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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  May 15, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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>> bill: barack and hard place segment tonight, the president was in new york city giving commencement speech to barnard college. >> no wonder that faith in our institutions has never been lower. particularly when good news doesn't get the same kind of ratings as bad news anymore. every day you receive a steady stream of sensationalism and scandal and stories with a message that suggests change is impossible. you can't make a difference. >> bill: is the president right about the awful media? here now monica crowley and alan colmes. i mus goldberg and i do a segment on the media every monday. and we both think that t american media now is corrupt. we think it's corrupt in a variety of ways that the folks aren't getting the straight story, that there is a lot of money in ideology built into the presentations. and it's really harming the nation. so you should know where i'm coming from. that being said, do you agree
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with president obama? you must for the first time agree with him. >> i do. i do. >> bill: does that hurt to you say by the way? >> no, no. when he is right, he is right. i'm willing to say that but, look, he wasust stating the obvious. this has been true about the press since the beginning of the guteeerg printing press, okay? that sex sales, violence sells sells, if it bleeds it leads. this has been true for a long time. >> bill: what is he trying t say to these barnard grads that it's difference in the sense, colmeshat it's demoralizing now. the media is so bent on sensational stories that weigh you down that people can just walk around and get lost and say i can't make a difference. it's not going to change. >> that's what sells. >> bill: do you believe that the media is that bad. >> sometimes it is. >> bill: what do you mean sometimes? tuesday it is and thursday it. >> i don't believe thed media is one thing. there is so much to the media "times" vs. "newsweek." they went for sensationalism on the covers. i got a plan, next time a politician gives a news
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conference, you have them sell like the olympics, you show cards and if you are the president or the person giving the news conference you rate the questioner, 2, 1, embarrass them if they ask stupid questions. >> bill: i don't understand any of that. >> here's a bigger point though. >> bill: the essential question, what the president of the united states is saying is that the media is demoralizing the nation. and the reason he is saying that is because is he in big trouble. >> correct. >> bill: he is going to tell now his constituents it ain't that bad. they are telling you it's that bad, the media is telling you it is, but it's not that bad. >> don't believe them. >> bill: always a subtle message to the president's words. it wasn't about barnard. it wasn't lift yourself up. they are telling you the country in a bad state. don't believe them. it's not that bad. >> don't believe them. in 2008, this man was the beneficiary of the most fawning glowing coverage of any presidential candidate. >> bill: off the charts. >> thank you. >> ever. >> through the his presidency
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he has been the beneficiary of that kind of glowing coverage. >> bill: positive media coverage. >> all starting to fall apart because his policies have have not worked. the country is in dire. >> bill: the media still likes him. >> the coverage is not what it was back in 2008 or even last year. >> bill: you have stats now. you have stats rolling. >> in now they are actually starting to do their job. that's why you have got the president sort of whining about. >> bill: i disagree. they are not doing their job. the stats are rolling. in it's like the ball score in spring training can say oh we are going to win the pennant. then after the games start you have a scoreboard. >> they are doing their best to bury the stats. >> during the primary season mitt romney got twice as favorable coverage as barack obama. and, of course, we are going to realize the guy has been around four years in office he isn't going to get the kind of positive glowing coverage he got four years ago. >> that's why he is warning about it. >> bill: see reporting last week on the gay marriage pronouncement. on cnn and msnbc, all right,
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something like 10 and 12 to 1. not one pro-marriage guest. on cnn it was like 12 to 3. you are going to sit there and tell me the media is still not in the tank for barack obama? >> media just about the cable news channel. digital media. >> bill: drive the agenda here. >> to some extent. there is a lot more. younger generation, generationally they are online. they are not even watching tv. people are clicking around the internet. >> bill: i know what they are doing. they are playing games there they are not in public policy arenas. >> they read news, too. >> bill: you agree with barack obama generally speaking the media has sensational and it's wearing people down. you agree with that? >> on the general point, yes. on the political point, he wanted everybody to follow the media in 2008 and up until about three months ago and now he is saying don't listen to anybody. >> bill: is he making a mistake because i think colmes the media will come through for barack obama in this election and you saw it with the bullying story for mitt romney and the "the washington post." >> i don't believe he is saying don't follow the media and i don't think he is whining about it. he is stating something that's a general belief. we all agree with what he is
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saying. for once you actually agree with barack obama. right this moment. mark this moment. >> has he ever pounded the media until recently? no. >> you say pounding the media. >> he has been the great beneficiary of, this alan, and suddenly things are going south and he is saying don't pay attention. >> bill: is he still going to be the beneficiary. >> and victory in november. >> bill: as long as colmess has a breath of life. police make arrest in norfolk, virginia in the mob violence case. we will have the latest on that. will john edwards weasel out of the federal charges against him? him? is it legal with the lat all multivitamins give me the basics.
