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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  May 14, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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ver tha iceovr s onigst. s whye'sbouto ke a erolehotcefig peops ahy'suthole lo a of lead. d yoopilleetlelo aan w. yo sd arica ailinesetook aay h a w slife awhatcadoesai hes mank by a h tat? u wllave feear sat esory. h m allyhat t? and w me be t fitr y. lt here donldd mrump bfi doald. ceto tk toyou. re on hloretmp >> idohind. the ampaen ttou. s rtin in h here iin ahepa sin duearng a. out rehere a day. wantond whoue a yut thoht abt tre y. nt oma camndignho a yho whicab is t zeing o iamnn go a ics rneynd en eng igo wast ainreyd capilndasn ndinpi e sel mill >> i's gting nsty in and pe saps bot slles. butin i gng paicul ny whendhey kepe s anot a s t att wchspaul sohe faiy th wan an a l t sa t w o mpans, weth it aih bann o t asomodyelse nan mos whitases b they o mntdy to ve csepani.os anoveresor r neyeyid o cni faasti jobanat berin. ry t on in trms he jbs hfatiob b .proced, ut a oon iin terms of j h creangand rod, a savg i coanysrmf heid a gat ead jo avd ito veys vy unheir to g pick ao cpany nd it save vun o geeck let c donyn ad.a
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vernfai weee etdo thed. thg th i w erai sor of cweious abohe andouth th ar a b wines guytheare orhing cusbond ar besuyene ie ngthat gst i parely wt unratboutst 01. le ba c ital re wun i199ut .but le nonaheles, sme c theal thgs tat ibain9 tcapil puonnle s pl ce heile was the th t ha anin fecton tpirn pureut pl i de ashe litthaneseah, ct an ti fouut d th tteaanouin 21 th abo 17teel mi 2s we uer inboudin7el letima lemi hwe ste u shenin washe sond lemaargee h selte ml at he tee beuse ereas ss ddping ge feign s coanie bymat tbee e hea er dng ste fgn heco in iee unbytedtate soobo waedea te bhe dn mest ste l.und te>> tt'soruebowa >> s wou th bakeit d unfstr?te t s ue iterta ly m ses ouhenf unfr. but it'sitta m alm t liehat se ne nf youook whatut g'snglmonliat neith ou k foateign gounts andorei cothanierigh now hofotheygnnt andei coieubsighzedow ovehoourey coaanys sit i rsillydver uair. frkly,of yys s ilookt tat rly ad uir. fry, tnky at a wasok t extmelyd unfa andt'she topic f aas a ot xt conlyrsatn rht nw. itfaas nds vericery uair onatd. r
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n buthat wits er ary ur bu timatwhen w ste was ing extmely prlyim en cau ofte t s gumpi. imeanxtlyump png ay ov theauf t placpiand i sanel waseingmp a heav.he acmanyd my st selompaases ang thaea ti weroin outf ny a haier in sout aery sigfica si. issn inhe a ando wil aryigca get ssin andilto a mneyampan et ad a mite. tist eyo --pad wil miay. sout bi, a--ilpart aut u sondsut adbiandrtell a how sds otead you inkt i poticay inll tow feteou nk ibategrod atespoheycaillin ar ts p trt o fthisd t agroinst esyll omne t p >> ois ok. i agstasne >k destatd. itmake me ang. e atose g ysiterekee a they all se ge hve m are mey r. th ey lltheyill er spd ye hhey m di m't hve moy tth t e caeyl sp ofyeheey ver di h pemole w t mde t theca ry mofeyor hier >> bapecapi wl wked m awahewith m y lo i mo y th the maapi w d of ofwath th plat. lo>> ereo wths evhea on offoinh la hat> de wnaldevin wchonhein te amptre w ld w use how te youell tmp aeric w peop whosere w ou slferi t so aic
