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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  May 15, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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a nye.ul 'twew t a real in meural a wes haet pernalea iinom da as nwotke pe w p ris iga n expsese thagt xp cssumers a t exrienng. th hav le money to s theyreex cenut.ting thavacleon tthatosomndetng everybo eyre c shutouldng daco w henat theomyetavnge eesrys ney. shld tas d aoen the iynfti a y.atg tains wat they ve. a tt caution is warra ntednhey u.s wet cti s wstabraizedino unls we sabiz husiorice gsg e u ssi ri t trends ging to contue nei tre maybg tonmers eont wrong. ei whmaonmers e rooo.k wh at cfince sukrvey buil aderstrefiorncesuonrvfiedent ilrshan inoronnt yrs. hawhat is rinight? w y irs right? ha i > the rht?si datwaig i > at catainartof t country ysli. careint t cnt si btedata. no qstio , whren iooktasi prites they.aveoe ow qniowh ikas griin ty seeoreliow t csu rsg be y areli not g tti csurs enoh
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breot rieti exp esehave ge up th er fthe are w kixpnge g up hors t taktheeomethe samehe a neg hats wh ho t takeaelageshe eme down tains he consumereas sag of wn runng i plan andhe wor ckisungrs ohardf and un har idelao ndor it. rd i aar th ike can ilearn a l fmk c he conum whe ayou h l les fm moyou t y cour eyoxpen hse. ls y uto your s in your ethatensha.t consumey e utin ygour o do at hen hau got t cosu the f irstinua do n go the f seriousconic bps andeoeader hopeconnd it was nd gng toontiade. h 'sotas sin ableg. tonti they won 'taveore money s tinole. spe i ey theontoor m eyat i t pere whe sing his is arend shatng is s a p. >>ei doreouhinkha wre goin into r cessn orohi ju ar flattnin ginntnothutssor > njuo q fueion tin data suggestu thathecomy i s s nng q. t d we songe't know iathowcomy mh sng i sleowing. k welsownow there is bslwg. weonothis ews. it' hethy toaveose
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s. o t' ctton ere.ose rtaiy we wt ct. be aiwet timtic. tesre oiimngc. up atthendf e yr, hav tto beoi wp orriednd y, av bout be nei w thari you, ihin ut eiha ou hehin eresidentresident acowdgin >> h wereresint businessrendsint ho weroweinreat g mo hreereobs binnd that olteimately ir thinrekt whamot dermin how hiselectiltati goein. ha t eideinowsecti fnk oe agreeei wh fnkhat d hehink thr s atas cld wh swinin i eithahe ecti .henk hrletso ld in iithtis. eto et's beginhnloda gs y t' tte bntinion lotn da ho is tshat looki. > r sotenorn ot flodaouhoaves ttoo. housing c rhsolengorther artsf toue sta are d ngoung itenger well in tsal tl a sther a pts a reeeepellal a ihe receson. p a it'seallthre stas. es on nohe pt i'ssllreta very cnser vanovehet ctrar vtaveeo plecerrova he nctrthstoving doar andteole southernart cube aiostovindond utrnt mican cs a a large hpac
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man spopulatio a ang lge wh a liberalc itopeiopopulaon w. ler puit's iossibl toeehat the onom is ing's i toosake bl ee flhaida. t 's ar ths gnooe ncns ifln sarte th noabsuty ra a numb on ne eil:teith t unem lobsentra a tembs hh o ait isl:h tun repu bl icane say ht i because is he rubca punanay i g bovauerr aubncan docrats gll sr t acaus t dra redet. who has the betusterrgumt? t >>he gdeernos hoyasthetter uminnative a >> gnos cyenng nninivvidu a he otfrenng to n dutake tough dions h numbe trare naktghe dlns b hum bama may have a nantageeut si mons fo t hema g mnor h to ata demstrate t osiheon pfople the t rstate why 's bn s oemraff tti pe he an d at sucy ssfulb because s hoeasffti an ul bnecse efcte. nei ia b battlground ef stctee. ei taatro econost ntwhstaing t hadco docrac ll that snwedtag t tw h-trds o dra redehast wot ws inor of rsae-ss w marria tha isor newf wrinkle.
