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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  May 15, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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ow we ve arucern th >>te ot coetoo.m soo ashe t e arer t th sta. at h coot ham enooset t. ant icthattae w l h hpeot h a wiin the hou nt icshes te lastl hpe wit ness owin t theou edef tsela lisst f titodayss. t efis w tay.ntipat they'll g herw befeountrtipecse ts.ll gher ty u al lyefe d secses.roun 4:3 t uly d a t wil reassumero:3 theulk in a w theea mni t. she p:re wgoinhe t hr rom mheni.therit es he w tinod >> ep tem theerit defenseal he f me>rte cirmahewithhe dns aleder ectn x a fromio cnmath he ereturned tn x snd.omio he efenetse ad skedim wndther third paren p aymes aim wtherthhi trd rt to erar up ame affaierhiad er com uper i unphe discuns e com u op camign finceisegatns. o he caid f nino. theynsls heai q nstioned jn mhelan w sa qstne hde m seedur iswa h whe b sund mon that whhe had b beon fun tli heoney h to isben camign. ey ielie to this d tat c
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am an.rew ung waiieohis usi haw amgwa et money u froam mey mrs. melo f t are trying tostabisrsme th t jotre edwarryds wgas nstwa f tunds th qjouestion e uaril wwa ve latin t he g te.ds >> que sion:il j atvenat te. >han veryn ch.hanery t'ur n o chr lawyers rthur o youefto r ndlawy crimial efen attohurnrout randy drilon n eenefto if y rdy d alory ino e humaniz y heryanohe han dghte may ehe w to dhe dghay it.he >> wot' d brillia. heesny i not el>>ant'll. ees ibuot if i aurnd as n'uf suurnd what it wasoingas on su atasheoi s tknhestd sheowhe shetd s umanes h a to a juror an h o aur who t's o t ac hom y are s oc no a drespecing no d rerespting
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elibeth.resp ti o in front o euror halitth. doe in a fnt e joryhat aoey. >yo d'tyumize johnay. > dwar ishen h daut rizoh noutf ar crtomhe cry h dt wn ut wan wf crtomry w nwan dety press necretary destif des hecrery mr eardsst rided o h her sht, rped off her bmr idsi o fr o j shn rdwpedsff l hk i b i sill wfran. idw dstill a womk. i sl et y wer iith llom ts y xple h at isshat iz e johumize j eards. >>he dghter getting the tand aedsay.iny >> dadte ige lg he m. nday y itad iy. > ha t d weit sayny. > dou a w e he t sn eecialy psetors w t eia psers def wdant's mher that tti esfnt's mrhe w w t mha t erne has aothe w a r h h aotr aot a snak r h a mher. re i sa tothring h saughkter hup m he eres is ympagy hgr.aur e
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nody is pa gy o grng.o gi her an crebility. no shdys i gs ngoinggier anreoli s. w shhe iyng wat h o osay she loshe her wa m hom. y >> sp: he what ab lt the her m. >> s p: ubst wanceabth wer eonions stwhetcer tamig money or a peeononalio getif tt?on or peon g that isealesmo. that should heha testimo is mo haturs reatd wghg.esmo juro t ares dngreat t j ro eigh ag tng cedili. they a supse d o ghokg a ttli odyangu agey sse commoenok. at thre y supguposed toseom eva. thhathisreuped iivual e ts sai bai ountactiitall t other testimnynd allnt tti o if ey oustndimhendll pso edibid. tha tf ouou be ibasonab toubt b tha isreat if yoare l sabchl ofousor. thihais ts rateaf lore whal ssr. really hi t equly ha fasnasti was rthelleayion. e he seed s prasedna.tias he youioan'tn.aket u he s d > s whopred imaki ng ou'te itp? >ho imaki i > io didn' kwhe mey
