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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  May 18, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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but will facebook live up to the hype? a new look at trayvon martin's final moments. and details about the teenager's deadly run-in with neighborhood watch captain george zimmerman. >> what do you hear trayvon saying? >> what are you following me for? >> shepard: tonight, the latest clues from a pile of new evidence. plus, an arrest in two deadly highway shootings. and why police say that warning about a phony cop pulling over drivers was a false alarm. counting down to historic mission. >> we have liftoff. >> to boldly go where no private rocket has gone before. but, first from fox this friday night, up to 1,000 people now have a new status update. their instant millionaires. thanks to facebook. after weeks of buzz, the social networking site finally went public. but its stock barely bundle
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during its wall street debut. it finished up 23 cents from its initial $38 share price it was enough to make the social networking site worth more than $104 billion. that's more than the total value of mcdonald's, disney, or ford. and it makes it the second biggest initial public offering in u.s. history after visa. take a look at the trading day. the stock peeked near $42 before starting a slow slide. nasdaq reports a technical glitch delayed the start of trading about a half an hour. the feds investigating that mark zuckerberg rang the nasdaq opening bell from california. he wore his trademark hoody as he made billions with the touch of a button. and predictably, he took to his own page to update his status. just listed a company on nasdaq. looks like hundreds of people liked that. including zuckerberg himself.
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bloomberg business report reports now the 29th wealthiest person on earth. the fox business network shibani joshi has been following the action all day long. she is live in menlol park. this did live up to everyone's expectations. >> you are absolutely right, shep. it's hard because the hype was heavy surrounding the largest technology ipo that this nation has ever seen since google back in 2004. the hype was high and the performance didn't live up to it. we saw shares opening and closing the day pretty much where they began. you mentioned at $38 per share. even talk that the lead underwriters had to prop up shares with buying activity to keep it from falling below that symbolic number. also, even still, investors trying to scoop up shares as early as they can, 100 million shares of facebook, ticker
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symbol fb on the nasdaq traded within the first four minutes of trading alone. you talk about mark zurich here at the company's headquarters shunning wall street all together in trademark hoody and staying right here on site at one hacker way talking and addressing 2,000 employees, reminding them this is a big day but to stay focused. >> our mission isn't to be a public company. our mission is to make the world more open and connected. in the past 8 years. all of you out there have built the largest community in the history of the world. have you done amazing things that we never would have dreamed of. and i can't wait to see what you guys all do going forward. >> so, still, a lot of work ahead and the jury is still out as to whether or not we can call this a success or a failure. this is just day one, shep. >> shepard: day one. facebook users though for them, this stands to shake things up a bit, doesn't it? >> absolutely. you know, general motors
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pulling out $10 million out of its advertising budget just this week alone. a reminder that facebook has a lot to do in terms of proving itself as an advertising company. even though it made $3 billion in advertising revenue last year alone. it's got a lot of work to do. the company in the precarious position of trying to use that data that you bring and you put on the web site and then make money off of it. the company being in a more public position as well increases the pressure. so update your status, like away, right now t remains for free but there is talk about this facebook plus and some changes coming soon. >> shepard: all right, shibani, facebook's ipo has reportedly made the youtube front man bono the world's richest musician. he takes the title from former beatle paul mccartney who is worth just more than $1 billion. bono's private equity firm bought into facebook in 2009. investing $90 million. and those shares are now worth
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1.5 billion. but bono is brushing off the report, saying his firm is investigating other people's money. he told nbc news contrary to reports, this boy is not a billionaire or going to be richer than any beatle. we now know that the man who shot an unarmed teen in central florida repeatedly turned down transportation to a hospital after police responded. that officers initially did not think he needed any medical attention at all. that's part of the mountain of evidence that prosecutors have released about the george zimmerman case. as you probably know, zimmerman's attorney claims his client was defending himself. and that he killed 17-year-old trayvon martin because he feared for his life. zimmerman's attorney points to those photos of his injured client as proof. we also now have the surveillance video that prosecutors say shows trayvon martin at a convenience store minutes before he died. you can see him purchasing arizona fruit drink and skittles. he then left the store and called his girlfriend as the
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story goes. and after the shooting, she told police what she heard. >> trayvon tells you the guy is getting closer to him? >> yeah. >> and then you hear trayvon saying something. >> yeah. >> what do you hear trayvon saying? >> why are you following me for. >> why are you following me for? >> yeah. >> and then what happened? >> i heard man, like old man say what are you doing around here? >> shepard: one of the big questions, who started the fight? well, one witness said he saw the teen, trayvon martin, on top of george zimmerman. pummeling him with his fist. while others said they simply were not sure. phil keating is in our florida newsroom this evening. police now let us know that george zimmerman called 911 not once but four times before he had this mention of a black guy in the neighborhood. >> yeah. each of those four calls mentioning a black male stranger in the neighborhood. all a big factor for the special prosecutor who concluded that zimmerman profiled martin.
