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tv   The Five  FOX News  May 15, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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's dareerin th is "the fiv" d e swin i pkedthsthiv t shter i p d an mweat pan. t er t'so ts meri . mat an ♪ s t ♪♪ri ♪ ♪♪ ♪ >>eric motr'say tk on my eani♪s l>>t sicday.ots t m >> nieg:or miclle l s y. goldrg i was : comringic ae ld i mneyas tomng aosep sllen ey roll tape, rlep senaper lltherod ie, r beaiful e paseheer cwnf er iea ul moth hood pe cting c n jus becae o his th lode somhat, c ng nu kusw, m n ca i oss lomt, ually k m rely i ahoririanociees uthaly giv outreike the arossrianie mothahoodivhative awaut fe he biss thodt famveies.wa f bialle s. tler dleid it. er frdiehe h dk reiverap r ttt. cp.fre h rbutvehe ip not allig a t c mneyt iotli a hitr. e i jeyt comringit i jnn'somng lief wititle 's it e mple fefitle relivis it tn v eue ale n betr tnelis
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zi's t v agold nrg t hier a sllenere 's ld sd lew.istsustikeer. hi se a wha i seneid? letste. pledseha? gd bgn a g pbergd th's w i le g b a ani g dunn rg th wama' l fmerninn ommucati a' direor. lea she is o fnr forhe muadmitition or m sre. eaurdehe.s o or rember his? mion m>> oedondereernds? on motr tere n oftoupl witot ea re nftplitther eaer buthe twoeoplurn to t mo.wo pl >> eg:n s gtos a wmo for : smao g a w but nor fro mit o >> tt romy s aut nackwd ro loingit aitud pticurlyom a en i ceskwoomenlog a itudill c pe ocu.y i c gr: sen eminittl c o s laugr s manhosein gat leorwa ledsauo anse m gyewa mil on death mcludg wilenut smittth asackw d ud w looing. skett askwoog. mits bk worver mao rwar anyay. e eremef tit wom b'sorrao moarmentnyung. sha eroume the tom
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grtestower wommontg havhaouhe mothhood grfemiststserre tom bouersav th a m sage thood mis the tnborous wh app aach. mge gethe aor whpph. t le. a >>bob: lime t go to >>commb:ciale t yeto o frede dn'tou eoy tha mm al tooeepetor ed dt e youha opob?ou mpli?ted. >> na: folwed it. i 't bng a : ll-tole md nownt. ed i b al arnate lesty? -t m >>owdana aareny. e oalat l thety bt hat i >>eansna aen at cld h pen oo he b coervatvess t plans the ta c at h tn coeginvangs of tlahehe ta tund titerom whaverer in mef is,ver a ver anddtemhar overgain wher is, herr arnd song erin er ieroice stng sgoice unow, youceon't tal ikest th all thece te. w, likeouou'rot'tal see whath yllhe t ar talng out. ke'r >> eg: s leha y t. > >>: dana l therownf t.mothhood it w so >>nahewnemeing thod wo.meg th wee we he ho of th eequaley f h predentbama h
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lik it'f a bter symall f orent ma someing. ik thit' o b ofrhe rsonsym o th 'reavin tromele wg.h hi o won if becse at r ins notth einro re wesentivef h aotwo of iec i womeot thi. th arere worened aveut hhe bf ises o mehihethreor day a b wou s iis oikeay th o ifou s i e ith os. it >> eg: area, i beou wre a cumn n: aa,his. i e anea: did wr a c bon alws wtes as. co mn. an : >>idandr: iove thi bolw ws men'co. >>dr iehi stu . n'tu iove whe tyo out t ie hemen' ve. t utarah tessi parr ss ifn' v you' aingl ahsi womar y sf shld ve f ju'n kegly. ok hw tomt yurn v f j ent d't lik t e h t tdn what.o d ddon' likik to t be plad f t a at d ol n'ikoe wlach f a ther wen wjudg tm. lot oer wom w sp and dg s t leot us mak yr o ownom disio s nd abou s tha letsleos rakearc y onwn d romioy. iouhinkha rigt t rrcn nowoms inkigow da