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opho eincribly wh s ariompony fils, en crlywh amp if ere fs, a l giti tef re buines a reans f lti filin in is sedumpg obuesea ch fper fin in eel but ainmp oapit, vechr succ ssfel antinveryich pple,it ve d oesn loo cc gofanryoh pele o d't h pe te,at k d sn of sooccesr tgoat ki of mon .pe >> d h a tee wh k of tha ses t it desnkifookon >> goo a w it'not fa.ha t's dnreal akoo mrepr enta'ont fa but d sn't s lokal gre if peop do mtprknowta buhe d't lreif tuatn. opdoow at aot peoe kn the situion. ain binesyou veits aeoknhe mitues.n. n thend u he to ave b aes u t mtsre aits th mses. mi. buththatd as a htoe ase ere mshteel ms. wasoin buat a tere bly.e sawtheeld ansiinhoug it wasery.very aweanomplingrom neugit sstapoi andryertaly fm clmpsngm war re.ta i ndhat wha it' ata f aut. t'scltake couear of. peoptha t'tha aeal a. id 'ske a gdou fb.op haal an g hestl th okedery an htl symththec a ceredinlyhe geytlem and cple of oth ym hepeoae inerthely gedemndid ceofookth s pathoic.ine but if ey kn theok fac i sth. utf ink neyhe wi fee aac i l
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diffentl >> tk ay psidei obaee iin l neyorkt ff atl pri tte p eqdetyba i nerk ndra aer. ri soq ra. aommeemenspee at banard llegme enone ee thetthinaid yba hisrd presegtati is e heinhatid isrticar rney a wasnestis slihtn pvateat equiic rutey asnwas li shogov. pte rney'uialue yousant to ke ahov. ry'stabnue why at w ldunt ow g.toromn 's a vaues? ab ihy th k no ma wer wt yo g mn y,he's ightvas? no at thno ama pr wate yo uity 'sfundhtiser youo cod gi m everte ne tynder hoseurivao eqtygi m fives an i c mak ads se thvaq ae mhfian cak tterhan dsat a and ih a man sh youhingthat ere ernen and i at uldn loosh soouice rngat theeope givg dnooo me oba oeop ivpresent ama mon. so i mba jusfeel o tt, y est maon so i kn yo canlwauselick per tn, y a cpleof pplen yoanr aa cok anyer a c ouleof peany. a o wasnyt oerly iolve ou i thay. o ly wast hi stt. i thvee a a l i ha of this tht weoy. wr g w h thashist ad th a la lo of thifs whieth u fairwewithr w itth andad tink lo whf peoe shi w u ir thhat, t e adit wndl nogo t dowkwheos a t, tad w beinoow efect ae. >> t go rney iampan, i ect
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>> resp tse topres renteybam ptpa o an i ad in ich ey sp t weresntam p oan d toingteelynan csh aer beg a raeducce atongelna sayng a eentily wbet yu sa inatherace a begningay youave ur hs a youeaveti w yur msases.ine butin egng oue he h aou stee ms. utnamid, te ne tng tat wn'toteds mi th fct th s el t dyn tmics wot'ted a nber fth fh syn tacsbrea andeast nr vernnt ssidi, intaea tndst miions rn of llar scatdi in nvolmentso t tre'an admi ionminnsf ar thet olnt te' go mionhegoomne a is tat fr?ne a t f eryboas tr ngoet ebo t subdies tre.r youaidt. teel tub wases t. b ngud delmpedromas otr batio." th wer dedm dping teelotnio th er ke ner befe a it dngel was rd t cpete a the gove ment w nryintoef at he as ut a t cometemes ahehat' notvehent w wost tinng i thee rld. a andhatmeasst't wo t o itteheut he d. gernmnt sdt tryng toelp ut iorde o toeompet . g nonm frany, iryouldavetop ne iit adelitto bipe no i ldwouve ha comdown on e attbi nions dhat rere he ouaomwn dumng d beeve me,hey nnst d gouldstil um cbee doe cause,y
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it'stil hap ning ldn thil c cdontry us >> 'sil areapng bthh cry >>rehos bosddsds > in bth cpani the pk whin w b t patticndut cthenionhe a p ostwh w peoe wo td saatc it e aas a got anying moveeo wotonsaanotr co anynd anoer brwhat aergotheynyightg aveve id.onot co yut thonohthat ateyhte t d.bam ad ho atsctuay mo t fairamdf y anseuahat orm. ir >> ys i ot i mn,t m. in >> i lot m at tesends adsaslo a vter, te ds vier,,hat woulhave lid tohave vhadr,he formion vi ,, t heulve obai todvedgai strmn ov rney th t, nberbaaine, r gey romy w th nr ut of in te, gom yrs w bfore i ppen. f heas o t doi y the bre i olyics. en >> bhethe o woiy, gta thaheslys. ry b sta ment be w>> no, gi'mjust hayin tt. b anta int tnk n ims ast ref ctioinon t eandi tesanwhen they i aefio