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m ou sia ha e icosmiewcally cwrldkl he on s eitr way co>> tmis ill stay t voted i he onthe e pit l w eff or t ita t ved las te pff ovember or l lasyear thentwent emor vasunarteered ennt vuner ait rackba's health ca packa.ckba's hlth caacka reblicnsith winnig io. 's beeicneeshing f s e . ime oo.e the rep fican cam i aend won e i oao. landslide he r ut ian theam po iin ag ndat ionav i seen lobanamadend rom ney ihearpoeg i ensolutema necandnd reyeck. neil: how mh l tteecd hieio?ow >li don tnk it ei wo?i >ony i we all wi th saygetf t soc iae issllsndell us sowayou aett oc ingo ressateobsl howow re goi goostatulob thes w economy a owreoi you goinog o heeep ri ceonyre yu dinowg pri here a d4as reris. >> nl: wt i mnt4oay ifas a qu n whe ioay i ahi economyquhe and 550 wei theron
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onean theseswoul w teier ne cliheher s the gaywo thing lir t > g> no.hi hen yoave ste > had enn eae of t eno adea odifficul difficuyt'sll aut t ifulifcocunomyt'll >> eil: maichi? >>cono iys not onl y l:u ve m? a inotnl vepredentl reut a house enteace. the isnt orma a aouempt tay te e.lookhat i idthors g apt loowhat i d idokhaor chrysr. g i savd tse jooobats. d id he chrumbersinav sf tdse j ilout in michinum abere rettyt ouigh inic i nnat aidree they arerety ains it . h n iset tnghe a cri the nsit. e reasoetnng ioong aithe micga hey ect redso anoong at epublic govicnor ay ected a state ub seniceovr a threwtaut en a tew ae utdemrats if tre i one sta tha wil l em gtsor ar t ine obama tt sill til l buk t t regnd is t i thk it's in bu tla is >>eil:n. so a tateth it'sinhaty. befit f>>ml: the a bailotsteou haouldhi bitf the aomaiatalsly wou ldgo t the prede plsomatal w
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ave s tn heer p are tet ander it a ey not be thease? a >>t's becau iitt om nhashe as e?a bun i>> micshiga bn. omenertands b theunicga statensnd t vyta wl. >> veil:id h hur himself f tang cwdit r he>>ucl:ces hofur hse tathe cdit baiutesof i kw what he w aye and b wt heea. kwhe aydoe ndichigan feel thwtheea doesn't j e woeith hihatan y f sl aid? > d tsnt is fairnt j whnd ht y d? e'llaveo elain i it.s frnt h i willee l elat. civil wiar l cil war ve sineatefield e ry in surbdat eefld ral cmuty e ill be s fbough le eitch ral c mutttyle l e fe onou thie citrect ttit'sle gg to tonhehi mostrect egat'se tey ll n boset ting at e wha did buwh the oy th n g be g s gog to whidbuwhhe ooou a s ago asot to vooroo a t m. >> n tl: io vomoown on to t el toravote n ind whoasowhen besthot ofe ttelg trahetendho70ou sthotfett te nd
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pside isay dow fm n65 pdeay owelecral votes om65 l ecra tim ve.os erdo yhink i stands rit nim? >> thi oba ymank is solids a ri 2 n >>mahieba as h iig aol 240. itt rane a b hind that 40 . y d t co tetn and loo bkinat at i t oba da is aboutcote 2ndmitt at r oney ias about 200.mi omne yr h ias se a aantage in me o newing h vere aantatate i o ut y stiwi byv thtae arrotiwest t marins haive barackarrost bama arhes dge. ha iv> ne l:rarank g oo smaeeinghe you e. nnk g sgainin.gou >>ming > >> hhengyp. > hhey h-h > aanul h p ro>esto nanul mahotoor. mah morgachaseo ceo.. is mhaasrehoeldero.s backin ou. ti for t whaho house bckin back ou ff. ti f chlie h ises tac . dfent chli te is o ts. o
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♪♪ [ le aounr ] erin invati. ♪♪ [ a n29 ] ars o, i helrid usin ti innt t mivan. 9 s ielus in tin. ♪ ♪ todadodggran caran i the ost ard minan er. dadganar i het rdin e. ♪ ♪ ho ows ♪ere ♪nov ion n ta us xt? s e vn tas t? ♪♪ dirtion to e mo. ♪♪ ♪♪ irono mo ♪♪
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>> >> nl: t j >> m orga nn gs t and n. m gathen asauncng an a vestatio into heir he a t aadin. stiotoir t tin je t, jamie j dime, smie winng the d confidencef hs winnhe c fiharencoldee.f h thi ishye p sereddeall his stet forme he whealoint wa tvet nrm iyou e whnwa re srt y iyo cuan ma s rt mtas. y c>> ifi mdenat w wl ble m ta ts.make i surfie cen ol aletoug tke and s effec cve o i atoee te. d i tffnk t helee t make t thet h ce.ak >neil dst?he crlie >il d spinoayst c wie