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waseing sed io d in' campaighe mey asng >>d i cpa shep: > randyhe randy rdy >john edwardss ring to wk. > hn >> irdinsse w >> you-otoie to wal >>-hyotreoi yau tin al h m y allotinf aurances. h >> l me aot brokenlo twi aurce da y leould broen t r da yhe igoin told b wk. >> she i allin rig. e'ee. >he ll the r dgh .stif ie hee dgh belvehe igoinif to testie nd w'll t yo k el what iintooeess d n. wl yoha nvestigg j. morg c aeeknvtig afrj.he r ealergdesth arader' af $r bheilli ron lleosd aradeaw $ blios enorce ment officl nfir th invawtigaon wch istilln tn earce stantgeffs.l irthnvga w hantim isll tartahagelder approd the ntimceo's $ldppd mheli pyo's pacge athe bysnn mti. ac a t aewh protestorsutdes tnn m tingmti ll r mae p
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te rsulatns fdem t t feds o nmng m sky t f teds som alys y th i essktors ts. omare slls wellth o i.esrs >>hiss on ore spille o wfl. >> s eonde ttorero e trohat the -ha-he > thiis tigst ban a t tig tst fanialigomstpa b i a the wld. t yst areoifng talopara i in b ige w. ou s.yreoi t youre grang t trae iin big moun y areoingo ou g traos ie un ybig areunng. she:os theal oign wa aun. st reet he has pmmetedheal toc o pre is wn mstoretehan p mm et%.ed itceboun ideait mnod .%. itebuna erod i ths wha dide h ea fromh meehangid tt heaovom shtock ps up? eetimov sck cp?onti nu g his alo ctig tournd h wn't h holding back urwhe h i cn'tois d hendick he >> iiss fwed den and porly vetids fwean polyndcud.rly t etd shod nev po hcu hd.appen. s b miske n spen.elf-inflicte
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bis ke so s sreld a talkielnginfl abo rem g om out a tal chai boanshemg orhiut executive rolbut ey idai talshor aexutecive sp tt inl thot t only0% inho j sreld w antelyd o d that. >> sp: h mildt wte id a ec t d oha s me reguliatt >> ae'reecoingoaveor m cls f rorul lati. >>re ng tiave gtn is c f latialng fti i that.alng f.b. is veigatg s weha have t doj depb.artment at s ejue ve t dndoj septm and.b.i and wnd nt --.b the a g i w d'tt -- t ow i >>andy >> pcingdyrimi invtigang ocf soin k > itri gmiot nvtigaso to hpen. >it g n itialnvtigaon i t hpen. ok ial ignitgae ife i ninhe h snew.. k iithe s exut.e ce pesidt, w miske but onex phiid, a wyone isuggeinthutat ion rse a o le ofecgeklinsthr i rse nglince t ha t ilet ofeclssr nlie i crimials >> sp: presint uniteri
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tates s w p osivi ewtend said h the te w smaes otviankers on wlsa hetreema at i preanyke onodl endorsent ee 'sro li ng i becreaue lk eor ig b kroligec lkdhas bay said it bridialyha weayomaiaindn t m et b e t w complai nonhey.ose moy. w womt a ty ysuospposed tdo .mo bri wthe f t.iy .os itlaor ri gatouf.i bit.e i its notor fa baugatse youre gitnge tos nchi tfforts ofaf bauanke yrsng eyhi teffisksts and makaneke m stakeyes.eks and as longs yen 't lmieako. ybod an longsenon lcealed athg od becanse you l money dsnonal mgn you go oec jou l >>onhep: tooigm tyo goo j b ai>>p:oo >exacy. itoint t b a big mke cou>ldac be b itgoirotem torig mke aoul a ricabe biem or tseanksl are a bcaacd byou tan and m ae so i bfchedy g in tuble hav m toaiol tm ouhe g ian t afflerd it.avo t>>ou shep: $ 2 bllioanis n aot of but > u sp: tbio notewf ut capalatioit's n reweal a
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lar apalecentio's of mey ral f j. arornent of ce j..n tion, ts profits wou have beeioli sots pfi doe't ouea h thaeeh tohem. st >>hey soell makea aha pfi them. >>es > >> an sdll m >>an sharesreha up. and gis crerec i u aoesn seeisikerehecare. at the ou sn sheuycaaid t t re bigaid hey gam tblbi the b w big a theyy gam d g.he w b re ty h beeheny dng real ellat y. t h teesn is eat lliraty. >> t'ts mys taxpayer dolla rs>.axyer d> thla i the nam of the g i he t'she nate of theea n. >> s thehe it is. ars nouat hofappyhe johon? >> > ihe at iepp arou hi hpyeoh nonhi to ie with p. h mga cse. >itpigal moracebook ts>ig walk. theost forac aoo shakreiss eecdw o t e faha $. ll t t for a. com
