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tv   The Five  FOX News  May 18, 2012 2:00am-3:00am EDT

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hemmer's dungeon. let's do this, america! >> so the election is shaping up to be less about issues and more about tissues. meaning which candidate makes you feel, not think. it's all media generated pitting the soulless right against the romantic left. the boring vs. the soaring and so it's no longer an election, it's a john hughes movie and who is mitt in this flick? he's the stingy dad, close minded and disgusted by change. he's no hipster, a word dana now knows. president obama, of course, is the cool misunderstood loner dating the father's daughter. audience knows who root for, of course, it's the cool guy which is too bad. at some point, america needs someone to come in and be the bad guy. mr. popular ain't cutting it right now and also because dad ends up paying the bills. that's the republicans to the democrats. but nobody remembers the bill payer just the wild night out. which is why movies always end
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before the real trouble starts. when the cool guy gets the girl, you never see what happens later when it all goes bad and so as we get older, we realize dad was right. remember when he asked if your popular friend jumped off a bridge because he said it was cool, would you follow? too bad nobody listens. all right, bob. as david brooks pointed out last week, in survey after survey, obama is far more popular than his policies. does that mean obama just shouldn't have any policies? >> no. but i think that the point here is this missing popularity is a bad thing. i think the fact that he's a cool guy and i think people around the world respect and like the guy. i think people in this country like him. they don't maybe like his policies, some of his policies anyway but look, you've got to compare them. eventually you're going to obama against somebody. the somebody he's up against is a sharp contrast in personality to obama. i think that's good. mitt romney, frankly, you think it's good time for mr. boring
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and mr. cleaver beaver, whatever his name was. >> cleaver beaver? >> i don't think that -- >> i don't think romney can rally his family around the holidays. >> that's my point! stereotyping because he's a nice, married man, traditional values. he's boring, andrea. >> yeah, but i think if we're talking john hughes' movies that blaine is obama. who is ducky? "pretty in pink" who would ducky be? >> biden. >> maybe. i don't know. >> that's a really good point. >> if you look at the polls, yesterday i was digging into the fox news polls and you look at the approval ratings, a majority of the country doesn't approve of the job the president is doing on any issue except afghanistan and bob is right. he has this magic where people like him. so basically, obama is america's bob beckel, right? you don't agree with him. you don't think he handles issues properly but you really, really like him. >> well, thank you for that. >> that's what i was thinking. but in some ways, it being popular is not necessarily a
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compliment. well, he's a nice guy. the first time it worked because he didn't have a record. now he has a record to defend, i think that when you dig into the polls, which you probably understand better than i do, that that's what's happening. you might like him. that doesn't necessarily mean you want him to be your president. >> this is a big bay sham. we're talking about president obama being popular but i'm not sure who he's popular with. he may be popular with the left. he may be even slightly popular with the center but far right, he ain't so popular. i mean, there are people who think he's a redistributor in chief. they think he won't be happy until he's driven the economy so far into the ditch, the only available option to america is coming back to big government. we don't want -- >> but he's loved by the media. >> by the media. by the media. that media doesn't necessarily -- >> it represents 25% of this country. >> or more. you can say 25%. maybe it's not. be maybe it's 50. >> 50? >> i didn't say far right.
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i said the right. >> i thought you said far right. >> if it's all right, let me just clarify. i think the right, people who are into -->> the country is more conservative than the actual -- >> the conservative values, the constitution, the guy is usurping the constitution everywhere with the executive pen. he's not that popular. maybe the media wants him to be popular. >> he's a nice guy. >> he is a nice guy. speaking of nice guys, joe biden wednesday hammered mitt romney on his economic philosophy and i think we have some tape. >> my mother believed and my father believed that if i wanted to be president of the united states, i could be? i could be vice president. my mother and father believed that if my brother or sistered wanted to be a millionaire, they can understand a -- could be a millionaire. my mother and father dreamed as any rich guy dreams. they don't get us! they don't get who we are! >> who is "we", andrea?