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compound the pbl.ay >> w let's be h escot heourehe.>>etbe heshe0% dodfran i i odan placehe i big eforawace >> nl: i it in effigec > or t n itinffec v ck t rut j.p. r moanut jas inves gamors rni as arnd t oic ery day andnv th reyni ar t missed t ehis.ryay a theyth missethis ther m aresetherd thing ts ws.e can poieyseisn j.p. erreer m torgahin t w cigan oi ton .p mga t mage. to jaeimon is the me. bt. ja niml: iso yeou thinkhat repationt. is st l t ere? y t > yh. ep nstst te? t j usti>ceeptme st nvesgati it wha a jti joke.t estitha a o youw ho mkey nvtigaons ey ave got teyonuho m nowhe wi. ga s y tieme tottenarke mes whe wi ti m sprise. ne: don i tuy tt issis ge.oing e d iow? t t> i think iissinow ihi aut takin is repution autak squeingt
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s downepruing i s he s iset wn ongin an eecti vce is agait t ng exc aessensf vce ai dodd-fra. e xc >>seeil:shatboutth in od -f hiinradust w>> sl:habo gn hist w s over yoself g we a onhe oose oenr yo olff an rade en tse a of ual ed gede funds w h aav noaledroblem tak fgun o w n anksroem ak>> nil:gould ty mak eht w rstks csis th ? n:ld t>> $ mbillihtoss wout ballosionth to 4 $iloss billionou. bloto4 j.pga bnli igoingak e.p 1ga6n igo in billiohis ye.ak even 1 with theos sbi the aye gevng t m $th4illiheonhehis g t $4lihi quaer. >>eil:he qrt we're in ruaht.ow?>>l: >> yrt.e' this is s omrhatow y is is s dinimus t pnts tact do dtim tnk yan anag ps es bac d oban. t yheresan wreag i b danisagree re wre with dim d.isree hadit ahnterview a erm t.y ad nound it
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we g intoerewheoretical un itdisssi s guldhe bankso behe et alo bi isid bks be s d bie ned toer ed aterllar t ty comto u bausef er ourar sizom u and scope bsefur s thy wl dgoco t abo h nei w areou conrnhey wl g o eire che w lrary go desche bank? lray >> they't bede asctn b disva ntag>>y they billget aoneyt fr omewhere isag he ca neylt deysm falr ew breins loansgainca dsml thas b s muc lh me bin they sviceasig musto me well b bheuty small bsusinceesseiganusettoeell b ccess al binose capetal >> eil: seso uldoueo c for >>l: sou baking >> ts i f trang los it'sis takebing i t d ionra losarho w's manisy ke i d thoan inspto the tow athem, th is asp mtostake t get oveher im, th s hy did a tak makee miskeet? i hey ad d mt tkeecakauese m the y bead g in etusesecshean al mbeane gn fan eecel at ianhis g.
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f has t eoec iohi b hesh d tosio nvessien bnks. heyave thiessen ltleks or olyavhis 50illn tt polt ofhe an they h e toil manlnevtry p of y. most o fyts i tnoanevreuri . st o t shey ike up.reuri. hisuy can't b eyke trep. an suy't be tveryrehe. noby can. efivery henks in t ob u.s. c. b elie veve s ontr u%f bie t tris%k afssets ut staingn the bankiisk ats usin ss.tagn >>theil:hats trendan amou. doins. you >>l:t tndan t outhat muc hdo risk bou cerazean ot neat p mceis t's sry whe y cehize o out . we l gethug sth. w hihowbouthe ne t wege tthheyeall owut don'netice it' bigger tit'sea a n'cet'bier 's possili. p >>ei >>hatever.ei >> i'm inghar.ow ow>>n i te f
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myacke > neil: thas. tf my heke bke ll he neweisl: a i all he ovr th.llheews isl ovth this tssma i t iegly t country t aorking secury lyat e of toury aorngec bie airpo s.t do y feelecure? bie a irinedib. o f ece? edib 's rlly ol lking at aut fl-efency ry lngazin i tnk igetsp to like0 mi s pegall a. f efcy nda ol wn thneed nev t itstokemipell a wthedev mo tur tiveurark sist. ohmy sh! en y wanto fd a s statn, vek stoh ! itells ou h muc ygas an. fa at i dn'tven ow t t. itls hucs it'she ap yr rii sal't even . t get focuwithp to1500 cashack's yri alve d voe-acvate t nc acuno ethra ctorge.00shk are vou goaca jute kee the ae e cr the.restf yo liv? e goju eee no, thinthwe sstuld yol geiv r ow , in sd ge owon murneacro ameca i und w wa to ll pple abou msavi monne.rome is ibobbi sayd ellowaobbyo peouvion ibbayloby llo bby. o u cod sa ndre ouw cosa re carnsurce or thphon onli or youlocageic fice arur o
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thon ll ubobblir oucaic ce uat wbbld y do th a tho ving hire betr veriloist. yourips e mong. w yo aho ngreetvelot.urs mo. geic® ic® fieen nutecoulsaveou fiftn peent moron c insance fi n teulve ftpet or cnsce donon ] i hia wa. and thounot "i]an'to thhiwa it'sust d o haou.""i'tth'st ha hen ere s a ment en iecid to nd aay keegoin n e a nt iido a eein go f olyic gd d goo coege o. fly g gocoe [
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le aounc ] ery y weelp uden ear [ a thncr ba elor or y sterwe p endegrar foromorw's reer thbaorr er gror or s thisers yo momt. lenoth g st d inisour dey unersi pr d touppole thethducastoninr deunsi prtopoheca ofur u. olpic am. of uolc .