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>> bill: factor follow up segment tonight, one month ago two white reporters in norfolk, virginia were brutally beaten by a mob of
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young blacks. on saturday, police arrested two 16-year-olds and 13-year-old charging them with mob assault and another offense. previously a 16-year-old was arrested in the case as well. as you may know, the factor has been following this story because the media in norfolk and the police were very reluctant to aggressively pursue the case so we had to in the name of justice. joining us now from virginia beach, dave parker, talk show host on wnisin, dave is also closely following the story. it looks like we have been partially vindicated here in the sense that the community now knows about the story and the police are making some arrests. am i wrong? >> no. no. you are absolutely right. the story goes that according to the two reporters from the virginia pilot who were attacked that on that night, april 14th, about 30 people surrounded their vehicle a small contingent of five people broke off. at least approximately five. broke off and attacked them viciously and now four of those five had been arrested. and, bill, particularly in the
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state of virginia. the state of virginia will go out of it way to make sure that the juveniles have the opportunity to stay out of a formal court setting. that is not going to be the case here. i have every indication from what i have been told that this case will be prosecuted to its fullest even though we are only talking about kids 13 to 16-year-olds. >> bill: kids can kill people in a mob situation they have to be held accountable. this isn't self-aggrandizement, it would be fair to say that norfolk now, the community of norfolk is engaged in the story, they know what happened because it took two weeks for the story to even be reported. and then the two victims filed charges against the police, formal charges so the police weren't interested in finding out who beat them up. so now the community is engaged. is that fair to say? >> i think that they are happy trite now with the way the police department has handle. this i think you and i may differ on this a little bit. i think what the community
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expects for the police department to do is to handle this in a thorough, measured fashion and i think now that we have at least four people who have been arrested, more are likely, i think the community is satisfied with that at this point and it goes, also, it's important to note that the two reporters, that since the gang unit from norfolk has taken over, they are exceptionally happy with the way this prosecution has gone forward. >> all we want is justice to be done. now, on your radio program, you get a lot of calls and our investigation shows this to be true as well, from people who didn't like that norfolk was being portrayed as a racist place. because it was a black mob against two whites. for no reason. no reason. there was no reason to attack these white people, we put forth, i think everybody agrees, if the reporters had been black, that attack would not have taken place. but the people in norfolk don't want to be branded with that label for economic reasons, for pride reasons, and that was a big part of --
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a big component of your program, correct? >> yeah. i think part of the issue is that based on someone being in our town for a couple of hours, interviewing a couple of people on a bicycle for a short time and then saying that norfolk has a huge racial problem, you know, that simply is not the case. norfolk hampton roads, we are probably one of the most integrated diverse societies, or communities in all of the u.s. because of the fact that we're home to the biggest military base on the planet. so we got people of -- >> bill: weren't the law abiding people, we were saying that mob of blacks who attacked two whites simply because they were white is no other reason on earth, okay? and the community tried to cover it up. all of that is true. now, if they attack two whites, then you have got a problem. you got a problem, mr. parker. >> and, bill, what i found on my radio show, and this is the
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unfortunate part of this, in a societal kind of umbrella kind of way to look at this. i think events like, this whether this happens here, phoenix, fargo, wherever, i think when events like this happens it, solidifies. it puts into concrete bigotries that people already had that they likely learned at their mother's or father's knee. i think the best that we can do is hope that with successive generations that begins to get willed out. the question is. >> bill: i don't mean to say that norfolk is any different than anywhere else. i agree with you. this could have happened anywhere. but, it did happen and we had to shed light on it in order to get justice. we think that justice now in motion and that's a good thing. dave, we appreciate and we check back in with you. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. john stossel bans sexting or cell phone driving while driving or even while you walk. john edwards will beat the federal campaign funds act and whether roger clemens will be convicted of using steroids.