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>> i'm saying biden and his case of redbull that he drank. >> i mean, wow! that was a howard dean moment. it was -- i think his point was so ridiculous, though, to try to contrast that dream with somehow mitt romney's dream? like mitt romney who made it? yes, he had a little bit of help but look what he did with that help. >> help? >> look what he did with that help. he's the one that really is the american dream. he's the real job creator. i mean, really, what's biden done? manage the stimulus? that went really well. >> biden came from your home state and became vice president of the united states. that's the success story. mitt romney got handed a lot of money by his daddy. and he got into the ring by his daddy. fine, the guy is -- i'll give romney credit. he's been a successful businessman although i think the businesses have been not very good. >> the question is when you get back to this thing, he's right. his economic plan is very
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simple. trickle down. we've heard this. take care of all of this in the top, trickle down to the rest of you. it doesn't work. >> nobody is talking about tax cuts. they're talking about keeping the tax rates at what they are or -- and reforming the corporate tax rate to make that lower so we are not the number one in driving businesses away. when biden starts screaming, they don't get us, what's interesting is you could almost -- that's the mirror reflection of what republicans have been saying about them. so in a 50/50 election, who wins? i don't think popularity ends up winning. >> i hate to correct you but in fact, romney has called for a three level tax program. it does lower taxes at the upper end. >> ok, you can correct me all you want. they're not saying that the people who aren't -- that got the tax cuts like the lower end, nobody is saying that they would have to pay more. >> no. >> i think that is a distinction that is worth making. >> i think they should if we had a flat tax, we'd probably handle a lot of that. the fact of the matter is when
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you look at romney's economic program, it's far more debt loading than anything that obama has ever done. where is it going to come from? >> growth will -- the only way we bail ourselves out of the $16 trillion or $20 trillion or $26 trillion national debt that we'll have 10 years down the road is by growing the economy. we can't cut our way out of it and we can't tax our way out of it. the economy has to grow. only way is to grow through taxes. can i point something out? you called joe biden a success story. you think so? is he a rich guy? >> no. >> he's not a rich guy? >> he's not worth $5 or $6 million. >> not at all. >> not at all. >> he's got a $2 million house in pennsylvania, does he not? >> his net worth is under a million dollars. >> i would beg to differ with that. i'll call every politician who becomes rich being a politician, they're paid by the taxpayers. >> i was going to say. >> to demonize mitt romney for being wealthy because he created wealth. he created jobs. he created growth in the economy, that's not fair.
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>> i'm not calling him someone -- >> can we get this straight? >> i'm not calling him out for being a rich guy. you say he created growth, created jobs. we don't believe that. >> what do you mean you don't believe it? there's 100,000 jobs between staples, dominos and two or three other companies. let me put something to rest. you want to do this spiel thing? let me put this story to rest. steel prices have fallen from 1973 to 1993 when bain capital took over and they continued to fall off mitt romney left. steel production in america went from 90 million metric tons. in 1993, 40 million tons and fell further when romney left. that was a company going belly up no matter what. >> andrea, your face is pained. >> i cannot believe that somehow the gold standard in this country is being a career politician all your life and we have a ticket of them now on the
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left. it's obama and it's biden and when you look at the difference, i don't understand the only fundamental difference when i look at this economic policies besides the big spending is the way that the president and biden invested is with our money. the way that mitt romney did with his own money. he didn't use taxpayer money, did he? >> what he did is he put on that very steel company, about $23 million in debt, went to $500 some million in debt. they jumped out and took all the money they could get their hands on and the steel company -- >> you want to talk riding the amtrak from delaware to d.c. delaware to d.c. delaware to d.c. every year. you think that's the only time -- both of them are out of touch. >> i don't -- >> but they're nice guys. but they're nice! >> they are. >> if you think mitt romney is in touch, you think greg is in touch. >> i am in touch. i'm in touch with dana right now. >> what? get off me! >> i didn't mean it that way. biden, is this the game plan here the same? it's always going to be this
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polarity of republicans, big bad wolf, obama the protector of the weak and it goes back to the whole movie, the movie plot that i came up with. this is what they're going to run all the way to election time. >> absolutely. and that's -- what's interesting is it's not working. across the board in the battleground states, people are being looking at this and saying, you know, we tried it for four years. we need something different. >> still think the republicans are big, bad wolves. >> thanks to people like you. you know the end result -- >> thanks to people like me? >> yes, because you demonize republicans. end result of this popularity is that the story about obama inserting himself into the biographies, did that show up on any late night show? did that show up -- did any humorous go off th -- after tha? >> it's not very funny. >> it's not very funny. it's hilarious. did someone offer jeremiah wright money to keep quiet in the 2008 campaign? that's what wright claims. we have the exclusive audio and please like our facebook page. love saying that. go to
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if you see, eric won't show you his secret tattoo he had done of dom deluise.