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now, in the past, that neighborhood had a number of burglaries that had rocked the neighbors. and, of course, george zimmerman was on neighborhood watch. but interviews with former co-workers and acquaintances describe zimmerman as a bully and racist. >> i don't know at all who this kid was or anything else but i know george. i know that he does not like black people and he would start something. is he a very confrontational person. >> while the autopsy does show small amounts of marijuana were in trayvon martin's body, there was no drugs or paraphernalia found in his pockets. u.s. is $40.15. shep? >> shepard: phil, on the 911 tapes somebody is screaming for help. is it clear yet hot screamer is? >> it's still murky and it's important because the probable cause affidavit specifically mentions trayvon martin's mother, identifying that person screaming for help. as her son trayvon. however, we now know trayvon's father did not think so.
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zimmerman's dad, on the other hand, was convinced. >> that is absolutely positively george zimmerman. myself, my wife, family members and friends know that that is george zimmerman. there is no doubt who is yelling for help. >> a lot was gained and gleaned by the public over the past two days. however, much of this discovery dump remains not public. that includes zimmerman's reenactment on videotape for cops of what happened there at the scene as well as the call and text records from both phones belonging to zimmerman and martin before and after the shooting. shep? >> shepard: phil keating live in our florida newsroom tonight. phil, thank you. the ceo of the nation's biggest bank has agreed to testify before the united states congress about how jp morgan chase lost billions of
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dollars in some very bad trades. a spokeswoman for the bank says the ceo jamie diamond will appear before the senate banking committee, no date set yet. jp morgan chase recently announced it lost at least $2 billion in risky bets. the loss has fueled lawmakers' calls to tighten banking regulations. they say banks didn't learn any lessons after the same types of risky trades helped tank the u.s. economy in 2008. for days, folks in north mississippi were living in fear, many of them. reports that a fake police officer was pulling over drivers and murdering them. well, tonight, a suspect is in custody. and investigators are now revealing how he got his victims to stop. plus, the young woman who is fighting a disease that is slowly eating away at her body. ahead, her remarkable courage. as her father told her what doctors need to do to her next. from the journalists of fox news, this is a friday fox report. [ captain ] our landing time got moved back another hour.
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>> shepard: folks in north mississippi no longer need to worry about a fake cop pulling them over and shooting them dead. investigators there say they have caught the suspect in two roadside killings which had police warning drivers not to pull over for flashing lights. but now they say the warning was for not. it seems the accused killer did not impersonate an officer after all. cops found the first victim a little more than a week ago in his car on i-55 in pen nola county, mississippi. days later they found the body of a woman near her car on mississippi highway 713 in nearby tunica county. greg jarrett with the news in our new york city newsroom. the motive here was robbery plain and simple both times. >> robbery maybe for drug purchases. the residents in mississippi resting a whole lot easier now that the man suspected of stopping motorists then executing them is in custody. the hunt for this guy, james wily ended in an apartment in tunica when a woman climbed
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out a window, went running for help, telling authorities that wily had abducted and raped her and then a 9-millimeter ruling garr was found in the apartment. that was traced to the murders. wily may not have impersonated a police officer per se, but he may have used lights similar to those on patrol cars to get drivers to stop. >> we can't confirm or deny that he used a blue light, we think he probably just used his front flashers. we can't even confirm the vehicle that was used. but what we can confirm is that we did recover a weapon from the vehicle that is is owned by his girlfriend. >> now, among his victims, 74-year-old thomas slender of nebraska found dead in his car along a highway. days later another victim found shot in the head while parked on the side of a highway. those cars were not disabled or otherwise broken down so police had theory rised that the killer may have employed police-like tactics to intimidate drivers into stopping their cars as it
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turns out. that may have been a fatal mistake. shep? >> shepard: the suspect here has a criminal record, right? he spent some time behind bars? >> he surely did. 8 years for residential burglary. now facing capital murder, meaning he could get the death penalty. but to hear his neighbors tell it, shep, wily was just a regular guy, a friendly howard k. stern who sometimes played with the neighborhood kids. nothing at all like the so-called highway shooter who would terrorize the citizens of mississippi. shep? >> shepard: greg jarrett live tonight for us. greg, thanks. the key witness in the perjury trial of the pitching great roger clemens today admitted that he mixed syringes, he said, were from the pitching great with those from other ball players. as you know roger clemens is ayou see cood of lying to congress in 2008 when he told lawmakers he never used steroids. the main prosecution witness, his former trainer, brian mcnamee he says he did inject clemens multiple times with performance enhancing drugs. defense attorneys have been trying to destroy the
