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tv   The Five  FOX News  May 14, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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t boom goos ide r alldhe y aund.ob at t e w ope d ubooondell a baid. t wcapil ape wha uomne is abouai he ayse pi aha catesnesobs. ou he desheoyss guy ces sai hs. wn'there w nheess theyostuyhe jsn t ai h wt reeel wompy. th puteyt b j deb o t the colanypf wch rney ndthut b ebs b odiesalkehe awa wit coy wmill rns oy dolrs prots bes kewa d titn t tng f l allrt. ool ero isto of t t t romy a f a. eati job is ato mfh. om is a s out of tou tiobsook, a mthey too s s awautf tou pooeopl k, peion nd tey heaooh wa surae. t doou woot apl guypeiken that toea pside ofra the nitedo w a uystat?e t o er: f theest f p tdef he seteent, i ant toat clafy er fthishet t yo are goise tt, atthto la everhinghat appeisd t thisyoreoi ttt ompa erng ttpe ste t is compy aer timepa tte tha mp a te mneyha >>bob: dat itrom the time heyook theeyuge dt >>b:at t onmhe the com ny wmechykhee dain he tooom w awayn ec: ty wt baoorupt- >> b: t key was- ay e t w [ bapt teyasoverlk ] >>eric doe it eanhat roey suldeterredi ] for th>>ic 8oe000tnt job ro c sateddatdior th stap 8s, t0 thoandsob of c ed
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spts ahori t ap t hoousadss af dom kne s elsp ari t dymics theist oessan aomnd one s >> na:t'sdycs st ningewayts oto r a cpaig wn ou: ast ngy tang s muc out rf a cig wonte a ta ssoucut ely. butteememr,ack i e. dember itas a ualltem k ingri and per w adedeert all spic leri andackner w boeer.e ic akoe. bain th isne ofhe rson the d t srt leainng t rthe.sf rbutnnhe eecti td sea f t r oba t unti youtart seeg e tti f ntex ba ifou tnkhat ttireousrtee t ly 8-1ex o if peo tet t undided inhe coury wnt-1 c oes eo tohoheynd areed oingin toouote w c for, don ttonk ayre adike ngo ises r,onersu tive. a pedle uersted e nomi. whapped inhesue. teelpe ust e midust oveime.whpe nyouon'think soeln you stve e.thin peoe u are't stud? nk o >>bob:o, i'mou sry. ineo retu iad t >>b:urp.'m lau ster. ] i >> tkimbly:h, m gosp. au rr rl? ] > mbb: y:. m os >>greg i t d y r not to - you eat he >>eg b twnie i yot th gre roomefor you - go at . i bieell i y tthreom stoorouatino the i l ybrowes. t >>bob:ll rhttoll riint.he we'v bee hrou ow. >>b: rhis ri ough
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'v ee >>greg eatou crot. s da :gh on't>> thiegat ct. brniesause da y to bur'thi >>greg theay bratses se em. y shewourhem dow is t oat>> andeghe s . ew chmes i witow ttnd cofe ch iitof >> mber: ion'tind thi toe an eff tiveerool. i't d is iio tnublemehen you ffthinve abol. thi i th ishe b ttle theenaveou to indo tbohiake aack agastths b romnhe.e o theyaveeal tuble ith te a kga eiressa ng. mn donhink theeye wlt tleoh go r sadown.hisath onink dhe't thi w i wileto tm lot wns oth hea ay i swi dhi i il stes. t dot'think oea i iwi wilakest . adwa wit d iepennts.nk i th's wre tily ndeo wait fos. iens. parethly t wy t neel fo the re t shor upheirasel pttyhe orpire well p >>yeric inhe ad,e c ls ll romn -->>oticn psonay, d, priden oma cut o of e p plemn-n pna tpren od oampi.f p eke wchin a t oldrien bld tpieath win tt fr? a ld en >> greg theblhing t isth tinte fstin the >> aegheng was pd fo by heteinhe lteorg a coneya p fundisinfoy dner. l rg rlly cey w .ndin dr. rmicryosm o w th hlywo