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meion,umbe oneissu d men,econ thi frth, wher istme gn,benesu m riag n,on hiwher f doeh, it alker asut g sultg o magudgi oth eroet kwome a onotheood. thilt ogi it'thoing tomenhed. hi bafire t' at i wngoore wen ba store i goin w wai a mute. e th w'reot rrestatito finai me.the resti us. . >>greg iteems likhere a >>egtmsik sategreo p nt rom syeg p om as war clver. th hes of tou o asar lr. fashned uain andthe o irrevant ou o thi mkery a shd innd scal lati? re nt>> ic: thi ithi is mry almiscticula on. eric: ishieadyts f scla. icsdy tha fha >> e cebri andtuff th is not wking crindff 5,000 th sot 600,0 js imeri i gsse go 500hrout le 0, j i linri thin greoouorse off l oday in than-1/2 y rsin ago se maybfft'say te f an/2 y vangola ybpresents t f oan es wart o caverar cer
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spkingf rearc oba campgn iryin to wkspng r rc awba fro he mp iino w c naws,new ro yoimes polhat sws c romn nutscingw yo pessideoltt s mn amascg pde mos waen. keept u e me possidt oma w . focus o wom tep u mor m pd o th cu oom tor th et e o ema anki os. ki >> eg: becl, cmentn s. e oll : oec cnt any ingl you onyg likou >>bobin tmingf wen ikin t pos nn >> tb tng g w rria t iss inohe n touth g ia ssn won didedth wofest oma. d edit oy matrs inhe senst o . swg stes. o at nhe s senwing swtate ss. ob a i sng inte ob ioodn pitio wit wondoter gaup rease p aioollit wohowi erpeop belve by majgaity r forsel theirstwiime in a opelongyajime,y or ne yea ecomy i est beter n a th tod.g ihinke, t resneea lco i ofet
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ththinod tha yo ink t ass lef inhao hersser if yo, tt yet a ffert pture y t anea: yemoatsre assung tngsboutomen er p re ey aume w enanit:otsome su ts anuten wor a ut ae w birontre an gayanarrie,or ahenir thetr areanctuaayy wrie abo theri st on pmiumhe isine wuaen webohe goin bac in the o puminorkf wce inacnhe. theykfall it messi.. won a goiey bkolt wor m si menwo aoi b areor d proption enly re afctedy ts. has a dopon maredafed wom t as probm. ar >>bob:om wen'srobl is a ob >>b: publ wan p'sblem bl thse i a a gderap for bln't pnowemow anyth ilectns. gror er : gder gaptwy ict. er grap in ime? bo genr.ine? meenesale and boemal >> ic:hankenou vy mu. me heesend ial his pblem :e pnkblem vs ove tmu c rse he iisis t pm,em the pem ave t ce00,0 twerobshe an,0 rs ameca. >>bob:ou a sti unti the- me .>> ic: no.>>b: ati
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ther aretihe 5 ,000 fe:r weno. rkin too erre al the job 500 loss,e ery wne in theoo i al beiheob bnos e y he i womeei b bo whe you ao wron abome thi des rateboheou a wrg iecau theonbohi babeste omerwr ienerauionoing inthe cialabecury eretirernngnt s. alur >ireric 50000ewers. js an 5,000 >ic few00 wenner t j rkfoane n. 5 00 lookewg f w wor t >> b:fo n 7,000 morok f wenor on socl surit 7 >>00dana theiggeor w robloc sit >> nahe geains aeepebl roo cse. n that why wom apeoo nvous c. andnxio. at hye pularom a gs, nheus one y dio wa to dat t par geliaeneuy y thewa ooatou t wt to mry.ia as tytart to ook ahe o thi wo m . andhink do w trtanto fkr aorehi arsf w tdnk iso worhet f obae adsnist wtionorsoter asba theyay adxtrestoners sapp ntmeey? thre excdingolitcal nare o ppme dthisiosxcngitotall na orn o. dno oio i tking autheal big ssue o at wld hey o io a tutng ahe g uetitl entefor wy a movg tltor ov foard.fod.
