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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  May 15, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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described the compliance with
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coverage because of the obama administration contraception mandate. franciscan university of steubenville says it will not participate in a program that requires it to violate church teachings on the sacredness of human life. it says the obama kay requirement tripled the premium cost. senate candidate claims she is partnatetive american. the documentation is missing. that is later in grape grape. up next, will greece's political crisis spell more trouble for all of europe. [ male announcer ] what's in your energy drink?
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>> bret: greece will hold yet another new election next month after faing to resolve the country's political dea eadlock. the ripple effect is felt throughout shaky euro zone. correspondent greg burke is watching developments from
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rome. >> greece held elections and will be heading back to the polls. the stalemate increase the likelihood that greece which is already received two bail bail-outs will have to leave the euro zone. with disastrous effects on the monetary union. greece's exit is not a done deal. euro zone colleagues are calling for more of the same. tough love. >> there is only return alternative. best route for the people. that is roo of reform and austerity. >> faces a full blown crisis. francois hollande defeated nicolas sarkozy. no what was not an auspicious start, it rained on the parade in paris.
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there were no injuries. he admitted that he faces an uphill bat if france with a massive dead. high unemployment and anemic growth. that sounds like much of europe these days. analysts feared a double-dip recession for the euro zone, the first quarter figures came in stable. thanks in large part to plus signs on growth in germany. spain with nearly 25% unemployment, people have plenty of time and reason to protest. >> the euro zone may be able to survive without greece, the question is at what cost? what will be effect. bret? >> bret: thank you.
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>> $5.12 trillion. china boosted the holding for a third straight month. it's currently the largest buyer of treasury securities. we learn today that the justice department is investigating the $2 billion plus traying loss at j.p. morgan chase. the head of the company faces the music and the shareholders today in florida. box business network senior washington correspondent peter barnes showed us what happened. [ chanting ] >> as public anger at j.p. morgan chase bubbled up, a law enforcement official confirmed that the justice department and f.b.i. opened an investigation into the banks $2 billion trading loss. the official said authorities have an obligation to look into it. but emphasized they have no indication that the bank broke any laws. news of the probe broke after the bank's annual shareholder meeting in tampa, florida. inside, ceo jamie dimon
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apologized for investors to make risky bet with hybrid security. >> it's flawed, complex, poorly con zeeed, poorly vetted an poorly executed. >> still, shareholders endorsed a multimillion dollar pay package for dimon. who earned $23 billion last year. they cast their vote before he disclosed the trading loss last week. >> i still think the companies should be allowed to take as much risk as they choose to take. it would be disappointed if j j.p. more been a reduced the riskism want the company to make money. >> president obama hinted about the probe in an interview're if the the view." the president gave dimon and his bank a vote of confidence. used it to push for tougher bank rules. >> jp morgan is one of the best managed banks there. jamie dimon, the head of it is one of the smartest bankers we've got. they still lost $2 billion in
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accounting. pre leslie because they were making -- precisely because they made bets if der rivtive markets. we don't know the details yet. it will be investigated. this is why we have wall street reform. >> after the shareholders, dimon told analysts, now the members of congress want them to testify about the bucks the banks lost at scheduled hearings. >> peter, thank you. more with the panel. californiateamic for jerry brown is threatening automatic spending cuts for education. if voters reject the tax increases. brown has already called for $8 billion in cuts. in healthcare an welfare programs. still ahead, the help wanted sign outside the federal courthouse. first, long memories in the west bank. [ donovan ] i hit a wall.
