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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  May 14, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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maak bol-ourebo >> spen ng ae $3.milln t b ourunhis ad>>enn eht3.wingll t stes t pain tsd predent e ngypocte o sjectstf tai big t re ntmone in olit s.oc o s>> cte wte hse iig fulf ne n e witl seetxecu ves. w hhis i fulst chi o taff w st cus. th nex chi o s f sta.hi o rmerff milary o icethexhi o ta dictor erinteigen.ily oe amssad tdior gmany teen trsuryecrery.amad t obamsew g cnyefftafftr ryre .okearl am1 miion bon c ff from cit roup a erherl mi ntaxpersonaile him omit oup a xpsleim. o "wl seet joual" repoedroup alle "w new st ou "ameran cy aim tpo cuplectle ew 0 miion romerankf c im teric wel fgo c anct mi onermk firm to undicwritel fomen ac oviti outde t rmnvenoonndit hale meactixpenuts t d ectl rel eden al tohevent en >> is a dotlappeel tha one to ntof pside oba aundlpes,hane th fdrair phodeba bngsn dlhundds o thoands fth fai dolls i bs lontime enio nd ohods exutiv at ll iainonmeio capal.exivt hen was a baiap. in 200 althasghourc a telaioxewsn00 levithrc heldles cdit, not
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vi prate he ct,otquit >> re ithpr tesnit e theh t pal.he brit paume has aack it oeas a rokey. >>thettac on o r ney andro. >>e acn ba cital w rynd prictae ba d c inealtabl wthe romy cpprta caut ofneguarbl whe heas eom c hauith thofarhe priery. h hresp dingth densivy tt ri ro.ey crted job spng th seede toiv t be heroespored ob soar tthseeo te.e teambamapo mig s mso in a t t ak pitio toamake themaig s chgesnn l aht o the pio oe prheidens csingfchs l o hunddshe ofut tughpren cng dealshipn t nd fadmistraon t te oher o g.m. nd calyslip. t thounds f js losmira t o o csls ous jolynosa wch nt busenre desteynbama w fusi ofusorehanes amaalf si fllioe tnpaye dlar. f 00 io tye d jobr. lt. obama skeoarne l abo that the are na snebouaraees abt s cessatrhere n faire i rasines wor. th isabhe w s sssineai i work everneodyorecog zesthis t wt. ne
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rk >> xact . ery thogsomne t cp cld sit is a >>lassct cas oth shone c c on titther ace d aease bssas o sthol a kdf s t isereour d oldse bst a k n ssrldefen. en mak a mor ce for i as syst tha broht akor cheor i s grtestoodsith g atesstharo numb ofeopl poi outgrhisst isdshhe ges stemmbostfnpl harny wh oi ut ths fres socty lty t emtar w th reoc foders l t.fors. not t rublin candateorresint ot then rli antesi o?n >> lot of thiepenow g t buy i romot thef hi mmerenal. don kno tuy imheefin ive her. on muno monutine h >> is sikess.e tightor ampl if ses t tht auy pl ttf t th a teame thme obaeam is havg i sml, t ad m getbaoremsav i
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posu on sm td the mvet newe tn in p dime sunnheelevewion t pe.evn is wl h 50 stes. th roey res wnse, h0 ss. a web th ro wilese, als g webe dege il lsof g wegovere. er they p then yoube ey phe capultou tm icalt t plic i dete. pc rceultiier. brt: tdenk y.. ron aulehangti hisr. pr sidebrial t y cam ignnlngis. prthede texl cgresan tamdn . suorte i wilo legerex c caesaign tn stas t tsu hat iil l rt y vedncagnta trimaes oa y vucuss. tha leaittma rom oy t on actuse haea cpaigtrom t i the onct c igpublan iheace. ble. presentbama is pying up e estmas png pdorsent se-se maiage rs ted hryn t sse mage str
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egy. h t deitetry. sighat he de me fa policalig bacash,te m tsfa olis aalay for predentach,bama t toass i ome a theorrent pitiv ma glowf a cisito ons s ie-seehe rria. piv [hantg ] ow a shasid an stagese wiah [ entn ] ha age wlsto eeadidvoce a tome-s maragenddi jumdoc as c anceo fme t -sareum mentas ce f a t atherhapt i nt th civ a ghts aerpt suggl i th 's hthive tschieed won's s rglhts,r otinth h riiets o how wwos a rieves, in rker ightri oow tt's w how avee erhiev gayht rhts. ts ow>> tsid the evay fendl rs. nfin ofidewhe yor t pres fent'dl mov isot in f ploring tell inwing est'ovs staplglnngs.ta cld hp mitomne by leak g s ceonseativ hit afrin-amican toney ak sta s he se iv riam novanber.ota h wh s tovr.artilar inrests aican mer anwh stor t fro thetir tditiinalst aan er bl k crche whoorrero sheing thiss jt tooti f bl cheho sorg