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speangf wd caver a riabl guy ea c we cer he reverbl day auy the seime and c hgood aren er ay awhathe se indot od tenike? at >>bob: iit's aricahat t e? esn' exi anyre. >>thatb: theeali.'s aca te n'xi onyer. atheli thi s -- o >> ic:harl she. hi bo ifou p-- ooll :rl heuldou le t see heboif p o repuicanl conol t hou d l t senaee andhite houpu yanon tou nawoulndteverwlminou yperctage is n. ul rwwhatin scasrcge tm -- itt n roey m be se iat somca se te.--t t i a o aro meepub scan i om ngre and repuicansef wh e hou i os a so fubghtenng to o rendanypuan peowhe.ouo fte rticarlytohe sng vots.y eo ats icly s not oing t n tap >>gre itas fghteng toave a demrati >>re pritiden fte dem ratitoe congss.em ti da: t t'sowpr en obamareemametio b and ngt. da tok l'se t woramee b stregicnd decion t don t l t waheyortr ic didt witut a ci to tattemeyt bi rtisdit a suprt.em
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bi bois aueup if. i wasll demoboatsn t a whi houe, f iandeoplas didt let, mo sey w tt ahiouoted for dplid lplit w aedor itvernnt. en i arge thern. ve irgor he litoverenthis vime. >>dana womter camts one. dr e>> o >> drea the don lik dr toes.anded t ea wehealkon aboik i bef e bto idedehowhat t sst wil we kve abo iefbama b ebsi ewt a somen il aheck ama erysi sge o theen he lifck a theyhow s egle s mot or he isin ahil heif eyw sloneot inln >> b: tt'sot wha i ys. > it's tibesl, oha i of. >'se o f toh - bo 75%f t couryto- on wfare grbo: h5%e i wha t iou do t g e l tgr hlaim iha t o ado g maal f l teran butim t t on thi o the a c't teratma t anyanut tltertive on lhiestyhee c t at thatoesn fit in nyerveheir lty the isndering mkery abt bng fl-ti othethis er
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yog can den mry anea iab g bting fti the pple yo an enareickf tt. an i gng sick tf bei pe b ittle bk t wonho cla ckoei kw btl bwoettela k tetter bo thi wom fro er wswe isot bo hipresomtatiro -- don kno whe s we cams fro es >>tidana- ronresenoativ of wh s e kamd o womro fm >>thetnamic rideseiv whof g out nd k o taom fll the tim et ce whicho is ghy theut a h ingta theheroblim. er : hic andsicheehe a h gldbe. is hatebl er hnderhe be ist ne? nsen. allhe leralre n. glng lal wh! >> gb: a couer wts wh her ame? a ou >>greg w enoh. bob,topt. r ie?ot too t >>egeaseno comi b,p io u tewse mi stu ss u demoatitueani s comencent moi sakerniconct odo e ser replicaeani o sp kers to . epwhatcaoest mn?ni wel dcusst.sprso go lik oats m facook pewe dtss go ik o fabookacom/tkfive pc. th is lot tememr. fa baok in/tve omenths ot wre i t dowem ♪ba♪nen wr♪ i♪ow ♪♪
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malennouer ]his. is t at&netwk. livg, bathi intligee le ou ] tes.chin data ow t tdo mt&e tw fo busess. iv bhi tge teinta t m [ being fouss. he, da kno whato dbeg heda no hacau d theetwo fin it and ilorit acss a theightoint auhewoint d or ac a heht auntomatng althe ght tio auat ale t io toringll t rig rests. whiing d being tong tiges. 's e athi netg rk -be g doi morwithata s atet - to elp sinei or thdo mae focusters. top ne mfosts. ♪ ♪ ♪♪
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presentbamaard-ttin jo inrervieoi wit t theadieet of "t iew" inesthema nd-tin inie itgmenheie f t f"trst,re youw"eopln n iots en f t, joouh gpldber ts tnks jo ger so. tso. myiews i ty a gog t run e cou ry imyw i oneay te can a expin wy theye sgopid t aboun s ouany i eingsanxp w it'sey sdbo simply gsact o sci ce's th notngpl crelas met with oci thot ignancend cla m spidi th thanouth wegne ace bor sdi idi s.anth we we aetor ove tt nditndi as weve t it g ls ysng. >>andr: t be oung ain. g the w a l y. sing, >> sdre t saye ng it n. wasth w chuhhil bute s sayg, s he dayn't as if y'rehuotilut libayal a5, dt ayu he n hrt. ye ib a h n hou. a not cservive 3ou he a no bra.t >> cericrv iegree wit 3 h whveroas tra ahorf >>iceeit thewhr t ar quhee. qu youn peoe are uneonamodreith presentmo oma.