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. >>ei as ty >>estei as yourest d ou y everoner who i heckg the es?on w man ckg theas ansingas intyf asi ead n. hused ayur aderictim n ad te mpt hedideurdeic hismnlleg stas.t e keptetng aisegit h ita k eturinng his eloitym ient he ped in hmulple b eaclokgroymd ct ck owoes t hul b hrope c
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oes th iorpe detective p i rosman, decve hover di p helew u rerma the ho rrar? thile uuyer ter r?hos dhi huy he equivale ohofs dhe e pleer oba f crinal iity theftba ever singleri sr w i iit tft alime er for s hgl er w t toli sta w fh in t ' o wnh jer in ninationas st a ' kille w jin natn neyork ail n2 nerkry per datasere not ilace. p erereas no on ouatateot. very uceky non ouha wasn ryucy '92n jer thomasad ' ner bee finrp nteder for t ahonysthger b neve md arimi linedor aecorg veow m a wmiouldl t hi s kwow it. w ld he hthe t k lwte.t. >>ei et h se lte. he idet get s ucky0 yrs ago. h owget ky d0 f yrs tgo. c up i f reated broun ccks?
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>it's arte edxtrrinarunthi.s? >'s 23 whentrrarhi he wt wnto wt narknto irpo his cpanywohe po h cotrac cpa hey d n hav aishetrion co act until j an uay ry n hfavistrio 2n7. nt j y what theadhi 2s7. outted at hepriteeteive fm 193 outte d wch dd rietee nm 1 w dd mda. n >> nl: en aer 9/1 tt is wh t n eyad?er/1t i th awhows y t kadee reatin t he sthmeows y ting? k rin s > eryg?single star w in >ng lealigtaenr jeigry enmiti ieam int our o ficeje a mieire nt uard andce v aheirme verdnd single dayf the yr. h camnto minyeff yhe cth mff probability wt we vetd m obily a prind whime a do v ourm a pin d necmsary di dgee, o h pro bablecry diwouge he,e felthroh trobl ac. ou h >> feil:elowroid t f him
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ow. >> l: >> somne calle t hort uthoty. >> om ceyle t saior ho. b imbos s h rea bsme hs o r and t se a jer nd thmas.e j somnenewnd ts. pic up he pne omne awnd t p c alle d.n neiet aay w he c oleer peoeieetay thate oer eossedeit tie omhessame tdeeite pio am ho me guyio like tt a walkin und?o m g l fuhe trme he aess wa tinod? tar csfuherm hes runys andllhat ar r oo a stuffha? bablmorehahat e s wtut thi aut. blre ts ot w t was aut u.nuay fluid t oas f uny fid om om. >> nl: h. h nin r> nl: hntenons >> b iellrouhat' s ens a b uguestn.ouha s dook ats e li. n.e ft i sooats eli s f i jserry
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hom' identityhr jryee eforheas shot a mille idntynee n york. st learted asming hn n intk. 21 daytes beforeng hnt 1 byfo gss t gavsseust tav e resfacehisas >eil: esce he mayas have >omhi tei withhe t mt? ha > whahit hte dasth at? >haeamls d a cquitions oif e ui bon sppinintoshoes. sinto tessomedy. thaiedecau the i no tmehaexusetween t th i no dthndex anduset benthonol recds. d hat i tnd gaping ec. i csm gapetn c inghis uf tether et>>ei t' one g thing t doer th at and et aey with thi it. d i just th t augnd thereet ay thast.igr j r tug a ttrerirrts ? >> uld y t so. yourtou thinko becausehe > u y pt a involve ouhink b sethor ppeo apluterire anvve iol h buor p t rtyf this yolo
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bu ion t hd. t tythef is is y obly ila ting hd. numr o heeopl t ihats ell roug t crasin attin gum o ple lterytithl iugnttra theinft.g > ne l:ryood inttu. t. >ne theoodpresidt v. to slh t th nationes debt and mitt rneo h ssth p emtieb anlity gtetting rne rse.s how alannl g sngon wld g o abe.out lvin thalano wld gab inha >> i wld oen say tgr iand oen maay saygr it ts wa nd may p iull ts p chr we don dll b.r h r mush we d.r we amuo ha zerfreeime, ahaer eeane,my d movg in so wwento fility an dov inwe ookeat o famy's als d so w waynt fity helweus gke the o. ams s theysoelpeayme f onom el ghe the e in my hoe. eype f om now ey'rmanae ngin mymyhonves entsor m w 'rna myests m d wi fidity, gettg ba on ack s eaer tn i ough wiidy,ttban k caea or tme ii todagh toake ntro youpersal enomy car ida geone- -onetoelp e omro amer a's outirersnt l gee-nep ers re lr.
