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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  May 18, 2012 11:00am-1:00pm EDT

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popular website, born in his college dorm room less than a decade ago. it could be valued today, north of $100 billion. and finally, investors are getting in on the action. fox business network's liz claman, anchor of "countdown to the closing bell", live from new york. liz, what is going on? >> trying to decide if this is bigger than who shot jr and a beatles reunion put together. for the america and for the world as you heard from bill hemmer even in uganda they're facebooking. we're looking at a trade that hasn't happened yet. remember this stock was priced at $38 a share for its initial public offering. i'm keeping my eye on it right now. it is about to start trading. it is indicated, getting orders of an indication of $42 a share. looks to move higher as soon as it starts trading. a company started in a dorm room used by 1/8 of the entire world's population. $42 is the indicated share
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right now. we're waiting for the ipo to move. $38 is what it is at. not to get too wonky, 421 million shares being put out there today. when this company goes public it will be valued more than general motors and ford put together. two iconic companies needless to say, that actually make stuff. this is a fascinating, sort of statement on american entrepreneural spirit. of course, mark zuckerberg and his cofounders putting all this together. again we're still waiting for the share at the moment, looking to indicate to open at $42 a share. $38 was the price. that ended up being a lot higher than the actual price range. now we're hearing 11:05 a.m. is when it might start trading. jon: liz, they're not selling the entire company, right? they're opening with a fraction of it? >> correct. mark zuckerberg will own a huge percentage of it, absolute huge percentage of it. that means he getting more voting control when it comes to making decisions for the company but again now they
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have some 900 million users around the world, which is quite amazing since it started on the harvard campus as a way for harvard students, mark zuckerberg being one of them, by the way he dropped out later on, to communicate with each other. then it snowballed and at fox news, fox business, all of our shows have facebook pages. it is a way for people to really communicate. the question becomes, is it overvalued? it is trading what is called 20 times forward earnings. that means it is 20 times what it will bring in in cash. company like amazon, valued at $100 billion, brings in more than 30 billion in revenues. needless to say, facebook comes in with $3 billion in revenues for 2011. we're waiting for it to trade. indicated at $42. back to you, jon. jon: the delay apparently happens because they want to start this thing smoothly. liz claman, when it begins trading get back to us. >> you bet.
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jon: the presumptive republican nominee for president heads to an important swing state today. good friday morning to you, i'm jon scott. jenna: a good friday for some of those facebook folks. and a good friday hopefully for all of us as well. i'm jenna lee. we're glad to have you here today. governor mitt romney is campaigning in new hampshire. he is planning to attend a event at 19th century bridge. this bridge is no longer used for traffic. it was restored though using stimulus funds. romney is expected to attack what he is calling wasteful spending while promising to get the country back on track to a balanced budget. there are only four electoral votes in the granite state. as larry sabato told us yesterday, those four votes are really important. it could go either way in november. and if this election is as close as some predict, those four votes can really make a difference. you can't just turn your nose at new hampshire, carl cameron. four votes still matter. >> reporter: go granite
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state. hey, jenna. romney actually spent the whole week bashing the president for his spending agenda and he will go to the sawyer bridge in hillsborough, new hampshire today. it is historic site. it is a bridge to know where. doesn't go anywhere. obama campaign argument and mr. romney will make argument it is waste of stimulus money. at the same time he is out with his first positive ad. it is something of a road map of the states he has to win for victory. it will play in iowa, north carolina, virginia and elsewhere. it is all positive talking about what he would do as soon as he is inaugurated. listen. >> day one. president romney immediately aproves the keystone pipeline, creating thousands of jobs that obama blocked. president romney introduces tax cuts and reforms, that reward job creators, not punish them. president romney issues orders to begin replacing obamacare. >> reporter: there's a
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spanish language version of it too. both all positive which romney noted yesterday, stand in contrasts to the president's first ads which included personal attacks on romney, said it is clear the centerpiece of the president's re-election campaign will be character assassination. he will make his centerpiece fixing the economy. the democratic national committee released today's attack on romney, a web video in their words is meant to bracket mr. romney with the beige of his existence. news coverage, repeating obama campaign attacks this week on romney's record as a businessman. vice president joe biden is prominently featured in that video. he will be at a campaign event closed in his state of delaware. he is a vice-presidential attack dog and hammering romney every day of the business career. it is extensive and mr. paiden is very, very aggressive about it. a lot of nasty ads being spent. two national parties reserved $75 million tv ads for the last few weeks of
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this election. it will be about triple that from the campaigns themselves, super pacs and outside groups. these attacks while they just started from the obama campaign and romney hasn't run them there will be plenty on the air. jenna: conversation starters at that. we'll talk more about the romney ad. we'll talk about a potential super pac ad will now no longer going to run. gives us a lot to talk about. carl cameron in d.c. for us today. jon: to the growing wildfire threat in a couple of western states. in northern colorado, hundreds of additional fire faters are on the front lines trying to keep one fire from reaching a reservoir for the city of greeley. this fire has burned 11 square miles of timber about. the smoke is so bad, children and people with health conditions have been asked to stay intoors are -- indoors there. in arizona the massive crown king fire is raging out of control. burned several square miles of land including 10 miles. hundreds of people evacuated
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there. it is one of several fires burning across that state. looks like the weather might not help those firefighters much. chief meteorologist rick reichmuth is in the fox extreme weather center with an update. rick. >> we have the season of wildfire danger. this is where the red flags are, across the four corner states exactly where the fires are now. one burning in colorado, arizona and new mexico. this is the firefighting index. darker color you notice the winds are stronger. pay attention to this as we move throughout the afternoon. very strong wind especially northern arizona and parts of new mexico. it is going to begin to relax, at least those wind by tomorrow but part of the problem we have a lot of drought going on across parts of the four corners. this is a look at arizona where you see the red. that is extreme drought going on. very dry conditions. then you get the wind factored into that and heat that is really going to continue here. that will be part of the problem. you notice winds today
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southwest 25. this is up in crown king, arizona. they start to relax. by the time we get to sunday, monday, winds go down but temperature goes up and continues to stay ex-trooply dry. jon. jon: rick reichmuth in the fox weather center. thank you. jenna: another story, leaders from around the world are making their way to maryland. g8 summit being held at camp david tonight. this is the first time the president hosted more than two heads of state at his country retreat. the big issue on the table, iran's rogue nuclear program and global sanctions u.s. is pushing for when it comes to iran. are also another big topic for the summit set to kick off, talks about the debt crisis rocking europe and impacting the u.s. markets. there are very big topics. interesting dinner party with all the interesting personalities. white house correspondent ed henry in washington with more on this. ed, happening now, the president is sitting down with the new french president. what is hoping to accomplish? what sort of foundation is hoping to build with this new head of state?