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liral croviem o whhhs hwo t mn,lilie ricwh wte t gu m d a t peoe tteic w gu harm. ait d tesn' mateor i t it' acturmly iccure. d n'at we ilot' bk and fot tu iur en b nwe comp, whe bidndot sta? b h wom a thehe 'ta. h w othe aheough ' w 200 he ah bla blagh bo did wt w h00 did to la amica. gavla-- h boid giv w hidoama. evebody av h digeion.iv cam bac toim. >>eric butvedy you an sge --n. am ac o bo. you an s ll>>ic yutou wa s-st t bo steou s cpany y be nnin ofwa tnd washen tte c thny too a hebeinf tasnebt thoo h o wh romy wteo ohe o mpanwh om w 0 ppleutf wknd out pe ionannd hlthc e. pe thats n w fun. at i pen s hioushc ereats n nhingboutun tha i u c t sus t e nngutha he. c t er: i is f tny bob me h er is f forob pul u thee fullcree wit teeaces f onult u borehee doheide. llee it t ok aes thehree on fac b.eo e.thes areeopl worng ahe ee closy wh pacsidetbama eslookretplhe oneor i the os w pdeiddlma stev okne i rheneras psidedl
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ev obaar cza r wr cald tt pde unfr. e g onheob wal t to nf. gn lames ao cled th to adnfai th guyes on ahe cd rigth ai th luyine.nig nathavne i'm l note. stakth ine'm dotecto at baiak i pita dto at buner f predentai obata aun takeba a. lisen. ke ihinkhe as unfr. is yea. i doink ahink tnfick ou anea emplef s iebod whoo nk t st tirkob oun e unfletunaly sod ho thissart t capalis nf anna par ofife. ist d't thi the iapis anmetharg tfte. ain dapithihe i di the nee t e th tnit embadiasseheee t abo. ba >>seeric oba cza >> bob:hat is a edge>>ic funba za opatorhat m es onets o a geun baioport me cital o dtroy ai coanie and job cal r doy rnerocoieaynd ttndob use its nxamp is rr t d irsespoible itit'sust,mp itss jus--iro le >>'sdana butiket,t baius c ital cou n't>>naute svive iai ey dn'takec invaltmenout th end up sve i bei gd a d te nvcompenies thnd sucpededei g
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ho a hav the een in mp bussess luced thi tim ho av he>> b: ts cnpanyn theuss hi weim awa wh > t7 mi cionnyhe i wewa w min prof. >> ina:entu cital rmofheyon'tust go t :tu cal desty. theyreat y 't tif y hoe a tusins tt i st ab t tey faiat cometel y you h ain t i cld jt cse yr oorsab tai om elke syndou did aftc j c y $rs sd id ft$550illi ofaxpar mon an the noby h job 50li fpa >> onic:here ereanheob hhing obthey- >> b: t re w:e trengse at we sngcessl. eye i a tt thi tompa w was ts wdoin j stss i thi finpaas unti --in j da: i wn' ti er: sp sing hat. da i it's n wt. aurat er s s gtheyt.ookn ieres in's t n compy. aat eyk iesn t mp 93. >>bob: undsta tha er: ctrac on i the . st l i>>ustrb:ndaha tt er cac too i aheonst i tr ste out tfoo a bines teut almo wipg o.s. eel b esmplely. moip o kept. l le. theptfloa forine ars. er: aheowoaor me.e s.theyook conolli sta orer a g ske ie.teel deyamick on liandtaowr is s a iel6 miion d icmpan d >> ieric youanto s y -- min >> bob:ou w
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tano s a >>icout s y at s s i-- kow ow>> tob: w s acrea job nd s put iitt k romyo d ea bnob comny u asuthetom ason or tt, ou are b om u kisingoursf. >> dana com redono t re esidt oma ikigrs >>naom do.d whatid- o >>bob: 1o.5 miion obs at cread. >>b: da: wt i 1ismin pls ea re j s? da w >> ibob:e creedlobs. >> jeg: it'>>b:5 miion re bs.s. why ot: jt pult' omi anyn . nuer. y yo don hav to j pve iul ony >> nub: l.t tee yoonavoears p i 4.milln js. l t >> ic:tillorers tn 604.000 ll j >> b: h:lle lt 6,000 the 60 fi0 st mthe was hn off le. 6 00 at's fi mhis faslt? ff >>imbey: jmy cter 's numbs i you fin f? tt >> beciti j and courleep wel a mb iou in ni tt. is y r gti.ndep el for aim t pic nni. romy, a s y g r tsingicauseom i he he h oth ng lsose h runn.e h th >> ldana lete addnoth n ing. fuelg >>nxiena.etdd thth is why i on't g. thi a el ie adike thi ill bethshy i 't pershisive aor peoe ade hi unlcidee inhe ele ion,rsve eo whic ishatusa tod"unden rertedne i fleen, filie icst aod ow mor on cditreed car i f uden l fnsiend oeroworn c t unsearred ebthan heyen hav l in sav ogs.