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>> bret: chinese dissident chang called in another congressional hearing this afternoon. he is still in china you were what is described as de facto house arrest. today he said by phone and brother that a nephew has been beat bin chinese authority since he escaped from custody in april. he is waiting permission from china to come to the u.s. to study. a bomb targeting a former columbian interior minister killed two people. and injured 19 others today in bogota. a former official was heard but out of danger. his driver and body forward were killed. suicide bombing in iraq killed five iraqi seasonals. officials say the bomber drove a truck filled withect
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explosives in front gate of army post in mosul. 15 were wounded. palestinians crashed with israeli sources on the 64 anniversary of what they call the day of catastrophe. correspondent leland vittert shows us what happened. >> the israeli military responded with overwhelming force. this is the palestinian youth come town from the refugee camp. you can hear the tear fat coming in from the israeli soldiers. to get a sense of the battle situation out here. this is what the tear gas comes in. grenade fired from m-16. this is what the palestinians are throwing back. the rocks. the rox hit you in the head or the arm. it can hurt an awful lot. the palestinians have homefield advantage. every part of this refugee camp there is allies. backrooms. of course, there is rooftops
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for them to throw rocks from and take cover. >> violence is the rule on the arabic translated that means the catastrophe. what the palestinians call the anniversary of the creation of the state of israel. 64 years ago. the loss traditional palestinian land creating thousands of refugees. in palestinian towns, crowds gathered for the noontime rally. peaceful protest turn to rock throw egg later in the day. why are you throwing stones? >> we don't nothing to do. no gun of anything else. this my country. are to keep it safe. >> they have no problem meeting violence with violence. anger off the street and lack of progress on peace deal. many feel it could be violence one with popular uprising. west bank, israeli border. leland vittert, fox news. >> bret: former british tabloid editor rebeka brooks is one of six people chargeed
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trying to conceal evidence in the phone hacking scandal. she is rejecting the charges. she resigned of news international, british tuition of news corp., the company that owns fox news. why is president obama mentioned in the biographies of other presidents? the controversy over senate candidate who claims to be of native american ancestry. the grapevine is next. does your phone share what you are seeing and hearing right now
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>> bret: now fresh pickings from the political grapevine. elizabeth warrens self-proclaimed native american ancestry is in question tonight. the boston globe issued a correction today saying neither the paper, nor a prominent genealogical society has seen the 1894 marriage license purported to list warren's great, great, great grandmother as cherokee. warren claimed she is 1/32nd native american. the question of her ancestry has been an issue in her campaign to unseat republican incumbent scott brown. warren acknowledged listing herself as minority in some instances in the past and other times declining to identify herself as anything other than white. politico reports tonight of a 1997 law review piece describing warren as harvard law school first woman of color. not clear whose description that is.
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the author was a harvard law news director interviewed for the pace. warren's cam pape says the story is old and she is proud of hernatetive american hair tage. critics are saying that president obama is shoe horning himself in the limelight adding obama shoutout under most of the biographies going back to calvin coolal on the white website. with the exception of gerald ford, a did you know section appears underneath each bio. it out thes accomplishment or factoid from the current obama administration. underneath ronald reagan's bio, you find, "in a jun june 281985 speech, reagan called for a fairer tax code. today, president obama is calling for same with the buffett rule." #obamaiin history made its way around this.
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they joked -- a white house official tells fox it's common to add links to the bottom of each page to encourage people browsing more page on the site. fifth grade teacher at georgia elementary school apologized for forcing students to sign a penal prior to getting their yearbook -yearbook, to not scri. friends and supporters of former democratic presidential john edwards paid his mistress more than $9,000 month to lay low. correspondent jonathan serrie has the latest from the edwards corruption trial in greensboro, north carolina. good evening. >> good evening. >> the trial recessed today,
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without hearing from edwards' daughter. but they left open to call her on wednesday. with other witnesses including john edwards himself, his mistress and former campaign aide. edwards lead lawyer says if the defense does not call the witnesses, it will rest its case on wednesday. >> criminal case is a chess game. the defense is saying it's still our move. they're not sure what they will to. they're not going show any cards. >> the it was team spent much of the day trying to establish their client was unaware of secret funds used to hide the pregnant mistress in the 2008 campaign for president. they asked edwards what the reaction but when melon informed them of money she funneled to campaign aide. she testified i was surprised to hear it. motherland said i believe to this day andrew young was using senator edwards name to