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>> reporter: this president sitting down with the new president of france, francois hollande. just sworn in and met with german president angela merkel. there is kind of a split there. merkel wants more austerity and budget cuts to help europe dig out of this debt crisis. hollande was elected on spending not austerity, cut off the austerity to government spending to spark jobs and growth. that is one of the disputes hoping to resolve this weekend if you listen to his national security advisor. tom donelon. >> the nature of the conversations will be about a coherent and common goal having the crisis in europe, current crisis managed well and getting on a path toward sustainable recovery. >> reporter: here's the problem. the last time a lot of these leaders got together for a g20 summit back in france in november before hollande was elect obviously. president obama had a news
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conference he felt like the european leaders were coming together starting to turn the corner with this debt crisis. that is six months ago. we're still talking about these same issues, jenna. jenna: how does that complicate things? you have the white house behind you. what is the saying those in glass houses -- how does the fact we're in our own debt crisis complicate this conversation further? >> reporter: you're right, jenna. could make the president's hand a lot tougher when he leaves the white house here with this meeting with president hollande and goes off to camp david and president hollande and other leaders. you're right there is a debt crisis here in the u.s. as well. the president already at odds with speaker john boehner whether or not they should start the conversation about raising the debt ceiling at end of this year. john boehner saying basically it's time to talk. >> people are looking to me like, i'm the guy carrying a sword around town and going to bludgeon someone. all i'm suggesting it is time for us to talk about this. >> reporter: so the debt ceiling crisis obviously, that will be coming up in a few months, that could
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complicate these talks. also, let's not forget this european debt crisis weighing down the u.s. economy. huge wildcard for this president in the november election in the u.s. because he has very little control over it, jenna. jenna: a lot of news coming out of the white house today. thank you very much. ed henry in washington. jon: new journey into space set for tomorrow. spacex launching the falcon 9 rocket, the first private mission to the international space station. former nasa shuttle astronaut tom jones will join us to talk about what's at stake. jenna: more on presumptive republican nominee mitt romney's first general election ad. it reveals what mr. romney would do on day one if he wins the white house. we'll take a closer look. jon: plus a challenge to the nfl. how a suspended linebacker is fighting back. wake up!
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jenna: welcome back, everyone on this friday. as carl cameron told us governor romney's campaign is out with its first television ad for the general election. it is set to hit the airwaves in four key battleground states. they include virginia, ohio, north carolina, and iowa. the ad describes what a romney presidency would look like on day one. take a listen. >> what would a romney presidency be like? day one, president romney immediately aproves the keystone pipeline, creating thousands of jobs that obama blocked. president romney introduces tax cuts and reforms that reward job creators, not punish them. president romney issues orders to begin replacing obamacare with common sense health care reform. that's what a romney presidency will be like.
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jenna: fred barbash, managing editor of cq weekly. fred, is that list possible on day one? >> no, he can do the executive order on the pipeline the rest he will need congress. what is significant about that ad, jenna, particularly at the end is, he doesn't talk about repealing obamacare. he talks about replacing obamacare with common sense medical reforms. and that's controversial in the republican party but i also think it is kind of a signal to the independent voter that this is a guy who is going to get things done but will not do anything radical. i like to think of ads like songs, you know. what does it sounds like. that ad, if you listen to the music is sun will come out tomorrow. starts with the brass. go to the strings and cymbals and there is crescendo. it is today, not so great because each one of these things has a contrast to it. the obama block pipeline.
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romney will let it go. obama raises taxes, romney will cut them. romney will come up with something better. jenna: i had no idea you were so musical. maybe you and jon could do a number at some point. >> i love the music in the ad. jenna: to your point that makes sense as you listen to the message but a whole package of the message as you point out. not just what is being said but how it is being said to the public. >> well, sure because people don't listen necessarily what is being said. as you say they get the whole package. why those negative ads have minor key? jenna: right. >> it is a --. jenna: like the horror movie coming out. >> absolutely, yes, something to be afraid of. this is something to look forward to. jenna: let me ask you about a piece written in the "washington post" today, that brought up a real interesting point. talking about mitt romney's first general election ad but saying mitt romney doesn't necessarily have to compete with the democrats. he has to compete against his own allies, meing super
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pacs putting out ads getting a lot of attention. in fact jon will talk about with our panel a potential, a an idea for a super pac ad not even becoming a reality but everyone is talking about. how do the candidates, president, or mitt romney bring the attention to them and not let the super pacs take control of their campaign? >> this is going to be a very tricky balancing act for all of them because on the one hand you can let the super pac do the dirty work but if it gets too dirty, the dirt will spill off on you and you're going to spend your time as romney did yesterday trying to defeat an ad that supposedly sponsored by your own supporters. and i think both obama and romney are going to find that the super pac advertising is very much a double-edged sword could really prove to be distracting. they have no direct control over it. so it could be really problematic, jenna.
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jenna: will be very interesting to watch amount the love people fighting for the airwaves. next time you come on, fred i think we need some of that positive music to play on behind you. we could kind of set the tone ourselves. >> i do have a kind of a personal theme song i will let your producer no, yes. jenna: any hints, fred? >> well, rocky, you know? the rocky music? jenna: yes, okay. all right. you're onto something. >> kind of like that. >> fred, thank you very much. fred barbash with cq. thank you. jon: my younger daughter had the lead in her school production of "annie". the sun will come out tomorrow. i could sing it for you. she was better at it. jenna: can we hear jon sing? jon: not right now. jenna: stay with us you might see it. jon: some other time. we are america's election headquarters and our next story could be a window just how rough this presidential campaign could get. the nasty sniping over the ad campaign that never got
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off the drawing board. what the ad would have focused on and reaction from both sides. plus the private spacecraft set to head to the international space station tomorrow. former nasa astronaut tom jones joins us next with this new era in space. it's time to live wider awake. only the beautyrest recharge sleep system combines the comfort of aircool memory foam layered on top of beautyrest pocketed coils to promote proper sleeping posture all night long. the revolutionary recharge sleep system... from beautyrest. it's you, fully charged.
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jenna: well, it is all systems go for tomorrow's launch of a falcon 9 rocket from cape canaveral. if all goes according to plan it will be the first rocket to the deliver supplies to the international space station under nasa's commercial space program. some are calling this is a key test, a key test not only of the technology but of the obama administration's decision to rely on commercially-built spacecraft. so a lot at stake here.
11:24 am
tom jones is a former shuttle astronaut, also a fox news contributor. and, tom, a lot of folks are describing as we just mentioned, a test for the obama administration. storyline of this eccentric billionaire that has spent money on this rocket. what does this launch really mean? >> it is really a crucial test how nasa will supply the international space station absent the space shuttle which retired last year. nasa's plan since 2006 is to use the comercial companies to fly cargo up to make good use of the space station. unfortunately we're three years behind schedule. because of that, the first launch tomorrow, the first step toward commercial cargo service is a big step for nasa. jenna: it will launch 4:55 eastern time tomorrow. what will you be watching for as you watch this take to flight? >> i was in the nasa advisory council five years ago when this plan began to be really developed. i want to see spacex succeed in the cargo adventure. i think getting orbit will
11:25 am
be successful but rendezvous will be first commercial company ever tried and. jenna: they are supposed to be delivering supplies to the international space station. nothing that is crucial. mostly food and clothing. they say laptop batteries and the like. we'll watch to see if they actually succeed in that endeavor, tom. it will take three to five years some say to get astronauts to be on the commercial space flights. why would it take so long? >> nasa has contracted with several other companies alongwith spacex to develop astronaut transport to the station and nasa estimated it will take to 2017, five years from now, for that to really happen. these companies are developing private spacecraft. they don't have the depth of engineering experience, 50 years of experience that nasa has even though they have been sharing information and they're being very careful,. nasa does not want to risk its astronaut safety on private launches until they know they have a proven track record. that is what this cargo program should give companies like spacex. jenna: just real quick, tom,
11:26 am
are you happy this is moving forward? is this a good day as far as further exploration in space or are you feeling little bit conflicted because where the space program is with nasa right now? >> i was in on this five years ago and thought it was a good idea then, because cheaper way to deliver cargo than the space shuttle could ever do. it is a way to get out from under the russian cargo services that we have to buy right now. it is a smart move all the way around. i don't know whether they will have the experience to get to the space station with astronauts in time and i would like to see that moved up much faster. the answer for that is for nasa to build a spacecraft to fill the gap until commercial companies prove their worth. jenna: that's when we come back to d.c. with these conversations. nice to have you, tom, appreciate your expertise today. >> you're welcome. jon: new evidence released in the tray tray case. does it shed any light on what really happened between the teenager and george zimmerman on the night of the fatal shooting?
