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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  May 15, 2012 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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owin upit on ng iandy rar fos dn'tave ryuch. in pwe dn'tn ave id fo dairctditie ing. h.ver ught new dte car rctig. atr htewar sghetio and atuna ner oe d set mynd pentsa sw ne o djealsy tardheichy p tsopleho sived i gar nal t d ty ah few mes leway.ed iever heaarny of aew tha m iy. hear saveourereafoneyha a i n't rderarve anreyppeter. a that wha i tern attha arica0earsaters aar hiffe.nt ace. no acarser we hav cssanvyfe tt se. no ing sekedyav c the demyrat t g s d pay.heemat irical theedias pa pt the iralheia aluenihad wle p ma inheheedia a a weaenhyad w thselvma. n sa thiia in a hlywo you eave tse pin adsthlv sa rhiningn h woarouou tuppoingin thes oupy r ngll s eetou ppotestgs. he wh givhe oyhanc som of s t thos occiersould pst wh bivnncom fthei hol wood osccrs manons ld the b grod. neeiolod galpanolls a seroery. ne simpal queion youhinkl a e u. befit froy hing mp clauen ounk o u b ricitro peoe or hg n? la o 63 sayiceseoorich fol nre ok. 63 aybut4% ofhmerins bolieve
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the oppite.ok tweve whefyoureaktri bve e wn bppe. veheuak pty 46% bf demoatselieealt p6% erics pvide mosie noeneflt to t coury ic pde whaoeveoef tw, iake tout verhave persallyecau iour ie ter mble crespdent a instrslyau all i oddr hav bece a ric le cspnt ast guy.l ddd have iecxact a whaic i d for m y. cou hry. i i pctha ally i d tax . r m i havou. o pll oshoraxccou s anav evethin toverent o orwant myou an accventanin tert swi ient y isnderrder tocc pan.wi myisounderioneramedo p aery pares ges aymyndnedillis of a re g lla a tohe pr,liof miliry filie in nee ando p toight dis se li fie wornwideee toht i eisloy densorfdeeopl bill'rei eys m ds sma pl bu nessll eiin acoitio bause t mma ctors sucssfu pelebuss ar aio hir b byse the tews rpoortionoucorkfun te ar prirram.y he al bsersorkery oon hkd, t prm.mplo alople bsn mky hou h an toother tlongs thalei m n'tou danoer ts ha cent ihoug abot d rering buti addt nt u iugbo an mor rengut tha60 pddple wou u ve ltanor tir job hha peou
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pack it in. l tob h now hr tha cklmostn. hal of the ow h dhaocrac posty al liev iofhe pvideo befit at dll tra p ev a pricade b it fhe at thart dum aca so i wil te you whart i'mum goin too. so im gog til wrie a louterha to 'm esid t ino oba go tri lro id askgbaimo publly anowlskge m ntritioto t u.s. i hibl nex awlress m cferee i wa theri preodent t to.s ipen hiexpss cre i th i ustwa whetre younto aon ow wt bi o'rllys it wou a dog fothe cntry w bi i'r asyng t mdoh?foe c ry o of linas tere? bo mom lin oealofin pinads e? hu thebo cntry in indlother leinse rehuhe lpin c it.ry i er andhat' l the mo. in t.noworhe ttory dt' theight m w retionjoin tg usromry t htbost marnnearsh andreoninusm fro st shinaroneirstshowernd boro are sta wortinstembe ofer th demratiboreartytart be frste be n wi youthem ti shoutyou andariae, bh tee ofwiou you s ldouheemoctsnd wh areia b ofou semoning theocich in wh rethis pol on weg, i hen't thnk tny is ol ar demizin the rh,ei t t t actuly. thi tha ar the firem ofinhe r l, a 2
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tuf. demhiratsha he irtualf dohink w shld a 2 ha a css ofichemts peoe, alo nk wwhich i dis reeha cfh wit eo bu i icise thiheitssues bu the clas tha wehi an't pposue toheave claes i ashahise couny a you anowt os t sto ela co itryas fsndednhe un aouw t idea fco equyity a fedot ea haqungy a ariocraesnd class o peohae lriingra radillyiffe nt l o eoi tnk tt t que liongor me i w dioyfe s l. man t t t reueblicns tnk w shod ha i a w ric san reic t wholass ha ic bil allight we kirssen ouil madllht so ny mwetake iir tha opengad monoogue. i c 't w mtkeo bil i w nt tnopoine. out cat p wpleikeohnr. ada sil w tin ut and homa peen jefrsonndda d bemaaminrankn we allefon meersf t moned css bein annk w liv all otmes toniffently c than ll t othaniv a colist fewholyere an t rthning aolundstryin to gw sff t livoe r ngsecolyou s a thad thein g s tmocrs areivt d oniz s hahe th uestcrnres: d youiz thi th thunit stas bstefit fromavin a css of ouhiich peopth orit notta bit omin cfh d, oprot a2% - 46% of a decrat sayo, tre -6%fs n deat ay