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any t thaoralf us don't enxpnyect to t l t. us n' here i esn a new toll o l t g e u sre tshoeumewroll t a g u c tofounde trt isivg a his ouited stes iitizensh so can save lar o iised saxs.izsho anmo s del lmears onis.reer o nlemenser ns per jury tmeal. heve t s tu phatry he nrejte him and s stfed i in bejeean h a thats astfed eadn studio " b b at a n iolowatur gasrodurs owtourupplasaffoduable eaneener hiletoroteplingfo leour nvirnementer acss aricathes tenolo es ptectleir -tegurirnt ac acaes tebyloonit ping ctr qu -ity and duci emiions. byitg quyd cimi.pronsct wer - throh coervaon d se-con ined rorecy wing -stem..rocova . an prott lase - oned reding cyr fog prinem anotla ed g d rfopecting wilife amrica natal g ... rctwife domtic,bundt, can ergto per oam g.omc,nd c rg p oiv. hat'smarr poer day. t'arpo y.
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cranrry ice? wa up! any e?wap! that goomorng, vegg sty. atoorn ggty mm. foha thealor s .us ve nuitio ha hecoord've ad a8. vnuio cove a [ muhid therwas a lile b of epidion, t que kwinghat muthed ext erase ss gog tolie, bf idn, qu kngt yoeknowt becae e yogobeento u kn thiss wh youad bn dog. yoow cayou knen workg, w kingknwork g,iswhou bdo rkin worng, rkin kn rk wang nowrkou'rtalkg abt, ll u kn, i n't inor, in aow'rlkab l kni t and get e chce spe mortimed t ch th wifpeand or kidme h ifit'd
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my widld.t' w th.t's wor. ♪ ♪ths or [ nova] hit wall d i [ oughva"i c 't dthist ll 's jt toi hardgh c dis jtord tn the waa mont. wh i didedo fi a w toeep ing.tthwamo. wh dedfi w top g. forlymp gol ango tcolle to ormpol an tllto [ ma annncer evy dawe hp stentsarn
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eb wite aon billionse butlaew pl wihoilon that ut% ofewplhoha resndents% oaiave es neersven hedav theerven ceo marhekd teo zkerbg.ark geut fro u erzneatrbhg.he rk. e cou be e ofhero uerath bigge rk. of oue tof year? big >>he d t yr?hey d ghey the rpoible gents he it u rle gootsgl igoogleu i tradgoot oge $adg butt a t $anfare bilutl la a t e beev tan cfaompa wil slaee aice beeaevhyompailop s o a tireahy d ofop the tirpo but hed oheueons eret wl gpoout afterwards ne wl aerrd uestns itheastalhour st w ithheer or noitashour itable. wh ono i genal morstae. puing en10 mlionf ofacook puttiin i10ostn et r moron nfottofack ti
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i is astnn eetecr tiorlatftorm orot r sffntiti ilatfm wav e eenuctih a i spo si w rackav receordeeucake s f ck gecupd akthate wenpuic d fownup 3 at wicwn 3 inki 50%. ki ne tesere50 sla m- . >> shep: n pol thatla >> fdshe n p t ullyalf ofamericansthids facoo ia lyf f o.eran s>>hi is is art the proacblem. i this f whatnv tor>have tisos t he romakeemens. of w theisy decinv orha twhetr orot ty a goi tokensf be w ieshery inci febk ot. etor t i aoio is be tses inot fad i ihesmenon.s f i it ghengme bn.the wside le i mantng be wthdee m i did. e othss t t ihe siddy. foud tt user osss t t jt ou tt uer ds't sou at jt9% hav littleonow ou ftth in t9% h ltle povano roteio nf in tt facebo has p tey also teio 1 t onlyboas 1tls foel sanoh o t pche roug 1the se. sa noguess whaug ee.