7:16 pm
trainer's credibility. mcnamee also testified empty beer can and saved it so he wouldn't becomes the fall guy. we are seeing a display of extraordinary bravery from the young woman who is fighting a flesh eating disease that's destroying her body piece by piece. her name is amy copeland. and her dad says she didn't shed a singletary when he told her that doctors want to amputate both of her hands and the only foot she has left. he he says he explained it to her like this. your mind is beautiful. your heart is good. and your spirit is strong. these hands can prevent your recovery from moving forward. and her response: let's do this. doctors had already removed amy's left leg and part of her abdomen. and to try to stop the flesh-eating bacteria that struck after a zip line accident earlier this month in georgia. the jury in the john edwards corruption trial got to work
7:17 pm
today asking the judge for a another look at some key pieces of evidence. we'll show them to you coming up. plus, millions of people may have a potentially deadly disease and not even know it. the government is out with a new warning to an entire generation. we'll have it for you ahead on fox report. at bank of america, we're lending and investing in communities across the country.
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>> shepard: house republic leaders are sending another warning to the attorney general eric holder. turn over more documents about operation fast and furious or face the consequences. sources are now telling fox news that could mean holding the attorney general himself in contempt of congress. so far no response from the justice department. to today's demand earlier this week officials said they have already turned over what they call an precedented number of
7:21 pm
documents. operation fast and furious was supposed to track weapons from the united states to drug cartels in mexico. investigators say the feds lost track of hundreds of weapons. two of which they say turned up at the scene of the killing of u.s. border patrol agent brian terry. the john edwards jury is now down to business. no verdict today. but jurors asked the judge to see some of the evidence, including notes and checks from bunny mellon. she is the millionaire heiress who offered to pay for edwards' $400 haircuts among other things. former presidential candidate faces up to 30 years in prison. accused of using cash to cover up his affair and love child. lawyers claim the money was a personal gift, not a political donation. this was during edwards' 2008 run for the white house when his wife elizabeth was battling the breast cancer which eventually killed her. jonathan serrie is again, tonight, live at the courthouse in greensboro. jonathan, what exactly did the jury ask to see today? >> well, shep, jurors were on
7:22 pm
the trail of the so-called bunny money. they asked to see several checks that rachel bunny mellon wrote to interior decorator brian huffman which were then cosigned by the wife of former campaign aide andrew young. they asked for a handwritten letter from aim of 2007 which in melon informs andrew young all haircuts, et cetera that are necessary and important for his campaign, please send the bills to me. it is a way to help our friend without government restrictions. and the jury requested a transcript of a voice mail john edwards left young describing an upcoming meeting with mellon saying immediately after lunch she and i will break out into a private session couple of hours. that's when we will do our work including the work about you and making sure you are protected and included. shep? >> shepard: what are the annual lists saying about what all of this might tell us about this jury? >> legal experts say at this point it's too early to read the tea leaves and see whether the jury is favoring the
7:23 pm
prosecution or the defense. however, they say that the evidence jurors are requesting suggest they have been paying attention and taking this case seriously. listen. >> i think this indicates they are doing their due diligence. the jury sat and watched and took notes for the trial. now it's their turn to sift through the evidence and be the judge of the facts. >> the jury resumes deliberations on monday and professor freed land says don't be surprised if those deliberations continue all next week. shep? >> shepard: jonathan serrie at the courthouse in greensboro, thanks. if you are a baby boomer, you need to get tested for the liver destroying virus hepatitis c. that's the new word today from the concerns for disease control and prevention in atlanta. researchers there report one in 30 baby boomers, the generation born from 1945 to 1965, has hepatitis c and most don't even know it new therapies and treatments can reportedly cure about 75% of
7:24 pm
hepatitis c infections. the feds say the new push to get baby boomers tested could save more than 120,000 lives. president obama is about to meet with european leaders whose money troubles are dragging down our economy. and that's just his first big summit this weekend. then he he has to deal with the new set back for the mission in afghanistan. plus, the u.s. government can lock you up forever as long as it labels you a terrorist suspect. forever. today some democrats and republicans teamed up to try to change that and we'll tell you what happened and where the battle goes next. and they are calling this guy santa. because of what he did to help a whole lot of people in great need. that's coming up as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news on fox report. what ? customers didn't like it.