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tht. howandis teny do yat th en ow 's ge fr t the coany,o 's no even g whfrherhespecllycoy, wh theig a too plano andene'swh r t tre a thecyreh ocki ethe aellooutlandfs t g avernh omneki andet'sln t fr. >> wused grn tone nd a'suet f bef e wedo aef njurmissns li thais isle. urssi ha bu thothe w wha wa le omted om t ad hat buthhe wdumhang owa the che er somel ad td at th fac um ohethat7othe stehe s a mill i ludithacathete ll idi bthlem eel, weundehat ar whh shs blhe l,poliwecal de resse t tes wh tsh tre bweenhe naons liatlwas ss puttteg e tnomi pretrure onben thena coms nies >> is n th kin oftt thg emire re hat obae wouome be i nth sinyingfh but aybetouba ouston'to th s en youut be 'tthd. kw itouhat g k gitert g- egrious youust n'tput itn thir. butgreopusout e getttgtisetthor. annd thaut'spwhyov rom ytt i sep inhe poly. ifanyouhalookyt thom i olicin eve olpolleem to hifve h upu okd ith tnk pple e redicfve itllem h h nup. th wani t pe j bs.d
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ey n w nt rthalan athin jd th. ar no geing w r th ain fr thth admaristrion.nogeg >>h wel i anfrhdmtren.ear is >> bs,elobs job but mot sr re tat w res,bsobeeinut js, s jo t jo w ihis untr >>inwellyouare j n jojo se ingeals trnumrs >>llue nret beuse sertaly yal arenot meeit re nmberbee ta e yry tremet seboi giv up lo for re nera jb heye t tke tm so ivoffup thelist lo or los li j we re doiy t t f heviousty t v y weo butt iokse oi likwe aoing ett ou v ean ut sactwe aik a t i eard umbe thacoule ancthere afrom9 todo i 21 irdbehaul hed an%rehe oerom oy.1 utcertnly 'she o not 8.. rt aly righ to b fa, toote8. fa to al resintbama i'mgh bfatoaurioo si ouldma'mgoveoromn inio hisld ve t beninomple, shld h shavenclud t fa t at t thee we all theplh h velu tfa t thwellhe subdies d t breso thsuccsful ubmpaneshe's utti in treis ath coteraccul hean'stiin oba a ad? o>> iraon'thi soecearil i tnkba thad?s auch l ight'iso offse.ce il don thi t so ihaa inkh lthat at f. on ishiso omeing at erybkdy hs do an
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t contuesoisme g the t yb hdon nts e suheidysll or t pla a inntiv a suys a o s tts ola a tx b aksinoriv t ax a sncen oves, deendi on ere tu bks a t comngrom.en s,no, don'thin he hdedinn e a obomgati 120m.ohatecau , n'erybiny wa h etitl to tem ob tiif 20ey cld gatauhem. ybwa etl >> ou a bac t in aar c g onm. a tacttern goi aft a chn and also teroiftourldhemesnd so roe r o'nnel whats ues >>oher o'el at u >> sa somrveryastandsa om unatteng tngsryboutov. stmneydnd ihinktas unte t inspproutiate.hat eaid, ey ink fraly. hav watined hrotevert hed, yrs. kne her lit lea. b t. avat h anderheremi s meyf. ne roereit wth b nd slhtlyoremialenme noro w mch mealet, utsllyreen nosligly me tal mt. m >> shsaidleomeing,heaid ig rom my getal e>>ctedhthisidsmeg, onwitr, ion'tid ometnow i e edcanis brehe onithe i'tame irw s nre he h inhis- andou inesposed tt ndcher is aaverge lentpoho t out toh wher rea tynd aer th nt ut yo thw i o wosiea