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>> welcome back, everybody. president obama's former spiritual mentor, the reverend jeremiah wright is back in the news, two big stories, we'll start with some very serious allegations from reverend wright. he claims that he was offered money to stop preaching back in 2008 after he became a political liability to the obama campaign. last night, hannity aired exclusive audio from an interview author ed klein did with the reverend for a new book. listen to the reverend describe a secret meeting he had with then senator obama in 2008.
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>> saying that we can't trust ed klein but we just heard directly from jeremiah wright himself so does bob owe ed klein an apology? >> this is what bob he can he will does. if i have to deal with bob every day and i don't get an apology, he's going to deal with it, too. >> i wouldn't apologize to that son of a -- if it's the last thing that i do, he's a fool, a liar but listen, jeremiah wright said something right here. he said whitaker signed the i.p. whatever that is and let's see him produce it. you want to put this on the air?
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you want to say reverend wright is telling the truth and in an interview with one of the biggest liars in america and you said -- he says whitaker signed it. let's see it! >> you're saying reverend wright is lying. >> sure. yes. >> absolutely. >> for what reason? >> because he's mad at obama because obama threw him under the bus and he should have thrown him under the bus. >> i have a strategy, an idea why i think this is true. they paid -- they offered to pay him $150,000 not to go to work. only a liberal would do that. >> it was not during public speaking. he should have asked him not to do any public speaking. he was embarrassing the campaign and he was embarrassing obama but i get back to this point. if he says whitaker, that's -- when he says that, if he can't produce that check what he's talking about, he's lying. why didn't he? >> i'm guessing -- well, the way i understood it and i listened to the audios that hannity rolled last night and apparently there's a big box of e-mails, one of them is from
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eric whitaker. >> whitaker would sign a check over to jeremiah wright. >> signs for him. it came from a computer that is his computer. i can't speculate on the legalities but what we can speculate on is why president obama in october of 2008 tells the reverend jeremiah wright don't talk about me anymore. after 20 years of spending time with him. >> that's why it's a little -- that's why i think it's a little uncomfortable for everybody looking at this thinking, ok, maybe it was for political reasons that you had to belong to that -- to that church if you wanted to be the state senator of that area. but you -- it's a little unsettling. >> yeah. >> for people and i think that it's curious to me they only offered him $150,000. >> nobody has proven they've offered him anything. anything. >> i would think it's curious. >> reverend wright saying. >> so what? >> it is curious and a lot of people did wonder when he did disappear, he went away just like that? >> came to the washington press club and gave a big speech. >> he was very quiet.
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>> quiet? >> can we talk a little bit about the political fallout? this morning "the new york times" ran a story on their front page saying that there was a super pac that was going to use some of the reverend wright audio and they were going to use it towards, i guess, an attack ad on president obama. so let me take you through a little bit of politics real quick this morning, there's a tweet. do we have a tweet? david axelrod at 5:29 this morning tweets "stunning, will mitt stand up as senator john mccain did or allow the purveyors of slime operate on his behalf"? that's david axelrod. then the romney campaign manager came out and said it's clear that president obama's team is running a campaign of character assassination. we repudiate any efforts on our side to do so. and then as a response, the jim mussina who runs obama campaign came back to once again, governor romney has fallen short of the standard that mccain has set. reacting tepidly and just -- >> mccain lost. >> romney came back again on camera. >> they have no accountability
2:20 am
and they can go out there and lie, they can do anything they want and supposedly mitt romney can't stop it. he could stop it if he wanted to. >> i wouldn't -- i try never to just use a president's last name. i try to put president or mr. in front of it. that it's ok to just like -- at 5:29 in the morning, the he of the campaign. you'd think he had something better to do than to call out the opponents on mitt. really? we could do that here maybe. but have some dignity. >> can i ask you the -- >> i agree. >> is this smart, though? is it smart to go ahead and attack president obama on his relationship with reverend wright or is this just water under the bridge, keep it focused on the economy. >> unfortunately, i think the time to do it was in 2008 and unfortunately for john mccain, you know, people's 401k's were evaporating in front of their face and the stock market was crashing and people said we don't want to hear about wright, very, very unfortunate. now it's too late and bob is
2:21 am
right in one sense. that's the danger of super pacs. if they come out and push this which i do not think that republicans should, they can risk not only having people look and saying mitt romney, he's so detached. but it would drown out mitt romney's message. >> yeah. >> the economy. >> i'm torn, though, because i mean, we all have acquaintances that if you dredge up, you can never run for office. dana, you can't run because you lived in that commune with menudo. >> in the 1990's, she lived with menudo, a lot of people don't know about that. there's something about obama's acquaintances that are weird. >> they may be weird. difference between having an acquaintance and an allegation that eric just made here of $150 million they cannot prove. >> allegation. >> i'm talking about this article. >> prove it. >> it's $150,000 and i didn't allege anything. i simply said what reverend wright told ed. all this is happening because they got a pass four years ago and people are still ticked off about that. >> what didn't happen is 150 million --