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is j f u u >> rria isetwn aan d a omaniasw a no beten awoan noet menen >>toda theresint sueste tt the predent >> dahe shsild sute t moheurthrent lt. teingsh nbc h wano ath lolic teg to lbcaliz hhean samsex marricge. he ito dis lpoinizd tt t am xpresent s lving trr. iisino t t est lng stat at th predents conrned th reoughnthatnef theonastoed to fox ostghtembehe of histo ngretotionoxs stckin witbe thefresent. is if it' m ereon sinit thaest.nite wiif the t' a g mat sse ohate m entu wihe ving g s o forrd. as meopltu are ngonceored. aboasplre an aumptn tt wreceed boonessueeopl a pt >> tpres went'dvis euepls >>est're issoakg i adution incling the cov ofhe ak "n isweedu deponting im w hclg he rnbowovalof and hopg it"neeepng
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w row pao divndendnopiberlt turnoutnd cpaigash. paiv d inerudin tonht's rnt cigh. old-tinin on's nhatn fdrair snsor the ld-t at l fdersaip c sncior he and hdlind b l sin lrs e ccyi drtin hin b >>we hine e ver in g e>> hrong r wh g we eandngightnd wh erespsibities edohtverydy. itoesn weaspnbies filie itry. strgthe itsneaamils. >> fin nie yorit t predenttrhe il fad an >> nheyeor an trent tervw aingomorw o fa hen vie"yen iend for t rv mak ag hor o me t ndor docra t say heakas h caplanng t revl h t d raay esiti to an l tiesfev h theiew tio unti joe ls bid sdp thew metale. ti >>oebret br?id s t >>liven t nor l n. ta. ank y>>.etbr post serce >>ve say tort ls k y stalng pns t ster clo 6ay urn al p t andlo 6 sururr bee aur brch oicesndndatelte staturn.r ee alasteek,he br ogences didedel at to hsttk,he shuownnc o ded rur po hhun o oicesur po singhey c rein on whhort o es urs. s g >>ystil chead upt ere on w trt wi onsi for recs.l. >>il neadpt gruome twi dsicoveor inec
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meeco. rue dven me. do youphonsharwhatou are eingnd hringightow doouon arwiat the ouche f a ngtton h nght wihecha on oid es. do it st iinst tly d fa.bookith und dot isty faokh d droidoes oi es oid th cor f facook. 's t ult ate d stat c upd fe. ack. get droirazraxx mo trolaltor oey $ pd t oizrx mola o$19. anbey jue? wakep! beju ke at'sood rnin ggietyle 'sd in iele hm. halfhe corie hmpl vginutrion. lf ccoulieve h a vpl gitrn.
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ul h v c'modad! m he to leas inn cowy.mod! heo as nnow insad i hrtbu. [ hoe nehs ] nshold ip pa hner.bu pril i't f fasreli. hone ] i fasli try ka-stzer it kls hrtbu fasy -ser ehaw k hbuas aw
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>> bt: wteouse offialsonfi predent obam wil not a endeeti b we se in rusfias tfitrent conicts w hamilot a dti th docrac atiolinus t on cotsenti w in sep mberth d ra ruioianresint vdimi tincoilltikipn ecomiceper suruit an camsi vavidmi thi nl wepend.coc rrif fin in su aamidhi neifly 5inn mutated bies mo. haveeenisco redot fne 5 fromut ted bs ven.s. rdercod f rresomnden wilam t laeunee tls u itis st. erhe lestn tesen serils oflane t g uesomt ttac l btmed tner of gom theac bd dru e war >> fou dd osideru meco'sar wlthit c y.ou d o de thei dismber biesme's w hi atted o c a ei hishwayer bs te oeadi lding om haydi lng money t tex borr. belie t belve mt bon t ex t uommo iorexic wh eli tel m b e ctels ope te umo i witicwh c lsmuni. pe >>t iitimides picend go rnme off ialsni >> i andid pe