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my shnd his frids tales t out oow. hsoing a sreat job. is >>riandr: yalr on? t h >>ngeric weo disatssio b.abo >> occdry w yl str?t a whatt eans>> toicee aisio iberocc w antr a atonseativnsoer cleaanyseivhere in ea viroentre in ro tt schl ttin trolichral. in youan't bievelantli inl. textok u't bventn. xt. bo youre a erboou tuatnsiv wit hims y a th m >>anda: y agr witativitim y m jona>>d ygrit >> b: trobl wit na joh h t gw ubl toite rht wing. jo hnot g u conrvatoe, rht r ng wier. t yog ponple,at rheirrain dotwi.yo p deve,op.irin minedotill hn'tev. delop. wo t fnee o oll t ht tnage ate. 's azingo dop wo f m o o t tgeee e. anghis m with m tnageidsow solusly db ty c on me thiths. m tge sen ty a aced witlu a d t cn oble inhirontf tm, t a whede tity h ae hlennnt t apoximelywhf t tuble hfter ampl h aplehing ap
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imey dy the tleameer tngll ov pl aga . leng theesti in d addheionfe t innity dovnghe sgae thi e tiovernnd oddrnndxpecng ainty d s dierenhi rest. whenhey oer it, oayd areecou adienes ki ingenyt,re mkig m whatid w jus lea? eri vot forbama at se wnd te.usea >> drea riotorma sdypyhe se t youea spy ericandaon souing the 20 comncemt speers outn bericheda sghe 20 lomeralem-- o nuerpes tnr cservives to. l al o ybehatnu is why c rves o >>dana ittand etoshy >>natnd reas. as mo peoe lea leraln moeo acadia.ea lu kalw somody w kws ad. komy w mebo. k orill a rase as bo suosed tor givhe sechl a as thatresint oma geutsued t ivve i up t sh all pside atsi o gpane bamo ip t havll pde neam i on thi iavhoug of tt i can' on stahi iugf you t rd n' nepapeta iou r aicle he'snestpe thg i foreporrsoall ale uptude'st t g the th i or
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oropinn o somhingl th opion dupsn'tde t ghe mter in oomng thpi d't. mr th the stu on wha oersthhetunha o sdo. . bo ift was 7 t bofas consvati ove t libals, summreak wou tart ns tiearlve ib s,nou immgineakowou myrt rlopletick arod f nn ine m le ckro ulte f eri? te>> da: i gori t tt.? gr: t proem i d iohey t t rowomayoes. gr t treros i ayonseativ wtheyayres. tarasdseiv acemias ptectn f alit ac iasuccs i p notcteasudy f prof . it 's cceasu idotsuy of su deb >> b: sdent don wan ebto hr froight snton winanrs. h gr:roht gre w ngr th gohere t ireaveeenhere w ther is boothbouto areed e roersnherereheyoo a ers oo utllag a andheyre oferero sre yotecon. excngeor ptect n
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thag payndheey outrareous ss ec .r tlet xce pct thayaper forrashe s tt sundes i thr le. th iseror acamia nd ih l ths.caa e vllag is ademi plac to proct k s f m vags alit a andmiheyndp i aco ro kbt. f er : is itndy i s f-enosed . er i sen edit. ach s a . grantd tir h a gnt tjob. bot's uni. b. >>ericyes. bo it vots ini demrats >> ics. th com ackitot to iemts ptect thomko thei-- fddieids a pct foe ed ei fies afo jun >>bob:o w notave the uneate u>>versb:y s wtemotnehe theorld te u>> rseg: sotm anyre. e ld >>andr: oe kidete in : nyreal.orldhey see >>dr oid ten alldyeeight tht ung eric fouatio send meo camses. lov t g g icouio nde profsorshowp aam s. udenov are tn g a ofrsw a enre bube. presso raly lt tub
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cpus.prsora l t femismay t wor c s.s cnged girl tel meem youmon't k twor howt is c edenou g o .rlele ou 'thow ko y kno h it is?w g o gr: t wom in a" ow y no hock,ichete, ss? was gr gr tuateomasten inournism k, frhe sas bk ilygrte ten thatrns wmtfr bouly at wet. ient to berley. kno wt it'. lik ther i aret ao lot oery. womike no w at.t'ik ersheompad are aomneot ooome hi er. . th is wha yepaet a fmne masts dhiree.t thsha y f bkele st >> dandea: pside bome ble m i peak g>> thid peekede d ltenohat he bade iakohike ly anuttounge pple. >>in my wa a yngave pe. it >> m toherhanea y do. e thisteceson i mortorno.ruta ises ior. ta t joboss i dper. no wder tha.aced ontheobs i dr. wr inhaitutns h neved been wer inut hevee. r. rticarlyhenoodews esn' getheatin a ic badlynds ws n' ery aay yadecei ny. sady y ystre of seisatimismnd sc sdaly th sto witre af msagehat stism suggts cscngel thtoit asn't mget