11:27 am
we'll take a closer look. and new opposition to the controversial keystone pipeline plan that could help bring down gas prices. some say it is just not worth the cost. what's behind this latest backlash. i have three daughters and my son, and then i have eleven grandkids. right when you see them, they're yours, it's like, ah, it's part of me. it's me again. now that i'm retiring they all have plans for me. i'm excited.
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now publicly, a publicly-traded company. you can see the stock just started trading on the nasdaq. we were waiting and waiting, when would it start trading. we knew it would be delayed. markets opened 9:30. nasdaq waited to around 11 to make sure technically they were prepared to handle the orders and quite frankly amount of energy pushed into the markets because of this stock being traded. you can see the stock is up 11%. initial offering was at $38 a share. and so now just about a minute ago it started trading after a lot of speculation, a lot of buzz on wall street as to what the delay was all about. we'll continue to watch it to see if everything goes smoothly throughout the next couple hours but the first day of trading on facebook listed on the nasdaq with the ticker symbol, fb. jon: here's a preview what's new in the next hour of "happening now." we are awaiting a verdict in the john edwards trial. we'll have a live report from the courthouse in north carolina. also the cost costa
11:32 am
concordia has sat partially sunk off the italian coast since the dissasser in january. there plans to salvage the ship. we'll tell you more about that. big controversy right now. a live look right now of appearance by health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius drawing all kinds of criticism from many catholics. jenna: we have new evidence, some more new evidence being released in the shooting of unarmed teenager, florida teenager trayvon martin. george zimmerman is charged with second-degree murder in the death of that teenager. he told police the 17-year-old had attacked him and shot him in self-defense. now we have new video and new audio recordings just released from that night back in february when this all happened. phil keating covering the story life in miami. phil we seem to have more evidence. i hesitate saying clear evidence but some more evidence when it comes to drug use and the beating
11:33 am
that george zimmerman alleged happened. tell us more about this. >> reporter: yeah. much of what is in the state's case here against george zimmerman and who is charged with second-degree murder is up for interpretation if you believe zimmerman or believe martin's version, well this may not change your opinion but we now finally have that 7-eleven surveillance videotape. this is the last videotape taken of the 17-year-old while he was still alive about 15 or 20 minutes before he would later be shot and killed. he is buying the skittles. he is buying that arizona brand fruit juice. and shortly thereafter he walks back to the gated community. that is when he is encountered by george zimmerman. now we also have photographs of george zimmerman's injuries. clearly cuts all over him. a broken nose. he had definitely taken a beatdown and we also now, you're about to hear, what is crucial for the state's case here. it is a 16 girlfriend of
11:34 am
trayvon martin who was on the cell phone with him, who described martin telling her that a white man is following her and she says he sounded scared. >> trayvon tells you the guy is getting closer to you? >> yeah. >> you hear tray saying something? >> yeah. >> what do you hear trayvon saying. >> what are you following me for. >> what are you following me for? >> yes. >> then what happened. >> like oh, man. oh, man. what are you doing around here? >> now that is crucial for the state because they said during the bond hearing there is all kinds of holes in zimmerman's alibi. zimmerman of course claims he was walking back to his vehicle, was then hit from behind, cold cocked by trayvon martin. that is contradicted blatantly by this 16-year-old fwirl friend. jenna: so played for us in the past the 9-1-1 tapes that we were able to hear yelling in the background. is there anymore evidence or any better idea who exactly was yelling for help on
11:35 am
those 9-1-1 tapes? >> well, you can hear the audio statements by the parents of both zimmerman and martin. the first, robert zimmerman, the father of george doesn't think it is his son but later says he is absolutely certain that was george zimmerman yelling for help. in the neighborhood the witnesses who heard or saw the fight, they at that point, they see trayvon martin on top and zimmerman on the bottom and at that point zimmerman is definitely yelling for help. here is what one neighbor described to police shortly after the shooting. >> the one guy on top in the black hoodie was pretty much throwing down blows on the guy, kind of mma style. >> ground and pound. >> yeah, like ground and pound. >> what we don't have here are of course any witnesses who saw what happened in the very, very beginning of this incident, when it escalated physically. the only person left alive to talk about that is of course is george zimmerman.
11:36 am
jenna: so many questions but a lot of new evidence to go through. we'll talk with a legal panel next hour about all of this, phil. thank you very much much, phil keating in miami today. >> reporter: thank you. jon: now a proposed ad campaign targeting president obama is literally making headlines and raising controversy. as reported by "the new york times" the ad campaign was intended to remind voters of the people who have influenced our president's thinking and mr. obama's link to his controversial former pastor, jeremiah wright. you remember wright's racially charged circle months and condemnation of america prompted president obama to give a major speech on race during the campaign in 2008. he also disassociated himself from reverend wright. investor and businessman joe ricketts heads a super pac was considering the ad campaign. the group releasing a statement saying it decided not to go with it because it involved an approach that rickets rejected. presumptive republican
11:37 am
nominee governor mitt romney quickly repudiated plan as well, telling the reporters i hope our campaigns can be respectfully about the issues and vision and future for american. white house spokesman jay carney also reactings to say, to up launch a multi-million dollar divisive attacked a campaign is not what americans want. there are all kinds of questions about what did or didn't happen here. let's get into it with monica crowley, fox news contributor and radio talk show host. alexis mcgill johnson, executive director at the american values institute. welcome to both of you. alexis, you don't think this would have been a good thing, a good campaign to benefit mitt romney, even though let's say it again he didn't have anything to do with it. why? >> i think it would absolutely backfire. we're seeing the proposed plan backfire. this is not where americans are. americans absolutely reject and abhor these inches tensional attempts to increase racial anxiety. romney was right to
11:38 am
repudiate it. i think it will accrue to the benefit of the obama campaign who has been trying to run a race and campaign built on issues. jon: was this, monica, was the proposed campaign about race or about radicalism? >> well, very interesting, jon to watch team obama's preemptive strike against a nonexistent ad. jon: yeah, it didn't run. >> not even put into production. and yet they had something of a little bit of a meltdown here. look, team obama does not want the american people reminded of any of sources of obama's radicalism of which jeremiah wright is certainly a part. so i think they certainly don't want that injected into this race. however, while it is politically smart, and agree with alexis on this, it is politically smart from governor romney to disassociate himself with this kind of approach in the campaign super pacs can do whatever they want. they have have freedom of speech and they have a lot of money. if they want to remind the
11:39 am
american people that policies last three years are direct approach via jeremiah wright, and host of other radical influences it is within their purview to do that but in this case they're not supposed do. jon: alexis was all over the proposed campaign and jay carney condemned it should be talking about bigger things and other things but here's what the ap said. now the ap is, you know, pretty neutral organization. here's what it wrote about the this intended campaign or proposed campaign. mitt romney swiftly and firmly distanced himself thursday from a group exploring plans to target president barack obama's relationship with a controversial former pastor. and even "the new york times", which put this story on its front pain wrote this. it says, should the plan proceed it would run counter to the strategy being employed by mitt romney's team so far avoided such attacks. romney campaign sought to focus attention on the
11:40 am
economy. doesn't it put mitt romney's campaign in the curious position of sort of disassociating, disassociating his campaign from something that had nothing to do with? >> yeah. i think he was right to repudiate it on those grounds. what is ironic about it, mitt romney has also been on shows like, hannity's radio program talking about jeremiah wright. on some level he is trying to flip-flop on race as well as many other issues. jon: well, and monica, if the president is concerned about the economy, why does he talk about everything else these days? >> well, exactly right. talking gay marriage. talking about a made-up gop war on women. talking about student loans. talking about everything except the economy. i think that one of mitt romney's graent strengths is that he is incredibly disciplined and stays on focus and stays on message. >> incredibly disciplined? >> we're talking about putting american people back to work which this president has utterly failed to do. on that message romney will
11:41 am
win. >> that needs to be issue. incredibly focused and disflip. all over the map on variety of issues. americans still don't know what mitt romney stand for. if he will talk about race on one hand and repew did i eight these efforts and go on "hannity" how we should still be concerned about jeremiah wright when we put that bed, i think we need to be concerned. jon: that appearance when he discussed that was several months ago. worth pointing that out. alexis, monica. thank you both. jenna: first of its kind lawsuit in the nfl. suspended nfl linebacker, jonathanville ma is suing the nfl commissioner for defamation. it is latest fallout from the bounty scandal. doesville ma have a case? we'll take a closer look next.