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fles go itmeffls iimides tndopulion. es it th'reasua iy oid t eslati figul bn.ween t theua o cael aestiig ben tetto ove ca a smglin rous i the u.s topolive fou t bodssmin ou i heinclingix.s wom whheir liou t od hand fcltgnd homds cut w offir next ond a f h wteut sne aveffge thxt zta w visely sve takg cred. z >>grueisme p.akacti but ed so thin th >>ue pelpstiut tosoinh lidips tiro re as di somne yo don t mesith in rhats teomitor yo on es inhe lt 3h dns, mort tethanor00 dd i t in l 3 dor calingight etwean the d i t tw gan. liceay se f t l vgtimshtwehe areartetwan mbers nd ce s t vms oths ete e i mocenrs immrantth slghte d f ienefusg tommnt joinheroup orsltearry fuso in upr naotic ry >> eiolee com senna ic eks leom s befe mexo s pridenalefex eleion pr.en fepelenalden, who lely fe replemendeho has connuepted ly to c tinu the warplen agast as carton.eed heill onti cue tnuhearga rren gov nmen rt sateg
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he landti toupl i ith enov enchore seg aggr sivedociapl iolicsh esign to g e ougrveia oeric tetive beygndo jning ghe drug o ggsteveey jng ug no mexcorug g vlenc has bee a pubnocexg velatncns s eenighare fub predentat caeron sca ng of ghe f retourntts cling for gnerca onca to oethi nvesurentnd c ngor erighi man tohi mexansesnt sillione byhithean gornme. newexollss gingp t llne ye fi t i notgome nwptiol gg t % ofi iot mexansreilliio t enli the oexsli.s. lp t lihe. >> et:enio unid nati s o icia: isrgin irio toni ti o aiaowsin aessbout the ir onuclr weans pgram a an as denutshe t's clorkiea pnam a bomben the.n.sfficls wt tki sit sit ty bmbieve host e. tic w t sect resrch tnit t b ve weapsts delopnt. t ecmeeshf t vaplenc d froop. syri t vncro ierna con ictri currg adonce tha inaon t syri andhe ptner rr a areceha rind rkin perre togher. rresnden leld vtert
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llsin u togr. esenel vrt hat s u end t >>bret strt t strtt battndontiing. rebe>> inetyriatrre ttrearng tt fit htid tg.tight g a benia al ay ungrn roct fi h tht a prolled gre ades uithooc bo arm isroed areshoosinborm prsositn it >> sho the rels coinue. touryheir d d. hohe r s hovert iconythuegoy butir a d irhor i ut >sours t all f new in haig held cree > aur t few sdow i ar forhael siaore ten swhe aror s mostnsavy o t actitie ey'r h ping stav o the sctianie army'r h putng dnhe donsttion sn my inutrrog ding,roteers,s dst on we as aise o in togg,tes, syrwens ae o t aresyr aault agast civianarge liar the reb altga songhd vige on liheeb sgh nld. . they a on t for ey an ts.ors.
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sia'sast, the lg-ti ally ira sith'st, theusan l oti ly revotionray grdh tan oembe. it g esvoon g ina lar rionabe gotprt wh aesso i thear rna medi rranprn w ashe. dian fo ira syr iital fo ra liyr i t topearbr, ial a li y, toprbctua iy a oua dage. th mov byran dreate. surae picyor t ntinthed dovinany ofnat sraia py t in dan.f s sours.ay tyhink t's ur possle tt ass t wlnk fl.s leing ower ss t w if a fhen theleg demere vm. appeanheem inevable the wil swih ea deso kp inian ev lehe ilfluewie wh weverakes s k powe ian uebret w weres >> landwe tha you stil aad wha t et nbers say bout the wndconshaou il a gornorha t nrs recyluthe wns.go or firs e iec theky loo. rs a e iheoo u. a
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br: o ofhe mt effeiveeapo arehe one. br o fnow mheyant to ee h feepore fecte t e.achisan bewyto hatome. ct he ton lks hi tay'seove byhee. feralove menthe l ac trdin's tohe seteme bystedn t falventebsi the acino sme a.a. ied tsihe "stamling"he a. proc is fublistli" ancie tooc f flnmand aerlil a iesurvollan sysm iludi fl dron insane theer.s.. even eforrvanmondys's idi disio onto mnse ihe easr f.. en porlicnd dio m i enciikeas pole f depament po gc licses for ci eonesolhere as pant gonce on icpitosor ill esre >> hav toake surcehatn to tl proctio bui in u avoe ur frtt, t rroheriouin uhan fr havg rr n ivac tnamiitav our ac tmi courtry. >>in t letr t tcoaa,y.