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h yo resrect yoh i rie iosihe fit yoesct caing h a r i tal fi luc sca wasgt h l evein t fht. c wl, sas ive t f. id w len h i to sie. l ho ch ioney, e. unppy,ery ch i serae, a herne cputny,y en nced usicradoes at er i f ct me. enlieed me.ic es see i lik f y g in th.e iee. ee iktwitr bale wi the wom y. gn >>th no,itbawi thheom pople in geral.o, pnotleomen in ftesuall. wom ot ienrefe f t balauseind tem momh ife bse ndough th t men ut casially i get in ghhn attl . si ily and iy grtetnikes i alsreattl resct p opleindgr >>s es un?ls acatualles it ple rt o >>ike i i llowoun? nac tllittt i's o tereing e iee. u gu oware t htmeri i eac reg othee.backnd f rth yougu ane h chri andacosie he ckyoure fhouan gng aer eh o herchnd pret healy. ie i n'tuthintheyre tti me. g adon' e or etea.kno i h en'ti toticiney the had retie. n' hitng mvery ohar h't i icoughit w aed ve unirit mry shott go r gh un an ot igo-- it too mabomn on secand t i puttitdownoo
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and moon c t gaut itwn nd tomeby an aid putt th d tn.eb anice not a but de. h d i cet be toome me th secds i iwoul't ditbecaeoo mh ec uldn wasiul dmycaime buteoplseemto l e dn itas ecauyme twitplr acemunt l ht auillis o pple tchi i it iacnt d hs ha illi o pe hi i inde doe hve mil ions. dhali dona, thk u aslwas. >> hankdeoe h yil vers. mh, naretath as wa>> is t>>nk jt go yeromne m swtagingt priden > sobamso j go isheneatiol swngpren replicaam art is bltingimfor,io quepe, caroke t prmise blverngr, e natn'squ, ke deb >> pr iseer plge t c the daticit's hf byeb th >> ind opl t chemy frst d it te m. h >>byhethameran pple are otir foft te >>olitiansho talerthe pere tar buton'talk theitnswalk alene it mestauto'tlkhefisclk reonsilityt s>> ill sendhe ntearsc maki ree siughty i ch scesd n cesry tfurtrar rduceur kifici and hchs lo r o debes trt rce >> ci indlo oebromi to thrgh t >> budt li bylinemio ohr t udiminlieby rogrnes ofhatutlidhei usefnes in groftli ei efsrnc air wit us. od ening s r. >>oodvenic .r it
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>i'ms. l ok eng s tha a>>dni is >'mhis l fu goiha athe resi ant fbrok is ors unfufilloi prtises si fok s thior becse t debfllpres is ch ande thawhenhihe ectart tebs whn h ook fic dehaen >> thrtk 'sothf t sewh h thgs.k c his >> isth a h t crdined e ortth. wis govnorromn. weisre a ging cme cin ert ou wiovr swmnging wewe an't ing gg to cetthis presouentay e swng hing at ngnd dois anesher,tnd ngtalkbout d an r,sues at ve thintoolkut abo hat es oin inbo t t tin th ecomyack rac thi t pride mad ath lot ecmyk c ot he romid heouldcut e defit inalf he om.nd o hisheirstmiermhendld wht did fieinf do? obiggst isstmhdstruuralefics in e ?isto ggf t untrru al pricposeinby h . to whch, theay t trot prse a h sile dewhocr, he vod f or d suort heipresent. de r sa hevoould f gt t debor d un er csutrolt utwe arest. sae bldryi gteb r kuns an colar ganddsin b ani kan alane of gebt.d ppenton beeve coury an whof hat. enbee rrenourt's whha sereintyoondh deren's c n'tseiy grantdhr proerit or fre comt
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to nybog.nt hs th de kinro ofitherorld re>> at i on'tto unborsta, an h thi deve linked fldthe mber > ideb'tntaan has ld one u$5 te llioer eb sin heookasne o ufic tio du inginhe eeht okarsfhe o bucermt w dug et rs lybu $4.9rmrillwn. i alizther we dif rent rcumance .9 ll an, of ouri, he hadhe iz er weimulifnt biumce wch anofur ishead almt ul a trlioni w tre.s hat donlmnderands why tr onen t. he tan fonerd offe,nhy ght the fache f ew teconffy was t i chheac uphval d f h ton as pl i was imuphtel h it pls elted, mu why he rit on atnd ma tha a eld,hye r corrsto on his mpaman.ha >>or oe thg h horto ois lo affapa wit the ound>> of s o ownth h h ice. ereo onehing faeit dohendf reay wn wl e. an thatre maneng soeech andakeea w pomis.n at>>maut h scouch avende sa sothin p diiserenif inde you heu a cou ha sai ometsonginien ffent tden th. u >>ere'what rt. t ink. ou aaihinetthiount anei tth >> e'thiat wh tyouk. inintaneeeopl ikeihou pal ry andscot walr aple chi hea li paryndot u iala ink i theea i asonhy fol li u khe poponar olthiiconsucti it'not causthey arepubcansop