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and you can save on these strips monthly simply by joining the freestyle promise program. and i think i know exactly where those savings will go. call or click and join for free. test easy. jon: fox news alert. the facebook ipo is up and running. a lot of people clicking like. let's check in with liz claman of the fox business network. liz?
11:45 am
>> they are clicking like, yes. it opened around $38 a share. jumped to 10%. it has gapped down a bit, now just up now 5%. up to $40 right now. up a full $2, up 5.25%. this is company used by 1/8 of the world's population. there was major delay in the opening of these shares. they were supposed to be trading at 11:00 a.m.. then it was 11:05. wasn't until 15 minutes later we saw the first trade. nasdaq will have to answer questions on that. it lists on the nasdaqs just down the street from fox business and fox news. what happened there? would it swamp the system? there was delay of opening shares. oh, it went below $40 a share to $39.54. unless we act too behind about this a lot could change between now and closing bell and now and six months from now. we'll watch it always from
11:46 am
fox business. jon: stay on it for us, thanks, liz. jenna: first-of-its-kind lawsuit rocking the nfl today. one of the players at the center of the new orleans saints bounty gate scandal is fighting his suspension in court. linebacker jonathanville ma will have to sit out all of next season without pay for his alleged role, as said in this program, paying players cash for knocking opponents out of the game but now he is filing a defamation lawsuit against the man on the screen. include calling vilma the bounty program ringleader. bring in christopher mccreary on this. does he have a case? >> first, he has a rough road for liable or defamation of character that the commissioner made false statements about him publicly and knew they were false. there is higher standard
11:47 am
becauseville ma, the vilma, to prove they were false statements he has to prove he made the statements with malice. jenna: how would he prove that? he would have to prove a personal vendetta against him by the commissioner? >> not necessarily a personal vendetta he would have to prove that the commissioner actually knew these statements were false which is going to be tough to prove considering the fact, the following things. he had nfl security conduct, from what i understand an extensive investigation that showed that this, you know, payment for injury, this bounty, did actually occur. there are you know, corroborating evidence from several other sources that haven't been released publicly yet which is part of the issue. he wants to have this produced. he wants to know what the evidence is against me but the collective bargaining agreement for the nfl players association allows for this information to be with held by the
11:48 am
commissioner which is very controversial by the way. jenna: so why sue the commissioner? why not sue the league? >> that's a very good question. well the commissioner personally in a court of law is not going to be able to hide behind the collective bargaining agreement. so vilma's attorney is saying hey, listen, you have this evidence against my client. well then, i'm going to sue you in a court of law and produce the evidence. produce the evidence that shows that my client was the ripping leader and that my client accepted payment to flatten a guy or cart off a guy which you know, of course are very serious allegations. jenna: do you think this makes it to court? >> i don't know. i don't know if vilma and his attorney are just trying to make a point. he actually filed it with the u.s. district court in louisiana i believe. and so he is taking this very seriously. this is his livelyhood. a year off, he will not be able to work any other place. not like vilma will be able to go necessarily get a
11:49 am
commentating job in the year off because his reputation has been damaged. but it is also troublesome for him because the defensive coordinator, williams who was considered the ripping leader of the coaches of this, he is issued a public apology as has the former head coach, as had the former gm. so also makes it tough for vilma's case but i will say this is unfortunate for the nfl players. they are following the instruction of their coaches, presumably, if this did occur. if these allegations are true. and it is really difficult in the whole field of sports. my mean my son is athlete, young athlete, only 12 years old but the coaches are i can like demi fwogs to them. you do what your coach tells you. especially in aggressive sport like football. there is slippery slope. jenna: little boys and little girls. >> don't be a wuss. it is tricky. jenna: a very tricky case. we'll continue to watch. thank you for your expertise, crystal, on set.
11:50 am
jon? jon: national parks gearing up to host viewing parties, jenna, to celebrate the first ring of fire in almost 20 years. we'll tell you which areas will be able to see this rare eclipse and when. also we'll continue to watch facebook, wow, only u up .03% right now as the social networking giant makes its market debut. it boosted up about 10%. now it is unchanged apparently. a look how investors are responding. we'll continue to watch it, "happening now.". the dad, why are you getting that? is there a prize in there? oh, there's a prize, all right. [ male announcer ] inside every box of cheerios are those great-tting little o's made from carefully selected oats that can help lower cholester. is it a superhero? kinda.
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11:53 am
jon: we told you the keystone pipeline plan is controversial. now there is new opposition the pipeline would carry crude from the massive oil sands of canada to the texas gulf coast, producing an
11:54 am
estimated 3 1/2 million barrels of oil a day for more than a century. still environmentalists say it is not worth it. john roberts streaming live from wood buffalo, alberta, canada. john? >> reporter: good morning to you. there is lot of environmental opposition to keystone and development of oil sand here in canada. let's set the table for you. this is the single largest deposit of oil anywhere in the world. it is size of florida. would last more than a 100 years. they don't need to go looking for it. they know where it is and they know how to get it out. unlike other foreign sources of oil coming to the united states. this doesn't arrive via supertanker from volatile countries notice world all they have to do is put in a pipe and send it south. we have oil canada. >> this represents energy security when we talk about north america. we're a friendly neighbor to the u.s. what a terrific source of energy to be able to provide to our american neighbors.
11:55 am
>> reporter: now for the environmental piece of it. these huge open pit mind where they get the oil sand from are certainly a scar on the landscape once was pristine wilderness. canada will develop the oil sand whether keystone is built or not. 80% of the oil here can't be mined. so companies are now drilling horizontal wells and injecting high pressure, extremely high heat steam to release that oil and collecting it like you would normal oil. much less tam damaging rather to the environment and will dramatically increase the amount of production here in canada. now the industry here says between expansion of the oil sand and construction of the keystone pipeline that will create thousands of jobs both here in canada and united states. travis davies with the canadian association of pet trot kbrum producers. for every two jobs created in oil sands one job is created in the u.s. talking about close to half a million jobs in the america over next 25 years because of oil sand development. now we have thousands of suppliers in the u.s., every
11:56 am
state in the union. >> reporter: canada wants to build the keystone pipeline. wants to sell oil to the united states. the prime minister made it clear if the white house doesn't want it plenty of other countries do. china and india for example, say they will take all they can get. john. jon: quite a project. john roberts in canada. thank you. >> today in washington, d.c. the house rejecting a plan that would change the way we detain and question terror suspects. we'll have a live report what this means next. [ female announcer ] with swiffer dusters, a great clean doesn't have to take longer. i'm done. [ female announcer ] unlike sprays and dust rags, swiffer 360 dusters extender can clean hard to reach places in less time. swiffer. great clean in less time. or your money back.