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>> bill: stossel matter segment tonight, police in for the lee, new jersey say they will begin issuing jaywalking ticket to pedestrians who are caught texting while illegally crossing the street. something many jersey ites and new yorkers are prone to do. this on the heels of 10 states who already have laws driving and texting on a cell phone at the same time. author of the big new book "no they can't, why government fails but individuals succeed," john stossel. this is very cute that you are texting during the intro. very cute. if i could have you arrested i would but i do not have powers to do that. >> thank goodness. >> bill: aren't the authorities doing this for their own good because if you are texting and you are crossing the street you are going to get run over by car. aren't they protecting lives? >> you just made a slip. i think a good freudian slip they are doing it for their own good. >> for the people's on good? they mean well but they get
11:30 pm
more power if they have more rules. >> we have enough rules. >> bill: you think they want more power? that's what this is about. >> everybody wants more power, more attention, more importance. the number of deaths has been dropping steadily since phones were introduced. why do we need all these distraction laws. >> bill: charge 67 obucks in for the lee if you walk across the street texting. unless you are in a crossing, i guess or something. >> the law is actually what he says is we have jay walking laws, we are enforcing them. they had jay walking laws, they don't need a new law. >> bill: texting thing heightens the fine 60 bucks. i feel strongly you shouldn't be allowed to talk on hand held cell and drive at the same time. people have a hard time driving with two hands on the wheel. come on. i don't want wiped out. >> you are okay with hands free? >> yeah. i don't care about that. >> it doesn't make any difference. >> bill: it does because you have one hand on the wheel and one hand on the dopey phone. come on. evidence. >> what about allowing kids in
11:31 pm
the backseat? and then you turn around. >> strap in the kids. put them in the trunk. >> you are distracted. >> bill: i'm not distracted. hold it. let me get quite clear. >> coffee in the car. >> no, i don't. kids in the car, big trouble for the kid. i don't put up for that you telling me that you want these giant suv vehicles driven by 5'1" people with one hand and they are talking with the other hand? this is what you want? i don't want that. >> i don't want that either. >> good. but the laws against it don't stop it the four states. >> then they get in an accident though it's on them. see, it make insurance claims easier for the victims. it makes everything easier, they are violating the law. >> the steady of four states who had long-term laws against texting while driving found more accidents in those states. >> bill: who is this swiftie doing this study? >> because logically you are hiding from the cops now you are texting lower. these laws have unintended
11:32 pm
consequences. >> bill: you are okay with people driving around one hand and talking on the phone with the other? >> i don't like it but we have to live with these distractions. >> bill: you don't have to pass laws against them like we did. >> ban radios in cars and g.p.s. they are distracting. >> bill: they are not distracting to me i have my two hands on the wheel. >> how do you change channels? >> they have the new thing on the wheel with the thumb. >> some of us with older cars. >> bill: what do you have a covered wagon at home? you live in the city you don't have a car. >> i do too, i have a dodge minivan. >> bill: you don't have that little thing on the wheel? >> i can't figure it out. >> bill: you shouldn't even have a license then. i want your license revoked. stossel, you are crazy. this society we have to have some protections against loons. and, you know, somebody big suv. >> we have enough. we have laws against reckless driving. >> that is reckless driving. talking on the cell phone and driving that's reckless. >> not if you are going straight down the highway. >> bill: will john edwards beat the wrap?