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ue thi is w pem for a compa t thi mak ises a itsor meyom t outgak adrting.ts ey h are ty go tgou sel t adg. ve iserhgo s geral m tor s ser an egmpraleor >>hep: founds a going tole al awa>p: whiloulnss. a gng toat dohe y arwa >il bns.investors w l ar deo wynar u >veor gsetlarnig getnvtors. sheig o ofounds hnvto. o roue his uounidds state hs itizship r outhe mov he u rdor stedlteys c s av eizip him eove r $ordly milli iavn t. im $ $0 mlionil. i t .y t hel wouldn'tou t he$n? mon. tonel't k wnoldn' it wouldtou t f on't k wa $ou6tillio don't kw wt i would do. $6ioon't we wiays itou' d m p ract icalto giit ups m pct calitizosp e hgiep livn csp sgapore ivn ray sgare you boy. >raiy am y b >i pisse ad. it really makes me pse m. rllak
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heakes m. huge fortune heak00ge ftu mllionhat ud $600 m miliolinha door uhaver. $60il o hafilinr. thelas. ilin hnglose t b tudgetla s. aps. he h h n pgem usesin b ugestto s. h catehi usinsto fortune hecade nhi psroem gti ftu h kno edge rom n hvar p ando memoved oin ganoporegeroute ha hrnd b mnve the ininreceut00e bn he is carly ainaxod don i kyow a.od it doi t rig d tng or t doin the rht titg.oi tig o t >>0in mil ron y t pic>0k iiltp y oro gngast i ic i t hp many bolias am i ett g? h m woulid you ama ilk it? tt? t gu asoun'tou ea b in here t les g surt wasitn' thant. >>re les l sinrt i wn o country. tha > ma > we osht tino i r ohkcotr our >ma ex suchtre to andh akcteourpl toom nrend acteo o invest instef yingoet o here.nv ns>>fnd money o heyilongo he. nd i > anndon oositions witho
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ie s ere we a can t moneyosio w andhe ieans ee ca t m deyapar ndhe.apar >>ha is ieg >> h >oi ings not >> higngot i havig beange the i r hhe g i bne tingap r g in.ap e iriving.rnd btl he i is rianghernd private btl cbs. es a p terivate tab c that irerv va ab or hm. wh can't hhaetharehe wealth? > h i hs whan h ires gheen woeah? > betley i >s inoinpo eey >n alifinniapo madim. > may w o ug htifa t moad rethink timhe. m ayyur o ttystem tiso set u rnk t >>hep w y tyshem y oetffer h e> ep loophole theoy oerriteesomhie off i goo to tri o myriom ageft's ge.ori oi wte my it off. ges im w not gngff to pa themf m don he n pay thempa b t weldm i enonouncee my p citizenmsh? b wld iennc e tt mis c aiznothener?atr.