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demoatic ongr>>sman tndet t t repulicaa, conessm j moicgran mart pucaonsm f j pottial rtor f tot tron staot wheal usen cootunctn whhe on tahe sebehaoralecogtion coct w behaoralnaly s, lhaenseal ogplaton recniti ornyther haal lystemo lsedenty a trak atectir er invidu s. em th fouh antndme a tora the cotituoninnderduhe iginth bilou of ameoheight cotuer inil fprotts t aricaht pubc otom t unrsonae sge. acaub >> ase anrnaorth s. daka m is e estithak m egaly o dnetial os. ds. loc st tea browi a oneromheomeldoc s ea curi dep btmenwi tomake su it'e safm t aelestim. riep en>> ois ike torovi himsut' wafh t at . th s iuatioal awavinessim w th th hav mor stiwass esn thekyth av toorssishem e withe volile tois m tuatn. >> itetch wasn aocatole for usi at dro s chas aomesatcall saysrheyresi caperhanro helipter fro theesocalll poliys.y cern >> we bliieveer morro lheal li enfoemen ageiesill acqu e t>>em b bcausve theorost l is uch
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lfosenhange tsl t inin qu t b usd the mant oweroish ope lten t tthemin >> dron t likanheseer are pecommplac in yemen >>on ikghantan,sendreraq. mmacn y creangly heann,narmq. veions use ealyorrm dom ticven se survllane. isaisiuestns automc rv than s dasist a renti. ethe th t dre i pro rbleti caushe tourn t iroe uson sveilnceo ameran citens. >>we d't wt a sile suati wher er weitooks. upnd wder f>> d w a s ti an er iisibeye inkp ss wr nito ng u iibonstntly. s th faa offtoials ust toly. f thatthaaffls prosal,ol f atncomnly ud roaerl,l stem uer 55 unds omy ll b uelead tsear. r sm u5 ds fa wil l butea tr. poly, procure nd sndarfa opeil l r plicolommo >>ocbrete mor s onarhispeith th pcmo p el.>>etornsh thank pou.. k. certnlyverthatnd the te o thertyruroat bughthe mor o troue thepaino bht sky ecoromy. ns o ou tin thoands secy.f p ople with ausrityhods marhs pe
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thundausty th eurar ms isn walda stre asthell.ur m the stossal p ngedresl. e to th s&p p sed 5ave bk 1th &p sdaq l st 3 5 cree bil hit a 1 low poi aq the l y 3r cr dppinit aowoi 1. e350 y d infini at94-pnt # a 0 rrel gasonine gts c-paper a nati al arage els so g cer3.73 ti a ge wn 1 cen aallo fro a73 moh a . 1en etapdlo introviewn mo abc "th ap view prentdentew omathaidhe ewre nt omultle j.porgad los ltill.p be invgatigad. che aeed foros wll be strnvtga ch ador w tr refo. fo th fst th mor fhoe has llen we i m aneas en i updne. hes beg toll opdr the $bill n heradi loseg tl o e la $lldios wk. la sh ran the weparenthat de t iskyshan fheanci gue art wit th hh gri sec f
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sociue fwi herth bos hriecy. so ceo jam feros monppea saf ieoisamob. onunda he n repeated heaf i be.eveshe ls wondae depde to be maesgeme l w miskes. d t wootma cme clu i isens. as wd i the bk mig he c lu i bren as the ihe big h br l.he wenowe we sppynd l upidnd wew w bad sy id jgmenad jen >> is i rrawi the ttleines feral eser is i rwiinalheing th impletantewesules u erfeler s theawalgue tsth summpr tnttes ur wi g.o. h b beksan tr te tum tybri wi.o h b invtmen b manyepubcanstr t wanrio rl ck somnven nyub ornsanll oed r om -fra. inudin therradi o res. ra in insayihe thdi are b rdens.e a litendi in ayith weare bns ec anomy li th whi hou adin demrats ea renn t oecensimy. ththhiou a preemdentts pre n t seetar jay osi th cary, sairentre that.p. mgansearay tdinossarai nly at. meinfnces why i tnass oy nfimposanto ps whyl i stet
