gs? if ohe cthpany wer on g ife cny er brin chnrles yo ha toet in th chesyo a go.o >>nel: l temh .o. ne l t chrle 8 pcent uneloymnt dillins ch e leavghe pnt wororce nd
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eym li avillinorce wearend foo liamps howreatas tswee roo t psamer an owat ta taye anyo who t aerues tartaye a yo no ho conncedheret aesar hes anohe on ederare prson jam dinill be fne. ra th ponfall amipart lll b thall f. hllrt l hapa.l >nei itmake u chpaged. eit asdke eigh netchd. c iforas queson.ghet cor es. arl: ey shldnot bled t. we ca talkrl auth thet raz b edthi gs e ainisweatica waslkd our amonheazn. hi >> ail:isortiateas weon't ur nhavekko t at. >> :oodrtewe't ve pepecte. weo t .ve ladineffepect we la l thi wainfeffec a it ill haene hiwa w tresecenti ait ce, ll an ha the had r tiefesti b e, tan thadbama ref campgnhat b t udma ld o mpat u l o eelwkerso sw gornor omne as bng a j lwrsestr ser.goor >> neeyslos b u j dowwitht coernor ttr. mily al lios a uowth con vam tre. ca ly inallind a sck the lif oam.
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ofcan s uhe >> lkeif oatcngf a frndble to eatu l >> i ltcok aro adtreillis otoat mber>> wiout l woro itrea li my o hart. eri ut o bait cataleaoug my hlimit.tionf theensi baca plln.g mi anonhetermnatnsi ofpl ploy and anrmt f reree fe nsuroycend a heal iurane. >> re e sur a al ian devtate it ma meevte any.itma m >>il:t als mkes myanext >>: gutls a mrys butyhext d noguork fo aut ts ste ompyno lke kthos fo gs. a ttemp l os g aetied worerhose peions nd befitstiere devtatory se tpreseent'ns utobets belout evandthat somt y weest'n to hoo b forut dt om yeaxper t so, oou or th nk arin e ttin thxp oleo, storth rwhat haened ointh yo >euestellor i d 't thiat hawe aedo getngthe >oryst atll dhill. a iet fieit ryatl. i ificredle the oma i ed caaignheouldut o an oad ch cagnlds o tnis whetheyause the
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suffing theey forseo heff mangor delani, 2000mploe wld lost el pnsio 3 2 per0nt lo 70 w pernt st pio 3whener thet ent 70er the necompy dostenhet heal ca and e lifnes at dmpecti oft ealuto candaskifat dtif toskorc neil and wasche ilnd genas resnsib bnc,payi nnieesib on e byi dolr. ie t e ainisatio is olrguihat aisiois bks we uiescuat d ailli jbs bewereaved andcu youight h aeli bee jlost but my,reed man ored woueht hsaveee stat d out m sayane wve > uest day >st wll, unrstd w, thin we necsaryurin t is blou bu hat inweecrywei don bubuat undstan is howonwo grops rereat s dansow droffertly. atbasilly s stllof our dery. sily nefs. ur athe se tim ef tax yerat s dlars reimsed ropaxer of dor rse psion ed unif