2:22 am
>> talking about the scrutiny on bill ahers. >> let's talk about that, not from some evidence from a guy that is a liar. >> if you say he's a liar, maybe voters think about this. show me your friends and i'll tell you who you are. that was obama's theme for a long time and you're saying he's a liar. >> case closed. i rest my case. >> coming up, hanoi jane fonda. bill ahers and bob beckel, what do they have in common? all were anti-war activists and have been thrown under the bus by none other than president barack obama. bob will explain how he feels next. ask me how i've never slept better. [ male announcer ] why not talk to one of the six million people who've switched to the most highly recommended bed in america? ask me about my tempur-pedic. [ male announcer ] did you know
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>> that place they're talking about was vietnam war. one of the great tragedies of american history and those of us who protested the war, yesterday the president of the united states gave a medal of honor award post humously and he said something that hit home with me when he suggested that my crowd, who was against the war perhaps didn't treat people right. let's take a listen to the president. >> this month will begin to mark the 50th anniversary of the vietnam war. a time when to our shame, our veterans did not always receive the respect and the thanks they deserved. a mistake that must never be repeated. >> i don't agree with the president about that. i mean, there were some people
2:28 am
in the anti-war movement that did treat veterans badly. that's true. as a group, as the whole, the anti-war movement which was huge, millions and millions of people did not treat veterans that way. who treated veterans badly was the veterans administration who didn't take care of them very well. but it wasn't the anti-war movement that did that. >> i say good for him. >> yep. >> yep. >> good for him what? >> good for obama for saying that. >> good for president obama to take time out of his campaigning with george clooney and ricky martin and sit down and do something respectful and respectable. >> i think it's fantastic. he stood up for the military for once instead of using it as a photo op. >> where's the anti-war movement now? you think about that group that plagued bush, he can't say that about the movement now because they aren't anywhere. it's like the green movement with the b.p. spill. >> the anti-vietnam war movement was millions and tens of millions of people. it was not your occupy wall
2:29 am
street. it was huge. it did start with some people who were off campuses. and by the time it finally reached its fulfillment, it was people from the suburbs whose kids were getting killed in a disgraceful war that was built on a lie. >> i think you can disagee with the war. but i do think you can't disagree with the way our troops were treated by some people and i think obama did the right thing and it wasn't just the people who spit on our troops. it's hollywood that said vietnam vets are crazy, platoon, taxi driver, robert de niro is crazy and some psycho. the constructs put in flays by fonda, by oliver stone, they've hurt our veterans. interesting on the politics of this particular speech yesterday, as i read it, that sentence that we -- that the soundbite that we used you could have taken that out of the speech and the speech still hung together. so i don't know how often -- how many times he reads his speeches beforehand. that would be one of those things where you might say, you know, i don't know if i need to
2:30 am
go there in this speech so it's a question of whether they just didn't realize or he was actually trying to make a point. >> there is a little bit of a shift, though, you've noticed this, right? >> i think he was making the point directly but, you know, dana has raised an issue about fred hyatt of the "washington post" who wrote an interesting article saying that the democrats division is between those of us who were nostalgic, he calls them nostalgic liberals vs. accountability liberals which is generally older liberals vs. younger liberals. older liberals who protect the f.d.r. tradition, we protect government programs and those who are accountability liberals who believe in things that -- if you don't have programs that work, they believe in things like having vouchers for schools. we don't because we think it will ruin the public school system. yes, there is this divide and it's generally the baby boom generation vs. generation x, y
2:31 am
and millenial generation but it's real and i can see that hyatt made a good point. >> he wrote it a little while ago, in the heat -- after the wake of the 2010 elections, remember, it was a question of the establishment vs. the tea party and then we had that conversation for a while but then -- and the media loves to talk about division amongst any party but in particular the g.o.p. when it comes to the democrats, though, there is this growing divide and i don't think we have -- we've heard enough from people who are smart political analysts to tell us how -- what does that mean for the future of the democratic party? >> here's the thing. i see division but i see it between, i would say, the blue collar democrat and the academics. right now, america is at war with the faculty lounge who dictated almost all public policy. they provide the weekly story of government overreach that we talk about every, you know, every single day. i think that's what the split is. >> it's not -- it's not a fiscal split, you know, where the tea party says we're fiscal conservatives, we don't venture into the social aspects of conservativism.