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th nuer o seeopldtny witav oin avving. thu o atplit a ng ist 24%. up fm a 1s5% 2. i up f 1009. th is all o i pside oba's9.atch if ou wanthsoll p oyhis p gdee abt cobtexts thach is wreifan p ths g anxty isab roo cd.xthas w >>eric can bri uthnx s pooot? e s een>>ithicanri u thehree po ces n i ne s onh tho guyhe ee tonit i hoing s i o fuhorais forresentuy ni i o gobam fu is orit'st hilto am ty j es.' ta aook a hheto g onhe t j .ft. hotaingresiknt a oma gone furais t.ighthogsi o eg fuis tht how c pesidt oba tackriva eowityhen c p idthisuy i heabafhe ckva biggt eyn prite isquit i groea in aricaosti a gg ri furais foritro obain? aca ti >>greg goo queion. fut tis throracesba up aga. i >>anteg toooueaken. a threspgaoint itoe he.nt why doehe hge fd h opatorll havyoe terble h f hair lo at thaoporav >>bob:eroodeoint ir gr: i isood.lotha theore oney y >> havb: tdnt gr isd. efaserey yav t yr s haiineeced. y bo tha guyai paenered
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isin mon boor mitha romy. uy at i theparayhey pla tinon it omme. noth g n i abohe thay la the tuysre in usin s.f th n boyingha esnnfluince. th do ngoodob. er: i theusinlus o. th omaki mon. d. >> eg:hats a it ihe in o maki mon. th iskihyon he :ebatt at gs ki ontedi s. th itseveratoves the gall foard. di yoit alwers heeopl likes he boblhoon't likfoeopld. makiyolw h proplt.ik >> bob:bhat' not'true.ikpl ki >>greg andther whoroant to>>akeb: at' potfit.e. >> boeg i dnd't herehot toprobem w ah p pfit.t. iave p blemboith d p hple pritin offobhe b wk pft. i e p otemr phple. pe >> eg:ithprrofiin comff b isknd wh iskot com pe. fa:ure.thfiom >> kb: t wkom tofae.ay so t stil-- o >>greg tha was't nty. tht'sohe w i wor .il >>u legrn ihaass n a. id. ths w>> ib: wn y areor l imultilliaire aou c say. at. w y re gr: i not a lt liltimrelion cre.ay >>.dana heidn' cal gr i ot a anyby aampi . im thon is. n ty.>>naen' al bo i d't t nkyb apit's ths th muc n of. bo d t as thucf sttch. [ove tal] >> mbert: ih.s czy wn ve al peop isun rstaer the i c ncep of wow buness ru op und ttahe bas of epf pvatebussru equi com niesre. t as theyf rtrucre. pte ey uiomeso. in nd
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ey ruc.t wuld en grosy iespoible wf tdy dn'testrture osthey ipole t tak his 'ttrre i mak ey ak instme ands ma tm mor i ak pritab. ifou wtinome sndma that mitor mneyprabhoul 'tif wresi sntt it caus eyul ohatsit hpeneith us gs selhen go oort.t hne h >> bob:hisgss hge s fdsno r an t one>>b:s h f unrulat ridilous tne at ta ompadies ausrt. they oouldtiare les how anyta pa pe ale l.e eyldees towir j.y grpe: h le i the poi. t j lo a it' t ggrernm ht ihe usinoi you mon toose lo i at' t g itnm oka inthatousonouroeoint i as lg s titka gernmt i at r long yr mnteyecau l it not teall gnm our ioney lo y mght?au ac rdin toitheotll lefureyt's t? ouracin moey. ef gornme mons. do wteve the nt. r m .spen itn hh-spgodmeon tras w vehe .olyna o ent hspiske dora what er y wanyn o ivat indtryoseskeoneyo at yan theye e l. at ndy es >>bob:eyhatbouthe dense dartmt ey e losoney >>b: ontousyutdee dtm iestmtos?ey >>ericon wesyave toive a i tm ?quic sho out o the>>icee proiden whos leing i up ichout he wit p staprenhoicky lg m itinp at a
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it pta bky mnyc a funaise comi b up,edia iunse mi fp,usiia i f ji.orga c se. adlis jga bied. c. lifoia b lionli of dlars bin td.ole and fo bonf o dhers bnk t of bekrupndy. whysn'the m oia coving b that b faup an. balced dis ssioy't m onovhoseg stoes cing uat fanaldisio onseto cg u thks f babitti e ki, brtany so h muc do wowe u?th fabti kibrny thatl be973. . huc we atbe3. ya kw, yr ras anfees aren exaly cpetive. k yraanesenxa cti. whdo y thi i a quken ans? wh y hi[ sp aesma ] quwhenn ou rs?inan youmortge wi quispen lmans en r anyooull frtd th ouratesnd es a extmelyompetive wiui l yo fthures axtlypeve becae thlasthingou wt iso spd tomuch onour rtga.cathstng w onmoreay q ckenisoanssp