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reprentave pon eloye soe ni do't dersnd t prairtass i eyeo tt. >>doil: rs loo tngack air ihat i d'tt re mber>>hos:oock aescs bauseat co red dhemeeroslose sc thbse weodmse thille w nevss rsk ofle lingevameran robs thin lg intoer bnkrucy,bs in they bouldruy, eyld rcued a varily wh h r waed aankptcy ri fing,wh urte of hwa the xpaynkcy bking f g,it ut tteatof isheust a ay bng act. t s no istam a wonring if teyt. we bill ahe noof tiasonngif t kelye r ultllhe obsiike you ly rlt s ingone andkeoubenetseing wip gnendout, atneheynghave potte tongrsiot,l appovaleyhey ve did?te tgue:ellgr ioppcannal yswer d? tt, uellut inn er tertalyhe versingwas nothe tame as th rult. er ng sneil so wheotou sas eseth r t. js avesil sodhe yo s the s se jes yo s heattks govnorromn th ivat pita to t ovravemnth a at mpan or oth tato terpses ve
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d mny ajobs re losanrth es itrp s r g mbs holwwith yousr it rhere famiari the onlolthou di erenbei augere amrihenl dif renc priditeeni catal ae invved,ut tfncrica slme vd,esul t pple e lt in s thul pro ss?pe l in gue: weth i noure iro? i ue canweomme i oo wheerreriva i pitaoranme ooverentheva cpita ta rksette faer onthe se coftaprivte apiksal ate aen s ivpi a me. t, iust, wn gornme e. catalis it, wome nvocaedalverying shou beair erythng suld bevorygqua ou bed o groirhoul e't th sldbeua o iscrroinat agastul ers oth gup. tt shocrldatega t drstrin th th g fo.owed therho > teil:do y din worh aout thefoed er so alle>l:lipp yry speor ar amenthe t ar mentsolepp s w arn trntight w ter esidt bshaile oht the basthat whe sge r id b ceertleas o eaatnevi wbleuto s comniescewoulhaveeen iledvi eo o i ganomes unulrvenhim and ed o intied uer p sidnt amaun anmnd eslatto cludtho i b uind pon tid stumant anest ans,
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udo bnd ttu a s, "ch fo a clkerand and "cfo on. youclagrr itd oened nd n. ou parora'it box o ed >>gust: thi i dind onti eso paa'oxhat gu w:y.hi i di>>nl: at i ti thes anater? you wwere o n dvi tis i hepredentndan f?ure oure prevident t en i rent frerent co iso coanie of b so souldheo gvernnt he oyief b so s ldle? g orrn jus h steut t ? orus wa gue: i tinkte thet trket cana uei tkhe haneost et any ing,nhey have prenhatin theant pstnyg,ey ve ar iatbelieheif a p coanyis wora singli threis meon outhere wilcongy o or s ingstinth on it andt threils pbab thein st ing,nddh rest, pforb hee ploy s og, thcompy aesr etirs. oy it oho th be inmp a th ce ir of it einth c lphifnd.m. >>il:sor abohihat hapnedo ym. bu >>:rtbois t inructe t hea frpd y fksbu likeou ev afteinct tear f keev ttefact t
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nowcto wa ow stet. e dwa ding 125 ints onst. ddi25 grong tsoncrn tonat we wl see he gernmnt iolve wi ro tryi tnc twe w feex th gnm ivei yi t f nancthal arna lver we a l kingncatight arof e er st n e aradi lnght ds d wn n idedi grong d d frs tha dereec isro eepdo fndha tt itec uldbail on ip ownrom t tt d ilon eu i zonwn andomther are t aot o uni d eu staons idtitueronsre tha ha o nisuppedly etaosur to itusha thand greea goe d n pp wely eouroth dow the d d of eeoe dheeorl sameowhe ofld sto.rl me laysut on a difrentay. muto r the ysbigon a badifnty. u hegad bks. bs.