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11:59 am
jenna: "happening now," john edwards facing the toughest vote of his life, a jury now deliberating his fate after weeks of emotional testimony at his corruption testimony. we're glad you're with us, i'm jenna lee. jon: i'm jon scott. welcome to a brand new hour of "happening now." john edwards facing up to 30 years in federal prison if a jury decides he knowingly broke
12:00 pm
the law to cover up an extramarital affair while he was running for president. as you know, this involves rielle hunter, his former campaign aide. edwards charged with six criminal counts including conspiracy to violate the federal election campaign act. he also faces up to, faces more than, i should say, $1.5 million in fines if he is convicted. jenna: it's been such an interesting case to watch. as you remember, the prosecution took about 14 days to present their case. they went through andrew young, that is his -- you're looking at john edwards' former top aide. he had several days on the stand and a lot of different testimony not only about campaign finance, but also character when it comes to john edwards, and that's going to be something interesting to see, how the jury takes not only the charges at hand, but also the character of john edwards as well. the defense decided to rest
12:01 pm
after three days, did not call john edwards to the stand or his daughter, cate, or rielle hunter. and that was the big question, who are we going to see on the stand? now the jury has the case, the first estimate said the case is going to go for six weeks, but the jury has the case, and it could be just a matter of time before we see the verdict. jon: jonathan serrie is going to bring us an update in just a moment. in fact, i understand we have him now from greensboro, north carolina. jonathan? >> reporter: hi, jon. well, the jury is deliberating in the building right behind me. they must first consider whether john edwards was aware of the secret money that helped hide his pregnant mistress during the 2008 election cycle. the jurors must also consider whether this money was simply private gifts to keep edwards out of hot water with his wife as the defense argues, or if it was intended to protect his political aspirations as the prosecution claims. much of the prosecution's case
12:02 pm
will rest on the credibility of its key witness, andrew young, the former campaign aide who handled the funds and kept rielle hunter in hiding. throughout the trial, the defense has attacked young as an opportune u.s. who kept most of the money. edwards' lawyer, abby lowell, argued, quote: there was a campaign purpose for the money, but it was not for an election. it was a campaign to make the youngs rich beyond their dreams, rich beyond mare means. >> there is one tall tree in this forest of evidence, and that's andrew young. if jury believes andrew young, that will go a long way towards a finding of guilty. if they don't believe him, that certainly bears well for john edwards. >> reporter: now, in addition to considering the six counts of various campaign finance violations, the jurors must also consider whether greensboro is the appropriate venue for this trial.
12:03 pm
in federal court trials are ordinarily held in the federal district where the crimes occur. well, the defense has been alleging throughout the trial that many of the alleged crimes and key players in this case were outside the middle district of north carolina, and so this is just yet another thing that the jurors are going to have to consider as they continue their deliberations. jon and jenna? jon: and, of course, nobody knows how long it's going to take. jonathan serrie, thank you. >> reporter: exactly. jenna: we'll be waiting and watching for that and bringing you any breaking news as it happens. in the meantime, back to d.c. where house lawmakers have defeated a plan to curb military detention of terror suspects. mike emanuel, for some of us who are hearing about this for the first time, tell us a little about the arguments on both sides. >> reporter: some democrats and tea party republicans tried to end the post-9/11 authorization that allows the
12:04 pm
indefinite detention without trial of military suspects. here's some of the argument on ending that policy. >> i would like to remind everybody, and particularly tea party conservatives, that just because the government arrests you doesn't mean you're guilty. under their thinking, basically, once the government says you're a terrorist, you're a terrorist. >> reporter: the amendment by congressman smith and republican justin amash failed 238-182. opponents argue it would weaken national security, it would too easy on terrorists. the house did pass an amendment from louie gohmert that says terror suspects legally in the u.s. cannot have their constitutional rights reduced. jenna: mike, this came as the house is working on the defense budget for next year as well, so how did these two things come together, and what should we know about that? >> reporter: well, it's a $642 billion defense budget including money for the war in
12:05 pm
afghanistan, weapons, ships, aircraft and more. there was some debate about whether the bill should be even leaner considering the nation's debt and deficit problems, but the chairman of the house armed services committee has warned fat in the defense budget is gone and is worried about cutting into the muscle. >> you know, mr. chairman, if we continue to try to solve our deficit problem on the backs of our military, our troops, who's going to have our backs the next time we're attacked? over my lifetime we have cut back the military after every war. this is the first time i've seen us cut back during the war. >> reporter: we should know the outcome of the overall bill sometime later this hour. jenna? jenna: we'll look forward to that, mike, and come back to you. thank you very much, mike emanuel in d.c. jon: energy in america looking at an effort to change regulations affecting the coal industry and how the obama
12:06 pm
administration tried to keep some negative information secret. chief national correspondent jim angle has that live from washington. jim? >> reporter: hello, jon. fox has obtained documents from are an investigation of obama administration efforts to rewrite coal regulations in a way lawmakers say would kill the coal industry. transcripts and recordings between officials of the office of surface mining and contractors hired to quantify the impact of proposed regulations show the contractors' estimated job losses of some 7,000, though a private analysis pus puts the -- puts the losses at as much as 79,000 jobs, more than 64,000 of which would be from a region including kentucky, west virginia, ohio, pennsylvania, tennessee, and virginia. in one session officials are flabbergasted, it appears, to learn after spending millions of dollars to produce 160 pages of new rules, the gains are meager. >> 500 pages of preamble, and
12:07 pm
we've saved 15 miles of stream? come on! [laughter] >> reporter: another official notes the rule is not going to generate any support saying, quote: to me, it'll never sell to the public, congress, to anybody. that's going to be the headline story, 15 miles after all this effort, 15 miles. now, the officials were talking about a new rule governing the mining of coal near streams, though streams were defined to include almost any running water. the administration was clearly displeased with the analysis it got and fired the contractor. officials apologized for that and then said, quote: now the idea is, let's figure out how to where we get to where the powers that be want to go. so far new regulation has been issued, republicans have been investigating the process for about a year and asking the administration why it decided to rewrite rules that were
12:08 pm
rewritten as recently as 2008. the administration has been so uncooperative, they've now sent two subpoenas for documents. jon? jon: and then some of the regulations that go back decades don't get touched at all. >> reporter: you're right. this gives you a sense of how intricate and sometimes how wasteful the regulation process is. jon: strange town you live in there, or work in. [laughter] >> reporter: nothing i can do about it. jon: okay. just keep covering it, thanks. jenna: fox business alert, we're finding out just how much investors like facebook at least when it comes to a publicly-traded company. take a look at where the shares are, up about 5% or so. shares of the social networking giant just started trading about an hour ago, not even a full hour, in fact. facebook's initial public offering in the billions of dollars making it one of the world's largest. but the front row seat to this history, shibani joshi is outside facebook headquarters in menlo park, california. early, early party there at the
12:09 pm
headquarters, i'm sure, for this big day. >> reporter: absolutely, jenna. it actually started last night where facebook employees were involved in a code-writing party. that started at 6 p.m., it lasted until this morning where facebook employees, about -- sorry, 2,000 of them, 2,000 of the overall 3500 of them joined in the center of hackers' center. i'm here at 1 hacker way in front of of the company's menlo park headquarters to ring in the opening bell with mark zuckerberg and cheryl sandberg, the company's new coo, breaking records heft and right. the stock price up about 5% right now, but just within the first four minutes of trading, over 100 million shares of facebook, ticker symbol fb, shares were traded, this company has broken lots of records. now, if you can believe it, even bigger than ford and general motors in terms of size, even bigger than hewlett-packard,
12:10 pm
dell and mcdonald's, and it's now the number two largest ipo in u.s. history. eclipsing general motors, falling behind visa. the stock is going to go up, the stock is going to go down, jenna, but one stat to keep in mind, for every two bucks that facebook shares go up or down, mark zuckerberg pockets a billion dollars or gets a billion dollars taken out of his pocket. he's a very, very rich man today. jenna: i would never take my eyes off the screen if that was a case. [laughter] i would just be watching it the entire time, but he's someone that knows about risk. 2004 he started this company, so it's incredible to see it now. shibani, thank you very much, she'll be with us throughout the day from menlo park. shibani, thanks. jon: well, mark zuckerberg is not one of those young americans hurt by the sluggish economy. will it effect how young people vote in november? we'll take a look at how the youth vote will play a big role