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it' be use i thins ptiplet'int is usuntrey arearooki fubns t'ee hi p pple le the ord trreki fo run for offip ande hedoveun leor fi and mpan.e l the robl thepa predent s, he'somin ck otheampa nebl he railow are hent t ingto 'sin oellethispaame d t ed iless agee t g ofopend cnge,'m oinglis e t arp tss wo dof andpe evethin ce, is gnging be reat butp t two poblndve isin we' gg beat se thow te h pl mucsd erythge'up ov e let fe w yes,h auc everhing eis wthse. ov th le'sfeewejobse an he a erng w. th asackiwe mibs ane roey on ainkiiutwe'v sen wato on ur'v s nturcan' w urn' can'lift ha don an mit romey hn'ft ha creed meon ne job anithanomara h oma, wh remitt momn was neobanoveaor oa,h tt n asassausets,hanbamave has ne or t entre cntr saet yoanmaasnow, lwae tnt w cdertr how portyot ttrait taw,wa i th we'seromeow lrtitud t aii ink mast a irica say th 's wheeverart lud it ak m a ca poayticin, whergivertthem sot titu. b pohereci a neyorkimesve emo tu b-cre anerkes
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po thaameut tightnd had-c wit tpohame tesidhtt'sd atem tadabou itis t de lar siatio of id's emouupprt r sa-sex de malaiagsiio ofi w surisedpp b saexmag wured t bumbe % sa h sai it tmostbe f posaticl haitst rsons fonl po% saiche sd it rnsecau nlhe tughtt wa rigsa. th thght she didt au f thtwaig mo ththtid callat rea ns tn f prncip ando woer ithat altea t wilcomeack d h ntpr ipm orndo iat an caidat >> i lmek h t nk porple dersnd ptty learan patinat i e t p e isrsue sidepory aar pinome, t po ticsf essu andisde th a wait pyedmet pocs osu.nd a thth pside iswa pdolits a the o t e.ah p de yos >>it butahehe tire t pside y,yo uutnow, re'll t bk to t pde subj t. w,butfl b yto t bj cside wt th t present s de, coiderhe y promeshe cde w dtht, the est d decit.coer om 8% dnempymenheet. heahcar gre j8%bs gasmpen pres, ll aarre j saseet, lob istspr, i an y can g o and st, on nd oobts and yeryan g oe othesndn seso is pside has aded y o esg, g prosse u png hdeas weds whhs wh eaturo h
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uwor h bue whe whwh tueali hs i rbu hasn sqred up mucwhat es h do?li i insad o snqedp ucat aunc hng ho? capaig onns onc h caign at h bee accolishhilhe h bee esidt, hee cosh lncheit oil heehe back id ogay lhe mar oage. cottalk isunn ngck in oay call whais sartt we.ker tt tallkngs nn abnut? he'salki abo ll ha s wthe erct thal hiab ref?ms 'skibo aree h hirkinefhat resine is oengain wi onsiin he's talngt abones o hisin wisi 'sal bo acmplimentis thisresint ndsto evoe on a aclint l morissi nsubjtshan vost on a e. l or li evoe onbj youn heor w yo are golig tovonou gor endi yoder conolreotoet g bs ba todi r t ameoncan pele. ba tovol on ose tmeanhin aspewell. l rn n, ies waysicenasll to e you hopyouill rme b ik. ys >>ehankou,o gra. ou >comi p upul b >>nku,r a$80000 >samiup conntio actlly alitt more ahan00 tha and oniocty etictt vatio renndha nd he nted e acaoro a magian. owe heed a oama admistrionagn. finaly h a pn to ombatadmtrn na hat ax doar pto ste. t waat
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t undol yu he the pl e. and wau te us whher 's an y heod phen l a d siteplayswhr pla senor r p iayohns islaere n r next andoverr chs ristnssre is xt nder chin i st tonht. is mter at he dides i meo ison. g ng tbe mr fuheous d esth h. o wst dese h ge to tfu fsce h toght? wat's dtrahthead hto an wha f tot? 'saad an dhaes rh lbaug he inomm d rith rk lug hwain inm hryh tman,innd otrs? h star gessi. tn, th's cingp. ot? ar gsi th cg ll mtivimins givme t bass. ty clm toe colete mvinsv tas tcltocote onlyentr goebeyo. lytr oeroviyong me th jus thessenal nrien viso mm atthy beus. heentren. nenlwayyourost mple.o atbe tr ayurt le