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beneit tariae, fm peoe ke me, n ne. shoned kd oia f moveo to sta e, ca a n jt gho out k ofov o evaybods w. a j g ut >> w wldn wanevodhat wo happ. he s w w wntan hast cnged pp any dyhe bide was ced ny be y? wh ise. the are yillis. wh s>> bl: iet. he >> here is wh hlihang b i. bi. he morit ofeoplsh h cludg dngocra sti wan to bbi mitfpl rh. ud drati an wh the b hav seehang is r thr alityo me up hewhhe av eeonomng ladr bs orkith aty m hardpnd om plaadng b b tki rd les la b t bil wai i hr ts propgand a.ll d s lng. il ai it' h t n opnd. d lropa.nda. >> ill:t't i ppaga na. my fherorke ver hd.paa. cam>> bl:k i pga f m wo fd war iikeer an hhe h a col ge damree b ande g fwowai nherean h aariae.ol de d g nowhe. ay? n rewhy?ia wh becae h d n't whake enoh ? y? ance whhe w cacar h. dt e nocaushe wepreion ce kid. w gotr now wren d. ot andow0% -. >> - yo did betrhane d - did. -oidet n >> bl: 9 ofeopl in soh b ton d. andorch ter b 9f pln an 90% f theso bn pple nd thech r rkin sub bs oan0% whinghen
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pe ne gheng too i in eubher. o w thng leood n giveso i fatr h e ar. goo th life.d butees dn't latp hoo csses e. m t irstt dt one l ces of thest ne o'relyennecglof nns,hat' my famrey, snecelo th f ines,nt'yam she 1 i' thenly fe one mianne 1. i's ghe outyf thane mide cl msnnorkilass the gnlyutha on id so d 't telclkie it'sshetacky onnow. d 's aelayseent' w. asnck you you gremeri nou suess sto. re i theou difrencreriill. su si'mto orry ihe if nc bil gohead >> scel. t m 198 iry pa icul r, hile isohead sffercee n t hav98 in paul h is econy w w er war n tavse who leas nee iat t exponse w w ar tho who t cho lst aasordee i txp . ho ho>> bl: h c am bei l ad ward byhe enomy b h homei how?rd y i'm eotmy ho poiingt ou.w? 'mu a anoig eepti.. a n >>illtalkg pots aut hee. no no, n e ti i'mhe g >>lllkhatpo a 46%fhe noo, n the m g t peop a6% kiren ihe sticng u for theop i >>m. ic u i'or wit thehest >> i'otalit.he
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>> bl: i noenef atll tohe coualry. >> tt's ot w bt i ioeft to mea. itou.oesn mea that ou tres w i no beneait. it sn bilea thaats wt itays. sayno en . no,o. ilha w it s. itoes ot say tha a ric o, peon dsot a any ts be sfit theha aic d a ny >> bl: nefibet he fm hing ou cla. of rh p ple b'm i fi th f cla. hg >>heres a laf d rferee. p ecaus i i d hav anthla ssue>> re ath t ide of dre havg aus dav n cls ofue tdef ricav f i n'thinkhatheyhoul ic tated p e. >>illi it'stot anklassty lule gonde ted heea >>l's a ss geth l. it jus o dinedy ho m hh moy y mak th itus dat iedhon m ery stemmoll y ak ov theorld >> i oka o eere, sm bovl,he excldt >> iskaind of lehate, caus b wha isappeng ixc ths peodeho lt liv in t ushaspe i worloftheoortfivn the upp rl helortiveppuch rical lo dieren liv fro theeste theh cntryhat mt ral peledi do.enivrohe t >> bhel: tt's cot trye. t yo m are pe steo.otypg. th 's n tr . b t >>s'm t notyore stereotyping. thit's noriffe nt>>ow.ot ther reay i sotg.uch a'sfe. erea i h sconct. wanto as youareou concnedbout ince on. inntualias atouell. ncdut nc bil ince i qualy? inli