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♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ da: wcomeacko "t fe." th da wmek "t admsion f b" j.c morn th che ty lstdmon b $2 llio was .c bi new oveorhe wkendchnd t l th morng sws2 bi ew velist to wnd wha thor s teo.amie stoha dim ha to s. ie >> ha oreeopxecuivest s p s ll. rganhase incding oneefcues th mos pow ful anseomen onnc ngne wa strtxpe ed t ltheosow l thr js aen enly awatr todpe. t l >>thisomanth one jf a the eop a execodivesn wl seet s >> is anout.nehe an the mart s to ecropes w st hisorni .t.
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noan thehear sop bilon- llarslundni jnoheorga cha wl slail-arnd ur w let. j >>gaeadseginhao rl wtla amera's warget.ank >> ds inas rporga cse ers trige tk lit t dame fmga cri the t $ li tbillamn fss. wil hea fmhe $lizath ll . wa enhe c efilea f watdognza the008ankwa cfatgail-t. e 8k >> na:hatasn' jaml- mon. :lettn' meamell youbout wte sa abo the n.rade tha t wenelou utwron w thsa tbodesheeredehaenlawe on th t se mple pooly viedwe pooy ex utednd le poorlyie mitor.oo herhanhat,heyexedere p y grea m or ong r wint,oldyne shs j.pea gmorg iild c ssided a ban.p fill witrg i tent. smar cstdef t a but itllit hapns tot. en t art t s .ightt o wal strt. ttap e t ve u aht oalummatron h i coul hav gon wro. u a>> ic:t'sman h i vnestnt ul avnk o walon strrot. in stme: bans doell. v st they ave nat oal walktr o in thme marant. ol. wh the cono g seyeat wette o theyo whhe noey a g alrdyte ieres d iey a w bet r alrcono wha ies j.p i a morget did thenohaead of.p t disio t trgid puteheig tden, betdf o t dio t th ecomy gng nth
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ast t o th thco g nadswe th dbleetro econy, arica ecomy de dn'torkut tha way sohey oston o aca theco 'tkha oneay soyt ohe sidne ofote. mieidimonhey e.ound ou e andotut treop ofonhey nd ulk sws or t weend. d t isf mn s o tee. g. m heut the ls andold eryohe thit ishehat isoing l .ndd th is ery yohistsng a irab thsy aab me. da: ds t buctop m with da d tuc himp bo th aoluty. wh heimound o abo i-- bo is t aeout o thewhendompa i mebo's n k osht t te on ohepa the bo n o l tenduillninend i ght oee h. if l you h anylle iuts, ht h ifou d honny yous, wou desig liku miraoue ppleouldig ik >> ic:hy ra pe donld esig : knowbou eveybod tra the d nk ds?ig >>bob: owouveodra $2 hellio >> dna:he iest atio >> b:willomeut2 supiose. t t y d: iayt heio had eenlle upepin. anye o the
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t t ddee ad forn whi. toine,n ohe kimrly, i t is rhi toim y, i $2 blion i a tha bonnly % of aha j morny ass.of why wit jorheelf-aglasson overhe w kendy it th is wha t bano.f-la i hinker wndress rtheasesouldha tan ve hdledt. i nk kierly butss gss rseld i hed ki tely oshut was ganagenttyle wand tet i a adteshas ofagtle anstor t notook at a wtasf ding theorumbeotkortp w mgan, ng the ebe eral scess mn,he al sssuxtaseo whatapped he. thealan she itan at forpe h eanphe i morn. f aot ofuppo in he nkin indtryororhe bk, af po thn coanynd amieinndy bimon in th orticyar.d whie you thibout it, ionn icknow.hat hiswh endouhifutt, e i stab bld owhirst.snd bo is abeavylrs boseuillinevy taphs tay.lle >> danph gre t. giv a o >>nreiv a th i iurpring ohat e fst tng thhat i i somneprgt
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d i whing n w f t w neet om more regatio e n o i wheng w w ee relati the putorwa re egio ewoul't h oe cer thi i theretihe futstwa ul h c plhie. i e >>greg thi f stoaspl absotely o mning or>> meghito atsoer. don carsoly mng m th isriva so. theetthorths isva $mp eths9 biion. this is%. bin. it losalf isy mey i thes lasten yrs. it os fbodyared mbouthat. ihe 's m oneyst y .i on't are.dyedut t. whyoeshe meyedia are?'t e. wh aret y ycreasngiaore? whad ore yteveea chufolynra or iske ove thhu isubli ynthiss pvate or key d you thares abolihe is pte d prateoneyou e bo>> ic:t'sot eve even chupreey 's p side :s oba. stveen c enhuqual dre in pdeba hisst c alre canheyut theads bet on ca >> yeg:hy dshehe miaet on obsse wit the pri te : d alth notbout m our monob?eithe ri outhe thot putlicse.ur on >>bob:hiss a p lict mpan p c. >>greg youow w t i>>b:s a pc taing bout an bo i d >>eg ou w i opped the gov nmenta gut th ide hat thibo duy pp t dimoven thleddehehargt ahiinst gulaonsn wimhingn, h d ha beerg the a cstef fac dn las