12:11 pm
in who wins the white house. also, more new evidence released in the trayvon martin shooting. how could it impact the case against george zimmerman? we'll weigh in the with a legal panel coming up. wake up! that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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jenna: right now france's new president is at the white house. francois hol hand sitting down with the president in the oval office. his campaign of government spending, not austerity, is at odds with many other leaders, one of the many issues to be discussed at camp david. jamie dimon will testify before the senate banking committee. the fbi is looking into the bank's trading losses of more than $2 billion. and the federal aviation administration now says it will look at rules to prevent fatigue among pilots of cargo planes. the agency previously only
12:15 pm
focused on pilots of passenger jets but now wants to take a second look at the cargo industry. jon: going after the younger generation in the 2012 race for the white house, president obama had a, pretty much a lock on the youth vote in '08. he has a fairly solid lead today up against mitt romney. take a look at this new fox news poll. if the presidential election were held today, 52% say they would support president obama as opposed to 28% backing governor mitt romney. but will frustration over the economy prompt 20-somethings to switch their loyalties? let's talk about it with jonah goldberg, the author of "tyranny of cliches," also editor at large at the national review. jonah, 52% say they would vote for president obama, but he did much better the last time around against john mccain, something like 66%. does it show that his support is
12:16 pm
slipping among young voters? >> yeah. there are a couple different facts to piece out here. first of all, one of the things that obama did in 2008 was he grew the size of the youth vote relative to the rest of the electorate. he added three million young voters to the rolls. which meant that he blew out the projection models for places like north carolina, indiana and even virginia. jon: they were excited. >> they were very excited, they were very enthusiastic. so the issue now isn't whether or not necessarily he wins the youth vote, it's how big the youth vote will be. and my suspicion even though a lot of young people say they're going to vote for obama, a lot of them respect going to go around -- aren't going to show up at the polls come november. romney can lose the youth vote, but if the youth vote is unenthusiastic and motivated, he will still, in effect, win because obama definitely needs that level of enthusiasm from young voters and minorities in order to beat romney among the
12:17 pm
rest of the electorate. jon: so hope and change sounds pretty good until you need a job. >> right. that's also part of the problem. the voters in 2008 who voted for barack obama, a huge number of them are still on their parents' couches, they haven't found work, or they're underemployed, they're looking at their future and saying this is not what we were promised. in 2008 barack obama promised the world. he was campaigning in berlin, he was going to recycle unicorn poop into renewable energy. the world was his oyster. now he's actually got a record, and he doesn't inspire the same sort of coolness, admiration and enthusiasm, and it's a huge problem for him in several of the big swing states. jon: but does mitt romney inspire the young people to go ott -- out and support him? >> no, let's be honest. [laughter] mitt romney is not a hip cat -- [laughter] for the youth vote. but i think in some ways that's okay. again, as long as they're not enthusiastic for obama, it's good for romney.
12:18 pm
but second of all, i think romney's message of, look, i'm a grown up, i'm not going to dazzle you, i'm not going to promise you the moon or make the oceans recede or any of that kind of stuff, but i'm going to help you find a job, i'm going to make your future a little brighter, i think that is a pretty winning message going into 2012, particularly for the youth vote which is so much more economically hardshipped than the economy at large. jon: and is that why vice president joe biden recently told one group of college students, you are among the -- you are the most incredible group of americans we have ever, ever or, ever produced? >> well, look, i don't advise anyone trying to figure be out why joe biden says things. [laughter] but that way lies madness. but, yeah, he's pandering, they're pandering, both of them are pandering relentlessly to young voters. obama is showing up on college campuses more than a red bull delivery truck trying to pander to these guys. [laughter] because he knows they need them
12:19 pm
so much. jon: jonah goldberg from the national review, always great to get your take, thanks. >> thanks for having me. jenna: nearly 200 new pages of court documents release inside the case of trayvon martin showing george zimmerman with a bloody and is bruised face and head. how this new evidence could impact the case. we're going to talk more about it. also, a group of protesters interrupting a keynote address for graduate withs at georgetown university. kathleen sebelius was giving a speech there. we're going to tell you why these protesters are so angry next. does any mother evefeel like their kids are adults? i have twins, 21 years old. each kid has their own path. they grow up, d they're out havingheir life. i really started to talk to them about e things that are important
12:20 pm
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jon: some unexpected action on the diamond in denver as the
12:23 pm
arizona diamondbacks rallied for a come-from-behind victory from the rockies, but that's not the whole story. umpires had to delay the game when bees started swarming during the rockies' dugout. took two more innings before a beekeeper showed up with a special bee vacuum. while that was going on, an arizona fan who caught a rockies' home run ball threw it back on the field. security had to eject that fan, and if all that wasn't enough, justin upton's bat went flying 13 rows into the stands. luckily, no one was hurt, and a fan got the bat. jenna: what was going on in your home state there, jon? colorado. jon: you know, always interesting. beautiful place to take in a game, if you're ever in denver -- jenna: and keep the ball if you catch one. you're not supposed to do that on the field. jon: i guess they do that in arizona, and it's a big tradition. jenna: oh, really? but you can't do that --
12:24 pm
jon: they get upset about that in denver. [laughter] jenna: health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius is giving a speech to graduates at georgetown university. many catholic leaders were calling for the jesuit school to cancel her appearance because of her key role in shaping the new health care law mandate. that mandate requires employers to provide contraception coverage even if it's against their religious beliefs. so a lot to this story. lauren green is live in georgetown at this hour with more. >> reporter: hey, jenna. family and friends of graduates, several different commencement ceremonies taking place, and you can see protesters behind me because there is no awards ceremony as one where the public policy institute where health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius spoke. the catholic, pro-abortion sebelius, she's the architect of president obama's health care bill and, of course, that controversial mandate. she was heckled early in her speech by an audience member who
12:25 pm
shouted, you're a murderer. he was escorted out. now, the audience, though, applauded the secretary and her composure, and the secretary continued her speech as not even acknowledging that there was a he heckler inside or out. there was a heckler outside who could not get into the room, but clearly he was held. the secretary then telling the public policy graduates that their jobs will never be ease i. -- easy. >> so my first hope for you today is that you hold on to that commitment to work for the common good. and if you let that focus guide you, you'll never go off course. >> reporter: now, no arrests were made, but protesters in and around were told by the police that they are not allowed to come back to the cam but for one year -- campus for one year. they were equal opportunity protesters on both sides of the fence, christian or
12:26 pm
nonchristian, democrat or republican. but the protesters are here, and they're going to stay here for most of the day. jenna: quite an end to the school year. rune green from georgetown today. jon: remembering the attacks of 9/11/2001, how the u.s. mint wants to honor american heroes. we'll take you behind the scenes at west point. this is an rc robotic cw. my high school science teacher made me what i am today. our science teacher helped us build it. ♪ now i'm a geologist at chevron,
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12:30 pm
but let's steal a slogan from 1992: it's the economy, stupid. that was from the clinton v. bush campaign. it's the slogan that bill clinton rode to victory, and it still holds true today. 28% of americans say the economy is better today than it was in 2008, 45% say it's worse, 26% say it's about the same. governor mitt romney hammered president obama on the economy during a recent campaign stop in jacksonville. listen. >> he said this, he said right here on election eve in jacksonville, he said i'm going to go through the federal budget line by line -- [inaudible conversations] >> ending programs that we don't these and making the ones we do need work better and cost less. has he honored that promise? >> no! >> no, he sure has not. jon: so is media coverage reflecting americans' concerns? let's bring in judith miller, a