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>>teah. . >>ill:eres w t i m il concerne i aboal. >> e enomyh.tinkecau the>>l:e w ifede lconebooverent has bot ed emy nk . au >>heut dehat'ertasot not- >> bil ifheyet o of t' e w and let peoeotevel sm l bilinesfy t ore wfld b wnd et mo job and theeoou welld sm ha b mores t w being iome.moob nd heat'shat w'm onceedhaor ng abt. >> ie. 'stce o.ab >> come inealithas bn tiing uponst. mene it s >> bill:obod giv you ti ganytpng. u enstt. > nl:odivivinou you yt. nyth eg. queionf whher r not inther isouuchth dpari uen whtweeer ershncrees. dri ee >>ill:hat' capalisre. >> staatinoing ike>>l:his.t' apis upr css gtinghe bk >> alltaf tin benitsfnge this. up c gng b cotry ll t bilen loos i'mot bnyhi melokay? co ym n g ting il aoothin'm b wor for lo it.y? nand, gng ain yh, i you oror met. i d, b in t yajor iou meagu you g i b paid tor ift'sgu ftbalou gbasell aid ifs fal . maseanneas t las a wd. go. thi t d ocrac pmatyne tas shou be wsham. o . itsf hi t dra p for6% o oueamt ots sing guy le r me oo nthinfor e cntr s g iuyhink l thas j tme smefu nin r go. c r i t nk w areinkissiha the j poin sfu her this.s me ab t t t wresihe
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rinking mdleerlassho is marenab get tng t oppounits b the ulinnk m ewe ussd t layen bet t wn you poit b he inok a fol u lik t romyy b who go wn.ou the gs w t a toolikhat selomho ll word hd eveth g w d.ot s wald outith m lionorf hve d doalars. ut mberhne. mon mberwoo bk to the do s.clinn ta er cut.hat er btoreathe intautt 22 mlionobs. at we mon hs.e 23 illi pple unplod. h bu3li p lefe at bilunon-dolar bu surpefs. th isot tou.t thatil all-drhat h orp hthpen.s ou ones poi ingatllheinget h at h an.body u hane toesto toig midege at clas a dy bil youhaad aoemoctotic t idngre bo the senend th as ilou h ase.occ re bodemoheaticenresint tdy th h. di 't rmotoreicumpsi t ks. >>houl hav di rrep hapned. k >> ul >>avill:newsek"uts esidt oba onhe cer wiapd. ho a>> witl:ws"s idobon c wi the habel ait rstay predent willhe edir ohe "wswe"el to trent hellldi o beie g "dberwe wit som o el be geritom
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>>ill:mpac segnt toght,ay mriagstil impaing esidt oba th week n th>> covl: ofaceg toewst,ek." magil pa thg preiddentob pthture ithekthovf s." aalo a heth lreelnt p thereh fir garesi nt.a o asidehe lheir gasi. magine dee iag e opont o gay marage. i inin usrom m mion o witay reacon aree. pu eyorins ofm m bernitd ac uoroldbg.cof rn . goberg soou kw, tse ppledb co ve t sel gorg k t peagazes. t "timel las weehad t moth wit the youaz. imaseednow, t 32-ythr-olit sonhebreaou feeng whavertw, w. did t -yol qonteeanderandeet
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whar w eid he, i qerd uess tin brnhe e htor if "neweek"ssasin br er ewk"anoned backbamayassion theba ma vatin a yousihe s ti aou >> wel iay a a s bine >>el i de asion a dpera busess be decion inder anddeon i drauss youciut backer obad onhe i cor, ge h u bkbanultilore lo aco may g y hill sl a ti refew cop s at a tay y nel standa wasopat te joualisc disiond 's dn ight embrassoug. is d iioean, d leral makht ffmbss in, consvatis wn w say lhealak f dias ryinnsti w way to poraay back oma ain a mesah ao thenorhey gba ond a does a eny grecilyo th. >> bl: ty ma himhe ci meiah. byputt gth b tmaim meh. y htto. susasortred wh a h ha. s bu i wil teltr you w a thif "neweek" ecid toha put builel ou sushin t cov eewk"idout prablyouldt g a s h to ov beusetightffen som prlyld g h bee ofht theen libomal rea rs.of >>heill:henibou s
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eaurnas.stichiss >>l:n snsou ist "nenaweekic supssedo be mazin ofou opion? iis mn,net'sekupdot eall likbe minf api? m ilys newllaperik chric lg even i s atyhe endewerf thr l we adhey en iatre spose tond wrap tt u and ty o hwee ay poinofiew. s se othei poin of vapw i uthatnd t theresi hnt d a saiinlyw. eithinin v iat e bsi d bnginai arriine equa bty t binhe fefro.ri >>ua teah, fin f iroave alws >>h,rguein o-siily tet tlwt thue a si t t noth new mazin anymo. th arenoournews o libal minmo th opreion.rn o bilib yea >> iwe wt t acct tt ifhey ver woptn. o ileadmit i th w try tcco t g if tinyr w brondit thry ing fro g "ti"in magine, ro y t get theoay g nroti ag e,noe a n tethebjecve ns n a n eratns. ec are nourns opion. th won adm re rn th won admpi. it. thon dm so ty he toe ten to th ontaskdmhenheyot. som hing t hke ttos. t weoad arevi s skn disyssio billom i tngd t we avi yisio ll tha the diaould be yough obaraha a ldamaeromime tgh tim ora but en hace ame a t rlimut rep lic hce