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>>. nei deer i deb since resentookff ic. d espi teeiee ieb ceromisike t h sntk >> aicuall dypi i'm cng ormiesik t han i allmi sndg iwill b i et snd cut iwi i p le in cndut t che dicit we ierit edi b p halby t cut end ofy fest t ierer inalby t offe.nd ofy f >stto t t ooute > o tas lar a small in a oas sartema a wama i >>nf a we sta on cretema pat wa >> o groewi s d obtn cld cause p bs ado oerroiowi dag de.t ld >> c iseefe t o ea ave ouro ag e.ilen th>> debt t tyoeaveuran' ebt repa >> nl: i dn't rkut the re w y n p isi dntn'and.he mt romne w is tinangd. the mom ath amo isthe aces th btlegroun sta oio wamohe eshere is whate b segaiunta m otsio ag er i >>hae ct'te spend s athrourts yea >> tal cki'tpe ar arut svi eaal pblem wnow were makinvi wor sp eemvery le w dreay.ak neil:ll r htor. ery
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ne olef d. his opl: eco rmihtc advis or sf mitisop e r aneisy' it w s rnehis i why rney m sustinhi. howo y hyne mustnow a goa ow y dsn't benome faed gss as i dsn ha s ben foaed t a rede bnt?n fo i tevernt iev gsel > ihink t b dfesence is igovnkno romne his b priatece ov enterise rneis eerience.rie he ha sen tkese e berinieese. he taha thetate of mchetts t he ta tedu ofced pendchuresetnd hts kno whatt tes dud tndoes m h no tmetthinworkneshe rea ecomy. m wit al d esinctrk to the r pres ent ec dy.'t cite inithes ct t tt eoxperiee. es t i dhink in he ott o eerieeduce the hi dicit byhe0 o t heduc t pmid d itt0 h te aost increded it bey aostnc 0% i t tot up 17 ot tllll. is a differenc of. aro.
4:31 pm
i youav tchifkre t ofro clock ouk eveloc mkorng >>eil: vethange ms a >>l:ot.t ege ahingot hat to ophing m frm thking shold m to omney be frthcted angs sd m p si ntneyeed a se don'come in like inn p si ntnd sis i s lotdome inik wsen s han ihought.s t theax ci wa gino n oer, ho can. d e i ci acwat i'mo g ngo h, ike c tes o d iheellac tdo. heke tes com pl ely t.reverses e h cimsel hasve bese done. the hse ils as beon pcedenc i n otheh i pares f pdeot it. ar >> k fw mt. hat n iot t kinof >w thingt. he wt ld din t ngnumr h tthere mwayld d b candes tumtroe'tthe nderandhenomy ca hende tstds it ver w lerd amy he e nodss i wtat v nds t b ae ne. s n dsumb t bee heiry belies lowemb t the mna bl rat weo youth areot iactina tax reveno ybutowerhe r ese youay o iti eaxeven n t dutlaerr rouesar yn and
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4:34 pm
er maood. c neias hes o b ofee lheoong race. d. ei>e ofheaybeac wuld li he potion yev kd now. eil: po gonooeegev k iw.. l: g e' beegith iitt r omne yeeighth frit tegin rngne.yig forg t the pegsiinntng eleions t the nirgerehe wh hapntpe right eftnser t th tatni >erithink bwhweap rhtfterth novemr > 6ththk aovrthecber adzhinr itoi tohine --itoi t 3t thi itill be chas. >> tre 3 b tlo on titelo b. c they wil tl dsomething. etheyil dsothin ey il tly m dayso deti.ix m they soxteninon. t m youan b thatix w milthle enheon u b atcloses wtl tehiillom theld os pesresident t vybodomy who is e eldlected psigog tvood cye wh i i jry endct say i t noere kne tise f ures waye ts ner ese f urad. e >>eil: bgos. .this m>>l:eady md. isea yhes mor brillnt. his is e
4:35 pm
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4:36 pm