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>> shepard: gunfire erupts week at a prison. it tops our news around the world in 80 "around the world in 80 seconds." venezuela. you can hear the shots coming from inside the walls of that prison in the capital city of caracas. the government was in the process of shutting down the facility. we're told some inmates have been holding off police since late last month with weapons that corrupt guards may have supplied. vietnam. at least 34 people are dead and dozens more hurt after a
7:29 pm
bus ran off the side of a bridge and plunged right into a river. t happened in central vietnam. no word yet on the cause. georgia. heavy rain sparked flash flooding in a southeastern state. rescue workers pushed cars off roads and out of the path of water. they also evacuated some homes. this comes after severe flooding in the georgian capital killed five people earlier this week. greece. [cheers] >> soccer star david beckham visiting a school in athens. beckham is in greece as london's ambassador to the olympics. he is helping to escort the olympic flame to britain. >> we want to make the history of the games proud. >> shepard: the summer games kick off in late july and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 "around 0 seconds."
7:30 pm
>> shepard: he is the summer santa. that's what some folks in kentucky are calling the man who made a huge donation to charity. you see, when the senior citizen found out his local k mart was closing down for good. he bought the remaining inventory, all of it, and gave all of to to a group though serves low income residents. two truck loads and vans to move $200,000 worth of items. the director of that nonprofit says the donation will go a long way. >> we accept donations every day. but we have never gotten a donation like this. it's going to bless some families. there is just no end to the number of families that we're going to be able to bless with this one donation. >> shepard: in fact, she says this means when winter rolls around the organization will have enough coats and gloves for everybody. i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. and the president taking part in two major sum mits this
7:31 pm
weekend saturday east coast he lets to the nato summit afghanistan. but tonight the president is meeting with leaders of the 8 world's largest economies at camp david in maryland. they call it the g-8 summit. it's the largest ever gathering of leaders at the presidential retreat. a number of issues on the agenda but we're told the financial crisis in europe and its effect on all the rest of us will take the lion's the attention. as you know bad economies and several european nations are threatening to drag down the rest of the continent and potentially the american economy as well. wondle goler is following the president live outside camp david. about half of these g-8 leaders are brand new to this sort of a get together. that could have quite an effect on the gathering. >> well, shep, the biggest impact is that the new leaders of italy and france are looking to push back on the size of the spending cuts. german chancellor angela merkel wants to bail them out of the eurozone crisis.
7:32 pm
borrowing in the short-term to get out of the economic crisis without falling back into recession. we are looking forward to a fruitful discussion later this evening and tomorrow with the other g-8 leaders about how we can manage a responsible approach to fiscal coupled with a strong growth agenda. >> fiscal consolidation you can read cuts, growth agenda means borrowing. since the u.s. is not offering its own loans to overextended european economies, we have limited influence, shep. >> there is a war to talk about two, wendell and big differences when it comes to afghanistan. >> that will complicate the second half of this weekend. the nato talks in chicago. promised to bring his troops home from afghanistan a year earlier than former french
7:33 pm
president sarkozy had planned. and he says he is going to stick to it. >> i reminded president that i made a promise to the french people to the effect combat troops would be withdrawing from afghanistan by the end of 2012. that being said, we will continue to support afghanistan in a different way. >> u.s. officials suggest the french role could shift to training but that would mean someone else would have to pick up the combat responsibilities, shepard? >> shepard: you mentioned that discussion is going to happen in chicago. the protesters are there already, it seems. >> thousands of protesters have gathered there to voice their objection to the war in afghanistan. and to the g-8 talks that were originally going to be held in chicago. now, protesters are promising to be peaceful. police will be ready if they are not. large sections of the city will be off limits. police have a million dollars in new riot gear, including sound cannons at their disposal, shepard. >> shepard: wendell goler outside camp david. and the president moved the g-8 summit from chicago to
7:34 pm
camp david. advisors say they wanted a smaller, more intimate gathering. he chose a spot more than 50 heads of state have visited in the past 70 years. here's "the fox report's" correspondent jonathan hunt. >> if these walls could talk. what a story they would have to tell. camp david has hosted so many world leaders, some sum mits, so many high stakes political power games. the guest list is extraordinary. every american it the president, of course, since fdr. add to that to name a few. reagan, and, of course churchill. >> this is where prime minister winston churchill, the first visitor to camp david stayed. >> president franklin roosevelt established -- modeling the main lodge after winter vacation home in warm springs, georgia. president eisenhower renamed it after his grandson david.