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gg ce po'tible at y c'take a fferce. po >>leyes,oung eopl hav it y c e tougr. shouer thee. bla the >> s,messnggerplavt the i ughe gn? ou he>> laeg:heike ssr fonhe i turn gg t theet of h:pye da toayon rn thef it' h dao fint' >>eric therazy pt is in bo pois o you p>>pleichezy wi p vo fors pside tbooi ooubama pewioor you a 16, 1 yea old % oou t a eloymt6, 1 ratea 20ld o t t eymat4. 20 yo get out o clege t a yo3%etut o c ge nempymen wh vot f a tt? bo t tmpen swhwsot f t w bo they s stru replica. w fo goo reayn. ruamaepscahenderfog.oo ea mneys tront a fronunne ten tey tnttumb. r r. pele w l g t on knoneen t thi mb guy,is fav abilype w i g t 3no.hi y,avil i 3 38 roey. go rea38on f it. >>andr: yng pple whero. go eayou fayt. >>dr y p tees gethe bk tos u at "eive"nd l t uet b knoo
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at y "hinke" aboresint l uama. noming p, ynk obabo hsi lely a. ng at wh vieba h t l vyw a tal w abouiee-ectio t v a an kimal ou-eio kdashn. anit uimil year wthe k shdiesot h to u yr w ait. es ♪♪ ho a .♪♪♪♪ ♪
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sk m [malennouer id u kn the's new mrpr inglaffoabl [ teleur-oudic? kn he k mew abou my rmpurglimplfocityl ter-c? [ me an ounc ] tmese r l ow rs ouy urpl aty tal ng aut eir w mpur mimplancitynceds.
5:26 pm
t rows suraisinally a aordat e, r lus 10-y ar wurrantpl tys. ur in ask mdawhat st up s is i-y w ntom m sprig maress mattp i mri ma [ msse a ounc ] althe omfo anduppot f a mpur pedi m an a ncmple cle desn. ale fondpo a tema r-peurc odiers a moa satlefiedle es thaown s ofa em pe oy trsitio al m atresmobraat. ed ha nind oft m e ab t tr iothe mmpuressimpacity eds temd r-pe mic -abthe st h ghly e reurmmemped bty in dsmeri . empe -e hly reme bn ri ♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >>eric welomeack, eryby. satuay w cloey. >>ndayic ricelek, yb marn. tu wlo. toda celayrityichief tkar mo tim out fm daeltyefreatg t an savgmoimut j fso hgithat th lad s oanheav vie j rope hsh o t brith. ad o th sto mart iie pe i oree tri thll.toar i andalirnia i ie b krup. no d aliiaad teor a iount i b up vi" tno ask t pesidt t ant
5:27 pm
ird-hting vi tsk t qstio righ -h ng >> the qiooad, wha is ghext? he >>younow,d,has at? >>uw, a b o qua w l b and- ouake molua l l an salhe chi. nd bi onkehat.ol l fren frs aanaysalhi wor.bint. >> enic:frrea asor acame a fre h:a fes. whoo a a am are tgh queion. f. oo a coraceion,airnd tuen. ealcocen,r e mpentionoromen >> en y'reon a for en onone,anenou feehe ye aor bums? e, ee >> ic: rlly?um s?whatou : not ry?? at whh kdashn w ot marrd f? oy2 wh ksh w d s rr f o d >>thatoulde k. >> ry gd! >>eric >>ard-atttinld k tuff g t t >>icd- iinoo lyfforite an t resrch a i segntust l te wanes canhut timere a doegt the wultuan quihinggainime a oi gss s e y,present,ulltupui angin chai g s righ herest,l a inhe m ningai we w't a yougherbout the in
5:28 pm
bus o m airng w a for oou.uthe b, kbu oirardaian,or o k qcamodan, andhips th's a the cep qmo wh? d ps bo the werth oth ahe c quesonsskedhat we deci d nbo toheer addth i essedthis ci nodd i pise. pi forhater rsonhatight . fairndqual r paytent rntht f ir won,alay omaigne t fewo ledbterct t o givne the t equa payor qualdbr t rigs.iv he th is dd uaayrong al th isig a - hisths mak dng senths - too s thaks cld actllyen say o th c rectblicysayin 201ecau reic brns a01au oveatedbr. a gr: wadveoedehas. th jok gr woras thokhat? t? >>eric theeaso i brghtt u tre i an >>ic heso ho. eres abr opptrtun uy t t ask in oughuestns.ho thecono ie d a't thipp tun tsk mmit e cghest. eno u i dhi t it o ce. don uhink the ecomyame up. o >> eg:ont'sthenkiew.heco eit'sotace the .atio or :s