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wte is athatr. wgree. > tax aougraneet. or maximize touan minmizeou orax bls mim h h t in rzehto ls thha r >>heto i absoluty th t tul >> i bs dol't dnyththin that tsul ilgal ats l sddy d.nyinha on'to ythiill utt isf ty sdy. giv me a d e'to ion tnkhi you i vey muc >> ve a60 d0eilonn tnk y ve sucngor eoks pilttyonood rigow.o >>al pyd awayigromheountry >> thawaady you >> wt wod you dryo f haadou $0 wwo y do milion. > c'tay it o mion >'tay t iv. o [ lahter >> sp: te'll [ laer bac p: his e isllorblewoodie bon t sidof toa s is aewoodo tid t uspects. a th kro m hav been pes. isgued a a policoffir m avandheyeere wnningple gu i an aicfi dy wng nor iississippi d'tull or j borecause yisss seepi d fshin go j lht bauee pol e ferinywre. l theyhinkt's an nmaoled cyw. eynkt'
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>>. he le okittomney . le ok premptiveomne replin nominee vi a littl re towvenhlepli nin s ak ovif aorit iow des mlois s oriowa 11 d m mutsfter 2:00. ow h i talng aftutr econo 2 a h t js. autco >>t's o j ast'ressidenti wted t make sredeeri wte ger en t sply sller aenpl sart ser >> sp:t'sntesng all ofrt >>his. sntes a e ma itvaab es.o y at mafoxws.cvaab ies y atrmin ve .ox .c >>irsin t newsopstrmi m siss>>ipspi s t it'ew psiops
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that fake c mss is s t'ulli psiver at p fe on the cigay sliotr and ilplingon tm.he ignowayolicinot the coty redil owhe klingins w ten c ow arere wnieopl n k tliongulsl w wre or ifwpl n t oeypehe psonehin ehe is pe nothe pson ehes the, suspotect theerson ot t r deahel., sp th e n seby t rtteats t pullou oveit h flhingight andtt t p y feel urvee of stoitppinglnght nd d't pl over. yeelur oto in ge you cdlp p or. aial 11 oulp alt' alff theyl onfirm i t wffh u. tyl iit's n fi i rtalffeh rhe i's will nle send elp t wi a 7enar-old man tmebska a o car i-on m pskina un oc in p th sth baitsvillerea th fou btslle wore on highw f 13 i wo oearbnyhw 13 niouy.rb ydav liller whyy. d polic avilr
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ayhe wol think it's seo tnkhat i' s pong as aoffir? po>>ngsorter: did ty t do fi th qoruer:ioidn why t wld nueiohy elrlyann and mydle-agedan won pndulver toark m dldesagted rdw ayo prnls t es rdway res c tommittan a f re crity cmiel angf s ecitty a lat ngre. the cld b a bog sope t vo.lved th c b b laedst mth nrby county we a la tld t a w momth fid arb c ou omp wlain awithhe s het t's a epfitmen to asay mpinthomnehe s ha op peepeneroayehlein aop an nmarcar. had a sirn. i hadsh l s.arr. she adskired f orish ident lifats.n. a the pskoint f thever ofde tsn. ath p nt uardehicve ofhos she scried udicho appeangsh ri uspiouseced tpp let h riveff pi s ts hap tpeted on i-veff wch is t s hereheed ourrsooklai- butc i it reok pla inheoo mdle ofla
3:27 pm
ut t d. t is i p slaignfint mdlof hatt d i s i wopsnt w t is lopats the wan he wt abt two e wicanms? >>ne t wng tabhat tisigfint outche t? victims h>> t tt nt ey t ap tar tms h he absutel nothg i omapnth t thathe absut actth th ierenth b tot teged by t kerllerendr k ble. tged er 4-ye-ld mr k hoyema-s mis sndler heed in nebrahokama. he w os hleis w hoe frida t ieb pickpis g ra wsonhe hn hewao fri t rivi thr gh ckissiippi g wehe hold h usevid tsipi bathi ngol aarat.sed ighl bhi unliky he waldatea h vehihlclenly to helpomne w hhie a fl tir t e homp worke afltirino wke e w aasin eact eou w behin her vicleou b pehtiac grandam. vic pac sraindlerm. w found inse h pick tru cks.dl wealkun insoueote. ckru. welk t son-in-e. f m sthindleonr tol me f t m sisnd ole t frlyis hd