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i've bn crscroing e gu r thpastwo yrs n.' bcrrog gu th sti yn te n youdownere, pele msureommient by wt's geing ne. i teouwne, pe mremit 'geg . i'm ke uler, anit's job to me su weeep kingi' m ur,an's ob prressn the lf. msu wep ng thtwen bilon dprlarsss e . bp cmitt haselpefund thenil drs econic a viro nd on a anotror fotateencoilli. dolrs s be spe on respse a cle up.ot foenliol bepe nng-tspm, b 'lemade. fiv hured lliodoll -t 'deiv hud ioll commmento thgulf ofexicresech itiate... mmntthlfoficse iat.. touppo tenearsf inpendt scntif rearchn thenvinmen topoenrs inndscif resures wich conthnue vi been shar witthe blic suwione earite ic anwe'reakin su peoe kn tha the lf iopenor bines - an'rein su eothe knachehaare autil, e seood del iouse ien bes e hee ti sed elus lastear,any eas en repoed rord urisseass. str,y s po rd isas the ogre connuesbut at doe'meanur j is ne. e reonest e'an js . b'stilhereand we'retillommied b'ilred'rell mito s ing is tough sg tgh
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mecnicahummg ] eccamm] malennouer ] beg witthe . leou ] egit e ♪ ♪ en wturn theage, ♪♪ cr ting he r whybrrn.hee, ♪ ♪crng rbr w wee tued t pagagai we tu t wiagh thaiall-w rx spo. withl-rxpo ♪♪ ths ishe nt chter r t♪ rx.♪ this n chis irthe xt c pter t x. r les. i e th c iser e puleuit perctio ths put erio
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10:22 pm
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10:23 pm
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10:24 pm
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10:25 pm
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10:26 pm
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10:27 pm
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10:28 pm
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10:29 pm
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10:30 pm
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10:31 pm
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10:32 pm
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10:33 pm
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10:34 pm
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10:35 pm
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10:36 pm
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10:37 pm
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10:42 pm
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10:43 pm
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10:44 pm
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10:45 pm
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10:46 pm
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10:47 pm
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10:48 pm
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10:52 pm
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10:53 pm
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10:54 pm
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10:55 pm
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10:56 pm
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10:57 pm
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10:58 pm
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10:59 pm
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