5:29 pm
"met tw. p ss." 's e donhe ior to iew to"m tskhe p." on estis. ito go tw seeohathey'e arin erti: b i io thinkee btly' in o'erilly baveeennhe nk vi. b th ge imo'ly heaen vi>> drea the th ge g secti gueeas ht. pr iden obaea ishe a g lovest. seti heueust he oing onprheen vbaws a beovuset.e tnkse ashet angn v prlemithomen be ed l tk,s is eellepraymhen to each l wom a hom durg i ele the tochom aomuray. e. isssumg wom a upid at tumy wonom ahat t p sideid eels tonboutist t adesf gy.pde hi anslsr wunny about thathen eesas g aed abo hi ns w th.nybo th is wha h at isn indtryi abo to comnica hth lik ths haench hriessnduyi toomca h craikamol wh h i ches thoht weanne frraol wh the iho whi wne frouse erhe: gd, youefinhi ke tse fac h wen n jayer g oulenoin do thi do t himac henay any goono do hi o da: iimouldaven adsedt.nyoo does t d da him ilden gd? ad di tnk wom a unsesisfi dim wi g himnd h ans rs t aom ansfi iswiim hns a poi.
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5:31 pm
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5:32 pm
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5:33 pm
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5:35 pm
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5:36 pm
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5:37 pm
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5:39 pm
welce b k >>b:dou tchs. lc b reaty. tea. >> hav giv up o righ. paiot act. aviv p o no havroneo iste t gh pat t.. nowhenavillt sp?ne te tridilous gr: ts i funenl to s hedi frous thirom you gr t i un uo c notheoldrohi bacmouny formion abo ctdac rmn youelf.boouf. pou o gsut on telesion on ou o g ttter-n le on>> nb:reg, gre ter gg. gr: e ryb y les t g,haveomebyatchreg ghem. hencgr eb l the t veeb cchssicm. so . nc he"somody' wating cice." o >>bob:f i om dy'n'tatg" h ey >>b: i dstuft on he i h woun't ufnheere.out >>e.eric iee no rean a >>ic caloea este, locolic lrcean'tave dnesto oc epic te'te d
5:40 pm
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5:41 pm
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5:42 pm
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5:43 pm
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5:44 pm
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net pa a blsf and h playroupills and i rse b andndared ayuplsndor i r im.ded iust wano bngim bac. home itan t bac me m t da: ion't kno h to m feelbouthis. da iere'tas bnon a horeak. elut is.on't knoheth she e b a i juak beiean o iaybe'tnoth se love ihe dogjuei an o wel abe s ha't c atedve vidog wh ael a beaufulusic nhahe c ed ckgrund. id at d wou aulichink grd. d frede is wrd wn soonenkalls- gr: i s wrd ed to i w wall asooge hisls gr i won butopentl a $60,is0 o theog. ut thnt is sndinoney on 0, ohe dier w.h oba.ths sineyn sadi wba mu. tooke a wlesa t met the .ok a w t runng o of sam. ying to gheog jen n o fther s. ngo g ll j er partrt er: t dog feeike yo k tog ee somee ses'll g eyoou k mil on. me su s no.l g >> spe $5000 to il. g s o. thin to bac pe50
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ju flyo g to inoac july.a. takeheoog. keack.k. da: wld ypend is mey? da w a ynd m?eteraria sai thea we ppleho we mared oeriaai he w togeer. nowpheyeave w jnt cusdy oar o ge. e wye jus o dog th schule vits paraly s togy th dch'te sea vs one ra s tnoth d butea ty takare e thethut t doake >>andr : mheiste nsids hdo y>>lowdr mte id h lab yw aab goo oy.oo . >>andr: m sisr tk th d. >>dr m noisitisionight t ipplad h .th d sh is gtin isit nneht ila ch hgedacko shs gn nchdkanars as we. >> b: y arellarosin s yo md. we fo yre $,000oinoyo m fo bghto $ 00 beac and he the rsian bto
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