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th weng h lobing gain it.haeehe cac d pposlye h theth ob grongint ot. theig bann os he chesis. re i is. ng ohe an th guyid vlate cs. is.ule th uythe vteolke rul le er: n hee didt. >> b: y h didke ul >> eric he id n .er ne id bo r ulat yns bn i hid >> icplace tha n wer spose to be bo p rceat h b i woud aue acagaihat aer the s wouse hoee p be bro hht dn.ou a er : iais n a inhelaceou h 's n abeulero y d. whener i nncet n gs --e y >> enb: rulmaki pross. g-- >> na:very art leulki rosaid.odayaid tt he l s :ry rt th ps, idaydodd- tank,hen l presentbamathigne p it, i d- k,uldnot he est amaressnehist, i part ula pro em.d h er: i the a asss shinon p scrirtionlaorro . ery er i proem?he if jp in porgrin yadero? if2 biionprg prof ty weld heeen bicallng f higr t es. of t w h annea:urie llhe f ligd. t . kierly giv me he an: briek. bo doou l nothink thki sholyd bive br r ulatbo?o ot nk bo the arethho b regated rat bohere.eged kierly oba was ttin on t enomy gng no h aki evelybodybanowsashat in n t dn't eappemy g st le syndrno a vedy ws>> tb: y w t 'tpe t l e sorsedr jami yimon w
5:21 pm
t>> mber: m eustse llin mihe fac.on >>eric i d 't ternk t inacimon >> ic d td athin wro. th didt dnythg on lega a thainro breh, i hinkthid d isth gatual not b idehaore i nk para ihe alot bde banng con merra bankg, dosit fro theanonr adin ide. nk dit rohe whh echnally heyin done. have owh doet. th ishnotlyyon aad veo. ia.ths >> b: t regatio the pu in i pceould he t he pun pimonld a hhoseeopl-- pa >>.dana i'm not ure. on agetregsepl in he. >>na'm ot youot ae.oint t g >>kimbnly:uick hne. u a rent rig tha t >> cmbital:ck rati. 8.4reigha to cal.2%. ti li gre4 sai a dro i the %.cket esslihat?reai roey a i n aheingor a et st ulussrt? bai aout n or ag stus hdout ailettherarke wk. >> na:hheut hher t citalke w stdard put inlace : aft hr c altarphatrobaystrdutnelpece themft >> bob: rptba cpe em ay >>b: c cararevin at wtehe l. theyalltin w l volrule. eyl th phibi the bet me ol
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5:23 pm
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5:24 pm
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5:25 pm
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5:29 pm
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5:30 pm
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5:31 pm
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5:32 pm
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5:33 pm
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5:34 pm
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5:35 pm
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5:36 pm
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5:38 pm
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5:39 pm
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5:40 pm
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5:41 pm
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5:42 pm
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5:43 pm
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5:44 pm
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5:50 pm
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5:51 pm
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5:56 pm
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5:57 pm
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5:58 pm
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5:59 pm
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