3:28 pm
frlyd fhe inawad h w lef in ston adut tyayhe hw iesti tionton ut c ttieshe >> she did leeition thank > sle geidtoeeheogha cns getri he all-st 's orri trner toldhe jul- toda'syor trhafor ld he ear heel on tdahe evidhaencefo oroge ar h cms o idcege steidmsse becae the traer wnted to pte ctteimses. bca thi ts we tol imw yntdreoiongctse o wn. w t threraoier too o wn swa rohm oneer tf injectionto sred iromn a ieerectin andtore broughtnt me . r abrght het me compared hiselions e th anomred h illioitnsffr. an i ffher. injted cm e iifeitm hum growth hmoit um gwth. hmo l me b.clear, have
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3:31 pm
scegts. >> o day aheetai of this c . ase oayhe will e org teisnd peoplel e sillrgndeo todplayel as nng morshan od a expsi a sidhowora wasthae ofaxplisiid moy asast ali my a rult of aul njusteciion. reporter:om of ustin. t rorr:of oer argehave i tues statement oclaingheirer innocen ce geve i ue thsmtourtteate ontn je lagir ioc3th th.trte one egal experts. are specating this tri on 'tal hxpaptsnntpe c year thherionarnesntt pos ybleaot ul 2ares but we os don he uhol detailsut wet. > on s hp:ho dai aetellog thap:nks. elghas. scury prvis at an aport underurp aisest t artor uer usghedenty of dea maor heus igppheenntofea a i llmagal mi granhe iandasse aen a i al backgrnd canfterndse bacroun cck forbagr 2er acun yersor 2 whoes tis s aut tee
3:32 pm
rception whf soeit ty at the rport? rc on at inex sitat t t? iex malannocer] wht's n yr ergy
3:33 pm
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3:34 pm
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3:35 pm
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3:36 pm
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3:37 pm
th ec twiheheew u.ery taustomf orr m ptectf ar wit pct a fjc w surit po ajchority o n y s aitnd new jse ay wrihic y runs n a yor ew aport jse iyssdic a stent r n y tee art th a spokmatenturth ldehipopk ur alle a spo w thehi ecurity com ny tleayndeet w ithhem in he comurinyom tndaysee tto hm heom tak eveegly t pmissible akchecve toecheclyhe persoel p mi onss reglelar basis oecrooteech ourersousmers onegmprloasyeesorote a ou facits.usme yomp calo byeeurehat ahese inacveigatns a jus yoa eegni.t he she we' see inveat ath j sig o f hee'ee laxth ig o secfury. lhensctor genel oec holand sur has iuensd actene l port. hond theyurooke h at a s ix rtrpts eyke war awats ne othem s and rpts newk pararcula o oythmnd w 4karla o oecurit brehesere repoed nonec urd bhn furerth ren n ctio tdak.hur th compas o rio 5 t of. the o heromives airports or 5 o he
3:38 pm
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3:39 pm
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3:40 pm
remb re sy-9stem1 cckecinitt wrocu sy ivaze w t alines ran e va chepnts. t alis ra sthe is a hep quests.n. think wse' gin i t a find aue thybnkd sysm g inlaind soer in yb shemomninlaea s whioch e fedalom gerentilhil play ae ed signicant le b theilritela a stor will s pgnicp.t b he ri>>te sp:an an ciscs is prceil s ikp.thatri t w? sp: an >> tsct's sght. ey h e a nkbeatroth rge a t sms lt. apo s wher he a you doot rge aml a po heererite y do rif pehtirite rpeti rni- secto recung it and hey a workinung fe. a >> y a shewoamil cane. cmunicate > swith heramow o after they cmunite learned othereadips. oft she hheasy l led ptseaf heip body e a may h resut lion mo. pts f wel g b the lates ona tay r es utunn g momanndhe c ommweit gyheat es tton isal in g ronmmiter. talin
3:41 pm
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3:42 pm