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op anent the repc sloers wld reopmenthellverlosgai w a her re is trroofai aler tof rht. tt romy wampgnin in r. om w corad las weepin n d aeporr acoedadas himee aor cial a qstio imrollhe te. al q siould ll t mijua be legazedor sdedicse? muae >>ren' the i ues gafdic sign?ican tha youould ke t>> taln'he isbout th ecomy? gn an>> thas iou ald t sigalfica iueut in cthoradco ? >> t eco my the i groh oigca i bs? c ade n d t p tco peoeackro to o wo ? ? th cha nenge t of peo in?ko weave g wo enoousth ihauesgef ithateace. we et y g wan tonos isalk- go at ahd.e. y >>anedico mijua. >>lk igo oppeahegalatio of>>ic m ua rijua.>> oppose legalizationf of oth ju kindof o degs. bueg iat canf tl yoth tha i he nd a pn tet d t.s ecomybuan t yo haing. h p t >>ill: tll w, i thoht g.hat mit >> l: romnt. shod n h ivehot it chleng the mnho nepor hr's chesting. he inoloro, y havors a ti in mediorl m yijuaav indtry at i a a pro em. di mua itnd jusy lik n iro. ciforita,usik
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it evoed int a b cor obleit. vo nuernt onei do at tnk i b wasise forolor ole nunedo t i toave seoror chchndohon wrie the w. i dn'thinkchhatas aoodonrihe move numb two oloro wi 'tnkt ad ve mbwo orlora w. roy motain hig blder ra androhismo andinhatig i smed ber be lditimsend qstiot i s rod ey dn'tnswe it e lim qioas ro dtwe t condcendg. th wast thwayo hdle s it am irong >> y arendotnd thasrongthy he it i ng i w l t l y yrehere ing disaee. rst f a i w t y defrese o eeporr, she saisain.he t a i ef oad-i to tt p ce oorhe ai sod, s sdhat sheas -io t p oaski som queions so s s that hhe ewer kiomuens wtedha h >>ill:ure w d>> issum themail her somhing >> l:soren t t ium senheiler finom ng bu mit t rneyen isbsolelyin co ect. bu itd h has ryightoseol y frtrat for tiscot. hashteaso frat thor cou ttrys fingomeso rythouy fge sious enomi proems an iues. sus e emiatiorols deb an i is. ioeb i tentlly cattropc ise. i con
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ncednty thaatop mos is i onericeds d't kw hhaos riou tha pblemeall ic d k h is. ouha pemll bu mijua is. sexrbuhan mua saski abo t niona debexn ki bod, y is t a nnaeb lalssue y iat's a imptant b younow l ue at i the ecomic i'suesmp nt thatitt bou romyw wand t ihe coc ta i abosffec att eveominglan t peon livg itaboecveglolor o. pe iv>> bl: igothat. medal mijuaor oesn. b t t. >> bedl: r mneyuaas ahanc to g tt msagesnut a b rdayyong anchrou his g t macs,ge a throh h dir t ygouis bs o ts, wh you rero h rirortend b o you to whou outyou ve rte tu beuseutu orke theenve tmark. inow hatity.bee word tre tkeheve ears rk u hai towty. refct or t t metis,rs the hao mefroise o tie -- ofhe whasoingn mis o -- fere. ha was curnguso e. s as wurther mitt rneyuppoed the s wgaliertionf arij r ys ts a cpo?he at wlde lionij. o? t a thi c the govnor d wsd himsf a disrvic by hi comhegovr d acroms tha qstio'misicyom t --ou kw, ro heha qio shold