7:35 pm
president nixon enjoyed camp david as a site for family gatherings. ronald reagan used to like horseback riding on the estate. and the first president bush would pitch horseshoes there. but the tranquility and isolation of camp david also made it a favorite for presidents seeking focus for themselves and their visitors. president carter brought egyptian president anwar sadat and israeli prime minister beggen to the retreat to talk peace in 1979 and brokered the historic camp david accords as a result. and president clinton, perhaps, came closer to any president to brokering an israeli palestinian peace deal in 2000. during marathon camp david negotiations. >> for the past nine days, we have been engaged in the most comprehensive and thorough negotiations ever. >> there have been many published versions of exactly why those talks failed at the last moment. the truth is known only by
7:36 pm
those who were in the negotiating room. and, of course, by those walls of camp david. if only they could talk. jonathan hunt, fox news. >> shepard: important summit this weekend that we will keep you updated on here on fox news channel. the house of representatives has just upheld the government's right to hold united states citizens indefinitely without even a trial. so long as they are labeled terror suspects. here is how that happened. in a 238 to 182 vote, the republic controlled house turned down an amendment to the 2013 defense budget that amendment would have guaranteed any terror suspect the right to a chargenned a trial. a rare coalition of democrats and tea party republicans supported that amendment. but the critics argued that it would have weakened our national security. the vote came as the house finished or pushed to finish at least 642 billion-dollar defense budget next year it includes an east coast missile defense site which the
7:37 pm
pentagon calls unnecessary. the white house has threatened to veto that budget. mike emanuel with the news live in washington for us tonight. what are the supporters of this defense bill have to say about it? >> well, shep, it is about $4 billion more than the white house wanted. the bill includes money for the war in afghanistan. weapon, ships, aircraft and more. and the chairman of the house armed services committee says they did tighten the belt. >> in a time of climbing defense budgets, qui no longer afford to conduct business as usual. this bill encourages small businesses to compete for pentagon contracts and closely scrutinizes every penny that the taxpayers send to the armed forces. >> the house passed the bill 299 to 120, setting up a showdown with the white house and senate on aspects they don't like, shep. >> shepard: yeah, about that detainee part of the whole thing, the supporters were saying that this is about standing up for constitutional rights. >> right. part of the pitch was a
7:38 pm
reminder that just because the government arrests you doesn't mean you are a terrorist or guilty. and those trying to change the policies say not allowing due process and civil liberties is extraordinary. >> i do not believe the executive branch should have that power to indefinitely detain or place in military custody people captured or arrested here in the u.s. i believe the united states constitution and oour due process system provides plenty of protection. >> the amendment failed. some expressing the concern it might tie the hands of a commander and chief. shep? >> shepard: mike emanuel on capitol hill tonight. thanks. we are counting down to a space industry first. just hours from now, a rocket is due to take off for the international space station. but it's not one of nasa's. and get ready for a ring of fire this weekend. that's what experts are calling a rare solar eclipse. we'll tell you where you can safely catch a glimpse of it as fox reports live tonight.
7:39 pm
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>> shepard: the next rocket set to dock at the international space station will not carry the nasa logo. for the first time a private company is sending a space craft to the international space station. space exploration technologies but most know it as space x. nasa awarded that firm $75 million to build space craft for u.s. astronauts. easy for me to say. that was just a few months before nasa retired its shuttle program entirely. and since then, the u.s. has largely relied on the russians to ferry as straun knots back and forth from the space station. tomorrow morning's launch could provide a glimpse the future of the american space exploration when nasa teams up with a private business. trace gallagher is with us. when do we expect this thing to it hook up with the international space station. >> it boards tomorrow at 4:55 a.m. from cape canaveral.