t pre simbdent wftsdviss ve sifurn treen wtshisur olpollg arounhids he cane llld y aouund knoe cane wha ou k w 'm for tno 'm fhe debom ss fno f erthe l dess tha nev? > i don 't tl kew. t i na? with b li connt't this orni pit theitrohaml cntis ni ohn bhner t gre pgr with hn b er the gnstu talki auteal w thgs talng thboeutnstuki boll-simpson thsalut we olimonon use that because ehe uo t cate a bnyaures b.s.heo w at any us bimps-boles. [ lte] usps-bes. > l esin always ss h> d go aays s pside oband he said ook debandhe yaidappoind t s gk by y xecutivordepond yodus bt ec upivde ndyoof t memrs 11 of t 18. u s ts emi 1ofo 8. my fend cntono jt m wedfen con his arou
4:37 pm
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4:38 pm
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4:39 pm
bf dngnheesf aa because t sial a securit bau iatruee republics s aur demrats o igruhegar rdubc a th ave semaid th ohe degpard dth e sd baihe whichas d aays ai 2 w03ch uas ast w iow gng t 2e t w 03 and gnge hen hrd ndee ou o henrpee hey rou monsts. heyre m st ery m st >> neil: w t y it thatst kerps >> eihem aunt ha tey k a mun cyowtowros. ctow ohi about th aar o hitheybo cross a certain ey css thresho. donerinanthe card. tes i.etth er cond.ant i dheon'tar want tt car d.iet thi ger ano c d. d t who car mes their c ards g?d. hoev des ho tt es their c guyds? y ev want doit hayouanhe theuymo y . nt tt dhaeu is vero producve? t d>> 'sis ke v when weerin pduche > hein arm we aays rm looke wd r t lke
4:40 pm
ugar. fth ap. a i h a hearing onp. h t ahoseeangn tse cs. > neiverye or 50 yrs ld i this> c nnt. ve ry i t olr 5 y0ou iishi the.y tl yu re nl a bunhi tfyarters a bun f ghearte publicaon i mn g rhell th p tooliouthe full i gend boruthex.oot iull think dot abo i ioo tnkike wte hairatik pncing nwair at sealthe ladr p bncngney s th stehaver b t ere ilsteve sfctio ads e t's io a a s btiful mazow o chge i boful meder mecaid a chgee'llo makeerhafor id ae' ou.ak haeifo arre y sayinhis . le viagrahoreul yd sot bs paid l r?iaa ul theot sulbe pai pord ? hebe por eagr niitizs w are er that ag wt ouldiz w a
4:41 pm
be. t t onould be get in t. >> g in n there ti>>tion. tere so finali jom g a senserom fal j w you gbo s t y bo reat cpan cversion t thern th parof the at nesidt or cmivenom for erthar t idor yourom fork ur o erskine wk oth ha yetoundredkikernt sup rth t.haeto cound ydr envision ant l up onve ion co y tartnvion o ven eithert o youecmeationsy e eherion ouday ec >>meo.atnsy not bioyleio ayay.>> aft elect bn dleesio bot ft e ctbefe. des >>ho i bsr cdat ef >> yu >> k iw i a replird i wch e yu them i s rcra ichike romney.hem sra pridt aointede tio ts.ik r neiod sayot pr voting a foied he ts. but o think s rney the ving h guthiney he. >> nl: he doen't embrace wha yo are dng? n h
4:42 pm
oe'tob era w e rayocere whangt were dog. th will e gra crete wredo nobthyill is g c mtiednying oby autocia m snyurin ev whe ey a tolait'siaur going e dowvn ree y arsolit beforoi ow in talki aebout befld sifial a uteopl gfiedicare plho g a hedrt oarpeetion an g $ a20000 h and oon don a getill $ and t cldnd bon thi g sdio.nd ey a cld bhis >>eyei m aaybe t cld re sfi. itu >>ei mhe cldan'tuy re'tuy al spson you are b agr or disag srepse yn aa l gr dag wheeroneays hehisr gueyayshis gucley a a leell. > what iseay binthe > haadmini irason'srobea binf p.e morn. thmijudg kno's abend whep. foord on. wll get t itht.dgno a fo o wllet inveing in cmunies acro theount. veg c nifromelpi to vitarozehe nt a nehborod ibrooyn..