2:32 am
is that the neo-liberal? no, i don't think so. go ahead, you want to say something? >> no, i was going to say i agree with the nostalgia liberal but accountability liberal? to me that's an oxymoron and some of the things that we're seeing, i've never met a liberal that wants to reform social security and accountability that i know is someone who switches parties and becomes a republican. that's what accountability liberal is. >> did you have some -- the reality is there is a difference. one thing that does unite us is the republican party who we just cannot stand. >> and vice versa. >> vice versa. there you go. i should also mention that the vietnam veteran honored at the white house, leslie savo, congratulations to him for his great courage and thank him for what he did. he deserves it. and i'm glad he got it. ok, coming up, when i went to school, if you didn't pass a test, you flunked. i got straight a's, of course. but times have changed. we'll tell you about how one
2:33 am
state is lowering the bar for students next on "the five". yor.
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and "the five." >> welcome back to "the five." well, a bunch of kids failed a major writing test in florida but instead of raising the bar, one florida school district decided, yes to lower the bar. now, with the questions being asked who is to blame? are the teachers to blame? are the students to blame for failing this semieasy writing test? or is it the school district? now, gregg, i wish when i was in school, and i wouldn't --
2:39 am
actually i was good at writing. let's say my math classes that i was horrible in. can you imagine most of the students failing this test and then the superintendent having an emergency meeting saying, ok, wait a minute. we're actually going to try to lower the bar a little more to make these students look better. >> i wish they would do this everywhere. can i revise my height to 6'1"? i mean, come on. here's the thing. this is the fault of two phenomenons, phenomenons colliding. the self-esteem movement which tells you you can't fail and you have teachers unions that reward failure. you put those together and you have an education that can't teach a dog to bark. >> that's a very interesting point, though, if they're going to lower the bar which i means they're going to grave on a curve. >> they'll change the test. >> there's a lot of funding that goes to school systems and states who have high test scores. maybe it's all a way of beefing up their numbers for money. >> that's true. but dana, i want to ask you, fred grim of the miami herald
2:40 am
blame the florida education system because they keep changing the standards and they keep, god forbid raising the bar and the superintendent of the miami dade school said that he actually knew that the students were going to fail. he just didn't know how severe it was going to be. >> president bush used to call the lowering of the standards for kids -- of kids the soft bigotry of low expectations and one of the things here was it was right at a story or essay about a camel. and one of the teachers said it was a very poor prompt because when do we see camels in central florida? these are fourth graders. they don't know what a camel is? >> why are they teaching him about smoking? that's offensesive. >> it's easy to laugh about that. using a camel is exactly the wrong thing. if they said a horse, you would have seen double the kids passing. how many people see cameras in central florida? >> maybe they were being tolerant. they were trying other cultures. >> right. >> you know where you're going with this. you're going with the standardized tests being
2:41 am
racially skewed? >> not at all. i'm just saying that if you want to say the transportation of most islamics that's fine. that's not in central florida. >> can i quote another teacher in the story? she's quoted as saying, i couldn't even write about the camel prompt and i've been writing for 40 years. it's a fourth grade writing level. she's a teacher for 40 years and couldn't write about a camel? >> how about this one, a student gets on a camel and rides around and doesn't spend time doing his homework and eventually he gets off the camel. his teachers don't scold him and he finds a hard time getting a job and joins occupy wall street. done! >> done. >> everyone gets a trophy, don't keep score, now lower the bar. it's not doing our kids any good. >> wait a second. florida fourth graders are the seventh state in the union, the highest in rating on doing riding and reading and probably schools course and excuse me, they're 11th in writing for