12:31 pm
pulitzer prize-winning investigative reporter and fox news contributor, also with us, kirsten powers, a columnist for the daily beast, and a fox news contributor. kirsten, when you look at the poll numbers we had up earlier, it was ronald reagan who won the election by asking the question, are you better off than you were four years ago? it's almost 2 to 1 in this poll that people say, no, i'm not. >> yeah. well, and that's what is going to make this a very pet bive election for barack obama. in a lot of polls he's neck and neck with romney, and it's because the economy isn't doing as well as a lot of people would like it to be doing. however, not enough for people to be unhappy with barack obama. they have to feel like mitt romney is going to do a better job. and so you can't just look at those numbers and think, oh, well, that means barack obama's not going to get reelected because that's not right. it really is, okay, there are a lot of people that are unhappy with the direction of the country, but what's mitt romney going to do to change that? jon: right, and that's the
12:32 pm
challenge, i suppose, for the romney campaign, judy. people like, i mean, most voters seem to like, they think barack obama is person my likable, the question is, would mitt romney do a better job? >> right. and that is exactly what this race is going to come down to, despite the efforts at the moment of the democrats to kind of shift the conversation. it's amazing the way the president dominated the news in the past couple of weeks with social issue agendas -- important ones like gay marriage -- but the fact of the matter is poor romney was out there trying to get the country back on track in terms of worrying about what he wants them to worry about, which is the economy. and i think the more he succeeds in doing that, the greater success he's going to have because the record, even though it's better than some of his detractors would like to acknowledge, is not what the president himself said it would be. and i think romney's just going
12:33 pm
to hammer away at that point. the difference between what obama promised and what e -- what he's delivered. jon: that's, i think, the issue we're examining here, kirsten, is does media coverage, you know, reflect what's really important? "the washington post," we talked about this last week, the washington post devoted that huge article to mitt romney's behavior as a high school student. is that germane? is that what we should be focused on? is that what the media should be focused on? >> well, the idea that the media's ever focused on things that are important, you know, i think that's a major issue across the board, are they really focused on things in the world that are the most important things, and i would say, no. jon: is that why the kardashians are popular? [laughter] >> exactly. >> at least the president knew which one had gotten married and divorced. [laughter] >> but i think that the criticism that i'm hearing is a lot of people are saying, well, barack obama's getting all this coverage for his position on gay marriage and really should be
12:34 pm
focused on the economy, and that i disagree with because it is a historic thing -- you know, it's the first president to come out in favor of gay marriage. i think that if romney even as a candidate had come out and changed his position, it would have garnered the same kind of coverage. so i think that that's normal, that that's being covered that way. jon: the accusation, judy, is that the president is trying to divert attention from the economy and make us talk about anything else. >> well, i think there is a certain amount of that. i mean, if you felt that the economy might not be your strong point, wouldn't you like to divert attention? i think that a lot of conservative media people are upset with the success that obama has had in steering the conversation to non-economic issues. but as kirsten says, and i have to agree with you, this was a kind of major issue and a major event, and it deserved coverage. it got it. now, romney's week got less coverage. you know, the president, he's got the bully pulpit.
12:35 pm
every time he goes someplace, it's covered. he's going to automatically get covered, and that makes the bar fairly high for romney. jon: and we will continue to talk about it in segments like this. judy miller, kirsten powers, thank you both. you can catch more fox news watch tomorrow, 2:30 eastern time here on fox news channel. i'll be hosting and, please, tune in. jenna: in the meantime, new evidence in the trayvon martin shooting case. new court documents revealing a few new items including these. the medical examiner says there were traces of marijuana in trayvon marthe been's system. eyewitness accounts of the shooting are not consistent at all. the one shot, fired from zimmerman's gun which killed martin, was fired from a distance of 1-18 inches. martin's autopsy also revealed an abrasion on his finger, another indication some say of a possible struggle, but it's unconclusive as far as where we are right now.
12:36 pm
the sanford police department also releasing a series of photos like this one. you can sort of make it out on your screen, it's a photocopy of a photo. this is showing george zimmerman on the night of the incident which shows, apparently, zimmerman's nose being injured. joseph is a former defense attorney, i'm just going to ask you generally, joe, starting with you, what stands out most from all this new evidence we're getting a look at? >> the clearest thing is, this is a prosecutor who was overzealous and bowed to political and media pressure and overcharged the case. this is a case that as the evidence just showed, everything you just highlighted shows that they cannot prove this case beyond a reasonable doubt, and it's a dead loser for the prosecution. to me, the location of the injuries clearly spells out this point. um, injuries -- a fractured nose, injuries to the back of zimmerman's head, clearly, shows to me that there was a struggle
12:37 pm
and, in fact, trayvon martin may have had the better of mr. zimmerman at a certain point during the dispute. as we see in the photos here, the injuries show that there was a struggle, a fractured nose, injuries to the side of the head. this is, this spells out reasonable doubt. jenna: doug, what do you think? do you agree with that? there's a lot of evidence to look at, we presented some of it just as straightforward as we can, doug. because it seems like no matter what you say, it can shift someone's opinion of what happened here. but joe brings us back to beyond a reasonable doubt. so as the prosecutor here, you know, what stands out to you, and do you agree that the reasonable doubt part's going to be tough for the prosecution to approve? >> i agree, and i disagree, and here's why. i agree that the case was overcharged. but if it was a manslaughter case, the defendant would face two really big problems, okay? the first problem is when he called into the police, they told him do not follow this kid any further. that's going to be a huge factor that's going to hurt him.
12:38 pm
the second one, of course, is that when you boil it down to the core of self-defense, self-defense is driven by using force that's commensurate with the force involved. this was, to keep it simple, basically, a fistfight. and if he has lacerations on his head and even a broken nose, the fact of the matter is you can't retaliate by pulling out a gun and killing somebody. having said that, though, i agree with joe. second-degree murder is basically swinging for the fences like in the casey anthony case. jenna: can they change that? do you anticipate a change? because of some of the new evidence, again, the public is finally getting a look at, doug. >> well, theoretically they could alter the charge, but as joe points out and he's so right, there's so much of a political calculus in this case, all of the emotion, some of the racial dynamic and element in it, and the fact of the matter is this prosecutor -- i mean, i've said 100 times, politics and prosecuting don't mix.
12:39 pm
so, i mean, will they drop it down? unlikely, actually, in my opinion. jenna: you know, joe, we got an opinion as well from dr. baden, a well known forensic pathologist, and we were asking him because it was interesting that it stood out to us that the medical examiner mentioned marijuana in trayvon martin's system. and dr. baden told us he doesn't think this is a factor at all. it's a small amount, it could have been days ago, he doesn't feel in his professional opinion it's even relevant to this case. but it shows just how there's different pieces being pulled together about who these two people are. again, as the defense, where do you go when you look to defend your client, which would be george zimmerman, and you have this dead child that you have to present to a judge and jury? how do can you tread lightly there to get your client off but also not seem inappropriate, quite frankly? >> well, jenna, you raise a good point. as a criminal defense attorney, what i would be looking to show here is there was a struggle,
12:40 pm
okay? and we see photos of trayvon martin wearing a hood, and he has that baby face. but there are facts that dispute what appears to be somebody, an innocent 17-year-old. and one of the most important facts, in my opinion, is that there are trace amounts of marijuana in his system. to me, just picture it from the perspective of a prosecutor. if zimmerman had traces of marijuana in his system, that's clearly something that the prosecution would jump all over. so as the defense attorney, that's something that i want to bring out as well. jenna: interesting. joe, doug, we'll continue to watch this case, again, the first real batch of evidence we're seeing, and we'll look forward to having you back. thank you both very much. jon: right now leaders from all over the world are heading to maryland, camp david, getting together to try to keep europe's debt crisis from spiraling out of control. we will look at the g8 summit. there's some history of what past summits have looked like in
12:41 pm
the streets, also the possible solutions coming up. a party?