4:43 pm
ompio ta neor ioo.. nancg instri tha e crtingobs bosn... ncinriha crngs os.. ovidg fuing fothe pansn of loc busess rvin id fudivege se tle mmunfoy...e ns ofocuss in vesee un.. anlendg tonsur norttexahospal anndto ur ntins to elivrtxa sp alitcare th intoiv it re th it s, e mo we n he mak portity ssib. it moe heak rty ib ♪ ♪ [ le aounc ] y getn thzoneong fore he r♪e.♪ [ anc yet thneg re r geyouread ght.nd fus. racday
4:44 pm
u do t legee urd ant.hing fo ch.ce. acy dole anngch. t seevermorng wi gillte fion ogli. seerrnwi ll f n lits mroco guis ha forts tnnerlade mcouiha r terde cuclos ♪♪ cuos gre♪ sta♪s ben wih gietteusioprogde. retabe wigiteioog. ♪♪ ♪♪
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4:46 pm
>>. nei invtigang t nvesigatn. f.b. lnc h. ago einvga t pro be esat .b l ij.goro orga herang. ga wh t gernm investigati aw iestment t atnmsnv besrilltint. >> iask tha iesten qtuestion ecsse bill . p. rgan i c tse d not queionecse bet an cse d wi is bustomes ne iwi bet w iitts incei wet wn thts o gov.erent ceth isov bussryin to sa us from i o bad juden isinsass s fll f cto b of j m th betsll andct o sll fractn the aoney tey sll fraar he oeyeridey ey lt t bli. oid t t hey bdn putt i a ireplac and brn i t y ly tdnutt w ihat seem ed oep bacendn i tpru lntt gam wblesha.eemo soeroup ru rn oso gooedroorhe rn whli aren' wce bratgoo tdha whre triuhce watther thaj. iu m wgan'ths loss?j. mn' >> osil: a scheme of so u a > : he g aov seremnmeents so ow on?f so a>
4:47 pm
t gment s tean we are dnghat th are tget f teas we re esent aha b th govreern tntgef sallthat illest use thiossov rnof tir ollonatlasse t means to t regatehem e mveea fther twho eg emeanhes ean wilr bwheess rky an as ear lessan ailnd cesrge aares acuoms crge more. >> nl: chaieaiday mbeor >> chahisai doi ofresing u p b igoi bks o tha yo cin t b tigig?ks > i hao i tig i hite i dagee d wiagimut wha bins wi t ofhe imvernmeout b wak us a baofnk bheecse rnhe bano losaks itswn ba boney?he bn l ts > nli aeeon witeyh u. he i therg ume nli aeeith he w in ihe feds orgn metselfnd here g atwds mtseltdfnnd a os sre at ccomnid th i and t mnos omnid i scks whhs a lot sks aowhhsoi wnote all foroha oi > tha i
4:48 pm
bene of the allor social t>hanty cledbeof thehe eder cideposit inturd t coany erehe f er ersit governme i ures cohey e ferepit. >> neil:ou wld etve tmehe geso?he >>f yo wepanteitd n tl:o w useet f tt at>>yo the waxteyed will tbrhe u ft c t of s t a a mns to wl br heregat i tc bofy tt lacheo fed eganeg batetnyinheg. th ed f.b.ian.oesegotatetanyin thcrin.b investigaons thin ur ds ofhe rel ionsf i tirimes in the oc dofen andunnsedfs me thods o tm i hen inhisennd cas a s llhoin lon odon. iin s ty a sti as i a sonn. t a s mgan's hds theacthathis m inn'esigatn sta ed ih a acbelfhait'sthis a at c stataint i a gelf'snmen has f aartaornte uclen h fasor o l le t this ne. he rso we' talng aut t ts thi i .ecause the p si rntsoe' al wa ats tuto p ohiecse thsiannt >>waeil: tondakt anss?h an in tsl:ndak an ec?on ins cpa. >> nl:c thanks eruc n jud tapnkolitano. >> t enomy did s not looudkingapit o. up s o t i eno thaidt w so manoty
4:49 pm
oo ungs are elin s dowoha w san e inow aryou ill eepi? ju wand tohecknd me re tt weere schule. aru l pi juantock m twee che. e fit tenolo ofts kd... fi tem anlodad, havofgrea knews.. isow pvidi aners mili nee and,aveaws is pdi ans liee emen ansrs. enns.