2:42 am
grade eight. you know the bottom 20 states. 16 of them are run by republicans. >> the reason that the -- one of the reasons that the florida education system was doing so much better is because jeb bush as governor absolutely changed that system and then when he -- he fought the teachers unions tooth and nail. thing is that he tried to do is give parents more power to say if your students are failing, you should be able to do something about it and hold them accountable. >> coming in here at this level when nationally they're at a high level, somehow something is wrong with the test. >> who is number one? >> on both of those? >> i think massachusetts. >> no, new jersey. >> new jersey. we give chris christie props for that? >> do we give him props for that? >> you just -- >> i think that you -- i would give chris christie some credit. yeah. >> doesn't that make the school look bad, though? i mean, they had these high scoring students and then they have to have this emergency
2:43 am
meeting and they lower the standards instead of raising the bar. >> it just shows the more you spend on education, the dumber kids get. >> why don't they just turn on national geographic for an hour? >> that's true. >> triple spending in decades and look what we got. >> florida has had very good and jeb bush deserves credit for it, very good education system and something that tells you if they're doing badly, something is wrong with this test. >> no whining from you, bob. because we're going to talk about it next. coming up, do whiners drive you crazy? well, dana has some advice for all those debbie downers out there. you know who you are. [ male announcer ] if you believe the mayan calendar, on december 21st polar shifts will reverse the earth's gravitational pull and hurtle us all into space. which would render retirement planning unnecessary.
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>> ♪ such a cry baby ♪ he's such a cry baby >> appropriately, that song made gregg whine and complain but i don't blame him. >> awful. >> how to deal with a whiner. this is an article that came out, it was a therapist session that a woman was having and all of a sudden, the therapist said, ok, haven't we heard this
2:48 am
before? she was just totally over it. and we've been talking a little bit about what it's like to try to be a better person, a more tolerant person or at least we're airing our problems on air. so i wanted to start off by talking about dealing with a whiner. have you ever had a whiner that worked for you and how did you deal with it? >> the worst whiners are babies. just grow up. grow up, babies. you know who whines the most, beta males and guess who owns that demographic. >> who? >> barack obama? >> oh. whiners. >> that's a good one. >> what about you, andrea? >> he's a nice guy. >> i want to infuse politics into it right away. >> but he's a nice guy. >> what about you? have you ever had to deal with a whiner that you had to tell them to stop talking? >> what frustrates is you the whiner that gets away. i totally ignore the whiner. tough love. >> i got some relationship advice along these lines from a woman who had been married 30 years and she told me somewhere
2:49 am
along the way she was told when you get home from work after a long day, that you and your spouse or partner, whoever it is, should only say to one another the very best thing and the very worst thing that happened to you during the day. because everything else is just whining. >> my wife never remembered a single thing that was good during the day. >> that would have been your fault. >> i have an example -- >> wasn't it being married to you enough? >> that's something to whine about. i have an example today. this is not a shot at senior citizens. when you get behind them at lines and they bring out their coupons and i was behind somebody at the drugstore today and she was bringing out the coupons and arguing with this person about how she should have $7 off her purchases. and it went on and on, and on. and i wanted to get out of there so i just walked up, took $7 and put it down and put there you go, it's all yours. i did and the other thing -- the other people that whine all the time, all the time are right wingers. they whine and whine and the tea party people whine and whine.