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3:43 pm
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3:44 pm
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3:45 pm
rehabilition mus ahed. ha bitraclieonusalghe i a live. ac t'sal mghyenderstanding you spive onef s thenderanngsp w's ne fen.he >>eporr: jt tsee e's outpri. o s up>>rt.or j t e ey a hosing a blori tpri o r huper. organized y a fosenng ari d b ecau seer h drg hasizy f beneen ina dhe bspautal fas b ween andhe seenal sh aee f bodee, not a ony enor saee amy bnothteratits on or asell. it bengmy tthtitsest g eorgasial. it eer amystti hes g rgmaster's deg e inssytichog st's bld egivee bee in gng onchog forour l ande b meeutn and run rr untnd 7 tonight nd r fendsndun fellow stunt snt 7onht f dsre andll flo snt in. > i th k a is ging i lon g w>ayth t oing fmybu other ls. w th i o pt o her li. o her can iake aiffere ncthn o linoth pso n'hs anfe.ak a ifevere throun this t rathgedy pson' ys ou. eeve thrheou tr tmphdyas y b t othertrmp popleille toued thrgh or plel ey. t >> rorte t youave g remeberany docrsid n
3:46 pm
thi she rteoue w ldmery d n survi. hihe e a fighter svi and.hes go g mak at. f er >>hep:dhoiss t g mroos >>he ow? >> report: is ough ey c o ? h leg. > rthe are i ts alkigh abo h rgh c foo h l. psibly rein tki thatbo h a oo hr fin pgesiyecau theinha btod a vsels h a f he th a hopoding to svavlse . p msth a hopan tnd s t s canpms useannd psttic f gersanbutse h lun funconstti isfrsut imp roh l fncnis i tmp aibtic keep iorki h oibstire p >she hori to hfully recosvere gd. theyaveo > reerse the to llinfy cotion ey she haso t roer deal hewi th n ernfon shas tcal ceaal am fro th e l c amp putamioic. ro andthe utphyiol thapy.nd this is not soing that ishy th y.oingoet eshived inotnothersoin tts ng coupeseeksvedn nohiser i a long upks bat tl s i a >> rerteron bute noted thaatt >> rencerterut thieacri naeds tgohae i e go t fors eood. i
3:47 pm
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3:51 pm
of pi tumpaledis chuch t c ltmp.ed >iis c am goin tost a rie > i>>e a dgoo it tith restaurts and hels. >e d i it thitghtesta wt n do ths.ith ithght is c nhu drct it e ha the rht to f reeis chu spech. ha it tay n rht b fhaeet peopl w ansptedh. thearit b n we he t righaht ppl >>ed jge i sar b wee s tigo t he>> icase eg tea s is bko wt t aut se ea is? b >>hetud a gutoingo the ase isndudge s >>going tudo gng o dissshehe c beecause audges in tgs woman d wdta c her bau onion t w isan p wrotted speech. h ifoveon t somebodyotte sd ee that i was cee iomodywould shat youre oinulg an opion. its n ll snaetng thaou canu oin a sop oven.r. itetng t inddanitn i nsver. fnyf iint isit t in tth is also a disen tth isoslsot's a m t's do mbo noin >>hat d s noin sd 's >>t s c ik chu'sh. eean it's ahu c t lean 's
3:52 pm
curchecau the a ptert t l sked cchheau t ee peoe of the ed coheuny too thughhe osetseoe he ountothh yetng wennd make sre tirloesng a wren nappiate me a sta tionsn a athy spphete a ita sayoninitfe l e ault.hy say l owltur daute should es the a aotau of suld people he a yng ofop omen-. >> shep: coming intohe en bro >> sanp:d c caninnt tirhe cloin c > rommendaningarts telo hei child n sai rtom andndgar ts arrowehis iionehinai a roayhi tson doo. sheis pti tayhiut a do efac t the astors acayg c atheedas to irozes zohe nod cyatd wan t ce toi churorow.zohe nody aneto anhur notorrofit chuh i ing to le meyotro afind cuh crch g o igongo ha t adrciha cos >hat icreepy th icree th reep
3:53 pm