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>> >> nl: t ecomy is a fun k >> nd n tcois ame caun certain fl in funk. on cta ifn iun four eaonrf lsing tir i bsone fnourearfiveelienghat ouron k wilnl have a betteifeleieha t th w are urrentlilhaviha. aet almt thal wf are aayg renattlvie lmt ecomyalf wre'tover eopl c lecoly feeing'tluov but w ?pl c e wgtrted b it. w?wt ed a i rbie good t seeou. >> god baerooee > w a >edbummed out?er > you know , w's rlly notemmed > ounconoonw, wi rthllyot depresd eno foco peplwi t fl dres d erenoed. foe itleaed aec al thei a al
4:53 pm
retiship inheir liv.hei itects the r elretinsip thenyiriv it he wi tecmsves ath r fahelies >> h wineil t:mss fa ueresstand. ilike : t lt cole of u er moanhsd. e steadyle o afs she mo goe ecover sdynotre butheopped g or ovot sreloweutped dramatically. r i'mot sa syingwe gngack ta dmaca r.essi butno l'mon sng movingk t at r asinut eve semi ming rpe bl eem ipac >>ightpe tnk a lk of f aiac ihe >>ht cono myt a a pple wkre faii ruing t s unnotry. whe isre a lack ug of hop ts e tunt hes a lthingsanet bterop t there is ingsetre ber fere l evreel is hat we' sre nower. fe that lev i s te' sow ce aiaty impacts peoplee comyrt lelim witct sspendg. p pleierbity to om lotitnd fl epreedbity t o par he are lding to reed soth g ar v ery rearel t hat ing to gog on rt v a r t theatveoi goont?ow. a t wen i hreoplt?ar fairl w w ilthyomreeof themai ver
4:54 pm
wwlthy aom teyfre t getn vg cons ervawve i an th tr spendingre et ansn and co vacaon tpe pinlansg. san dhat is pns. weird. >> atlshe y mis looking atei he d>>if aree thei m lki pofo . d e aybeht'seahy to oupo o m e bet' buomreto t the wth tey had m's nt the he nei i tndand,ut d nt'she am p app re cieiateli wred, tutt's werfourea ago.ppre >> y hav tre t onerdeurr fealis a y avretongious.onde if t ecoss not d ng ellon oudlong d n, t ty haco to n onsir t iter fdow d thao tha si i tac ihe ander peoplfe ow ikeo han-nche aneo a culr e when tn-henc enonmys a nr dng wel , iten t likye we're dngll t s lit nogeter lnde'll pples net acclimae pple litotherbevi. o >>eil:'mhe nerd heer a one >> ol:f hein tert h deceides how e o tec esth markets re hontoheews arksre on it'sot the iewt' gdutt's it betthan i thegd lou
4:55 pm
etan exp ttationsou had. bu i xptis not h bu as n crapps we athsght w ce'ra off ts we t h rghaces w t b res it's krabpprt's bumra wer dnk we sell. b >noboikes t woe fl b d w s l.e all w>booiks f to gool b a cces aul. w wh hel uso feelood geeng olwhfelurs lesel.oo eling le enre a to dfo les whae' goo del antge ae a to we're hae'ood getng a rewarded for ethosehing rared not going tre is goosed pngent inot toihe t i ky are.ood wa iy back tn tay we wo d a lo a ob s wand sck in tay we js for loe long te . s in w wostsay torre fongte. year s.wostay gethe tre fld phat ar n t p lgerhat ests. >> nl:o wh do lgere ke i o on? es. if r nol:eywho ande the irede oren? in ifanhod?he >> hi a otn o f pp l the > ot orede pntp l he psident ten gresde blad or a b epnodemy.
4:56 pm
th iss b notd a enomysual ths n >>su nl:o you thinke wl >> pa forhis? >> ion'tl: kw. y tnke l d'tnopaors? ill b i'tnteresw.tingoee w i tur out i a l b ont peoespleng bic ly v ioturut on l tireoeicly p vgyban n. >>an neil: amazg,to. >> neil: amg,to thyou. hav a wle group t is av thalean gup to see is lg her t a tean the t shoee > s hor tehe mho >or l aout to vel m al plaut ftoorud t l a and petti f it deatlt with. a ti i deait
4:57 pm
malennouer ] w doou tde? witscorade strleminouquot ] do t? itanycoay yde wan rn ot ful cusmizet fo youtradg press y yan lusze foouadprs . . and l ineal me. whh mas itust ke hang yr owtradg flr, d inl . whmaitt ha yowadfl righat yr fierti. rodg ] ascotade, gh yfiti sev dolr tres re jt thstar dg aote,evol trtry r easy jo-usthar ottder steami quos. y 's othesyreausn re vests arsayi... ttrstmiuo hea st ar[yill ]. i'mith ottre. [ ]'mh tr
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do youphonsharwhatou are eingnd hringightow doouon arwiat the ouche f a ngtton h nght wihecha on oid es. do it st iinst tly d fa.bookith und dot isty faokh d droidoes oi es oid th cor f facook. 's t ult ate d stat c upd fe. ack. get droirazraxx mo trolaltor oey $ pd t oizrx mola o$19. >> gg:e'reoing sho dana mhe py g:rengoltehoeist gre na gutfd. pjoing mtestre tfow nhin fin in mme fm ainer area ntar. n nin heas mor ails f aer tha a ra ar lobsr, bheeckeorls wentha r froockso sck ricbs bke bollg. nt roameca'sks sc ll e's crecle


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