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get money from mrs. melon. young, the prosecution key witness may be called back to testify for the defense as it tries to poke holes in his credibility. bret, back to you. >> bret: jonathan, thank you. we'll follow the trial. a physician who treated florida neighborhood watch volunteer george zimmerman said he had a broken nose, two black eyes and lacerations after his confrontation with unarmed african-american teenager trayvon martin. that is according to abc news. zimmerman says he shot and killed trayvon in self-it was after being attacked. we know how tight the job market is. but there is one area there are an alarming number of unfilled vacancies. correspondent shannon bream reports that has become a political issue. >> the ayes are 86. the nays are 1. >> a scene that both parties agree isn't playing out
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enough. confirming a judge to fill empty seat on the benchment not everybody agrees who is to blame for what is dubbed judicial emergency. >> the blame is with the republican party. >> man aaron says the g.o.p. senators are purposefully blocking noncontroversial candidates to keep the seats open and hope the republican will retake white house. but republican senator mike lee sitting on the judicial committee says the white house has only itself to blame. >> this isn't about the senate. the president is not making nomination. >> there are 77 vacancies and only 31 nominees. aron says there may be more in the mix but the senators have to submit blue slips to move them forward. that process isn't open to the public. so there is no real way of knowing. when asked about the open seats today, white house press secretary jay carney responded -- >> one thing we know for sure, the pace of combination has
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never been slower. >> not according to the alliance for justice, which released new numbers today comparing confirmation rate in the same time period of presidency of bill clinton an bush. clin top and bush had 7% of their nominees confirmed. obama has had 77%. >> they are being confirmed but the president hasn't nominated most of the slots. >> unless there is a drastic change in current pace of confirmation in coming month, president obama stands to be the first president in at least 30 years to have more openings on the bench at the end of his term than when he took office. >> bret: thank you. coming battle over the debt ceiling and other economic news when the fox all-stars join me after a break. [ creaking ] [ male announcer ] trophies and awards lift you up. but they can also hold you back. unless you ask, what's next? [ zapping ] [ clang ] this is the next level of performance.
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washington kicked the can down the road, kicked the can down the road and the american people think we're crazy. i'm using the event to force the process to deliver more change than what it would produce on its own. >> bret: house speaker john boehner today pretty blunt saying that republicans are ready for a fight over increasing the debt ceiling again. we have seen this before. ke could see it again come the end of the year after the election. in what will be a con consequencial lame duck congress. democrats responded to today to all of the talk. >> we conot hold the full faith and credit hostage. >> american people have had enough of the brinkmanship. they want us to get things done. >> this is clear to me that the tea party direction of the
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republican party is driving them over a cliff. >> bret: what about this? bring in the panel. steve hayes for "weekly standard." jeff zelney for the "new york times." syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. here we go again, steve. >> it's interesting. i thought one of the most interesting aspects of what boehner said today was the fact he wants to push some of this fight to before the election. everybody understands there will be a huge lame duck session. there is not enough time to accomplish all that needs to be done in the short time frame. boehner said today in what i thought was a significant take-away from comments he want to push the fight before the election. they'll have some of votes before the election. put the president on the spot. i don't think it's going to go anywhere. i don't think the president wants to have the debate before the election. it's interesting that boehner seems to think, even with everything that happened last summer this is a winning issue
6:37 pm
for republicans. it's something they can run on. >> bret: today, mitt romney said this is a prairie fire of debt. clearly they are, the republicans are laying out the battle. >> no question at all. this is one of the first times in the general of the election campaign that it's sounded like mitt romney is on the same page or the same message as speaker boehner. they really are laying out the argument. spending and debt and the expansion of the size of government. interestingly, if speaker boehner goes forward and tries to hold votes not sure how close romney wants to attach himself to the house republicans. that is something to watch more than anything else in this. at the end of the day, goodbye thanksgiving goodbye christmas. this is the tense period after the question.
6:38 pm
it's fascinating theater. on the substance front. it's important. i don't see an end dame here. >> bret: there will be short-term patches to get in next year to avoid a train wreck. you have wonder how that is going to happen with the politics of an election year? >> i don't think it can be patched. i think what boehner has done today is to i agree with jeff, harmonies his rhetoric with romney. if he is talking about a real strategy with real action, i don't get it. first, the debt ceiling won't be reached before election day. so any maneuvering he does before that will be meanin meaningless.