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-- kpolily s her isye te iho at's eallli all s haverso t y o i ido y hve any 'seconllic qllstioav? th's t way o oandl i y hny it. on q >>io tt'sth taydl a subet. >>distctio ti tsnk shad ery rigub to k t que tion hatsthe dio t sanded e hadig eryo rig t toueont be d dad e frtrat witigohesee fratitocalse issu wheeall big thisal ar hapningn ts suhe coullry.ig hi ve serus tarngs apat hng t ntedo lk ouout.. i ve meaer i t ss h bh sid of ed t. th . bui dot teank h was s bidf ong. th >>ill:buealdo tuick h"newasork tis" r ractg. >>l: corlctedckew k what er y wanti toayn r arctcle meastored wee at yagaian itoad t darwithe ehet eey mriag thi w reait the t sa d thath i ttac mdag chahi whe bo sa ha danng wh t staacha quit b oppite. an i wtuck t up forta it. bo. pp the. guy w i wcktepor itria bo thuy w st wtzer lon hisryfta atckinfox ws c nnel st erit'sonot aigis dyloe. thi thaat"newinorkx t ces"el d t's rig a tng. d but hihaewk thi t"appe ove tignd t ove. and vert ain. i dhi'txpecpevet'sve eve goi d srp. a . no atte dhowecsanyveoi crectns th s ha to noteake.w y>>ook,e mad cct a thhao miskee.
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k, ad evy a repter eryis port outher hasade ev epmistr e a e som poi. rttheyutrorreasedet y can st a momeoi the yseanlose oka m ebut, te.s isheind oseka sl py mt,take tisedepor or make whe he doe 'tsl mkeikeheor pers tha he skehe wringeoe out. e thi cas rshaeri y, bi t. hias o'illy bil ishat ybi psibl >>ardo bo'ievely ils itt theind pbl >>d b ofve istaithed a rerterakeshene dsn'tf likeheta reeres netenrk tt y d't wor ke r. i'mrettet sur t yhat heor lid y andf h l edmtturoxt e thisind o li yarelnds h miske l heouldt he isd o me.el >> bisl: i thi youhereld h m ght. b ihiou beie golerg. erics n rea be autolg. eic nea pre hdent y mriag a stan. rent br hum not mag hap abo t "theashitonost" unni an thatullybrgum sotry aboap mbot t roheey while tn govt"norni w at lyin hh s m thos rertsfter hesero w t ovr me wages h sl. osreserse mees
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bil facrolloup seng my toght,s we port lasweek the ilesidact halostomeroun lo in t poses a m somto bt,ievwe rt's basauseekee ameidha outstenun t pofavo aof gom bev marage. b se ceainleheut predentas bevo hur g inar stae.sike rth cenl calina virrenia,nthich havbeurntae h larg tditi alcandepnadentir a,ch vongav blos. rgt, theti oepmant voloampan is o unterr. pa th areow selng mswo dadsr m twounrr thre mels m dsuppo mwo m obam bypo outts. how but.dorae. how .olit ally worre.ra wit ly careyoumagi govnor roey'sampan slin a cau giov bar outt tt sai 'mro'spa sinlad have manndbaut toman forai pares. d me a wveld lanve tt wldn'anor they joinreg u nowme fro w l t wn' whingn ma kateyrine inam uowro a jn w wingiams bhmaatre fne new a anyst. j ju swiuldmse at b t few facr ke aant. b yju shi sdhatat t ss acthisid a i b haphiant snd is woma foraren. i ap shld w selhatn bi maoren reil.comsh w el>> ihinkhatid wld btbi ppy. m a igilom i supnkrtertf w b falies y.billif y wer aittomnup er
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4:25 am
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4:26 am
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4:27 am
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4:28 am
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4:29 am
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4:30 am
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4:33 am
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4:34 am
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4:35 am
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4:36 am
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4:37 am
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4:38 am
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4:42 am
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4:43 am
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4:44 am
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4:45 am
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4:49 am
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4:50 am
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4:51 am
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4:52 am
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