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refo. and hypot'st p wto i orta to fo ds llymplent wl seet i tao form ihinkhatt oint out yle w s t is t there arermo res of inkatntut the trere roadf f hging a e deritiv.d f th h neeng aappe ri>> ive hd o tth seneee repuicanpe conrenc w ned h o ag tnstheen reg atorpuan onnc ckla w.d ag >>ti tnk w nee to makeg or sureeot a hela fac i >> t wbefoee weoumpak to re a conusioac i outfohe nedorp goaternd onrtheio regtatio n g er>> te tayhe sate he baingommieeegnnouioed a tnewound sfe hring in thebag mi comiou a wksn to wnd hngnhe implmienti dod w fra citgo loss tha plti.p.od mora fits a ss rehaonor oicia f et? re br o: tiank yea.s. fens begs i ce n th? brhn t ydwar crupt nnseg i crialth amearcaitti c onpthe al rges resve o oil in me ttin rld?es es orey'ilnnato" i nex t d? y'to iex
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i nt ta sml gh sool. e teher at mes mini for t sm sl. isy hi schl ma teaer tedr. r lmor s inr ishichmaea. or i me he uld ach. washereor u eveif we nded mem ine olled . h. asre uve nd inle you uld ll h you d hiphonnumb. u d h u hionmb heas jt fosed on ming re he wer j fogoda beucce mful.g er gobe cel. wou nev givup anyf us oueviv nyus [ mhanil huing mnihug [ ma annncer we ban wh thrx. manner b w th.♪ ♪ thene tued t pag eati theenx hytuid. tag ♪ ♪ tihehy.♪♪ now 've rnedhe
6:28 pm
pe agn w e ed pth age alnew f srt. h alw s. ♪ ♪ is theext apte for♪he r♪ s he t thistes th next haptr r for xus. is th xtis ipt the r rsuis.of pfectn. i e ui pct [ le aounc ] th werborno clb... [ anc therrncl.. bo to ap orn stabo o an borto pnce. n ta anor pe. tonderand y, joueyedo afca toerd ouedaf wre tir wd anstor s bn. w t wanor b the weiscored hat ts no tterherehey e... th were bcon tod e cat . o errey .. btoca anshoun't ur c be o heas bn toe? anout ce he bto discer yr cas tr nate. sc yca trat pina e. pa
6:29 pm
br: n fsh pking fromhe gpevi. gornme ccoubrabil ny f png diomctorspok gvi go tome conessou il outhe chaengediorokfil o aleonevels inhe tt u.shage e ttimo was beedelnn t.s a t mo10as geo b rorthat fnd gree riveo fortion rtt f lgely vaeent aiva,oronostlf lederly lava tha a cersoloro, tl ah aer lahayomi csor a mt.mi m estitedo conin trilon-b rels tid ofon il-bls o.f o th rept ned befitf
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b cationd oilthep n b pritucti andauti ed cio envinmenl rilksould notpr ti ndbeti ignvieden rldot .gn theefen has bunn t trl o jn eenas b edw tds tr o j finciadwfficfiiaidicot teify t $1 llio to co ealhetefy tistrsas1 ioo campgncolontrutio so she ditr not epor mp thatrio ohe re diot draororha oth ra docrath davi paerubmiedhe dra res vi igtionverhea wkendmi a mmitees meeigonr wnd a itinee onlyo retn thein job lyet t afrheyobejecd afy it.ect. all th isn t ofhe sameex mriag bee a tt l th spass t thef las wk. me ca mingagee hea tchesor sta ss heas rty. w andhe dcageaesonvetaionhat willy.akelace d in dharlte.vent lle ceminaninrl. a
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6:32 pm
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6:33 pm
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6:34 pm
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6:35 pm
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6:38 pm
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6:39 pm
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6:40 pm
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6:41 pm
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6:42 pm
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6:43 pm
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6:44 pm
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6:45 pm
i>>ereneamn dtheyedette off tha fr lydo i year eyteffha f ar ago thh a not makggo a th a deotiledakase- nt a y.deede n fr why wt yomne tido fr hy wingrospitynd militneid to gspy mitverye. >> u he t mak aasery th bama eve h w tak th ae esidt c . ma vee wthegul ion id c you an h the o a uln frts. ou h yhe oant t a mak tfr . ecti abt t jo yet t loseak t obam tib to les. se>> et: numr o bloam pick u l. :umnd o ttlo jatha ck u t vi nrby jopha oma ndle ny o tkkert le bai catalaise ter $0,00 forai cathelse $00or predent erent is tsnndicion tha t ticnha gay t mriagine tthe y priden haseen mage tal tng outpren iasn thahey areal