7:43 pm
monday, shep, they dual a dry run. get this capsule within a mile and a half of the international space station to kind of check out its that miewrvelt and if all goes well on tuesday, the dragon capsule will get close enough to the international space station that you can see it there. that it will grab on to it with its robotic arm and dock it. once it docks it will unload a thousand pounds of cargo into the iss and take home about 1300 pounds of crash. but nasa and space x keep family sizing this is only a test. listen. >> this is a test flight. what's important from a space x progressive on a test flight is to make sure we learn something. hopefully we learn a lot. and hopefully we make a lot of progress. but really what we are here to do is to demonstrate this space craft, ring it out to the maximum extent possible. >> ring it out. the ship will be docked at the international space station for about two weeks. then it will come home the old
7:44 pm
fashioned way. splashing down in the ocean, shep? >> shepard: then nasa and space x could really have a long partnership ahead, trace. >> yeah, if this goes well, they have already got 12 more cargo flights planned. then space x gets about $1.5 billion from nasa. and if those go well, the plan is three, four years down the road they can start shuttling astronauts back and forth to the international space station and finally bringing private citizens to a yet unbuilt space station. in the meantime nasa has bigger fish to fry. listen. >> i believe that this transition is very important for continuing that push outward into the solar system. once we get private enterprise and economic interest out to orbit there will be no turning back. >> other companies are also getting into the lower space game, shep. in fact, boeing plans its first flight sometime in the fall. >> shepard: all right, trace. thanks. a stunning site up there in
7:45 pm
space this weekend. a ring of fire. that's what astronomers are calling this rare solar eclipse. it happens, of course, when the moon passes in front of the sun but doesn't fully block it. it's been nearly two decades since the last one. folks from asia to the western united states will see the circle of light around the moon starting sunday evening. here's a look at the path of this eclipse. several states out west will get to catch the action or people in those states anyway. those of you in the eastern u.s. will have to settle for watching it all online. few watch that eclipse, keep on eye out for asteroids, nasa officials say there could be more of them out there to hit earth than researchers thought. around 4700. give or take a thousand they tell us. shear a graphic of some of the asteroids in our solar system. the ones that are scientists concerned are here in orange. they have orbits that they tell russ similar to earth. 330 feet wide. fortunately they are still millions of miles away.
7:46 pm
there have been fakes but there is only one official medal from the united states mint that tackles 9/11. the proceeds go to the 9/11 memorial and museum. we will take a rare look inside the mint and show you how to tell the real from the phony next. plus, twitter as joined the growing list of web sites that track users. if you don't want to be tracked, we have the solution for you coming up. does your phone share what you are seeing and hearing right now with the touch of a button ? droid does. does it post it instantly to facebook with sound ? droid does. droid with color for facebook. it's the ultimate status update. get a droid razr maxx by motorola for only $199.99.
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>> shepard: small pieces of silver going a long way to support the 9/11 museum and memorial. tonight, we're getting a rare look at the making of the 9/11 commemorative medal. the creation of this medal is a response to tv ads that sold fake collector's coins. here is the real thing.
7:50 pm
it's made of pure silver at u.s. mint in west point, new york. and proceeds from sales do go to help the 9/11 memorial and museum. the u.s. mint rarely opens its doors to the public but rick leventhal went inside today and he is live at west point tonight. hey, rick. >> hey, shep, you know, back in the day the west point mint was known as the fort knox of silver. they don't keep as much of it here as they used to. the security is still incredibly tight. if you do make it inside, you will see a sample of what used to fill the place, including pallets of pure 80-pound silver bars worth a total of $600,000. this is some of the raw material that is used to create those silver dollar size blanks that are then stamped with 217 tons of pressure to create those 9/11 commemorative medals. only the third medal ever issued by the u.s. mint. lady liberty holding what's being called a lamp of remembrance beacon of light and the words always remember.