11:33 pm
will roger clemens beat the wrap. florida woman sentenced to 20 years in prison for firing a warning shot into the air. incredible story. legal is next. [ male announcer ] when this hotel added aflac to provida better benefits package... oahhh! [ male announcer ] it made a big splash with the employees. [ duck yelling ] [ male announcer ] find out more at... [ duck ] aflac! [ male announcer ] ♪ ha ha!
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>> bill: kate edwards daughter of accused fell lodge john edwards set to take the stand in her father's defense. edwards an attorney. cover up extra money affair. even while ms. edwards' mother was fighting the cancer that eventually took her life. here now to analyze attorneys kimberly guilfoyle author also the author of the big new thriller eyes of justice. all right, wiehl. she didn't take the stand today, she was supposed to but she didn't. this is basically the defense wants kate edwards on the stand to say what a good guy. >> humanize him.
11:37 pm
>> bill: what a good guy the dad is? >> that's a major stretch but she is his daughter. she has been sitting behind him this whole trial. i know. >> bill: the prosecutor is going to come in and say are you kidding me? >> right but they have to be careful. the prosecution can't be too hard on her. >> bill: she attacked her. they have to raise questions about why would you say your father is a quality individual when this happened? >> why is the defense putting her on? she really has nothing relevant to say to whether or not. >> bill: to bolster edwards in the eyes of the jury that is he not what he is. >> character witness? that's not really what's at issue here. whether he knew that that campaign. >> bill: you know how juries are. they are emotional. >> yes they're emotional. if i were a juror i would be mad that a father is putting his daughter on after her having to go through all of that. >> bill: that's a good point. i wouldn't want that at all. >> why is this testimony allowed? i don't think it's relevant. it's to try and make the jury feel sorry for this guy. >> bill: she doesn't know
11:38 pm
anything about the campaign money. >> that's my point. the testimony should not be allowed during the defense. they don't want this then to be an issue on appeal. also, usual whether i whether you have a witness testifying in a matter they are not allowed to sit in the courtroom for the temperature rafings the proceedings because then she is privy to all of it. she is also an attorney. so she know what is everyone has said and, let's be honest she is going to try to help and shape the testimony for her father. >> bill: it will be interesting to see what happens on the stand. obviously the strategy is to try to get the jury to think he is not the devil. >> you can get a jury instruction for bias to say it's her father and god bless she loves him. she would do anything for him. >> roger clemens obviously on trial, federal, the second trial. and this guy mcnamee the trainer for the reanks says he injected clemens in the butt with the steroids. and guilfoyle, you say you believe in it or no? >> look, i mean do i think that clemens is probably guilty based on the evidence, the testimony that we have received thus far in this trial in the proceeding and in the prior. >> bill: right, trial. >> yes, do i think that clemens is, in fact, going to
11:39 pm
be convicted in this matter? no. >> bill: okay. so you think he is guilty but won't be convicted why? >> based on a lack of credibility of the witnesses, in particular, the trainer, strength change mcnamee. >> this guy said he injected clemens in the butt, why? >> is he on cross-examination. i don't think he comes off as a credible witness. >> bill: you think he is a liar. put himself through this to get clemens. >> i don't think he is lying. i don't think he has a specific grudge against him. >> d.n.a. evidence because his wife took him to get that evidence. >> take it from his rear end against clemens. >> bill: i mean, look, anybody who traffics in this world is sleazy. but i'm surprised to hear you say that because why would this guy ruin his life, mcnamee, going after clemens? why would he do it? for what reason? >> to save his own life. >> to save himself so he is not prosecuted for it. >> he would have been prosecuted. that's the problem. >> i agree with kimberly -- >>. >> bill: did he get immunity from prosecution? i don't believe he has immunity. >> at this point they are not going to go after him and charge him after he testified.