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pubcanillin t r rfoe, so -ehereios andw l ofhe ub inuesll t in rrth caolin if re a lf ama. i is aminure hainf gretnor a. i >nei but ietamr t l ngol it eiut to lthica o968ut t pridenisin n th ca o8 t carina, prnden nmany oara, tm mayot le ny the o demrats teingay lther cou geeemtsad. >>gst:ng cerinlyhinker su ge a thed. is a >g: loterlyfnk s unin,ahes ai-unonot seime in rth ni carona. gha uunemplment andseit en h higr in ro the. u uanplnt nd ars,i┘inñhe u.8 prce chaotte ar t i┘ thethereas pite hauchte h her,inhe he thasill cme handite hr, im.h >>il:ll c agin ndteifm. theave y 1>>thel: preindent is boughe ve toou 1he banofrentis bamerga. to an gues andersn'tank amricaomeo who th esnd 'tconsk ntly amcaeohohemoze. >>ne l: t ns slyadiu i nic thamo. neyou, t siu iic mich le.ha foetu,ch. rvicfo u ic wh aut
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4:26 pm
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4:27 pm
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4:33 pm
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4:34 pm
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4:35 pm
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4:36 pm
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4:37 pm
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4:38 pm
4:39 pm
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4:40 pm
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4:41 pm
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4:42 pm
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4:43 pm
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4:44 pm
vi washat ovt, ththesoth viast ocupie wehheot threto bitoc ieoute aackofthobs orit uttheyoulck apput tres eytoul bith.pp t >>gut: wl, i thihere isitrobay a elentf t thgu wto i thhi three isba arel ste peoe t hohwereth tre whoust seo wand re co tlainho t t, othe heran oin oande ir tink theccupwallndtreers h tk an e emen ofupll trh. t eeles h tisan cotryare enof n setr pt s t irly ory ae i onet tink th ptestg ly is a tayk ohf mo pstowa is mo ir sciet o o >>eil:ouwathi eo setich >>l: ioul pa me? >>gut:chdo. d i opeul tpa m be ne gu the.. i pe t>>nel: ae wat h abo ne a w pendg?bo repuatedn fnce at austitys n nd theay tpued f e . do you sty nree?he >gue: t rig beuse dou aue?erit ueeanigbee tang gingau it ss d ls toan the lerta i lass and if ltoyou vehe por lpern a j thessndifpent tuir p where apayc jckhent tvery w k,whyc
4:45 pm
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4:46 pm
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4:50 pm
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4:51 pm
rk. tguess i d c'tor ink aewill r up .nythg. es >>il: dyou not k thkl h elrpth >>:u otth h heill g a sileore e ll vo g. >>gut: wt aie vo gu w ds t weens e esidt, d a pride who denfieswe ws th idmos pr eleestho emen ofenes whe paosty ainsthoseltemoats a e inepenofnts whore pa astoreosmos a iensho >>nbl:co. an --.>n >>gut: m int ann t-. swi sguates m thdama t don thre a teaso wi sesh 3man thtate hve sohadt onhe 3ball dte h d 31n stes hlle vodgait i1 >>il: st ho ovehelmaigly. i gues mis uri s>>: 7svelmy. esisi 7 - a 70perct me ste. - escates0hisrc i ue sobigt whh e scesis iog onouwhce ment d,it gouvaniesnt ters bu if you hink thi gni ll lirs tbu ou hin th to nkhihe grge li t nhto oon ge furais, t present hngi out
4:52 pm
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4:53 pm
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4:54 pm
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4:55 pm
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4:56 pm
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4:57 pm
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4:58 pm
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4:59 pm
n' righa?it o t t h the gedia icksd ands,ig choo wha is d hineshehemsiaksnd me oohas desm n. me at ishe n nrati .s at mehan ntinythgelse m nth these rl heicti. we r tre i anoertiactwe t i onelac in arichatno ict ec nprovg a indicputaet i whe i mes o hovingaxesnd andta jobshe i in o s hgesnd hr, grobsr o norist h why wroeepepeang the or tsame ista s.hy w p oneahe f meusins. ta wher we jus d'tover fin t ereus buness d er weiveou the bines t >> t tbu worss on weehe tha b es er: ello t eveorbodyn i' eri blingithha kberl er ilfoe, blo becvel, ddya i'ri bng rinoh and kregrl gfeld fo b ecit's d 5:0 i ne yk c y.nondg g ldthissthe fe." 's:0 ie y c ♪ ise f" ♪ ♪ ♪ eri wel a rky mov by pre dent bamariel a heants toalk rboutov by js.rentma nohetsok theut j


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