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as you said in the introduction we have seen this movie before. republicans don't excel in this. the republican brand was more damaged. second what was achieveed was a compromise in the end left us with a sequester on defense. automatic cut. which is president own secretary of defense has declared a catastrophe. the republicans are trying to dig themselves out of. i woulden try to emulate what happened in round one and threaten with a round two, democrats will say go ahead. make my day. >> bret: right. on the sequester, they are passing alternatives to sequester going nowhere in the senate. the question is if the republican party is the party doing something ase as opposed o
6:40 pm
not doing something. >> you won't have a republican hold the republican elect hostage on the debt ceiling so obama has a program on the debt. the house of representatives will support him. it will be enacted if he is elected. if he is not elected we're back where we were last year. you can't g.o.p. america from single household of congress. they try and get punched in the nose again. >> bret: turn to j.p. morgan chase. and the administration's response and reaction to this $2 billion plus loss from the bank. here is the president. >> jp morgan is one of the best managed banks there is. they still lost $2 billion in iting. >> our system is stronger than before the crisis. but still, this points out how important it is that the reforms are strong enough and
6:41 pm
effective enough. >> bret: head of jp morgan apologizing saying they made risky bet. >> bret: there is an investigation now and what about the fall-out from this? and mr. t administration's response? >> the president said we don't know the details yet. this is typical washington response to something washington doesn't understand. we don't know details of this. one thing is clear, we don't know what happened. nobody knows what happened. people inside are talking to one another to understand what the different parts did that caused the problem. you hear from washington immediately. calls for tighter regulation. it's not even clear it would have been prevented by the regulation had they been fully implemented at this point. yet, you have call for tighter regulation. it's typical washington response to a problem that may
6:42 pm
not yet even need a solution. >> bret: jeff? >> i think the president was pretty measured in his response. almost evenfying a hat tip for praise to the top leadership. i think overall, this actually bolsters the administration argument. in the eyes of the public, they still see something wrong. it refreshes everything in their mind on what is happening in the fall of 2008. fall-out of lehman brothers. this isn't like that but it remind people of how wall street is still sort of out of control in the eyes of some people. >> bret: charles? >> a typical liberal knee-jerk response. anything that happens that is bad, solution is more government. oil spill in the gulf. heap it on with regulation. jp morgan will make in this quarter alone $5 billion in profit.
6:43 pm
around $20 billion over the coming year. this is $2 billion loss. large amount of money but in world of finance it's not. to all of a sudden decide we have to overregulate, hyper regulate. regulate as a result of this as steve indicates without knowing anything about what happened is knee-jerk reaction. without any logic behind it. >> bret: next up, do you think congress will compromise on raising debt ceiling before government shutdown? [ banker ] mike and brenda found a house that they really wanted. it was in my sister's neighborhood. i told you it was perfect for you guys. literally across the street from her sister. [ banker ] but someone else bought it before they could get their offer togher. we really missed a great opportunity -- dodged a bullet there. [ banker ] so we talked to them about the wells fargo priority buyer preapproval. it lets people know that you are a serious buyer because you've been credit-approved. we got everything in order so that we can move on the next place we found. which was clear on the other side of town.
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rather than putting out that priory fire, he has been feeding it. he has spent more. and borrowed more. the time has come for president, leader, who will
6:47 pm
lead. i will lead us out of this debt and spending inferno. >> joe has a favorite expression. he says, "don't compare me to the almighty. compare me to the alternative." i think what you will see in this campaign is two very different visions about how we move the country forward. i believe we have to invest in things like education, making college affordable. science and technology. rebuilding our roads. rebuilding the country. >> bret: well, two sides laying out their vision. economic battlefield lies ahead oaf the next few months ahead of the election. the new poll out from "usa today," goup will. the question was four years from now, do you think the u.s. economy would be better or worse? under president obama. under romney. better 55% to 46% under obama. there are numerous polls out obviously asking different questions. we're back with the panel.