11:40 pm
>> he is a cooperative witness. they don't want to make his testimony look bad when he is on this stand in front of this jury. >> bill: both of you think he turned on clemens to save his own butt, pardon the pun. >> obstruction of justice as barry bonds was. >> where is barry bonds? in hawaii? he is not even in jail yet. >> who can find him? >> bill: this is a really bizarre story. woman in florida, okay, has trouble with her husband, a lot of domestic problems going back and forth, violent problems, all right? she claims that the guy was coming after her so she grabbed the gun, in florida, all right? remember the law in florida with the trayvon martin stand your ground, fires a warning shot over the guy's head. >> right. >> bill: and is convicted of a crime and sentenced to 20 years in state prison. >> let me get it a little more for you. the jury took exactly 12 minutes to bring this conviction. the jury believed it. i spoke with the prosecutor today on this case. i actually. >> angela cory. >> i actually looked at the
11:41 pm
bullet hole in that kitchen where it landed. and what happened, ms. cory told me it was no warning shot. it was shot directly at him with two little children right there putting their shoes on to get out of the house because they were trying to retreat. >> in the next room. >> they were trying to retreat. >> bill: the prosecutor is the same prosecutor doing the trayvon martin thing. this prosecutor said, look, there was no warning shot. she shot at him, trying to kill him. >> that's the prosecution's case, right. >> bill: the jury bought it. the jury knew there was a mandatory 20, right? going up? >> no. juries aren't allowed to know. >> bill: that's a heavy beef. >> here's the deal. she wasn't able to use stand your ground defense it was precluded by the judge in preliminary hearings whether or not she could put it in and the judge says no ms. alexander, you cannot avail yourself of this. she goes to trial on this. obviously an issue of ballistics and believing the expert witnesses. the expert for the prosecutor said this wasn't a warning shot. look at the trajectory and point of entry and exit.
11:42 pm
other little children in the other room. >> bill: these are all mandatories in florida which is why thee got the 20. that's big. >> prosecution offered a three year plea deal and she didn't want it. >> bill: she didn't take the plea. >> bill: now it's on appeal. >> she a victim of domestic violence. the sentence is excessive but it's statutory. if you have a gun, crime automatic 10. charged with 20. >> bill: governor scott should take a look at this case. 20 years is too heavy for it? >> i agree. >> bill: charles krauthammer on deck. is he going to analyze attorney holder is there something very wrong in the justice department or is it all politics? all politics? krauthammer moments away. having an irregular heartbeat called atrial fibrillation all politics? krauthammer moments away. puts you at 5 times greater risk of stroke. don't wait. go to for a free discussion guide to help you talk to your doctor about reducing your risk. that's
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, attorney general eric holder going after sheriff joe arpaio for racial profiling but will not
11:46 pm
tell congress what the justice department knows about the federal gun stagedz dubbed fast and furious. also, reports are the fbi may charge george zimmerman with a hate crime for killing trayvon martin but when the factor called the attorney general last week asking if he would investigate biased crime allegations in norfolk, virginia, the mob violence case we reported on earlier, the justice department refused to get back to us. here now to analyze the whole deal, fox news political commentator charles krauthammer. there is something wrong here, charles. it just -- you have the black panthers in philadelphia, you have case after case after case that just doesn't seem right you say? first of all we can start with incompetence. we start with the debacle can khalid sheikh mohammed. if we are going to call him corrupt. i got a pretty shy threshold for corruption. i need either a smoking gun like the nixon tapes or cold cash. >> bill: what about the fact that he won't turn over the documents to congress may be
11:47 pm
cited for contempt. would that, if it happens, if he is cited for contempt, not now, because you have got, you know, let the process play out, would that be a high enough threshold? >> look, of all the things on his docket, i don't think that's the worse. justice departments, administrations, white houses have, since the beginning of time, tried to withhold documents that congress wants. it's an age old struggle and unless we can see something in the documents that we know is corrupt, we can only assume. until we see that, i'm not going to assume corruption. i will tell you what i think explains this guy. is he a political hack. and the reason that is so grating, is because you have be a political hack in hew, in hud, somewhere else, the justice department is is a really important job. you are the supreme law enforcement official in the country. you are entrusted with upholding the rule of law and constitution. and the amount of stuff he has