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twenty-one vitamins and minerals. in blueberry/pomegranate and peach. refreshing nutrition in charge! jon: a critical summit concerning the global economy, leaders of the g8 nations meeting with president obama this weekend at camp david. high on the agenda, what to do about the european debt crisis that threatens fragile economies really around the world. let's talk about it with paul gigot, editorial page editor for "the wall street journal," we're at an interesting time. you've got greece basically bankrupt and threatening to leave the eurozone because it's people don't like the austerity program that its government imposed. the french government, the number two economy in europe, trying to bring in an austerity program, and they get voted out of office in favor of the socialist. >> yeah, it's really a mess. what you in some respect is the revolt of the national local economies against the austerity
12:45 pm
programs that have been put in place. but they don't really have a lot of alternatives. i mean, what is greece eastern? it doesn't really, they can decide to leave the eurozone, but that would mean they don't have euros anymore, they have drachmas, and those would immediately be devalued by 80, 90%, so they take a huge devaluation in their standard of living. but that's the fundamental choice the greeks are going to have to make in their next election. jon: and you said, i mean, we read so much about a nation, greece, potentially going bankrupt, but as you point out, it's not exactly a huge economic engine, i guess. >> no, it's not, the it's about 2% of the total european economy, and it's about the size of dallas in the united states. jon, you know, wow. >> it's not a big economy, but it's more or important now because if it does leave the
12:46 pm
eurozone, that will be a signal to others that it is possible to do so. it's been conceived once you're in, you're in, and you never can leave. it's a roach motel. now, if they decide to leave, then it would suggest to people that, well, maybe is portugal next? is spain next? could the whole injury eurozone break up? you're beginning to see people realize that it could. jon: what does all of this say to us in this country about our borrowing and spending? >> i think the most important lesson is don't let it get to this place because once it gets to this position, the choices are awful either way. either you have to do enormous cuts in spending. who suffers from that the most? the poorest people do. jon: the elderly. >> the you you elderly. you risk really wrenching change. the best thing to do is to reduce your debt gradually over time so that you don't face this mess. jon: so why is it that our leaders, you know, don't look at
12:47 pm
the riots in the streets in greece and everything else that's happening there and say, okay, let's have some common sense here? >> because democracies don't make difficult decisions until there's a crisis, at least they tend not to. now, wise leaders do, and it takes wise leaders, in my estimation, to be able to lead you there and persuade a country to say, you know what? if we make these smaller changes now, we'll save a lot of heart ache later. that's, in some ways, what this election is about. jon: that's why paul is the wise editorial page ed tore of "the wall street journal." he will also be hosting the journal editorial report tomorrow, 2 p.m. eastern time. check it out. jenna: we'll look forward to that. also coming up this weekend, an amazing sight in the sky. find out what will cause this incredible ring of fire and where in the world you can see it. that's next. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements.
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jenna: well, here is something you don't see very often. ♪ ♪ jenna: people actually having fun on a plane that's stranded and unable to take off. they were stuck on the plane, get a little band action just keeping you company while you wait. this video was taken by passengers on an air canada flight that were treat today this impromptu performance by the lemon bucket orchestra, a band that is a self-proclaimed gypsy party punk super band. the group played four songs before the plane took off for germany. so maybe, you know, airlines should just have a band ready to go. jon: they got a nice round of
12:52 pm
applause when they finished these numbers. jenna: that's great. jon: right now firefighters are trying to battle that fire in prescott, arizona. harris is at the breaking news desk with some updates. >> reporter: yeah, and in the form of pictures, jon, and really jarring to see how quickly the flames are moving in northern arizona. i want to tell you that this area, prescott, is outside of phoenix, and we've seen this because they can see the smoke from the city of phoenix. it's 85 miles north of there, though, in the community of crown king, and that's why they're calling in the crown king fire. we know they've had some evacuations now, 350 residents of a mountain community there in crown king, and they've been trying to form some protection lines around areas. one just a short time ago got saved, pine flats, where they had about 40 properties. so they're trying to keep this fire contained as well as they can, but so far 80-100 acres have burned x no sign of -- and
12:53 pm
no sign of officially controlling in the fire. and these brand new pictures coming in, jon, it looks like nighttime, that smoke is so clear but, obviously, it is not. and dry, windy and hot in arizona right now. typical for this time of the year, but boy, it can be really, really adding fuel to the flames when you have this situation with the flames already burning. back to you. jon: and we hope those firefighters and pilots stay safe. harris faulkner, thank you. >> reporter: sure. jenna: we could all use a little extra motivation to get up off the couch, right? it always helps when you hear a story like this. a 62-year-old wisconsin man getting to run his 800th marathon. his name is henry rudden, he's been running for 24 years -- not continually. [laughter] he's finished marathons in every continent except antarctica, and he says he's run more than 21,000 miles in total. >> i've run all the states and
12:54 pm
d.c. ten times so far, i'm working on the 11th. i've done all seven continue innocents already and pick up a few other odds and ends. i've got about 13 countries. jenna: one more thing, henry has a full-time job. so to compete in these marathons he sometimes has to double up, doing two full-length marathons in one weekend. [laughter] have you ever done a marathon? i haven't. jon: my knees hurt just thinking about it. jenna: i'd like to know what his favorite running shoes are. you'd get some tips from someone like him. jon: good for him. a prosecutor's released that new mountain of evidence in the trayvon martin's case. what it reveals about his death and what it means for both sides in this controversy.
12:55 pm
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jenna: well, the government wants you to know simply putting on a pair of sketchers shoes will not give you kim kardashian's
12:58 pm
curves, just want to let you know! the federal tration commission says the sneaker company made false claims in ads for its lineup of shape up resistent runners, toneups, and toner shoes. sketchers agreeing to pay $40 million to consumers, anyone who purchased the shoes is entitled to a partial refund. consumers can submit a claim at skechers you didn't buy a pair of those, did you? jon: and i don't look like kim kardashian, either, so it didn't work! jenna: that's right! jon: you said just now you've not run a marathon. that surprises me because this weekend while i'm sitting around on the couch, putter -- puttering in the garden, this one is going to run a triathlon. jenna: swim 1 mile, you bike 25 miles, i think it is, and theno i should know this by the way -- you run 6.2 miles at at the end, so just am i'm saying it, the butterflies are starting, getting a little nervous.
12:59 pm
jon: a full report on monday. she promises to be in this chair the day after the triathlon. yuen jen we'll see how it goes. i don't know jon we wish you well! bring us pictures! jenna: i will. jon: good. thank you for joining us today, have a great weekend. yuen jen "america live" starts right now. megyn: fox news alert on big new developments today with a criminal case that has dominated the national conversation in recent weeks and months. welcome to "america live" everyone, i'm megyn kelly. less than 24 hours ago, police and prosecutors in florida released nearly 200 pages of new documents, photos, and audio recordings, detailing what happened the night a self-appointed neighborhood watchman by the name of george zimmerman an unarmed 17-year-old by the name of trayvon martin. these are the last images of the teenager from a surveillance video taken at a 711 store in sanford, florida. trayvon, buy


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