6:46 pm
tryin iha y re tur the conrsatninow. urhe onat >> aoluty. >> o coue. . >>goin onhe vwnd a utques onsn t v owou hen >>in in v ess t v n rs i omorw. or th predents gng o th vie an h wil te thre ntesti gs o o theost athoyinien h il topl ev in ti ohet htory ain plvn. that hry i at debing ihe oer. ebg thisppornityelphemn aatiololl. o .theyre spe ingisortypom a iol. cotitucies eytheyarepe agut hiscotues eye a iss. th areotringsgt uss nthreng u tobe >>theynowhathissn elecon t t tbe efer dum>>eyw tis onhe ecomy a pside ec t t nelamerm on aco a p tdey wi u l ga maragessu whe it a t elpswihemo u rse mongaareuhe andt psmobimze yng p rple. on heon't cpaignd on bi y pe. he't cig thanha
6:47 pm
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6:51 pm
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6:52 pm
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6:53 pm
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6:54 pm
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6:55 pm
th loo lik mwnbers oou icdelt fce.thooik au mmatirs wea on. br: i eure w relt f. th hav camas a ovautiheea br iur w stre av am a th useov toe one ohe re thgs tt s arat thseone o the unit stesth i tng s couatry roadhe you on'titee ssona s ins t iou stet i thiad coury. u yo't nev did snan t thats cngin st i hi weoue. deey oosed yoevid t at cinhe weee o ed mitaritionf cvil ciet t allemi kinrion cl et oll verinon. thiss iorti o it. 's caper. isasy, itit. ilen c y, it somhinghat youenan easiit itillt beou i tsinkep the beit ofle i ourxistce. stopt h te,k stohe bf i rst. op hto now i stng ltero folw. [aughrow st br l:rol [gh y. br te ughh y reay fl y abt ts. ay. arletegh yrautmmerea f imatab as t i e see . you oleuter ats ieeou o topi >> opleaysash gtonpis terrle bauseobod gree is cleldse ashon iss o rr bse odich lerta anseend c d a cosserva ovesnd t h acl l tas opleet togher. co thvas h tpene tim and cl agai witle theog patr.ot
6:56 pm
ct. th h ne im lend andess. >>aiwellit thahe isat i. forhe le nd s.nel. >> llstayha tun ts iee ator t l.esidt i upo nayun tecen t vit t calorni iidyou ienepy drk? ♪en ♪ vi talni iounedr ♪♪ er sge lett bl youmind [ le nouer ] s r frtts, blggieound andatur gre tea[ nerge ..ou ] fr , ie nev8 vusioplusnerg durreearg necoul vve hio a vusrg ul h v i freing t ma hy? thout ji
6:57 pm
w yousoulate.ireg ma ? , noout's jir da wouule. thgenel's youroul te? nos da dudwhat noth no,neo.surl ? he'she'sn myack abouprovudingat noo, fo'shis 'sttlemyirl.kouovg h dot s e-leade' totay ne instindashard. ho wy. verying on e-e pae', yot tanvesneents quotin, reinarchsh.d. ryg n payo ests ott's reke che buet st nht. wtevehelpyou undstan man.s bu n. i'm wtchive youlpudann. oyeahm hiwoul i'watcng y wating m. o ah [ ma annncer
6:58 pm
wtry i'e netc360 yvest g tg daboarat erade manner y ne0 st daar ede es yr phe she wh you arseei andeari rig now yph shwhth tou touar of eibuttnd ? riigow touf tt droi does es ipostt inantlto oiescebo witsoun? istintl boitun drd do. dr do droiwitholoror feboo
6:59 pm
it'she uimat oistthus uorate. f oo gea drd ra maxby 'storo u foratnly 99.9st ue.gedrraax roory .9 bre finly tight present ama tend a ndra er h tedrein tyht g rge est a nd clneyery lucrative hventd g e the raid or a o cl miyiony dlarsuc vent weillhowhe phesideai o aarri ng lt nmiht.n d rs heree iwelw pde aivin rithin l no n p.tos om t re i a inrty. ev yoneino ps trrivg. showhem evne lo athis.iv th e is e oow themayea. o. ry wlol.ts. this ohe o >> t wnksor invingsnto yo hom ton ht. t s th's i forspecnvlgo portyoom on .fair bal ced,th i aorec ufrai rt irald, a uai >>hepa: th is e fo repo. >>paths fo po nigh getng dnd. e u. mlita i spyghg oet d. amican u is tt mta ionstutiopyl? o pl t fed makam ian t easrstio r pl tolicedak i deptmen tas fly dron in u.sicepen tly onn aspac.s aac. >>eake dumen


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