6:48 pm
the politics of this clearly the economy will drive the they in all the messaging on both sides. we are starting to get a sense of where both catches will be. >> no question. i think what we are seeing in this poll and other polls that voters are fbiing mitt romney the benefit of the out the without knowing what his plans are exactly. in the same poll we are finding that almost a third of voters aren't quite sure exactly what his plan or program is. but they are still giving him higher ratings than the current administration, which is why this white house, this panel bam re-election team is in a fure -- obama re-election team is in a furious scram to believe define romney before the views of his experience. to explain business experience that they say is not a job creating thing. they are trying to, before the republican convention this summer trying to define him and bring some of the numbers down. right now at this point, they
6:49 pm
like someone they're not sure about. romney. more than they like obama who is fully defined. >> bret: do you sense a different feeling in the white house and campaign about romney's stance? >> i don't sense a different sense. advisors have known this will be a tight election. only thing that worries some of them, when i speak to them privately, it has been a couple of good weeks and months for the president. he has had accomplishments. still at this position in the poll. after a tough summer after he hit a bit from other side. they have always known it will be a tough election. they see the same numbers everybody else does on the economy. >> bret: charles? >> what the president says in that clip. i personally have never been tempted to compare obama to god almighty but i'm glad he is urging others not to. that shows humility which is
6:50 pm
refreshing in the presidency. it's clear from the poll you showed that romney has an advantage, ten points on the economy. interesting, it's a question that doesn't ask are you better off than you were. the classic question is you where you will be in four years? that is a stronger positive if you're romney. i think it's interesting. jeff is right. he says he yet undefined. if he asked what is he proposing to get us out of the debt, improve the economy. the answer is a blank. it shows if you run generic republican against obama, generic wins handily. if you run a real republican with a name on him, he doesn't do that way. to the extent romney is generic, to the extent he isn't a negative. negative campaign against him doesn't work, as long as he sticks on the economy, explain what is he will do. and runs almost exclusive on that, he can win.
6:51 pm
i think he has discipline. i would add stability to stay on this right until the end despite the urging to get all sexy and interesting. i think that is the worst thing he should do. >> bret: steve, more fox poll out tomorrow. new fox polls out tomorrow. we have seen a number of polls, the cbs/"new york times" has romney up. there are questions and concerns from the democrats about the methodology of that poll. overall, you are within the margin of error on all of the polls. >> yeah. >> i think the romney campaign has to be pleased to emerge from what everybody acknowledges was a blady primary and find himself -- bloody primary and find himself even with the president. better on the key economic numbers. i disagree with charles how he needs to run the campaign. he cannot afford to focus only on the economy, despite the fact that so many voters are telling pollsters again and again, it's the most significant issue. other issues rank up high, too. among them is debt and deficit. that is one reason i was encouraged by the speech he gave today.
6:52 pm
he spent time talking about debt and deficit. not focusing just on the unemployment numbers or things no doubt matter to voters but it has to be a bigger argument. a bigger case to the american public. it has to be about leadership. you heard romney say today we need a leader. good argument for him. >> debt and deficit is part of the economy. separate issue. our disagreement doesn't really exist. i think it's exactly right. the weakest element in the obama economic plan is what is done about the debt and deficit. that is an arguen't about the future on which obama now loses to romney. precisely. because of debt and deficit. >> bret: ten seconds. do you think this is a big issue campaign right now as it's framing? >> i think it is a big issue campaign. bigger than the other ones we've seen. bigger than 2000 campaign. it is about the very different, big differences, how they would hand the economy. spenning, size of government. it is big. >> bret: panel. thank you.
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that is it. stay tuned to see how the president is handling joe biden's gaffes. [ male announcer ] research suggests the health of our cells plays a key role
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at great financing available apparently president obama is taking things into his own hands after he revealed the stance on gay marriage ahead of the president's timetable. apparently here is how the president plans to handle future biden slip-ups. >> thank you. [cheers] >> joe, this is a good looking crowd, man. this is a beautiful crowd on a beautiful day. it's good to be back here in pennsylvania. >> and they are all. [bull horn] [ laughter ] >> bret: that will do it. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for this "special report." fair, balanced, and unafraid. >> shepard: this is "the fox report." tonight, the feds investigate the jp morgan chase 2
6:57 pm
billion-dollar debacle. plus, one of the busiest airports in the world already under scrutiny for security lapses. now embarrassed by a brand new security breach. investigators say an airport securit
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