11:48 pm
done as a pure political hack as you mentioned, starting with a marc rich pardon back in the clinton administration, this is a guy who will be at the beckon call of his political masters, two cases in point. the case the justice department brought in texas against the voter i.d. law, they know they are going to lose it. there was similar indiana law upheld 6-3. in which the jordan upheld the john paul stevens. they are going to lose in texas. why is he doing it? to ginn up the issue. the voter suppression issue so-called and to agitate the base presumably minorities. second point, the arizona immigration case, they are going to lose that one, too. and they know it and the reason he brings it up, to gin up the hispanic vote. the bring up the idea the republicans as anti-immigrant. that's a hack. if you're attorney general you shouldn't be acting in that way. you should be acting for the
11:49 pm
nation. >> bill: in arizona on the immigration case he is going to lose on what issue? >> he is going to lose on the issue that and you saw it in the oral arguments, the solicitor general tries to make the case that it is illegal for the state of arizona to assist the federal government in carrying out its responsibilities on immigration. somehow the exclusivety of the fates excludes any state assisting in that enforcement. >> bill: you can't help solve a bank robbery because bank robbery is a federal crime so stay out of it. if the bank robber goes through your town you can't even call us. >> precisely. the case was so weak that in the oral argument, justice sotomayor, who was certainly no right winger, said of the solicitor general, defending the obama case, this isn't selling very well, is it? and they know it. this is done as pure political
11:50 pm
pandering. >> bill: do you believe it's president obama himself that is basically telling the attorney general what to do? i mean, it would have to be at that level because there is really nobody else that he is beholden to. it's president obama, correct? >> i'm sure that obama signs off on this. i'm not sure that obama spends nights in bed thinking up supreme court cases that will lose, that will somehow help him in the general election, especially if they lose by ginning up his constituencies. >> bill: who would be that? >> the attorney general. that's who is doing. this he has to get a sign off from higher up. he is the guy acting as a hack. >> bill: anticipating what his boss might like to see. >> no. is he a democrat. he wants to be in office himself. i'm not sure if he stays on or not. if you are a democrat and you believe in this and you are an idealogue like he is, why wouldn't you want your administration to continue? >> bill: all right, charles, thanks as always.
11:51 pm
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"killing lincoln." that's two great gifts for dad for the price of one. remember, the charitable component on bill o'reilly dot-com. now the mail... >> if the companies are exploiting the workers, they should go elsewhere. that's not easy, i understand. but i moved 10 time fist 15 years, and 10 of those time, i moved in protest of how the company was operating.
11:55 pm
[chuckles] >> i pointed that out, going forward if republican donors continue to be attacked by the obama re-election campaign, then it's right on the president's doorstep. he knows now. he has to stop.
11:56 pm
>> it's happening all over the country. as many summer programs include "killing lincoln." >> you know, that's all our goals, we are just trying to get half of what the man says. we are going to see you in indy on june 22, only 75 tickets remain for that show. chicago, june 23. atlanta, georgia, september 7. finally, pinheads & patriots, this week the tv show jeopardy is featuring power players. they are not off to a fast start. >> the category is awards and here is the clue... this performer is the only person to win an emmy, the mark twain prize and the spin garn medal, the naacp's highest award, that would have helped you. chris, we come to you first. >> i got the wrong answer then.
11:57 pm
mary tyler moore. >> you are right. that will cost you. how much? half what have you had. $2300. it might work to your advantage. bob had $12,800. his response was >> nobody. what did he lose? $7200. he is at $5600. lindsay, it's up to you now. >> i knew i didn't have it. i went for someone i sort of love anyway. >> you picked tina fay. no, the correct response is bill cosby. what did it cost? this is very important. $9800. that drops her down to $4200. robert gibbs, congratulations. [cheers and applause] >> it's a charitable deal so you can sort out who the pinheads & patriots are in the crew. that's it for us tonight. please, check out the fox news factor web site, different from
11:58 pm
bill o' we would like to you spout off about the factor from anywhere in the world. name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, do not be unctious when writing to the factor. the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking it out for >> sean: turm turmoil-- at one f the biggest banks leaves president obama back-pedaling. i will be joined by dana
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