>> sp: shodheastoe ae to seper shoasore maaon t. s he saiord h opiniemaon >> tt ishe iue ed h o he is trying t pis ithisue ou here heishis i tsin ft. pis the areheouules and y ourehahi is he abiulde b a y themit's ik e abi tms lt a mos ofhat yaid is e her goosing ft be yes n is er a ig f tte whs t dit's i smiedt tho d's grous. miit's therou tru th's. > only aru feweo r >nl the viewntil f me a r big t dea ew out of it. e a she w b er denythg le t . hahet? >>hereernyeh ngoe crcs. >>reer no warcs. totally wa n rigus pce t al ly sp: was pce hel s: w tt ishe h he from. t initshe kgd fm. > s litl no cr k > fe r th slor 50% s d at> theyr th goo churc rully0% sd oatrhe thy go cully
3:54 pm
areth bievers. >> 'see nre goiowev b ie rsnceas c > aee koiidowev >i d't kenow whhe k equvale nt i> d't kw thehis qule i t country shep: man sete himlf onou ir to da yhe op:utdeanhe s trial him olf on toydehe t alory's c oonfess ms rder. r se ckessdp t a lge rdecuritity te nd t spraygeedec hurseith tend seort say ofseh fsmmleorle liq a setimlfon firiq the pututhe a fe bimlfotir halfheutthe maheas seio bly njoted. 'slf unce le whyeas didly it o rnj. wncther tere ae lin dto the orialrf were ig a lin t wing extalrefmi. he hasigdm tsettg aing xt bmat.he c ap al ad asg odm a t yttth a b iandcahe w chereap h ae a hhbtdownis vti a the wre la is tm.htdn v 7 d ad. t lahe shom.wn n o d rmorsnd e horyio no defendnd yi nway dndrom iigrati. m aamil had a
3:55 pm
unialra allti setailgoad. atheueunal ollf et h orheas o not dead. at inext noderds .d, i e-xtradeinanal csultts. theys l ho youp th aolidlan.e-dean clt.eyhoou wa wa-wait a minide;n. obbybobb at e yodoinman?waa-itin m spd dang! bybb t yoinn? [ le aounc ] geinveing vicespda! for[ our amilynct e- ade.geveg ce rr lye-e.
3:56 pm
stilhaveoubtaboutaki asrin r toh pa? list to at m stinerlailer vethinbt aboou asn topasto m in la woulinsay boe sot.ce of mt ofy mule pn uly so mofmu p oulde iny shlder my tinerevinand recoendeit tme. ld inshwas ernd oskepcal at fst, tt i erstedint oudcode t. s o epld bar ad fnced, spiri edreouevedy pa fas baad edirelin 100%re edeverpastaras eve fif day in0%erarveifay i ink finily ges m litt bitf andge. i k ni g m but ttn't itke han wore. foit. put yer vanc asp in t to tt tes hfor orurse fo.t r ncsp tesr
3:57 pm
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3:58 pm
>>. she ear interesing on . he r nt er nchengrs a toning to orheral a tmorgthan 2 t buffa ttor ra elcape oran theyay uf buffalo are ft. epe ey reeygifa ande f tt.hey d 't ey stoghegirke cndattle. t y ok dt 'ttt. st wher t cate. uflot.oam er t hootuflo guns inoa tmir otheledca tunm in t pr ter directi. co s aeld waarni tngin aoprhaer d cometi aosshe mco to a sta wniaw.oha me th a css dohem lo o sfam. to th d opeleam vle to alike. ele a wdleromowa. ike tn ere i t wsdromow unaln er plas acingo slaeral rorretu o. e cpt tgamily of s aalor o 2yearldan w aangi tnamy foris b ia2larfter docto wrsgi said h sruffereis hrt aiaackftoc a dropp edai h dead. sfe bertre aack t cer emay docpp d. howe u
3:59 pm
pbe treo sn t the c deayoc cerfica. we toct s t found tea man was erca. not so ct ch fndead tut mat wr in a n sota ut tht mral a expefta m eef aeep. lauger ] >> sahep. ug ] > man s meptedly dr magedeptedl wakyup the mannd d rer n eadak t se mand to cebteea ithueat tte n hue nunal. > who d?. > w ? >>hat was joe > cavuto t>>p ttt w j wld > cutooupt? >>ei n wayut how about >ei his. wutowbout cld the pridt b e os.nis c ay t prt o o ? welmeewumrsaisi a lot el oumfrs newaisior ari b for t he present thenitestat. i' nm tking abori b r fai tl sheales est heteat i' ndin tng a


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