7:51 pm
the reverse tail side eagle strength honor and hope. the medals cost $66.95 each with $10 of each coin or medal going to the 9/11 memorial and museum and officials want to make the clear distinction between this medal and other products that you may have seen or bought on tv that don't directly benefit the ground zero site. >> unfortunately, you know, there are scams out there. there was a company that was claiming that silver from the world trade center site was actually being used in its coins. it was a scam. this is the u.s. mint. that's why we are so pleased partnering with them to give every american an opportunity to participate in the national 9/11 memorial. >> and they have sold more than 160,000 of these medals so far, shep. they plan to make a maximum of 2 million of them. >> shepard: rick leventhal, west point, new york tonight. thanks. twitter is now tracking some the web sites you tweeters visit. it made the announcement in a blog post instead of a tweet. the company calls it an
7:52 pm
experiment. one that will help users find others who share their interests. some privacy experts are raising all kinds of concerns. but the folks at twitter say users who don't want the company to track them can opt out on the twitter web site. a swarm of bees delayed a major league baseball game last night at coors field in denver. those insects took over a camera bay next to the rockies dug out in the fifth inning. eventually a beekeeper came and literally vacuumed up those bees. apparently planning to relocate them somewhere. in the end it was the diamondbacks that stung the rockies with a ninth inning homer to win it. the olympic flame arrived in london today on a british airways flight. you heard that correctly. somebody carried alighted flame okay an airplane. the crew did take some precautions. the flame is inside those four small lanterns there. the guy sitting next to them is reportedly trained in fire fighting. london police used seat belts
7:53 pm
and velcro to strap the flame into the seats 1 a and 1 b. business class for the flame. some sports fans will do just about anything to support the favorite team. and with the nba playoffs well underway, you have to show some pride. but, is there a limit? you looking at this? sirius and xm listeners. one loyal fan nearly fouls out with his hoops hair cut. brewin. am i right little man? he knows what i'm sayin'. [ male announcer ] maxwell house gourmet roast. always good to the last drop.
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get ahead of it! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day helps defend against digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. hit me! [ female announcer ] live the regular life. phillips'. >> school officials threatened to suspend a student who had basketball player on his head. he showed up and had support with his $75 hair cut. here is the side-by side. the school called the hair cut a distraction. matt bonner said school officials should have just moved the kid to the back of the room and spurs officials gave the family tickets to a
7:57 pm
playoff game against these clippers. cool critters now and a tiny black bear cub has to move out of a family's house. wildlife officials in oregon say that family called to say they had taken the 2 month old bear from the woods but had no idea how to care for it. so a worker from the oregon zoo took the cub to her house at night to feed it and keep it out of trouble. no room for it at that zoo. but she called around and found one in wisconsin that will help keep it. the cub may be cute now but the experts say it could grow to 6 feet and 600 pounds. they also warn you removing young animals from the wild is a bad idea. not to mention illegal. before we go, our team's top five things of the day. number five, kraft has lowered the price of maxwell house coffee nationwide by a few cents. comes after folger's made a similar price cut. number four former president
7:58 pm
george w. bush is set to return to the white house later this month for the unveiling of his official presidential portrait. number three, the former massachusetts governor mitt romney called it bridge project a waste of stimulus money during a campaign stop in new hampshire. called it another bridge to nowhere. number two, president obama said the u.s. has a moral imperative to lead the fight against hunger in africa as he announced a global food initiative. and number one, facebook finished its very first day of trading up 23 cents from an opening price of 38 bucks. and that's "the fox report's" top five. and on this day in 1860, the republic party nominated for president an ill ploy congressman named abraham lincoln. it happened at the republic national convention in chicago. the party itself only a few years old. and lincoln's run for the white house came at a time of enormous trouble in the united states. the civil war had not yet officially begun but the writing was on the wall. that november, lincoln became the first g.o.p. president when he beat his three opponents with you about 42%
7:59 pm
of the national vote. one month after he took the oath of office, the war began. just days after it came to an end, an assassin shot him dead. still honest abe took the nomination 152 years ago today. and now you know the news for this friday, may the 18th, 2012. for the journalists of fox news, i'm shepard smith. thanks for trusting us with your news and information. have a great weekend. mr. bill is coming up next. see you monday. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> mitt romney chose today to release his tax returns. ereveals what most americans will regard as unmanageable wealth. >> bill: while the three network evening newscasts are concentrating on mitt romney's wealth, they virtually ignore john kerry's vast fortune in 2004. we will have the facts and carl rove will analyze.


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