2:50 am
>> you have a different perspective, right? >> can i point out that i whined about this segment this morning? wait a second, can we point out that whiners are no longer called whiners, they're protesters. they're caught in protracted adolescence. >> let's play the soundbite of the occupy wall street protester on with hannity. he was whining. >> i won't take a job for less than $80,000. >> got to host one of those events here in new york city and a lot of the mentors, a lot of their tips actually centered around not whining. i think we have a little graphic. one is don't complain at work. that's good advice for young people, right? they're looking for a job. don't complain at work and be your own advocate and speak up. don't be negative. be pro active if you're not happy, do something about it. don't just complain and whine. >> difference between stating your case and whining, right? because we said, ok, for example, we're accusing eric of
2:51 am
whining today. i don't know if you were whining except for putting your position out there. >> thank you. >> that's exactly what he was doing. is this mentoring about all women meantoring? >> yes, young women. >> you do a lot of mentoring. >> 22 to 32. >> do you need any mentors? >> no, not mentors but you could pass around the hors d'oeuvres. afterwards. you can give them some cheese for their whine. >> right. it's a great program. it's like speed dating but mentoring for young women. we have a photograph. >> women under a certain age. you have to stay within a certain distance of these young girls? auto radio you accusing me of something here? i mean, here's the other thing we talked about it during the break, the people who you get in an elevator, i'm on the 42nd floor of my building. there's a staircase next to the elevator and everybody gets in with their gym bags and takes the elevator to the second floor. give me a break. >> also, i'll give you one which is when everybody should take the thing on your phone that has -- that you can hear the typing
2:52 am
on the iphone, turn that setting off because you are annoying everybody! and that's my last whine. >> you know, the kind of whiner i hate is like a celebrity chef who whines about spending programs, government programs while skimming tips off his workers. that's the whine -- >> or tv hosts who whine about a joe for a comment that they have on some other network. >> that's really whining at its worst. we'll keep talking about that in the break. and when we come back, we've got one more thing. we'll include a tribute to a music legend to sadly passed away earlier today. [ male announcer ] when do you take 5-hour energy? when i'm on the night shift. when they have more energy than i do. when i don't feel like working out. when there isn't enough of me to go around. ♪ when i have school. and work. every morning.
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>> ♪ sitting here eating my heart out waiting ♪ ♪ waiting for good loving to come ♪ >> there it is. one more thing. >> so today, we mourn the loss of the disco legend, yes, disco king bob beckel mourns the loss of his queen of disco, donna summer passed away today at the age of 63 after a battle with cancer which a lot of people say is -- was unexpected. but she sang "hot stuff" and "bad girls" and "on the radio" she had many hits. i have her on my pandora radio.
2:57 am
>> greatest music ever written. >> this is the ball from my apartment that comes on sometimes late at night. that's all i'm going to tell you about. >> i have that same thing in my bathroom. >> i said this thing yesterday, i worked on capitol hill as well and you can get frustrated as a press secretary, senator schumer's press secretary got really frustrated. called the daily caller and complained about a headline and i'm glad this type of thing didn't exist when i used to complain to "the new york times" but this is pretty funny, have a laugh and watch this. >> this is brian fallon in chuck schumer's office. i don't give a crap about your story. is whore really a story that they use on your web site? i don't know if you weren't responsible to the deadline but regardless, i suggest you take a look at how that looks on your web site and i would suggest maybe changing it. >> very good. >> and then the daily caller promptly said whatever. and made that video.
2:58 am
>> bob? >> well, i wanted to say, you know, "the five" has gotten popular around the world. i met two people outside from australia that watch "the five" all the time and they wanted me to say good day to travis and alex in australia. they let their kids know that mum and dad, ray and john, those are the kids met most of "the five" here and they said you better tape it tonight. ok? >> don't have a party! >> quickly -- >> the people that you met. >> oh, it is? >> one more thing, again, is a band word, in this case it's the word efforting. do you have it here? there you go. efforting. usually you might say something like find out if a celebrity chef is skimming tips off his waiters. now they say i'm efforting to find out if i'm skimming tips off my waiters. stop using efforting and start using trying. >> very quickly, i did have one more thing.
2:59 am
bob is going to vegas tomorrow. >> look out, vegas. >> put the aces and eights all the time. also this love of disco, you know the other person who loves disco like that, john travolta. >> there you go. i was supposed to say, by the way, to travis and alex in australia good day and your mom -- your mum and dad, ray and john, met us all today. so -- >> nice efforting. >> yes. >> are you going to bring pictures of you in your disco outfit? >> and i'll bring the money back from vegas if i win. >> that's it for "the welcome to "red eye." i'm greg gutfeld or as i am known in budapest, sara jessica parker. >> show me the strength of your siping giew lar eye, america. our top story, is will smith backtracking the claim that 450e 450e -- that he would like to pay higher taxes?


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